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HTC Rezound Drops to $149 Through Amazon

It may not have been adopted as highly by the developer community as past HTC devices were, but the HTC Rezound is still one heck of a phone that should not be ignored. You can’t argue against its impressive spec list (1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, etc.), LTE power, Beats audio integration, and incredible HD display. The timing of its release though, may have been all wrong. With the DROID RAZR and Galaxy Nexus seeing releases around it, we’re not sure it ever stood a chance, which is too bad. Not everyone wants Blur or to deal with Samsung build quality and this is their option. Since it is available for new customers and upgrades at $149.99 through Amazon, we had to pass the word along.


Cheers Tim!

  • Randy_barringer

    the phone is no longer availible for upgrades at the 149 price but is still availble at the price for new customers

  • Mischief316

    funny, i had ordered this phone as a gift for my girl ( she loves htc) and the price at the time was $229 for upgrades. The phone arrived yesterday. As soon as i saw this i was like WTF!!! so i called amazon and they said no problem, and refunded me the difference of $80. Great customer service and thanks Droid Life, saved me some $$$$$

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the price coming down.  Will check it out in-store.  If I like it, Amazon may have a sale.

    HTC has ticked me off when it comes to Android updates, though. (DInc update fail x2)

  • SPete

    As a T-Bolt guy, here is my analysis:

    GNex = no removable or upgradable memory SD card (I got one for the wifey for $199).  I also had a foray into a Samsung Fascinate last year.  Big mistake quality wise and just about waited forever for a Froyo update.  Although the GNex has the promise of being a straight “Google” phone and Steve Wozniak bought one for himself, I try to steer away from Korean stuff.  ICS is very different and takes a while to get used to but I like it.  Overall I don’t see any additional functionality in everyday real use vs. Gingerbread.

    Razr = no removable or upgradable battery (I saw one at the store).  Have 3 Droid X’s since summer of 2010 (assigned to others) and they are buggy and the motoblur is clunky compared to Sense.  Now that Google owns Motorola maybe things will change for the better.

    Rezound = Just right (I am getting one).  I like the HTC sense vs. motoblur and whatever Samsung calls their overlay these days.  I’ve always had bulletproof results from HTC (incredible and T-Bolt).

  • Nyce2beme

    had the bionic with all those issues shutting off camera problems loved it but called and they gave  me the rezound would of took the razor but cant replace a battery so i was like ill switch to htc nice screen and camera and today got my rezound man-o-man this thing is wicked got the extended battery with case cant wait for the up grade to ics

  • Bah!  After playing with the GNex and the Rezound, side by side at the Big Red store last night I finally decided I want the Rezound… then today it drops to $149 on upgrade to find out I have to be within 2 months of my contract to get it… Verizon will let me upgrade early for $250, but $149 was sooooo much nicer.  I think I’ll call the VZW corporate number and see if I can talk my way into the $100 3g to 4g discount people got mailers for.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t beat my $49 black Friday costco deal but $150 is still respectable.

  • Rezound_is_awesome

    I agree, awesome tip.  I actually purchased mine on Black Friday for $50 and it was a super steal at that price.  Coming from my OG Droid (for 2 years) this phone is light years ahead. 
    The screen is awesome (720p), everything runs super fast (1.5 dual core) and this thing can handle a slew of apps open at the same time (1 gb of ram).  It never lags or ever slows down and of course the 4G LTE downloads apps and browses web pages at lighting speed.
    It took a week or so to get used to Sense 2.3, but now it is awesome- so many more features then the stock 2.2 on my OG. 
    Overall, I am very happy with my purchase- at any price under $200, this phone is a steal.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed for the next 20 or so months with this awesome phone. 

  • Q

    Meh, I was totally unimpressed with the Rezound at the store.  I dunno if it’s Sense, but the device doesnt feel smooth at all.  I was shopping with my friend and his gf about 4 weeks ago for a phone.  Everyone, including the Verizon rep admitted the Razr and Bionic were much smoother.  The screen transistions and animinations just seemed choppy as hell.  I didnt feel any faster than my old thunderbolt.. In  the end, my inner nerd caused her not to buy any phone that day because I kept mentioning the Gnex would be out soon and her interest was piqued lol.

  • Jer85008

    FYI – price drops on all the Verizon superphones.
    Nexus = $189
    RAZR = $169
    Rezound = $149

  • Jer85008

    Now that I’ve actually seen the three Verizon superphones side by side, I’m still happy with (and not exchanging) the Rezound. Despite the weight, it feels good to hold and seems more comfortable than the Nexus (The RAZR feels like you are holding a small picture frame, very uncomfortable). Also, the RAZR screen did not seem very sharp, and had over-saturated colors as well. The Nexus screen is nice, but not as good as the Rezound. Performance is great, no lag anywhere. Battery life is acceptable, does not seem much different than my old Droid X. Also a great camera, and the Beats audio does a good job of equalizing the sound pretty much to what I would do myself (extended bass and treble). Headphones are good quality and on par with what you would pay about $80 for a set without the “Beats” name. Overall, it will be a good companion over the next 17 months. Can’t wait to see what my next phone can do!

    And FYI – After living with the buggy mess Droid X it will take some time for me to trust Motorola again..great hardware and crap software integration.

  • Man, I was looking at the Bionic for $150 from Costco, is the Rezound a steal at this price?

    • Anonymous

      The Bionic isn’t worth it for any price anymore when you can get a RAZR for close to that or the Rezound. The Nexus also can be had at discounts.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks this phone looks better than the nexus? i prefer the screen on the rezound as well….i love my nexus s but i just hate the build quality and radios of samsung phones…if i were in the market for a top tier android phone i would choose this

    • Caleb Martin

      I agree. My only hesitation is that it doesn’t have ICS yet, and HTC likes to be slow with updates; however, I still think I’m going to take this one over the Nexus. I have the Droid Incredible and have loved it, so I’m not afraid of getting another HTC phone.

  • nwd1911

    Thanks for the tip, just ordered mine!

  • Tempting, anyone know if you upgrade/renew through Amazon is there a way to keep the old $5 text messaging plan I currently have but VZW no longer offers on new accounts?  I don’t see this option in the Amazon checkout process.

  • I had this for about a month before switching for the GNex.  The Rezound really is a great phone.  The build was great, the screen was great, and Sense, for what it is, was pretty solid.  So even though in the end it wasn’t my cup o’ tea, I would still recommend it.

  • CJ

    Wickedly ugly and bulky after seeing the Razr and Nexus. Need beer goggles to purchase this one.

    • Your need for thinness is arbitrary.  The Rezound with the extended battery is easier to hold than the Razr or the Galaxy Nexus.  Less chance of dropping it and easier to operate with one hand.

      • Anonymous

        Your small butterfingers are arbitrary. The GNex with the extended battery doesn’t require a bulky cover and slides into pockets so easily that you hardly notice it’s there. It can easily be held and used with one hand…unless you’re a midget.

        • SPete

          I am a midget.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly believe that the only thing that stops this phone from being great is it’s outdated look. I held the phone and it feels really great. The screen is good and it was just an all around good phone. However the Inc1 look is old and dated. A phone that looked more like the Razr/Nexus would have definitely got my attention. While I still would go for the Nexus it would have definitely bumped up to my 2nd choice over the Razr.

  • Interstellarmind

    If you love(d) your T-Bolt and think a Nexus is just a plot point from Star Trek: Generations, then this is the phone for you.

  • shdowman

    It was $50 at Costco online on Black Friday. THAT was a deal you should’ve noted.

    • Anonymous

      Dwight Shrute voice
      False. Amazon had it for $0.01 at that time.
      /Dwight Shrute voice

      • shdowman

        /personal Dwight Shrute impression

        I shouldve clarified…it was $50 for both new AND upgrades (which this post mentions). Amazon was not giving it away for .01 for upgrades.

        You and I are both at fault here :p

  • Anonymous

    Still to much

  • Anonymous

    “we’re not sure it ever stood a chance, which is too bad”
    I had no choice but to lol. The bias is strong in this padawan.

    I’ll be over here enjoying my superior screen and internals, Beats doesn’t hurt either. I do, however, want ICS.
    The Razr can keep everything it has.

    • Anonymous

      The Rezound is a great device, but the GPU in the RAZR is better and the screen in the RAZR is arguably better, too (I’ll take the very slight resolution hit to exchange SLCD for sAMOLED any day of the week, personally). Beats Audio, though not as good as the hype, still has to be the best headphones ever included with a device as standard, though, I’ll have to admit.

      • Wait, WHAT?  I went into the Verizon store planning on buying the Razr, but the Rezound’s screen is MUCH crisper than the Razr.  It’s MUCH crisper than the Galaxy Nexus, which I went to exchange the Rezound for, but didn’t.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not a fan of SLCD. I compared the RAZR and Rezound side by side and the RAZR screen, to my eyes, was far superior. I guess it depends on if you’re two inches away looking for pixels or if you’re at a regular viewing distance looking for contrast, black levels; that sort of thing.

          • Jer85008

            RAZR better than Rezound? You need to see an eye doctor right away.

          • waitinonadroid

            +1 Jer  The Razr had comic book colors and noticeably lower resolution to these eyes, but to each his own. Great phone though. Hoping the Razr Maxx is a 720p version and comes out soon!

        • Anonymous

          If the Razr had the Rezound’s or even the Nexus display I would have picked the Razr. You can upgrade software but not displays. qhd is old news.

  • Anonymous

    Great specs, beautiful screen, Bad timing.. HTC seems to be loosing its Mojo as of late.

  • Geziah

    Now it’s in my price range…

  • Dshudson

    Battery life sucking is a pain shared by all 4g devices.. just sayin

  • i love this phone.. battery life sucks… but the screen is beautiful and it’s wicked fast

    • Anonymous

      Turn off 4G when you’re not internet surfing, Netflix streaming, etc. and you should see a vast improvement in your battery life. Just play it a video of Rebecca Black’s Friday; that’ll turn anything off.