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Rumor: Google to Launch 7-inch $199 Android Tablet to Compete with the Kindle Fire

After Eric Schmidt was quoted in December as saying that Google would release a tablet within the next 6 months, the tech world has been digging deep with their sources to try and come up with any extra details. Famed rumor-starting extraordinaire DigiTimes has come forward with what they believe to be some of those additional specifics. How does another $199 Android-powered slab sound? According to their sources, that’s exactly what Google plans to release in the 7″ variety. A time frame for release could be between March and April with the Kindle Fire being their direct competition rather than the iPad.

Well, I guess I would be down with another $199 tablet. The more budget-friendly products we see from companies like Google and Amazon, the better chances we have at seeing the end of the $599 on-contract tablet. I’m still wondering if Motorola has sold 3 or 4 total XYBOARDs since release? Anyone taking the under on that?

Via:  DigiTimes

  • I hope this is true,and If they leave the tabs as pure as the Nexus phones. It would be a great step forward for Android.

  • Anonymous

    the xyboard isn’t selling very well. my mother was suckered into buying a xyboard when she went in for an ipad. the verizon salesman was so slimy….im pretty sure he got a bonus for selling such a pos to my mother. i told her to take it back and get what she wanted. they say anything to get people to buy horrible products

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty much the only logical business decision Google can arrive at.  Well-made, expensive Android tablets didn’t sell.  Crappy, cheap Android tablets didn’t sell.  The only success story, so far, is the Fire, a loss-leader with access to a pretty good ecosystem (albeit with mediocre hardware.)  Now that Amazon has done all the work, it wouldn’t make sense for Google to try to reinvent the wheel, so I suspect whatever tablet they come up with will follow the precedent Bezos et al. has set.

  • Anonymous

    I really love my Fire…but I would definitely get rid of it if Google came out with a tablet. The Fire is great, but not having access to the Android Market, no GPS, no camera, no sdcard slot…all things that kill this thing for me. The Amazon App Store is pretty much useless, 99% of the apps I use are only available in the Market. Also, no GPS means no maps, no Foursquare, etc. I feel like eventually I am just going to have to go ahead and root and rom this thing to be able to do what I want. Right now though I refuse to do it because its so unstable.

  • Specz16

    I doubt verizon has sold any 4g LTE models. the contracts are horriable. im just waiting for the wifi models.

  • geno villafano

    Yay. This leaves room for a hardware-heavy 10″(ish) tablet!

  • Xyboard User

    I was wondering where the Xyboard love was at, and it sure isn’t in here. I got my 10.1″ just before Christmas, and I really like it. Although I didn’t have to pay out of pocket (got it thru work), I use it every day for work and personal. I just wish that there was more apps developed for the tablets.

  • Morpheus282

    I know of at least one they sold – mine.  I sold my iPad the day the XyBoard came out and got the 8.2.  I got the iPad as a gift and the sale price covered the purchase price of the XyBoard, so it’s a good deal for me.  I really like the tablet, but if I’d had to buy it out of pocket it would still be in the store.

  • if google can make a 10 inch at 299 and has all the latest greatest specs thwy will win tablet market share and aold directly from them

  • I hope that isn’t the only tablet they’re planning on releasing. If it’s a Nexus tablet, great, but I want the Nexus tablet to be at least 10 inches. They say it will be “of the highest quality” and I think at least a 10″ screen qualifies. Who knows, maybe they’ll release several Nexus tablets at different price points…would be awesome. Ahhh, Android…the possibilities…

  • Anonymous

    If it runs on Droid 4.0 then I will consider getting one.

  • Bionic

    Hopefully it would be dual core and have ICS?  

  • Bionic

    I would jump on this big time.  Chrome based web browser would be my guess, that would kill the fire’s browser.  Yep, id be all over this tablet.