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Verizon Confirms Galaxy Nexus Software Update, Will “Adjust Signal Indicator” to Better Match Other Devices

In a statement to ComputerWorld, Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney has confirmed that a software update is on the way to the Galaxy Nexus. That update will address the signal indicator on the device which has been showing lower than usual bar readings for customers. Over the weekend, many were quick to blame the radio inside the device as not being able to hold a strong signal, something we now know to not be true. That myth was debunked yesterday by the folks at AnandTech who discovered that the signal strength that the device was seeing was on-par if not better than other LTE devices from Verizon. It was the actual 4G indicator on the screen that was displaying something we were not used to seeing.

Raney stressed that the phone has no issues with performance, but that an update will “adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.” The time frame for release was not given.

I think we all have opinions on whether or not adjusting the signal indicator is the right thing to do here, so feel free to weigh in via the comments.

Via:  ComputerWorld

  • Mimsyborogove923

    Is the Nexus always displaying bars and dBms in 4G? Because I have tested it in 4G, 3G and with mobile data off and not only do I never have more than two bars of connection, I have also never gotten a better connection than -93dBm, and occasionally it’s dropped to -104dBm. That being said, my phone seems to hold the connection just fine and my 4G downloads speeds are rarely below 10Mbps. My 3G speeds are like .8Mbps, which seems to be a little below average but not awful. It does take a few seconds(10-15) for it to get a connection though. Oh and I’m in Portland, OR, and have had the phone for about 5 days, just to paint the full picture.

    I can’t really speak for dropping calls as I haven’t made many calls yet. I’m gonna have to go do some serious testing on this bad boy before my 14 days are up. 

    Just wanted to throw out my situation into this craziness if it might help someone like me who’s trying to sift through all this insanity and decide the truth.

    (P.S Don’t you love seeing that screenshot on the right for the Nexus “How to Guide” with four bars?)

  • camera really needs a fix,when you blow the pics up and really look bad,

  • Anonymous

    im seriously thinking twice of getting this phone now :/

  • Anonymous

    This is not a “signal indicator” problem.  Last night I put my brand new Galaxy Nexus next to my buddy’s brand new Razr (both on Verizon obviously).  We were in a “3G only area”.  I know the “bars” aren’t the same as dB numbers for the signal, but his had all bars full and mine had NO SERVICE whatsoever.  Both of us were trying to run speedtest except mine wouldn’t even run it because it had no service.  That is not an issue of a signal indicator.  I couldn’t care less how many bars there are, but if his phone can connect to the internet and mine cannot in the same place – that is an issue….a HUGE-I’m Going to Return My Phone-type issue!

  • Josh

    In some areas I actually get full bars of 4G signal. Can i opt out of the update that ruins my indicator?

  • Josh Nichols

    AOSP-based roms show data signal in the bars..

  • 224232

    I think someone from Anandtech is pulling our legs. I have a galaxy nexus and Droidx. The Droid x gets DBMS values that are consistently about 15 dBm better than the Nexus.

  • Guesticles

    How come the sheep are not going crazy over this?  This is worse then antennagate…

  • Kelly

    I really don’t get the point of this, why release a software update to artificially change the number of bars, when in fact, they were more accurate than the other phones.  Then you will just be deceived into thinking you have much better service . . .

  • Anonymous

    I really have yet to experience any of this… 4 bars on 4g when I’m in range. I’m in the middle of nowhere and have 2 bars 3g. Same as my Tbolt and DX had. No dropped/missed calls. No data problems. I don’t know… The only time I’ve lost 4g is when it went down for a bit.

  • Creed74

    Oh this makes me feel so much better! Forget what I am actually experiencing with this handset and take the word of some blogger or bloggers word that everything is just fine! You betcha!

    So where’s the purple Kool-Aid? Aren’t we supposed to get a cup of Kool-Aid with this moronic double talk that has no bearing on the problems many users are experiencing? I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing all those dropped calls and poor to no 4g and weak to unusable 3g signals aren’t REALLY happening with my GNex?

  • Jeremy Morrison

    I’m not sure if this makes me feel better when I lay me head down at night to go to sleep. Would I rather see the truth or see what I want to see. The truth hurts but a finding out a lie later on hurts worse!

  • Anonymous

    Samsung get your act together already. You made a bad device period.

  • Anonymous

    This is just shocking.  People sat around screaming for a phone to be released… then they run out and buy it as soon as it hits the market… then they hop right back on the forums and start complaining about the issues it is having.  lol

    Same old, same old.  Nothing changes.

    • Guesticles

      You forgot the sheep who swear there’s no issues.

  • OK to be fair I just exchanged my GNex this evening besides the poor signal strength I was having latency problems. My GNex was getting 3x the latency that my other phones were getting on 4G/3G and WiFi. I also had a problem with my device shutting down without warning. My wife’s Droid Charge (basically same radio series) was getting alot better 4G/3G signal and also was getting better speeds with a 1/3 less latency. As AnandTech points out the Droid Charge and GNex have basically the same radios so it basically is a good baseline to see how another Samsung device performances in the same areas.

    I do know that consistently the Droid Charge (stock GB 2.3.6 with stock radios) out performs the Gnex in signal strength (both bars and dBms) latency, call quality and basically 4G/3G handoffs. I can goto some areas were my thunderbolt and Droid Charge would get a decent signal and stats but my GNex switches over to 3G and a poor signal at that with poor performance matrix (even by 3G standards). People are also forgetting latency has alot to do with a good quality connection on both the data and voice side. You can pull down 50 Mbps but if your latency is really high then it will degrade your overall connection and hurt performance. Remember VZW is going to be moving (down the road) to pure VOLTE calling.  
    But after having the Droid Charge, GNex and Thunderbolt next to each other performing tests I can say no Verizon it isnt just the graphical representation that is wrong and it does not perform comparability to other 4G devices. 

    Yes I think VZW PR people are trying to spin this and not have it blow up in their face. VZW pride themselves for being known to take their time and do a lot of testing.Well at least more then other carriers and I think they dont want to tarnish the rep. But with all that being said and observing the erratic performance from the GNex I think  it will take a couple of updates to iron this out like it did on the Droid Charge (another device VZW would not admit had a problem) 

  • well i tested my GNEX on speed test,go good speeds when I had 2 bars and amaing speeds when I had 4 bars, with 4 bars in a resturant I had download  34152 kbps  upload  22696 kbps and ping was 44ms, seemed pretty darn fast to me,the Gnex is the fastest phone on the planet , at least right now

  • It appears that when side by side on a Thunderbolt and Nexus, the thunderbolt was receiving better 4g signal strength or even detecting it at all vs my nexus. Has anyone else noticed this as well?

  • Anonymous

    I think its pretty clear we need to have a Thursday poll, in 4g LTE areas only report:
    type of phone
    number of bars
    signal strength
    and if you want show off your speed test results.
    My understanding from what I am reading in the article above is that there was some signal indicator problem that should be getting fixed but it seems that the people have spoken and the low signal indicator is actually justified and sometimes even a little higher than it should be.  If this is an actual hardware issue i dont want anything to do with the phone but if it is just a radio update then i will be returning my Razr for it, I just am addicted to rooting and custom roms and i dont think the razr will suffice.

  • Azturbomini

    I bought the g-nex and returned the g-nex. After owning 2 other Samsung phones and having the same exact issues on both I’m done with Samsung. 3g, 4g and wifi signal and speeds suck.

  • spoke to a verizon tech support guy who has a nexus and told him about
    these articles suggesting that the problem was simply a signal strength
    reporting issue and inquired whether this was true because my nexus has
    had problems switching to 3g.  He confirmed that it is a known issue
    within verizon that the nexus actually has weaker signal strength than
    other LTE devices.  He also explained that is known that the device is
    not proprely switching between radios.  He explained that his nexus
    along with many others could not connect to 3g this morning when LTE
    went down.  He said a fix is in the works.

    • Exactly when 4G was down I could not get even a 3G signal well enough a 1X signal. I had some people tell me they could not call me it would go straight to voice mail. I tried everything airplane mode. switched to CDMA mode and rebooted. My wives phone (Droid Charge) went to 1X and then 3G pretty quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, its not true that I have a -120 db signal on the Gnex while my dx2 kicks its butt at a -85. I am having so much fun imagining this signal issue  that I reactivated my DX2. I know there are a lot of crazy people in the world, but I am not one of them. Who in their right mind would let a Gnex sit on the table while they use a DX2?????? I WANT TO LOVE THIS DEVICE…BUT IT HAS NO SIGNAL STRENGTH. Recalibrating it to better fit the signal (or bars for that matter) of other devices will not change the fact that the signal on the GNex in my area sucks. I AM NOT IMAGINING THIS. What a fiasco…I am not angry, rather I am truly heartbroken that my open source unlocked device can’t get enough signal to operate properly. IT KILLS ME TO TAKE IT BACK! But I won’t pay this kind of money or give up an upgrade for this.

  • Taglogical

    I’m calling BS.

    I tried two Galaxy Nexus devices and they have terrible reception.  The reception and dropped-call issues are widespread (internet). The Galaxy Nexus struggles, and the Bionic (just an example; you can pick any phone that actually works and insert it here) does not.

  • Jason

    This might be a dumb question but I havent seen any one ask so I will, what is the number after the dbm asm or asu?? Does that number matter and if so how?

  • i did a side by side test with my mifi hotspot and my g-nex in a usually low signal area.  the mifi gets 3 bars of 4g signal. the g-nex goes between zero to 1 bar of 3g signal.  i did some other tests like loading web pages. the mifi loads full web pages super fast and the g-nex loads slow and sometimes times out.  i love the phone but it absolutely should get better signal.  i’ve now drove half way across the country and have very little overall trouble with the phone but my droid x i just gave up was better for signal and the mifi is also better.

  • Dshudson

    If they plan on using the same radio’s this website posted earlier in this “Software Update” EK06 and EK04 I can tell you, bars display exactly the same and didn’t change a thing.  

    • Dshudson

      I just did a comparison with my gnex and tbolt, I am on the new radio’s but, like I said earlier.. I was getting the same from the old.. I got 78dBm with gnext, right next to it.. the tbolt 83dBm.. At home I have horrible reception, but that’s nothing new, gnex 101dBm Tbolt 106dBm

  • Stephen

    I’m on the original radios still and I’m getting 4G reception with no problems at all.  I have a consistent 3 bars at home and between 3-4 bars at work.  Now does it reconnect slowly when I come out of my parking garage at work (where I didn’t even get a signal on my OG)?  Yes, it’s slow.  But it does always come back.  I really haven’t had any trouble at all.  I’m hoping that the radio update will make the reconnect speeds better.

  • Rob

    I’ve got a razr and nexus right next to me. The razr is bouncing back and forth from 4g to 3g and the nexus can’t pull a signal at all.

  • Anonymous

    So basically, the Nexus has been reporting accurately. If a phone has a -107dBm it shouldn’t show having 2-3 bars. It should only show 1 bar. They are going to update the phone to show 2-3 bars when it should only show 1 bar??? This is dumb, in my opinion. There is a problem with data going in and out, I agree to fix that, but I don’t agree with being lied to and saying that I have 4 bars when I should have 1-2 bars. Verizon is giving in to the customers complaints because customers stating they used to have 4 bars on their old phone but now only have 1-2. I hope that when they do this update they have an option to go into the settings and change it back to how it shows the signal strength. This would be a way of Verizon messing up the nexus if they do this. Fix the data issues but don’t do anything to how the signal strength is displayed. Lastly, everyone should know by now that the dBm and not the bars is the true way of telling you if you have good signal strength. It would be funny if Verizon updated this phone to show us having 3 bars with -95dBm when it reality it should show 1-2 bars with that dBm. I urge Verizon to be smart when they do this update.

    • Anonymous

      I am in complete agreement. My DX2 is way stronger in db strength than my gnex. I can’t make calls on the gnex without having a garbled conversation. The browser won’t work half the time. So give me three or four bars thinking it will make me happy while I still have garbled conversations and no browser? No thanks. I reactivated my DX2 today. It is waaaaaay better than the Gnex super phone, which is ridiculous!!!! I have a $300 GNex on the kitchen table while I carry around a DX2. Yeah, I am imagining that… I am taking the GNex back to the store and getting my money back. If enough folks having trouble like us did that…Verizon might do something about it.

  • me

    Its the price of getting new tech first.big problems.i went through the same with my bionic.they will fix it just be patient if you like this phone it will be fixed.

  • Wow!!!! so many people have no idea. With the Nexus you will get fixes and they will come much faster than Motorola or htc or any other manufacturer. Every phone has issues in some respects but they will get fixed faster with a Nexus. Even the Iphone has issues when it comes out but apple fixes them fairly quickly. It took many many many months to fix the txt msg bug for HTC, what about the voice mail not showing up. I for one have gone through many phones and the Nexus is the only way to go. 

    I loaded it with 4.0.3 nice!  fixes a lot of stuff. 

    Nova launcher, some nice improvements! 

    The nexus is The phone to have, you know for a fact that it will improve and there is a huge community helping make it just the way you wan it. 

    I cant say that for any other phone out there. When is the Razar going to get ICS? anyone! how about the rezound? its anyones guess. It took the Thunderbolt like 7 months to get gingerbread officially. 

  • Anonymous

    It is hard to say the issues with “fewer bars” really matters. What matters is a flagship phone on the leading national 4G LTE network dropping off that LTE signal into 3G and staying there for prolonged periods of time. I don’t give a damn about the indicator light with more bars. Make it look like Andy himself for all I care…but what does matter is a phone that CANNOT HOLD 4G CONNECTIVITY AND IT REVERTS TO 3G AT LEAST HALF THE TIME IT IS ON! When comparing my employees’ GN to my Rezound with Spreedtest, the Rezound has 4G and true LTE down/up load speed. The GN says it is in 3G and it performs as such. Yes, the phone is in CDMA/LTE. Hello, are you journalists hearing the consumers talk about this?! Is Verizon listening?! The problem is real, it’s not gone away. Don’t hide behind the “bars.” Verizon is starting to sound like AT&T!

  • Flash

    This Gnex radio thing is driving me crazy!! I purchased my Gnex the day it came out and quickly recognized the poor reception. Yesterday i had the phone randomly shut off on me three times and restart. So today i went back to my Verizon store and got a brand new Gnex. Still having really poor reception. I will lose both 3g and 4g signal, toggle airplane mode and it comes back for about 5 to 10 minutes, but then its gone again.

     I wish they would just admit there is a problem and say they are working on a fix. I am about ready to go back and just get a Razr.

    • Vaglvr

      uh, they did admit that there was a problem.

      • Anonymous

        That’s not what the article above says. It says the myth was debunked yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I have had nothing but trouble with mine too. Admit there is a problem and fix it. Giving me more bars without problem fixes does me no good. I am taking mine back.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to think I am connected to 4g I just actually want to connect to 4g.. crappy reception at work and poor at home :/

  • I dont agree, I am holding the Nexus 89dBm, next to is thunderbolt 72dBm. 

    This is with the new radio in the Nexus. I have not noticed a difference between the new and old radio. 

    On a side note, although the 102 dBm (in bottom floor of my house) is much higher on my nexus supposed weeker signal I am geting crystal clear calls and 9.97Mbps down and 3.71Mbps up. Upstairs in my house i get 17.06 and 9.43.

    Looking at lower bars doesnt bother me as long as it works well. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok I noticed something big time at work the area i work in is eastern connecicut they just got 4g out here and my thunderbolt was great even tho i work in a factory with tons of machines running never droped below 4g and data speeds were great. My gnex barley gets 4g or 3g and its stupid slow data with the old radio and the new one thinking of returning and getting a rezound.

  • EC8CH

    Pretty sure *pple’s got a patent for this method of increasing signal indicators

    Verizon should expect to be sued in short order.

  • I don’t what you all have been experiencing but the bars seems accurate on my GNex.  All speed tests on 4g seems to reflect the signal perfectly.  When I’m at 4 bars, I get around 20+mbs up and down.  When I’m at 2 or even 1, I get maybe 10 down and 3 up.

  • weapon x

    I really hate to see all you guys suffer this way. It’s just not right. Everyone paid top dollar for a device that was obviously not ready for prime time. But you guys were clamoring for it, so there you go. I’m just here reading with my 5 bars of 4G with insane call quality on my Razr. FYI, I was in a Verizon store today, I ALMOST changed out my Razr for a Nex. It was in my hand, then I made a call…..it was bad. I couldn’t be happier. 

    • Anonymous

      How you like watching a movie in low light condition with all the blotches that so up.

      • weapon x

        none here, yellow. Be nice now…

      • Anonymous

        I specifically buy phones based on how well I can watch a movie in low light conditions. Watching a screen a little large than a playing card is perfect for 1.5 hours. I love the eye strain. So much better than watching it on a tv or laptop or tablet. 

    • Anonymous

      You made the right choice. My GNex is going back to the store. All you did was save yourself another trip…good for you 🙂

  • Anthony Vella

    For gods sake, my old Droid Charge had better signal at my house than my new Galaxy Nexus and let me tell you, that Charge had the worst data I have EVER seen.

    Also, care to explain why Verizon is basically talking for Google. Note they say an update is coming. Why the hell does it sound like Verizon is making this update and not Google!?!

    • Anonymous

      As far as I know, this is a LTE GNEX problem, nothing wrong with GSM/HSPA+… The European version seems to be working fine on other networks: that means VZW has to figure out what is up with their radios.

  • Kierra

    didnt Apple do this ? Dang Nex

  • Rw-1


    Anyone else with a GN try the speech to text here on the cimments section?

    When i do i get just my contacts names randomly. Online seems to be the only place this ocfurs.

    Works perfectly for texts …

  • Fragdroidx

    Nexus-Life much? How is it a myth? The only thing the Anandtech article MAY have proved is that some devices MAY be showing 3G signal instead of 4G. It in NO way proved that there is not a problem with the Galaxy Nexus signal. The ever growing number of people showing concern over reception issues shows that there is CLEARLY something going on with the Galaxy Nexus radios. For you to dismiss it as a myth without any true evidence to back it up along with no investigation yourself is negligent journalism at best. And by the way, Honeycomb 4G devices report 4G signal as well, something the Anandtech article failed to mention. Since my Xoom has getting a consistent 4G signal in the -90 range and my sons Galaxy Nexus can’t pull a 4 G signal at all, I would so that the signal problems are far from myth.

    Take your Galaxy nexus blinders off for a while and get back to the awesome blog this used to be.

    • Anonymous

      So the Anandtech pics that show the Nexus getting the same numerical signal strength in dB as other VZ LTE phones while the bars differ hugely isn’t proof?  The number of bars DO NOT matter and are not a reliable indication of anything when comparing different phones, that was the entire point of the article.  The other phones are showing the 3G CDMA signal, not the LTE signal.  Do you have any proof of a Nexus getting a lower dB reading on LTE than a different phone consistently?  I’ve seen nothing of the sort.

      Brian’s article also said nothing at all about potential issues with LTE to 3G handoff or 3G signal strength, it was soley focused on LTE signal stregth.

      • Fragdroidx

        Understand what you read much? Nexus-Life, er sorry Droid-Life is saying that the Galaxy Nexus signal issues are a myth based off of the findings in the Anandtech article. This is clearly not the case and Nexus-Life, sorry, Droid-Life should be ashamed of themselves for saying so. And yes I do have proof as I have the Razr, Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and two Xooms in my home. They Nexus without doubt has reception issues. The Xoom, Razr and Rezound all have quality 4G connections and the Nexus can’t pull 4G at all. In addition while all other devices in my home have super strong 3G connections the Nexus has on average -20 to -30 higher dBm than the other devices to the point of dropping calls. But what does it matter? Proof doesn’t seem to mean much around here anymore and it certainly doesn’t mean much to the followers of the precious.

        • Anonymous

          You’re a pretty incredible troll.  

          Right after I get done saying “Brian’s article also said nothing at all about potential issues with LTE to 3G handoff or 3G signal strength, it was soley focused on LTE signal strength.” you say ” while all other devices in my home have super strong 3G connections the Nexus has on average -20 to -30 higher dBm than the other devices.”

          Which part of “THE ANANDTECH ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT 3G, ITS ABOUT LTE ONLY” do you not understand exactly?

          And with regard to your “Nexus-Life” crap, this phone is without a doubt the closest thing on VZ to what the OG Droid was when it came out.  Moto abandoned the philosophy behind the OG and started putting bloatware garbage and locked bootloaders on their phones.  What do you expect a blog like this to cover?  How to use VZ Navigator on a Bionic?

          • FragDroidX

            You just don’t get it do you? When the Galaxy Nexus is in 3G mode it is reporting 3G stats. Therefor you can compare apples to apples in regard to 3G. While in 3G it has -20 to -30 higher dBm than other 3G devices. Is that CLEAR for you now? This was included to affirm that the signal issues that this blog says are a myth, do in fact exist.

            Who is saying there is no issue? Seriously, do you read? Droid Life clearly states in this posting that the signal issues are a myth and they use Anandtech to enforce their claim.

            The Nexus-Life crap is because this blog CLEARLY has bias in regard to the Galaxy Nexus and if you can’t see it you are blind.

            Lastly calling me a troll is hilarious. I have two words for you. Pot, Kettle. Please do yourself a favor and dont go into a battle of wits to often. You seem to be unarmed.

          • Anonymous

            I am with you. I have a xoom, og droid, and dx2…all of which have a much better 3g db signal than my new super phone. Some folks are lucky enough not to have a signal problem, and unfortunately, they are skeptical about those of us who do. My gnex is a joke. Calls are garbled, and the browser is not even usable. I switched back to my Dx2 over it. I mean really…the dx2 crushes the gnex and there is nothing wrong? I am not imagining this, and I know you aren’t either. Mine is going back to the store.

          • Anonymous

            How about you read my post before opening your mouth again?

            “Who is saying there’s no 3G issue? I see it too.”

            I said the article is ABOUT LTE.  I’m not arguing with you any further on this since you’re insisting the article is about something that it isn’t.

          • Guest

            This is nothing like the OG Droid in terms of signal. Turning off 4G on the Nexus and comparing the dBm to the Droid’s shows that the Nexus has 15-25 higher dBm than the Droid. There’s clearly something wrong with the Nexus’ radio.

            Droid Life took an article and twisted it in a way that makes it sound like the phone is fine, it’s just reporting the wrong amount of bars. That’s clearly not the case. There IS A PROBLEM WITH THE RADIO. Why does Samsung suck so much when it comes to hardware??

  • biker bill

    I say keepbthe nexus true if its really displaying true signal strength and adjust the othephones so they display correctly . And speed up the 4g lte . Because it has been slow in cleveland ohio since i git the nexus . My rezound was always pulling 16 down and now im lucky to get 8mbs down on the nexus .

    • Fragdroidx

      But the Nexus signal issues are a myth so that can’t be.

  • Anonymous

    SH1T SON

  • Tim Swann

    I got incredible speeds today.  Here was my highest!

    • Anonymous

      I got that too but had to be in the store once outside and the farther I got from the store the worse it got.

      • Tim Swann

        I was no where near any Verizon store actually. I was just waiting in line at a store when I decided to fire it up today.

      • Anonymous

        Are you talking in a Verizon store? Just curious. When I bought my gnex, it kicked in the verizon store…never been the same since. I am thinking they had a signal booster of some sort going? It would make sense.

    • Anonymous

      damn 31.33/9.82 thats crazy i was pulling some of my top speeds today on my RAZR and i was only getting 22-23/13-14.  My signal strength was -70dbm, any idea what yours was at the time of that test?

  • gearmonky

    hey verizon: you’re doing it wrong

  • Fillyo

    Plus, if this were true, I would have 4g, not 3g, I don’t believe there is a problem with improperly displaying 3g symbol while connected to LTE network.

  • Anonymous

    Good job people. Because of your ignorance and complaining we will now have an inaccurate/optimistic signal indicator…

    • Anonymous

      Yep – hope the idiots are happy.  I *want* the true signal shown, not the signal of a totally separate network (3G) while I’m on LTE.

  • Its ok, just make it read inaccurately and I’ll be happy.

  • Fillyo

    Yeah, I am calling BS.  I work downtown Chicago, and get surf the internet on the crapper on the 33rd floor with my TB, and maintained 4g signal most of the day.  On my Nexus, no such luck, in 3g 90% of the time, and 1x in the crapper.  This may not be a keeper.

  • Whytecountry

    That’s a terrible idea, but that’s Verizon’s only option at this point because the average consumer is too stupid to use their brains.

    • Bert336

      +1 on that one.  Unfortunately most of those average consumers somehow made their ways to Droid-Life and are now bitching bc their phone reads 1 Bar @ -88 dBm lol

      • Tim242

        Mine is 1 bar, -120 dBm.. Thunderbolt is 3 bars, -80 dBm. This is on 3G. Something is wrong

  • JJ69Chev

    i call BS im getting single digit mbps on my nexus while my wife’s charge and my nephews TB are getting high teens low 20’s… no problem my ass

  • Bert336

    VZ please do not change the way the bar reads. We do not want a fake signal reading. pretty plz!!

  • Skyskioc

    I live in the North orange county California area and have had problems with 4g signals from the beginning. After the 4g went down today I had no 3 or 4 g service for a while. I was ready to throw my phone when on my way to Verizon to tell them about the issue, it started working again and low and behold I 4 g service full bars an amazing connections through the city of Brea Ca. Having no problems at all now. Just saying

  • Bert336

    works perfect for me…. no issues at all 🙂 ppl need to quit their bitchxng, you all have plenty of time to take the phone back if you are unsatisfied. http://i42.tinypic.com/2a4s8kw.png

  • Stewie

    If I continue to not have 4G at home, I can understand that, being in a fringe area of 4G.

    BUT my OG had full 3G all the time at home, and the Nexus has been cutting out totally.

    Telling me you are going to adjust the indicator DOES NOTHING but MASK the REAL ISSUE here.

    Now, you like to keep harping on the AnandTech article, which does nothing to explain why I still have CRAP on 3G even if set to CDMA only, in an area where everything else is loving life, the signal, the quality and full bars (even other samsung 3G phones) … 

    • Bert336

      3G and 4G is like comparing apples and oranges. if it bothers you that much then go get a 3G only phone.

      • Taxed Todeath

        Either I can make/take calls or I can’t.  Since I can’t….it’s going back.  Reactivate OG Droid or kiss big red goodbye forever.  I don’t give a crap about the numbers, it still has to be a PHONE

      • Rw-1

        Please read before placing foot in mouth.

        No one is comparing.

        If you can’t fallback to a known good 3G signal, then you have a $300 brick.
        There are plenty of people in this situation right now, and return time is running out.

    • Marc

      Same here stewie, crap 3g.  I cant even send a text out of my house without standing near a window whereas my iphone never skipped a beat in same spot

    • Anonymous

      How many times do I have to tell people that article was about LTE *not CDMA/3G* ? He said in the comments he’s still testing 3G and also and issues with LTE to 3G handoff.

  • I have had fine strength for the most part. I have a few minor things that bother me but I think the overall issues I read (which is what delayed me picking up the phone until last night). However, I have not found any issues that so many “people” are complaining about. I think the problem for some is between the device and the chair. Its a phone everyone. Its not meant to take over for a laptop or a TV or a gaming console. Its a phone. 

    • Marc

      Some of us still have real STRENGTH (DBM) problems, like me.  The phone is great and I’m not saying it should be a laptop, but if the stupid thing cant even send a text over 3g because im getting -120dbm when my iphone in same spot is getting -73 dbm, then there IS AN ISSUE

      • Anonymous

        The lower reading is coming from an LTE signal per the Anandtech article. The iphone is reading EVDO signal for 1X and voice. So essential comparing apples (no pun) to oranges. 

        I do agree there is a issue in handoff between 3G and 4G, and for me the voice signal is very sub par, i have a feeling this can’t be corrected by software. 

  • tyguy829

    Then how does this explain the fact that my bionic got average 4g signal at my dorm, but my galaxy nexus doesn’t get 4g at all?  Do I have a defective unit?  Should I exchange it?

    • Anonymous

      Because the software written to have a conservative cutoff in signal strength. The software believes it can save battery life by putting you in 3G vs 4G. I think at some point it will be corrected hopefully in 4.0.3.  

      • tyguy829

        thanks for the reply.  They really are stupid.  If I wanted 3g, I would either turn off LTE or buy a 3G phone!!!  

  • Kevin der Kinderen

    Wait a goddamn minute. Did we just read a report that says the Galaxy’s bars were more accurate and realistic than other devices? This is kinda BS no? More bars in this case would not mean better connection.

    Am I missing something or did I just get rolled over by a marketing machine?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, they classified us in the same group for iphone users. Remember they did this last year on AT&T?

  • Eeew. I like seeing how the signal actually is. Keep it as is!

  • It’s likely more accurate the way it is now and is buffered to look good on other devices.  Keep it!

  • John

    You guys are completely missing the point here. The radio/signal is fine, but the strength indicator is wrong. So why would you want them to leave the signal indicator alone since that is the problem?

    • Nexusplz

      bs the radio signal is fine. it s way weaker dB for Db than other devices.
      Hey Verizon put the radio fixes out officially that devs are now flashing and leave the friggin display icon alone

    •  The strength indicator is correct.  Verizon is much more generous on their other phones with bars, which means they are not exactly accurate.  The G-Nex is actually reporting a more realistic signal strength.

      • Anonymous

        Well Verizon just shot themselves in the foot. There will be an influx of calls to the tech support asking why am I losing signal when i have x amount of bars. 

      • Tim242

        Really? Then why does my tbolt show 3 bars, -80dBm…and my Nexus shows 1 bar, -120 dBm? This is on 3G.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, keep the signal the way is currently is.  I like knowing what I am actually getting. 

  • Anonymous

    REALLY verizon?! *pinching bridge of nose*

    I wonder if the stronger signals people are seeing with the new radios are because they switched the status to display the 3g signal strength instead too.

    What’s almost more amazing is them admitting this is their “fix.”

  • mrz1125

    In an area where I was getting full 3G signal on my droid x to not having any signal and it says there is no network connection, changing the way signal reads does absolutely nothing for me. So in my eyes it is the radio. I’m not talking 4G here i really do mean 3G

  • Michael Obrian Price

    Well i havent got 4G since i bought my gnex in savannah, ga. I live in hinesville/ft. Stewart area. I onoy get 1bar of 3G. However i went on post(ft. Stewart) and got 4G somehow. But only on post. There is definetly something going on with the signal and it needs to get fixed because there is no reason to have a RG phone if i cant enjoy the fast download speed. Nothing wrong with the phone itself,it runs stellar.just the signal because i dont even get good 3G. Right now i have no bars at all but when i yad my droid3 i had 3bars. So it is something with the bars or signal.

  • Joejoe509

    This should be filed under “white people problems”. For those who dont know see Louis CK’s stand up on the matter. We have these amazing phones and we still complain. “Can you give it a SECOND??!! It’s coming from SPACE!!” Haha funny stuff.

    • I know the exact part you are talking about and absolutely loved it.  He just released a new stand up within the past couple of weeks that you can only get on his website.  I think it was only $5.

  • Let me just say that I was downloading at 1.8 mbps when my indicator barely show 1 bar signal, so I don’t get the what the big deal on what the indicator show is as long as you are getting the performance that is on par. Had the Nexus since Sunday, no drop calls.

    • Anonymous

      Problem is that at one bar you should be downloading at 6Mbps. And at full bar you should be at 28Mbps. like my Bionic. UNLESS you are on T-Mobile or ATT or Metro then you are right on par… LOL

  • Anonymous

    It worked for Apple.

  • Anonymous

    So now this phone has been out for a bit are there any issues that people seem to be running into at this point? I have a RAZR but got it under the extended return policy so I could get the nexus if I wanted it and now that I am pretty certain that even though a number of custom ICS roms have been released for other phones none have a working camera. I have rooted and safestrapped my RAZR and am running a debloated ICS themed rom Razed, it is nice but I would like true ICS and I feel like cm9 might be too far away. So my question I guess is is the nexus worth trading in my RAZR for?

    • Anonymous

      No. RAZR takes better pictures. Return to stock and get the update for it and wait for Jan. or Feb for ICS to come OTA to your RAZR.

      • You do realize that ICS is not coming to the RAZR until at least the end of April right? Did you not read the articles where it takes about 4-8 months to come out from one release to another?

        • Anonymous

          Potatoe patado. No worries, it will come sooner than you think. Meanwhile Ginger bread is working perfectly….

          • Anonymous

            Lol Gingerbread

      • its not all about pictures. nexus has a better processor (slightly iknow) wayyyyyy better screen, it will get updates first , lots of dev support and many othe things. if you want a good camera  the razr isnt even that good

        • Anonymous

          Both phones have good screens. Speed is not an issue on either phone. The 4.65 screen is really a 4.3, the soft-keys take up what should be a 4.65 screen. Put both phone side by side and see for your self. As far as software upgrades goes, Moto and Google are partners, and who gets what first will change as you know it just give it a little time, trust me. 

          • yes theyre partners , but if what you predict was trut hen why wasnt this a moto nexus? i dont think it will happen. also the nexus wil always get updates first, by not giving it updates first google would ruin the nexus name and purpose which i highly doubt it would do. yes the screens wind up being close in size when it comes to the softkeys but they go away when you watch a movie or something like that. and you cant say the nexus doesnt have the better of the screens. i like the razr and i would get it if it wasnt for the nexus. 

          • Anonymous

            Words from another member of this community: 
             Why is February significant? Probably because that’s when Motorola is looking to have their first builds of ICS done. The DROID 4, Razr, Bionic, and DROID 3 all share a lot of similarities and all except for the DROID 3 have been confirmed to receive ICS. It stands to reason that Motorola will hold off on releasing the DROID 4 until they have ICS all packaged up and ready to ship with the phone as opposed to releasing it now and seeing poor sales.

          • dude they announced its coming out near march if not later. you wouldnt happen to be angelface with a new profile? both of you troll all over anything that isnt motorola

      • Jan or Feb?  Keep dreaming.

    • Taglogical

      I like the Razr more than the Galaxy Nexus. (The Bionic is better than the Galaxy Nexus)

  • Mikewoods94

    Droid X and DINC had 1 dead spot in my area for reception. The GNex has most of the area and the signal strength sucks (call quality proves that not signal bars showing.)

    Fix it or give my money back.

    • Bert336

      take it back, they’ll give you your money back. buy an iphone instead hurry!

    • Give the phone back and you shall get your money back.  Neat huh?

    • Taglogical

      Hank and Bert’s sarcasm aside, you should return it for a better phone, like the Razr, or the Bionic.

      OR, hang in there! There are REAL issues with the Galaxy Nexus and there will be REAL solutions rest assured. Note that not much ‘work’ gets done in December.

  • Anonymous

    Sh1t Son

  • Zevelking

    So where is the problem?
    Speed test between the top Verizon phones shows the Nexus way behind.


  • Wraith0903

    Absolute BS….My work is 4 miles from an LTE tower, never dropped 4g on my POS Thunderbolt. Nexus on average pulling down -116 db, when it will get a 4g signal. No, question there’s a radio problem. Fix it, don’t cover it. 

  • Azndan4

    This phone has great reception for me in California.  I don’t care about the signal bars as long as it works.

  • Haproot

    Really, serious? All the things that can be fixed and that is what they are focusing on.  I’d rather keep the signal readings the way they are, realistic.  How bout fixing the laggy keyboard for power typers like myself.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So in other words your full 4g coverage in my area(by your maps)is a lie when and if I get 4g download is 4 to 6 meg and .018 upload only way to get anything close to full bars is to park beside the Verizon store.Also when it switches between 4g and 3g I lose all connections for up to 3 minutes.

  • David H.

    it doesn’t look good, please lie to us instead.
    heh, i like it

  • Anonymous

    We just confirmed the hot chick is stuffing her bra.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, false advertising. While most men go crazy for Victoria Secret, the secret is that there is about 3″ of extra padding. 

      • Anonymous

        Victoria’s Real Secret:  How to get your girlfriend/ wife to look like the model in the magazine…

  • I never even paid attention to the bars until i got this phone, because they never truly displayed what kind of connection i was getting. I wish they would leave it alone so i can actually see how good my 4g signal is.

  • Paul Kiefer

    I’m going to hold out. I also have spoken to verizon and explained that I could see 12,000 bars of signal I don’t care. It deosn’t change my -103 when my thunderbrick is running -83. After the hassel of using Airdroid to copy my files over since I have XP and G-Nex won’t play nice I’m really, really not looking forward to losing everything.

    • trevorsalienarms

      But wasn’t one of the points in the referenced article that the signal strength you are seeing on your ‘thunderbrick’ is actually 3G and on the Nexus it’s displaying 4G? So it’s not really an apples to apples comparison.

      I thought I read that anyway…if that’s true, then it’s going to be a long while before people stop comparing signal strength readings on the Nexus to any other 4G device that came before it.

      • Anonymous

        You’re correct, most people haven’t read the article and just talking out of their ass. I do believe there is a problem with EVDO with call quality and 3G/ 4G hand-offs. 

  • Alex

    This is just like getting a 40 on a test, then saying it was 40/40.

  • I don’t know why so many of your are getting so heated. We all know how Verizon works – this shouldn’t be a surprise. This doesn’t matter to me because I already have the latest radio installed and thanks to the huge developer support, already on the latest ICS build. That is the whole purpose of having this type of phone – no limitation.

    However, I understand there are customers that don’t care about rooting, custom recoveries and ROMS, and definitely want this phone to work and display information as accurately as possible but I would urge these users to follow the Complete “How to” Guide and most of this woes will disappear before Google/Verizon get around to releasing a fix for the documented issues.

    Just my thoughts and opinion.

  • For all you complaining about signal you really need to check out the new Radios available at mydroidworld.com

    • Anakin Solo

      Already did.  Doesn’t solve handoff or 4G dropping issues.

  • i have had any issue with the signal. great 4g signal here

  • Fantastic, so now they’re making the software lie to us so the morons out there can be satisfied.

  • Anakin2Solo

    DL and Anandtech just screwed Nexus customers.  Shovel the Bullcrap guys.

    Just because you put two phones side by side and they have the same signal reception doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem holding 4G and handoffs.

  • Anonymous

    They should leave it how it is. No need to display a false reading. Maybe those new radios leaked are helping with some who have signal issues and that is how it will display it like other phones?

  • Jamdev12

    Hey this is awesome. Lets, instead of actually fixing something that is not broken, why don’t we just make an update to make it look like we did fix something, but it is just an aesthetics thing. WTF!!!!

  • 21chip

    I think the signal meter should have more then just three bars. Four and Five bars seam to be the norm. At least it might look better to us. That and stop all the big system crashes

    • TonefackinLoke

      mine has 4, get better service in your area bruh

      • Anakin2Solo

        As if customers have any choice?

        My Rezound was solid in the same exact spot wher the Nexus drops to 3G often. 

        There is a PROBLEM!! 

        And I already replaced one phone.

        • Exactly. I had a Rezound as well.  I NEVER dropped to 3G with it at work. Galaxy Nexus drops to 3G constantly.

          • Andrewtrespando

            Same exact thing as both of you.

          • paul_704

            I love my Rezound….best phone I have owned!!!!

          • Bert336

            take it back. wait a few months for it to get to your liking. so simple.

  • ww

    so how does this help owners who used to get 4g speed on other devices and now do not on the Nexus

  • Ryan

    So this wont solve why my GNex gets super hot towards the top after being on the phone for 5 minutes? Seriously, anyone elses nexus does this, or just mine?

    • Jamdev12

      I don’t have issues like this and I talk to my wife and kids for almost 30 minutes.

    • Forrest Tracey

      Mine doesn’t do that…

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you got a lemon. Try getting another one.

    • Mine has got extremely hot twice, to the point where I shut it off and rebooted it!!

  • Anakin2Solo

    Thanks for helping shovel the bull crap DL.  I am so disappointed. 

    This is not simply an issue of bars.  I could give a crap about bars.

    I owned a Tbolt and an Rezound and BOTH held a 4G signal all day at my office.  My Nexus DOES NOT.  Worse, it gets stuck on 3G often unless I toggle airplane mode or reboot.  Read your own comments section and you would see I am not alone.  Yet you still push the corporate BS “MYTH” line.  Screw that.

    • Anonymous

      No 4g issues here. I had a thunderbolt and got about same signal as i do with nexus.

      • Anakin Solo

        I guess that means since yours works there is no issue.  Never mind. 

        Maybe Verizon can fix my issue where I drop to 3G by changing the 3G icon to match the 4G one.  Heck,  Why not change the 1x and no signal one also.  That way I will always have 4G.

        • Blootzm3

          take a chill pill, verizon wont do sh@$# about it, remember their customer service sucks.

        • I guess that means since yours doesnt work its the of the world.

          As far as your 2nd comment is concerned, you are comparing apples to oranges.

          Maybe they shouldn’t be adjusting the GNex Signal bars but adjusting the other phones to show true signal strength. 

    • You should download the newest radio for it. Helps with 3G to 4G switching.

    • Anonymous

      Like. I too am extremely disappointed in the outright dismissal of any reception problems just because Kellex is in a strong LTE area. Anandtech’s article is a great article, and I’m overjoyed that the Galaxy Nexus properly displays LTE signal strength. The problem is not here, though. Nor is it necessarily in the fact that people are getting LTE in fewer areas (this could just be a lower handoff threshold on the Nexus from 4G to 3G, as the Anandtech author mentions in the article’s comments, and could be remedied via software update). The REAL problem is in extremely low 3G connectivity, NO data connectivity in a lot of areas, and NO voice connectivity in a lot of areas. That’s not a problem with the way that the Nexus displays LTE signal strength, that’s a serious problem with the radio on the Nexus. Whether or not this can be remedied with software alterations is the real question.

      But to pretend that there isn’t an issue at all is just wrong. Shame on you, Kellex.

      • Anonymous

        Very nicely stated and I fully agree.

  • Anonymous

    The GNex has already had 3 or more problems in just the first few days of launch. I’m glad I got the Razr, although it will be outdated very soon. The only problem I heard of on the Razr was 4g outages, but that turned out to be all devices.

  • How about an update for the Landscape/portait transition lag? It’s not all that bad, it’s just annoying

    • Blootzm3

      yes lets fix this… very annoying

    • xyzlene

      how could  google/verizon miss that… i have heard that the gsm version is much faster concerning the ui…. i think verizons lte slowed down the phones overall performance.  to compensate i have turned off all animations in the developer section in settings…

  • Alan

    So this wont fix the fact that my signal is constantly dropping and i cannt get 4g in areas that other devices can?

    • Anonymous

      You act like this will be the only thing in the update. Relax people damn.

      • Anonymous

         Do you have evidence suggesting otherwise?  I didn’t see anything in the source article stating that there would be fixes to the actual reception and inconsistent signal lock … only how the bars would be reported to the user.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah search 4.0.3 update which this most likely will be a part of. Not to mention there is already a leaked radio helping with reception issues.

          • Anonymous

             I flashed the leaked radio last night.  Unfortunately, didn’t get to try it much as 4G went kaput this morning.

        • Anonymous

          Hahahaha are you kidding your afraid if not getting up dates on a nexus device… some people.

  • Tom Luley

    It isn’t something we now know not to be true. I NEVER dropped calls on my Droid X in my house…and had readings of -70 to -90dmb while I get no lower than -110dmb with my Nexus. This is garbage…Just because some of you DON’T have a problem with reception doesn’t mean all of us don’t and we are just making it up.

    • Anonymous

      You on 4g with the nexus? If so the nexus reads 4g dbm droid x goes on cdma dbm

      • Tom Luley

        Both…I get about -120 on LTE and about -107 running JUST 3g.

      • Adam Wiggins

        This is key.

  • nkd

    Lol so what about when the phone totakky drops 4g in the middle of 4g coverage area and i have no data? Debunked my ***.

  • Anonymous

    What a crappy solution.

    It certainly is partially a real issue. Otherwise explain why a store I frequent holds a very low 1X signal on 3 prior phones both LTE and 3G, and yet no signal at all, can’t call or anything on the Nexus…hmmmm

  • Anonymous

    Whooop Whoop

  • Same thing Apple did last year with the 4

  • Jojo

     Will it adjust the signal processing to better match other devices?

    • Mark

      This is nothing more than masking the problem instead of actually solving it. Plus, signal strength is not the same as signal quality. There could be a lot of noise in the same band as the signal. Signal strength won’t show that.

      If Samsung radios truly are not as good (ie. bad receiver and/or antenna design) then I guess this all Google can do.

    • Schaefer

       Nope, people who had connectivity issues before will continue to have issues if this is the only thing Verzizon does.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather see a lower signal when it’s actually higher than see 4 bars but not have a great signal. 

  • xformulax

    sadly, the signal indicator is right on this device, and wrong on the others…. -102dbm should not report as 3-4 bars.

    people are getting the issue twisted… the problem isnt the bars, it’s the dbm strength!

    • K6tcher

      Exactly, my friend. It NEVER was a “bars” issue as other blogs and Droid-Life hints to. It is the dBm strength (or lack of it).

      Pull an Apple and adjust the bars however you like, the phone still simply has a poor radio in it. On 3G, my GN always showed about -20 to -30 dBm higher than my Motorola phones… That was on towers in town AND on my 3G Network Extender.

    • Anonymous

      i am picking up -70dbm with about 3-4 bars of reception on 4g LTE on my RAZR, i was planning on returning this phone for a nexus but i am not to sure now as the signal might be the key factor in keeping the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I have zero reception problems. I really don’t know what people are talking about. Really, this phone has been unbeleivable. It is the the best in every department. My signals are great everywhere…

    Much better than my T-bolt.

    Just sayin ….

    • John

      Agreed. Mine’s showed fewer bars as other phones, but had a perfectly stable connection. Since all that matters is “am I connected,” this will “fix” the “problem.”

      //love the phone.

      • Mine shows the same bars as my Tbolt on OMGB and OMFGB

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

    • Anonymous

      It’s definitely not the best in the battery department. 

      • Anonymous

        Then you haven’t owned a Thunderbolt! This is a monster in comparison! Not the best, but coming from previous LTE devices it certainly is better.

        • Anonymous

          Oh I have, there is a reason it went back on day 6.

      • Syncback

        Did you get that info from one of your sources?
        Nothing about the battery but you had to chime in.

    • Anonymous

      Then you are very lucky my friend.

  • when will my phone update to jelly bean?

    • Flyinion

      Shortly after Google releases the SDK and source for the developers 🙂

  • Jrm5021


  • So let me get this straight, the myth was debunked and shown to show ones actual 4G signal on ICS. So rather than say, hey this is a good thing you actually see your true signal.

    Verizon is going to alter the way it displays to skew the information display and have it display a less than true signal so to match other devices.

    I say, leave it the way it is or increase the signal strength of your towers to increase reception among  devices. OR if the GNex has an actual software problem, then fix the problem to receive a better signal don’t mask it with skewed information.

    • Let me add, I haven’t noticed any dropped calls or no 4G in my area on my GNex. So I can’t say this will really affect me but for those that are having problems. I’d rather clear data be shown than skewed to make me smile more.

    • Like!

      • Cell

        You know, the bad connectivity issues many seem to be reporting hasn’t been debunked.

        • Billyrouth2000

          Sure it has, My nexus has no issues, My wifes Nexus has no issues, nor does anyone I know,

          • Dshudson

            I know I don’t, both 4g and 3g seem stronger.. When I had my tbolt there were certain areas of my train ride NH to Boston that I would lose connection while listening to Pandora.. Not anymore.. all this talk is crazy.. just enjoy your phone. NOTE.. During my ride, I go through 3 and 4g areas. I love the phone and would recommend it to anybody.. 

          • Dshudson

            Also, in my opinion, I like the current bar display, it is much more believable.. previously, I would have 3 bars and it would be a bit sluggish getting me pissed… now when I have 1, i’m expecting it. 

          • Anonymous

            Then that means yours doesnt have problems. Mine does…dropped calls… dropped data…

            Then it comes back on. Also voicemails showing up and i wonder why phone didnt ring while in my hand.

            There are issues but if yours is fine that is great! When my Nexus is dead I can pick up my Thunderbolt which is working fine.

      • Mike

         You should go to an area with low to average signal strength and test the current 4G devices side by side.

        • Hector
          • Seth

            Wow, not only was  the 1x voice strength lower than the Razr and Rezound, LTE speeds were slower too.

          • Anonymous

            I told these people about this and they did not listen to me. Now, they are crying like little girls.

          • Jericho54

            Perhaps because you have proven your comments to be as trustworthy as Richard Nixon post-Watergate

          • Anonymous

            They saw it that way, because i do not have hair on my tongue, i say it as it is period. They are suffering with their weak radios, whereas i am enjoying my -58 dbm signal strenght 🙂

          • Felix

             So much for that myth being debunked, eh Kellex? 

          • I think I will trust Anandtech over these other twirps.  Thanks though…

          • angermeans

            I agree I think if anyone has gained “geek cred” in this business (in my eyes) its anandtech not so much phonearena

          • Drazyw

            I think i will trust the results in front of me where my razr is kicking my nexus’ ass up and down the street.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I’ll trust what I see. I have an iPhone 4S and my GN sitting next to me. I get roughly 10-15KB/sec on the GN and 70KB/sec on the iPhone 4S. Not to mention I don’t miss calls on my 4S where I already have on my GN while in the same place.

            4G is useless for me at home because it doesn’t exist here .. but the GN cant even seem to hold 3G at my home, or do simple things like receive calls.

            So much for hoping this was going to be awesome. Perhaps it’s time to ditch VZW as well…

          • Marc

            Anandtech only verified that the bars matched the signal strength level NOT that Nexus has no issues with connectivity.

            If the phone’s receiver has bad signal processing then it’ll have worse performance than other phones at the same signal strength.

          • Asoos

             Anandtech is known for their technical knowledge. Too bad the readers aren’t. You’re right, the article did not address connectivity issues many Nexus owners are reporting.

            No one knows if the issue is the antenna, baseband chips or just software bugs.

          • Anonymous

            It seems the talk is about signal strenght lol. I said that a lot of times about Samsung.

          • Anonymous

            Owning a Nexus and can say that whoever this is from Anandtech is an idiot. His test was with one phone and he did not have any issues. Based on this he said there was not issue. The bars being low to me mean nothing, but what does mean something to me is when my Nexus has NO service and dropping calls when my other phones with 4g are operating fine. 

            I can’t speak for other people, and can also say I am not a newbie. But my phone suffered terribly with no data connection at all for the first few days till I replaced it. My phone calls would go to voicemail without ever ringing and I would drop calls.

            So I don’t care if I had 4 bars or zero, if the phone is dropping service, not getting calls, and dropping calls  there is an issue. Especially when there were no issues with my other 4g phones at the same place and time.

            Yes I know some look at the bars and make judgments, but I did have real issues.

            Please explain to me why my Nexus sits with no service while my Thunderbolt is working fine side by side?

          • Tyler Cameron

            Is that the issue you’re having, there’s a youtube video I posted where I show exactly what the problem is. I’d post the idrect youtube link but I’m at school xD

        • @readers:disqus my friend’s mother-in-law makes $85/hr on the computer. She has been fired for 2 months but last month her check was $8962 just working on the computer for a few hours…Show More

      • Droiiiiiid

        Yes great idea. Could you please go somewhere with low 4g strength and compare the db numbers on various 4g phones to the gnex?

        • Droiiiiiid

          Whoops. Posted in the wrong spot but I got my message across

      • Scottyb112

        This is absolute crap.. My Droid Charge an Nexus side by side, 3G only area. Speedtest.net test at the same time. Droid charge 1.58mbps DL Nexus was .58mbps DL. I have done multiple tests like this with very similar results. Singal on Charge -74dbm nexus -89/-93dbm. Again i have been trying this over an over, an the Proof is in the puddin

        • Ken M

          The proof is in the article, which you didn’t read.

          It’s not about 3G reception (which has a different receiver than 4G.)  The AT article is exclusively about LTE signal strength.

          • Scottyb112

            Yes Ken M, I read the article thank you, and if you read my post correctly you would see that im not talking about the 4G signal strength, or an article about 4G. Im talking about 3G… Whether 4G or 3G its still an issue. In my case its 3G and its a major issue. Half the times my Nexus wont even connect to the network..  Them sending an update to fix how many bars show on my screen when in a 4G area will have no effect on my real problems with service. When they should be sending out a fix for the people who have real problems, and aren’t looking at bars, but performance. 

        • New to droid!

          I am not speaking for ANYONE on this board or that owns the phone. Your test prompted me to check. I dl’d the app from speedtest.net and ran three separate tests. Wish I could do a screen shot.  3G was 663 kbps down and 767 up. My 4G was 7214kbps down and 393kbps up. my WIFI was 14301 kbps down and 4439 up. you can get the idea of mbps. I had LOTS of problems when I first started the phone. My phone dropped 4g to 3g. Back and forth back and forth. Then it lost all signal all together. Rebooted the phone and haven’t had an issue since. I say LEAVE the bars alone. IF there is a problem with signal strength. Fix that but LEAVE the bars in true form.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I would like Verizon to leave the signal bars alone and just improve the radios for better stability.

      The problem is that all the non-technical people don’t know why they have less bars and just assume the phone has bad reception.

    • Flyinion

      Hmm good point, I went back and re-read the Anandtech article.  I had mistakenly been thinking the signal in it was adequate and the Nexus was just showing low bars.  They’re saying the signal really is low though.  Or is Verizon trying to run their LTE signal at a lower power rating?

      • From the article found here 
        http://www.bgr.com/2011/12/21/att-4g-lte-network-found-to-be-faster-than-verizons/ if indeed AT&T’s 4G network is faster than Verizon’s maybe one reason could be they are running it at a lower power rating causing slower speeds? I don’t know, but it’s a theory.

        Maybe if they increased the output and more people got better connections with Verizons 4G than maybe their speeds would increase to match AT&T’s I can’t imagine the tech between Verizon and AT&T’s LTE being all that different bandwidth wise.

        • KevinC

          you have no idea what goes into network speed.  it’s not just bandwidth.

          • Did i say it was only that no. No i did not… i said it could be a reason. So good job making yourself look like an ass.

    • Anonymous

      For me the problem is a combination of poor reception and poor switching btwn 3g and 4g. It’s a problem! The Rezound locked on immediately.

    • Anonymous

      Just out of curiosity, who is to say that the other devices are right and the Nexus really is wrong? Now, I know there is some problems with the phones that have to do with actually getting signal but that doesn’t mean that showing a innacurate number of bars isn’t the true problemfor this. If -105 is accepted as 3 bars on other phones then why let the G-Nex show 1 bar? They aren’t skewing the actual signal strength they are just making the bars line up similarly to other phones.

      Again I realize that there is a problem with some peoples phone but these look to be 2 separate problems. Verizon is solving one at a time. This one was easier to solve. They aren’t going to sweep the real issue under the rug; too many people will bombard their Facebook to allow it to happen.

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    • Blootzm3

      well said +1. leave it to verizon to lie to their customers…

    • angermeans

      +1 I agree

      • Anonymous

        You are not understanding the real issue. I could care less how many bars my phone shows but i expext it to be able to not drop service completely while my other 4g phones are still working. I dont want multiple dropped calls in a day or my calls going to voicemail without the phone ever ringing.

        I dont want my Nexus to be dead while my Thunderbolt is operating fine.

        You see… bars mean nothing to me if my phone worked.

        Just because some dont have an issue doesnt mean there isnt one.

    • Exactly.  What I think is most interesting about this entire episode is that we finally know that the signal strength as has been reported to us forever is a lie.  Incredible!

  • Flyinion

    Kinda thought this might be the case due to the actual performance (speedtest.net etc.) that I was getting even when showing low bars.  I know other phones (including the fruit phone) have received similar “visual tweaks” to how the bars are calculated so I’m not really that surprised to find out the nexus needs it as well.

    • Anonymous

      I find it annoying that they hide hardware issue with visual software fixes.

      My VZW iPhone 4s definitely falsifies signal strength like they’re about to do for the GNex.  It pretty much always reads 4/5 or 5/5 bars. Everywhere. I’ve had it sitting next to my Droid Razr when I’m up in the mountains and the Razr will drop to 0 or 1 bar, but the 4s claims full reception.  But I know it’s wrong  because the 4s pretty much stops functioning… no internet or phone calls.  Ironically, I just switch to my Razr and it works perfectly fine.  Apparently, in the mountains, Motor Razr 0 to 1 bar signal strength > iPhone 4s full strength.  Not sure what kind of physics are behind that. (sarcasm)

      • BestDeathEver

        “I find it annoying that they hide hardware issue with visual software fixes.” < I couldnt agree more. 

      • Flyinion

        Have heard a few rumors about maybe some random bad handsets (supposedly Samsung wants people to return them to Verizon so they can get a hold of them for testing).  Personally, I’d say first check your 3G signal.  If it’s fine, it could be that you are just in an area where 4G is not all that great yet.

  • In other words they are changing the knobs so they go to 11 instead of 10.

    • Scott Webber

      ??? But that’s “one” louder?

  • What a horrible fix

  • That is garbage. That doesn’t change the fact that my Rezound never dropped to 3G at work and my Galaxy Nexus does it all the time. 

    • Anakin2Solo

      I am with you.  My Rezound and Tbolt were solid.  My Nexus drops to 3G 6-10 times a day in the same spot.

    • tyguy829

      excatly! My bionic got average 4g signal at my dorm, and my gnex has never gotten 4g once in that spot.  It barely gets 3g!

  • So, in other words, they’re just making the signal strength indicator less accurate? Jiminy Cricket…

  • I say we just replace the signal meter with 2 words “Sucky” and “Awesome” >_<