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DROID RAZR MAXX Will Be Available January 26 According to Motorola Website

When Verizon and Motorola announced the DROID RAZR MAXX earlier in the week, they refused to get specific when it came to a release date and instead went with a “coming weeks” time frame. Maybe they should have read their own Motorola landing page for the phone as it lists January 26 as being the day. The price on contract will be $299.

And don’t forget to check out our hands-on video with the device from CES.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Mike C.!

  • Bigtymer8_2007

    Most people on here I think are jellous that they can’t upgrade to this new phone its not bs look at the droid X and X2 same thing happend. Its your own falt for not waiting to upgrade you know they come out with phone faster than some ppl change underware. so stop the wining

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    This might have sold me during the Nexus delays back in November.

  • Eric Soriano

    Motorola’s site now just says “Coming Soon”

  • this is for those adele fans out there haha. http://youtu.be/WyCovuXqfY0

  • Dbarden31

    So I just left VZW about 45 min ago to return my Razr to wait for the Razr Maxx. This guy and his gf was next to me buying the Galaxy Nexus. 1 a piece. I was definitely tempted to just say screw it and go with the Nexus. Stock ICS is very temtping. But anyway my sales rep told me that google “said” every device with ICS or that will get ICS will have the option to either use the OEM’s UI or stock. I sure do hope she’s right! She also said “we all know that google doesn’t lie to us” haha she was be sarcastic though. I miss my Razr already. This is gonna be a long 2 weeks.

    • Guest

      I just did the same, however it’s not showing an upgrade available on my Verizon anymore, is yours the same?

      • Dbarden31

        Idk its pretty late here so I won’t be booting up the laptop tonight but I’m glad you said something becuz I will definitely be checking that out tomorrow after work.

  • Skaterskye

    Our nexi will be on jelly bean….by the time you guys get ics lol

    • Alexander Garcia

      Oh gawd! What are you? 9 years old!?

  • Dbarden31

    Is an unlockable bootloader with vanilla ICS on my Razr too much to ask for?

  • Jim McClain

    if I had bought the razor and then heard this,i’d be pissed,hoping they fix the speaker and camera on my gnex, but if the maxx were available,id have bought it and waited for ICS update

  • Guest

    Why is it that Galaxy Nexus users have nothing better to do then insult the Razr? Secret Envy?

  • Brownstone706

    Who gives a crap. You people need to grow up and start thinking about stuff that is actually important.

    • Guest

      Apparently you need you grow up and do something better with your time than troll.

  • Azndan4

    Too wide. Locked bootloader. Gingerbread. Low resolution. No thanks.

  • Harryballs1234

    Just called Verizon to return my RAZR. They’re going to mail me a return label on Monday so I should get to use the phone for another week or so. So my wait for the MAXX shouldn’t be too long!

    What a great way to make an outstanding phone even better!

    • Guest

      Did you order online? I got mine in the store, I wonder if I can mail mine in too

      • Harryballs1234

        Ordered online. Live out in the sticks. Closest store is 50 miles away.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Awesome deal bro!  =)

  • Mark
    • Mark

      Looks like they found the omission and took that one down too. Just returned my RAZR, and looking forward to the MAXX 🙂

      For the GNEX-o-philes, yes, it’s a great phone with a lot to like. I was seriously tempted, and played with it several times in the store. For me, the Moto hardware finally won out. Much more sturdy feel to the RAZR, especially compared to the flimsy feeling plastic battery cover on the GNex. My biggest complaint about the Moto is now a non issue – the non removable battery. Who cares if it’s got one so big you never need to replace it? Also, it would be impossible to make the phone water resistant if you could easily open it. The MAXX is a LOT more like it. Perfect? No, I’d rather have the Chinese HD version with the MAXX’s battery. I can wait a few months for ICS, and this version of Blur is so minimal, it’s actually pretty nice. Do I wish they’d grow a pair and unlock this phone? Well, duh. I wouldn’t be reading this site if I didn’t like modding. Point is, the RAZR is fine for now, and the giganticus batterius makes it a really useful phone.

  • Jak_341

    GNex still for the win! Motorola must be really desperate for business to release this. The GNex sales must be killing them!

  • Crazedasun

    Motorola changed their page, NOW AVAILABLE SOON, not 1/26!

  • ad78

    Enjoy your phone with black splotches screen on low light! I’m happy with my GNEX

    • Anonymous

      Enjoy your failed existence

  • Anonymous

    Moto Will be receiving multiple angry calls from me. Its a shame how they treat consumers who are investing in their products. First the white Razr, and now this?! 

    • poke her face

      OMG OMG OMG Like they care!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Your within the holiday return period if you have the razr, just return it and get the maxx if you really care so much. I would.

  • Dstick44

    It no longer says the 26th on the Motorola.com web site, so they may have jumped the gun in announcing it and took it down.

  • too many logos on the face. Its like nascar….

    • Jay

      There are no NASCAR cars with 2 logos on them, they’re all sporting like 100 each…

  • Rlarson_mn

    web site now does notstate a release date. somebody goofed!

  • Jamieritchie

    This is total BS and Motorla is trying to suck us in and then spend more money.  They should offer current Droid RAZR owners a discount (large one) to trade in their phone.  

    • Anonymous

      Why would they be trying to suck more money out of you? You already gave them $300. They know people don’t like paying early termination fees. They’re trying to attract people who’re afraid of running out of battery power in the middle of the day.

      But hey if someone would rather pay the ETF and another $300 for a bigger battery and more memory, when you could spend like $75 on an external battery pack and a much better SD card, then I maybe they deserve to lose their money.

    • Evltwn

      This is the same thing Bionic owners said when the RAZR came out 2 months after they bought the Bionic.

  • EC8CH

    Droid Ultra Maxx will be released Feb 26

  • Dpry3580

    Also, “suckered into it”? I wouldn’t traid the original Razr for ANYTHING out right now. And you get 3 MONTHS through Costso to return. Removable battery for what? Changing you mem card? That’s a STUPID reason to dis the phone. You like having to power down to get yours out?

  • Dpry3580

    I’ve had the Razr since it came out. I send youtube audio to my car sterio via bluetooth and use is constantly. I’ve NEVER had a problem with the battery.
    The Costsco deal came with the Motorola 5 hour battery extener, and I’ve never had to use it.
    But it’s pretty cool. Not one of the cheap ones from Verizon.  
    Also came with an HD dock, HD cable, case, wall charger, and car charger all free.
    Had to wait 8 days for the HD dock, cable, and moto bat.
    That’s a lot for 189. Couldn’t be happier.

  • droidian1441

    It doesn’t say it anymore haha

  • Chris Civale

    If the Razr Maxx is going to be $299, then I’d expect a price drop on the Razr, which will get me to buy it.  The extra battery life isn’t a selling point for me.

    Here’s a question though….Razr or Charge?  That’s my dilemma right now.

    • Anonymous

      Razor or bionic? why is that even a question.. ?

  • Guest

    It would be interesting if someone would do a poll to see how many returns there will be for this

  • Anonymous

    The page is back to saying “Available soon, from Motorola and Verizon”

  • ddevito

    A whole week without a good GNex post, I’m in withdrawal.

  • Guest

    Any one notice that they took it down, now says “AVAILABLE SOON, FROM MOTOROLA AND VERIZON”.

    • ddevito

      I’m sure Big Red told them to. They were prob waiting until next week to make an announcement.

  • Jim McClain

    i’m thinking that with the speaker being crappy and camera and radios too on my nexus,,, i’d rather have the razor maxx and wait on ics upgrade

    • ddevito

      go for it

  • Anonymous

    Stay tuned next month when they release the version with an unlocked bootloader.  And maybe a month from then they’ll have another version to!  Thanks for looking out for your customers Moto!

    • ddevito

      Truly I don’t think Moto cares much for the dev or modding crowd. 

  • Rw-1

    maxx fail

    • ddevito

      not really – all Android fans can agree that we could all use a little more juice

  • I’m confused when & what to get for my upgrade? too many options 
    I’m using DX

    • personally i went for the nexus, my friend has a razr,and my brother has a rezound
      in my opinion the nexus is a beast, the razr is good also, and the rezound is for people who like sense. 

    • Sinbad128

      I am with you.. I felt the same way, I have a Droid X, and ordered a Bionic on friday, then on Saturday i realize that the Razr Maxx was coming out this month. I called Verizon TODAY and CANCEL My Bionic Order, and i am gonna wait and get the Razr Maxx..  (^_^) I strongly suggest you do the same thing thing. The RAZR MAXX has Better Specs than the Bionic, AND damn near Twice The Battery Life! that was enough to convince to to go with the Razr Maxx….

  • Tim242

    This phone is so retarded. Basically, it’s what the Bionic should’ve been. The OG Razr (uhhh) should not have been released.

    • ddevito

      It’s not retarded – it’s actually a nice phone with a redonkulous sized battery. I don’t know about you but I would love to have a battery that size.

      Motorola, on the other hand, are the retarded ones. 🙂

  • I plan on getting it..  MORE POWER SCOTTY!!

  • Guest

    I’ve already bought the docks for the thin, does the maxx also fit in the same docks?

  • Anonymous

    damn amazon wireless for selling me the OG razr for a penny. (past return period, can’t justify a return anyways)

    damn motorola for making me call it the OG razr 2.5 months after it came out.

    • Anonymous

      The OG Razr is a flip phone

      • Anonymous

        well played sir…well played…

  • Anonymous

    News flash! Motorola RAZRMAXX HD in February (with gingerbread). What a f’ing joke.

  • Anonymous

    but does it come in white???

  • Mrwest45

    Returning Razr now, ordering Razr Maxx, on the 26th! $35 for extended battery sounds good to me 🙂

    • Dbarden31

      Thinking of doing the same thing!

  • ICS?

  • Anonymous

    og RAZR purchased on 11-11-11.  Moto / Verizon already has Maxx in warehouse so, What is the next razr version / replacement already in boxes?

    Anyone want to bet that we will see something better by April 1st?

  • Anonymous

    As a GNex owner, I’ll admit to having a major case of battery envy.  

    • tjmonkey15

      Haha, me too.  Even with the extended battery!  Still love my Nexus though.

      • Orangedude654

        Best option is having 2 batteries – Give it one week and you’ll never turn back

  • B

    It is nice that Motorola is finding ways to stand out from the crowded Android market and do something innovative.

    Hopefully this leads to a trend of cramming bigger batteries in small form factors.

  • ddevito

    need some GNex newsposts.

  • “the longest lasting 4g phone” thats how they are pushing it classic moto

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t jealous about the RAZR because I have an extended battery Bionic.

    THIS however…….ok yeah I’m jealous….for the moment.

    Still waiting on confirmation of the RAZR MAXX battery coming in the XT928…..

    THAT will be my next phone. I’m dropping my Bionic the day that’s released.

    • Ecrunion

      This is EXACTLY how I feel.  I love my Bionic and the Razr didn’t do anything for me.  The Maxx looks pretty sweet but not sweet enough to go through the sell and buy full retail bit.  But, when/if one of those 2 Chinese HD sets hits the US, I’ll be all over it. 

  • Anonymous

    Is this what you get with a non-removable battery?  A whole new phone to have an extended battery?

    • No, you get an external battery pack/charger, which you can buy from verizon I think or one of the 80 billion online retailers

      • Guest

        Why not just leave it plugged in? No battery issues then..

        • because you might wanna keep your juice above a certain point and not be handcuffed to a wall socket

        • Gina

          I have to ask….is this a serious question/suggestion? Then it’s not a wireless phone, for shat’s sake. Which is exactly what I don’t have with the Razr. I have a corded phone.

          I just called VZW to confirm I have til tommorow to return. I do. And I am. Fudickulous!

  • Mark

    WOOHOO! Returning my RAZR today, and getting this one in 2 weeks. The ONLY thing I wasn’t thrilled with was the battery life. Happy camper 🙂 Don’t need removable battery with this beast, and keeps the thing water resistant by not opening it. I can wait for ICS bugs to be ironed out.

  • This was likely  a no brainer for Motorola… take a phone that is awkwardly thin, toss a massive battery inside it and not only give you good battery life, but a better form factor as well.

  • brentonio

    Anyone know if it will have the global GSM radio like the Droid 4 and LG Spectrum?

    • According to GSM arena the Razr(normal one) does have a GSM radio in it, don’t know if Verizon will ever activate it though.

      • Anonymous

        I think they just added the CDMA/LTE radios to the ones from the GSM version on that chart. I’d be extremely surprised if the Droid RAZR had global hardware capabilities and Verizon didn’t turn them on (and no one found that in all the teardowns).

        • Ah yeah my bad, they apparently just lumped all the specs from all the versions together on the page. They noted it at the top but I didn’t look at it carefully.

  • Bionicman

    interesting how early they start advertising this phone but we heard nothing about the GNex until the day before (which was a tweet!). interesting but not surprising.

    • Anonymous

      Still no in store advertising for it either.

  • Jamaicawind

    I could be wrong but i im like 99.9% sure they just came out with the Razr about a month ago and now there is another version called the MAXX already? im sorry thats extreme bull sh*t. 

    • Anonymous

      Just return it and get this one

    • Guest

      Droid RAZR was released on 11/11/11.  If this is correct, the RAZR MAXX will be released on 01/26/12.  That is not about a month.  That is 2.5 months.  And why is that extreme BS?  You don’t like having a choice?

      • It’s BS because Moto could have easily released both versions aside one another.  It’s bad enough that they never gave the option for a removable battery, but most who were suckered into the Razr more than likely are past the point of the return grace period…

        • Guest

          They could have easily released both versions aside one another?  That means one of 2 things, neither of which I understand.

          1. If you mean release them both in November, how do you know that the MAXX was finished at the same time as the RAZR?  Perhaps the MAXX wasn’t done yet.

          2. If you mean hold the RAZR and not release it until the MAXX is ready on January 28th, I’m not really sure why you’d want that.  Seems to me you’d want the latest and greatest they have to offer as soon as it is available.

          • Anonymous

            well, the meaningful-ness of “latest and greatest” kind of goes out the window when the same company releases the same phone 2.5 months later (1.5 months past your return period) with double the battery life (the only change)

          • of course it was ready back then!! Are you serious!!!??? It’s the SAME PHONE. Just a bigger battery. Plus these phones are tested for months and months. Go take marketing 101.

          • Lgreg64

            the concept may have been done but it take time to tool up this new battery and housing. this does not happen over night.

          • it doesnt happen in the 2 months time frame between the razrs launch and now either. 

          • Lgreg64

            yes this is true but with CES coming they needed somthing 

          • yes they needed something different not the same phone same specs same everything but battery right before quad core phones will become available

        • BionicCommando4231

          Agreed it was an idiotic move. All the colors and the Maxx option should have all been launched together.

          They will pay for it with all the holiday returns. Great way to instill buyers remorse in all thier customers, again.

        • Anonymous

          Wasn’t the holiday return period till January 14th? If so everyone that has a Razr and is upset could return it tomorrow and wait another month to get the Maxx.

          • Anonymous

            Another month? actually it’s 13 days away.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, sorry for some reason I was imagining a month in my head….  I swear sometimes I think I’m on the verge of “oldzheimers”.

          • They could still wait a month.  I think you knew what he meant.  Why is everyone so distracted with symantics these days?  Think about the things that really matter, like trying to relate to people.

        • Anonymous

          who needs the grace period? i got the razr on november 10th(i pre-ordered and got it a day early) and i havent had an issue with the phone, and with moderate use, i get 18+ hours out of a charge

          • Guest

            Juice Defender? I barely use mine, and barely get 12 hours.

          • Anonymous

            no, nothing to modify battery usage…not really sure how i seem to be besting alot of people…

          • SplashMTn

            I picked mine up over Thanksgiving and have been happy with it since. I use mine pretty lightly during the work day and usually get 12-16 hours without a problem. 

        • Anonymous

          “Suckered into the Razr”?? You’re assuming that everyone who bought a Razr was somehow bamboozled? Not everyone has the same taste in smartphones as you.

      • Guest

        Imagine if a car manufacturer released a new car with little difference every 2 months. Guess what would happen to the resale values.

        • Blitzkrieg1015

          What do resale values have to do with whether or not its BS?

  • ddevito

    I must say – I have battery (juice) envy

  • ddevito

    Razr owners: you have two days left. return them ASAP. Then buy this one.


    • Anonymous

      That’s what i’m planning on.

    • Anonymous

      That’s only the lucky ones who bought when the holiday return period kicked in.  Launch day buyers are screwed I believe.

      • ddevito

        Ouch. That’s right. That sucks

    • Anonymous

      Nah, this phone doesn’t appeal to me as much as the original.

  • Kierra

    I love Moto but they did the phone enthusiast community a disservice by not just releasing this as the original RAZR

    • Anonymous

      I’ll explain this again. The Maxx is too thick to create a huge media buzz or to even justify the RAZR name. Motorola needed a phone that would get a lot of attention released for the holiday season, which they did. Now that that’s over, they’ll start to come out with all kinds of variants like they did for the original RAZR (non-Droid dumbphone).

      Personally, I wouldn’t pay more for this over the OG Droid RAZR. My battery life is fine, and I love the form factor.

      • Anonymous

        It only added 1.8mm to the size and it nearly doubled the battery life.  I’d say that’s worth it.

        • Anonymous

          And that’s why we have choices.

      • Papaford1963

        The maxx in no thicker than most any other phone on the market,, the razr is just very thin.  All I have read for months for the most part is the bad battery life on 4G devices so no matter how badly I wanted 4G there was no way I was going to get one until one had GOOD battery life not bad or just acceptable.  Therefor I’m jumping on this and personally I think the extra thickness makes the phone look better.  I applaud Motorola

        • Rick H

          I’m with you on this.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree. This phone will be a good option regardless, but I also prefer the original Razr’s form factor to this one.

  • who even cares….. another awful device by motorola….. no wonder their sales are tanking. 

    • Kierra

      far from Moto

    • Dream

      I agree they need to focus on HTC and Samsung Devices and myb LG

    • Hybrisate

      Awful device? The Droid Razr is an amazing piece of hardware and an awesome overall phone. It may not be the right device for some people, but to say it’s awful makes you sound ignorant. What’s so bad about it?

      • Anonymous

        Well, it’s not the phone that he has so obviously it’s stupid.

      • Anonymous

        He’ll have no retort cause he is ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      You’re retarded.