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Swype Now Working On Galaxy Nexus, Thanks To Modders


Been waiting and hoping that Swype would finally deliver the goods for all of us Galaxy Nexus owners?  Wait no more.  The folks at Swype initially reported that due to a change in the way screen resolution is reported in Ice Cream Sandwich, that a version of its popular software may not be available anytime soon for 4.0+ devices.  Well, what I guess they chose not to realize is that there are many people out there who spend their time tinkering with these apps in the hopes that they can get them working as we see fit. 

A modder named theb1rdm4n over at XDA has reconstructed the newest Swype apk to work beautifully on the G-Nex’s huge display.  Sure, the BlindType-esque keyboard is nice, but to some people there is no replacement for Swype.  While we wait for Swype to officially fix the issues they discovered after already launching their newest version, we can relax knowing the hardworking underground developers are here to make sure our devices work as we intended.  Download and install as you would any 3rd party app.  Enjoy.

Update: The developer of this mod came forward in our comments section.  His name is theb1rdm4n over at XDA and we would like to thank him for the contribution to the community.  Keep it up.

Download: Swype-3.2.6.apk

YouTube Preview Image

Via: Droid Fans, XDA

Cheers, developers!

  • Tgunngeo

    Link is down

  • Download Link is down !!

    Any1 can do a repost ? Pretty pls

  • Louis Swordfish

    Dropbox link is down

  • Neurad1

    I installed this version. After a while it became glitchy and no longer worked correctly on my SGN. It started auto-correcting (and thereby typing letters I didn’t want) all of the time. Also, the word suggestion box failed to appear at times. When I restarted the phone it would be ok for awhile, then begin to act weird again. I deleted it and will wait for the “Official” beta release.

  • Keen

    The link is not working to download???? HELP!!! I Need this now!!!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Pure

    Dev has my praises. Thanks a ton!

  • Ashia4life

    OMG Thank you Anthony and XDA, life on my Nexus was incomplete and now we are one. I am curious have you thought of adding skins, you know differnt colors skins on UI ?

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited to have found this.  I need to come back here more often.  It’s been a while.  Thank you thank you thankyou.  I was going crazy without swype.  

  • Darren Swanson

    Goodness gracious great balls of fire. I was missing Swype so much! Thank you, universe!

  • Serg Chernata

    Works great, except the smiley face popup is very small and off to the side.

  • Alli624

    I don’t know who you are, but i would love to buy you a drink or send you flowers or something! I was so unhappy that my new galaxy nexus was not capable of Swype, and now you have given me the gift of Swype! I could not be happier or more grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Matthew LeFeber

    When I install this and use it, it disables my mobile network radio. As soon as I uninstall it, the network comes back….any thoughts? It works just loose network connectivity.

    Galaxy Nexus – Verizon 

  • Kelly

    anyone know of a way to use the stock tts instead of dragon?  The ICS tts is far superior imo

  • Spicebaby_93

    I’m so excited.. I’ve tried everything out there and nothing compares to swype..

  • Samkatz57

    thank you. works great. Question on the Dragon….I noticed it just stops after several words and has to be pressed again to keep taking the dictation. Is that the way the program is designed, or a beta issue?
    Thanks again

  • NW

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you!  I was going crazy without my Swype keyboard on my new GN.