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Alpha Build Of Ice Cream Sandwich Available For Motorola OG DROID


CyanogenMod might have officially killed CM support for the OG DROID, but that small fact is not going to stop the good people over at XDA from bringing the newest CM9 to the old iconic device.  A pre-Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich build has been made available for flashing by any and all brave testers willing to give it a try.  This is not daily driver material. This is for people who are experienced with making backups, wiping your device numerous times, and have some extra time to test things.  For the rest of us, we can just sit back and know that people are working hard to bring us ICS to the OG. 

DownloadDroid A855 ICS Build Attempt | Update 1

Via: XDA

Cheers John!

  • David Nguyen

    I want to know what’s wrong with this before I flash it

  • How to i keep the screen from rotating at the home screen?

  • Browncow8

    Once i installed, when the keyboard is closed the screen is in landscape but when i open the keyboard the screen then goes to portrait… any suggestions or is this just a bug?

  • Anonymous

    I will be putting ICS on my OG Droid. O YES I WILL BE. 

    …and I love the nexus!

  • Manjyot281

    This phone is legendary!! I’ll never get rid of mine. I’ll probably buff out one or two scratches it has and  put it in a glass case. Motorola still sucks tho :/

  • AC

    Has anyone tried this out on their OG yet? I just retired mine when i got the GNex and am now attempting to put a custom ROM on it for the first time while I learn about the whole rooting/flashing thing. Is getting this version of ICS to work on an OG really that difficult? Or can a first timer get it to work? 

  • Anonymous

    Man it really is smooth. I really hope there is a decent daily driver version of ICS in the next couple of days. What a way to put my Droid into retirement.

  • TLStroeder

    Ok, I am impressed.  The fact that it can be loaded and RUN (Albeit slowly and with a number of broken apps) on my OG makes me speechless!.  I lurk in the background an continue to be amazed at what you guys here at XDA do.  While I have a Droid RAZR now (Rooted of course!) I will continue to see what CM9 can do to the Old Girl.  Nice Job to all you folks that do this for fun and entertainment.  I Bask in your magnificence!

  • Bewara2009


  • oh the screen orientation is wrong!?

  • Rob Morris

    This is the work of the supreme kai….

  • David522

    Its only right i leave her with the freshest. 

  • Kenfrederick1977

    Loading it up now! only use it for playing music so if it doesn’t have all working item nbd to me

  • Jamdev12

    Will try this as soon as I get a chance as I’ll be returning my Nexus because of personal issues.

  • Carlos

    I get error parsing package.

  • Kevin

    Awesome!!! My OG Droid is on a later version of ICS than the Galaxy Nexus. Unbelievable.

    • Mtag1974

      I have a droid 3 how do I get ics on it?? Sorry new to this

  • anyone know how to fix the color off-set?

    • go to the forum and download the newest one the update 1 link here is the old one 

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    Ahhhh, I love the Droid-Life Community.

  • Anonymous

    It’s definitely good news, BUT unless it is supremely  optimized, or the eye candy dialed down multitasking is going to be out of question, my poor OG droid already struggles to do so with CM 7.1 even when I try to keep everything as simple as possible.
    Still, LONG LIVE OG Droid!!

  • Anonymous

    If the Nexus didn’t come out, alot of us would be flashing this, and when I mean us, I mean the founding members of Droid Life.

  • Just get me ICS on my new Charge (which replaced my increasingly less reliable OG Droid) and I’ll be a happy camper. 

    • Anonymous

      Same boat as yourself Ethan

  • Anonymous


    ^^ I made a short video for those who wanna see it in action before installing. Happy camping! 

    • QtDL

      Wow. Not bad….I may have to resurrect my OG Droid for this.

  • Im going to flash this.  Confused though… the Update 1 link?  What’s that about?   Renaming to Update.zip?

    • I’m assuming that there’s been an update since they first compiled the “A855 ICS Build Attempt”

    • the update 1 is an older one the newest one is on the xda op 

      • Anonymous

        theres even a newer build that that on the thread somewhere

  • Anonymous

    You mean 
    Pre-Pre-ALPHA. I tried it out yesterday when the colors were all messed up but I guess he updated.

  • CANNOT WAITTT to flash this!

  • J Dub

    GB doesn’t run very well on my OG. Doubt ICS will. 

    Can someone say what is and is not working on this?

    • CM7 didn’t work well on mine but PE and Bugless Beast worked very well as far as GB goes

  • Bear0013

    This is awesome! …..the that never dies!…the og DROID will probly be worth money one day being it was such a big game changer…….to bad I don’t have mine anymore I have a dx …just waiting for kellex to give the full review on my galaxy nexus baby

    • Bear0013

      I meant the phone that never dies 🙂

  • EC8CH


    • This is so funny but dum as ever lol

  • Bionic

    I loved my OG but come on, why are people wasting time on a phone that had virtually no app memory and so little RAM?

    It was a great phone in its time but its time to move on.  Get a working ICS on the Bionic!!!!!

    • J Dub

      Tell Motorola to F the carriers and unlock the bootloader on the Bionic like they said they were going to do. You’ll get your ICS then. Until then just sit there and ask yourself why you bought a locked bootloader, slow to get updates, horrible skin’d device. 

      • Keith Sumner

        Updates are not slow.

        • They do quick bug fixes, but as far as OS updates they’re pretty damn slow. They already said it would be at least 6 months before ICS is on their high end devices. Unless your definition of “slow” is longer than half a year that is…

          • emdubs

            locked bootloader = slow. you are waiting on them to do the updates for you… rather them creating them yourself. you would have ICS already installed otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see the OG still get some love

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! My wait for an upgrade is getting so much better!

  • Anonymous

    This made me cry a little. The OG is def a god. Im gonna setup a shrine for mine. 

    Hey that rhymed! 

  • Anonymous

    Had to take my OG out back and shoot it

  • looks like ill be upgrading today

  • Foxtrot21alpha

    My og droid is on its death bed and for its last request is to have ice cream sandwitch running through its processor.

  • Bewara2009

    Can someone tell me if we can put ICS on the Droid x2?

  • The OG Droid will never die

  • GCurry

    Heheh. Tough times.  I’m still using my OG Droid with CM7.

    But if this effort is cleaned up and stabilized, I’d put it on my phone.   Worst that can happen is I’m forced to go replace it with a Galaxy Nexus.

  • The OG shall never die!!

    • It’s the One and Only Dominator.

      • Mack

        I just realized something…when I read your comment (not out loud of course) my brain automatically read it in Bender’s voice.

  • Brian Walls


  • Anonymous

    First, this story just affirms my decision to get the Nexus. The reason developer support remains on the OG after two years is because of the unlocked bootloader. I imagine the same will hold true with the Nexus.
    Second, I’m super excited to try this on my OG. I used mine for the full two years and although I was happy to get the Nexus it was somewhat bittersweet saying goodbye to my Droid. Mine still runs like a champ and I feel like I need to give it some ICS love as a reward for all its hard work.

    • Anonymous


      Sure, better devices than the Galaxy Nexus will be out in two to three months.But better dev support? You won’t see that until the Nexus 4 late next year.

  • Anonymous

    Is update 1 not a mirror? It is a smaller file.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a mirror. It’s an updated build. Check out XDA for correct information. I believe the bottom of page 3 is the link to the updated port. Following that is a list of fixes.

      • Anonymous

        It’s weird that it is significantly smaller

        • Anonymous

          Sorry that I cannot provide you any other information. I would suggest checking out the source link to be sure. I suppose that it’s possible that the dev created an “update” patch for the rom he originally released. Which would mean you need the original file as well as the update file.

          I haven’t fully tried it out yet. I’m at work patiently awaiting the end of the day so that I can.

          • Anonymous

            Tim-O can you tell us the dealio?

        • Yes it is smaller. The update 1 is an updated version of build which had a few features removed for testing purposes. Such as a boot animation. Gone. So yea, it’s an update – not a mirror.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Tim-o-tato 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Big thanks. Who needs a stinking boot animation! 😛

          • Anonymous

            For the record the first link is the better version. I is the larger file and does include the boot animation (which does look beautiful on the OG Droid). 

            The one labeled update 1 is (I believe) a generic stock version on ICS that has color issues. You can tell the other version has some CM9 tweaks.

        • Anonymous

          THAT’S..WHAT SHE SAID~!!
          .. aw cmon, my imature alter ego is disappointed in all of you

  • Caveman419

    The Android community is really amazing!!! Time to dust off the old girl and give it a flash.

  • Anonymous

    I’m doing this. If my Droid breaks maybe I’ll get to open a Christmas present early!

    • J Dub

      Hmmm….my wife doesn’t think I need to get the Nexus because my OG is still very much alive and kicking. Maybe if I flash this I can say I messed my phone up and now MUST get a new phone. 

      You might be onto something. Either that or I need to quit taking such good care of my phone. PE 4.2 shouldn’t be such a dern good ROM either. 

  • im getting one on the 2nd

  • My OG just stuck its tongue out at my GNex. Still feisty.

  • John P

    I actually flashed this rom and tested it out on my OG Droid yesterday. I even posted a video of it running on youtube. 🙂

  • Since I got my Galaxy Nexus I’m totally throwing this on my old Droid.  I don’t even care about backups anymore.  Sure I can’t do 3G with it but it’s still a perfectly capable WiFi device. 

    • Gothamsghost

      I am also holding on to my OG Droid.  It is resting in its desktop dock as a wifi device which must be the equivalent to sitting on the beach sipping on fruity drinks.  Retirement is great.

      • joewat


    • I’m the same way… no more backups for the on the Droid.

    • Illinipoke98

      Mine is an alarm clock.  Pretty cushy retirement.

      • Anonymous

        Thats the mIn function of mine as well. I also use it to stream radio while showering / getting ready in the morning since the Galaxy Nexus is so quiet.

      • Mcrutchf

        Same here. That big speaker on the back is the best!

    • Anonymous

      Ive been using my original droid for keyboard purposes. Its going to be sweet to try ICS on that thing

    • GCurry

      My wife’s old Droid 1 is now a security cam.   Stuck on a window with the car adapter (cut off the corner obscuring the camera) and streaming pics of the front yard across wireless to viewer.

      • John Jablonski

        How do you stream pics from the OGD?

      • Anonymous

        I so need this set up.  Will help me not to put it up on swappa

      • I need to know too, how’d you get it set up as a security camera?

    • Dan-O

      Mine is playing holiday music on my front lawn syned with my holiday lights. Streaming a Christmas radio station via Tune Up.

    • TC Infantino

      Since I got the Rezound, my OG was doing music server duty in my car.  Once I decided that I was going to keep the Rezound and not trade it in on the G-Nex I purchased the car dock for the Rezound and retired the OG to alarm clock duty.  It has been relaxing on my nightstand telling me the time and the current weather.  I am sure it is happy since it doesn’t have to worry about being overclocked and heating up anymore, just enjoying retirement.  Actually, it’s kind of funny, the OG does in a way act like a retired old man, only worried about the weather and the time, and getting up at the same time every day.  lol

  • Bryan James

    My savings for a Nexus were wiped out due to a family emergency so it will likely be 2 months before I can get one, might try thing on my OG in the mean time just to feel like I have something new.

  • O(M)G!  FTW!

    My alarm clock may end up running ICS!

    Now if they’d just get someone working on that for the Droid Charge.  🙁

    • Anonymous

      I was just thinking the same thing. Mine is still a wifi device that I use as my bedside clock. Now it gets to do all that plus run ICS.

      • J Dub

        That’s what I love about the OG. It’s the first phone that even in retirement is good for something. So what if you don’t have cell service. You can still use it as an awesome wifi Android device to stream music, browse the net, or read books on. Heck, it would make a great gift to someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, but would like to experience one without the price. 

    • Flyinion

      Haha I’m thinking the same thing.  Might have to charge her back up and try this out.  The alarm clock thing is a good idea though too.  Just restore Gentle Alarm from the titanium backup that’s on it (if I wipe and try ICS) and leave it in airplane mode.  I have the dock for the OG, but don’t yet have one for my GN since apparently the really good one is not available yet.

    • Anonymous

      Ha =D! Has that thing gotten any love form devs or what?

  • That is so damn cool. I have a G-Nex now but I think I’ll flash this to my trusty D1 when I get home.

  • Dominick DeVito

    where the heck is the droid 4, guess december 22nd isnt happening

    • Anonymous

      Just get a Nexus. You’ll thank me when you do.

      • Dominick DeVito

        i would but i need a keyboard i text all day long

        • Chudilo

          I thought that until I played with the keyboard on the Gnex

        • Dmb1517

          The ICS keyboard, especially in landscape, is excellent. This is coming from an OG Droid guy. Most mistakes, even forgetting the space bar, are fixed. Give it a try in a store sometime.

        • Anonymous

          keyboards are only for precision typing like when it comes to websites, usernames, and passwords. Or if you happen to do a lot of professional typeups for emails or reports thru your phone, then definitely get the Slider. If it’s an issue of high volume texting, SWYPE would be faster, or even swiftkey X.

          I’ve been stubborn to a keypad from the D1 to the D3 but recently I’ve realized Im just faster on swype.
          and as amazing as the keypad on the slider has gotten on the D3, you dont want to wear out the physical pad too much if you dont have to.

        • TC Infantino

          I thought the same thing, because I used the physical keyboard on my OG all the time.  Not so much for texting as for emails and forums and such, so I thought I would have to wait until the Droid 4 came out before I would upgrade.  Then I played with the Rezound in the store, and liked it so much that I got it a couple of days later.  The Droid 3’s keyboard is good, and they say that the 4’s keyboard will be even better, but typing on the on-screen keyboard of the Rezound with Swiftkey X is just increadible.

    • Steve Hadlick

      If u ask VZW they will tell you it will come out when its ready and then follow it up with a release 12 hours later

      • Dominick DeVito

        true but even with the nexus we pretty much had confirmation the day before….today we have nothing….

    • Anonymous

      sorry evil twin (really more like obsessed stalker fan) of mine. No D4 for you

  • Tempting….

  • This might be worth pulling out my OG from whatever box it ended up in.

    • Anonymous

      I might just do that tonight :)!!!

  • Michael Forte

    The OG never ran GB that well due to its measly 256 MB of RAM so I wouldn’t expect ICS to run all that well either, but hey, at least the devs show it can be done.

    • false…my og droid has been running GB like a champ, was better when imoseyon was still supporting it but I can surely say that it ran GB as well as my Tbolt

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Not really sure what Forte is talking about but there are a few ROMs out there that work rather well. AOSP for life my friend!

      •  Woah. I can’t remember the last time I saw 73mb free on my droid…. Usually it’s right around 30 at best, and whenever it gets exceptionally laggy/crashy I see that it says more like 5mb free

      • Poor thing!  Don’t make fun of it!  :p

    • Anonymous

      My OG ran Gingerbread for a long while with no issues. It’s still a good enough phone to use as an everyday device. It’s the reason I actually kept for for a full two years despite having two available upgrades sitting on my account for the past year.

      • Anonymous

        The other reason would have to be that devs keep showing it love; all the way up to ICS apparently =)!

    • Keith Sumner

      Actually if you mess around with compchache, virtual ram, and allow purging of assets the og DROID running gingerbread ran smoothly with no lag and no redraws.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  A good stress test was trying to use Navigation while streaming bluetooth music.  Either or would quit out to free up RAM.  Could never do both reliably.  And don’t even get me started on how long it took to load the home screen after exiting the browser.

      • Anonymous

        My Droid just couldn’t do this and then get a call with out heat problems and lagging no matter what ROM I was on. Can’t wait to di it on the GNex

  • Anonymous

    It is truly amazing just how much love this one device receives. Fragmentation my a** =o!!!

  • winning!

  • I dont think i want to stress the little guy out anymore. I think ill just let him rest.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    XDA is truly doing the lord’s work

    • Anonymous

      I second that =D!

    • Let us Tebow now.

      • I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for getting updates on my 2 year old hardware

    • The lord has nothing to do with Android.

      • Anonymous

        What planet are you from…He has everything to do with Android!!!

        • Johndeere

          i’m a HUGE lover of android but I don’t think that God wastes His time with smartphones

          • Anonymous

            Got is using the latest Nexus, you know. It’s the final version of Android, announced 4 years after Apple went out of business after carelessly spending money.

          • snowman

            im sry when the hell did apple go out of business?

          • miZ

            he can see the future!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        true that… but DAMN, this was a shocking release to me even by XDA dev standards

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