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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III Goes On Sale For $3 During The Holidays

Haven’t picked up Grand Theft Auto III for your mobile yet?  Then do so now.  Until December 29th, Rockstar has placed a $2.99 price tag on this epic piece of work.  As an added “boo-yah”, Galaxy Nexus support has arrived for everyone waiting and praying.  Go get it!

Market Link

Cheers Sonnydroid!

  • Anonymous

    I could not get this to download the additional files on my Samsung tab 10.1 running android 3.2. I tried 3 different roms and no luck. I tried one more time when I loaded ics 4.03 last night on it and boom! Worked the first time. I don’t know what the problem was but ICS fixed it.

  • They just pushed out an update.  I was getting the ‘white screen of death’ with version 1.1 of the game and refunded it.  I see they put out version 1.2 now and purchased again (cannot refund it again), downloaded and now the game actually starts, just FYI if you were holding of on buying it.

  • TC Infantino

    It works very well on my Rezound, the controls take a bit to get used to, but it is an entertaining game.  Only played it for about 15 minutes or so, mostly crashing cars and taking others.  This is my first experience with this game, I will have to read up on it to figure out how to more easily accomplish the missions.

  • Evil-D

    Not supported on Dinc 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Does not work on the Galaxy Nexus….. crashes on start up.

  • balls

    does it support using an external controller.. like a ps3 controller?

  • Anonymous

    No sound in actual gameplay, but I hear the music during opening credits, Galaxy Nexus….. supported or not?

    • Anonymous

      Same here. Hopefully fixed in the next update. 

      • Same boat here…we should comment in the market to kickstart them.

    • Seems fine for mine. G-Nex

      • Anonymous

        Running smoothly for me as well but no audio during game play or cut scenes, just the intro 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I just tried to play with a VZW Galaxy Nexus. The multitouch bug seems
    to seriously hamper my gameplay… Anyone else notice this?

    I can’t turn left while my foot is on the gas. If I let of the gas I can turn left.

    This is not an issue with the game, it is a bug (hopefully software?) with
    the SGN. You can test this with Multitouch Tester from the market.


  • I can’t put it down! Games addicting. lol

  • Rich

    Don’t waste your time… they had an update to the game and it broke ALL phones… basically won’t play since they made an 1.1 patch…

    • Anonymous

      yeah downloaded on my gnex and after it installed the 400mb or so of additional files it just crashes

  • Jon

    I don’t even like GTA III, but I just purchased this for the principal of the matter. If they bring great games to Android platform, people will buy in mass. 

  • if its 2.99 im gonna buy it on my ipad2- only other game i bought is nazi zmobies and possible zombie gunship..

  • Anonymous

    Just purchased on my G-Nex. Downloaded the 425-meg data package in 5 minutes over LTE and tried it out within my 15-minute window…worked great! No white screen, no lag or anything. Ran fantastic, though making a u-turn while driving seemed more difficult than it needed to be.

  • Anonymous

    Works great on my Galaxytab 10.1, No-go on my RAZR =/

  • Rebooted, again white screen of death.  Refunded, it has to at least work a little bit before I have some level of confidence.

  • Anonymous

    HELL YEAH! I didn’t get the game on my Droid X, because I knew I’d be getting a Galaxy Nexus.

    And also, I haven’t yet installed any games on my new G-Nex, so guess Grand Theft Auto 3 will be my first game that I’ll be buying/installing on the incredibly surreal device. Sweet….ness!!

  • Downloading now, GNex 4.0.2, even if it’s buggy right now I am sure they’ll put out patches to fix it soon and so I’ll still take the game at 3 bucks now even if I can’t play it until later.

    • Game installed from market, it downloaded 400+ of add-on data, started, in the middle of the first cut scene, ‘white screen of death’.  Hmm.

  • GeckoNexus

    Reviews aren’t too great for this game (lots of issues). Anyone try this on a Galaxy Nexus yet?

    • Anonymous

      Did this morning. Runs but it’s not as smooth as it should be. Still very playable.

  • Drake Philyaw

    How does it perform on the Galaxy Nexus?

  • I def didn’t want to pay $7 for it, but $2.99, I’m good with.

  • Anonymous

    My gnex is getting here tomorrow! Maybe then….

  • Has anyone used the market version successfully on their Touchpad yet?

  • Richlost

    I got this game for my bionic on the original release date, before they changed the market to say that it wasn’t available for my phone, anyway I still have it but when I open the game I just get a black screen….nothing happens. Any ideas on how to fix? If I uninstall will I have to repurchase?

    • Lmrojas

      No you wont. Its on ur google account

    • Email them through the market and request a refund if it really didn’t state that it wouldn’t work on the bionic when you bought it.

  • Jonik Cannon

    Does anyone have the update to have all the game features(ie, streetlights, headlights on cars, etc)
    i think i saw it over on xda but havnt been able to find it since

    Works great on acer iconia a100, with a sixaxis connected

  • I can’t buy this cause my GNex hasn’t been delivered yet!  OG Droid fail.

  • Anonymous

    How are the controls on the G-Nex?

    • Anonymous

      I am sure they suck. That’s usually why I don’t buy games like that.

      •  Just use a PS3 controller.

        • Anonymous

          Through bluetooth? Do you then hook up your phone to a TV or do you simply prop it up a bit?

        • Anonymous

          On a phone? Naw

    • Anonymous

      Not terrible.

  • Nex

    Using on galaxy tab 8.9, haven’t tried on nexus YET.

  • montrof

    i loved this game and then they did an update and now it freezes on my phone and then causes the phone to restart. I am using an HTC Thunderbolt

    • Jager07

      Same here on my OC’d T-bolt (1408).  Game freezes on me, forcing a batt pull.  I just d/l’d it though:  didn’t have it before the update, so can’t compare. 

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus support hasn’t arrived? Still says it’s incompatible for me :/

    • Anonymous

      Same here..

      • Nick

        I had it on my transformer and it loaded onto my gnex when i activated it automatically. Works fine.

    • Anonymous

      Showing compatible for my GNex

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t work for me either. Is it because I’m on 4.0.1? (GSM version)

      • Anonymous

        Maybe, I’m still on 4.0.1 as well (GSM)


    • I just bought it on the website to send to my Nexus. So it at the very least should be compatible with the 4.0.2 version (LTE version)

    • Anonymous

      galaxy nexus was added this morning. even the gsm should be on 4.0.2 it got ypdated the day after the vz release. maybe clear the market cache or try updating. you can tyrn your gsm into a yakju with a flash.

      • Tboonyar

        Off topic, but if I flash my GSM galaxy nexus to yakju, will I still get OTA update just like nexus with yakju from factory?

  • Evanfass

    So much win, wish I had a GNEX though!

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Just bought it

  • Michael Forte

    I love this game! I nostalgia’d.

    • Anonymous

      Way to go, bro!

    • Anonymous

      Is the Bionic supported?

      • Michael Forte

        It’s supposed to be but shows up incompatible if you’re running a custom ROM. I took the apk from my Xoom in order to get it on my Bionic.

    • TC Infantino

      Ah yes.. I remember when I was into nostalgia.  Those were the days