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Noticing Lag in the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard in Landscape Mode? (Updated: With Fix)

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Landscape typers, how has your life been with Ice Cream Sandwich? One of our readers sent over a tip last night suggesting that there is a massive lag issue if you type more than a sentence or two with your phone cocked sideways. After testing (as you will see in the video above), we would tend to agree that there is most definitely some sort of issue going on. Through the first 30 seconds or so, all is well other than my poor typing skills. But then around the 32 second mark, you get to see the lag in all of its glory. I think at one point, you can even catch a lonely “G” hanging on the screen for 3-4 seconds even though I had typed out a full 2 words.

What can you do to fix it? Well, we can sit back and wait for Google to. You could also switch keyboards to one of your favorites, like Swiftkey or Swype. In the comments, we also had someone suggest that ROM developers are fixing this already. So you have options – it’s not the end of the world.

Update:  Thanks to read T4rd, we have a fix. Well, it seemed to fix the issue immediately on my phone that is.

Head into Settings>Language & input> and uncheck the box for “Spelling correction.”

This seems to have taken care of the problem. And don’t worry about this turning off auto-correction, there are separate auto-correction settings in the actual keyboard settings that remain active. This could turn off Android’s ability to spell check and underline words in red though. So in order to reduce lag, you would be disabling a feature.

Experiencing similar issues?

Cheers AMyrick!

  • anonymous

    It’s true this was happening to me and I found this page for the correction of the problem, so it’s not imagined it’s real!

  • parsonbrown11

    This phone is a major disappointment. It’s not just the landscape but plethora of bugs and design flaws:
    The mail app blurs anything larger than normal font.
    SMS crashes , SMS loses timestamps after a few hours.
    Phone crashes and restarts often.
    Phone system volumes change on their own, usually with alerts getting lower in volume all the time.
    There is no master set of tones like low, medium, normal, loud, vibrate, that can be set at once from a queue.
    The phone makes tones when touching the ear.
    The phone doesn’t downshift to 3G as often needed.
    The email app can’t fully delete anything. The email app doesn’t allow anything to be removed from the trash.
    When ever a hyphen is used in a email. The recipient receives a jumble of apos text, this is bug known to google for two years dating to honeycomb.
    Their are 30 more gripes.
    I want my money back, l

  • Gijoevaldez

    Right on! but in my case if F**ked up and bought it. Its the worst mistake I’ve made. My work issues us a Nextel from the 80’s that works better then this piece of crap!!! really the battery life is like 4 hours, and I haven’t been able to type at all with out sounding like a baboon. I regret it! don’t buy it! stay a way from it! 

    I’ve tried a great deal of keyboards with out any luck. Nothing they tell you to do works. 

  • Anonymous

    No idea what u are talking about… other than this bug the phone is silkkkkky smootg.. and for how much additional features it has beyond my iphones capabilities its really remarkable how great a job they did with with ICS.. something must have been seriously wrong because i can have live wallpapers on a launcher full of widgets and fly around without so much a hiccup.. if u need proof ill gladly oblige

  • Anonymous

    I’m not having any issues with landscape mode or the radio issue. I do prefer to use portrait mode for the reason of seeing the convo while i’m typing. That’s the only thing i miss about my Storm.

  • Noticed this since the first day, was one of the reasons I didn’t want to give up a physical keyboard. 

    I wouldn’t exactly call this a FIX.  In fact, I wouldn’t call this a fix one friggin bit…

  • Anonymous

    Just looked at the changelog for Android 4.0.3 on the G-Nex, and it says they did some changes to the spell check/correction system, hint hint?

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I think the laggy typers are imagining things just like us poor signal receivers!

  • Anonymous


  • Cmonnats23

    Thank the lord someone is finally adressing this! I type landscape all the time and my gnex is so painfully laggy that i eventually just gave up and type portrait most of the time. This the one thing i hate about the phone. I want to fix it by simply turning auto correction off but i use the red underline so damn much. This needs to be fixed. Please google! Please!

  • Anonymous

    I have zero lag…

    • They you aren’t a fast enough typer to experience the problem more than likely…

  • Definitely an improvement. I can blaze a trail in landscape mode and the keyboard was WAAAAY behind what I was typing. It always did catch up and never missed a keystroke in the end. Turning off spelling correction has allowed the keyboard to keep pace better in immediate testing, but it is still about half a second behind if I’m really going after it. No big deal to me.

  • Wilm8008is

    Auto rotate lags HARD. Its real bad when switching from portrait to landscape. Its a little bit better with videos but there is still a noticeable lag

  • Jerry Lange

    I only type in landscape when I have to type a long message. I can type pretty fast in portrait mode but I can type faster in landscape. The lag is somewhat annoying, but just keep typing and in the end it catches up every last button you pressed. This is very impressive compared to my “HTC TouchPro2” using the hardware keyboard it would miss a couple buttons here and there but an all touch screen that lags but still captures every button… VERY impressive!