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[Deal] Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery is Half Off at VerizonWireless.com, Just $25

It is tough to tell, but the extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus is on the left in that picture. It adds just a slight amount of thickness to the device that is hardly noticeable and will definitely be my daily battery going forward. At 2100mAh, it may not add 4-5 hours of extra battery life or anything wild, but knowing that this is an LTE device, won’t you take any extra juice that you can get?

And what if you could snag it for $25 rather than the full $50? Verizon’s online shop is offering it up for just that. When you click on the link below, you will see it appear as $49.99, but once you add it to your cart and checkout, it should show up as just $24.99. Yeah, you will want to get on this one right away.  


Cheers Jul and KLY412!

  • Frank

    i have the new battery and it doesn’t work well with the kickstand case. hoping for an updated kickstand case offered by someone, sometime soon, that works with the extended battery & cover.  when i tried the case with the extended battery setup it felt like the phone would come flying off, so not going to risk using an accessory outside of its intended use.

  • Question…

    So I just got the extended battery and its not that much bigger (physically) than the 1850mAh battery. The only bad thing is If I wanted to carry both batteries with me I’d have to carry both covers. 
    So my question is, would wedging (or taping) a piece of paper behind the 1850mAh battery in order to fill the gap and fit in tightly with the extended cover on would be a bad idea?

    • I just got my extended battery from the FedEx guy about half an hour ago, and it looks like there wouldn’t be a problem using the extended cover with the standard battery.  The standard battery might pop out if you drop the phone, but for normal use it should be fine.

  • Anonymous

    I just got mine today and it fits into my Incipio 2 piece case with no problems. There is a slight bulge  in the case but nothing that I am worried about.

  • thefullritz

    Anybody find a case or skin for the extended battery?

    • Anonymous

      I just got mine today and it fits into my Incipio 2 piece case with no problems. There is a slight bulge  in the case but nothing that I am worried about.

      • Winning

        Where have I read this before, oh yea 2 posts above…. :/

  • Longduckdong

    I just ordered, everything went smoothly and when I check the order status, I’m not getting any kind of error, also there really isn’t any info on the page, but that is to be expected since I just ordered.

    • Crazydog

      I’ve been getting that for a few days as well. Ordered the day this deal showed up.

  • John

    i think they are out of stock. i’m getting an error when checking order status via order#.

    had to wait until today for internet sales dept to open back up, since they were closed this weekend. will double check & update again – reply to this if you’re also encountering the same issue

    • I’m getting the same error when I check. I wonder if it was a glitch in the system that they are trying to fix. Oh well, too late now, we got them for this price

      • John

        yep. i’ve taken screen shots n all. they better not try to pull a fast one on me & say they didn’t get my order & didn’t know it was listed half off.

        i’m going to call internet sales dept in a bit to raise hell & find out what’s going on.

        • I’ll be doing the same – hopefully their server just isnt working or something simple.

          • John

            I have a feeling the order didn’t go through properly or something. Either way, update back here if you remember (once you talk to them)


        • Just had a great chat with a CSR online – they’re a lot friendlier now that the phone is out. He told me that yes my $24.99 price will be honored and it will be getting out. Nothing on a delay or reason for the error page, but the price will be the same.

          Also, as an FYI to everyone, I asked if a car dock that used the 3 pins would be coming out – he said yes, so that’s a positive development.

          • John

            So, wait…did they tell you to re-order? What about the e-mail that says “charged to XXX card. Conf#: ” etc.. ?

          • John

            My quick update…

             i contacted @VZWsupport on twitter & talked with them via DM. They had to contact “internet orders”, who looked up my order#, and they informed that it had been shipped & gave me my shipping #. It’ll be here tomorrow 😀

          • Great! Hopefully mine will be too.

  • Anonymous

    I missed this deal but i could get it cheaper using my corporate discount which isn’t bad. Though I would need to buy the battery charger with the Y cable too. WIll it fit the extended battery on there also?

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    Was able to go to the corporate store and the rep confirmed it was 24.99, went ahead and got one. It does fit the car dock as well.

  • BertaJam77

    I just ordered mines. Worked flawlessly. Still kinda crazy to me that they have it for $49.99, then it changes when you add it to your cart to $24.99. And have to love the free shipping.

  • Sanchezl99

    Awesome tip. Droid-Life does it again. Thanks!

  • Jeremy Morrison

    $25 bucks for a bigger, better, and extra battery you just can’t go wrong. I will definitely be taking advantage of this bad boy. Sign me up. Although I feel bad for the people who bought it on launch day. Now all I need is a good anti-fingerprint screen protector with my incipio double cover case and I should be good to go.

  • Ray

    Just bought 2 for 27.18 each after tax. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your interest in our products!!  The case will not fit with the extended battery, unfortunately.This is for the Ottobox Defender. Make it a great day! Thomas BeverCustomer Service RepresentativeP:[email protected]

  • Sb_me

    I was able to get it at $24.99. No local store would honor that price…

  • Robb Matherly

    i cant find it on their website, it is only showing me the standard battery, i wondered if they removed it

    • Roxanne Byerly

      I couldn’t find any of the accessories on the night of launch. I’m kinda glad I didn’t now! 🙂 Just in case you are having the same problem:  Go to Shop/View all accessories -> Browse accessories by device -> Type Galaxy (not samsung)

      • Dave

        Still not working for me. I’m not logged in. Tried the link above as well as Roxanne’s instructions, and it doesn’t show up.

      • Anonymous

        It looks like the extended battery is not listed on their site anymore.  I’ve been searching for 15 minutes trying anyway possible to find it with no luck.  Trying the live chat deal now, hopefully they have it and the deal is still going.  Man I wish I would have heard about this sale sooner!

        Also, all of the direct links people have posted lead right to the main accessories page. Leads me to believe they don’t have it on their website anymore…

    • Castagnino
  • Anonymous

    Just got off the phone with customer service. Bought the Extended Battery the day of launch but got charged full price. Cust Serv just gave me a $25 credit to make up the difference. Psyched I don’t to go to the store and haggle about it. Just wanted to let you know that it does work to call in if you already paid full price. Good luck 

  • Jamaicawind

    Does anyone know if they are offering the otterbox commuter case in stores yet?

  • will this battery work in the HSPA+ version of the nexus? and will the nfc chip work fine too (i assume its on this battery since its an official one)?

  • SB1

    Got mine today and it works with Otterbox Defender case

    • Gary Pasler

      With extended battery or standard one?

      • SB1

        I’m using the extended battery and cover.

    • Anonymous

      Did you have the extended battery.Cause Ottobox said it would not.Thanks for your interest in our products!!  The case will not fit with the extended battery, unfortunately.This is for the Ottobox Defender. Make it a great day! Thomas BeverCustomer Service RepresentativeP:[email protected]

      • SB1

        Yes I put the extended battery and the cover. It’s slightly tighter but it works.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!…….Verified working I just placed two orders for $26.74 each total. 
    The key here is to click the link, then add to cart, then continue directly to checkout. 
    The discount purchase can only be made when NOT logged in to your account. I was only able to purchase them one at a time.

    • QtDL

      I was logged into my account and it worked for me just fine. 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Caleb Stoll

    I’m signed out and can’t add it to my cart. How do you add it to your cart. Tried IE and Firefox.

    • Caleb

      It says 2 yr agreement required and mine is back ordered on lets talk.

  • Vincent Rissolo

    I bought mine at the store and also got it for 50% off. I was told that all 4G batteries were 50%. Great gift!

  • Anonymous

    $26.61 with tax. You also get a cover. The battery will still work with the stock cover. Use the stock cover to make it work better with the Otterbox case.

  • Anonymous

    do you have to have the phone registered to your account to order this? I haven’t received mine yet and I don’t see a way to add to my cart (unless it doesn’t like the chrome browser)

  • Anonymous

    ALSO….the Standard Battery shows up as only $19.99, instead of the regular $39.99! Good for anyone not interested in the extra weight/hump, however minuscule, or those looking to save a few bucks, however few!

  • Roderick Cross

    All 4g batteries are half price at corp stores too, just ask.

  • Anonymous


  • Fitnessguy

    Ordered mine yesterday… you dont have to log in. When you add it to cart it will say 24.99 then add tax.

  • G-NEXster

    Yep, the trick is to not be logged in to your account. Just got it now!

  • Anonymous


  • ORIGINAL SAMSUNG BATTERY AND CRADLE $35 @ MOBILECITYONLINE… 2100 is nice but 1850 is ok especially charging cradle so you can charge the other battery while using the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I just got it!

  • Anonymous

    Up to $37.49 now.. 

    • nope you have to log out of ur account and then log back in during check out… i did it and got it for 24.99

      • Thanks just got it !!! you have to log out of your account.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the Ottobox will fit with the extended battery.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will. 

  • Why does it say £24.99? Since when does Verizon use Euros..

  • to get the $25 I had to sign out of my account.  I get a corporate discount already and I guess they can’t be combined.  $25 was way cheaper

  • Hep

    I just ordered mine!  It showed up as $24.99, so I called customer service to just add it to my bill.  They said with my discount, it’ll be $37.99.  She didn’t know why it was showing up as $24.99 on the site.  So I just went ahead and ordered from the site!  Nice find, thanks!

  • dont even have the phone yet and i just ordered one of these. Figure i’ll use this as primary and keep the stock one in my car or something incase it dies. Cant go wrong with two batteries.

  • Just got one, it went right through @ $24.99 + tax with no tricks needed.

  • Guest

    Verizon stores are selling them for $25 as well.  I just got mine for $25 in Portsmouth, NH

  • Anonymous


  • Hoopstarrr

    Has anyone tried this with the Otterbox? Does it fit? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it fits with the commuter series case.

  • QtDL

    At 13 hrs, 16 min. I have 55% of power left on my std battery w/ light to med usage all day (email, text, web, no streaming movies or fancy games). Would that be considered good or bad?

    • Anonymous

      Switch to CDMA only and you’ll get more bars and battery life.

  • spickle


  • Yoderz

    I was having the same issue as many others with trying to order it through verizon wireless. It would say $24.99 when I added it to my cart, but revert back to $49.99 at checkout. I talked with a sales rep on the site and told her what was going on. Her response to the problem was, “some of that price is the sales tax.” An extra $25 in sales tax? What an idiot. Anyway, I kept refreshing the page and re-entering the order until it finally gave me the $24.99 price at the “submit order” page.

  • Snapshooter07

    also 24.99 in store!

    • ntrddragn

      good to know.:D

      • Castagnino

        were you tempted to ask if they take Google Wallet when you checked out in the store? I almost want to go do it since I have it all set up now.

  • Aaron

    after refreshing the car a few times it showed up as 24.99.  On final checkout it showed up as 49.99 again.   
    I called 800 922 0204 and spoke to someone.  I told them i was looking at it in my cart for 24.99 and I could send a screen shot if need be.  They honored the 24.99 price over the phone. yay! 

  • No thanks, I’ll take a 2nd battery and standalone charger (both ordered last night) for $35. Nothing beats having a full spare to swap in when the current unit’s dry.

    • Gary Pasler

      Where did you find the standalone charger?   Is it Samsung OEM?


      • QtDL

        Perhaps this….

        I have a 20% corp disc but it wasn’t working at checkout for some reason so I am going to try and order it in the store. The online chat reps are totally clueless about the 4G battery promo  – 50% off. Not a glitch as stated by another online rep. 🙂

        • Gary Pasler

          Just tell them in the store of the promo.   The even did a price adjustment on the Extended Battery I bought yesterday.   This thing eats power; we need even BIGGER batteries!

  • Anonymous

    From verizon live chat:

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Deandrea’

    Deandrea: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

    Deandrea: Is there anything I can assist you with,today?

    You: Hi, I just
    tried to purchase SAMI515BATX and at first it told me it was 24.99 but
    when I got to the last step it said it was 49.99

    Deandrea: I’d be happy to assist you.

    Deandrea: What phone are you ordering for?

    You: Galaxy Nexus

    Deandrea: Hi, I’m just checking in, how is everything going?

    You: fine, love the new phone

    Deandrea: I will be with you shortly.

    Deandrea: Yes,the $49.99 is the price the accessory.

    You: oh ok.

  • Had to try 3 times but got it to work

  • Csnyder53

    After having issues getting the 24.99 price, I did as other users have commented and hit update cart several times and the price eventually changed and stayed that way through adding my payment info.  Thanks droid-life.com

  • Anonymous

    No, this is some kind of mistake. I just tried it and it tried to charge me the 49.99 but when I pressed back on my browser it said it was 24.99. However, when I finally got to the last step it said the total was 54.11

    • Anonymous

      ok, I tried the “update cart” thingy and it worked. Got it for 24.99

      • Psuturtle

        Are you able to update the cart at the final page?  or are you just re-entering your info each time until it works?

        • Psuturtle

          Nevermind…got it to work.
          When it shows up at full price on the final confirmation page, click the verizon logo at the top to go back to the homepage, then click your cart again.  This time it went through at the right price on the final confirmation page.

  • Jtoone7773

    does the extended battery add any thickness at all? I just want to know if my otter box case will still fit.

  • Gary Ritzmann

    Just ordered my extended battery, $24.99 plus $2 NYS Tax.

  • Clicked update couple times went to $25, added cc info then final cart $50. WTF? Called VZW and the girls says it’s $50 and wont sell it to me at their advertised price on web site. Told her serious legal trouble would be nocking on her door. Transferred me to supervisor.
    Went over to didd browser and successfully purchased at $25. VZW – get your $hit together.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I had to do this over and over again before it finally worked. It kept giving me the $49.99 and then I finally saw Jared Kirk’s comment below. When it is in your cart, *even if it says $49.99*, press update cart. Keep pressing it until it says $24.99. I did this and then put in all my info and when it got to the final page it said $49.99 again. So *without removing the item* I clicked the Verizon button in the top left to take me back to the main homepage, then clicked cart, and it took me back to my cart. I did it again (“update cart”) until it said $24.99. This time it took me all the way through and I purchased the extended battery for $26.93 total. Just keep trying and pressing update cart until it takes the discounted price all the way through to the final review page!

    Good luck! 😀

    • Thanks — this did it for me… took several attempts.

  • Manager I spoke with in-store confirmed that battery/charging accessories are on sale until the end of the month. Includes, extended battery, extra battery w/ charger, and even the Motorola portable power pack.

    • Anonymous

      bought the power pack and it’s pretty cool.

  • Kellydehn

    no deal for me.  chatted with a sales rep.  said it was not on sale.  49.99.

  • ntrddragn

    this is definitely stupid! i add to cart the first time it showed $25 and show my 25% off on top. then i browse for other stuff, came back its $50. removed from cart, still 50, then i did it again and again and again. now its 25 but without 25% off. whatever, over it. 

  • The deal is no longer valid its $37.49 for each

    • nevermind, i had to order them separately to get the $25 price

  • Anonymous

    It’s really simple, You bought my razor handle, NOW you have to buy my blades!!

  • ya need this cause this baby loves to eat that battery on 4g, and with that big screen

  • does this deal work with discounts from you employer?

  • Jared Kirk

    For those having issues getting it to $24.99, try adding it to your cart and clicking the “Update Cart” button without making any changes.  If that doesn’t work try emptying your cart and trying the same thing again.  Had to do it like 2 or 3 times (after accidentally hitting the back button on the browser and messing things up the first time) before it would show up as $24.99, but I got it eventually and was able to check out.  Paid $27-something with tax

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I can’t get it to $24.99 for me. It takes me all the way to the final pre-order review page still saying $49.99 🙁

  • Jikhead

    Is this market/region specific?  The website doesn’t even list the extended battery for me; both logged in/out. Someone got a link for me?

    • Anonymous

      The link is at the end of the post, just above Cheers Jul…  All it says is Buy.

    • Jikhead

      Found the problem.  Their filters are broken and it doesn’t show up if you filter for “batteries”. You have to use the filter “show all” accessories.

  • How come I have $37.50 in my account???

    • you bought the wrong battery, look at the back cover,the camera hole is in the wrong place

  • Anonymous

    I tried, but after entering payment info, the price went back up 

    • Anonymous

      Weird, the option to bill my account disappeared.  It finally came back and I got it for 24.99.  Whenever I tried paying with card, it was 49.99

  • t9999

    For anyone having the issue with the price jumping back up after entering the CC info: I had the same problem but managed to buy one in store no problem. The associate said that my account had a work discount for the primary line and that was likely causing the issue since he had to manually choose the promotional discount on his screen instead.

  • Live in stores. I took back the battery I bought last night, and had it price adjusted to reflect the discount. Thanks!

  • Just ordered mind at 5:50PM so it still works, had to log out of my account because of my corp discount before it would show up the ‘right’ price

  • You have to be logged into your account.  the support chat person was no help had no ideal but it did work once i was logged in.

  • QtDL

    Good deal. Just ordered it…and if you don’t end up needing the extra juice you can always just take it back to the store.

  • Went to the Local Corporate store to see if any of my hard cases would fit on it with the extended and its a no go… I really like the Verizon ruberized clip case that comes with a built in kickstand, and its JUST enough thickness to make it not snap into place.  The silicone cases still fit though…

    • Anonymous

      Are you talking about the holster/case combo that doesn’t fit with the extended case? I ordered one of those combos with my Nexus (hasn’t arrived yet). That would be good to know before I purchase an extended battery.

  • Regggie16

    Getting the nexus for x-mas. but i bought this beforehand.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone ordered/found nice slim but protective cases? I’m not talking otterbox protection, I’m more worried about scratches then anything else.

  • Anonymous

    I got one. $26.24 with tax.

  • Shinstriderx89

    im going to feel real dumb asking this but, if i buy the ext battery, if my regular battery is fully charged and i take it out and use the ext battery and then my ext battery dies, if i put in my reg battery will it still be fully charged?

  • Gerg04

    My question is will the shell/holster combo i ordered from amazon still fit after putting this bad boy on????

  • Anonymous

    Sons of…they charged me full price yesterday.  The store shall be hearing from me.

    • As if they really have control over it? Walk in and ask for an exchange to the lower price. I’m sure they will comply. No need to rip their head off.

  • Anonymous

    had to sign-in in order for it to work
    $27.11 with CA State & Local tax. @ 1:54pm PST.

  • Mike777

    This doesn’t work.  I appears to be $24.99 in the cart, but the price jumps again to $49.99 before final checkout.

    • QtDL

      Nope. Not for me….my total was $26.55 billed to my account about 20 minutes ago.

    • Anonymous

      Keep trying to go through your cart until it works. This also happened to me. I pressed the Verizon logo in the top left to go back to the main page, then went back to my cart, and ran it through again and that time it worked through to checkout.

  • Chad Payne

    Just called local store and they said that they were offing same price in store. Getting one after work today. 

  • TheTomas Blank

    This deal is broken. Right before clicking to confirm order, the final total was for the full price battery. I spoke to the live chat person, who was unable to help, but called customer service who initially said she couldn’t see the discounted price, but when she asked others, found that they were getting many calls about the same issue. She ended up selling my the battery for 24.99 but it sounded more like an individual discount than a sale price.

    If you have this issue call customer service at 800 922 0204

  • Eddie721

    Called VZ telesales they price matched the online price and I used my livingsocial deal and got it for $21.19

  • Flyinion

    This has got to be some kind of site bug.  Every time I try it, it’s either 49 from the start or 25 turns into 49 when you enter a CC and get to the page to actually submit the order.  I’ve tried logged in, logged out, 2 different browsers and still the same thing.  I give up.

  • Ted

    I walked into a Verizon store, and also paid just $25.  He said the current promotion is half all ALL 4G extended batteries at this time.  Not a website only thing.

  • It’s also half-off in stores.  Picked mine up yesterday with the phone for $25.

  • Anonymous

    Okay. I was able to get to the cart but now VZ is applying my 25% corporate discount automatically. How can I bypass that and get the 50% discount?

    Thx DL family 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Logged out and was able to get the deal. Thx all for the tips.

  • Anonymous

    Great find!! I logged in and it was $37.00 with my work discount 25% off. So i call verizon on it, they had know idea how it was 24.99 until i read all the comments. You must be loged out. That was key. Thanks you!! Mine was 1.50 tax Mi. So it was $26.49. Verizon sells extended battery. But the Hard case Shell/Holster Combo Does it still fit ok? Verizon  could not answer if it would work or not.

  • Alphabets13

    got one. 4:36 est.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip Kellex! Got my GNEX via fedex this morning. Just ordered my battery. Got my otterbox defender earlier today and my car dock on order from fommy. Can’t wait to get home and unlock the bootloader and get this thing rooted!

    • Anonymous

      Will the car dock work with the defender case?

  • Anonymous

    i did not seem to have any problems at all, but i stopped right before placing the order and instead opted for the standard extra battery for 19.99. i am probably going to pick up the extra battery charger and figured if the little extra from the extended battery was not that big of a boost i would just switch batteries anyway.

    just my strategy. i just did all of this now, so it appears to still be working. 4:30pm est.

  • Dkuhlman

    I just ordered two of them, but had to do it in two separate orders

  • Ryanh

    I just ordered one online $26.71 with the tax.

  • r3claim3r

    $26.73 with ohio sales tax. ordered mine around 4:20 EST

  • Anonymous

    Just bought mine using that link $26.59 with sales tax. 

  • Idk why people are having issues.  Make sure you’re not logged into your verizon account when you buy this.  I JUST got this at the advertised price of $24.99 plus tax.

    • QtDL

      I was logged into my account when I got the $25 price….something is screwy though if this is working for some and not others.

  • Anonymous

    Veeizon has disable the Add to Cart option. So, there is no away to get the deal. VZ sucks!!!


    • Anonymous

      Select a device, i.e. the Galaxy Nexus, first. It still works for me.

    • Anonymous

      I just ordered a minute ago 4:29 east coast. Maybe just a lot of request? I would keep trying.

  • Adam

    For the business acct users – just don’t log into “My Account” when accessing this link – and you’ll get it at the $25 price instead of the $37.50 business discount price.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone just picking up the standard battery for 19.99? also, any clue as to when the extra battery charger or portrait dock will actually be available for sale?

    • Gary Pasler

      New Egg has the external battery charger / stand for $29.99.    I found an article that stated that it would charge the extended batteries, too, but the cover wouldn’t close.

  • Anonymous

    You: galaxy nexus
    Brittany: Which accessory?
    Brittany: The Extended Battery?
    You: yes
    Brittany: The price is actually $49.99
    Brittany: So that would make sense
    You: add it to your cart
    You: it magically turns into $24.99
    You: 😀
    Brittany: Let me test this Magic.
    You: OK! :]] *crosses fingers*
    Brittany: I see what you mean, but the battery is going to charge full price at the end. Let me ask a supervisor.
    You: ok, thanks, thats great cuz I would love to get it for $25
    Brittany: As much as I would love to sell it to you for that much, I can not. It is actually what we call a “glitch”
    You: AHH! ive heard of this….
    Brittany: Awful, huh?
    You: pretty much
    You: hey guess what, this glitch is famous!
    You: http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/16/deal-galaxy-nexus-extended-battery-is-half-off-at-verizonwireless-com/#more-56243
    Brittany: What is that?
    You: its talking about your great deal on the extended battery
    Brittany: I understand the frustration, but since this device is brand new, it is not going to have discounts yet.
    You: ah I see. Well it was great talking to ya Brittany! hope your Christmas is pretty amazing and God bless ya

    • Anonymous

      Go to your local verizon store, I just called and the rep had no problem price matching. Only problem, it still has to be shipped, none in the store. Also could just try a new rep.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The first rule of Fight Club is do not talk about Fight Club. If this ‘glitch’ was still going to work for some people DanThompson87 just ruined it for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Worked for me, sucks that I will get my battery before I get my device. (Stupid Let’s Talk, but I can’t complain too loudly, I am saving almost $100 off retail, $50 off Amazon wireless’ price.)

  • Anonymous

    1) buying battery now
    2) phone upgrade 12/213) sell Bionic straight up

  • thank you kellex! without you i would have never known. was not willing to pay 50 for it.

  • Kurt5153

    well it doesnt show up when i look it up 🙁

  • Ask for this price in the store and they will honor it.  Had to call a manager over, but as soon as I asked why the Nexus battery was different from all other 4G batteries, they gave me the discount.

  • Terry Bu

    For those who can’t see the “Add to Cart” option, remember to SELECT the GALAXY NEXUS device shown as a picture, you have to click a little bit to find it but then you will be given the discounted price. THANK YOU SO MUCH ORIGINAL POSTER

  • miscreant

    I tipped Kellex to this, but:

    If you bought it yesterday, call a CSR and tell them. I got a $24.99 credit to my account for doing so! They WILL honor that.

    Happy hunting, humans.

  • bluecat

    seems like the deal doesn’t work for CA. i reset my location to TN and it worked. $27.18 at check out.

    • Dave867

      I live in CA and it worked

  • tm3

    Seems like they fixed the price back to $49.00.  Congrats to those who scored on this deal!

    • I just tried it and it still showed up as 24.99 for me.

    • no, add it to cart then checkout and it works. 

    • Anonymous

      nope just ordered it 6 minutes ago, keep trying.

  • Starr167

    I love you guys ordered 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip! Droid Life got me through the long, dark times waiting for my Nexus – and now THIS!

  • derek connolly

    showing up full price for me too

    • Starr167

      use the link above (BUY) 

  • Benjamin Mackie


  • Rara

    it says 24.99.. but everytime i come to review my order (right before i pay) it goes back to $50

    • Anonymous


  • NewAge

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘April’
    April: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?
    me: I was looking at purchasing the extended battery for the Samsung Nexus
    me: Looking at this site it was supposed to be on sale for 24.95 but it still rings up at full price
    me: http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/16/deal-galaxy-nexus-extended-battery-is-half-off-at-verizonwireless-com/
    April: I’d be happy to assist you.
    me: Was it a short sale? and its over?
    April: Would you mind holding for a moment while I check that information?
    me: Sure!
    April: ONe more moment
    me: Take your time 🙂
    April: One more moment
    April: We dont have a standard battery for the nexus we just have the standard battery
    me: um…
    me: I can buy an extended battery right now and cover for $49.94
    me: From Verizonwireless.com
    me: $49.99
    April: one moment let me check
    April: Is that with your employee discount

  • Jerry Lange

    I wasn’t gonna buy this till later but for 25 bucks you cant pass this up. worked for me. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    The extended battery also fits into the stand alone battery charger. The lid does not close but it make no difference to me.

  • Grillit

    Had to try a few times but got the price. Just make sure to follow then link and then type in your device even though it is already showing your device that’s the only way the price changed for me. Thanks DL didn’t think I could get a battery worst then my Tbolt and this one is pretty close. Now just need to root once I get home.

  • Anonymous

    I just called my local Verizon store and at first they said that it was not on sale. I told them about the site price, and she asked for my account info and verified that it was indeed $25. She asked if I would like for her to hold one for me, which was so nice of her! So i will pick it up after work. Thanks kellex for the info!

  • Anonymous

    In for one!!
    If you get the $49.99 (or $37.49 due to employee discount), try ordering via the Incognito Mode (Chrome) or Private Browsing Mode (Firefox) without logging into your Verizon account. It works for me.
    Too bad that those two discounts don’t stack.

  • gadgetryan

    got one!! 

  • Sweet, just ordered! Thanks Kel!

  • Mneighbo

    Mine is showing up at $37.49

    • Interstellarmind

      log out and order it. you’re getting a corporate discount.

      i was getting the same thing, then i signed out of “my verizon” and ordered it if i’m not already an existing verizon customer.

      • Interstellarmind

        …ordered it AS if i’m not…*

      • MNeighbo2

        Awesome! Thanks!

  • I had problems getting it to 24.99 it was showing 37.99 cause of my corp discount, I open Chrome in incognito mode and tried again and it worked

  • Anonymous

    I’m very angry at Verizon for removing “With Google” on a NEXUS phone! Is there a way to buy the back off the HSPA+ version and just put that on the CDMA version?

    • I understand where you’re coming from but at the end of the day, you’ll be interacting more with the beautiful display and the software, not so much with the back of the phone. Just my opinion.

  • pL4tiNumfi5t

    Picked up two, used google incognito and didn’t sign in to get discount on second order.

  • Upgraded to Nexus for $199 and got this for $25 – start of a good weekend, and looking forward to Monday 🙂

    • Chris Watts

      Where did you get it for 199$?

      • Well, I had an early upgrade available to me at $249 (my new contract ends in 8/2013 – yikes!) and I also bought the LivingSocial deal couple weeks ago which was worth $50. So, I’m pretty happy with that.

        Getting tired of my TB and it’s extended battery fat ass booty. I want a slim phone that has the latest and greatest Android OS with no skins. Looking forward to it.

        • David Rubinson

          So you got it for $225 then when you count the price paid for the coupon

          • Yup, still not bad for a very early upgrade.

  • I bought one

  • Seems you can’t order them anymore … just add to wishlist?

  • FWIW, and maybe someone already posted this), the deal can be had in Verizon stores, too.  I bought one for $25 yesterday.  Actually, I bought 2!

  • just picked it up for 26.44 after tax, now to find something to use that livingsocial certificate on…

  • mewantnexus

    Just ordered one. Thanks for the tip!

  • If you have a business account its $37.49

  • RaptorOO7

    Nice Verizon, I have the $50 Livingsocial deal but it’s only valid in stores, not online.  This just sucks.

    • miscreant

      It’s valid through telesales, doofus.

  • Nhut …

    On a full charge at 7AM with my Nexus, I had normal email/facebook useage and no gaming..I’m getting 7hours(down to 8% charge by 2PM) and I have the screen set to dim and reverted back to 3G when I was 25%.  Thanks to this post I went to buy the extended battery.  

    • Anonymous

      Battery life isn’t stellar. I’ve since set my screen to the dimmest setting, using a static wallpaper, and I’m using the dark theme on SwiftKey X (AMOLED uses less energy on dark colors). I hope this makes a difference.

  • Swoop! Bit of hassle and workaround. Closed Chrome, switched to IE, signed in to VZW, and had it shipped to my in-law’s house. That finally worked for me at 12:15 Pacific Standard.

  • Alex

    I just bought it for $25. should still be working

  • Booyah! Great work Droid-Life. And if it’s not working for you, keep trying. Mine did not show the 24.99 till after I added to the cart and went to check out.

  • if you buy 2, the price is $74.98?  I will just order two seperately

  • Anonymous

    No way to charge the battery that’s not in use, right?

  • Chris Watts

    Still comes up as $54.74 for me…. =/

  • will the extended battery mess with cases or docks?

    will it still fit?

  • i think the deal is done… 

  • Had to put in a different zip code, but got it for $25 plus tax….Sweet!

  • Tyrian

    Anyone have luck applying business discount to this deal?

  • Chris

    Thanks for posting this, Kellex! 

  • Anonymous

    Just ordered mine. I just couldn’t pass up a good deal.

  • Matt Galyon

    Kellex, or anyone with the extended battery and cover:

    Can you use the extended battery cover with the normal battery in there?  I don’t really want to carry around an extra battery AND an extra cover when I’m out.

    • Anonymous

      This was a concern of mine as well and I can confirm that the normal battery works fine with the extended battery cover. I bought the extended battery when I bought my Nexus in store since they were running a deal of 50% off the battery when purchased with the Nexus. It’s great so now I can carry around 2 batteries and just swap em out when one gets low.

      • Matt Galyon

        Exactly what I was thinking, thanks for answering!

  • Anonymous

    Got it, add it to your cart, it will show as $49, then click update cart, and you will get the new price

  • Emily

    WARNING BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99
    It said $24.99 all the way till I entered my credit card information then it tried to bill me for $49.99

  • Kameleongt

    I just tried to order but even with the link i don’t get less than 49.  and if i log into my account i get my corporate discount only.  is it to late?

  • Anonymous

    Worked for me, thanks!

  • Johnwlam

    weird – when I add the item to my cart, it shows up at $24.99 but when I get to the submit order page, my price goes back to $49.99.  Anyone have this issue?

    • Flyinion

      Yep, I’m giving up.

    • Cromptown

      It did the same thing to me at first.  I removed it from my cart and then added it again and it showed up for $24.99 on the submit order page, you might try doing that.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered it af full price this morning.  Called up Verizon and they were not able to credit me the difference, instead they cancelled the order and had me reorder.  Pretty sweet deal.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone have experience with buying spare samsung batteries from Amazon?
    I used to have the Droid 2, my gf the OG. On Amazon, you can buy these for less than $3 shipped, I used to carry 3-4 batteries (also bought a stand alone charger for couple bucks). Wondering if the same goes with samsung batteries on amazon, maybe they’ll be really cheap, like the droid batteries, in a couple of weeks?

    • The problem with the nexus battery will be the fact that the nfc chip is built into the battery sooo you might not find it for 5 dollars on amazon.

      • Anonymous

        hmmm true. I got one from verizon for the discounted price, but here’s to hoping it’ll be even cheaper in the near future. 

  • Anonymous

    so….someone please add EVERY accessory to their cart for every phone and let’s find all the deals that aren’t posted…

  • Anonymous

    Ordered. Thank you DL!

  • don’t have the phone, yet just purchased the battery…Santa (letstalk.com) can’t come quick enough

  • reiven

    still shows at $49.99 and a total of $54.74 at checkout. Tried signing in for the discount, tried using the link, tried just selecting it in the store. Everytime after putting in my billing info and review my order. it’s $54.74. 

    • Flyinion

      Same, and then I even went and used the live chat thing and she told me it shows as 

      $49.  So I’m not sure how people are getting this but frack it I give up.

  • Love having this battery because even with the added thickness all the regular case fit it still. Everyone i have shown the phone was shocked that an extended life battery was in there because it is still so thin. Also love getting it in store yesterday for 25 bucks. For an extra 250mAh 25 bucks is more than worth it.

  • gorexinfx

    Ordered just before this posting! Better hurry, they can ship overnight before 4:30pm!

  • Log out of your account if you’re not seeing that price.

  • Kyle

    Quick question: can I use the extended battery door and use the regular battery as well?

  • Anonymous

    I understand that it doesn’t add much thickness but can anyone tell me if that little ridge or lip on the bottom of the phone is still there with the extended battery. I use my nexus with out a case (or screen protectors) and that little ridge does make holding the nexus easier. 

    • Anonymous

      There ridge is still there, just not as pronounced. The change in thickness is more gradual and seems more natural. I actually prefer it.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the reply, sounds good

  • Rpowers1

    Does anyone know if the standard battery works with the extended battery cover. Ie if I want to carry around an extra battery do I need to also carry the extra cover ( will the extended one flex too much?)

    • JesseGNEX

      if it doesn’t you could always glue a small foam pad to the back of it to secure it better

  • BPStroh

    I ordered one of these and I don’t even have the phone yet.  I just know that I’ll need it at some point, hopefully soon, and the price will never be better than this.

  • Anonymous

    In for one! I would of gotten one at the store if they would of discounted it, but they did not budge on 49.99 Glad I waited a day!

  • Crazydog

    The page right before “Submit Order” is still showing $50 for me. =/

    • Crazydog

      Went into an Incognito window, gave it a different ZIP code, and it worked that time.

      • Anonymous

        ur tip worked for me too. thanks

        • Anonymous

          now showing 
          $54.11  at checkout??

          • Crazydog

            Not sure why – just checked by bank account, and there’s a charge only for $27.35

  • Anthony

    Does anyone know if the phone will still work with things like the car dock, with the extended battery in?

    • Anthony


    • JesseGNEX

      Also would like to know this before I buy it!

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know as well!  Anyone???

    • Anonymous

      it works in my case…it should work in a car mount because the bulge is minimal

  • JMK

    worked for me

  • i wonder if i can get my discount on that price

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Picked one up.

  • guest

    Anyone know if the otterbox defender case would still fit with the extended battery?

  • Flyinion

    This is ridiculous, add it to cart……..$25……..put in CC info and get to confirmation before submitting and the price has magically returned to the normal $49.  WTF

    • Dansan

      mine stayed at $27.15 w/tax

  • Anonymous

    26.55 for me – love it!

  • Gfunk

    how does the stock battery fit with the extended cover?  loose?

  • Ed

    I’ve been testing my battery in all kinds of scenarios over the past day and I’m experiencing significantly better battery life when on 3G only especially just in “stand by”.  Anyone know of a toggle widget that will work to switch between 3g and 4g on the nexus, beautiful widgets only works on HTC/WiMax.

    • JesseGNEX

      Would like to know this as well!

      • Ed

        I’m answering my own question I guess.  The market shows a few LTE toggle widgets, which really are just shortcuts to the screen that allows you to swap between CDMA only and LTE/CDMA.  It’s not perfect but it does save some time removing getting to settings menu and 2 more clicks.

    • Pretty sure extended controls does. Pretty good buy imo.

    • xyzlene

      “lte switch” in the app store

  • Emily

    its $24.99 for me in Hawaii, if I don’t sign into myverizon account. $37.99 if I do.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t pity you – you live in Hawaii  🙂

  • Anonymous

    niiiiice! good find

  • Got it. Have to not be logged in. Shop for accessories. Select device. If ordering more than one you have to do it as separate orders. Got two ordered though at $25!

  • Sambi

    Deal seems to be dead, I tried logged in and without logging in showing 49.99 for me

    • Sambi

      Its only dead for San Jose, California.

      -Don’t Login
      – Used Zipcode other from Tenessee and it worked 🙂

    • SoBrave

      Don’t log in.  Just select your device on the right and then you can add to cart.

  • Got it as well.

  • I just called my local VZW corp store where I bought the phone yesterday. Told them the situation and they said they would price match my purchase from yesterday to the price on the web. Give this a shot first!

  • Josh

    I tried and it shows full price

  • it is still in stock!

  • Thanks – Got it!

  • Anonymous


  • Ff1198

    Selling in verizon stores for $24.99 also, just picked mine up. Should note that if you bought the holster that comes in the bundle package with stand built in it won’t work with the extended battery.

  • Anonymous

    Am I missing something showing 49.99 for me in Review Cart page

    • Dave867

      I had had the same problem. I resolved it by signing out of my Verizon account and placed the order without being signed in. I got it for $27 that way but you won’t see that price until the final screen appears where you confirm the purchase. 

  • Collin Barrett

    You need to select the galaxy nexus on the side of the page for the “Add to Cart” button to show up.  Strange but what ya gonna do.

  • Hdandar

    Bought this at a VZW store last night. Hardly any difference in thickness and the associate told me it will still fit in standard cases….

  • alpha

    Does anyone know if the extended battery will fit in the spare battery charging kit?

    • Anonymous

      It does, but the charger door won’t close all the way. You can see a video here – http://www.slashgear.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-accessories-hands-on-16202886/

      • alpha

        Thank you.  The door not closing all the way is not a big deal to me, so I placed an order.

  • Julio Duverney

    37.49 for me with my corporate discount 

    • it says 24.99 at the end. i just did the same thing

  • Gary Pasler

    You have to choose which device you have, Galaxy Nexus, then you can add it

  • Gary Pasler

    Yes!   It’s a tricky page…

  • Kahnm22

    got mine, thanks!

  • Purchased one. Been waiting for this since I bought the phone yesterday. Kinda miss my Rezound, but I am loving ICS.

  • Matt Galyon

    Purchased.  Seriously, thanks Kellex!

  • Fillyo

    I ordered one a few hours ago, full price one is going back to the store.

  • You can only buy 1 at a time it seems, I put 2 in my cart, and it was $74 ish.

  • Anonymous

    Someone tells me if it will still fit in a Otterbox?

  • Teng247

    went to the store and they told me it was half off so $25.  They didnt have any in stock today but said he can have it shipped to my house.

  • Anonymous

    I just ordered it a minute ago. THANKS KELLEX!

  • Shows as $49.99 after adding to the cart for me.

  • Anonymous

    This, is exactly why Droid-Life rocks. Great find.

    • Anonymous

      Hasnt it been half off battrries for a month now?

  • Anonymous

    You have to specify your device first

  • Anonymous

    i had to sign in to get the discount to show

  • Jakob

    Alright! Thanks! Just ordered mine!

  • We bought ours in store when we bought the phones yesterday.   They had to override our 20% discount in order to get the 50% discount to work.

    • they honored this in store? damnit, i still have the living social coupon hehe

  • Anonymous

    not working for me 🙁

  • Dan


  • NorCalDroid

    Sold out

  • Gary Pasler

    Looks like this one is already out of stock:     All I see is add to wish list – NO ad to cart!

    • Anonymous

      You have to choose which device you have, Galaxy Nexus, then you can add it

  • John Frederick

    This works in-store as well. While my girlfriend and I were getting our phones, one of the reps said they had received an email that gave them a code letting them sell the extended batteries for the Nexus at $25. To do it, they had to get a code from their email that Verizon had sent out yesterday morning.

  • Anonymous

    Showing $49.99 here, i already got one but i was going to show my friend who also got a Nexus.

    completely off topic but the Extended battery fits in the Otterbox, just an FYI

    • Guest

      Unlucky, its $24.99 for me

      • Anonymous

        Ooops, should’ve read the whole thing, lol yeah its $24.99, good to know

    •  Excellent news! Which otterbox is that, the commuter or the defender?

      • Anonymous


      • Gary Pasler

        The one they had in VZW store today would not fit with extended battery (the snap around would not take the thickness).  I didn’t note which one, but clue may be on VZW site…

    • miscreant

      Thank you!! I was wondering about this. *plods off to Otterbox for the case*

  • Comes up as 37.49 for me (49.99 minus my 20% corporate discount)

    • John

      ya same. better than nothing tho. so after tax etc, it’ll be 50$

      • Log out and reopen your browser. Don’t log in. Just shop for accessories and choose your device.

    • You can’t ‘double dip’ only one discount, so remove ur corporate one?

    • Sign out of the website, then order (don’t order with your account).

    • Anonymous

      Just don’t log in when you purchase it

    • Andrew Deo

      Don’t log in to your account. Go to the shop, add the battery to your cart and enter your details when you check out. I have corp discount as well and total cost was $26.74

      • Awesome man, thanks for the tip! Ordered the battery which will now arrive before my phone from LetsTalk

        • James Friedman

          Yeah I canceled my letstalk order….I made my order at 4am yesterday and then today I get an email stating 1-2 weeks. Poor customer service

    • Cliff Wynne

      What I did was add it to my cart…..showed the reduced price then logged in and checked out and kept the 24.99 price…

  • Alan

    Why didn’t it come with that battery in the first place if it doesn’t add any thickness? Stupid Google.

    • Because they make an a**load of money on accessories. 😛

      • MaxPaine

        Even the “don’t be evil” Google screws us over. Didn’t they have control on how Samsung builds the Nexus?

        • Atlo

          Apparently they don’t. Looks like even Google bends over for Verizon.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure some decisions were made by Samsung, but they did at least give the LTE version a bigger battery over the GSM one. 

        • Anonymous

          Selling you a phone with a slightly smaller battery than you want is a pretty low bar for “evil”

        • Yea since the phone feels like it was made of saran wrap.. For having waited this long the phone is pretty cheap, and the radios and camera isnt good at all.

          • Anonymous

            Apparently you haven’t actually held the phone, nor have you experienced the radios or the camera.

            But you keep spreadin that FUD!

          • Anonymous

            I like the feel. Droid was like a tank. Also my phone calls arr clearer and adjusting the volume up or down actually works.

            Why doesnt ics kryboard play well eith this website? Voice to texy is waaay wrong and no eords pop up while im typing

          • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

            You’ve got to be kidding. This phone feels great in the hand. Even my iPhone obsessed boss thought so.

        • Anonymous

          WTF are you talking about??? Google didn’t design the battery in this, Samsung did.

          • Felix

            Doesn’t Google tell Samsung what to put in? Samsung didn’t make the phone by themselves.

          • Adam


          • L2daao


          • L2daao

            Opps.  I mean to agree with Adam and Cowboydroid.

          • Anonymous

            No. Samsung designs the hardware, and Google designs the software. There is some input from Google on the hardware design, but they are not going to tell Samsung how many mAH the battery should have.

      • eze4

        Whats up kellex? Why cant i find droid life on my pulse reader? I had it on my thunderbolt but i cant for my gnex.

        • Anonymous

          Dude I’ve been wondering the same thing. I love Pulse and I love DL, but they just don’t get along very well lately. What gives?!

          • Jason

            I think what happened is that droid life now does rss feeds for every article’s comments so when search for it you get the rss feed for a single articles comments. The way I went around this was I went to the rss icon in the corner of DL front page and added it manualy to my favorite rss reader. Hope this helps because I just setup my gnexus and had the same problem.

      • OG Droid

        Kellex; is the phone going to be your daily driver now

    • Siml235

      Exactly. It should have been the default battery. The extended battery should then have a significantly more mAh rating like for other phones.

      • Mojo

        I hope they come out with another extended battery with a much higher mAh rating. I don’t really care much about thickness since I don’t wear skinny jeans.

    • It does add thickness, about a millimeter or two. Enough so that the
      generic 2 part holster case doesn’t quite fit perfectly with the
      extended battery (though it fits good enough, imo)

      • Mike

        If it’s just a mm then it should have been standard and build the accessories accordingly.

        • RaptorOO7

          I will just pick up the silicone case & extd battery that case should have enough give.

      • Anonymous

        Great! Thank you, I ordered the phone with the holster/case this morning and just ordered the extended battery now at discount and saw a couple comments in here that they are incompatible. If it isn’t a perfect fit then whatever, but as long as it does fit then that’s good.

    • because then they couldnt sell extended batteries and make more money

    • Anonymous

      It does, it actually comes with its own backplate to fit.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if anyone noticed this, but I have the bigger battery and tried to put the old backplate on it – won’t fit. Notice the tail of the old plate curve inward. That doesn’t leave enough room for the battery, so the new one curves outward like the phone design.

        • JSK

          Most people over xda and phandroid have said just the opposite, that the stock cover will fit the extended battery but it is a bit snug

          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t that interested in applying that much pressure to my phone while putting it on.

        • the original backplate does fit….

    • Anonymous

      I’m actually more angry at Verizon for removing “With Google” on a NEXUS phone! Is there a way to buy the back off the HSPA+ version and just put that on the CDMA version?

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Marketing. Stupid, wallet raping marketing. Should have come with a better battery if one is already available, it should be shipped with. But hey, then what would we buy as accessories? I love my Gnex. Cheap build quality and all! Honestly, battery is lasting 8+ hours with heavy texting, phone, camera and email use. Not complaining much.

    • Bewara2009

      Its call making money of you idiots that bought this plastic phone! 

      • Guest

        you mad bro?

    • theGseries

      It adds a little thickness, nothing you would be able to tell because of the way you hold the phone. 

    • Terroh8er

      I’d imagine that they did it because everyone compares it to the iPhone. I’m reading that the iPhone 4s is 9.3mm while the GN is 9.37mm. If that number was 10.5mm with this battery, it would then be significantly thicker than the 4s.

    • It DOES add thickness – even though it does not look like it. (That’s why the extended battery comes with a different backplate.)

      I’ve tried several cases, and they don’t fit properly with the extended battery in place.

      • if the battery was centered in the body, the regular back would fit without an issue although it would still have that slight bulge, and i do mean SLIGHT…but since it’s over to the side, that makes it bulge just enough on the edge to where the back doesn’t fit perfectly, but it fits enough to work.  for people who use multiple batteries, it is a hard thing to put a case on anyway since you are swapping batteries out…

    • Actually, it does. That’s what the battery door supplied with the extended battery, is for.