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Verizon 4G LTE Nationwide Data Outage Happening Once Again (Updated)

It has been a rough month for Verizon’s network to say the least. The entire network (both 3G and 4G) for LTE  customers appears to be down once again. This would be the third time this month alone. According to Twitter, the outage seems to be pretty sporadic with some in NYC having no issues while others are. Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Portland are also being reported as down.

As usual, we would love to hear your city and state in the comments and whether or not you are having issues. If you are, be sure to let us know when you see network access again.

Update 10:45AM:  Realizing that LTE customers do not have 3G service either. Just checked a 3G-only phone and it still has data and 3G service. Appears to be only LTE phones, but they are left without data completely.

Update 11:20AM:  3G is back here in Portland. 4G still appears to be down. Anyone else seeing changes?

Update 11:21AM:  Scratch that. Toggled LTE back on and now I no longer have 3G either. It’s almost like devices are taking forever to reconnect to the network. If you see 3G pop back up, do not toggle LTE on or off or you may lose connection again.

Update 1:16PM:  According to @CNBC, Verizon is investigating the issue. I would have hoped they had started investigating hours ago when it first went down.

Update 2:09PM:  According to our Twitter timeline, a number of you are seeing your coverage return. Still out in Portland though.

Update 9:32PM:  4G has returned here in Portland almost 12 hours after it went down. Has your data come back yet?

Stay here for updates…

  • Tlngnckr

    I was all happy cuz we finally got it on just the North side of my home town and then also Lancaster. Now it’s all gone. 3g works tho here in central pa.

  • tj

    Has anyother stratosphere owner not had data for the past 2 Weeks?

  • Hunterfiuzat

    What is your wallpaper???

  • Sleepa15678

    4g hasn’t come back yet.

  • Sleepa15678

    Dec 31, 2011 10:20pm 4g out again. 3g is with 4 bars

  • Sleepa15678

    Dec31 10:02 pm 4g out again. Came back in ~10 min but only 1 bar.

  • Bryan Davie

    Salt Lake is still not 100% back. it is much better this morning, but the network is still dropping on and off.

  • Anonymous

    No 3G or 4G for me at all yesterday… or, as a matter of fact, for the last three days. No voice for me yesterday, either.

  • SteveD

    It is 8am in Fremont California (dec 29th) and my data is down again!  Looks like Verizon may take over from AT&T in quality ratings for 2012 if this keeps up.

    • SteveD

      Looks like it was my phone I rebooted and it works fine now.

  • Ffitchner

    Still without 4g in spokane washington. Been down for around.12 hours now.

  • Ryell22

    Salt Lake City, UT. we have been very spotty with 4G service since early yesterday. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  • Taylor

    Both 3G and 4G are back here in Fort Wayne, IN. I was having only 1X and was getting so mad that I could have thrown my Thunderbolt against a wall…

  • MLBeep

    Lost it early in the day in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, got 3G back in the evening, noticed 4G this morning.  Sorry, didn’t record the times…

  • Anonymous

    In Jacksonville (FL), my VGN still shows 3G (2 or 3 bars), not 4G, at 9:48 EST…VZW LTE is ‘Long Time Idiot’ to me!

  • Tadashi Andrews

    still, no 4g in Austin, TX… I had it set all night to 4g, woke up and it was still no 4g data and 3g off.

  • Not sure if anyone stated this – but in Columbus Ohio – I was out of the 4G service from approximately 11am – 4:00pm 12/28/2011.

    Luckily, I had a wi-fi fallback – did not help though as I needed the GPS with maps and my blue tooth headset was severely hampered – could not use voice activated calling or texting.

  • Nate

    LA is back up and faster than ever! I’m consistently getting 38-42Mbps DL, when before I was getting 17-23Mbps. For VZ a network outage means major upgrades are being implemented.

  • Anonymous

    4G up in the Twin Cities market.

  • RaptorOO7

    I just lost 4G again this morning and I’m in a solid 4G area.  My Nexus dropped from 4G to nothing, then about a minute later 3G came up and its still only 3G.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Chicagoland and still have no data connection at all on my Bionic. This is day 2… not counting last week’s minor outage. :-/

  • back on in annapolis as of 7:00 AM EST.  not sure when it kicked on since i was on wifi at home.  gnex.

  • I plan on calling them and demanding to be comped my Data plans fee on the two lines that have a 4G device, both Gnex’s. Just don’t take no for an answer and remember, that as long as you don’t become violent over the phone, they really can’t hang up on you. Keep on escalating the call up until you get someone who has the ability to do it. When I deal with situations like this in the past, I usually use the line “Well maybe you can’t do it, but I know someone there can, put me through to that person.”

  • I plan on calling them and demanding to be comped my Data plans fee on the two lines that have a 4G device, both Gnex’s. Just don’t take no for an answer and remember, that as long as you don’t become violent over the phone, they really can’t hang up on you. Keep on escalating the call up until you get someone who has the ability to do it. When I deal with situations like this in the past, I usually use the line “Well maybe you can’t do it, but I know someone there can, put me through to that person.”

    • RaptorOO7

      Good point, when BlackBerry services go out they are supposed to comp for the lack of service and if the outages are more than an hour and say run into a day or two or three they need to pro-rate your data.  No service, no charge.

  • In between Chicago and Milwaukee, I didn’t have any 4G all day Wednesday. Even at 10pm when I went to bed I didn’t have it. Woke up this morning around 5am and its back. This is starting to get pretty old Verizon. 

  • can’t believe this was all out

  • ChrisGarner1983

    What’s that wallpaper?

    • Anonymous

      Pixel Rain

  • Hep

    Got mine back in WA, but I don’t know when because my GNex got stuck in 3G mode.  I finally switched to CDMA and then back to LTE/CDMA for it to come back.

  • Angelbowler2002

    We still don’t have 4G in Hamlet, NC and don’t know when we will. So must use 3G until we do. However, most of the time we don’t have any data connection at all. Can be working on something and i t goes out. I understand we must wait for 4G to make it to us, but we should be able to rely on 3G until it does. We spend more time down than up. For what we pay this is rediculous (this applies to all phones not just 4G phones).

  • Still out in Fresno, CA

  • Muggs43

    4G back online 8:50pm….lasted 45mins back offline since 9:35pm Redondo Beach, CA. This is a joke. 

    What are anyone’s thoughts on Verizon pro-rating the bill for a day of service? Or giving credit for inconvienance? 

  • Anonymous

    Just heard blip on local news that a solar flare could cause radio blackout. Not a clue what that means! Do any of you smarty pants know if it could it cause cell/data outage? Hope this isn’t a dumb question. Just very curious, though.

  • Back in Pasadena, CA

  • TC Infantino

    4G is up and running in Harrisburg, PA.  As far as I can tell it has been up since at lest midnight here.

  • Anonymous

    After midnight, still without any data here in central MN.

  • LTEOutageBlows

    That’s it 12 hours of no LTE…I’m switching to Rupublic Wireless. NOT!!!!

  • Steve

    4G came back at 00:35 EST in the Detroit area, western suburbs.

  • Guest

    4G back in Chino, CA!!!

    • Socal_jnunez

      Im in phillips ranch and up

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    4G Back up and running in the Sacramento Area (Elk Grove) as of 9:50pm

  • Trfwtf

    Still no 4G in Houston.

  • Jason

    Data is back for me in socal

  • Jmtanzo

    It’s back on here in Orange County…

  • i just my 4g up and running 
    from chicago

  • yessir…just now
    from chicago

  • Anonymous

    I love how people love to hate on Verizon for having the guts to try and actually roll out a nationwide LTE coverage in a 3 year time frame and get pissed for a day of downtime. I bet these same people claim that their phones must suck when they have a force close. They must believe in a magical perfect technology that exists somewhere that never has problems and has unicorns and rainbows and…

  • sorry everybody, i was just downloading the whole interweb on my Charge again!!

  • just looked at my nexus. 9:20pm San Francisco, 4g is up!

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    Just saw on my thunderbolt 4g is back i dont know for how long…Oakland CA..9-06 pm.

  • Markopolo1022

    Is 9pm In Los Angeles. N there is no lte. … I’m seriously calling Verizon. One day with out service sucks ass I’m on the 50$ plan.. if they gibe me the unlimited for 30 .. I. Won’complaint. . No more. . No matter how many outages ..

  • Network must be back up. My GNEX is activating now

  • woozzy101

    I was finally able to activate my phone 15 mins ago! Thank you!  Only had to wait an entire day 🙁

    In Orange County, CA

  • Anonymous

    4G is back in los angeles 10 min ago

  • Gard Neff

    my 4g has been back on for probably 30 min here in dallas

    • srmota

      Yep.  Same here in the Austin area.  I had not logged on all day from house and just logged on to find why the hell all day my Nexus and wife’s bionic were up and down.. mpstly down until about 30 mins ago.

  • Hjas55

    i am more than angry – i was sold my phone in the middle of this mess – they didn’t inform me – now  I have no phone service – over $300 later- I can’t contact work or patients – time for a civil suit? 
     I want some justice for them out reaching – INTER and INTRA NATIONALLY-  laying off workers during the heaviest seasons( ie Christmas holidays) while counting their change in pennies without regard for the consumer – and I’m an independent Republican, TIME TO RE-THINK how the business of providing is ruled by the business of  lying about what is provided – not the American dream- quit bitchin’ and start doin’. I am grateful for the effort and disappointed with the result of our ‘greatest software minds”.  Please quit insulting my intellegence. I may be ” Tech challenged” but I am not stupid! Forget the “beta tests” and ‘time to get online’ – if you can’t produce- don’t say so-
    I am continually amazed at the younger population accepting – ‘oh,they will make it right in a year or so’ all the while paying for the final produce without the service —  I am also angry I listened to the same– meanwhile waiting for service——

    • you mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      Wow, all that over an outage?  SMDH 

      I would hate to see how you react to something like your house or car being burglarized.


    • Anonymous

      You sir, make me want to punch my screen with your self righteous attitude. I bet you would sue your own grandma if she didn’t bake you cookies for christmas as a failure of grandmotherly duties.

  • still out in San Francisco Area.

  • Wfgibson

    Still out in St.Louis!

  • I’m sorry, but I must also add that Verizon has given me 12 years of above excellent service, and this 4g is the bomb, I live 23 miles from the nearest 4g tower in Hilo… and I get 2 bars of 4G service, which is enough for me to get 20MB/s download speeds. I just can’t say enough to truly thank Verizon for such a wonderful service… Aloha

  • Ron

    Chicago, IL Still having intermittent 3G and no data, no sign of 4G since this morning

  • I lost coverage here in Hawaii at noon HST, 5pm eastern, nothing since.

  • Hawaii is out too…   

  • Anonymous

    What is the live wallpaper name?

    • Anonymous

      pixel rain  I think theres a post on it either here or phandroid about it

      • Anonymous

        Thank you

  • damn it i want my 4g!!!

  • I, like many other apparently, am phoneless due to this. My Nexus delivered today, tried to activate, only to be put phoneless while attempting to port my number over. Went to Verizon to see what was up and the lady told me I had “burned up the SIM card” because it had a temporary number on it from Radioshack and it could not use a new number (I switched from Sprint so the device shipped with the SIM installed and a temporary number on it). How exactly that makes any sense at all considering I did exactly what the prompts said, is beyond me. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have my Nexus activated without having to get a new SIM by tomorrow. Can’t take being phoneless much longer…

    • Anonymous

      Same here, pretty much have spent the day looking at my G Nex and sighing(after spending roughly 45min on the phone with verizon while they were trying to activate it).  Might as well try to get a refund for shipping costs from this….

      • For some reason I was never even charged for mine. I bought it from Radioshack for like 229.99 shipped and it originally took it out of my available balance in my bank account, but then it went back into my account, and I have the phone and the money. Don’t know what the deal is. I am going to be more than pissed of if I have to go back to Verizon for the 4th or 5th time this week to get a new SIM…and if they try to charge me for it I am going to raise hell. I’m not paying for something that is not my fault.

    • Dbs

      Call he port Dept with veizon. You don’t need a new one. I changed a number 2 days ago. I didn’t know until then.

  • Rick Portillo

    Nothing yet in San Diego 🙁

  • Dma1984

    If you pull your sim card out and re-install you should be able to pull 3g. This is for 4g-lte phones only. I had the same problem, at least you can get 3g until 4g comes back online. Hope this helps

  • Jmtanzo

    Still nothing here in Newport Beach. I got my replacement Thunderbolt around noon and that’s when I noticed no 4G when I switched the 4G Sim over and tried to activated the replacement, but thank god it worked. I didn’t even need to do the #228 but I will do it just in case once the network is back up. Just wondering if Verizon is gonna credit us something for all these outages….

  • mj

    Still no 4g in San Francisco area.
    Alameda, CA

  • Anonymous

    still a bit choppy in the 253 area.

  • Azhuskered

    4g back up in Phoenix

  • Jonathan Ly

    I think what makes all of this funny is that people think its “being smart” to “keep their options open.”

    Let’s be honest. The unreliability is only a factor, which, in an effort to provide a better network, I personally can forgive, is TRULY only a factor if you have the 2GB Plan. 

    If you were lucky to have the 4GB plan for 30 bucks, I think its pretty dumb if you’re willing to give that up for AT&T’s BS. 

    Look at it: AT&T is late to the Party. In real world tests, Laptop users were pulling down 25 MBps in 40 cities. When AT&T launched their network in 5 Cities, they matched double that, BUT, the five cities were: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas (All within a 300 Mile triangulation of each other), Atlanta and Chicago. No Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, San Fransico at launch, WTF? Verizon LTE is still pushing 3 MB a second now, and being in LA, I know a lot of people are using LTE phones. 

    And if anyone with an Unlimited Data plan is willing to drop that for 2GB, THAT is being shortsighted. Look at the way Google Music is being handled: The Cloud is an inevitability. At home, sure, at work, probably, Wi-Fi will work for you. But if you’re driving around, if you’re traveling, good luck.

    People need to be rational. If you really have so many escape plans, you might as well have used them already. You’re looking for an excuse to complain and look all smart and **** and you look more like children than anything else.



    • Joodu

      You’re arguing against something nobody really said.

      TL:DR: Read again.

  • Madam Reporter

    North of Seattle — time is 6:45 p.m., and no 4G network since 10:30 this morning!  I’m about ready to take this 4G and throw it out the second story window!!!!  So irratating.

  • Greg

    My Razr won’t activate here in MD either. Got it at the store and the sales rep. told me that the 4G network was down. I just want to play with my shiny new phone… 🙁

    • Madam Reporter

      In the same exact boat!!  It sucks!

      • Kingcobruz

        Also in the same boat – not a very warm welcome to the world of 4G.

    • baseballmo9

      Me to i got the Bionic and its been down all day i think they should waive the activation fee for us

  • Hep

    18:29 and still out in the south sound area of WA

  • Juliabsmith

    No service in Tallahassee Florida still Now 9:15 p.m.

  • 4g out in the metro Atlanta area. I received my Galaxy Nexus in the mail today and went to activate it and couldn’t because the network is down. I can’t go back to my Incredible either because I’m in the middle of activation. They better credit it because I’m completely out of a phone now!

  • Jim261

    Galaxy nexus no 3g 4g tampa bay this really sucks

    • Strumtopraise

      I just got a 4g phone today and have not been able to use it yet…..waiting….

      • Tim

        Same here, just picked up the Gnex and I have been trying to activate for hours…

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    NO 4G in Oakland.CA…My thunderbolt jumping from 3g..to nothing..its suc……….k..Verizon WTF////

    • same here in San Francisco Area. My Nexus is jumping from 3g to nothing and back to 3g. NO 4g. WTF Verizon what is taking so long!!!

  • ItsMeCD

    Still no 4G in Raleigh, NC.  I’ve been trying to activate a Rezound…so I’m phoneless until this is resolved.

  • Anonymous

    Just got Rezound; sales rep couldn’t activate it in the store, old phone deactivated.  Came home, neither new nor old phone works; just my luck.  

    • Madam Reporter

      I fell your pain.  I’m in the same boat and no phone to call and bitch Verizon out!

  • Anonymous

    As of 7:30 pm CST still no 4g in Wichita, Ks.  It stoped shortly after noon.  3g is currently out and has been hit and miss all day.

  • Altkorn2005

    A really rude Verizon CSR just told me they would give out a credit for 1 day.

    • Anonymous

      Yay! I’ll take my $1!!!

    • Altkorn2005

      Called back and talked to a more professional CSR who gave $30 credit for my data

  • Anonymous

    But we are having 70 degree weather! So maybe I’ll go outside and play.

  • Ass

    I am in charleston sc for work right now and both 3g and 4g went down at about 2pm 3g came back at 5 4g is still down.

  • Anonymous

    no 4G in San Diego proper

  • Anonymous

    Los Angeles.  No G’s  of any kind.  This is getting re-lick-my-dick-ulous.  

    • Anonymous

      At first, in my innocence, I thought your pic was a Su-Fi (super finger — see Dane Cook). Then I realized…


      • Anonymous

        I saw Dane Cook “perform” at the Laugh Factory here in Hollywood, he sucked balls.  His set was really bad.  A few pity laughs was all he got.  He was a “surprise” guest that night, too.  Nothing special.  And don’t be scared of the Shocker, its your friend.     

        • Anonymous


    • jake Gall

      Hahaha thhi post made my day haha

  • Zakman1992

    Kelly from south bend indiana- just got my 4G MIFI 4 hours ago… Can I use it!!!…. not impressed

  • Got 3G back still no 4g

  • Well, That ‘splains it!  Just my luck!  My new G Nex arrived a couple of hours ago and I’ve been trying to activate it ever since!  It keeps telling me my mobile service can’t be activated at this time.

  • At 5p her in Las Vegas still no 4G and 3G is in/out…

  • Gard Neff

    If i reset 4g comes on, but switches back to 3g after a couple minutes

  • Gard Neff

    had it and lost it again in dfw

  • Got mine back two hours ago. Lost it when everybody else did. Klamath Falls, Ore. What up, Kellen.

  • The Moma Dave

    Well I finally got 4G back in Sacramento, CA! Thank god too. Vid streaming Phish gig at MSG. I need 4G for that. 🙂

    • The Moma Dave

      Take that back, radio just switched to 3G… Still down in Sacto.

  • Nexus in Sa

    Still out in san antonio 🙁

    • Altkorn2005

      power cycle your phone…..my 4G is good 

      • Altkorn2005

        San Antonio  – 410/Blanco

        • Nexus in Sa

          I did it’s very spotty getting 3g though. [email protected], this is a full bar 4g location. Luckily I’ll be on wifi now.

          • Altkorn2005

            your right, just about every where on 410 should be really hot 4G

          • Nexus in Sa

            Yup @ home I get 36-42mb/s download.

  • Down to 1X here in DFW…not even 3G…  Been seeing a lot of 4G outages around here.

  • Itsmea3k

    4g still out.. 3g is working here in la area..weird

  • Greenville SC has been up since ~2:00 today. 

  • any idea what clock widget that is????

  • Eric

    So Richmond Va 4G is still out. Boooo.

  • Jro545454

    I have not called Verizon yet but 4G is completely out in central MA and 3G is intermittent at best.

  • Anonymous

    3G is On and Off still in Jacksonville, Florida (about 7:18 PM, EST).  All day it happens today to my VGN.  Not even tasted 4G today…sucks.

  • Haproot

    Just now going down in Billings, MT  No 3g, 1x, or anything.

  • LTEOutagesBlow

    Still no LTE as of 4:16pm in Seattle. Total crap.

  • Don

    The best phones and no LTE equals very upset users.   Come on Man!! 

    • Don

      Been out all day in New Orleans.  No 4G no 3G no data at all.  

  • what clock widget is that??

  • Anonymous

    So how come V gets a pass for the network going down yet again and Rimm was crucified for going down 1 time?

  • Schrockahley1

    i got a droid bionic for christmas fed-ex dropped it off this moring i have had it for about six hours and i havent been able to activate it.. pretty sucky hope the wait is worth it

  • Workswithgold

    Been in nm with spotty 3g for a week. Got back to el paso tx today and lost all service for about three hours. Customer support said to enabe data, which it was and to turn on roaming which it was but not to use it if i see a blinking triangle or id be charged roaming. Complained a bit more and hung up. Switched to cdma only and immediatly got full 3g.

  • Connor3485

    On my bionic im getting 3g only here in Sioux falls, SD

    • ashley

      i just got the bionic, do you like it?? havent played with it all due to the outage is washington

  • Guest

    okay we all know taht peoples 4g and 3g are down…

  • Richie88 Rg

    My 4G is currently down in Orlando. 3G is up but is not the same after you’ve been on 4G LTE for six months

  • Nathan

    I just got my droid razr today and i cant even activate it. they told me its stuck between my old phone.and the razr. its really frustrating. theres no LTE here in Powhatan Virginia.or Richmond,Virginia. they told mee it would be about 24 hours before it will activate. So i have no cell phone at this time

    • Bkshaw23

      I Bought a Razr  during the last outage and could not activate it either so I connected it to via wifi and retried activation and it went right through. 

      • Nathan

        i couldnt get it to do that  im on wifi now. il try again

        • Nathan

          i keep getting “There was a problem activating your phone. please retry or call customer care”

  • Altkorn2005

    4G up in San Antonio –  33M Down, and 9M Up……. we’ll see how long!!!!

  • jake Gall

    No 4G and off and on 3g, Los Angeles, California

  • Eric

    Still no 4G in Detroit. 3G working for past few hours. GNexus.

  • Guest

    you pathetic welphs. you should know the only reason why the network is down is because they have been expanding at such a rapid rate that it is slowing down and then crashing the network… and it seems like most of you guys are at home, where alot of people have WiFi…. just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    3g just came on for my GNex

  • dkm

    We have a 4G aircard.  3G just started working, no 4G yet.  The 3G on my 3G phone (using as a hot spot) has worked fine all day.  We are in Southern Illinois, 90 miles southeast of St. Louis

  • Jernst

    4G still down in San Diego, CA.

  • Brian Busse

    I haven’t read all the comments, but it was coming and going every 15-30 seconds, 3g only… 4g wasn’t available at all.   I’m in Omaha, Nebraska.   I was using Heytell and was able to send a message a few times and even receive a few responses, but gave up.  this was 4 hours ago, haven’t checked since i’ve been home on WiFi.

  • Anonymous

    [Brea, CA (GNex) LTE/CDMA mode] 2-3 bars of 3G data, still no LTE.  VZW Executives should stand outside of VZW retail stores so we can give them “hugs”…

  • Aaron

    Still out in Savannah

  • Bwhapham

    Jascksonville Fl no data since about 12p…. still waiting

    • DroidBionic5

      I’m in JAX Florida and I have 3g coverage. Turn your phone to cdma and power off tgen back on and you should at least have 3g.

  • Tre

    4G is back in Philly, but slower than usual. I’m only getting 8Mbps down/.93Mbps up max. Usually, I would get around 13 up/13 down.

  • Temecula, CA still no 4G here as of 330pm PST

  • Portland OR, still no 4G here!

  • Stuck in 3g in wisco…

  • Anonymous

    As of 3:16pm (PST) 4G is out here still in the southern bay, CA.

  • Leesan87

    4G back in business in Denver!

  • Mike

    No LTE in Key west. Been out for hours

  • jake

    I called customer service and said its affecting my business and its the third time I’m without service this month, I want to be credited, they just gave me a $ 30 credit since that’s what I pay per month for my data.

  • shdowman

    Been having issues all day.

    Rancho Cucamonga CA

  • BayRyder

    still no 4g, on off 3g. Seems like every Wed. this happens SF, CA

  • jake

    Piece of crap is down, still no LTE and spotty as hell inconsistent 3G service

  • Sonbonez


  • 6:00PM Detroit Michigan No 3G or 4G Galaxy Nexus 🙁 ……..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I pretty much have been in 3G mode for most of today. This is really getting old Verizon. Fix your stuff.

  • tropic

    Still have 4G in DC

  • just got 3g back right now.  Anaheim, CA

  • Dduban

    Verizon promises to have their network back up by 8pm EST

    • jake

      5PM PST hopfully I’m not holding my breath tho.

  • Altkorn2005

    VZ just put out a statement that users with 4G issues are all on the 3G network and still able to use data.  Thats BS!!  It’s been all or nothing here in San Antonio all afternoon.

  • Goochkan55

    Still out in KC Missouri

  • Azhuskered

    Still down in Phoenix. Droid Bionic

  • Anonymous

    Nothing in Pensacola, FL

  • Jmtanzo

    Still nothing here in Newport Beach, CA

  • Doug

    No 4G/3G in Chester/Richmond Va.

  • Zephyrzypher

    Its still up here in Salt Lake. Verizon should credit our bills for the time we didn’t get data. We pay up into the triple digits to have 4g on “america’s most reliable network”.

  • Flyinion

    4G still out in Sacramento.  Switch from CDMA back to LTE/CDMA though and even though 4G is down, the radios are behaving and connected to 3G at least.

  • weapon x

    No 3 or 4g here. San Antonio TX. I’m getting pretty tired of this crap. Come on Verizon! !!! I’m paying an arm and a leg for this! ?

    • Altkorn2005

      Isn’t that the truth!

  • lasthought

    up and running in CT

  • in the 808, have had no issues whatsoever., just slow coverage in that 1 starbucks on bishop and alakea LOL

  • Anonymous

    no LTE in Tustin CA  The OC
    3G only. on and off…

  • Briengerber

    Im seeing my 3G back in chicago!

  • Robthefive0

    Still out in New Jersey

  • Bratliff1976

    Lte out here in northern ky. 5:30 no idea what time it went down, been out of town several hours. Was working at noon.

  • 6088

    San Diego, Cal is down… or at least parts of it.

  • Los Angeles 4g is back up

    • Anonymous

      did you have to reboot?

    • Hector Contreras

      Really? I am still down on my Gnex…

  • *Sigh* Had 3G back for about an hour, but it just went down again.  (Chicago Loop, GNex)

  • Anonymous

    4G back in Fort Collins as of 20 or so minutes ago

  • pdelacruz

    good bye 4glte phone back to 3g for me

  • Tone

    AT&T has nobody on their 4G network. Hell, as of right now, they barely have a 4G network. Verizon’s going to have the best LTE network in the future. 

  • A work friend of mine mentioned that Verizon is “Shifting 4G broadcast points” from some cities to other cities. Specifically mentioned was Wichita, which has seen 4g issues ALL day and spoty coverage in the last 5 days.

  • Anonymous

    Right about now I am glad I switched to T-mo…

  • Idle0095

    New Hampshire no 3g or 4g for 4 hrs so far.  5:11pm

  • Marty

    Both 3 and 4G have been intermittent here in ATL. Was off for over and hour around 3:30, then back on then off again. 

  • no 4g or 3g currently for me in San Francisco Area

  • victor manso

    verizon is the best network they fixed everytime it happened but we need more stability with our data!

  • Anonymous

    4G was just back in CT but it seems to have went out again. I am home so I am using wifi now but I know when I wake up tomorrow and leave the house it better be working. 

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Don’t know if it ever went down while I was at work, but 4G is up here in Ewing, NJ (central NJ, north of Trenton)

  • LTE was down a few minutes ago, but it’s back up and running on my Charge.
    Birmingham, AL.

  • TeflonBilly

    I got 4G back in Las Vegas NV.

  • Colin Zack

    4g out here in Maryland. Not sure if I’m closest to DC, Baltimore, or Hagerstown though, but I’m only getting 3g. 

  • Jeffrey cooper

    panama city, Fl my bionic has been jumping on and off of 3g all day dont have 4g in the area yet. just hope to see this fixed before im off work tonight

  • Anonymous

    if you have a 4G device go to Settings->Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks, and change the check box from CDMA/LTE to CDMA only…give it a few minutes and you should have 3G

  • Zak

    4g back up in Boston

  • Robrosales86

    I got my 4g back in California using my bionic I restarted my phone

  • Anonymous

    any ideas on how much this has happened this month? would like some ammo when i call verizon and demand a discount on my bill this month because of their craptacular network

  • Reuv600

    4G back on in UT

  • Scotth67

    Monroe, LA – Data was off for a while today. All 3 4G phones had to be restarted to get 3G back up and running. Of course, we don’t have 4G (yet) so that’s a non-issue right now.

  • M.D.

    Had no 4G/3G here in NYC, but toggled between CDMA and CDMA/LTE/EVO Auto using LTE OnOff app and now 4G is back on.

    • M.D.

      sorry meant CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto, and this is on TB

  • Anonymous

    Travelling in north western maryland and its downright infuriating how data is going in and out. I have mt galnex working on 3g only. Xoom doesbt connect at all and mom’s dx2 has 3g off and on.

    Im demanding a bill refund.

  • tjmonkey15

    No 3G or 4G on my Galaxy Nexus in Cleveland, OH.

  • Jasper933

    Outage in Memphis.

  • spickle

    also still out in Philadelphia.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly the same thing happens in Jacksonville (FL)…

  • Anonymous

    3G is On and Off occasionally right now in downtown Jacksonville (FL).  What’s going on VZW?  

  • HerroMoto

    Can confirm that mobile data for 3g or 4g isn’t working for my galaxy nexus in Detroit area. 3g kinda came back for a minute but then went out again.

  • Anonymous

    Can we get a refund for the 4G data I am not able to use today Verizon?! you f**ckers!

  • Anonymous

    my gnex’s 4g connection just came up. beeps and boops and new emails, google chat messages galore!

  • Gtosmw

    just use wifi??

  • Altkorn2005

    Ahem!  Speed Test Results:  .30M Down & .86M Up on Verizon 3G.   Seriously? 

    • Altkorn2005

      Cricket Mobile thinks my data speeds are slow

      • Altkorn2005

        No 4G in South Texas (San Antonio)

  • sjp3

    3G only here in KC, MO. I didn’t realize there was a problem because I leave my GNex on 3G unless streaming video or hosting wifi hotspot. Tried to switch over and no 4G so I started troubleshooting. After 15 min. with no success, I decided to check Droid-Life. Should have known it was Verizon’s issue again. This is getting out of hand. My phone automatically dialed *22899 while I was typing this. After about 2 min. the call ended without any announcement of success or failure. Looks like I have 1 additional bar but still no 4G.

  •  Central Los Angeles here, had no network connection for about 30min or so I would guess but it’s connected again. Not the end of the world for me, but maybe there are people with a longer lasting outage

  • Anonymous


  • 4g seems to be back up in st paul, mn

  • Imanjja

    My3g is working in Phoenix

  • MattCrouse0509

    4g was down for about two hours in Charlotte…. Seems to be back up and running now.

  • Erkleehoo

    Gnex. No service at all earlier, 3G been stable for about an hour. No 4G. Morristown TN

  • Gard Neff

    4g was out just popped on in dallas

  • wow just lost my 3g here in SF Bay Area

  • I had 4g all morning, but after i re-rooted my phone I can only get 3g in Peachtree City, GA (possibly all over Atlanta metro area)

  • I’m assuming that’s 1:16 PST, which means if it’s not solved in 40 minutes, the east coast people using their phones on the way home are going to be… peeved.

  • Goldy

    3G back up in NYC for an LTE phone (Galaxy Nexus). Still no 4G

  • CheeseSmegma

    My people!  Do not fear, Richard Cheese is here.

    • cool story bro! tell it again

      • CheeseSmegma

        oh you’re just mad cause you have to live in SF.  Gross

  • Jack

    No kind of data of any kind here in the Cleveland area…really annoying. It’s been spotty ever since I picked up the GNex on Christmas Eve tbh…when it works the 4G is great, but it goes out so damn often it’s annoying.

  • Matt Ryan

    My nexus won’t connect at all today, Louisville KY.  Was thinking about swapping it for another one at VZW, but I guess it’s pretty widespread.

  • Nicholas Vantrease

    4g down in Nashville, TN area. 3G up, but spotty. 

  • Frankydroid

    3g working inconsistently in Eville, IN

  • Nicholas Vantrease


  • Phil Jaffe

    3G back up and working in suburban Boston

  • Zachs

    4G was out and have no 3G in Anehim Ca. I switched to 3G only and still couldnt get internet. Im back in a 3G only area and still nit connecting to VZW. Stuck using wifi only.

  • Anonymous

    I got the solution: go into your local Verizon store, locate a customer service rep…. and chuck the phone right at their stupid face. Then yell out, “FIX THIS CRAP!!!”

    • Bill Freakin’ Murray

      Then poop on the floor and throw it at the customers yelling, “Two for one!”

    • Silveruberxeno

      Yeah, because they’re responsible for engineering the technology that provides 4g. Get a grip.

  • Anonymous

    Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo CA.. No 4g…have intermittent 3g @.05 to .99 mbps…Rezound…tried all the tricks…Just have to wait it out until the rescue boat shows up

  • Mamanda10

    I’m in NW Ohio and just got 3G back on my GN but still no 4G.  Was without all data most of the afternoon when checking my phone at work….very frustrating…co workers iPhone had no trouble with 3G connection…aside from its usual slowness.

    • ohioDroid

      Same region, but 3G is intermittant.

  • Bakerke2001

    4G is still down in Seattle…We have 3G again

  • Bill Freakin’ Murray

    This is Bill Murray.  Don’t you all have jobs?

    • nope.. my mommy pays for all my stuff

    • Altkorn2005

      IT Company

  • Stevegom

    Still out in Dayton Ohio

  • Guest

    LTE is down in Phoenix and is also preventing new phone activation

  • Anonymous


  • McRib

    I have 4g here in Hell Michigan

  • Anonymous

    just got 13mbps down, 7 mbps up in NYC w/ droid razr. guessing it’s because everyone else is booted off the network 😀

    • you only get that much? i always get a 26mbps download and around 15 up

      • Anonymous

         i normally only get 6 down, 5 up in nyc 🙁 probably a very congested usage area around here.

        • Silveruberxeno

          36 down, 9 up in Syracuse yesterday 😀

          0/0 right now x.x

  • I lost my 4g and 3g here in the SF Bay Area, but now i got my 3g back. No 4g yet on my Galaxy Nexus

  • Drudroid

    4G LTE and 3G are still out in Milwaukee 3pm CST

  • This is really upsetting. I can’t get 4G nor 3G on my Bionic. My Xoom has 3G but I’m also getting a “Sim Card Authorization Error” from it. 

    This outage thing is happening way to often now. They need to fix, I never had this problem with my OG Droid. My 3G was solid and continued to get stronger

    • agreed. Verizon needs to get to the root of this issue. 3 outages in a month?!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      No 4g upgrade? You do know that you can get the upgrade, and turn off 4g.

  • Billy

    my wifes droid charge lost lte and 3g but my nexus didnt lose its lte…but my buddy is working at best buy 4 miles away and his nexus lost lte?!?!  WTF?!  in Sioux Falls, SD.

  • Anonymous

    No 4g or 3g Cheraw SC

  • Dawnadilts

    Smae here in Birch Run michigan and Saginaw michigan loosing both 3G and 4G lte gone most of the day!

  • Well Hung Droid

    Virgin Mobile is going to take over the world.  As the prophet sirgaspar has written it. 

  • Altkorn2005

    No 4G in San Antonio.  This is crap.

  • Brent Cooper8

    Pot ur phone in cdma only (3g only) mode and turn ur phone off and thwn back on. 3g takes a while to connect but it worked on my gnex. Just dont put it back in lte/cdma mode.

  • Ashleycaruso3

    Its down in NYC. It happened out of no where.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Harrisburg PA.  Still out on 3G and 4G.  Had switched to CDMA only and had 3G for a while, but when I rebooted, I lost everything. Tried airplane then back to CDMA only.  Still no joy.


    actually 3g now…on my tb.. his razr never lost 4g though…

  • I will say that I had 3 bar 4G this morning… Which is a first here in Sacramento on my G-Nex!!! Now I’m still on 3G?!

  • Now have 3G back in Chicago Loop.  Hope it stays this time.  (And still no LTE.)

  • Any chance this has to do with the sun’s coronal mass ejection today?
    EDIT: The event was actually on Christmas, but it’s just getting here today.

  • Marvinaire

    Miami Florida!!!

  • Guest

    Had 3G in DC for a bit and now it’s back off (again)… getting old FAST!

  • Mark Brummel

    No 3g or 4g on my Nexus…wife’s D inc has 3g.  Holland Michigan.

  • Bert

    No 4G and 3G in and out (mostly out) Pensacola, Fl. 

  • Sk102704

    Verizon better start thinking about crediting our accounts for this downtime.  Once or twice is tolerable, but three times, especially in one month is unacceptable.

    • My dad had $15 credited after the last outage. You have to call them though.

  • Icefreez

    The nations 4G data cap has been hit. 4G will be off for the rest of the month. Thank You, Verizon.

  • Larry0071

    I am 20 miles North/West of Pittsburgh PA. We had LTE (3G/4G) data outage from about noon until about 3PM. Oddly, my coworker and I both have VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones and while I was without data, he was kicking along fine on the available 3G.

    • Anonymous

      In in the same area (Cranberry)… My Nexus lost all data as well did a co-worker’s bionic…  His did pick up 4G at some point, while my G-Nex only picked up 3G… That only lasted for about 10 min and now we both are without data again… This has been 2 hrs or so & it’s getting real old, real fast

  • nexusboy

    3G finally up in Cincinnati…no 4G though. 

  • Lost 3 & 4G last night for around 3 hours here in Sacramento. And am currently without 4G, but have sparatically been losing both for the past few hours?! Kinda aggrivating… Makes my G-Nex worthless?! >:-(

  • Bs_thinker

    Got 3g back in Los Angeles. Waiting on 4g.

  • Justsayin

    Greensboro,NC  on iPhone 4s,  Perfect 3G signal

    • You’re not affected. Only 4G LTE devices are affected by the 3G/4G outage.

  • I can’t send MMS messages or pictures with full bars, but hey, I haven’t been able to since I got the Galaxy Nexus, so what else is new

  • Harold

    Maybe I spoke too soon.  Jacksonville 3G is up and down and up and down,  No good at all!

  • BobSF

    4G is out in San Francisco.  3G is in and out — useless.  (Droid Bionic)

  • Just lost 4G here in San Jose…and there goes 3G…no, 3G is back…and there goes 3G again.
    Oh well, smoke signal it is.

  • T.O.

    Just lost 4g 2 hours ago in spartanburg, sc


    Wiered…4g on my dad’s razr but none on my tb right next to each other in CT…

  • Anonymous

    3g is back

  • Ziv

    4G is out in the bay area, CA, and 3G comes and goes. Very annoying.

  • I had data, read this story, looked back at my phone…no data! Sons of bitches!

  • Anonymous

    NYC: 3G back on a Nexus after battery pull.  Still no 4G.  Thunderbolt here has 4G, however.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t had any problems in Valdosta, Georgia on HTC Thunderbolt

  • Tim Davis

    Only 1x here in DC at the moment.

  • Garthorn

    Boise, ID is still down

  • I have the GNexus 3G and 4G are down for me in San Diego, CA.

  • both 3g and 4g out in Houston, TX since at least 11 (I was on wifi so i didn’t notice prior to 11).  3g comes on sometimes but no 4g.

  • Harold

    Was finally able to connect to 3G with my Pantech modem, but still no 4G in Jacksonville

  • Anonymous

    Baltimore (Galaxy nexus)

    switched to 3g only and rebooted after a little while I got 3g (full bars).  Not switching back to 4g gets the all clear.

  • Jwhitney7

    No 3G/4G here in Colorado Springs for past 2 hours.

  • Update my 4G LTE Service here is Phoenix just got disconnected. No 4G or 3G. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    None in Alabama.

  • Kyle

    Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Down.

  • Harold

    Still no service (4G0 in Jacksonville, FL. After 40 minutes on hold with customer no service, they said they would refund me 3 days

  • Also, if you work at a Verizon store, be wary of anyone calling “on behalf” of Verizon, asking for your login information or computer information to help assist them with “getting the tower back up”. Weve had two phishers call in the last hour trying to capitalize on the 4g outage.

    • Anonymous

      VZ network operations doesn’t need to call anyone, they can see devices connect and authenticate to the nodes and towers before you do. the only reason they would call would be to ask you to look out the window to see if some drunk parked his car into the tower or if there is an ongoing power issue in the area (which they would know anyway since the battery system would kick in and alert).

      Really wild that phishers are on their game for this one. that is almost impressivly fast to be honest.

      • Yea. Well even some of our reps have been duped before by these guys. They called this time in such a timely fashion that any relatively new employee would consider it legit. It was pretty incredible…

  • Anonymous

    no 3 or 4G here in Cleveland

  • Chris

    Connectivity is in and out here in Iowa City, IA. It has been working today but now is sketchy on both 3G and 4G

  • Im down in Indianapolis. Im a VZW rep as well and no 4g activations are going through. Annooooying.

    • Anonymous

      yea,,, the LTE network is actually up but the services that authenticate the LTE SIM cards in the phones is the problem. if you can’t authenticate the data traffic won’t pass on through to the edge routers and out to the internet.
      that authentication happens every 6 hrs i believe, when that service croaked as that timer on each phone went off and couldn’t authenticate you “lost 4g”.

      either way no SIM authentication service means no high speed porn for me and no new SIM activations for you… i am sure they will have it fixed in a couple of hours. sucks though

      • hahaha awesome reply. sorry about your loss! Not only is this outage affecting 4g activations, but also iPhone activations. Not sure why?

  • Mritc3

    Sacramento 4G down but we got 3G

  • Anonymous

    I noticed it did take a few minutes to FINALLY connect to a 3g tower, I did have to use airplane mode in 1 test and another test… I had to switch to CMDA only mode, then reboot…  then my phone (Gnex) was able to get 3g data….

  • Droid-life

    I lost 3g and 4g on my nexus here in Raleigh/Durham NC. My wife never lost 3g on her fasciante. I finally got 3g back, but still no 4g 🙁

  • Adecker246

    LTE Still down in Sioux Falls 🙁 

  • Random

    Rochester, NY is experiencing the same Verizon LTE outage. Have a new Razr that got delivered today; can’t activate it because their LTE network is down and it continually says the SIM is not authorized. So… no LTE = no activation = no calls, not even emergency calls.

  • guest

    3g back in DC

  • Anonymous

    3g in Detroit, however no bars for my signal. Even though I’m in the basement I usually have a few bars for my signal…..and often 4g as well

    edit: After I posted this I turned the screen on and noticed I have no 3g all of the sudden

    edit2: son of a bitch, now I have 3g again just seconds after posting again

  • Jeraldmurro

    South Florida 4G is out

  • Ah, I thought it was temproot on my Rezound again.  Definitely cannot get 1G-4G back when toggling to wifi, then off again.  Rebooted and got 3G back, but that’s all.  3:26 p.m. EDT in Southeastern PA.  Third time I can think of since I got the phone 11/16.

  • G.I.Ceo

    3G and 4G is completely out in Toledo, Ohio.

    • Guest

      In Toledo as well, but my 3G is back up

  • Anonymous

    No 4G and intermittant 3G on a Droid Bionic in Los Angeles.

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana is out also

  • Northern Michigan….no 3G

  • Anonymous

    I definitely have 3g and I’m toggled onto 4g/LTE. I live in a neighborhood without 4g coverage yet so i can’t tell unless i go downtown.

    Sent from my Nexus

  • LoKey

    I’m in Dallas and am so annoyed.  Verizon’s 4G is only 8 days new to me, so I still have an option of taking this crap back.  

  • was having issues northwest of Houston

    • Anonymous

      in the galleria right now, lost 4g about an hour ago, 3g rocking like it always did after i set it to CDMA only.

  • Go to just CDMA.  It will bring up 3g coverage.  For some reason, when you are on both LTE and CDMA, it will not pick up the 3g signal or won’t switch over.  On LTE/CDMA I was getting nothing.  Switched over to CDMA only…got 3g fine. 

    • Anonymous

      if you want to know why it won’t switch to 3g when on LTE/CDMA because you are getting a 4g signal (you should see it connected to eHRPD:13 or 14 but you can’t transmit any data through the VZ network. but the phone sees a 4g signal so it won’t switch since it is only supposed to connect to 3g when there is no 4g, it isn’t programmed to see if data will actually move over 4g just if it is there.

      changing it to CDMA only of coarse is the answer right now. FYI if you are curious.

      • Anonymous

        Switching to CDMA only does not work for me.

        • Anonymous

          have you turned airplane mode on , waited a second, then turned it off after switching to cdma only? sometime airplane gives it the kick in the pants it needs to connect to 3g only

          • Anonymous

            Just tried that… got 3g connection but it didn’t turn blue (so couldn’t actually use data).  Tried to use the browser and it immediately dropped 3g

    • Anonymous

      Does not work for me.

  • EricPitt01

    Tampa down.  No LTE no 3G.

  • All your base are belongs to us

  • Blank

    4G still back up but I have 3G now. RAZR

    • Blank

      In Tucson, AZ

  • Stephen

    I’ve got full 3G in Bethesda, MD but no LTE which is usually really strong, too.

  • Jdigital36

    Can anyone say class action lawsuit? Paying for service not provided.

    • Anonymous

      seriously? ok so verizon charges you the same wether you are on 3g or 4g it
      is “data access”. the 3g network hasn’t been down this month, the 4g well we all
      know that story. so you are going to sue them why? they haven’t broken their
      part of the contract to provide data access, it is slower than the 4g but it is
      still there, you can still make phone calls, still send text messages and still
      surf porn on the browser, it just takes what seems like forever for the video to
      load on 3g.

      the sue first mentality is not always the right one. now if a company sets
      out to intentionally screw you i would agree with you but you have to understand
      sh*t happens by accident. they don’t want you to be without 4g anymore than you
      want to be

  • hodgewdm

    No 4G and 3G goes in and out here in Des Moines at 2:19 pm cst

  • Anonymous

    Update:  My data… it is ruined!!

  • Nkfujiwara

    4g and 3g down in Anaheim, California

  • Rick

    never had 4G in Mullins, SC.  3G is out too though…

  • r3claim3r

    columbus, ohio- started with no 3g or 4g but 30 mins later i got connected to 3g on galaxy nexus.

  • Anonymous

    HOLY CRAP, YA’LL!!!  I’ve got data here in Los Angeles!!  Let me check YouJizz real quick.  Yep, yep!!  We’ve got bush, we got bush!!  

    • Anonymous

      +1 for the revenge of the nerds reference and +1 for youjizz .

      you sir RULE the AIR !

  • TeflonBilly

    Just got 3g back in Las Vegas NV.

  • Mikesapz

    Still out in Downtown Los Angeles. Both 3G & 4G are down. REOW

  • Nate

    What time widget is that on your homescreen? Looks cool. 🙂 

  • Pico

    out in reno, nv

  • Nmonie

    Atlanta 4G is down…

  • Raleigh, NC – My Galaxy Nexus just dialed *22899 by itself.

  • Bryan York

    If you guys switch from EHRPD mode to Hybrid mode, you’ll get 3G, FYI. It can be found in the “secret menu” on most phones.

    • Anonymous

      How do you access the “Secret menu”?

      • Bryan York


        I think HTC has a method as well. It might be ##778# in the dialer.

        • Bryan York

          Actually for HTC and maybe Moto, Dial *#*#4636#*#*

        • Anonymous

          On my Galaxy Nexus I did the 4636 one and it took me to the menu, but I’m not finding the setting to switch between EHRPD and Hybrid mode. It has a “select preferred network type” setting, and it’s currently on “GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)” but i’m assuming this is the same setting you can access in the regular menu that lets you switch between LTE/CDMA and CDMA only

          • Anonymous

            no just go into settings->wireless networks->more->mobile networks and change it from CDMA/LTE to CDMA only. then wait a minute (you may have to kick airplane mode on then off if it doesn’t get 3g back in a minute)

  • DCABuckeye

    Have had no interruption in 3G service while in LTE/CDMA mode.  Have not toggled, but there is no 4G.  Last week Verizon denied that there was a problem with 3G when the 4G went down.  That’s true, UNLESS you own a 4G device, then it indeed was down.  That’s semantics.

  • Anonymous

    maybe the sun storms

  • Kelly

    I had issues with 3g the past two days too!

  • gregmr

    No 3G or 4G and Danbury, CT on GNex

  • Adcmfrank

    Madison WI out 3g and 4G

  • Anonymous

    I am starting to think i am immune to these outages.  I havent had 4g go out yet

  • Eugene Fong

    No Data here in La

  • Weasel

    Switching to CDMA-only mode and a reboot has me working fine on 3G. Switching to CDMA/LTE mode kills all Internet access.

  • Curious

    Why would 3G only phone work but 3G on LTE phone not work. Don’t they both operate on 850/1900mhz frequency?

  • annapolis, md update.  3g back on with gnex in CDMA only mode.  not trying lte/cdma until i know it’s safe.  3PM Eastern. 

  • Anonymous

    Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa: Largest metro area (125k people) in Iowa to not have 4G coverage right now. 3G has been spotty over the past 2 days on my G-Nex. 3G coverage has been back on since 1:00pm CST.

  • Anonymous

    I miss AT&T.  Well….. maybe not.

  • At the very least 3G is up in Baltimore, MD. I get no 4G service in my building so I just leave the phone in CDMA mode at work. I’ll have to check 4G when I leave here in about an hour or so.

    Edit: Using Galaxy Nexus here.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing for me on my Nexus and I’m in baltimore also.

      • Interesting, well according  to a post a moment ago by CounselorAPN, 3G coverage was restored an hour ago, so perhaps that has helped in my case since my radio is in CDMA only mode.

  • Anonymous

    Fort Collins, CO down also… no 4G and very spotty 3G. 4G signal was strong this morning until about 11:20am

  • Anonymous

    UPDATE: 3g is in and out here in Baltimore, MD. Still no 4g though.

  • Ok, 3g on GNex in downtown Boston back for now – updating my fantasy teams while I still can …

  • J418fox

    Cleveland Ohio is down as Well……

  • 08fordranger

    I don’t believe this is nation wide due to the fact I am using a 4g phone and still have a data connection. No I’m not in a 4g area but this article makes it sound like if you have a 4g phone you have no data coverage at all right now.
    secondly just wait till Att has had their 4g up for more than a couple month. I am willing to bet once it becomes bigger Nd more customers have 4g phones in their hands that network won’t handle near as well as it is now. We all know how their 3g service is what really makes you think their 4g will be different? Lol

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t be any worse then Verizon has become.

  • Anonymous

    No 3G for the last few hours, but just got it back. Just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

    • mons

      Same. Still no 4G.  South Jersey, near Cherry Hill.  4G was working this morning.

  • Don

    I should say Peoria Illinois has no 3g, not a 4g area, sorry

  • None

    Colorado Springs, Colorado.  No 3G or 4g

  • Doreen643

    Problems in Greeley Colorado too.  I have a RAZR but we are only 3G here until 2012 sometime.  But appears 3G is down for my phone.  I have an old BB too, and it seems good with 3G right now.

  • Adam

    3G is back in NYC

  • deeznutz

    All good here in H-TOWN 4G N 3G…

  • Anonymous

    I now have 3 gray bars.  I need blue!!  Come on blue!!  I need some blue on my Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    No 4G in Reading, PA (40 min NW of Philly)… then again, we still didn’t have it to begin with.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist trolling)

  • Don

    Down in Peoria Illinois (AGAIN)

  • Jeff

    3g ok here in central Virginia.

  • Triplej84

    3G s back in Phoenix using the CDMA only option on my droid charge. 

  • Illinipoke98

    4g/3g down in Northern OK

  • Andrew Elliott

    No problems in Tallahassee, FL where I am.  4g is working fine (or as good as normal) on my Gnex

  • Reporting in from just outside Downtown LA and in LTE/CDMA mode on my G-Nex and i have no 3G or 4G still at around 11:45am

    • Anonymous

      I feel your pain Ryan, me too!!  We should get together and console each other.

  • Shooter_454

    1X in Louisville Ky…

  • I don’t have LTE service here period but I lost 3g for about 15 min in Atlantic City on my G-Nex but i rebooted the phone and it was working fine again

  • Mike

    No 1x 3g or 4g here at all in Brooklyn Ohio outside Cleveland.  I had it in the AM and went to lunch on 3g and then lost it all after that.

    • Anonymous

      You lost your lunch, too!  This is getting OOC!!

  • Anonymous

    DC had 4G for at least awhile when the outage was first being reported (I upgraded a couple apps to verify my Bionic wasn’t lying about having 4G). It dropped sometime after the lunch hour, but 3G seems to have returned sporadically in the last 15-20 minutes.

  • I got 3G full bars back in DC, but I’m toggled to LTE/CDMA.  “Technically” 4G should just pop back up when it’s available?

  • Dshudson

    I just took a painkiller.. who cares.

  • Tiffer

    no 4g here in chicago suburbs. i’m pulling shotty 3g on my t-bolt right now…grrr

  • Ericatomars06


  • firefighting_dad

    No 4g in Honolulu, HI. Galaxy Nexus with lte/cdma enabled, 3g is working fine.

  • I switched to CDMA Only on my Bionic and 3G is in and out here in MD……

  • Nick

    in pittsburgh here and have no data connection on my motorola droid razr either.

  • Anonymous

    just hung up with technical support and they said they don’t know when it will be back up!  they did however credit my account 25 bucks!

  • CP

    No 3gizzle or super 4 in Fontana, CA

    And I still my Galaxy Nexus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CP

      still what? still love

  • Marnett2005

    Just talked to my local Verizon store, and she told me they were working on 4G in the area. I had to toggle data usage under settings and my Nexus finally pulled 3G.

  • Jtowong

    Los Angeles. HTC Thunderbolt with 3G for now…….

  • Anonymous

    Weird thing happened to me….I had no 3g data on my RAZR starting from about 1am Tuesday until sometime last night after midnight.  BUT I did have 4g service.  I didn’t think this was possible but it’s true.  Because of the area I live in here in Phx (by north mountain) my 4g cuts off when I’m home and can only get 3g, but yesterday.  VZW tech support couldn’t figure it out and is sending me a new RAZR.   

  • Dustin Wehmeyer

    I just got off the phone with customer service (11:30AM PT) she did say that the outage probably better described as a “SIM card outage” as it was affecting all devices with SIM cards regardless of 3g/4g LTE/CDMA.  Other than that not very helpful.

  • Flyinion

    Apparently I have to take back my last comment, SF has infected Sacramento and 4G is gone.  Just got out of my meeting and my Nexus is stuck in 3G.  It has data though and 3G is working fine.

    edit: ah crap, as I wrote this 3g disappeared too wtf.

  • Lvnalolife

    Getting irritated by all the outages lately. No 3G still in Las Vegas.

  • Legendsoftroy

    Sorry, 3g is up and running but no 4g in Torrance, CA

  • Anonymous

    Preposterous!!!!  No data connection!!  Pisses me off!!

  • Anonymous

    Update for Ontario California and Tustin CA. 3G only NO 4G…

  • Rlbjunkmail

    Showing full 4g signal on my Galaxy Nexus in central NJ

  • Professandobey

    No 3G or 4G on my Galaxy Nexus in Orange County, CA.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Far west side of The Cleve here no data. Disappointed to find that the moment I get my new (exchanged) Nexus, the network crumbles. Well played Verizon…well played indeed.

  • Lilliam Villavicencio

    I was wondering what was going on, till I saw the post of the 4G LTE going down. Hopefully they get this taken care of fast I need my cell phone to be working.

  • Bryant

    I had 4G when i left my house this morning and most of the train ride into SF from the east bay. I had 3G in the BART tunnels, but no 3G or 4G when i got top side in downtown financial district in SF. 3G just came back around 11:15am but just dropped off for a bit, and now just reconnected. No 4G yet.

  • Zuki1216

    Northern Indiana no issues here all day.

  • Ben Johnson

    Only 1x in Grand Rapids, Mi

  • Binh Dao

    bay area is working

    • Binh Dao

      nm.. 4g down.. only 3g now… erghhh

  • Nycqueen73

    No service here in Winston Salem NC

  • Muggs43

    Redondo Beach, CA no data connection on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, 11:31am

  • Rsims26

    Starting to realize that I’m going to have a Long Term Enmity towards the Verizon network.

  • Curses! I called the tech support, went through a billion setting issues, factory restarted it….. and afterwards find out it’s this network outage! AT least they were super helpful at Verizon unlike when i call AT&T for help -.-. I have never had a good experience with AT&T.

  • Legendsoftroy

    Man down!!! I mean network down!!! After an hour im back to sporting 3g…damn 🙁

  • Sam

    Thank god I am grand-fathered in to the unlimited data package our I would be totally mad about all these outages

  • Anonymous

    And service is down in Boston now

  • Eric

    Tried rebooting and toggling but still no 3G or 4G on my GNexus in Detroit.

  • Richlost

    3G only here in Boston Ma…….
    WAIT…… As I type on my Bionic, 4G service has returned.
    All is well

  • Back to 0gs in Boston again …

  • Anonymous

    Switched to CDMA only but no 3G either in downtown Jacksonville (FL).

  • RichKotite

    No 4G or 3G data on my GNex in Trenton/Princeton NJ 

  • Onefastpgt

    Springfield, mo here and for the 3rd time 4G is fucked up.

  • Mark Brown

    4G nyc thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    My GNex’s signal strength improved after the last outage, let’s see what happens this week…

  • Anonymous

    As Darth Vader would say, “NOOOOOoooooooooo!!!”

  • Sinisterflame

    I have 4g here in Denver Co

  • Don Ame

    4g and 3g is down in Montclair and West Orange NJ

  • This is a terrible time for data to go out. This is costing me boob-txts, I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    This is beginning to feel like late 90’s AOL!

  • Vickie97330

    I was having problems with my Bionic 3G (we don’t have 4G here) last night so I pulled the battery and it caused the Motorola Services to force close.  Had to do a data wipe and put it back to factory defaults.  3G came back finally but now it is again out. Then I found this article.  I’m in Corvallis, Oregon… I thought it was my phone but now I think it might be the outage.

  • No 3g/4g here in North Carolina! 

  • Tony Allen

    Droid Bionic, southern Indiana.. chugging along just fine, not even a hiccup.

  • Teng247

    add Salt Lake City, UT to that list as well w/ no 4G or 3G

  • Wes Sandler

    Xoom is getting bad SIM card error message.  Must be due to LTE outage.

  • Anonymous

    Just an hour ago everything was working great, now just stuck at 1X on my Nexus. 3G appeared for a couple minutes and then went away. Rochester, MN. Also this may cause some issues for us for the next couple days. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2079352/Massive-solar-storm-knock-radio-signals-produce-amazing-Northern-Lights.html

  • J Dub

    What the crap is up with these weekly outages? Glad I have not upgraded to a 4G phone now. I am not experiencing outages, but it still frustrates the crap outta me.

  • AngryTurd

    Down and out in Newport Beach, CA…this is getting reCOCKulous! I have always been a big supporter of Verizon and their network…i’ve even convinced people to switch from other carriers. I didnt mind paying higher rates but I’m really starting to sour for this and many other reasons.


    Jaded and Bitter

  • EC8CH

    Ok… now I’ve got 3 of my G’s back

  • Still no 3G or 4G on my Nexus in New Orleans.  1:24 central time

  • No outage for me at all in Omaha NE

  • EC8CH

    ok.. now I’ve got no G’s

  • Tblain

    too late on the update to not try toggling… 3G was back up, then tried airplane mode and out again… doh.

  • MeHoo

    Galaxy Nexus in Detroit, no data.  Brother sitting next to me with a Droid Charge on 4g LTE Verizon.. full signal.  WTF?  I airplaned, switched to CDMA only, etc etc.. tried it all.  No signal.  Brother never lost his.  This seems to be specific phones or users only.  I’m a Los Angeles customer vacationing in Detroit for the holidays.  Macomb area.

  • Hector Contreras

    No 3G or 4G here in Ontario, CA

  • jakemyster84

    I am in the Minneapolis, MN area and I have had 4G the whole time.  Or at least I haven’t noticed any down time yet today.

  • chris

    3G/4G down in Frederick, MD … at least I’m on wifi at the moment

  • chris

    4G in Sacramento just dropped. 3G works fine though. GNex

  • Sioux Falls, SD is out 

    • EC8CH

      Greeting from Fargo… where we also lack Data Service

  • Bionic in Northern Va…no problems all day, except sending picture messages.  4G is fully functional, I hope it doesn’t spread any more.

  • Jahsol

    Had 3g after step down and reboot… lasted about 10 min. then lost 3g agin toggling airplane does not reconnect it. Bionic, South East Texas

  • Ed

    4G back up in Pittsburgh

  • Down in San Diego

  • Anonymous

    Brea, CA – Galaxy Nexus – no LTE data; CDMA only mode is giving me 2 bars & 3g data.  Can I get a kick back or something @VerizonWireless or what!

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus in Los Angeles.  Staring at my grayed out data connection, hoping it turns back on.  Boooo!!  Shame on you Verizon.

  • Rjh2196

    No 4g but do have 3g in Key West.

  • In Santa Barbara, CA and 3G working fine. I have the GNex

  • Anonymous

    Lakewood, WA no data here

  • Anonymous

    No data here in Baltimore, MD. Both 3g and 4g not working. Just got my Galaxy Nexus today, was hoping to use the LTE. At least I have wifi.

  • Guest

    3G just came back on in DC/Northern VA…. 

  • Zonk

    My Xoom still has a working LTE data connection. – Sacramento, CA

  • Anonymous

    Rchmond VA, had cdma only on, had 3g working, toggled cdma/lte, no 4g AND broke 3g.  No airplane mode toggle on/off or restart could fix it, very strange. Gnex user.

  • mguests

    My Galaxy Nexus in Montgomery, AL has no LTE service but is getting a 3G signal

  • Jdhupp

    Only 1X here in St. Louis.

  • Leesan87

    Just got 3G (CDMA only) on in South Denver (Highlands Ranch). Could VZW be back…for five minutes? Till next week??

  • Anonymous

    My life… it is over.

  • waveGuide3e8

    Maybe Verizon uses periodic outages on 4G LTE phones to relive the pressure all of our Wireless Tether use has on their network and to teach us a lesson… jk

    • waveGuide3e8


  • On a Thunderbolt. I just rebooted my phone and 3G started working again.

  • Ryan

    Salem, OR:

    We dont have 4G here in Salem, but the 3G is having issues…It was out for about 30 minutes. Its still on and off, its definitely not fixed 100% yet.

    • Anonymous

      4G was fine here in the Rose City until recently. Now it’s back on 3G. 

  • Lucasjmayo

    No data in tallahassee, fl

  • Anonymous

    A lot of butt hurt people in the comments this afternoon lol

  • Anonymous

    Seems they just dont like you west coasters. No problems here on the east coast

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else thinks this is getting to a bunch of bull crap…

    • Gogel

      Steve Jobs was right as always.

  • QtDL

    Downtown Boston here. No data. Awesome VZW.

    • I’m in the financial district – try switching to just 3G/CDMA – i’m on 3g on my Gnex again …

  • Guest

    No 4G but do have 3G in Carmel, Ca.  Got a Bionic and Xoom 

  • Marccastle

    St. Louis, MO
    3g working fine all day so far. Don’t know about 4g.

    • guest

      With GNex.

  • Just got 3G back in DuPont, WA  (Ft. Lewis area).

  • Asdwe

    Kenosha, WI – no 4G/3G.

  • lost service here in baltimore

  • No service in Wichita, KS either.

  • i’m in annapolis, md.  no 3g or 4g.  tried switching to CDMA only, no dice.  2PM EST. gnex.

  • Anonymous

    Still got 4G LTE here in Portland Oregon. 

  • 1gr8droid

    Tacoma,WA is up and running 4g

  • 3G in FL, Tamarac

  • Tblain

    data out in Milwaukee. Using a G-Nex, even switched to CDMA only and no 3G either. This is starting to get old, Verizon…

  • Jayrod718

    Down in Nashville Tennessee with no 4g or 3g .. Bionic

  • Raleigh, NC – Galaxy Nexus shows eHRPD for “Mobile network type” on the About Phone -> Status page (-100dBm)    But it also keeps dropping to -120 dBm which is essentially no service and shows Mobile network state as Disconnected.

  • Chris Baxter

    Sioix falls sd out..bith 3 and 4g with nexus. Oddly enough my wifes ipgone works on verizon……

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    No 4G or 3G in Moorestown, NJ (Outside Philly) for the past hour.

    • Brian Fundaro

      Central Jersey has service

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        Thanks, at least I know it’ll work when I get home then. Doesn’t help the day go by any faster at work.

  • Anonymous

    D.C. has 3G, but I’m not about to switch to 4G to check.

  • Eazy

    Here in amarillo texas and i cant even get 3g …on a lighter note im about to eat a 18 oz ribeye at the Big Texan Ranch using a gnex btw

    • Anonymous

      How can you eat a Rib eye using a GNex??  

  • 3g back in Boston, but still no 4g …

  • Rises2occasions

    Lost 3G about an hour for a very short time here in Richmond,Va… X2

  • Anonymous

    lost 4g in houston tx a few minutes ago, changed the mobile network from cdma/lte to just cdma and have 3g back now at least.

  • David Flower

    West Michigan here.  We’re in a non 4g area, my Thunderbolt still has 3g but my mother’s Nexus has no data.

    • Joshmo

      Thunderbolt… No 3g

      • Joshmo

        JK… Just got 3g back West Michigan

  • Cdhoward32

    no problems here in alabama

  • Anonymous

    This is all happening because they got rid of that “Can you hear me now” guy.  Guess he really was keeping Verizon working.  Hire him back!! NOW!!  What!?!  I can’t hear you now!!

  • Anonymous

    no 4g in south florida, 3g working on nexus after multiple airplane toggles and reboots

  • Anonymous

    Clearwater, FL is down.

  • Anonymous

    nevermind, had 4g till about 3 minutes ago. just took a big dump on itself here in houston, tx

  • Anonymous

    LTE and 3G data down again in NYC.  SMS and calls working fine.

  • guest

    3G back up in Louisville, KY…still no 4G

  • Anonymous

    Winston-Salem, NC 4G is down…. 3g keeps kicking on and off…. I guess I’m starting to know what it’s like to be a Sprint Customer….

  • Howard Waldrep

    No 4g or 3g in Phx,Az

    • Colin Wolfson

      I had 3G in Phoenix very briefly but when I put my phone to sleep the Smart Action turned off data and it hasn’t come back.  Poo for Smart Actions during a data outage!

  • just got 4g back

  • in San Diego, no 3g or 4g on my droid bionic

  • Photonmedia

    Charletson, SC and no data at all on my Nexus. Great.

  • 3G just came back on in San Jose. 4G is still out.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got two bars in a bad area and my DL is 10.37 and UL is 5.44. In sunny Ontario California. ON MY BIONIC…..  YEAH BOYYYY….

  • rinichulous

    Anyone else notice that Big Red started having problems when AT&T starting rolling out LTE? One word, sabotage!

  • Rsims26

    I just got 3G back in Portland, OR, but no 4G still.  I think Verizon owes me an early upgrade!

  • You can count atlanta in on the outage.

  • 3G seems to be back for Chicago (loop area).  4G still a no go.

  • Anonymous

    Steelers Country here, and no data service at all 🙁

    • Jeremy Ridge

      yep no 3g or 4g in tha burgh

  • Lincoln, NE out too.

  • Brandon Garling

    Show Low AZ, No 3g data on my GNexus… Thought it was my rom I was running at first. We don’t have 4g up here!?

  • Mojoweedwhacker

    Minneapolis down, getting a mega-lame 1x on my Rezound

  • Rg

    out in Tampa, FL

  • Southern NJ is out on my Gnex 🙁

  • Mattnphuron

    Detroit mi is running great both 4g and 3g. And to get a refund i only pay 30 a month sovthatsba dollar a day not to worried about a dollar

  • San Jose, CA. 3G and 4G are completely out.

  • Anonymous

    no data in L.A.  HULK ANGRY!!!

  • From Twitter:

    ruffeoTim Dennis

    Just got off the phone with @vzsupport the 3G and 4G network crashed again #verizon


    Has anyone noticed that the outage has happened the past 3 Wednesdays! ?!

    • Jahsol

      You are almost right, the three major ones were December 7th, 21st and 28th all on Wednesday…..very curious indeed.

  • hate to change the subject but does anyone else wonder what android 5.0 will be/look like? or will it just be another Gingerbread…

    • Anthony Montemorano

      Android 5? Why would it be anything like Gingerbread? 

      • because gingerbread didn’t really change anything, nothing noticeable at least.  was just saying im hoping android 5.0 make the same flop

    • Jac_White

      No.   It will be more like Eclair……Are you kidding me?   Did you really ask this? 

      • no i mean like how gingerbread didnt change anything

  • its a shame when I see I have no data…run to check DL! 

    out in   Kansas City 

  • Kenny Cordova

    4g down here in Denver, Co. Just 1x. This sucks…

  • Boston is out.

    • I’m getting 3G on my Nexus in Boston but I’ve had it set to 3G since this morning when I got into work.

  • I had no service around lunch in Philly, but it seems to be back now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

  • hate to change the subject but does anyone else wonder what android 5.0 will be/look like? or will it just be another Gingerbread…

  • I don’t even have 4G in my area and yet my 3G is out for my Galaxy Nexus.  This is with 4G turned off too.



  • Guest

    Having no issues here in Delaware. HTC thunderbolt.

  • Josh Neal

    Unfortunately, I’ve been sporting the ugly “1x” for the last 4-5 days. Pretty sketchy…at least most of the time I’m at home or work so I can be on wifi.

  • Guest

    Just got 3g back in east bay. Thought my phone was trippin’. No 4g though. Strange… wife still has 4g. We both got Galaxy Nexuses.

  • out in Washington, DC and Maryland

  • 3G here in Ventura County intermittent data drops on GN.

  • Bryan Corazza

    No issues with 4G in NJ (10 mins from Verizon’s HQ)

  • Anonymous

    I smile at my Droid 3 every time this happens. 🙂

    • Dummyhead21

      I smile at my Galaxy Nexus every time is use it.  Who is smiling more?

      • Anonymous

        Me…might I add I never wanted the Galaxy Nexus soooooooooo…….

    • Frayserboy

      not sure why, seeing as 3g is down too, newb

      • jnt

        not for 3G only phones… “newb” 🙂

      • Anonymous

        This guy lol…should I call you? Oh wait…Newb

      • Jarred Sutherland

        This is why people should stop using the term newb .. it makes you look like a moron.

    • Logan

      Obviously lacking reasons to smile at it…

    • Anonymous

      GNex fan boys stop commenting on my post. You have a great phone chill out lol. 

    • Stating El Obvious

      Not much to smile about with the Droid3 huh?  This is like Cowboy fans getting excited cuz the Giants lost…

  • Dj_dj239

    3G is down in Bismarck, ND

  • Anonymous

    4G’s working fine in Raleigh.

  • Anonymous

    Down in Greensboro, NC – happened shortly after 12:30pm.

  • I have BRAGGED about how great Verizon service is for YEARS.  I managed to get some folks to switch to Verizon because of the great service I was getting and bragging about.  I’m starting to feel like a fool 🙁

    • Anthony Montemorano

      Before the past month or so there was plenty of reasons to brag 🙂

  • Han Solo

    Frakking Verizon.  Figures I finally get the Nexus and keep getting 4G outages.  Idiots!!!

  • David Richins

    Well, came here to find exactly this out… Can care less about the 4G, 3G is just fine for me… but no data at all is a serious problem. I use Google Voice for my text messaging, it’s how I communicate with my wife. Now that I’m on my work computer I can access it, but this is a problem.

    • Anonymous

      in the same boat – GV is awesome but with these outages it’s getting a bit difficult

      • David Richins

        I can handle fluctuating bars too, even at 2 bars you can still get solid service, but when it switches between 3g and 4g it takes a few minutes of no service before it refreshes. That’s annoying. I desperately hope it can be fixed in software. worst part is I factory reset my phone before I checked the news like a dummy… now I’ve got nothing til it’s back up. 

  • Bs_thinker

    Los Angeles is having problems as well.

  • jnt

    If you own a Thunderbolt or Rezound, google how to use ##778# to get at least 3G back…

  • Aaron G

    I’m in Phoenix, 3G is working fine on GN…I’m afraid to try to connect to 4G as in the past when this happens you are left with nothing.

  • Vic

    Orange County, CA. down

  • Zebra

    No problems here in Milwaukee. 3 bars of 4G and speedtest was 13 down 6 up.

  • Alan Wiggs

    Omaha, NE with 4G here. The crappy 1 bar I usually get at work, but still 4G. And we were hit all day with the last outage…

  • I lost all data for about 10 Minutes in NYC.. i’m back on 4G LTE.. and as for AT&T’s LTE being more stable, they might have taken cues from these Verizon outages, but as more and more phones get on the LTE bandwidth, I think outages are inevitable in any case.

  • Boston has 3G and 4G! 

  • Its not nationwide DL. Toledo, Ohio is fine 😀 

  • Jahsol

    Spotty 3g after disabling 4g and rebooting in southeast texas….damn it I might actually have to work instead of watching netflix all day : (

  • Having no problems in Pasadena, CA. Actually been tethered working from the hotel all morning. 🙂

  • Grand Rapids, MI is down… 3G is in an out…

    • Anonymous

      Grand Rapids – I spent a month there one night

    • Jared Duquette

      Same for me.  I’m downtown Grand Rapids.

      Sad panda.  

      • John Dickensheets

        Yeah, i got nothing on the North East side of GR for my Bionic.

        Maybe Verizon should be paying my Comcast Cable bill since my phone is using up bandwidth from my cable modem for data at the moment.  So, I guess this means that my data limit is down to 250GB from unlimited.

    • Nate Myers

      no 3g on my Nexus in Allegan.

  • Abbie Rosario

    I have 4G in Vegas. I have a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Frenchy

    I have lost both 3G and 4G on my Galaxy Nexus. My Girlfriend has an Iphone 4 and still has full 5-Bar 3G. Not sure why?

    • Frenchy

      Wichita, KS

    • jnt

      B/c LTE phones use eHRPD on top of normal 3G – so when LTE dies, so does 3G typically, but only on a 4G phone… 

  • Anonymous

    Just hit me salt lake man this blows

  • Anonymous

    Damnit! No 4G/3G in NYC at all…

    • Turn your phone to Airplane mode, then back. You should come back on. That’s what I did

      • Anonymous

        I’ve done that 4x with no success

  • Brad

    No issues here in Jersey City, NJ. 4G up and strong.

  • Jeremy Ridge

    no 4g or 3g in pittsburgh

    • Jrm5021

      Also in Pittsburgh… no issues on my gnex.

      • Jeremy Ridge

        airplane mode works great lmao  i pay enough money to verizon you think that atleast the phone service would be operational 

  • Colin Wolfson

    Thank God!  I was thinking my RAZR had just lost it’s ability to connect for data!  I’m west of Phoenix and had no data signal for quite some time.  I saw it come in and out of 1X (never seen 1X on the RAZR before) a few times briefly and then saw 3G come up white with no actual connectivity once.  Just now got 3G to come on and go blue with actual data where I saw this twitter post… I was about to call Verizon!

    • Silveruberxeno

      Lol. I get it, but it’s funny to think… “Thank God! It’s a national outage!”

  • steve0617

    SW Denver (Littleton/Roxborough Park). 3G is fine (1373/1078) but no 4G. T-Bolt running Bamf Forever 1.09

  • Karl

    I’ve got 3G here in Dallas, TX.  I never have 4G inside the building at work, though, so I can’t comment on that.

    I actually have 1 bar more than usual at the moment…

  • JJ69Chev

    minneapolis 4G working fine for me

  • No 4G in Pittsburgh or 3G on my nexus, friends with 3g only phones still seem to have 3g though…

    • I have 4G in Pittsburgh on my Nexus.  Full bars too, 13.31 Mbps

      • My buddy right next to me with a charge has 4g, makes no sense

  • In st petersburg FL and I have service with no problemo

  • Nexus Man

    Down in Birmingham, AL

  • Anonymous

    All good here with 3G in San Bernardino Ca

  • Anonymous

    same here at my office, but it’s so strange how several others from this city have full 4G… You on a Gnex?

  • Daniel

    Down in Albuquerque, NM

  • Anonymous

    Out Las Vegas NV

  • Shelnbay

    I’m in Cheyenne, WY and have 3G (4G not available here yet), husband is in Sioux Falls, SD and has 4G with no problems.

    • Shelnbay

      Nexus and Bionic respectively…

  • No issues here (Central Lower Michigan) for 3G.  Been streaming BBC radio on it since 7 AM EST…

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm that Minneapolis is data-less.  This is ridiculous!  I may have to call Verizon to see if they could credit my account for this.

    • wsnydes

      I’m in Eagan, i have 4G working just fine.

  • Chris

    No 4/3g in Charlotte, NC

  • Zacholley

    down in oklahoma city on xoom 4g and nexus blah

  • Guest

    Out in DC/Northern VA

  • Metalgonzo

    4g and 3g down in Rochester, NY

  • Gale Shafer

    Out in Fort Wayne, IN

  • Joe Nicholson

    Omaha Nebraska is down.  Again.

  • Ojb5000

    Down in OKC

  • No 4g or 3g in Boston

  • Jahsol

    No 4g or step down to 3g in Beaumont, TX

  • Wes Sandler

    Down in Raleigh. 🙁

  • Guest

    4G is completely out and 3G is super spotty in Manchester, NH

  • Wayneb02

    down in dayton ohio

  • DeAnna Sowder

    4G out in Indianapolis, IN 

    • DeAnna

      3G is out in Indy as well as 4G 

    • Zachtannehill

      Absolutely!  I work downtown at Angies List and it’s out!

      • DeAnna

        I’ve got 3G working on my phone now.  I tried one persons suggestion of turning on/off airplane mode.  I’m not sure if that’s what worked or it’s just coming back on.  However, still no 4G 🙁 

  • guest

    down.  Long island NY

  • Anonymous

    Was still up here in Las Vegas up until a few minutes ago.  Now I have no service at all not even 3g.

  • Blank

    Tucson, AZ is down on my RAZR.

  • Yagermeister

    No 4G then after reboot no 3G either here in Dallas on a Thunderbolt

  • guest

    down.  Long island NY

  • Bob

    Down in New Orleans too

  • I can’t even get 3g access on my Nexus.  I’m not in a 4g area though, but our building has the verizon switches in them for 3g access so it should be no problem there. 

  • Anonymous

    No 4G or 3G here in Stamford, CT

  • Nick

    Columbus Ohio is completely down for me.  No data.

  • Hep

    4G is in and out near Tacoma, WA.  And when I have 3G connected on the GNex I can only make phone calls and send text messages.  MMS and data do not work over 3G, but that’s been for about a week now.

  • Nicholas Kent

    My GNex in Sacramento, CA is probably going to make it all day with a decent charge (for once) since all data services are down!

  • Anonymous

    Not getting any data at all in Fort Worth, Texas.  Joy.

  • LTEoutagesblow

    Seattle and surrounding cities out as well. Turning into AT&T reliability this is getting ridiculous,.

  • Anonymous

    All data down in Salinas, CA with my G-Nex.

  • Mike Kilar

    I have LTE in Reno, NV

  • Johnan2112

    No 4G in Santa Clara, CA but 3G is fine.

  • Aaa

    Its noon in PHX, AZ and I still have 4G…

  • RajputSmurf

    I don’t want to give VZ any excuses but we are in a period of high solar activity. Could be related to that…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2079352/Massive-solar-storm-knock-radio-signals-produce-amazing-Northern-Lights.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

    • Nerdy Desi

      Why aren’t the other networks having outages then?

      • Dshudson


        • Dshudson


  • Rosh

    Was wondering why my battery life increased! 4G down in Cedar Rapids, IA.

  • Anonymous

    4G working fine on my Bionic in Detroit (5.7.893, for the record)

  • The Observer

    Chicago, IL here, and all is well for me.

  • PC_Tool

    It’s almost funny….3G is just fine on the Nexus S across the Hall…no data at all on my Galaxy Nexus.

    VZW needs to take $30 off every line that has a data plan for the month of December,

  • Lakerzz

    Working in Ontario Ca, and 4g is good.

  • nashville,tn is out.

  • Anonymous

    Not out for me. u mad? 

  • Brian Walker

    Down in Utah as well.

  • Jrm5021

    Pittsburgh, PA still has full on 4g

    • Anonymous

      strange b/c we have no 3g or 4g in our office here around Pittsburgh

  • Mtarazr

    4G was down at night and early morning and then no service last week

  • Frayserboy

    well all data is out atleast where i am in fl

    • Rocko

      same here in tampa

  • Joshua Granville

    Im good here in Boston

    • Ron

      Go Celtics!

  • Frayserboy

    not just 4g, all data is out

  • SysAdmin

    Down in Richmond, VA

  • JJ

    Alabama is experiencing problems again as well!

  • PC_Tool

    Rule The Air! 

    …because we certainly aren’t flooding it with *our* signal….

  • Anonymous

    houston tx 4g working just fine (galleria area for those interested)

    • Nerdy Desi

      Really? I’m just west of you by beltway 8 and westheimer and no data at all.

  • Anonymous

    No data in Hampton Roads area.

  • samix

    northern san diego, no 3g or 4g

  • andrew z

    No data here in Las Vegas, Nevada. :/

  • Scotty Byrd

    No 3G in Warner Robins, GA either

  • if you have a 4g device, 3g still doesn’t work.

  • Peachtree city GA is working

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    No data here in Phoenix. Galaxy Nexus not ruling the airwaves

  • Anonymous

    St. Cloud, MN is out of commission.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr….

    • Anonymous

      You know, this is really getting old.  I demand a legitimate explanation from Verizon as to the root cause of the problem.  Is it the same issue every time, or are the outages simply coincidental?  I demand to know what the problem is and what they are doing to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.  My company’s clients demand that of our hosting services, so I’m now demanding it from my service provider.

  • 3g/4g down in Davenport IA

  • arrow in the knee

    3g in oceanside CA, still waiting for Verizon to get 4g coverage here

  • Leesan87

    Out in South Denver on a GNex. My wife has 4G in SW Denver on a Tbolt.

  • Silveruberxeno

    Absolutely no data in Syracuse, NY. i’ve been power cycling and enabling/disabling data, and airplane-moding for 20 minutes before I popped on here and saw the thread. Even with 3g only enabled, I can’t get ANYTHING.

    Galaxy Nexus ;_;

    Had 4G going at 11am without a problem.

  • Dirtyriffs

    My friend on a Thunderbolt has 4g in Cleveland. But I dont on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • I_has_teh_4GEES!

    SW Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh Area – HTC Rezound – Didn’t even know there was an outage until I came here. LOL. (aka I have 4G service).

  • RW-1

    Came back from lunch to my office to see this, then looked at phone, yup, it’s out.

    and it had been getting better lately at my location, 3-4 from 1-2 bars 4G …

    It will be all right …

  • Anonymous

    nothing here in norwalk, ohio AGAIN!!!  this is really starting to piss me off now!

  • Yakub1939

    In Charlotte NC & service is completely out! Come on Verizon you”re starting to be the next Blackberry

  • Anonymous

    Jacksonville Fl. out.
    This is getting stupid.

    • Anonymous

      me too in Jacksonville downtown…

      • Anonymous

        Soon as I hit enter i had 3g. Whatever. At least the phone still works. Guess “good enough” will be the LTE mantra for a while.

  • Zak

    3g only in Boston, HTC Thunderbolt

  • RajputSmurf

    Down in Seattle.

  • Anonymous

    growing pains, We all knew it was going to happen….

  • jayinnyc

    Fine here in NYC (mid town Manhattan)
    3 Bars (-94bBm 46 asu)

    • muffins

      I have nothing in midtown. womp.

      • jayinnyc

        Just checked outside this time on 1st ave & 42nd
        Still rocking 4G (-82bBm and 85 asu)

  • Anonymous

    Just lost all connection at 1:32PM eastern in North Carolina, had it up until now.

  • miscreant

    No data whatsoever here on South side of Chicago. GNex is a beautiful brick right now.

  • Dshudson

    3g in Boston up

  • Fjrangel

    4g down in Downtown LA.  HTC Thunderbolt

  • Howard Eastbay

    tamp no fing g’s

  • Anonymous

    No Data here In West Los Angeles. 🙁

  • Down in Council Bluffs, IA. I had to wake up and open the laptop and use the internet to catch up on droid life instead of just clicking an app on my Gnex 🙁


    • Colin Wolfson

      Just call and ask for credit.  I got one last month.

    • John Davids

      Boo-hoo. So it goes down for a few hours, a few times a month, in a few markets. You realize you are still getting in the neighborhood of 98% up-time on a network that is barely a year old, right? This right here is the problem with Americans, their ever-expanding sense of entitlement.

      • It’s the third time this month. If I pay $30 a month for a service, excuse me for expecting it to work.

      • Are you kidding me?  My 70 year old father is much more expecting of service than I am.  If anything, expectations of entitlement are decreasing.  However, I agree with Tony K – I am paying $90 a month JUST for data on 3 lines and that contract is for a full 30 days of service.  I’m not expecting them to refund the full month for one outage, but I want the money returned for the period of time the service was unavailable.

        • DaWolf85

          I’m sure if you really yell at Verizon they’ll give you your 50 cents back.

      • LoKey

        But…I want service… right NOW….whaaaaaaa!!! :'(

      • Rsanchez777

        entitlement my ass!!!…..I’m paying a monthly fee….!!

      • Dgzero9

        we pay for a service.and should receive pro-rated bills. If it were the other way around you better believe they would make you pay!

    • Altkorn2005

      Light up the phone lines to VZ, you’ll get a credit.

  • Kaufkin

    Gnexus in MA works fine on 3G, never bothered w/ 4G due to not being in active 4G area. so may be 4G only / 3G / 4G handoff issues.

  • No data in State College, PA

  • Nerdy Desi

    3 nationwide outages in a month alone? This is simply a joke Verizon. I laugh at your claims at having the best network.

  • Daleg13

    Down in Chattanooga TN

  • So my coworker’s DX2 is working fine on 3G right next to my G-nex which can’t get 3 or 4G, WDC metro area.

    • Nerdy Desi

      I’m hearing that the 4G devices connect to 3G differently than the 3G only devices, due to the former using a SIM and the latter not.

    • Anonymous

      go into the settings and set it for cdma only and not cdma/lte and you should get your 3g back

  • Anonymous

    3G just came back in San Diego on my Thunderbolt.

  • Franzie3

    4G up in Hudson Valley, NY (1hr + north of NYC)


    back on 3g. waiting for the 4th g. lol

  • Dshudson

    BOSTON too

  • GoodEyeSniper

    No Data at all in NW Indiana. Not really supposed to be able to get 4G anyway but have been picking it up for the last 2 months.

  • LTE down in Boston

  • 3G and 4G down in Orlando, Fl on my Xoom.

  • Triplej84

    I’m near downtown Phoenix, and it’s been out for about 30 minutes.

  • Alexander Garcia

    3G CDMA still runnin’ like a dream here in Hayward, CA   =)

  • Anonymous

    4/3G down in baltimore

  • Claire

     Now at 3G on two bars in Jupiter, FL

  • Brianh

    Seattle, I had this error
    sim card authorization error

  • SpinDisc

    GNex randomally called *22899, then lost 3G/4G…Verizon’s pissing me off.

    South-side Chi-burb

  • Jdevore64

    No 3G in Central Iowa………(No 4G here yet.)

  • Flyinion

    Sacramento CA is up, guess SF didn’t take us out 😛

  • Guest

    No data in Eureka, Ca.

  • Eric

    No 3G or 4G in Johnson City, TN

  • guest

    4G out in Louisville, KY…Also, 3G is down as well.  Have no data access. (and I have always had a good 3G in this area)

  • Lllewis

    No 4g or 3g in nyc -Bionic

    • IZ

      No 4G or 3G in NYC on GNexus

  • akhi216

    No 4G in Greensboro, NC.

  • Anonymous

    In downtown Jacksonville (FL), my VGN lost 4G LTE signal about 50 minutes ago and it doesn’t come back yet.  Also, my VGN is switching 3G and 4G in my work place in downtown Jacksonville where has stronger 3G connections to my old phone (Droid X), compared to my home.  I’m extremely unhappy about this kind of malfunction by Verizon.        

  • jake

    4G and 3G down here in Los Angeles California

    • Anonymous

      Just noticed that my Galaxy Nexus wasn’t pulling any data. Everything was working about an hour ago. Not so much right now.

      • Whocares

        Yes, same. was working when I left home, then gps cut off with no data. still down.  about hour ago it started.  Los Angeles from Orange County

      • Lmrojas

        Same here in Culver City

    • My Dinc1 on 3G is fine, and my 4G hotspot is chugging along at 12MB. I’m in Burbank however, so that might make a difference.

  • Boo

    No data at all here in Lincolnton, NC. No 3g or 4g.

  • Adrian6275

    No 3g in Indio Ca and 1x comes and goes… Bummer.

  • Anonymous

    4G is working in Rochester, MN.

  • Forestall

    No data at all in Sioux Falls, SD

  • 4G and 3G working fine in Rochester, NY for me.

    • Olddawg

      No it’s not at least not in Fairport.

  • Aditya

    No 3g/4g in cincinnati

  • Choochoos

    No 4g here in Kansas. 

  • NE Pennsylvania 3G working.  No 4G in usual coverage area.

  • guest

    D.C. area is out, 1:20pm local time.

  • Atst88

    Working at full bars (Usually only 2) here in Charlotte, NC (Uptown).

  • Maybe Anonymous will take credit soon? I’d feel much better then…

  • No 4G in West LA

  • Errick Coughlin

    no 4g or 3g on nexus in Dayton.

  • Errick Coughlin

    dayton ohio

  • Anonymous


    Who’s more reliable these days, Verizon or Disqus?!  :p

  • 4G still working here in Bloomington, MN, just south of Minneapolis.  It has been up all morning from what I can tell.

  • Brandon Drummond

    No 4G in Birmingham, AL.

  • Dirtyriffs

    No 4g in Cleveland

  • Richmelchr

    4G ok here Las Vegas for the time being.

  • Dave Gambone

    Good in Pittsburgh

  • I have been rebooting and whatnot for about 30 minutes now here in Denver, CO.

  • dreedy android

    3G working in central VA, no LTE as of now in the area but according to a coworker, 4G is out in Roanoke, VA

  • Johnny Law

    Piedmont Triad area of NC is down.  

  • Claire

    4G with full bars in Jupiter, FL.

  • Anonymous

    VZW: All your LTE are belong to us

  • Sean

    Down in Chicago (West Loop area)…

  • Nashville, TN – Hopped over to Droid-Life at work, saw this article, looked at my phone, and it’s on 3G.  WTF. And the 3G download speeds are sucking at the moment. EDIT. Now I have no G’s dammit.

  • Anonymous

    Boston – down

  • Guest

    Missing both 3G and 4G service.  In charleston, SC. 

  • Down in Massachusetts (3G just came back; 4G still out).

  • Anonymous

    Baltimore MD, My Nexus has no 4g/3g, my office-mates Incredible has fine 3g.

    Also I have not had any connectivity issues previously.

  • Anonymous

    4G is on in Greensboro, NC!

    • akhi216

      No it isn’t! The 4G icon might show up, but it’s unusable.

  • Phoneguy1973

    Dc and its working fine

  • nexusboy

    Cincinnati, OH…3G and 4G down on Galaxy Nexus

    • RFall

      4G still working on thunderbolt in cincy

  • Fillyo

    chicago south burb no issues with 4g here

  • Jac_White

    Richmond, VA.    No 3g or 4g currently.

  • Anonymous

    Is this affecting 4G devices only like last time?

  • Jakob

    What exactly causes these outages? Does a server somewhere crash or something?

    • Anonymous

      Squirrel on a line :p

  • PaulC.

    infant crawl slow here in Huntsville, AL

  • Billcard

    Richmond, VA no 3G/4G on GN.

  • tropic

    In Washington DC, on 4G typing this.

  • Anthony Montemorano

    Albany, NY – Toast – Galaxy Nexus

  • John Hicks

    Tampa is still up for the time being.

  • DieDaily

    It’s not just LTE for me either. 3G is down as well. I have turned off LTE on my phone and have rebooted. It’s not finding any data connection.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Baton Rouge, LA 

  • Gholmesjr

    4G working in Omaha.

  • Madroix1

    Cleveland Still rocking 4G like a mad man.

  • Talies1020

    Posted from 4g in Lexington ky!

  • Anonymous

    I thought my Nexus was having issues again…Thanks Verizon

  • No signal at all in Chicago….no 3G or 4G on my Droid RAZR…however…on my work Blackberry phone… full 3G…this sucks that when 4G goes down, phone won’t even switch to 3G…it just loses all data

  • Eric

    No data here in Detroit (Ann Arbor, MI)  May have to go back to a more reliable network like T-Mobile.

  • Bmclamb_nc

    No 4G or 3G in Raleigh, NC

    • Anonymous

      same here, even tried turning off 4G

  • san diego, ca is down

  • guest

    4g/3g data is down in norfolk, va as well

  • Not working in Lansing, Michigan. 

  • Devd

    im out in arkansas… 

  • MattCrouse0509

    No issues at all in Charlotte….Have had 4g and my hotspot going for the past several hours with no problems.

  • jb

    no 3G or 4G in Sarasota, FL (40 miles south of Tampa) on my Thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus LTE out in Chelsea 🙁

  • Taylor Blackley

    NO 3G/4G in Fayetteville, NC

  • North GA, no data at all

    North Georgia, no data at all

  • Jlebouton

    No data at all. Droid Bionic, normally strong 3G area. Nothing at all. Green bay WI area.

  • Y2kardell

    4g down here in Gville SC………..

  • Momobaxter

    Northern baltimore near JHU is out

  • Anonymous

    Stockton, Lodi, CA. Seems to be up.

  • Anonymous

    no signal in KC, and it was a Wednesday the last time this happened…maybe somehow tied into our weekly weather alert system…just saying 😉

  • Jim

    4G is still working in Minneapolis.

  • Anonymous

    Sure is here in Cleveland :/

  • Grand Rapids, MI (the west side) is still up.

  • Yukmizzee

    Nexus… Milford Michigan. Zero 3g zero 4g wtf man?

    • I don’t live far from you and my wife gets 4G consistently on her new Stratosphere and I can’t get sh*t for 4G on my Nexus…I agree WTF???!!!

  • Anonymous

    Airplane mode works great!

  • Zevelking

    No problems in Los Angeles

  • BobtheGreatII

    And the Fed-Ex guy just dropped my Nexus off here about 5 minutes ago. Would explain why I have no 3G (No 4G in Wyoming).

    • Shelnbay

      I have 3G in Cheyenne.

  • Sam Zelda423

    4g back wilmington Delaware

  • Michael Marks

    No 4G or 3G in Edison, NJ

  • Misledred

    There was an outage for about 2 hours on Tuesday 12/27/11 for about two hours between 6 and 8AM EST in the Baltimore area and YES is it out again now…Both 3g and 4g…No data

  • Mike

    AT&T is likely to have less problems with their LTE rollout. They might actually advertise they have the most reliable 4G network. Verizon 3G is reliable. 4G, not so much.

    • Anonymous

      Since it was released with the Thunderbolt I would have to agree with you. It seems as though it’s still in “Beta”.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to keep an eye on att. I think they will do 4g in a more “correct” way

    • Locke

      I’m keeping up with AT&T’s LTE rollout. If it turns out well then I’ll be switching. Plus, I don’t have to be subjected to Verizon’s whims on releasing global sliders. With AT&T, I can get any slider either here in the US or in Europe.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not going with AT&T no matter what for many reasons

        1. AT&T’s current network is piss poor
        2. Their tech support is a JOKE
        3. They drop calls…… way too often. 
        4. They have horrible 3G coverage
        5. They just suck 

        • Anonymous


        • Hehe

          But they had the had the iPhone first

          • Anonymous

            So? The iPhone is lame. 

          • kneegrowmore


          • LoKey

            Amen. Finally someone recognized how overrated the proprietory iPhone is.

          • Baked14

            You must be new around these here territories. *country accent *spits dip.

          • Anonymous

            And I’m a Mac user. iOS sucks! 

            By the way I had a feeling I was being trolled. 

          • Brockmaher

            I had NEVER thought of reverse trolling!!!
            AT&T rocks ever since you all left! Thanks!
            I just made my day…

        • Tre

          As a former AT&T customer (now with Verizon), I have to say that I don’t agree with you. I think you’re just jumping on the bandwagon with everybody else who believes in those TV commercials. AT&T’s 3G network is definitely faster than Verizon’s. I never had any problems with dropped calls on their network. Granted that AT&T’s LTE network is a lot smaller than Verizon’s, but has it failed yet? NO! So, maybe they’re doing the right thing by testing it out in large cities first before deploying it all over the country (like Verizon did). Can you text and surf at the same time on Verizon’s 3G network? NO!

          Anyway, I only switched to Verizon for their big LTE network and the Galaxy Nexus. And I’m regretting the decision every time the network goes down.

          No, this post was not sponsored by AT&T. I would rather switch to T-Mobile if they have the Galaxy Nexus. 

          • Anonymous

            No. Driving through the country in central parts of my state I have always had 4 bars of 3G. 
            AT&T’s 3G is not fast when your ping is through the roof: http://d.pr/omHS

            AT&T dropps calls like flies near me.
            Can you TALK and surf the web on Verizon 3G? Yes you can. My HTC Thunderbolt can talk and surf on 3G. Who cares? My attention is on the caller.

            I switched to Verizon for the exact same reasons as I said in those reasons above. I have T-Mobile provided by my employer and I love them. Don’t think I am bias for vzw…

          • Go SVDO

            You can text and surf on verizons 3G if your using a Thunderbolt or Rezound as they seem to be supporting SVDO or something like it.  I have been on a Rezound in an area where there was NO 4G LTE, and it was very happy surfing the web while on a call..

      • Mike

        I’m doing the same thing. Coverage and reliability in areas I would use it is the same based on several friends’ AT&T phones. The automatic global capability is a big plus for me too.

        • Open Minded

          I always keep my carrier options open. I’m not blind. I don’t forever
          judge something based on the past. I’ll keep up with the AT&T LTE
          news. Who knows, it may turn out better than Verizon’s LTE.

          • Linden

            I agree. It only hurts you if you keep yourself ignorant of alternatives. Kind of reminds me how some older people still think Hondas and Toyotas are still the most unreliable cars you can buy.

          • Elliot323

            All you guys are retarded, AT&T sucks. Their analog sucked, their 2G sucks, and their 3G sucks, it has sucked in the past and it currently sucks, so based upon that AT&T’s 4G will also suck. Just because Verizon 4G is having some outages as they deploy LTE that absolutely doesn’t mean AT&T’s will be better.

          • Mrboombastic

            i agree. everyones getting all worked up cause verizon had some issues. Tmobile and sprint and Att have way more issues with their networks all the time. Im speaking from expierence since ive had all three before. But ive come to Verizon and hands down they are the best by far. 4g speeds are amazing. Im not switching cause of a few outages.

      • Malus

        Keeping track of AT&T also. Friends using AT&T here also have zero reliability problems.

        *Posted from my laptop tethered to an AT&T phone since my phone has no data right now.

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t change the fact that AT&T blows. 

      • Skinja99

        CDMA does warm handoffs. GSM does not. That is one reason why ATT always has the most dropped calls.

        With CDMA your phone can actually be using two towers at once.

    • Jason Frasier

      I have the Skyrocket on ATT and have never had a problem with data connectivity while in an LTE area, or outside an LTE area for that matter.  It’s been very reliable.  

      • Tony Allen

        Then you must live in a bubble that AT&T loves.. In fact, I know you do, if you’re using AT&T LTE.

        • Jason Frasier

          I guess it’s possible.  I am in the Fort Worth/Dallas, TX area.

    • C’mon MAN?!

      No 4G/3G here in downtown l.a. for the last 3 hours. Wtf? Thought Verizon was America’s most reliable net?

    • Anonymous

      Please stop posting the same comment again and again, you AT&T booster. I’m tired.

      • Zion23

        Tired of not having data? I sure am.

    • Anonymous

      Why would AT&T’s LTE network be any better than their 3G network?  They haven’t been able to provide their customers with a reliable network before so I don’t imagine they will be able to change their ways now.  That is unless they intend on putting copious amounts of their profits into improving infrastructure, which I definitely don’t see happening. 

      • Gus719

        I certainly hope AT&T puts more resources into their LTE network. I wouldn’t want Verizon to have more reason to increase fees and phone prices. Monopolies are bad.

        • GizmoDude

          At this rate Verizon won’t have a monopoly because it seems all carriers are going to be unreliable.

      • richard melcher

        I definitely don’t see it happening especially after they just lost 4 Billion for no good reason. AT&T spends more money bribing congress than updating infrastructure. 

      • Anonymous

        A city here in Michigan that at&t and sprint had dominated just got 3g from at&t this summer. The guys who maintain at&t’s network say they’re terrible about keeping up. The grass isn’t always greener.

    • Nick

      and i just switched from at&t to vz. lol

    • Like any service it is new and experimental. When they open a new tower they run the risk of taking down everything. Once they cover the us it wont be like this anymore.

  • Anonymous

    No signal what-so-ever in Greenwich, CT…

  • Lakeland, FL – 3G only. 

  • William Medina

    only 3g in northampton, ma

  • Fletcher Christian

    Salt Lake City, UT… NO DATA!!!

  • Desert123

    4g down in tampa florida.  Although 4g is spotty here anyway.

    • nah its down this time and really i have no problems with it in tampa

      • Frayserboy

        wrong its definitely always spotty in tampa/clearwater

        • Anonymous

          wrong its not spotty when its up. I have solid 4G LTE from Zephyrhills to Sarasota and everywhere in between. 

          Get something besides a Samsung so youll have a phone with a good radio.

  • Lists Ld1

    Mifi 4g disconnected for last 20 minutes in Austin

  • Adam

    No LTE/3G in NYC for me

  • Anonymous

    GET IT TOGETHER BIG RED!!!!!!! My Nexus is useless w/o 4G!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Boston as well but I have no data of any kind right now.  Maybe it’s phone specific.  I’m on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • None

      I’m about 20miles outside of Boston and both my Xoom and Galaxy Nexus are on 4G as we speak.  

      • Anonymous

        Verizon needs to get their act together.  When I was just in Allston, I had a little 3g and now that I’m back in Cambridge, I’m back to no data at all.  At least I’m back home where I have wifi…

  • techjunkie909

    Scranton PA has 4g Data 

  • Tysoncrosby21

    And I lied, I had 4G when I read this, and then it died….

  • mtdawg

    Service is fine here in ATL. I did have a brief period this morning around 10:30 without service, but it only lasted about ten minutes.

    • I have nothing in North Atlanta

  • verizon is just making sure  no one goes over their data plans

    • lol; I’ve already reach 8GB of data. 

    • David Richins

      I was concerned, I checked last night and I’m pixels away from the 2GB. I have the unlimited plan but I wouldn’t put it past them.

      • Tony Allen

        I surpass 2GB in the first week and a half of every billing cycle, feel free to put it past them. 

      • Anonymous

        I was over 2gb in the first 4 days of owning my nexus.

        • Frankydroid

          I hit 20gb last month xD

  • thefullritz

    No problems here, Rochester, NY right near the airport.

    • thefullritz

      Ok so I lied, no 3g or 4g on my gnex…

  • Verizon


  • Zackhund

    Orange County, California city of Irvine > No Data

  • Cyantific35

    Out here. Galaxy Nexus, Columbus, Ohio. 

  • John Skinner

    in boston, watching netflix on 4g right now

  • Samslmmr

    Outage in Pittsburgh PA

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nexus stuck on 3g in NYC

  • GNex

    4G still strong here in Detroit’s toilet (Toledo, OH).

    • Logan

      You really think that your Detroit’s toilet joke is so funny. I see it in every post related to 4G outages.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty funny.

        • 95cobby

          I rather live in Toledo than Detroit but yea no 4g in Toledo..

          • Cjphil01

            wait, so your 4g isn’t working, but GNex’s 4g in toledo is?  my wifes phone is still on 4g atm.  wonder if it’s phone-related?

          • Bayley

            Actually, Toledo is correctly referred to (by us Detroiters) as the ‘Arm pit of America’. BTW, lost all data thurs afternoon, but was able to get 3G back within a couple hours on my nexus. Wife’s DroidX never lost any 3G data.

          • Cjphil01

            7:33 here in toledo, and 4g is still up. “arm pit of america” is what Kid Rock called Toledo during a concert here.  That went over really well.

          • Bayley

            Of all the ambassadors we could have asked for in Detroit… Kid Rock is one of them. :boo:

            7:40 pm in Oakland county (Waterford) and i’m still stuck with only 3G

          • Madam Reporter

            6:57 p.m. pacific standard time, and I’m still without service as the 4G network is down and I can’t activate my new phone that I purchased at 10:30 this morning!!!!!!!!!!  I’d be on that phone demanding my refund if I had a line to call on.  Thanks Big Red.  This after 7+ years of service…..

  • gNex

    4g out in San Diego

  • WormDoes

    Massachusetts. No 3G/4G, can’t even get 1X

  • 4G is life for me in Chicago

  • 4G is up in Michigan

  • ZorQ

    4G down in San Francisco, requiring a Wi-Fi signal for access to internet. Common MAAAAAN

    • Thelegendodavid

      4g is golden in sf for me. Im getting 25 mbps down right now

      • Vickie97330

        Probably because no one else is on the 4G network LOL!

  • Baker1015 Sc

    Nothing wrong here kokomo, In. 1 hour north of Indy

  • No 3G or 4G in Chicago here.

  • Anonymous

    St. Louis, MO, everything is fine on my Nexus.  Still getting 4G.

    • Demitri99

      NO 4g in STL near il side

  • Andy

    No 4G in Chandler (Phoenix) AZ

    • Roderick Cross

      Yuma AZ no 4G ever.

  • mike

    chicago Il, LTE is on and fast… for now

  • Clarissa

    Brighton Michigan is still up at the moment.

    • Kyle

      I’m from that town!

  • Csdunaway

    No issues in Greenville,SC with my Droid Bionic today.

  • Junglist 313

    Down in Detroit. Not happy.

  • Down here in Houston, Tx. Has anyone noticed this phone doesn’t go to 1x mode? 


    Dam, on 1x… ugh. I love vz and all but why keep expanding if we have this short term outages…?

  • Fallenmaverick

    4G still up in boston

  • Gone in Starkville, MS. 3G gone too.

  • Folliclebear

    No 4G or 3G in Jacksonville, FL…

  • Tim

    Visalia, CA. No 3G (we don’t have 4G yet)

  • Mikesapz

    No 4GLTE in Downtown L.A in Cali!! This month should be free data for everyone!

    • Ditto, but i’m in weho and i have some 4g 

  • Anonymous

    Baltimore Maryland can’t seem to get 4g or 3g.

  • Frankydroid

    No 3g, EVDO, or 4g in Evansville, IN

  • No 3G/4G in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

    • Anonymous

      None for me either…

  • Patrick

    All good around Hartford CT

  • SD Scott

    Carlsbad, CA here and we’re out…

  • Michael Forte

    Just fine here in Sarasota, FL.

  • Jmantucca

    Working here in naperville , il. All say yesterday had trouble with service. Seemed kind of slow.

  • No data here…Central Valley California

  • Yep, Chicago is OUT… It was weird, my WiFi was too and I was like WTF (I just flashed the KANG ROM and thought it was that) *South Loop

  • None

    Maybe regional?  Here not far our of Boston and both devices on 4G without a problem all day.

  • Nerdy Desi

    So much for having the best and most reliable network Verizon, SMH.

  • Bay Area, California, no 3G/4G. Hey Google/Sammy/Verizon, please update to 4.0.3. The baseband firmware on 4.0.2 SUCKS. Battery life is abysmal!

    • Anonymous

      Im in san jose and i have 4G right now

      • Thelegendodavid

        4g is golden for me at the moment

    • Anonymous

      Have you checked the 4.0.3 roms from the developers?  The new radio is also out there for you to install.

      • Anonymous

        Does the 4.0.3 radio work any better?

        • Dshudson


        • Anonymous

          Not that I can tell…. sorry

        • Stating El Obvious

          It works better for the sheep.  But for everyone else its placebo.

      • im waiting for official update, not the leaked 4.0.3 baseband firmware. 

        • Anonymous

          Wow… Part of the fun of the Nexus is not having to wait… I take it you also don’t do roms and such either?  Not everyone wants to do this….

          But I hate to tell you that when you are done waiting and you do get it you will be disappointed for waiting cause you will not notice a difference anyway.

          • Anonymous

            i’d rather wait and be disappointed, than rush it only to be disappointed…even longer than if i had waited…js

          • Anonymous


  • It seems to be down in the DC area.

  • MJ

    All ok here in Baltimore….

    • Shinzo578

       Really? My phone’s down.

  • Des Moines, IA – no data with GNex

  • reyalP

    Mine is still working so far.

  • Sapan Dhora

    For those who have 4g once it goes out and its out for lets say 1 or 2 days are you calling up and asking for a refund of your data plan (Partial obviously). You bought a 4g phone for 4g service and paying accordingly a month. If those services are not available your entitled to a refund. At least that’s how it use to be. 

    • akhi216


    • Irishfascist1986

      How do you figure, your paying accordingly its the same price as 3g besides do you really need another $2 credit on to your bill, its a new network its going to have problems.

      • Sapan Dhora

         $2 Is 2 burritos at Taco Hell. Just saying its probably worth a try for the minor inconvenience. Money is Money.

    • Dgzero9


  • Anonymous

    Orange County, NY is okay (3G & LTE)

  • EC8CH

    still rocking LTE in the 701

  • Ybdri

    Denver no 4/3G on 1X


    • Same here almost, except I can’t even get 1x.

    • D.B.Evans

      Try going into Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Mode … then choose “CDMA Only”.  

      This disables 4G (you’ll need to turn it back on when 4G works again in your area), but at least lets 3G work (note: after making this change, I had to toggle airplane mode on/off for the 3G to kick in again).

      • Anonymous

        @kellex:disqus This should be in the original post.

      • Ybdri

        You’re right! I had switched to CDMA only but I needed to toggle airplane mode. Thanks!

      • Jarred Sutherland

        This only works part of the time. It’s no sure fix, in fact it has never worked for me when there has been an outage. Toggling airplane mode or even rebooting.

        • Anonymous

          You just like to complain.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            How is what I said a complaint? I was giving my experience with toggling CDMA/LTE and airplane mode .. not sure how you consider that a complaint. Whatever though, if you think it’s a complaint don’t read or respond to my posts. Pretty easy to ignore me if you want.

      • worked, thank you !

      • Doreen643

        Awesome tip!  Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Toggling wifi works well too!

  • My 4g is fine for now. Galaxy Nexus Phoenix Arizona

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum


    Here we go again.

  • All good in San Francisco

  • fartbubbler

    me have data.  Central Indiana.

  • heatherd

    Still have 4g here in Pittsburgh

  • wsnydes

    works fine in Minneapolis!

  • Nerdy Desi

    If Verizon keeps saying their network is the greatest, how come none of the other carriers ever get as bad as having ALL data down NATIONWIDE?   > : (

    • Anonymous

      most reliable 3g, first 4g.

      first 4g, not so reliable.

    • akhi216

      Sprint had a nationwide text outage this year. At least you can still text on Verizon.

  • Stephen

    I’m having no problem. Central jersey, rutgers

  • Tysoncrosby21

    In lincoln, ne and i have perfect 4g atm

  • Anonymous

    still have 4g in metro detroit

  • Charleston SC, no 3G, no 4G. Spontaneous 1X = pissed off me

  • Currently working in St. Louis area

    • Anonymous

      Same here. 

  • I was wondering.  I can’t even get 3G in DuPont, WA.

  • DP

    Working fine in boston

  • Ian

    no 3g or 4g in the bronx, nyc… Whatever vz… at this point I just breathe a sigh of relief when I know its not just something I screwed up on my nexus… thanks DL

  • Anonymous

    full 4G on my Nexus in NC.


    Is this gonna delay the Nexus again?

    • Anonymous


    • EC8CH

      Yes… it will “delay” all of our Nexi

      • Anonymous

        Not Getting 4G in Whiterun, or Solidtude

        • Anonymous

          Come to Windhelm.

          • Anonymous

            Ugh I would but me and Ulfric Stormcloak aren’t on the best of terms right now

          • Anonymous

            I can’t see why. Unless, of course, you’re not a member of the Nord master race.

          • Anonymous

            No see I accidentally did the first imperial mission, Stormcloak hates me now

          • Son_of_Skyrim

            Milk drinker…

        • Anonymous

          FUS RO DAH!!!

    • Must be those 3.7 Million New Users

  • Nerdy Desi

    Is there any reason as to why these outages keep happening, and across the entire country no less?

  • Semper Gumby

    4G is still up in Charleston, WV.

  • Anonymous

    I have 4g here outside Boston.

  • no 4g, and can’t get 3g on my GN in SoCal


  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    Yeah it’s not just 4G, my 3G is also no where to be seen. I thought we were on the nations most reliable network…

    • Anonymous

      if you have a 4g phone is uses a different way to authenticate, and this authentication is what keeps going down. its there u just can’t use it. 8-P there are ways with the thunderbolt and charge to have it authenticate the old way while 4g is down.

  • Nerdy Desi

    At least with the last outage just a while back, I could fall back to 3G, nothing here for me.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    Too many Nexi?

  • still have 4g in central new jersey (732) galaxy nexus

  • Chaitanya

    Thank you Verizon!

  • I’m not even getting 3G here in NJ.

    Of course, this is just Big Red’s way of ensuring we don’t go over our data limits. We should be thanking them after all.

    • Anonymous

      if you have a 4g phone is uses a different way to authenticate, and this authentication is what keeps going down. its there u just can’t use it. 8-P

      • Anonymous

        Got a link that explains that Authentication part better? Or can you flesh it out some more? i’m really trying to understand what’s going on here.

    • Anonymous

      go into settings->wireless and networks->network settings, and change it to CDMA only

  • Nerdy Desi

    How is it even possible to have a completely nationwide data outage?

    • Anonymous

      see my comment to slinky.

      • Nerdy Desi

        Have these outages only affected 4G devices or 3G as well? I think even the 3G only devices like iPhones have been affected as well!

        • Anonymous

          not in arizona.

          • Anonymous

            its been 4g authentication, and the 4g sim that has been having problems. Even when in a 3g area it still uses a different authenication to connect to data.

          • Letsmotor

            No4g or 3g in iowa city ia for several hours

          • JJ

            Down here in Dallas, since 4pm. Tried to activate a new 4G phone today and still nada!

          • CMan in TN

            OK here we go again?? Friday 13 th – 5 – 6 PM CDST no 4G no 3G!!!

        • Anonymous

          only 4G devices…i was in the vzw store today(bought an otterbox for my razr) and there were customers with 3G phones having data…iphone 4s, original droids, droid xs…etc. etc.

  • Nerdy Desi

    No 3G nor 4G for my Charge in Houston, Texas. This is ridiculous!   : (