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Firefox On Android Redesigned For Honeycomb Tablets

Folks hoping for Firefox to make its optimized way to their Android tablets have received another early Christmas present.  The hardworking people over at Firefox have recently pumped out a completely revamped version of the popular web browser just for tablets.  Along with the new look you will also notice minor bug fixes here and there and as an added nice gesture, you should also see a faster start-up time for the app.

On a separate note we would like to add that it should be a crime to Photoshop HTC’s Sense UI over a Galaxy Nexus.  What were they thinking? 

What’s in this version:

  1. New tablet UI and features
  2. Faster start-up time
  3. Camera input support: developers can integrate camera functionality directly in Web sites
  4. HTML5 form validation
  5. More: www.mozilla.org/mobile/9.0/releasenotes

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Via: Mozilla

  • wow… cool! 

  • Granted

    I love Firefox on my computers and I’ve tried to love it on my phone and tablet so much, but it’s that damn lack of flash that kills my adoration. They make and are entitled to what they do, but they aren’t making for themselves. And I’m not the only one that wishes for flash support, and if everything wasn’t using flash I could understand their choices. But just comes off as truly stubborn to not offer it in some form.

    So I’m glad they have better refined it for my tablet. Yet, I think I’ll still be relegated to using Dolphin for now, which is consistently trying my patience with how crippled it is by way of constant crashes and a host of other annoying maladies.

  • Anonymous

    Firefox is terrible for phones, looks decent for tablets though.

  • Looks like the Nexus is running HTC Sense Gingerbread.  Photoshop fail

  • Slicer1138

    So does this support Flash yet?   I know html is the future and all but I still lie in the present and tons of sites still use flash.

  • Carlos

    Choppy, stock browser on Revolver better.

  • Anonymous

    I like the UI. Just wish the performance was better.

    • How is performance compared to the stock HC 3.2 browser?

      • Anonymous

        It’s a bit worse. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it still takes a couple seconds for the text to sharpen after every time you move the screen.

  • Anonymous

    No idea why you guys hype this broswer so much. I’ll stick with Dolphin for Tab.

    • Anonymous

      I guess news is news though.

      • Anonymous

        True. Very refreshing to see some variety in topics.

        • Granted

          Damn straight!

    • T Hall

      +1.  I really like Dolphin for Tab as well.

    • Anonymous

      I used Dolphin for Tab for a while and it was great.  But after repeated FCs and random closes during browsing with multiple tabs, I said screw it and went back to stock.  I’ve been pretty happy with it since. 

      I might try FF for Tab for browsing Google News when I don’t need Flash.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been using Dolphin HD and Dolphin for Tab, and I like them for the most part. But really the only reason I use them over stock is the Lastpass extension

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had a few FCs, but for the most part I love Dolphin for Tab. The stock browser is also great.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand Dolphin. It FC’s just as much as the stock browser. But that’s probably because Dolphin is just a skinned stock 3.0 browser.

      I’m used to the desktop Firefox and having 30~40 tabs open at once so I tend to treat my Xoom the same way and have alot of tabs open…..bad idea. The Xoom just doesn’t have enough RAM to keep that many tabs open.

      I expect too much from it though.