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Alpha Build Of Ice Cream Sandwich Available For Motorola OG DROID


CyanogenMod might have officially killed CM support for the OG DROID, but that small fact is not going to stop the good people over at XDA from bringing the newest CM9 to the old iconic device.  A pre-Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich build has been made available for flashing by any and all brave testers willing to give it a try.  This is not daily driver material. This is for people who are experienced with making backups, wiping your device numerous times, and have some extra time to test things.  For the rest of us, we can just sit back and know that people are working hard to bring us ICS to the OG. 

DownloadDroid A855 ICS Build Attempt | Update 1

Via: XDA

Cheers John!

  • David Nguyen

    I want to know what’s wrong with this before I flash it

  • How to i keep the screen from rotating at the home screen?

  • Browncow8

    Once i installed, when the keyboard is closed the screen is in landscape but when i open the keyboard the screen then goes to portrait… any suggestions or is this just a bug?

  • Anonymous

    I will be putting ICS on my OG Droid. O YES I WILL BE. 

    …and I love the nexus!

  • Manjyot281

    This phone is legendary!! I’ll never get rid of mine. I’ll probably buff out one or two scratches it has and  put it in a glass case. Motorola still sucks tho :/

  • AC

    Has anyone tried this out on their OG yet? I just retired mine when i got the GNex and am now attempting to put a custom ROM on it for the first time while I learn about the whole rooting/flashing thing. Is getting this version of ICS to work on an OG really that difficult? Or can a first timer get it to work? 

  • Anonymous

    Man it really is smooth. I really hope there is a decent daily driver version of ICS in the next couple of days. What a way to put my Droid into retirement.

  • TLStroeder

    Ok, I am impressed.  The fact that it can be loaded and RUN (Albeit slowly and with a number of broken apps) on my OG makes me speechless!.  I lurk in the background an continue to be amazed at what you guys here at XDA do.  While I have a Droid RAZR now (Rooted of course!) I will continue to see what CM9 can do to the Old Girl.  Nice Job to all you folks that do this for fun and entertainment.  I Bask in your magnificence!

  • Bewara2009