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Swype Now Working On Galaxy Nexus, Thanks To Modders


Been waiting and hoping that Swype would finally deliver the goods for all of us Galaxy Nexus owners?  Wait no more.  The folks at Swype initially reported that due to a change in the way screen resolution is reported in Ice Cream Sandwich, that a version of its popular software may not be available anytime soon for 4.0+ devices.  Well, what I guess they chose not to realize is that there are many people out there who spend their time tinkering with these apps in the hopes that they can get them working as we see fit. 

A modder named theb1rdm4n over at XDA has reconstructed the newest Swype apk to work beautifully on the G-Nex’s huge display.  Sure, the BlindType-esque keyboard is nice, but to some people there is no replacement for Swype.  While we wait for Swype to officially fix the issues they discovered after already launching their newest version, we can relax knowing the hardworking underground developers are here to make sure our devices work as we intended.  Download and install as you would any 3rd party app.  Enjoy.

Update: The developer of this mod came forward in our comments section.  His name is theb1rdm4n over at XDA and we would like to thank him for the contribution to the community.  Keep it up.

Download: Swype-3.2.6.apk


Via: Droid Fans, XDA

Cheers, developers!

  • Tgunngeo

    Link is down

  • Download Link is down !!

    Any1 can do a repost ? Pretty pls

  • Louis Swordfish

    Dropbox link is down

  • Neurad1

    I installed this version. After a while it became glitchy and no longer worked correctly on my SGN. It started auto-correcting (and thereby typing letters I didn’t want) all of the time. Also, the word suggestion box failed to appear at times. When I restarted the phone it would be ok for awhile, then begin to act weird again. I deleted it and will wait for the “Official” beta release.

  • Keen

    The link is not working to download???? HELP!!! I Need this now!!!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Pure

    Dev has my praises. Thanks a ton!

  • Ashia4life

    OMG Thank you Anthony and XDA, life on my Nexus was incomplete and now we are one. I am curious have you thought of adding skins, you know differnt colors skins on UI ?

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited to have found this.  I need to come back here more often.  It’s been a while.  Thank you thank you thankyou.  I was going crazy without swype.  

  • Darren Swanson

    Goodness gracious great balls of fire. I was missing Swype so much! Thank you, universe!

  • Serg Chernata

    Works great, except the smiley face popup is very small and off to the side.

  • Alli624

    I don’t know who you are, but i would love to buy you a drink or send you flowers or something! I was so unhappy that my new galaxy nexus was not capable of Swype, and now you have given me the gift of Swype! I could not be happier or more grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Matthew LeFeber

    When I install this and use it, it disables my mobile network radio. As soon as I uninstall it, the network comes back….any thoughts? It works just loose network connectivity.

    Galaxy Nexus – Verizon 

  • Kelly

    anyone know of a way to use the stock tts instead of dragon?  The ICS tts is far superior imo

  • Spicebaby_93

    I’m so excited.. I’ve tried everything out there and nothing compares to swype..

  • Samkatz57

    thank you. works great. Question on the Dragon….I noticed it just stops after several words and has to be pressed again to keep taking the dictation. Is that the way the program is designed, or a beta issue?
    Thanks again

  • NW

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you!  I was going crazy without my Swype keyboard on my new GN.

  • Chupekevin

    Such a life saver as i Swype this comment from my galnex! Speech to text working!
    Thanks Anthony!! 😀

  • TJ Avalone

    Can this be added to the galaxy How To Guide?

  • I can’t download languages like catalan, can u?

  • Jdbailey18

    shouldn’t I be able to download this from the phone? It shows the loading symbol for a second but never downloads… is it just me or is a simple download like this too much for my great nexus? lol

  • Dariankchun

    This is Awesome!

  • Installed it 3 times already, does nothing.

    • Qwopzxnm

      Did you go into your settings and set up Swype as one of your inputs?

      Settings —-> Language and Input

  • Charles Blackmon

    works great

  • Anonymous

    The stock keyboard is awesome so I’m not sure I’m going to use Swype, BUT, it sure works nice after this mod. Great effort and nice to see the update. Still smoooooth.

  • THANK YOU!!! 

  • huzzah!

  • Jeff

    Thanks! Love using Swype again!

  • I’ve never dealt with Swype, but I scored FlexT9 from the Amazon Free App O’ D’ Day a while back and just installed it on my GNex. Works great! Just giving options for y’all.

  • Brandonm3911

    Just goes to show how slow a company is to make adjustments. XDA knocked this one out quick. Truly sad.

  • Anonymous

    This is huge for me.  Coming from a Galaxy S with Swype, I haven’t been able to stop swyping on the GNex stock keyboard, which results in epic fail.  I’ve totally forgotten how to tap-type on a standard keyboard, which has been massively frustrating.

    Now if only I could stop hitting the “Back” button when I want to see the menu in apps…

  • Anonymous

    Any reason why I’m getting an error message on my G-Nex while trying to install Swype that says my screen size isn’t supported?!  I downloaded and installed the apk above so it should be the correct version

  • Jon-robinson

    Down loaded and installed the APK and II can see the swype key board and selected it in settings, but my nexus will not let me un-check the android key board.  Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

       Hit the settings icon to the right of swype and at the very top it lets you select input method.

  • LLPH

    Looks good.  Is there any way of enabling the ability to use speech as an option?

  • I think this one seems to work better than the one on my fascinate…so thanks much.  Of course, everything on this phone works better than anything did on my fascinate…haha.  🙂

  • Chet Stovepiper

    i just wish they could make swype match the android interface. have some built-in skins, it clashes so much with everything visually

  • Anonymous

    The stock keyboard is perfect how it is. no need for this.

  • Eric Waldorf

    Thank you much!

  • Dshudson

    I am browsing around Swype now, is there a way to do shortcuts like in SlideiT.. I like to do my email and address and stuff by just sliding over EM for email for example? As far as spelling.. if it ever got a word wrong that i used frequently, i would just replace it.. .Good luck with it. 

  • Anonymous

    the stock keyboard is better anyway

  • mikeym0p


    • EC8CH


    • Rich

      Same here.

  • Unexpected62

    I’m a little irritated Swype did this “Dragon” business. I’ll admit I haven’t tried it, but I loved the mic being integrated with Google’s before. Now in ICS, google’s voice to to text has to be better than Dragon… I mean it does it in real time. I feel like the lack of the old microphone button now has me wondering if I should use Swype.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve wondered that as well but i love swype

    • Jordan Kessler

      Yeah that Dragon thing suckssss.. I’m sure someone can patch the Android text to speech on it one day.

  • theGseries

    Nice find. Goodbye SlideIt and hello Swype

    • Dshudson

      Wow.. Really, I love SlideiT.. Very surprised you’d make the jump.. 

      • Dshudson

        Makes me curious though… maybe i’ll give it a quick try again.. 

      • theGseries

        I find Swype to be more accurate in guessing what I mean. Ever since spell check my spelling has went in the gutter. With SlideIt I get those annoying question marks.   By far the best keyboards (sliding wise) are Swype and SlideIt, you can’t go wrong with having either.

      • rcpa

        It’s the little touches of Swype that make better than SlideIt.  SlideIt adds spaces before the words you swipe, which is good, but it doesn’t do that for single letter words, like “a” or “I”.  So for those, you have to press the space bar after the previous word.  It really breaks the  rhythm of swiping.  With Swype, you just swipe from the letter to the spacebar.  So the word “I” is created by a swipe from the letter “I” to the spacebar.  Another nice feature is the ability to suppress a space by swiping from the spacebar to the backspace.  So, if you want to create a compound word with two swipes, you just swipe from the spacebar to the backspace in between swiping the two words and they will be entered without the autospace inbetween.  Yet another nice feature is the ability to capitalize the first letter of a word by swiping up off top of the keyboard after the first letter.  These things really make a difference and it’s painful to go back to SlideIt and not have them.

  • Josh Nickell

    Thanks for your hard work theb1rdm4n!

  • Dshudson

    Who cares.. Back when the tBolt wasn’t working with Swype, I went to SlideiT and haven’t looked back! 

  • I still think SwiftKey X is better.

  • Boblank84

    Thank you, one thing I have been missing.  Been using slide it which is ok, but not quite there IMO.

  • Usarmy1494

    do you need to root the nexus to do this?

    • Anonymous


  • Touchpal > Swype

    • Nick D

      ^ Same

  • Anonymous

    Now I need Handcent and LauncherPro modded for ICS….someone????  Anyone???

    • planetes42

      Nova launcher is a great ICS launcher from the guys at XDA.

      I use Google voice for all my texts, so no help on handcent, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! I like to switch between keyboards often. I wish i could do so without going baUK settings the input etc. it was nice being able to long press an area then select unit method on te droid.
    Any way to make the select input method go away from my notifications?i select swype every time.

    It’s not easy to correct words by tapping them

    • planetes42

      On the nexus, there is a notification icon that lets you change keyboard when in a text field. just slide down the bar and pick a new one.

      • yea that notification icon is annoying. i want it off.

  • kangamitzi

    I almost didn’t install this because I saw no specific mention in the article or the video of the landscape GNex issue being fixed. I am glad I did, it works perfectly now. 

  • Sweet. Thanks for coming forward! Will update right now 🙂

  • Sweet. Thanks for coming forward! Will update right now 🙂

  • Dean2359

    I loved swype on my razr but now i’m hooked on the google speech to text on my Nexus. If swype could incorporate that it would be perfection.

    • Anonymous

      Me too however it doesn’t work for me sometimes and one of the times is when commenting here on droid life, desktop version

    • It has Dragon? 

    • Mozy

      Agreed – I’d like to see that combo too.  It seems this version doesn’t have Dragon either.  Hopefully the moddlers will make a version of the new swype with dragon for ICS and GN soon.  Thanks for doing this – much appreciated!

  • Anthony Casagrande

    I am the developer of this mod. I go by theb1rdm4n at xda-developers.  I know its not your fault because you got this from Droid Fans who left out the credit, but please give credit where credit is due:



    • Vaglvr

      dude, i found you on google + thanks to a poster from here. great work! i was missing my swype.

    • Updated the post. Thanks!

    • Awesome work! Hated using the stock KB! Missed my swype!

    • Anonymous

      you were anonymous at the forum where “you” developed it but came out here? If true thanks

      • He wasn’t anon at his forum, he was just anon because the person I via’d didn’t give him credit. 🙂

    • Anthony Casagrande

      Plenty of mirrors can be found here: 

    • planetes42

      Hey Anthony, I’m the one who was posting over here directing folks to G+ (I also have posted at xda & on your G+).  I wasn’t sure how much you wanted me to post, so I just posted the same directions as on XDA (“search G+ for swype beta galaxy nexus”). 

      Sorry if that obscured credit, it was not my intention I assure you. Thanks for your hard work on this, you’ve done a great job.

      • Anthony Casagrande

        Actually I should thank you for pointing people to the google+ post. It is just xda has a very strict policy about posting modded Swype apk files on its forums ( goo.gl/gQaJr ), so i obscured it a little so i wouldn’t get banned or anything 😉

        The people who didn’t give original credit was Droid Fans, they just posted their own download link on facebook. Feel free to link people directly to the google+ post out here on the interwebs.

    • Thanks dude….it’s like hooking back up with an ex-girlfriend you broke up with…

      • Dshudson

        lol… it was kind of like that.. then I remembered why I broke up with her in the first place.. 😉

        • DeathBySnooSnoo

          cause you’re gay?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this gem, Anthony!

    • DWM

      Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      First off, I appreciate your work.  I have a quick Privacy question.  Swype normally sends potentially personal information to itself when you use it to improve itself. In this Mod is that still happening? Or is all that being sent to you?  Again, I appreciate your work and am not trying to implicate anything.  But a quick “I am not stealing your info” would be nice.


    • Anonymous

       You’re the man!  I was so missing Swype.  Thanks for fixing it!

    • Anonymous

       Thank you for your hard work kind sir!

    • Carl

      You are beertastic, my friend.

    • Trevor-kai

      We appreciate all of your hard work! Thanks!!!

    • 72Monkeys

      thanks for your work! 

  • Mark

    I just got say, the new stock keyboard is amazing and don’t think it’s been getting enough love. It’s the first thing I tell people when they ask if the new OS cool. It almost feels like I’m using a blackberry when I’m typing – it’s so good (not that I’ve ever had a blackberry).

    My big question to all you swypers: isn’t it annoying to have to swype out the whole word? I can usually get the word I want to pop up with the first 4 letters on a normal keyboard, so I never have to spell out really long words. That’s what always annoyed me about swype – you’d have to do this crazy drawing to spell out a really long word. Takes way too long. Am I missing something? 

    • I find long words to almost be easier in swype, because something interesting seems to happen with their method – the longer the word, the fewer alternatives there could be to what you’re swyping. If you have a two or three letter word and they’re allowing for missed letters, it could be dozens of things, which is how I often get “out” instead of “it.” But with long words, by the time you get a few letters into it, you barely even have to pay attention to where you’re swyping because there are fewer and fewer possibilities for mistaken corrections. 

      • Mark

        But let’s say you’re spelling a 9-letter word… do you have to make 9 swypes (no matter how inaccurate?) to get it to work? Like, if I want to spell “scientific” on predictive, non-swypey keyboard, i only have to hit “s-c-i” and then hit the suggestion. So that’s 4 clicks. Could you do the same on swype with 4 swypes (or 3 swypes and a click)? 

         I’m honestly curious…

        • No, you have to swoop around close to the number of letters. But it’s not so much 4 swypes as it is one continuous motion.

        • I think there’s a misunderstanding of how swype works.  You only ever swype once, dragging your finger over the letters on a word.  I would estimate that, using your example, I can swype a 9 letter word in the same time it would take to enter in the first 2 or 3 letters of the same word using a predictive keyboard.  Plus, 95% of the time, I don’t need to select the word I want from a list, but rather simply swype the next word and keep going.  It’s that good, which is why so many of us want it on the nexus, even with other alternatives like SlideIT or BlindType.

          • Dshudson

            ahhh SlideiT isn’t a predictive keyboard though.. I Slide the *hit out of it.. and with the shortcuts.. nobody’s Swyping faster than i am Sliding.. I can promise you that.. 

          • Mark

            Yeah, I realize it’s one single swipe, but I guess I meant that the swype for a 9-letter word must have 9 legs, or sections, or whatever you want to call it. In other words, your one swipe has to make it’s way over 9 letters. I just find that tedious, personally. Unless I’m missing something. Can your swype go over just s c and i and still get “scientific”??

            (plus: I find it veeeeeery hard to believe you can have a swipe that goes over s-c-i-e-n-t-i-f-i-c in the time you can type s-c-i on a regular keyboard. This might call for a type off…)

          • Anonymous

            You have to swype the whole word, but you don’t have to be super precise.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how well it figures out what I was trying to type, because I missed some of the letter completely.

          • I like Swype due to accuracy. I have 3 chances to mistap S-C-I, when with Swyping you can just scribble the i-f-i-c part, which I tend to do when I lose track of Swyping the end of a long word haha. For me, looking for “scientific” takes more effort than Swyping it because it’s more from feel. Yeah you still use your eyes but it’s more like typing on a physical keyboard where you use feeling more. I say it depends how familiar you are with the keyboard..I type quite fast on a physical keyboard ^^

    • Anonymous

      It makes one handed txting alot nicer

  • Anon_hack0rz

    Just in case DB dies, here’s a mirror for everyone


    • Louis Swordfish

      Cheers mate

  • Anonymous

    Got it – works as usual. Thanks Tim!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this here, Kellex! This is one of the first things I tried to install on my G-Nex and was hoping they’d figure out the screen problem soon.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, just installed it. Works really well. Also the speech recognition seems to be really good. Was never able to make that work on my OG.

  • Goatweed

    I’m assuming this requires root? Just installed but OPEN is not an option. I really need to make time to root one of these days…

    • Anonymous

      No root required. Can’t open it, just select it in the input options under settings.

      • Goatweed

        ah, right – I forgot its an input enable option – thanks!

        I still need to root though 😉

    • Anonymous

      Probably doesn’t require root, just have to have the “install non-market apps” checked.

  • John

    Is this the same swype modded apk that was done days ago via XDA?
    it worked just the text fields were jumpy etc..

    • planetes42

      Yes, same guy, but he has it all fixed now. Landscape, suggestions, no error window.

      • John

        ya. just tried it out again anyway. seems to be working much better.


  • Adam Wiggins

    Hurray, thanks for the link!

  • Igotgame

    Flex T9 works perfectly fine

    • But this is Swype. 

      • Swype isn’t the only swiper Sir Tato. 😛

        • But this is Swype? lol

          • Anonymous

            “…but this goes to eleven.”

    • Anonymous

      I was having some weird issues with it. It started randomly repeating letters. 

  • Sweet! I give that dropbox link for the apk about 20 minutes before it hits its bandwidth limit haha

    • John


  • Forget Swype*. Swiftkey FTW 🙂

    *That said, the Dragon Naturally Speaking integration is a killer feature

    • SwiftKey if you like tap-typing…

      FlexT9, SlideIT, TouchPal if you like swiping.  I used to use Swype initially, but it was too big of a package and just wasn’t as convenient as the others I mention.  I usually use TouchPal, cause it’s so quick for special characters, but it can be a little flaky on the Gnex.  FlexT9 is great and used to be my daily driver, but it takes a little too long for me to do special characters.  SlideIT is a nice halfway point and does themes like SwiftKey.