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HTC: All Devices Launched After September 2011 Have Unlockable Bootloaders

Ater finding out that the bootloader of the HTC Rezound could be unlocked using HTCDev’s bootloader unlock tool, our initial reaction was to think that this was a mistake and that it would be fixed shortly. Boy was that reaction wrong, and in a good way. HTC has updated their developer site with the following comment:

All HTC Android devices launched after September 2011 are unlockable. The website will be updated accordingly to reflect this in the coming weeks. We continue to work on models launched prior to September 2011, please check back often for the status of older devices.

So not only was it not a mistake for the Rezound to be unlockable, but going forward, every single HTC device will join the party. That’s a big deal, folks. If only we knew what was on the horizon as far as HTC devices go on Verizon. Well, we sort of have an idea:  the Fireball.

But wait, didn’t Motorola blame Verizon for forcing them into locking bootloaders on the RAZR and every other device from them over the last year? Indeed they did. I wonder if we can talk HTC into teaching Motorola how to grow a pair?

Via:  HTCDev

Cheers everyone!

  • 2years….

    Too bad this comes out now after the Nexus is out. Depending on what you can do with an unlocked HTC, I might have chosen the Rezound. Oh well. Nexus it is for the next two years.

  • steve sutton

    Once you have been unlocked the bootloader on the Incredible 2, how have you rooted it?


  • Mosskingpin

    How is the external speaker on the Rez? Does beats audio package mean it has a better speaker or is it software only? Also, what does the rez extended battery cover look like? Im happy for Htc owners. Moto bashers must remember that Htc just did this. Moti may follow suit give it a month or so…

  • Yoderz

    Price for a Rezound on Amazon shot back up to $249 for an upgrade. They’re backordered as well. Glad I got mine on Wednesday. :o)

  • Jer85008

    And the last shred of regret for purchasing a Rezound instead of a Galaxy Nexus vanishes. Bring on CM9!

  • Jeff Floyd

    So now I’m curious, with this news how does the Rezound Stack up against the Gnex. Obviously have to wait a few months for ICS …… Thought? 

  • Anonymous

    This works on the Thunderbolt also

  • Confirming that this does work for Droid Incredible 2, Just follow the instruction step by step.  Word of warning. Unlocking the Bootloader will do a factory reset, just in case you are unaware.

  • Yoderz

    Thursday Poll:
    Will you be trading in your GNex for a Rezound?

  • Motorola reps said flat out on their official forum that it is Verizon preventing them from allowing unlocked bootloaders. I believe it was Matt that made the posts.

    • Anonymous

      Matt tells people what Moto PR tells him to say

  • Anonymous

    sooo… can we redo the favorite manufacturer poll?

  • Skinja99

    How about the Incredible 2?


    • Anonymous

      Already able to unlock and root through developers’ exploits, although not officially via HTC as with these new ones.

      • steve sutton

        Once you unlock the Dinc2 bootloader, how did you root it?

    • This works for Incredible 2. Unlocked my bootloader half an hour ago. No root tho.

  • Anonymous

    Im going back to HTC for me next phone.

  • I think Moto needs to get with the times and hopefully they’ll soon jump on the bandwagon and start unlocking the Droids and their other phones. HTC just bought themselves a huge fanbase with unlocking all their phones. Give Moto a few and they’ll learn. At least I hope

  • Anonymous

    Extremely happy over this bit of news.  I have both the Rezound and the Nexus and the only reason for buying the Nexus was for the unlocked bootloader followed by ICS.  It’s a shame HTC did not do this earlier because I would have kept the Rezound for myself instead of giving it to my wife.  The Rezound is a good phone but I felt handcuffed to the stock ROM.  Maybe HTC looked at the numbers and told Verizon that Samsung is kicking our asses with the Nexus.  

    2012 could be the year of the unlocked bootloader.  Only Motorola is left to make things right.  I will never buy a phone again with a locked bootloader.  You hear that Motorola? 

    • Baked14

      You’re not gonna buy another phone b/c of the bootloader? I bet they will unlock it now… Just bc of you… only you… just… you… 

      • Anonymous

        Why not? Their has to be more people screaming unlock than people saying NO do not unlock. All the other people just don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them. 

  • Anonymous

    Another reason I will eventually work for HTC.

  • I <3 you HTC! now there is nothing stopping me from the Rezound!

  • Anonymous

    Well, had VZW screwed the pooch and not released the GNexus, I was going to buy a Rezound. I’m not looking back but this is great news. 

    As a former customer of Motorola’s, I always thought that they were lying about being forced to lock bootloaders. Between the crap that spewed from the likes of  Matt on their boards and the overall anti consumer behavior they have exhibited since the launch of the OG Droid, I’m hoping that Jha and crew get boxed up and dropped to the bottom of the ocean once Google moves in.

    • The Moto Razr available overseas has an unlocked bootloader, so it apparently does have something to do with Verizon.  Verizon may not have said that Moto isn’t allowed to do it, but I bet they made it clear that they want the phones locked down.

  • waiting for a 1 click im lazy

  • Anonymous

    Its a matter of principle. +1 sir

  • My decision to have a new phone 2.5 weeks before our illustrious GNexus owners has been vindicated.  Even without perma-root and only “hidden” bloat, I was happy with this phone.  Now I’m ecstatic.  Verizon Navigator isn’t on my phone!  Blockbuster?  GONE!  I’d like to thank my mother, Brandon Sanderson, Chrisy Summers Mramor, the fat kid who puked blueberries in Stand By Me, Mohammad Ali’s second cousin two generations removed, my lovely wife, and all of the extras in the second Matrix movie. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been telling you guys for quite some time now that Motorola’s claims on Verizon forcing them to lock their boot loaders is a cop out, if not a bold faced lie. They lock them up because they have invested so many of their resources in Blur and want you to be forced to use it. Such a convenient excuse for them to use. Would Verizon prefer they lock their boot loader? Without a doubt, yes. But does Verizon force them to lock their boot loaders, and not leave us with the option of ever unlocking it? From the looks of these other devices, no. Don’t buy their garbage. Happy new year!

    • Anonymous

      So why are Motorola phones on other networks unlockable? Even Motorola’s newest phone…the RAZR has an unlockable bootloader outside of the USA. 

      • Anonymous

        Its because Motorola does whatever Verizon tells them because Motorola is Verizons little teachers pet

        • Anonymous

          Correct me if wrong, but wasn’t the Atrix locked/encrypted?  It was only by a leak of from a dev phone or something that allowed it to be unlocked?

  • Kuboo99

    Now I am actually a little torn. Keep my Gnex or return it for a Rezound. My only qualms about the Gnex are not so nice camera and possibly weak glass and material. Decisions decisions.

    • Anonymous

      Well I started with the Rez and traded for the Nex. I missed the way better camera, text reflow, smart dialing, beats, 3g/4g switching and on and on and on….. Well I’m back on the Rezzy!!

  • Legoturtle92

    I may do this to mine later in the week. Thinkin of Cyanogen or waiting for some ICS.

  • Anonymous

    If the Google/Motorola merger goes through I hope the first thing that happens is that Andy Rubin sends a letter to the head of development for android smartphones at Motorola that says, “Time to grow a pair, unlock the bootloaders; kapow bitch…”

    • +1.

    • Anonymous

      I think Andy Rubin will have to go down there and kick Sanjay in the nuts before they unlock bootloades. Droid Life have you asked Motorola to comment on their bootloader stance lately?

      • Anonymous

        But the problem is he doesn’t have any

      • Blootzm3

        +1 fire sanjay and his lieing a$$ . he’s over paid for his position. Motorola would benefit more from quality employees. economy is rough and theirs a ton of unemployed quality peolpe out their to replace him. I nominate kellex if anything else. but don’t let the money turn you kellex keep your basket balls.

    • Evan Knofsky

      You do realize Motorola bootloaders are only locked on VZW right. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m aware, but still Motorola uses the excuse that Verizon told them not to unlock the bootloaders, while at the same time, HTC is in the process of unlocking every device they have regardless of carrier.

        • Anonymous

          You also have to realize that HTC commands the most market share of Android phones sold. Something like 38%(if I remember right) whereas Motorola only has 14%. HTC, as the biggest player can do what they want in a sense. 

          • Anonymous

            That’s not the point. If Verizon wanted to they could just not sell HTC phones because of the bootloaders being unlockable, do they? No. Yet Motorola insists that Verizon won’t sell their phones with unlockable bootloaders. The point being that if Motorola had 38% of the market and HTC had 14% I would argue that Motorola would still blame Verizon and HTC wouldn’t care what Verizon said.

          • Anonymous

            Ok whatever. You totally missed the point of my post or are just too stupid to get it. Do you have Aspergers or are you just stupid?

            Why would you stop selling the largest market share? Would Verizon and AT&T stop selling the iPhone if apple went against the grain in some way? Nopes. Motorola is the SMALLEST manufacturer of Android phones of the “big 3”. So do you tell the company that sells ur products what to do when they have two other manufactuers that already sell more product than you do? YOU would make a GREAT CEO then. I hear RIM is hiring.

            Nobody likes locked bootloaders I agree but Moto couldnt afford to rub Verizon the wrong way yet…..not until Google finishes swallowing them up.

  • allan

    couldn’t one person use this tool to unlock then make a patch or a one click method to unlock the rest without doing this to void thier warranty? 

    • Anonymous

      Still voids your warranty

  • Anonymous

    I voted for HTC as my favorite manufacturer on that pole DL took a couple of days ago…this is exactly why.

    • Anonymous

      As did I sir! I’m back to the Rezound again from the Nexus! So happy about this news!!

  • Hudu

    What’s Motorola’s excuse now?

    • Anonymous


    • allan

      google made us do it.wait dammit can’t use that excuse.

    • Jason Purp

      Motorola apparently rides Verizon’s d*ck, and the other way around as well. If Verizon doesn’t like unlockable bootloaders, Motorola will be sure to not include them on VZW phones. I’m sure that by HTC doing this, Verizon will advertise their phones even less, just like what they’re doing with the Galaxy Nexus. Subtle advertising.

      • Anonymous

        For reals. I went to get mine and their was not a single ad in either store I went to. I pointed it out to the rep that sold me mine and he was like I didn’t even notice that, hmmm… Their is a guy with a job who decided these things. Wherever he is he’s probably a douch that loves the color red and was a fan of George Bush. This phone deserves just as much credit as the Razr does it not? Is it not just as good if not better than the Razr? Pfff, you guys decide.

      • Edwin M

        It’s funny you say that. My friend manages a VZW kiosk in a BJ’s and he told me they didn’t receive any real advertising posters for GNex or Rezound. They have little flyers for those 2 and they have huge posters for RAZR. I unlocked the Rezound bootloader last night and rooted it too.

    • Anonymous

      To be fair most Motorola phones outside of Verizon are unlockable. Hell even the GSM RAZR is unlockable. 

      • Blootzm3

        so…. whats that got to do with the locked bootloaders on Verizon. They still need to grow some basketballs on the Verizon network, kinda like Samsung and HTC. Motorola gets no love from my wallet

    • Tyler Cameron


  • Michael Forte

    Yeah but don’t the phones still have S-On after using this unlock tool? Basically means no custom kernels or changing of radios, plus HTC knows you unlocked your bootloader, rendering your warranty useless.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone knows that’s the risk you take. And yet, I really don’t seem to care…

    • Anonymous

      Moot point…your warranty is voided no matter which method you use for unlocking/rooting…take responsibility for your actions!!!

      • HTCMAN

        Not exactly, as long as you put it back to stock and unroot you can still use the warranty. I’ve done this a few times already

        • Anonymous

          So basically you’re stating how you have no ethics…unlocking/rooting voids your warranty period end of discussion…just because you cheated and went back to stock to fool someone doesn’t make it the right thing to do

          • Jrummy16

            There is NOTHING wrong with rooting your phone. *Thinking* you bricked your phone and then lying about it to get a replacement is another story.

          • Anonymous

            hell no there’s nothing wrong with rooting…then how could i have flashed your roms on my now retired OG? but i do take responsibility for my actions…heck the guys at my vzw store know i’m rooted and unlocked with my gnex

          • Baked14

            I did this once back in the day. they knew i rooted it though. the boot animation was the “Liberty” animation. 

          • It’s unethical to NOT accept a warranty claim that’s due to a legitimate factory defect and not due to root simply because they’re covering their butt. Trusted dev builds like CM have always run better than stock for me and are less likely to “cause damage.”

          • Anonymous

            If you unroot and restore everything back to stock you really shouldn’t be voided out of a warranty or more importantly be judged as being a “cheat.” If you hard brick your device (which is really hard to do via ROMs and kernels) and then try to use your warranty that’s a different story.

            Either way, fastboot oem unlock >> HTCDev.com. You should be able to unlock your device without having to incorporate 3rd party tools and services.

    • Robertstewart84

      You can flash kernels via fastboot no radios unless they are signed though

      • Kaptain75329

        So if you were able to obtain a signed radio (let’s say a dev pulls one from an official OTA or something) could you then take that radio file and flash it via fastboot with S-On?