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Verizon Still Offering Half Off Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Deal, If You Can Find Them

One of our readers popped into a Verizon store this afternoon and was able to grab 2100mAh extended Galaxy Nexus battery for the discounted $24.99 price that many of you took advantage of a couple of weeks ago. According to his receipt, it looks like the store did not actually have them in stock, but was able to order them from a VZW warehouse, hence the “FEDEX 2DAY” line on there.

These puppies are almost impossible to find an any online retailer, so if you did not have a chance to grab one before the holidays, you may want to call or swing into a store and see if they can order you one from the warehouse. At 50% off, this is a deal you do not want to pass on.

Cheers Evan!

  • Skyskioc

    Ordered mine at the Brea Calif. store. They ordered it from the Warehouse for 24.99

  • Anthonypisano

    all out in NJ

  • Anonymous

    I actually picked one up like 2 weeks ago.

    First I called the VZW sales and asked if they still had the %50 off promo going on, he said no… so I kinda gave up hope.

    Then I actually decided to pick one up at the store and fork out the $50 to buy it… but to my surprise it was actually %50 off!¬†

    Confused I asked the Sales Rep and he said that the promo is only for a limited time, we talked a bit about the Nexus, ( He had one too ūüėÄ )¬†

    it was a good day.

  • Anonymous

    Got mine at the Arboretum Verizon Store in Charlotte, NC this morning around 11. The CSR I worked with said a new shipment had arrived about 20 minutes before I got there and that I was the first to get one! Got it for half off as advertised, no hassle!!

  • Anonymous

    I picked up mine the other day great deal!

  • Drootz

    If they are sold out in the store just have them put one on order for you. They will still honor the 50% off price. That’s what I did and my extended battery showed up 2 days later and shipping was free.¬†

  • Anonymous

    They removed the extended battery from the website when I tried to find it for reason I cant understand, So I found it on amazon for $38,  close enough.

  • roddyblack73

    I bought mine the day after release and was told all 4G batteries were half -off

  • I’m changing my name to Sam Nexu.

  • Anonymous

    I demand an explanation about the lack of accessories that use the pogo connector. Specifically the car dock! It’s ridiculous.

  • Genius

    Battery Mah is simple math, 1850 vs. 2100 = 8% more life. If 8% makes the difference for you, then knock yourself out. 

    Hopefully someone will release a battery more in the 2500mah range. 

    • Anonymous

      You may want to check your math

      • Genius

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… wow, my bad. I always struggled with subtractions in 1st grade.¬†

        Sorry, 13.5% 

    • Anonymous

      Correct me if I’m wrong but 8% is the difference between 2% and 10%!

  • Jordan

    just went to my local store and picked one up, rang up $24.99. The phone feelsveven better now.

  • Jim McClain

    dont you folks have a tv at home ?, watching movies on a phone is crazy,so if you are doing that and playing games all the time, you have no right to say your battery life is bad

    • Anonymous

      The battery life isn’t that bad in my experiences. Then again I have never seen an android phone that I can actually say has good battery life. Just turn off wi-fi when your not home and leave it in a charger whenever you have the chance and you’re good to go.

  • Josh Fowler

    Just get the spare battery charger kit and swap out your regular battery when you need to. You get the stock thinness of the phone, guaranteed case/dock compatibility, and a lot more juice than by just using the extended battery. Spare batteties are where it’s at! My stock battery still lasts me 6-8 hours of medium to heavy use and if it dies, I just swap it, and then I’m good for 6-8 more hours. Plus the charger kit comes with a y cable, so you can charge your phone & battery simultaneously with a single charger!

  • Jim McClain

    i completly drained the extended battery twice,now it seems to last longer,i had 51% of my battery left after almost 10 hours, now I have a lot of stuff turned off, like email,facebook etc, if you let the phone update all that crap every 5 minutes your battery will drain in a hurry,change it to never check

  • Erickbernal27

    My local Verizon said they have one but they aren’t on sale?

    • Jonathan Ofalla

      I found out there are Verizon “corporate” stores and Verizon “reseller” stores. ¬†The corporate stores get all the Verizon brand accessories and will sell the battery for 50% off. ¬†I learned this the hard way. ¬†Purchased my GNex at a reseller store and noticed they had no accessories besides off brand cases. ¬†The same night I went to another Verizon store (corporate) and they had loads of GNex accessories. ¬†Extra batteries, battery chargers, Incipio/Otterbox cases, etc.

  • Heather W

    I got the extended battery and it still only lasts as long as my standard. They both usually need charged around 11:00 pm which is still ok because it hasnt been charged since i left the house at 8:00 am. oh well

  • Geocranium

    I have the extended battery and i get about 3 hours of continuous use before it dies…

    Why does the gnex have such horrid battery life?

    • Chrono13

      If you are in an area without 4g, turn it off. Your battery life can double with 4g turned off.

  • Jake

    You’re right it’s a deal you don’t want to pass on. So, I got two. Unfortunately, I figure out how to get them into¬†my Razr. ūüėČ

    • Dbarden31

      Haha good one!

  • TheGreatMCH

    Haven’t had mine (picked up last night) long enough to comment on battery life.¬†

    However, I really like the weight of the phone now. Additionally, I like the extended battery cover better than the original — feels better in my hand. For me – the phone being a little heavier, and cover are worth the price alone.¬†

  • Rodney1012

    Does the extended battery have different cover or do u use stock cover

    • another cover, it comes with it when you buy the extended battery. i heard you can use the standard cover but u have to really cram it in

    • TheGreatMCH

      The extended battery comes with a different cover. However, the original cover will fit. 

      • Anonymous

        Sort of. You can see a bump at the base with the stock cover. I bought the extended on day one and never put in the standard battery. It’s very worth it imo.

      • Anonymous

        It comes with a different back cover for a reason so don’t be an idiot and use the old one instead.

        I read on a forum of some idiot with a Droid X who used the stock back cover with the ext. battery and it destroyed his display because of the pressure the battery put on the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I went on the website today for the same reason, but it was listed as $39.99

  • If you call technical support, say your battery life sucks, and you want to get the extended. they will order it for you even when it is not online. thats what i did and i got mine in 3 days.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t used the spare stock battery much since I got the extended at the same time as the phone, but I do get great life out of the extended (on good days). The best I have seen so far was over 12 hours off charger and still 53% battery. I think I went to bed shortly after that so I didn’t get to really see how it would continue to hold up with regular use. On bad days I get as little as 7-8 hours.

  • Ibob337

    Found 2 last week and bought them for me and a friend. Happy with them so far. Only thing was that their system wouldn’t ring both out on sale so had to do 2 transactions. Had to pay a penny cash because their system also won’t charge the same card the same amount twice in a day! Hah!

  • QtDL

    I bought the extended battery….haven’t used it yet so I may return it. After a few weeks w/ the standard one, I don’t think I’m gonna need it. I can go a whole day w/ moderate use, plus I have cables and chargers all over the place in case I need more juice.

  • Vaglvr

    i bought one, but notice NO, repeat NO difference at all from the stock, except maybe another 30-40 minutes. i don’t even think it’s worth the $25. you’re just better off buying a spare battery and charger kit instead of this thing.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe 30-40 minutes difference streaming HD Netflix on 4G with high brightness….

      • Vaglvr

        more like not using it and having it lay on my work desk all day….

    • Anonymous

      When you break down on the side of the road with no phone that extra 30-40 minutes might be a little more worth while especially at $25

  • Got mine, loved it, then got stolen in Prague (along with my GALNEX)

  • Got mine and absolutely love it. I have no trouble getting through a full work day with 30%-40% in a building with spotty reception. Also live in an area with 4G.

    Well worth $50, but glad I got mine at half off. 

    Also, it adds negligible thickness and weight. My OEM jelly case fits perfectly even though it wasn’t designed to house the extended battery.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if the extended is any better than the standard as I have NO reference really….I got the Extended battery on Day 2, and have not used the standard battery since…..I get a whole day out of the extended with extensive texting (with pics), moderate web surfing, streaming, etc….
    although there is really no “conditioning” of these batteries, I DO let it run all the way down before charging it up at night….

    (except for Handcent not working)
    (and not being able to delete the “Frequently Called” list in the phone)
    (and no “Home” button on the stock browser)

    non rooted-stock…..for now..

    • MFG

      Well good for you, with your picture texting! I’ve got a girlfriend, too! She, uh, lives up by Niagara Falls! Yeah!

    • Anonymous

       Root. It solved problems.

  • Ryan

    I bought one of these and it had worse battery life then the standard battery that came with my phone, I returned it and got my money back.

    • df2rools


      • Anonymous

        Yeah.. what??

    • Anonymous

      Good luck explaining how that’s even remotely possible.

  • Dan

    Dont you all think it makes more sense to get the extra standard battery and charger?

    • Anonymous

      I kind of wish I had, but it’s too late to return my extended and now the extra chargers are all sold out so oh well. I do get great life out of the extended.

  • Reuv600

    got one and i love it.  battery lasts for 6 days with ease.

    • Do you leave your phone in airplane mode with the screen off all week?

    • Because I Got High

      6 DAYS?! Dont spill the bong water dude. My LG Dare didn’t last for 6 days!

    • potacho

      Wtf, 6 days? Do you not use your phone?

    • I almost spat my water out laughing.