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Verizon’s Rugged Beast the Casio Commando Receives Update

Every time I type the words “Casio g’z0ne Commando” I feel like throwing on some wet gear, boots, CamelBak, and crushing the wilderness. It just looks like some kind of a “man” phone. Funny thing is, our reader who tipped us to the update said that “his wife’s” phone is the one that received it.

So what’s included? A security patch, better proximity sensor interaction, native email app fixes, Netflix compatibility added, and 3D city downloads through VZ Navigator.

More info.

Cheers Jerry!

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Does otterbox sell cases for this? /s

  • I’m getting my sister-in-law one next month… she destroys electronics with the greatest of ease, so I am interested to see how long the Commando holds up. She’s probably part of the reason the Asurion replacement prices went up because we went through so many BB’s with her. I finally got her to make the switch to Android, so she’s using my wife’s old DROID X in the meantime. I give her a week ’til the screen is smashed in.

  • Mitch1238

    My GF has one of these. She’s a horseback rider, so she wants something she can count on while running trails and the like.

    If you drop the screen directly on a rock or something, yeah, I could see it breaking, just like on any phone. But otherwise this thing takes a beating without skipping a beat.

  • Anonymous

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  • ROB

    Updated mine and had to reset my bluetooth devices. Battery life is still okay. The phone is tough and easy to use. Overall good phone that is not as big as a laptop on my hip.

  • Anonymous


  • I could see my dad liking this ..he’s always dropping the flip phone he has lol

  • Aubreymvt

    Rugged????? I know 3 that have fallen about waist high and the screen shattered.

  • i bought 15 of these for my construction crews… in 4 months i haven’t had them bring back one for not working… they’re pretty tough…

  • Wants Moto Nexus Phone

    I know why this phone is for girls: Bing. Other than that (and the 3.5-inch HVGA display), it’s as manly as a phone could get. If only the G-Nex was as rugged…

  • Anonymous

    Looks aside, this is a phone for females.  Most of my male friends and acquaintances have never had a phone ruined by the elements that this phone protects against.  On the other hand, I know very few females who have not dropped, scratched, thrown, spilled on, or even attempted to flush their phones.

    So not surprised by this at all. lol

    • DMK47

      I work construction as a heavy equipment operator. My Commando is constantly exposed to extreme heat, cold, shock, vibration, and sometimes mud, and water. The only thing I worry about when it comes to this phone is losing it. A couple months ago, a group of us got together and played a game of tackle football and I forgot my phone was in my pocket. It survived without any damage. I trust this phone so much that I canned the insurance on my Commando as I realized it was a waste when I used my Casio Rock. No offense, but this phone is not for a desk jockey. It is designed for the average “man” who participates in manly activities, not a group of desk occupying, suit wearing, “males”.

      • Dave1

        Oh I see what you did there with the whole suit wearing “males” instead of “men”. It’s that kind of clever word play that shows that GED is paying off huh?

        • Mndf

          Try being your own man and not imitate  Stewie from Family Guy. Is you life so boring you channel yourself through a cartoon baby?

        • DMK47

          GED holders are idiots who couldn’t even think about that “clever word play”. Try again.

      • Rickysiebold

        you must have one of those “man cards” that i keep seeing commercials about. 

      • PoS

        Average “men” like you are becoming obsolete.

        • DMK47

          Good, it makes me rare and desirable, except that I’m married, have 3 children and don’t care what you think.

      • Brandy N Oliver

         I would reconsider your insurance. I’ve had my Commando for about 4 weeks. Yesterday I dropped it no more than 2 feet and the screen completely shattered.

        Verizon said they won’t cover it because it was dropped. Casio will repair it, but they’ll charge me around $150 and I pay shipping, with a 2 week turn around. On insurance with Verizon, a smart phone replacement is only $100

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for sexism! 😐

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, when are you doing a G-Nexus review.

    • John


  • Anonymous

    This thing is truly a BEAST lol Looks like a Casio watch alright, tough, ugly as all get out, and one tough cookie lol

    Damn, this is take the device out to the woods and dare it to get wet, dropped and thrown of a cliff and this thing will still keep ticking LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • richard melcher

      you said “tough” twice

      • Anonymous

        LOL, the second time is a fiqure of speech LOL 🙂

  • Dmoto

    I bet the wife bought this phone, because she is always throwing things when she is mad at her husband… lol

    • jason6g

      my thoughts exactly lol

    • Jay

      hell hath no fury etc etc.


    My father has this phone and damn can it take a beating

  • Anonymous

    Can’t help but laugh at the headline of the release “Your Casio G’Zone Commando just got even better” – Wow, I didnt think it could get any better than this! 

    • Fred Alfonzo

      well it couldnt get much worse. lol

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it could. It could’ve taken ages to get its updates like certain other devices. It could be made of paper thin plastic like certain other devices. It could have spotty radio reception and I could go on…

  • Phil Fleming

    ’bout time…