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DROID 3 Drops to $99 at Verizon on Heels of DROID 4 Announcement

Now that the DROID 4 is official, it’s time for the DROID 3 to exit off stage. Released in July as one of the more powerful slider Android phones on the market, there was one thing that held it back – the lack of a 4G LTE radio. We gave it mostly positive remarks during our review, but it was tough for many to strongly consider this knowing that the future is LTE. In an attempt to offload remaining inventory, Verizon has dropped the price to $99 on a new 2-year contract.


Cheers Jonathan!

  • jake creed

    I was pissed this phone got killed after 5-6 months but you know what? It’s a fine device.  I exchanged my 1st one b/c it was buggy second one got buggy but that was due to netflix app and bluetooth support. Since then I go days without recharging or rebooting. 

     if Anything I’ll get the Gnexus outright if I can’t get a slider I like. I don’t like the D4’s design so this may be my last Moto anyway.  Heck the Galaxy note/Journal very much appeals to me as well so i might get that if I get tired of the D3.

    I do hope Moto does do the right thing and deliver ICS to this device.

  • Anonymous

    Screw Moto. I bought the D3, then rumors of D4 come out. I bought Bionic, 1 month later Razr comes out. I am done. I bought a Nexus and would recommend it to anyone. Especially with the ext batt and a custom rom. Seriously my favorite phone since i first got my DX way back when.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot if you bought the D3 that thinking a 4G version wasn’t coming out soon. The Bionic was pushed so far back it should have been obvious that there was something else in the pipeline–everything was pushed so far back throughout the middle of last year as LTE evolved.

      Everyone needs to stop bellyaching. If you bought what you bought when you bought it you got what you expected and nothing more. They don’t owe you anything. You’re lucky you get upgrades. You have the Nexus now, just stop crying.

      Enough already.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is at least with the D3, moto still haven’t released an update to fix everything. Most people still complain about camera lag (and those who don’t probably don’t use the camera).

        I could really care less about a 4G phone or something slightly better, but what I care about is the lousy support so far for the D3. Moto still haven’t even said if the D3 is getting ICS and it’s not old by any means.

        • Anonymous

          You know what? I know 2 different friends of mine who aren’t power users and they couldn’t be happier with their D3s.

          You probably had 14 days to try it out like everyone else. It’s plenty of time to say: “Hey if I don’t return this phone I’m going to be pissed about the speed of the camera” or “this display has a bluish tint” before you lock yourself in for 2 years. You do have that choice. If hold on to it past that 14 day window thinking you’re definitely getting a fix for an issue that hardly anyone else cares about then chances are Moto and Verizon (because let’s face it Verizon gimps Moto’s abilities to release updates) aren’t going to get to you with an update.

          • Anonymous

            You do know 14 days isn’t that long and the problems I had really didn’t start popping up until after that. Don’t get me wrong I really like the phone, there are just some issues that need fixed.

        • Anonymous

          Its stupid easy to fix the camera lag. Just flash the blurcamera.apk from the Atrix. Thats what I did for my wife and she couldnt be happier. In fact she uses the Atrix camera on her D3 and I use the DX camera on my Bionic. Camera problems fixed. 

          My wife wanted a slider with a bigger screen and better battery life than her D2G. The D3 was the obvious choice and shes happy with it. She doesnt care about LTE and her D3 has seriously awesome battery life. 

      • ddevito

        Don’t call him an idiot.

    • That’s why I read these sites to learn of the best phones coming out. I waited for 4 months having an upgrade till I decided the Gnex would be the phone I preferred from my OG droid. When it comes to having a 2 year phone commitment you gotta do the research. Droid Life is a great site that gives it to you

  • Bharath Ramesh

    This way motorola can sell you device that they dont support any more and will not unlock the bootloader either. I am done with Motorola devices, rather get buy HTC who at least let you unlock the bootloader.

    • Tim R

      just because a phone isnt sold anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t supported anymore. The DX and D2 got upgrades long after the all but stopped selling them.

  • I don’t wanna waste my 2-year upgrade on this before the iPhone 5 comes out. Hopefully D5 will be better. {{-_-}}

  • Michael Weakland

    Bring on the Droid 4 already!

  • Lmrojas

    Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to drop to $199

  • Aa