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Video: 4G LTE Toggle Potentially Headed to CM9 and the Galaxy Nexus


If there was one feature that you wish you had on the Galaxy Nexus right now, what would it be? For me, it’s probably an LTE toggle that doesn’t force me into the settings menu. I’m talking a toggle that actually toggles with a single press.

Well folks, we may have one in CyanogenMod9. As you can see in the video up top, @gsarrica is working on adding it to CM9’s list of toggles that can be added to the notification pull down. And I must say, that it appears to be working quite well.

Approval is still needed from the CM team though, but there is a pretty good chance that it will get that. There is also a chance that this could work for other LTE devices.

Cheers @gsarrica!

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  • PC_Tool

    Not sure about toggling between 3G/4G, but for disabling Mobile Data completely…

    Widgetsoid (From developer’s website…not market if you want to make it a notification pull-down) Mobile Data – Method: Root Toggle.


  • Ulnek75

    i already have a data toggle on my nexus.  it took some time looking for it, but i found “dataswitch” and it toggles data on and off like i need without needing all this rooting stuff.

  • Anonymous
  • Dabomb420


    • Christopher Riner

      sheesh, talk about “haters gonna hate”

  • Did they already release the 4G LTE RIL for the GNex?

  • Rain_king46

    Seems to me that the carrier with the “most reliable network” shouldnt need this option..

  • Anonymous

    “Approval is still needed from the CM team though, but there is a pretty good chance that it will get that. There is also a chance that this could work for other LTE devices.” 

    Droid Charge is an obvious one given the similarity in radio hardware.

  • Smitten

    LTE Switch in the Market does it in 3 clicks already.

    • Anonymous

      This does it in one. Why complain about an improvement?

  • Anonymous


  • Live2Rootz

    This is great news and a feature that I would welcome with open arms on CM9. I am running CM9 now and it is a great ROM definitely my favorite so far for the GN as it already has some of the best features out there.

  • Anonymous


  • El El Kool J

    it is a convenience people.. just like the remote control to change the channels on  your tv.. you can also get up of ur fat ass and change it manually too right.. convenience.. 😛

  • Guest

    Widgetsoid already does this for us. Open the app, change the data toggle command to root and done deal. EZaspi.

  • Anonymous

    Cool but not exactly something i would use.

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year!

  • sha-wing!!!!! i am so pumped for CM9… even without the nexus

  • Anonymous

    That is Nice, however there is one that is ICS Ready in the Market now, works Flawlessly and the best part its Free:  http://goo.gl/z4P0H

    • That looks like a Data or no Data toggle… not LTE to 3G toggle and…
      “* Internet permission: To display AdMob ads.”

      • Anonymous

        It may look that way, but it is 4G to 3G toggle and I have no ads either…

      • Tim242

        How do you figure that? It went from one to the other. It just went no data between the switch.

  • Am I supposed to be able to find CM9 in ROM Manager?

    • Anonymous


  • Ryan C

    Did anyone else watch a happy new year video in an email from best buy? It had an OG Droid in it! It’ll never go away!

  • Jim McClain

    when are they fixing this camera on the gnex?  transferred some of my old pics of my original droid to my Gnex, when I blew them up the looked great,when i blow up pics taken with my gnex they look awful,very distorted and both phones are 5 megipexil

  • eze4

    Can someone get nfl mobile & nba gametime to work on the galaxy nexus? Please

    • gametime works. its justs fc’s a lot and video doesnt work. what doesnt work about it?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe because it force closes and the video doesn’t work? 0.o

        • eze4

          Sounds like it doesnt work to me lol

      • Really?  You just said exactly what doesn’t work.

        • eze4

          Lol exactly. Smh

        • you bunch of idiots. the apps works. ive heard people not being able to open the app at all with gpu rendering on. im asking u guys to see whats ur problem so i can help u out and u guys all pretend im stupid. 

      • Tim242

        LoL duh

  • Anonymous

    This is everything! Hope it trickles to the Rezound!

  • Anonymous

    Nice but not enough to convince me to install a custom ROM (yet).

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • jason6g

      that seems to be the general consensus within my group of friends. its worth it to root for tethering, app removal, minor theming, backups and all the other great root abilities, but no need for a custom rom or complete theme overhaul. I think android is headed in the right direction leaving people to only want minor changes here n there instead of a complete replacement!

  • Vespadaddy

    The wait for CM9 is my least favorite thing about the GNex.

  • Sporttster

    How bout some CM love for the Razr????

  • Michael Forte

    I actually had a toggle like this on CM7 on my Thunderbolt thanks to slayher. I was wondering when this would come to other devices.

  • Anonymous

    Yesss! Looking forward to it 🙂

  • when i switch between 3g/4g the manual way…it does NOT switch that fast.

    4.0.3 fix that?  or am i just stuck with a faulty gnex?

    • Sometimes I see it take a little longer. But I just tried it through settings and took about as long as it did through the status bar. It is 4.0.3 though… but I don’t think it changed anything. 

      • what rom are you rocking?  or did you just flash the new radios?

        • Custom CM9 build.

          • word.  i’m assuming that’s not public yet?

          • Maybe tomorrow through a friend of mine who makes some kangs. https://twitter.com/expertontech

            Will probably need some people to test it out.

  • Anonymous

    While it’s nice to have options, I guess I don’t see why this is such a big deal. It’s not as if the ability to switch from LTE to CDMA doesn’t exist on the Nexus. It only takes a couple clicks – less than 10 seconds.

    • yea but toggle takes less then 1 second to do 

    • Anonymous

      So do you think wifi toggle, bluetooth toggle, brightness toggle, GPS toggle, data toggle, airplaine mode toggle are not a big deal either? I’m assuming you think all interactive widgets aren’t a big deal either… Why have the ability to change Pandora on my homescreen when i can easily click into the app and change it. The same goes for any music app, email widget, etc… 

      See the picture? It’s Android and that’s what Android does. It takes a 10 second task and turns it into a 1 second task. Could you imagine how annoying it would be if you needed to do a variety of these tasks and you had to do them all the 10 second method? 6 tasks would take you a minute instead of 6 seconds. Heck, with LTE phones that’s 54 seconds that your pone screen could be off not using battery. that’s 54 more seconds of enjoying the content you really enjoy, not changing settings.

  • Magnious

    I will keep stock for now. This would be great news if it worked on stock ICS…but it wont. ROM only..bleh.

    • Jon H

      So you bought a developer phone to run vanilla stock?

      • Tim242

        It is no longer just a developer phome. It is a stock Android phone, sold in Verizon stores…to anyone. Some want just the bigger screen. Some just want stock, and fast updates. Custom ROMs are not required for this phone, to enjoy it. Get off your highhorse.

        • Magnious

          Exactly Tim.  To me, this is not a developer phone, it’s the Ultimate Stock experience provided straight from the manufacturer of the software.  I absolutely LOVE the stock experience, and I want to keep it that way.  I feel that this is currently the best phone on the market.  Just because it is also known as a Dev phone…does that mean I shouldn’t have bought it?

          • Tim242

            Some people on here think that if you don’t do with your phone what they think you should, then you shouldn’t have it. It’s such an elitist way of thinking. Just disregard them and enjoy the phone how you want to : )

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • Christopher Riner

            not *only* a developer phone. But still yet, its the dev side of the phone that makes it better than the 4s, imo. 

            Definitely see where you guys are coming from, this phone is android in its most naked beauty.  Fast, too.  Oh yes they call him the streak (bow nuh nuh-nuh) fastest thiiiing on 4g…. He’s just as proud as he can be, of his anatomy, he’s gonna give us a peek…

            ..what, no ray stevens fans?

  • Jason Purp

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t see why this is a big deal.

    • Anonymous

      You aren’t the only one. 🙂

      Is is that hard tot go into the settings? I can see the use for the toggle for sure, but enough to make an article about it????!!!!!

      • Because the the person posting on this website is a obvious Gnex owner, posts like this one will be daily. While other phones fall to the side.

        • Jules Jonas

          funny that you sound miffed about this. The site started as a OG droid site, then branched out to other devices

      • lostsync

        Say you live 10 minutes outside of a 4G coverage area…yes, it could be pretty annoying going into settings every time you go into town.

        As far as the post, I think the point was to get the mod some positive publicity so that it’s hopefully actually included in CM9.

  • Yesyesyesyesyes.  Living on the edge of 4g coverage can really suck battery, but it would be nice to be able to pop it on quick when I’m in a good area.

  • RaptorOO7

    Great job and I do appreciate the work.

  • Jadam6118

    Now if only i could toggle off work in my notification pull down.

  • Jadam6118


  • But it’s not thaaat hard to go and toggle LTE/CDMA or just CDMA in the settings menu. It’s a pain but its not the most important thing I’m looking for. 

    • Jadam6118

      Alright negative nancy who invited you to the new year.

      • It’s a nice feature I guess. Not monumental but it’s nice.

    • yeah, but does your phone pick up 3g/4g when you switch as instantaneously as it does in the video?

      mine does not. 

      • Oh I saw that on the video but I don’t think that’s what Kellex was talking about.

        The speed at which it toggles is nice but what they were focusing on was the one click no hassle LTE toggle instead of going into settings menu.

        • yeah, i switch with the setting menu.  this toggle is cool…

          i’m just trying to figure out if my nexus is messed up or not.

          • Oh no I feel you, it’s very very annoying. I toggle 4G and 3G a lot to try to conserve battery and sometimes I have to reboot. Sometimes I try putting into airplane mode but it doesn’t work. 

            Can’t wait for CM9… really miss my reboot option when I hold power button

          • ok, word.  yeah, airplane and rebooting has become fairly common.

            but the thunderbolt sucked when i first got it as well in regard to connectivity.  so, i’m hoping this is software related…otherwise i’m ebaying this sucker once a decent ICS option comes out.

          • Anonymous

            The time it takes to switch depends on your signal strength. It seems to take longer to connect in areas with weak signal.

          • true.  i’m not looking for instantaneous.  but are multi-minute hangups normal? or indefinite ones?

            sometimes it will switch back and allow for phone/texting but not connect to the data aspect of the network.  weird.  (like show full or close to full bars but not the 3g or 4g)

    • yeah, but does your phone pick up 3g/4g when you switch as instantaneously as it does in the video?

      mine does not. 

  • Ecffighter7232

    This really isn’t anything new… I had on cm7 on my thunderbolt.

    • Jadam6118

      What’s a thunderbolt?

      • eze4

        Lol i would say the same thing but it plays my nfl mobile & my nba gametime; unlike my nexus smh. Im glad i still have my thunderbolt because thats the only way i can seem to watch my sports

        • gametime works on nexus

          • eze4

            Not mine. The sound plays but the games dont show.

          • yea but the app works

        • Anonymous

          Can you actually watch full games on nfl mobile? Is that the app that seems to be exclusive to verizon? Is it free? Is there a subscription required? And finally, what is ESPN3? Thanks in advance.

          • LionStone

            Yes you can actually watch games streamed live. It is free exclusively for VZ 4G phones and there isn’t any subscription…it has been awesome on my TB and saved me a bunch this season when traveling and still catch the games.

          • eze4

            Yes sir, its free, actual games, only on verizon & the super bowl will be showed on it

    • Dl

      That’s what came to my mind, too…

    • Michael Forte

      Ooh didn’t see your comment. But yeah this is nothing new here.

  • John

    Badass. I can’t wait to throw CM9 on my new Galaxy Nexus!

  • Geocranium

    will this be a rom only feature? Or will we see this as a widget or something later on?

  • Pilotbluemike

    its about time!

  • can’t wait!

    • fartbubbler

      Bart Scott?

  • Thanks for posting this. I hope to get it submitted very soon.

    • Great work on this man.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent work! CM9 just keeps getting more and more impressive looking.

    • Skinja

      Can you also have a toggle that turns lte off once the screen goes off…..then on again once the screen is on? We dont need background things running lte, 3g is fine for when the screen is off.

      Thank you!

      • Anonymous

        That would be awesome!

    • Christopher Riner

      You are a god amongst men, my friend.  Getting the nexus was only the first half of what I wanted with this phone.  Can’t wait for cm9 to come out so I can stop flashing my phone as often, lol.  I’m sure you get plenty of ass kissing, but seriously man we can’t tell you enough times so that you know your work does not go on unappreciated.  

      As someone who lives right outside of a 4g area and is constantly having to change this setting, it will absolutely be extremely useful.