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Low Volume Levels Driving You Nuts with the Galaxy Nexus? Volume+ is Here to Save the Day


If there was one complaint that we have seen on numerous occasions and has actually affected our experience personally, it’s the low volume issue on the Galaxy Nexus. It’s tough to tell if this was Google or Samsung’s doing, but one thing is clear, the external speaker just doesn’t get loud enough. That’s where Volume+ comes in to play, as recommended by a number of readers over the last week. While I’ll be diving into it throughout the day myself, I would recommend that you check out the comments and reviews for the app to see for yourself that this appears to be the second coming of some speaker-fied holy figure for G-Nexes. It’s fairly inexpensive as a paid app, just make sure you read the directions at first boot to understand what’s going on.

Market Links:  Paid ($1.62) | Free

Cheers Adam!

  • Klaine

    Not JB compatible
    Hate this phone for that reason ( hearing nexus4 ain’t better. Why can’t Google get it together

  • Can anyone tell me if I should get razor ,Nexus or rezound to be happy…rezound justwent down to 199 ..i want to be ableto  play my phone videos to my hd tv easily..should i just get a bionic?

    • TC Infantino

      I would say that the Rezound is the best out there currently.  It is what I have and the specs meet or beat what the Galaxy Nexus has to offer.  720p HD screen, unlockable bootloader, fast processor, with 16gb internal + up to 32gb removable SD card storage. And the beats earbuds are kinda nice too.  It has plenty of accessories, including a car dock that has a built in charging port.  It is what I went with, even before HTC announced that the bootloader could be unlocked.

  • Jernst

    I’ve been using paid version for a few days at volume +8. Has anyone experienced speaker damage?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t find any issue with the external speaker volume.  It is actually just a bit louder than my Incredible 2 (still not an OG Droid though).  What I do find issue with is the speaker location/enclosure.  There are only two small ports facing one direction on a smooth surface.  Apparently the phone is quite tightly packed, as the sound is almost completely attenuated by the lightest of pressure over both slits. 

    Maybe I will see if there is a tear-down and see if there may be a way to enlarge the openings a bit or add another.  Just a thought.

  • Dshudson

    That app sucks.. I got a refund. 

  • Jrm5021

    When actually making a call, does anyone else have trouble hearing the other person? does volume+ fix this as well or does it simply make the rear speaker louder?

    • Ulnek75

      weird cause i find my nexus was much clearer than my incredible.  not sure if it’s the 4g but i like that i can now hear people clearer.

  • Hh

    Boys and girls, try a factory reset. It cured it for me.

  • Chris

    puhahahaha! so sad you have to download an app that charges for what should be in the first place, yet we say Android is the best. whatever.

  • No, I do not think it has reception issues I know it does. I am on my second GNex and yes I can go several places and pull 45mbps down on the GNex and my Droid Charge also gets around the same in those spots. However, I can say testing using my Droid Charge, Thunderbolt and Xoom 4G that the GNex gets between 20-40 dBm less then other comparable phones. Which in alot of cases means no 4G signal at all. My Droid Charge which basically has the same radio does alot better with signal. Hell there are places where my GNex cant get a 4G signal and the rest of my devices have a strong signal. I have even tried the new radios EK06 and EK04. These seem to help Latency issues but does little to improve signal acquisition or quality of the signal (strength)

    • Anonymous

      I had my buddy’s Razr next to my GNex over the weekend side by side in a
      low reception 3G area. My GNex showed 1 bar at best, his showed 3 bars.
      Ran speed tests and opened web sites – both worked the same. Both
      showed -93 and -103 dBm throughout.

      But I’m not disputing your findings, it’s unfortunate considering how much we all love all other aspects of the phone.

      • Like I said this is my second GNex and I am not sure were you are located but since i had gotten mine (launch day) I have tested all over Cincinnati, OH in 68 locations and all my other devices have considerably better signal. As I said before there are times my GNex can not acquire a signal and our Samsung Droid charge is pulling down 30mbps or better with -76dBm signal strength. I like to compare it more with the Droid charge since it is also a Samsung and uses basically the same radio. However my stock Thunderbolt and Motorola Xoom also perform closely with the Droid Charge

        • Anonymous

          my wife has the Charge. It’s been pulling the same reception as my GNex just with fewer bars. The GNex also appears to switch faster from 3G to LTE and vice versa than the Charge.

          I live right near the borders of NY, NJ and PA (60 mi north of NYC). The only area the GNex has frustrated me has been near the PA border – where I would usually only pull 1x with my OG. I don’t care so much if the GNex is pulling less reception as long as it gets it. Maybe they really are testing new radios? I’ve heard from some folks on this site that they were testing the new radios on top of 4.0.3 as well as 4.1 and reception issue were fixed.


    This is wonderful. Works like a charm.

  • GF1Fanatic

    The PowerAMP does an amazing job increasing the music volume, so obviously it’s a software issue with other sounds. Google should provide a fix. Otherwise, the GN is fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    My phone crashed (rebooted itself) 3 times when I had Volume+ running and I accessed the stock music player’s equalizer settings. When I stopped the process before opening the equalizer there was no issue.

  • Rmreeves23

    Tried free verison amd it didnt seem to make any difference. Also using ringtones and notifications pulled from the Galaxy S II

  • Serpico

    I’m confused – the Market says no ICS support and root suggested. Yet it works on ICS non-rooted correct?

  • Anonymous

    Equalizer from SA Labs worked a lot better for me.

  • Kelly

    just found out why it was not working for me, I was missing this step
    settings –> sound –> music effects –> volume+

  • Howard Eastbay

    this does not work

  • Guest

    If it says right in the software that we should always “be careful” even when just using the +8 increase… why does it continue to go until to +20????

    • PC_Tool

      Because on some ROMs or phones, it works?

  • In the free version, the Dev says that it will only work on GB and not on any other version. I have a feeling this is going to be a hit or miss type of program (for now).

  • Yeap !I know it!

  • Anonymous

    The free version works very well and makes it just right volume wise. Its flawless on the 9 different roms I’ve tried in the past week of owning my gnexus. Now all I need some ics for my xoom4g and my android wishes will be satisfied.