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Motorola XOOM Accessories Going For 80% Off In Verizon Stores, If You Can Find Them

One of our readers went into his local Verizon store to pick up some accessories for his Motorola XOOM, what he didn’t expect was to find a whopping 80% discount. With Verizon and Motorola now pushing the new Xyboard tablets, it seems as if they are looking to clear space and are practically giving away old XOOM accessories. The standard dock usually sells for $50 can now be had for $10, while the HD dock with speakers and HDMI out for normally $90 can be had for $20.

Anyone looking for some accessories for their (or possibly a friend’s) XOOM should check out their local Verizon store. Christmas is just around the corner and these could be pretty awesome gifts for your XOOM loving friends, significant other or family members.

Cheers Michael!

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  • Anonymous

    I picked up the HD Dock for $16 and some change. I have a discount there from my employer and they applied that to the already heavily discounted price. Score!

    • Tony Psaltis

      I also picked up a few things for the Xoom at the Verizon store and they added the employee discount on top of that.  Great deal!

  • Anonymous


  • Tony Allen

    I picked up a standard dock for work $10 and have an HD dock waiting for me at another store to pickup tomorrow for home $20. Epic win!

  • Tnfan2k12

    I went to my Verizon store and they said they knew nothing about the 80% off but agreed to sell it to me for $56 I agreed and it rang up at $20 so I  walked out of the Verizon store with 2 HD speaker docks that retail for $90 for $16 each. #Winning

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Hmm…… walked in my local Verizon and had them to price check the keyboard and he said that the best he could give it to me was from $60. Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that that would not be %80 off. 

    • Tnfan2k12

      If they scan the barcode it will ring up at the $20 price.

  • Matt Judkins

    Looks like I’m headed to Verizon tomorrow to get some stuff for my new Xoom.

  • Anonymous

    scored 2 HD speaker docks for $15 each with my additional work discount

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAH *cough* Did someone update picture *cough*

  • DroidzFX

    Throw ICS on the Xoom and you got yourself a brand new tablet.

    • T Hall

      Yeah I for one love my xoom and can’t wait to see what ICS will bring.  

      • Josh Redmore

        It’s amazing how much more responsive my Xoom is with ICS.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

        Heck freaking yeah! The Xoom is a great tablet!!! Only people that I’ve ever heard hate on it are those who didn’t get one. 

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  • Unfortunately it looks like the keyboard isn’t part of the deal since it’s compatible with other Motorola phones. :/

  • Anonymous

    That’s such an ancient picture of the xoom lol.

    • Crazydog

      Do a google image search for Xoom. It’s like the only one you can find that’s a face-on render.

  • Anonymous

    How about 80% of the xoom?

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! 

    • QtDL

      I almost misread the title as that. I wish it was true….

      • Brian Walker

        I also misread the title and went “What the what?!”

      • Anonymous

        Kellex actually does that a lot…I forgive him because he (and the site) are so awesome!