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Low Volume Levels Driving You Nuts with the Galaxy Nexus? Volume+ is Here to Save the Day


If there was one complaint that we have seen on numerous occasions and has actually affected our experience personally, it’s the low volume issue on the Galaxy Nexus. It’s tough to tell if this was Google or Samsung’s doing, but one thing is clear, the external speaker just doesn’t get loud enough. That’s where Volume+ comes in to play, as recommended by a number of readers over the last week. While I’ll be diving into it throughout the day myself, I would recommend that you check out the comments and reviews for the app to see for yourself that this appears to be the second coming of some speaker-fied holy figure for G-Nexes. It’s fairly inexpensive as a paid app, just make sure you read the directions at first boot to understand what’s going on.

Market Links:  Paid ($1.62) | Free

Cheers Adam!

  • Klaine

    Not JB compatible
    Hate this phone for that reason ( hearing nexus4 ain’t better. Why can’t Google get it together

  • Can anyone tell me if I should get razor ,Nexus or rezound to be happy…rezound justwent down to 199 ..i want to be ableto  play my phone videos to my hd tv easily..should i just get a bionic?

    • TC Infantino

      I would say that the Rezound is the best out there currently.  It is what I have and the specs meet or beat what the Galaxy Nexus has to offer.  720p HD screen, unlockable bootloader, fast processor, with 16gb internal + up to 32gb removable SD card storage. And the beats earbuds are kinda nice too.  It has plenty of accessories, including a car dock that has a built in charging port.  It is what I went with, even before HTC announced that the bootloader could be unlocked.

  • Jernst

    I’ve been using paid version for a few days at volume +8. Has anyone experienced speaker damage?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t find any issue with the external speaker volume.  It is actually just a bit louder than my Incredible 2 (still not an OG Droid though).  What I do find issue with is the speaker location/enclosure.  There are only two small ports facing one direction on a smooth surface.  Apparently the phone is quite tightly packed, as the sound is almost completely attenuated by the lightest of pressure over both slits. 

    Maybe I will see if there is a tear-down and see if there may be a way to enlarge the openings a bit or add another.  Just a thought.

  • Dshudson

    That app sucks.. I got a refund. 

  • Jrm5021

    When actually making a call, does anyone else have trouble hearing the other person? does volume+ fix this as well or does it simply make the rear speaker louder?

    • Ulnek75

      weird cause i find my nexus was much clearer than my incredible.  not sure if it’s the 4g but i like that i can now hear people clearer.

  • Hh

    Boys and girls, try a factory reset. It cured it for me.

  • Chris

    puhahahaha! so sad you have to download an app that charges for what should be in the first place, yet we say Android is the best. whatever.

  • No, I do not think it has reception issues I know it does. I am on my second GNex and yes I can go several places and pull 45mbps down on the GNex and my Droid Charge also gets around the same in those spots. However, I can say testing using my Droid Charge, Thunderbolt and Xoom 4G that the GNex gets between 20-40 dBm less then other comparable phones. Which in alot of cases means no 4G signal at all. My Droid Charge which basically has the same radio does alot better with signal. Hell there are places where my GNex cant get a 4G signal and the rest of my devices have a strong signal. I have even tried the new radios EK06 and EK04. These seem to help Latency issues but does little to improve signal acquisition or quality of the signal (strength)

    • Anonymous

      I had my buddy’s Razr next to my GNex over the weekend side by side in a
      low reception 3G area. My GNex showed 1 bar at best, his showed 3 bars.
      Ran speed tests and opened web sites – both worked the same. Both
      showed -93 and -103 dBm throughout.

      But I’m not disputing your findings, it’s unfortunate considering how much we all love all other aspects of the phone.

      • Like I said this is my second GNex and I am not sure were you are located but since i had gotten mine (launch day) I have tested all over Cincinnati, OH in 68 locations and all my other devices have considerably better signal. As I said before there are times my GNex can not acquire a signal and our Samsung Droid charge is pulling down 30mbps or better with -76dBm signal strength. I like to compare it more with the Droid charge since it is also a Samsung and uses basically the same radio. However my stock Thunderbolt and Motorola Xoom also perform closely with the Droid Charge

        • Anonymous

          my wife has the Charge. It’s been pulling the same reception as my GNex just with fewer bars. The GNex also appears to switch faster from 3G to LTE and vice versa than the Charge.

          I live right near the borders of NY, NJ and PA (60 mi north of NYC). The only area the GNex has frustrated me has been near the PA border – where I would usually only pull 1x with my OG. I don’t care so much if the GNex is pulling less reception as long as it gets it. Maybe they really are testing new radios? I’ve heard from some folks on this site that they were testing the new radios on top of 4.0.3 as well as 4.1 and reception issue were fixed.


    This is wonderful. Works like a charm.

  • GF1Fanatic

    The PowerAMP does an amazing job increasing the music volume, so obviously it’s a software issue with other sounds. Google should provide a fix. Otherwise, the GN is fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    My phone crashed (rebooted itself) 3 times when I had Volume+ running and I accessed the stock music player’s equalizer settings. When I stopped the process before opening the equalizer there was no issue.

  • Rmreeves23

    Tried free verison amd it didnt seem to make any difference. Also using ringtones and notifications pulled from the Galaxy S II

  • Serpico

    I’m confused – the Market says no ICS support and root suggested. Yet it works on ICS non-rooted correct?

  • Anonymous

    Equalizer from SA Labs worked a lot better for me.

  • Kelly

    just found out why it was not working for me, I was missing this step
    settings –> sound –> music effects –> volume+

  • Howard Eastbay

    this does not work

  • Guest

    If it says right in the software that we should always “be careful” even when just using the +8 increase… why does it continue to go until to +20????

    • PC_Tool

      Because on some ROMs or phones, it works?

  • In the free version, the Dev says that it will only work on GB and not on any other version. I have a feeling this is going to be a hit or miss type of program (for now).

  • Yeap !I know it!

  • Anonymous

    The free version works very well and makes it just right volume wise. Its flawless on the 9 different roms I’ve tried in the past week of owning my gnexus. Now all I need some ics for my xoom4g and my android wishes will be satisfied.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I just have really good hearing but it’s loud enough for me.

  • where are all the people complaining about this phone being worked on for 10 months and it still has problems and how unacceptable that is? 

    • They are all over…but who cares people are going to complain about everything…I like the phone that’s all I care about ..don’t care about what other people think

    • Tim242

      Exactly! This phone has waaaaaaay too many issues. They bash any other phone with issues. They are like iSheep.

      • Anonymous

        what issues? The low volume is an issue but not a deal breaker. The reception issues are a false positive – I had my buddy’s Razr next to my GNex over the weekend side by side in a low reception 3G area. My GNex showed 1 bar at best, his showed 3 bars. Ran speed tests and opened web sites – both worked the same. Both showed -93 and -103 dBm throughout.

        Reception Deception

        • Well you must have gotten lucky with the one you received. I have two other friends here where I live that have the same issues. But I am glad you have found a unit without reception issue/hand off issues.

          • Anonymous

            Where I live and my commute to work (I also travel for work all within my company’s service territory) is always strange. There’s always hand offs that drop data for periods, happened with every phone and carrier I’ve ever had since living in the area.

            I will say that the GNex always appears to have a weaker signal but when I place it side by side with another LTE phone (2x with 2 phones) it was very close either way.

            The positives on the phone outweigh its 2 negatives (reception and low volume) so I’m keeping it. But I can completely empathize with anyone having such issues.

    • Honestly, I don’t care about the issues. All products have issues. It is the greatness of the Android Developers out there that make this device so desirable to me. Easily rooted and flashed a ROM over holiday. This device will get more support from the Devs than Google or Samsung and I am perfectly OK with that. I just wish my wife’s nook tablet would get the same love. Just rooted that is she is EXTREMELY happy with it, just wish I could give her more of a tablet experience.

    • richard melcher

      Who cares, long as the issues are fixable by the Dev community ship it! 

      I hate plastic Samsung phones and did not buy the Nexus because I love Samsung. I bought this phone because its has the ability to be all it can be, not because of some cheap plastic loving Korean company but because of the awesome Dev community. 

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I tried the free version on my GNex but it made no difference. Is it the paid version that works?

  • Works as advertised on my stock, unrooted and locked #GalaxyNexus. If you’re having difficulties, be sure to get the full version here http://androidaudiohacks.com/?page_id=2 and read and follow the in-app setup instructions.

    I’ve noticed dramatic volume improvement by setting the level to 7. One small caveat: increasing the volume definitely increases distortion, you can definitely tell that the speakers are operating near their limits. While it works, my guess is if you use the high volume a lot you might end up destroying the speakers eventually. I love the phone but it isn’t exactly built like a rock.

  • JeffG

    Hey DL’ers, I hope hope hope someone can help me. I love the phone, had it in my cart three minutes after it went on sale. BUT I need some help. I set up adb and sdk, I unlocked the phone following directions and did have the ‘waiting for device’ issue which i finally worked around and the phone is recognized ie.,when i adb device it is seen by my computer, but I cannot seem to figure out how to hook it up to my laptopto move files etc. I can only connect as a camera. I am on windows xp, and unless i have the ptp box checked my laptop will not connect, and when it does I do in factsee the phones files etc, BUT i cannot move a file into the phone. I tried to install a wallpaper apk today and i cant drag the apk file from my computer to the phone. I hooked up the phone to my sons windows 7 computer and it installed all its drivers itself and was recognized as both a mtp and ptp, . but i put the apk in the phone 
    when i try to connect with the mtp box checked my computer says hardware failed to install and even when i brows to the locaton of my drivers (which i thought was the ‘android_windowsusb the file that was replaced when following the sdk instructions to unlock i thhink).
    So can someone tell me how to connect the phone to my computer windows xp as a MTP not a camera please???  Or tell me where the proper driver files are ?
    Thaks I have learned so much from this site I hope someone can help now. feel free to hit me via email if you want, thanks!

    • Jon-Robinson

      If you haven’t already… try downloading this driver.

      • Jeff G

        i did dl that file. it was an .exe so i opened it and it installed a folder to my computer that was filled with folders (25 folders), i could not see which one if any had the actual driver in it, so when i browse to that folder to install the driver manually i cannot figure out which file is the actual driver, any ideas? and thank you very very much for answering, i kind of expected more than one person to do so as I have seen so much generosity here in the past. thanks again 

        • Anonymous

          Windows XP’s MTP drivers are somehow tied to windows Media Player. If you’re on XP and using v10 or older download and install v11.

          • Jeffgallop

            Thanks for the tip.I was about to do that when the Samsung tech guy had me uncheck the debugging box. That fixed it, go figure

    • JeffG

      Just fyi, i got online with samsung support and he had me uncheck the usb debugging box in settings and guess what, now my computer and my shiny new wonderful nexus cantalk to each other and transfer all sorts of goodies!  so if anyone else id having this issue, just uncheck the debugging box. and i was able to go back and check it again and the phone and computer can still play with each ither. thanks everyone??

  • n0m0n

    Hmm, I have the paid version of Volume+ (Sound Boost) installed on my GN and it doesn’t seem to make my ringtones louder.
    It also crash’s and I get a message saying that unfortunately Volume+ has closed.

    Can anyone please share what settings need to be at to get this volume louder?


    • Kelly

      Just found out why it wasn’t working for me, I was missing this step:
      settings –> sound –> music effects –> volume+

  • Did anyone mention that you can get the full version for free on the developer’s site?
    I read all the comments and didn’t see anything.
    Although I still suggest supporting the dev buying the app if you appreciate what it does for you.
    This does work very well for me at level 10-11.  Particularly made netflix much more watchable.

  • Ghuegel

    On my G-nex, my screen went blank when I initiated a phone call… anyone else experience this?

    Solution seemed to be a reboot.  Cause, I guess, was programs not updated to work with ICS.  Any other ideas?

  • Dshudson

    No, what is driving me crazy is the 3min it takes to go from 3g to 4g giving me no service.. They better fix this asap.. so annoying.. other than that I love this phone.. 

    • Stephen

      4.0.3 and the new radio connect much, much faster

      • alphabets13

        4.03 has been released?

        • Stephen

          If you are rooted, then a lot of devs have released 4.0.3.  The new radio file isn’t in those builds though AFAIK.  I got the new radio from this site.

          Even if you’re not rooted, just know that there is much improvement to look forward to in 4.0.3.

          • Dshudson

            i have 4.0.2 with the new radio’s.. let me stop lacking and download a ROM with 4.0.3.. maybe it will help

  • Anonymous

    So this is all we get today, Kellex? A watch and something that increases volume? Feels like retirement. 😛

  • Marty

    My Galaxy Nexus is stock and works great!  Finally I can hear when I am contacted! Thanks for the info!

    • Kelly

      what level did you use, I also have stock, and +4 didnt seem to do anything. in the instructions it said that only up to +4 would work on stock, the other levels only in custom roms

      • Marty

        The download instructions were a bit confusing, so try going to 


        • Kelly

          thank you Marty!  I was missing this step:

          settings –> sound –> music effects –> volume+

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty clear to me that this is WHY YOU PURCHASE THE GALAXY NEXUS for the community that will exist for this device. This will be better than the OG EVO community I belonged too when I owned the EVO 4G and EVO 3D. Nothing beats the GALAXY NEXUS any and all related issues will be TAKEN CARE OF you can TRUST IN THAT….

    • Tim242

      No longer singing Sprint’s praises, eh? I knew you’d come around : ) This Nexus falls short though. I had to return it.

  • Chris

    disabled the musicfx, didnt see a difference, now musicfx is gone and settings crashes when I go to sound effects in settings……..help

  • Doesn’t work with some ROMs …Droid Th3ory just fixed it in one of his latest releases so it’ll be something the devs need to fix if you’re rooted/rom’d otherwise it just fc’s and doesnothing

    • PC_Tool

      Works fine on RootzBoat v5.

  • Anonymous

    Did nothing on my unrooted G-Nex. The developer said that would be the case but so many people in the comments insisted it works that I gave it a try anyway.


    • Kelly

      same here

      • Kelly

        Just found out why it wasn’t working for me, I was missing this step:
        settings –> sound –> music effects –> volume+

  • Tim242

    Anything out there to fix abysmal battery life? How bout the battery cover that stops latching at the bottom? No? What about the less than average screen responsiveness? I’d ask about the lower than normal dBm…but Verizon already has a “fix” on the way for that. *rolls eyes*

    • Guest

      are you angelFAGGIT77’s brother??

      • Tim242

        No…his lover : )

        • Guest

          sounds like it!

    • 3g….the only thing that kills my battery is if it keeps switching from 3g to 4g so if not in a good 4g area just put it into 3g saves my battery on about 12 hrs….

      • Tim242

        I was in nothing but 3G. Drained about a percent per minute, just browsing.

        • Did you shut the LTE off completely in the network settings? otherwise it’s going to still be on and looking for a signal

          • Tim242

            That is a huge misconception. The LTE radio is not constantly looking for signal. It only switches upon tower handoff. I never have this draining issue with my Thunderbolt. If people in 3G only areas needed to turn off 4G to get past 2 hrs of battery use, there would be a huge problem that Verizon would have to addreas.

          • Not sure what your issue is then…i’ve been getting a good amount if life when i turn my lte off and just keep it to 3g and wifi…even with LTE on i tend to get 6-8 hours and I’ve had my phone off charger at almost 18 with life still left with it on 3g…I’m rooted rom’d and running setcpu profiles so i’m sure that’s contributing but doesn’t seem like it’s this extreme

    • Seriously though, other than a just-less-than-average battery life, I’ve had none of these issues. And for Christ’s sake, powerful phones with big screens require powerful batteries. Just gotta deal with it.

      • Tim242

        My Thunderbolt lasts all day with moderate use. The Nexus lasts 2-3 hrs.

        • Cam

          Are you exaggerating? I can’t imagine my GN only going 2-3 hours unless  was playing a game on it while making a 2-3 hour call. Not saying that the phone doesn’t need optimizing in terms of battery usage (and signal issues); it totally does, but it’s not 2-3 hours bad.

          • Yeah…Never seen 2-3 hours and I’ve been pretty heavy on it ..I tend to get around 6-8 with the LTE on and a lot more when I turn it to CDMA only, which I tend to do since most places i frequent have wifi and if i feel i need the 4g speed i’ll turn it on but it’s not necessary for posting to twitter etc

      • It’s average for a LTE device…Some of the ROMs/Kernels are seeing improvement but if you’re on 4G  the radio will murder your battery..plus i heard rumors the 4.0.3 introduced some battery drain so i’m guessing it’ll improve as they work on ICS

  • Dchurco

    Does any one have their screen lock up where the touch does not work, but the physical buttons do? Then after a while the touch starts again? This is happening to me all the time. Not sure if it is a problem with the phone, or a software glitch?

    • Dshudson

      Once and a while.. 

  • Alphabets13

    huge difference. i have it set to +9 and it is fantastic. youtube vids seemed low prior…now it’s too loud!!

  • Lakerzz

    What really worked for me was this app, and I downloaded Zedge and search for “tinkerbell” in notifications, and now never miss a text. (Lol, “tinkerbell”!!)

  • For a ringtone try Persius and notification try Ceti Alpha. Persius can be hear easily throughout my house. Volume is fine for me.

  • Yea I’m a big podcast listener…so this was a great find.There were a few of these in the Marketplace and the reason I went with this one was because the first 4 reviews were from Nexus owners.Works great…just follow the directions they give.

  • Itchy

    Makes no audible difference on my unlocked rooted Nexus running 4.0.2.   Not that my volume levels were that bad to begin with.  But this doesn’t do a thing.  Tried both the free and the paid versions.   Tried unselecting Music FX.   Still no difference.   

  • Anonymous

    Downloading now. Awesome find. Now if we can just get the screen quality to look as good as the iPhone and the whites to be WHITE and get rid of the damn striations, I’ll be even more in love with this phone than I am already. 

    • I find keeping my brightness at a little lower than half the screen gets rid of the screen weirdness….just because auro brightness always keeps it too low

      • Anonymous

        Yea, you’re right on about the auto setting, not good except at night. My problem is not just that though, it’s striations and gradients at any setting. Something I’m not used to but seem to find as a normal occurrence in searching for it. I’m happy with the phone, but I just can’t seem to find anything that beats the visual accuracy and quality of the fruit devices. (we’re talking personal opinion here, not scientific algorithms) 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Really thank God for this app!

  • Anonymous

    This is slightly unrelated but does anyone elses phone make a slight buzzing noise when the phone vibrates or makes haptic feed back? Not a noise coming from the speakers, but a noise that comes from the vibration mechanism inside the device. Its really only noticeable when its quiet, I usually notice it when typing at night. 

    I used a Droid X for about month and did the same thing and it drove my crazy but fortunately its not as noticeable on the Nexus. I’m posting this because i’m curious if only my galaxy nexus does this or if they all do.

    • Anonymous

      The vibrations are created by a tiny motor spinning an unbalanced counter-weight.  A slight buzzing noise is completely normal.

    • sound settings you can turn off the press tones…you’re not imagining them there are lil tones when you press on the screen

      • Anonymous

        This sound is created by the vibration mechanism, the noise is caused by hardware, not software. And yes i hear it when the phone is on silent.

        • well the vibration itself will cause a slight noise…but if it seems overly loud may have some peice of casing loose causing extra noise..dunno i’ve never noticed anything outside of a slight buzzing from the vibration of the haptic

  • confused

    So does this not work with stock out of the box Gnex ? Do you need root and unlocked bootloader ?

    • Anonymous

      yes, works with stock (i know first hand)

    • Gary Pasler

      It works stock, EXCEPT for in-call level adjustment (root required) & I have no problems with in-call (I use bluetooth 99% of time anyways).   Follow tutorial on first run.

      I found it a bit flaky in regards to bluetooth (music) volume boost.   I kept it off & just use music player EQ.

      This app, and Light Flow (to set notification light colors & sounds) are must have for G-Nex!

  • This is a great solution to the volume issue. But has anyone found a solution to the very weak vibrate issue? I usually have my phone on vibrate 24/7 but the vibrate on the G-Nex is sooo weak. 


    im running stock and it works gr8 for me…. strange. stock ics on galaxy nexus

  • can’t wait until ICS is fully supported.

  • didn’t work for me guess cuz i’m stock

    • Blootzm3

      so am I. check your settings, and disable musicfx.apk and any other equilizers your useing, then make sure volume+ is set not past +11

    • Anonymous

      FYI – works for me, running stock – downloaded straight to phone from dev site

      • PC_Tool

        The one from dev site is not the free one from the market.   The one from teh dev site is the paid market version.


    yea i noticed the same. 11 is the highest volume i could achieve before it cut out. went 12 and it cut back down, so its safe to stay where im at with 11 but i love this. that was my only gripe that speaker and earpiece quality was set way too low and its more than capable of being louder its default setting is just toooo low.. good thing for this!

  • Anonymous

    Went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra the other night. The video in HD was beautiful, but the audio was extremely distorted. Tried Volume+ (it did work for loudness) and a couple of equalizer apps, but nothing helped. Anyone have any ideas to try and fix the distortion in the future?  Anyone else have this distortion problem?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve tried to record concerts on many phones and usually when the sounds are just too loud, the mics just can’t deal with the decibels and it distorts the sound. 

      • Anonymous

        that’s what I thought except my son’s iphone recorded just fine.


    flawless. set mine to 11 and it matched the quality of my razr. both the gnex and razr sound great now…………

  • 朋友,是你让我来看看的。

  • Iseenolight

    There’s app for that … to fix every flaw with device.
    Why they don’t make it right first time?

    • TheRealBeesley

      Its hard to please everyone.  Someone, somewhere, is going to have a problem with something.  thats Just the way it works..

    • Maybe because a device manufacturer can’t possibly please everyone…?

  • Ewolf16

    The touch sounds are so low i cant hear them in a quiet room. All other sounds are ok. I cant get volume+ to make touch sounds louder

  • Anonymous

    I doubt its a function of the speakers thats the problem. Videos etc are fine. Its just the notifications and ringtone…and gps thats very very hard to hear. I hope a dev will fix this or maybe a nexus update

  • Anonymous

    only thing i was interested in was increasing my music volume on speaker and it doesnt seem to be doing that..Downloaded from dev site ….works perfect on gnex…still playing with it

    • For me the volume seems really low on Netflix, but loud with notifications and such as long as its on maximum. The speaker is too easily muffled imo which is probably causing some people’s problems

  • Lakerzz

    A little bit off topic, but I just have to say that this phone has brought back that OG Droid nostalgic feeling!!! This unlocked bootloader is so much fun. (My wife will beg to differ though))

    • Blootzm3

      tears are almost falling from my eyes of good memories returned thanks to the nexus

  • Lakerzz

    This app has been great…I just wish I can borrow the awesome wallpaper Kellex has on some of the Galaxy Nexus screenshots from previous posts. I’ll give it back when i’m done. 😛

  • Anonymous

    App keeps crashing – how do you disable DSPManager andor MusicFX?

    • Anonymous

      Got a refund, will re-purchase when the dev updates for ICS.

    • Freeze with Titanium Backup

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I don’t see it in Titanium either…..?

  • Zebra

    I’ve found the volume is fine. Its the stock ringtones that are quiet. Listen to the Pyxis ringtone…much louder than the others and plenty loud enough.

    • Anonymous

      you’re absolutely right. I downloaded a few ringtones and notification sounds and find them about 50% louder than the preloaded ones.

      • That may be the case, but the Volume when listeing to music or YouTube videos through the speakers was pathetic. 

        • Anonymous

          I think it’s the speaker. When I connect the phone to my car stereo I notice I use about the same volume level on my car stereo (phone turned all the way up) as I did with my OG.

  • Guest

    The app description says it only works on Gingerbread with custom ROMs.  The Nexus is an ICS device. Is anyone using on a bone stock Galaxy Nexus?

    • Bob

      Curious to know as well.

    • gingerbread and above. works perfect on nexus

      • are you stock?  i wouldn’t say “perfect.”  there’s a lot of functionality (like above +10… and the equalizer settings) that don’t seem to be working correctly.

        …regardless, very cool in the interim.

    • TheRealBeesley

      It works on the nexus just fine.  It was developed for 2.3 OS, meaning it wont work on anything UNDER Gingerbread.. but I assure you, it works on 4.0

    • The Free version is working fine on My Nexus (stock)

    • i am and it does raise the volume. have to check my settings again though because i didn’t see volume settings to +12, +13. lol

      • TheRealBeesley

        after you go too high, it cuts out anyway and just stops working.  stay in the +9 +10 range. I believe this is part of why so many are having issues.  (they go too high)

        • Anonymous

          I noticed the same thing when i went higher than 11

          • But these all go to 11.

          • Anonymous

            Idk what version u have but the paid market version goes to +15

          • That one went right over your head…

    • Dc Garcia

      Seems to b working on my stock nexus

  • Anonymous

    can you please start specifying whether or not it is for rooted devices or not?

  • chris

    will this fix my bionics low speaker until I can afford 650 for the nexus?

    • sell your bionic for 300-400 and then buy the nexus for 200-300.  (600-300/400)

    • Blootzm3

      +1 nexus -1 locked bootloaders

  • Jeremy

    The full version is free on the developers website. http://www.androidaudiohacks.com

    • Anonymous

      And here’s another fantastic app I found that just hit version 5.0! https://market.android.com/details?id=com.feztheforeigner.theemotappii

      • Anonymous

        save me.

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            spam… don’t click.

          • Anonymous

            How is that spam? I found a really cool app I thought others might also enjoy on their Galaxy Nexii…anyways you got it flagged for review somehow so whatever it’s done…

          • Anonymous

            Dude. It’s an app with smilies. Completely irrelevant.

          • Anonymous

            just don’t leave spam comments.

    • Kidheated

      Good Looks!

    • Dc Garcia

      Got it free too! Seems to work. Been using for about 3 days

  • Shelnbay

    Am I the only G-Nex user who doesn’t have a problem with the speaker volume?  I hear ringtones, alerts and music without a problem.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you are…

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t noticed any problems either. I think the issue only manifests in loud places, and I haven’t tried using my phone in loud places yet.

    • I hear everything just fine. Only sound that I don’t want to hear is the camera when it focuses and takes pictures. Is there any way to turn that off?

      • Jason Purp

        Go into the camera app and lower the volume using the volume rocker button things. I think it turns down the phone ringtone as well, however.

      • John

        You can rename the file in /system/media/audio/ui/ …of course, you gotta have root

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have problems with sound either, only notice certain youtube videos don’t seem loud, but my streaming music and videos are very loud.  I’d say 85-90% as loud as my OG.  

    • Guest

      No, you’re not alone. I had no idea people were having issues with low volume. I’m hard of hearing, and I had to turn the volume levels down from max on mine.

      • Blootzm3

        its not that bad, just too use to the og droid speaker. but after install of volume+ its just as loud. need to set it right tho.

    • zach taylor

      everything on mine is perfect but when i try to play games or youtube its like half the volume of music

    • Well, I agree that mine is quieter, but no, it is not a problem. I had my Droid on 1 for volume (the lowest setting), and I need my Nexus on 4 or 5 for the same volume, but it’s not really a problem, especially considering that 1 was sometimes too loud for my Droid.

      I think people are calling it a problem because the Droid had an abnormally loud speaker and we all just got used to it.

      • Also, it seems like this is an effect of the ringtone and notification files themselves. I finally got around to putting the ones I was using on my Droid on the Nexus, and indeed, they are louder than all the default Nexus ones. I have the speaker back down to volume of 2, so the “problem” is actually not as bad as it seems to be.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, same here. Nevermind this “sound problem” but i haven’t found one of the other problems that everyone speaks of either…   the phone is perfect in every way. maybe it’s because i came from a T-bolt?  the sound on the nex is ten times louder. the reception is 20 times better, the speed and non-lag is 100 times faster, etc ,etc….

    • Mike

      I’m guessing those complaining have ruined their hearing by blasting base through their sound defect infested car stereo systems. You know, the ones built to piss off every other driver with bass notes, while demonstrating poor taste in “music.” If I have a problem with low volume, it’s because I’m an old fart.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, and?

        • Mike

          You obviously have issues with logical inference. …and therefore the volume issue with with the user, not the phone.

  • Michael Forte

    Guess what guys? I’m getting a Galaxy Nexus. I can’t take this locked bootloader BS anymore. Plus developer support for the Bionic is dying.

    • You will love it. 🙂

      • Gwen

        Thx for the great site kellex but whats up with your review of the nexus

        • Proflow

          He’s waiting for the fixes to come out so he can avoid pissing off the heard of nexus fanboys that frequent this site. Truth is this phone has so many short comings that you would call any other phone a POS, but noooo not the almighty nexus your precious…

          • Blootzm3

            gotta suport unlocked bootloaders somehow

          • You obviously don’t have one…

          • Dan Letsch

            And hopefully never will.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t have one.  I want a new phone (still running with an OG Droid)… but I want one that works.  I can’t believe anyone is happy that they waited and waited for a new Galaxy Nexus… then shelled out around $250 to $300 bucks for one… and now you have to download apps to fix it and get patches and mess with it.  The “stock” ICS experience is a lot like my Droid when it first came out… flawed.  Low volume… REALLY???  Geez.  I guess I will wait for the fixes and the lower price point.  Sigh. 

            This is why people buy Apple crap… I don’t like iOS, iTunes or anything “i”… but more and more I am getting pulled in the direction of the baa baa sheep.  I would almost rather just buy a stupid iphone and not have to do anything but download apps and take photos with… still… a better camera.  I really expected the GNex camera to be the iphone camera killer… but it seems that nobody can put a decent chip and lens in a phone outside of the Apple HQ.  

            Sorry… rainy day out.  Rant off.

          • richard melcher

            The OG droid has really made you a spiteful person. The camera is great, personally I would much rather have 5mp and 0 shutter lag, than 8mp and a slow ass camera. 

            Nexus people are not sheep, we don’t the phone for the hardware, we buy it for the development community. 

          • Nick177th

            RM, I think dude was referring to the apple fanboys as sheep.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            EVERY phone that comes out has problems, don’t believe the hype. Apple phones are dealing with the same kind of battery issues that they have made fun of Android phones for having. The have released 2 software versions and then pulled one because it made the battery issue even worse. Every phone has problems. Its nice to have an Open Source phone where the community can come up with fixes while we wait for an official one. Remember nothing is perfect in life its all about what you are willing to live with and what you aren’t.

          • Anonymous

            FWIW the volume is a little low but at full volume i can still easily hear it from upstairs to downstairs in my townhome. I never had my other phones at more than half to three quarters on ringer volume though.

            I think the biggest thing affecting volume is the speaker position. When its set down the speaker is covered. I got the rubbery verizon case to keep it from kepping scratched up but it also lifts the speaker a bit and lets you hear it better.

            I tried volume+ and it did increase the volume but I found myself not really needing it. It also sucked when trying to use the equalizer for the headphones. Made everything flat no matter what settings i used.

            I guess im trying to say this shouldnt prevent you from getting one. Even iOS devices have bugs when thy’re first released.

          • Nick177th

            Obviously you never heard of the antenna problem with the last iPhone. I personally have nothing against an iPhone except that it’s not an Android but, please don’t act like iPhones are perfect.

    • Guest345

      I hope Angelface doesn’t see your comment. He won’t let you hear the end of it. Did he get banned?

      • Guest

        he should be banned!! he’s the biggest troll on this site.  polluting every thread on DL with his childish & racist remarks! don’t understand WHY kellex won’t take some kind of action on him!

        • John Galt

          You are so drama guest. You ruin this site with your stupid photo comments. You are the reason I rarely read the comments anymore. I can’t stand youe chicken little-ing.

          • Guest

            you’re welcome!!! 🙂 as soon as kellex bans angelFAGGIT77 from his childish & racist remarks i’ll stop posting the pictures until he does it’s game on.  i’m tired of having to wade thru all his bullchit remarks about how samsung sucks and moto is the best.  he is twice as bad as mcclane use to be and kellex banned him but yet he won’t ban angelfag!!  must be lovers or something!

          • John Galt

            So to combat a problem, you use a scorched earth tactic, which requires the rest of us to wade through your bullchit photos? Do you NOT REALIZE that your photos ACCOMPLISH NOTHING other than annoying non-parties to your pithy feud? Has anyone changed their behaviours on account of your photos?

            I’m sure your mother gave you this same advice when you were bullied as a child and if she didn’t, I will: Ignore them, and they will go away. They only want a reaction from you.

    • yeah I had the bionic and I told them about the problems and they gave me a rezound which was much better

      • Blootzm3

        I would have demanded for the Nexus if I was you… still can’t put the thing down… panoramic pictures is too cool, and if someone tries to unlock my nexus, it snaps a pic of the and emails me the pic and location with the k-9 app too cool and the list goes on….
        sent with my nexus browser +1

        • SERVERKID

          lol NICE!

        • Anonymous

          What is this app that you speak of?

          • Blootzm3

            panoramic is in your camera settings… and GotYa! is in the Market place.

          • Anonymous

            I already knew about panorama but that GotYa app looks like good stuff. Thanks!

          • Blootzm3

            anytime… also try tubemate to download all those highdeff youtube videos like top gear etc… easy way to show off that bright nexus screen.

          • GotYa is awesome, thank you so much for telling us about it. I am more stoked about that app than the app this article is about haha

          • Weege

            Just tried it out.. NICE.. Thanks for the heads up.. 

        • Anonymous

          yess what is this app called??

          • Blootzm3

            the app is called GotYa! in the Market place… realy cool. now I know who is snooping around my phone w/ evidence, and location and time of place. lots of settings, from sms message to email, and more well worth the look… you can also set it to use front or rear camera.

      • Anonymous

        how do you get them to replace your bionic with something else? i keep getting told the only way to trade out of a bionic is to use an upgrade…which i dont have until january

    • Jim Hovey

      Same here … swapping out my Razr for Nexus. I’ve seen too many users brick their Razr by tweaking without having fastboot recovery file. Love Moto but locked bootloaders suck! And thanks Kellex for posting all the helpful info on the Nexus!!

    • Seriously though how do you guys do it? I’ve been trying to make up stories about how my phone drops calls and freezes on me, because I would just LOVE a Nexus…but how do you do it?

    • Anonymous

      Until another unlocked phone comes out the Nexus will be king.  If Verizon did not force HTC and Motorola to lock down their bootloaders the Rezound and Razr would have been just as popular on Rooting/Rom sites.  I have both the Rezound and Nexus and I like the hardware better on the Rezound (a little more traditional with the buttons and sd card).  
      I wonder what HTC is thinking about when it comes to Verizon’s bootloader’s policy.  HTC must be pissed because the Rezound can be just as good if it had vanilla ice cream sandwich.

      • Jovan Givens

        A slight theory on why this is the case…correct me if I’m wrong.
        I’d wager it’s because, if you know what you’re doing you can break your phone down and rebuild it and in the even that you brick it — most reps I come into contact with at service providers don’t look at a phone to actually find out why it doesn’t work as long as you have insurance/a feisty attitude you can get a replacement phone. Getting a new (free) phone probably doesn’t please the provider who is hoping to get new customers/renewals with those same phones.Just a thought.

        • Anonymous

          I actually find it easier to brick my Droid x compared to the Nexus. Even if you brick a Nexus all the files are available to bring it back to life. If it wasn’t for Motorola SBF files a lot of people would be screwed.

        • I have yet to see someone who actually bricked their phone to the point of now return, we can just do a full wipe and restore every single time.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I don’t think its actually the carriers. ALL of Moto and HTC’s phones are locked. The global ones and the ones here in the States. Check the Milestone or Sensation XL. Its an OEM thing. Samsung has proven that. None of their phones are locked down on any Carrier or unlocked. The Fascinate wasn’t locked nor is the Stratusphere.

    • EC8CH

      Wow… that’s pretty big news.

      Good luck, and I hope you like the G-Nex.

      I wish Moto would open up and become more developer friendly… at least more open on VZW 😉

      • Blootzm3

        Motorola has gone downhill… have had problems with all their phones excluding og droid, which still has the best speaker to date and thats 2 years ago… seems like they went backwards in my book. Iv got rid of all my motorolas within a couple months after purchase and reverted back to og droid till this. nexus seems to be the keeper.

    • Jnmigr

      About to do the same too. Hope the Gnex dont die as the bionic did.

  • Conazo

    LOVE IT!!! 

  • TheRealBeesley

    You have to disable to stock volume application (MusicFX.apk) for this to work reliably and correctly. 

    • Tj

      And to clarify, are you running the stock nexus rom, or a custom rom?  The app says it won’t work with custom roms.

      • TheRealBeesley

        It works just fine with custom roms, as long as you disable any music equalizer already on the phone, ie DSPmanager.apk,  MusicFX.apk

    • Lito31

      I just went into manage apps and disabled musicfx and then when i go into sounds settings it falls so i don’t think ur suggestion works

      • TheRealBeesley

        you dont need to go into sounds.  Just let Volume+ work.   Who ever said anything about going in to sounds?   Disable stock, use Volume+.  That simple. 

      • I installed it and have not disabled musicfx but the app seems to be working just fine.

        • TheRealBeesley

          Yeah, it will seem to work fine.   But occasionally, especially when the screen is off for some reason, it will go in and out.  If you leave stock enabled, and you go in to the “sounds” setting, you will see MusicFX and Volume+.  Select Volume+

    • Blootzm3

      +1 have to make sure all settings are correct for it to work properly and last.