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CyanogenMod Hits 1,000,000 Users

When you combined official CyanogenMod installs with the abundance of installs of kanged ROMs in the wild, the number of users has now eclipsed 1 million. Quite the number, right there. Congrats CM team, can’t wait to see the official CM9 when it rolls out.  

Via:  Google+, CMStats

  • No one can say now that the number of rooted;ROMed phones is a small amount

    • Guest

      In comparison to non-rooted, non-ROMed phones it really is a trivial amount, not that it matters anyway as long as there is still an active dev community out there for those of us who do like to mess with their phones I could care less the percentage of rooted and ROMed phones.

  • Sporttster

    Now wait a minute here….this can’t be! I keep hearing “who cares about locked bootloaders?”….I guess quite a few,huh….just a little….

  • Anonymous

    What does “installs” mean? Installs != users. I’ve installed CM probably 30 different times at least. Are each of those installs counted in the 1,000,000? And I’m not even using it now.

    • No this is a currently installed and using on the phone number

  • Anonymous

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  • What is the benefit of using a rom? (besides wifi tether, I can already do that with out rooting for free using a widget)

  • any idea when CM9 is coming out for the Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to the CM team…they crank out the some of the best work around, and easily the most stable. 1 million is quite a number!

  • Can someone please explain the benefits of rooting my device? I know about wifi tether, but I get that free on my Gnex with a free widget from the Android Marked. What is so amazing about it? 

  • Anonymous

    Disqus, Y U no work right?


  • About time, been using CyanogenMod roms for a quite awhile now. Congrats to the whole CM team.

  • Guest

    So in other words, about 2,000 users who flash nightly.  Got it.

    • I don’t think so, on his g+ koush (one of the CM devs) called it 1 million unique, active installs.

      • Guest

        trololol, yeah right…gullible much?

        • No one takes you seriously when you can’t even sign in.  Next.

          • Guest

            LOL, nice comeback.  Yes, because signing in (where I can put a fake email and name) somehow validates what I’m saying.  You sheep just about believe everything right?  Hmm, 700,000 android devices activated daily, 1,000,000 CM users, you guys just love big numbers huh?

          • Enkrypted17

            Youre an idiot you don’t believe cause the numbers are just too big.

          • Guest

            Yes exactly.  They are just too big.  You must be an idiot too, since you seem to agree with me?

          • jason6g

            “Yes exactly.  They are just too big.  ”

            Thats what she said!!!!!!, in the same sarcastic tone referring to your balls lolololol

          • Josh Groff

            A little iSheep trolling and android forum, how creative. Go back to your Apple forums and talk about how iOS 5 didn’t kill your battery while wearing a scarf and drinking pabst blue ribbon because everything else is too mainstream (whilst having the most mainstream phone by the way and studying literature instead of comp sci/ database management.)

  • Josh Groff


  • Does it count every install, like people with all their nightlies?

    • Unique active installs.  Check the cyanogen g+

    • Guest


      • Rjhall

        No, it does not moron.

  • EC8CH

    “Unofficial Installs (KANGs)   416,701”

    See… even CM can’t stop everyone and their brother from skinning their already modified version of Android.

    • Anonymous

      Who skins the skinners?

      • Anonymous

        wait – is this where i write “THEN WHO WAS DOG?” ?

  • Out of curiosity, is the CM team building nightlies for the Galaxy Nexus? Or do we need to rely on the kangs out there?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they’ll get a final build but the nightlies from AOKP are great. On build 16 right now and works great on my Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Never really understood this… of course they are appreciated but I always found certain other roms (whether based on CM or not) to be much higher quality than CM.

    • Josh Groff

      Stability or speed wise? cm7 is pretty good at both. Also, AOSP is pretty solid.

      • Anonymous

        Well… both. SS5.5 and Pete’s were both always much more stable while still retaining the speed. CM always gave me issues. Always quirks about it, and it never seemed like it ran fast for very long while the others had no issues like that.

        • Josh Groff

          Never had much problems with cm7 even in alpha builds for the sensation (tested alpha 6-10.) I guess it’s mainly phone-phone basis.

  • Michael Forte

    That’s a lot of kangs lol.

    • Kyle Walker

      Atleast there’s more official installs 😀

    • Unexpected62

      what the hell is kang?!??!?!

      • J Dub

        A dev using the CM source to build their own ROM named something else. A lot of ROM’s are like this. They build from CM source. There are a few that don’t. I think Pete Alfonso builds from AOSP.

        • Anonymous

          Cyanogen builds from AOSP as well.

          • they have their own source tree. think of it as cm modified AOSP. a kang is just when you compile the rom on your own desktop instead of downloading the rom from the cm mirror. doing it yourself means you can change and add things, such as the latest unmerged changes

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I’d like to know as well!