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Verizon’s 4G LTE Goes Live in Peoria, IL


Who knew we had so many readers in the Peoria, IL region? According to the influx of emails to our inbox over the last 24 hours, this fine city has been given the green light from Verizon for its 4G LTE service. A press release or notice is absent from the situation, but you won’t find anyone around these parts complaining. While we will welcome in the area to the wonders of LTE, we will also welcome you to the world of percentage watching, outlet hunting, and 2rd or 3rd battery carrying.

Cheers Adam, Kris, Geoff, and everyone else from this morning!

  • Guest

    It seems 4G has been turned on in the Pekin Illinois area 

  • Jordan Dietrich

    I’m excited about this, even though it doesn’t really affect me much. When I’m in town for work, I’m in areas where I don’t even get 3G coverage. Either way, it’s about freakin’ time 🙂

  • Adam

    Looks like Verizon is claiming it to be temporary testing… http://www.pjstar.com/news/x720337232/4G-flickers-were-only-a-test-Verizon-says

  • Guest

    The 4G in Peoria blows. No stable 4G vs 3G decisions on phones. I guess I’ll resign to WiFi til Verizon can stabilize its network…

  • Zachary Person-Tillman

    4g had better come to everywhere with 3g. I have been waiting for some 4g out in the sticks, north of Peoria, for awhile. I get 3g decent… I hope they up the towers or range or something soon. I watched my 4g disappear as i drove home from Peoria tonight. 🙁

  • Petoria? Does that include Joehio?

    O wait, you said Peoria.

  • Kalric

    Still having issues in Peoria, but thrilled that they’re working on it.   Seems to work fine when you’re outside, but when going into a building (brick or concrete) it reverts back to 3G.   May not have all the towers lit up yet too.  🙂

  • Amos

    32Mbps down, 15Mbps up compared to 1.5Mbps down, 0.5Mbps up that I’m used to. The coverage is spotty but they are apparently not finished yet. This would be a reasonable explanation of why they haven’t made an official announcement. I’ve been told that over the next couple months they are supposed to be covering the whole area. This would be consistent with their plan to cover everything that is currently 3g in 4g lte.

  • Huntington, IN must have went up within the last week or so.

  • Muzicman61

    Sweet… Now maybe I won’t have so much problems traveling back and forth from Bloomington to Peoria.  Going from 4G to 3G was a big pain because I would end up with 0G.  I will have to check it tonight when I get back home to Peoria.

  • Don

    4G is rocking in Peoria Heights Illinois, steady all day, and its looking good this morning!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Mudbone finally has LTE coverage to rub on his face.

  • Guest

    This Peoria coverage better not be better than BloNo 4G coverage as its spotty at best, ISU campus seems to be better.

  • Jordan

    2rd = turd. okay i’m done..

    • aaorn

      Yeah, you weren’t the only one that said that.

    • aaorn

      Yeah, you weren’t the only one that said that.

  • Tim242

    It also lit up here in Bryant, AR in the last week. Where’s my article? : ) Not sure why we weren’t included in Little Rock’s launch in November.

  • NinJUH

    Full 4G LTE coverage from over by Mark Bills & Grand Prairie Malls. 😀 It drops occasionally but that’s because they’re testing the towers & piping… or at least that’s what I heard. I work over in East Peoria and it was full signal there too. Yayyyy Thunderbolt! 😀

  • Cereed09

    I get 4G about a half hour west of Rockford at the very border of 4G coverage better than in Rockford, IL itself.

  • now i have 4g when i drive there to Hunt…. leaving AT&T 2 years ago was best thing ever…. ever!

  • tsheets

    Awesome!  It’s not on everywhere yet, but, I had 4G downtown earlier today.

  • Wahoo! There aren’t that many great things about Peoria so we all get super excited when stuff like this happens! Now if only we can get Caterpillar to install 4g repeaters in all their buildings that would be great… (Cat used to have Verizon cell phones so most building have 3g repeaters in them)

    • Gabe

      Too bad the repeater(s) in the hale ave facility has the bandwidth of a dial-up modem

  • Damn double post…

  • mhynek

    Got 1 bar of 4g in Dunlap!

  • maguiz

    hurray, finally, we got it. Now I want to see how fast it will be.

  • I’m here at Bradley! Time to get a 4G phone!

  • Anonymous

    Friggin’ overkill…who cares. 

  • Gabriel Hart

    Woohoo!  10 months to the day after I bought my Tbolt, I’ll finally get to put that 4G radio to good use.  About darn time!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, now let’s go for Pekin. Its almost just down the road and across the river!

    • Bbcdmmd

      I agree since I am in Pekin…………..

      • Gabe

        Haven’t made it over to pekin yet but I’ve got it up here in North pekin

      • Gabe

        Haven’t made it over to pekin yet but I’ve got it up here in North pekin

  • df2rools

    i love how my house supposedly has 4g, and my town too. but my phone never connects to it.

  • If I want 4G coverage I would have to drive over by the freeway and sit in a park n’ ride lot…no thanks! As soon as I drive away from that area and get closer and closer to my house my 4G coverage goes away completely. So I just shut it off when I get and I turn on wi-fi….

  • I’m so jelly.

  • Roadkill87

    Between Chicago, the suburbs and Bloomington, Peoria completes by normal driving adventures with 4G. If you guys think Peoria, IL is tiny, imagine EUREKA, IL which is next to Peoria. Aside from Reagan, it is probably the biggest thing to hit the tiny town.

  • madfatchickilla

    Not seeing 4G here on my G-Gex.  Granted I am out on Maxwell Rd.

  • Anonymous

    I misread the title….i thought verizon was giving me coverage in Peter Griffin’s country.

  • Anonymous


  • Marnett2005

    This will make my breaks at Avanti’s so much more bearable. Best news EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was in Peoria in December and thought I was 4G on my #GalaxyNexus, but I was probably wrong?

    • Anonymous

      …you were. Theyve had it for awhile.

      • Wrong.  Me, my wife, and 2 coworkers have had our Gnexs since launch day (Dec 15th) and 4G was turned on in Peoria for the first time just last night.

      • Wrong.  Me, my wife, and 2 coworkers have had our Gnexs since launch day (Dec 15th) and 4G was turned on in Peoria for the first time just last night.

  • Digbob

    4G… It plays in Peoria!

  • Maqsr1122

    What about southern California, WTF.

  • Digbob

    Sweet, glad this made the page. Thanks for the mention Kellex. In my travels today I’ve also been able to pull 4G in most of Pekin,and parts of East Peoria. Hopefully Morton isn’t t oo far behind… I’m Geoff btw…

  • Anonymous

    Hometown of Ryan Geddes. He’s made from lava.

  • Sweet, I’m internet famous!!!  It’s been getting faster throughout the day in Peoria.  I’m getting 14,000 kpbs down / 6,000 kpbs up right now, but it’s fairly inconsistent. I’m thinking they’re still tweaking/testing.

  • Anonymous

    Greetings from Schaumburg IL, hope you Peoria peeps enjoy the new speeds and drained battery 🙂