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Google Partnering With LG For Next Generation Of Google TVs?

If there was one thing that we took away from CES this week, it was that many companies are joining Google TV now that the software has matured a bit more. It seems that the folks at Google are already working on the next iteration of it with the news today that they could be offering LG a first-look at the next generation software.

This situation would be similar to Google partnering with Samsung and HTC on the Nexus devices. LG would be the first company to see the software and be able to make their own changes to it if they pleased. This doesn’t mean we will be seeing a marketing campaign for a Nexus TV, but it would be pretty sweet, right? Will it be based on Ice Cream Sandwich possibly? We have a feeling that some of these questions will be answered at this year’s Google I/O.

Via: Bloomberg

  • Kerst01

    I have no idea what Google TV is or what it does and I don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    They should just have Nexus make the Google Nexus TV. I have a Nexus TV that i use for gaming and it far exceeds the over all quality of the sharp aquos I paid way to much for. The picture quality colors, brightness, sound quality and volume on the Nexus TV is the best I’ve ever seen and it was cheap in comparison to other brands.

  • Jeff Metzger

    I would love to see a nexus google tv. I love my revue (with 3.1), but I doubt I will see any official updates ever again. It would be nice to not have to worry about buying a new Gtv at every major update due to lack of  continued manufacturer support. I really wish Google would just sell their own motorola box. 

  • Scott Webber

    I don’t think I will be interested in google tv until it has full DVR integration.  I understand this is available with certain Dish Network DVR devices, but they need to push and make it reality with other providers too.

    Once I can search: live tv, netflix, hbo go, dvr, hulu, youtube, web, etc. all with one interface, I’m on board.

    • Anonymous

      You cant search the contents of your dvr with google tv?
      Also, how does an app like, for example, angry birds work on google tv?

      • ddevito


        I had Dish Network when I bought my Revue and it was great. Just start typing a show or movie and it came up instantly – then set it to record.

        I switched to cable and can no longer do that. It searches the web for shows and movies, it will even show you content on at the current time of a search, but it is very limited. 

        • ddevito

          Angry Birds doesn’t work, you’re limited to the small number of made for Google TV apps. Angry Birds isn’t one of them.

          We need to seriously hack this b1tch up!!

      • Scott Webber

        That is correct, unless you have a few specific devices that can communicate with the google tv device, then you cannot intereact with your recordings in any way.

        I’m pretty sure you cannot use angry birds, only apps that don’t require touch.

    • Loki

      at CES, sony unveiled their google tv box that holds 2 terabytes of recording storage for dvr

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what the big deal is. I have Google TV with Direct TV and to record a show all you have to do is pull up the Direct TV guide with the Google TV remote and press record.

  • ddevito

    Glad to see Google TV forge on. 

    As Revue owners, however, we should get a free upgrade 🙂

  • Highwire

    “durrrr…why don’t you call the site googleTV-life, its all youguys ever post about anymore”


    but seriously this is sweet, I hope some day not too far off I can enjoy the likes of ICS on my TV.

  • I reckon the third day at I/O is for Google TV. 

    Also, that’s where we’ll likely see the Nexus tablet, if it exists.

    • ddevito

      If there is a Nexus tablet, it will be unveiled the same day as Android (and not the GTV version, I mean the version we discuss daily)  🙂

      Maybe Google I/O this year will have more home automation. I think that’s the bee’s knees. 

  • Anonymous

    If the rumor of Apple coming out with their TV’s is a reality, I see the same thing coming to TV’s as what’s happened to cell phones. Apple in their own corner, while nearly all the other manufacturers get behind Google TV for the software side of things.

    Not a bad thing necessarily because the TV market needs a more unified standard for software. Just an observation I’ve slowly seen come together.

  • partnered with LG so Microsoft can make a piece of the action as well!!
    patents BLOW!

    • Anonymous

      And patent trolls SUCK!

  • james


    • John
    • Highwire

      you must also believe in the tooth fairy and santa if you still think posting irrelevant “first” comments is cool.