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Motorola Wins Initial 3-Patent Case From Apple

In an attempt to not bore you with the ongoing patent war that Apple has waged against anyone who manufactures an Android phone, we will cut straight to the point here. Thankfully this time – unlike in HTC’s most recent case – we have good news. The ITC (International Trade Commission) has ruled that Motorola does not violate any of 3 patents that Apple included in the suit. The case was originally started back in 2010, suffered through a ruling delay, and is now finding an initial determination. I’m hesitant to say that we should all run around flippin’ the bird to anyone with an Apple product, because Moto has made it clear that this is an “initial” ruling. Definitely good news though.

The brief statement from Motorola is below. 

Motorola Mobility Comments on Initial Determination from ITC

ALJ determines that Motorola Mobility does not violate Apple’s patents

Jan. 13, 2012

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Jan. 13, 2012 – Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) (“Motorola Mobility”) today announced that it has received notice that the Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) in the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) action brought by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) against Motorola Mobility has issued an initial determination. The ALJ ruled in favor of Motorola Mobility, finding no violation for any of the three Apple patents listed in Apple’s suit.

“We are pleased with today’s favorable outcome for Motorola Mobility,” said Scott Offer, senior vice president and general counsel of Motorola Mobility. “Motorola Mobility has worked hard over the years to develop technology and build an industry-leading intellectual property portfolio. We are proud to leverage this broad and deep portfolio to create differentiated innovations that enhance the user experience.”

  • Ricky

    All manufactures selling cell phones with none replaceable batteries should be held accountable.

    If and when my batteries kicks the bucket and I’m forced to buy another $700 phone simply because the battery is not replaceable, I will be filing a law suit.

  • Suck it Apple!

  • yay!

  • Anonymous

    Score another win for the good guys

  • Rolando

    F*** Apple!!!! as I type this on my Macbook 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      I clicked “Like” from my iMac. Maybe I should hop on my RAZR . . .

  • Apple go lose yourself once again in the sad fact that even lawyers
    can’t help you dominate. The people have to really love you to believe

  • it’s great

  • Unlock the damn bootloader!

  • Dingbat

    idiots the lot of ya

  • TC Infantino

    I am pleased that Moto won.  But the real looser in all these patent lawsuits is everyone, and in the end…us, the consumer.  The problem is with the patent system itself, and until they fix it (don’t ask me how, I don’t know enough about it) these lawsuits will consume a good portion of the manufacturers revenue, and then they have to pass those costs on to us the consumer (at least if they still intend to make a profit).  I have no solutions, just know that the system is flawed.

  • Anonymous

    Thats good that crapple lost this round. I’m looking forward to them loosing the war all together….

  • JT

    Hilarious!: “I’m hesitant to say that  we should all run around flippin’ the bird to anyone with an Apple product.”  I’m not a fan of iproducts but does anyone actually do this?  I won’t knock it until I’ve tried it, but my guess is my middle figure would eventually stop working.  

    • Sp4rxx

       ….or get really buff due to the workout!

  • thê randy

    …Wait a minute…Apple is not open source???

  • Totw187

    The only thing Motorola has worked hard at is screwing the user and the overall user experience, by locking the bootloaders down. I want Motorola to fail or go make windows phones or something. You’re not welcome in the android world anymore

    • Doan

      You’re a very close-minded person to want a large company like this to fail because it makes products that you, personally, aren’t happy with.

      • DroidLifeIgnorance

        Tell that to all of the Apple haters around here. 

    • Yeah Motorola you’re not welcome, because this random schlep says so!

    • Jak_341

      I am actually rooting for Apple in this case. Please sue Motorola out of business. No more locked bootloaders, crappy screens, non removable batteries, and no more Blur.

      • Jak_341

        Of course, if they made a phone like the Nexus, they are welcome back in the Android family.

      • Monk Baker

        And communism

      • Carlos

        Isn’t that what an Iphone is? Lockeddown bootloader, crappy little screen, non removable battery. Yeah Motorola quit copying Apple

        • remember the good ol days with the original droid. that was my last Motorola phone, until google makes some changes with them, hopefully

      • Anonymous

        Yeah! Im with this guy! Sue Motorola! Google owns Motorola so sue Google! No more Android YEAH! 


    • Sp4rxx

       Agreed – but only to the point of a developer standpoint.  Though there is a push for the unlocked bootloader, the normal experience has not been hindered by motorola.  I agree with Doan – just because you are unhappy doesn’t mean the company failed.

    • Djenks24

      Funny that you say that, considering that Motorola is the only company making a phone that actually works in my area.  HTC, Samsung have horrible phone service.  Their radios do not work well in my area (haven’t tried LG yet).  Motorola is my only choice and now that I have the razr, there are not alot of reasons to root.  Everything is working fine.  If I want wireless tethering, I will buy it.  Phone works great!!!  

      • Djenks24

        If you want to talk about screwing over customers, lets talk about HTC and their Gingerbread update.  The Evo was rendered useless after the update for several months and is still not up to par, and I got the thunderbolt weeks after release.  I have no signal at my house where my Razr has 4 bars and never drops calls.  Tried the Galaxy Nexus because of the support it was getting from Droid-Life but it to could not hold a telephone call.  I use my phone for work so it has to be reliable.  If the only thing I had to choose from now was HTC or Samsung radios I would have stuck with my blackberry.

        • Djenks24

          Rant Complete!!!

    • Anonymous

      You fail at life.

  • Dazz1996

    give me new tech thats all I need 

  • Dazz1996

    f that and f apple im done

  • Anonymous

    Every company out there engages in this patent war stuff. Don’t be fooled by the hype to think it’s just Apple. The only things you hear about are the “newsworthy” ones but it’s standard practice. There’s hundreds of patent trolls that do nothing but find out of date or expired patents, copyrights, what have you, and then jump on them. It’s akin to the initial web parking on domain names in the 90’s where people held brand site names for what amounts to ransom. It’s all part of the game and nobody is innocent.

  • Good news. This whole patent wars thing is getting really old and out of hand. These companies are going to run each other into the ground and go bankrupt because of court and lawyer costs instead of their products not selling.

    • Inxane805

      Thats what Microsoft use to do

  • Unique

    This is Good News, As Apple thinks they own anything that’s
    new now a day and can get away with it by going to court

    • I hope apple has to pay the millions in lawyer and court fees that motorola had to shed out to fight the “apple is god and created everything” BS

      • Anonymous

        They probably will. That’s how things normally go in cases like this, I believe. Still, a couple of million won’t even dent Apple’s bottom line; it would be like you being forced to pay $0.02 for something (maybe not even that).

  • Good news indeed!