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Contest: Win One of Six Christmas Themes From Tha Phlash and Koveleski for the Holidays (Updated: Winners Picked!)

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by decking the Android halls.  If you have been looking for some good decorations to throw onto your mobile device, then look no further.  Today we have been granted the power by Koveleski and Tha Phlash to give away 6 premium theme licenses to readers who give us a little look into what they would do if they were the Grinch.  Sound fun? 

Thanks everyone for having fun with this contest! It was great! Here’s the winners:

DanThompson87 – “Go around telling everybody that Christmas is really about JESUS and not getting GIFTS and getting hammered!”

IceHunter – “If I were the Grinch I would put Carrier IQ on the Nexus and lock the bootloader.”

Lewis McGeorge – “I would grinch people by getting rid of Android and leaving people with the choice of i*crap, Blackberry, or Palm?! Man that made me sick just thinking about!!!”

Justin Brown – “If I were the Grinch I would bring down both amazon and newegg.   Not only does it screw a ton of consumers that are lazy and don’t want to go shopping it hurts the shipping companies too.”

LiterofCola – “I’d drop liquid ex-lax in the punch bowls of holiday parties everywhere!”

Towelie420 – “To spoil Christmas, I would buy you a droid eris, and then make you watch me play with my galaxy nexus.”

How to enter:

  1. In the comments, tell us what you would do to spoil Christmas if you were the Grinch.
  2. Tell us which theme you would like: Tha Christmas Balls or Tha Candy Canes.

Winners will be chosen today at random by 3PM PST.  Good luck.  Thanks goes out to Koveleski and Tha Phlash for offering up the themes.

Tha Christmas balls


Tha Candy Cane


  • Justin Brayman

    If I were the Grinch, I would have not released the Galaxy Nexus yesterday. I would have slowly leaked rumored release dates well into March and watched as the Occupy Verizon movement began….

    Candy Canes please…

  • Anonymous

    If I were the Grinch, I would force Droid-Life to shut down.

    I prefer the ‘Canes, even though I’m a Devils fan. 😉

  • Anonymous

    If I were the Grinch I would put Carrier IQ on the Nexus and lock the bootloader…

    If I win I would like the Christmas Balls theme.

  • unwrap all of the presents, take le poo in the boxes, and re-wrap. muaaahahahaha!

  • Anonymous

    Burn whoville down to the ground. And then hire people to re build it. (see giving people jobs!)

    Candy Canes

  • JMac726

    I would delay the Nexus. Not this year, Mr. Grinch!

  • If I were the Grinch I would casually walk around my call center and grab any iphone I see and casually drop all of them in the toilet. Then I would proceed to set up a video camra to film the epic flushing of everyone’s iphone. Then I would call a mandatory meeting about cell phone etitque in the workplace and then proceed to display the epic video of their iphones being flushed!
    -Candy Cane them please.

  • Edwin M

    Only a Grinch would force all Verizon unlimited plan members to switch to AT&T tiered data plans and switch to i*hone 3GS for Christmas. This is what I would do.

  • Thomas Peltier

    If I were the grinch, I would have my sled run on Verizon’s 4G network. Then I would be able to steal Christmas faster

    Candy Canes please

  • I would grinch people by getting rid of Android and leaving people with the choice of i*crap, Blackberry, or Palm?! Man that made me sick just thinking about!!!

    Balls, Balls, Balls!!!

  • Sp4rxx

     Replace ALL Android-based devices with iOS devices and take down the corporate infrastructure of Google itself….

    Candy Canes!

  • Anonymous

    If I were Grinch, I would turn Christmas into one big weekelong drunkfest, what better present then beer.

    Candy Canes.

  • Boogie

    If I were the Grinch, I’d tell a bunch of kindergardners “THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!”

    Candy Canes

  • Anonymous

    If I were he grich I would prove there was no god. therefore destroying christmas. 😛

  • I would take everyones new phones and replace them with the first gen iPhone. 

  • Sapan Dhora

    If I were Grinch, I would replace everyones android phone with a Iphone on ATT’s network.

    If you already had an Iphone I would give you a Windows Phone!

    Christmall Balls me.

  • To spoil Christmas…I’d release a grinchy software update that bricks all those shiny new Nexus phones that people have lusted after for months.

    I like the Christmas Balls theme, if choosing between the two, though both are nice. 

  • Justin Brown

    If I were the Grinch I would bring down both amazon and newegg.   Not only does it screw a ton of consumers that are lazy and don’t want to go shopping it hurts the shipping companies too. 

    The candy cane style is amazing!

  • Alby Gonzalez

    If i were the Grinch i would force Whoville to become all Verizon customers and force them to wait 6 months for all new phones, knowing there is another bigger and better one now only 3 months away.(Insert Maniacal Laughter)

    Canes over Balls

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      There is always another bigger and better one only 3 months away. The trick is to get a device that will take you two years (or 8 devices) without making you want to throw it out a window.

  • Anonymous

    i would spoil christmas by letting the kids believe that christmas was moved to new years day. Once new years day came i would tell them that christmas was moved to the 4th of july, i mean their kids they will believe anything…after each day came i would continue to let them know it has been moved. I would like the christmas balls theme..

  • Ben Young

    if i were the grinch i would take a dump in everyone’s stockings 😀

    christmas balls

  • nwd1911

    I would replace all meat items with something soy based for Christmas dinner.  Candy Cane looks good.

  • Cause main manufacturers to have issues on almost all items bought before Christmas and then they would have to recall them all.

    Candycane for the win

  • As Grinch, I would take a several pronged approach to spread bah-humbug everywhere and to everyone:

    1. Ensure that the patent system would auto-approve all pending and
    future patents, regardless of innovation, utility, or function. Software
    and DNA patents: you bet!

    2. Bootloaders: lock them all down!

    3. All phones now come pre-installed with Carrier IQ functionality (no,
    it’s not a true bug but a bah-humbug) baked into the systems.

    4. Functionality? You want functionality? Blue screens of death for
    everyone at random times, regardless of phone manufacturer with random
    hexadecimal numbers for “troubleshooting purposes”.

    5. All wireless companies will now strive to provide the same level, or worse, of AT&T customer service.

    6. All phones will be shipped with a red water damage indicator. No warranty for you!

    7. Due to network congestion (or it could be that mucus in my throat),
    all data plans will be tiered from 512, 1024, and 2048 at $99, $159, and
    $249 respectively. (P.S. The units are kilobytes.)

    P.S. The Grinch likes, however begrudgingly, Tha Christmas Balls.

  • If I were the Grinch, I would open all the presents, replace them with packing popcorn and re-wrap them.

    balls for me. 😛

  • I, would deny all orders for *phones and *pads – especially those listed in these comments (no need to increase their sales). I would replace them with a note saying the order was placed wrong.

    Tha Candy Cane

  • If I were the grinch, I would go to Motorola’s headquarters and steal all of their top secret information and let everyone unlock all of their bootloaders! At least I’m ruining Christmas for Motorola.

    If I win I’d like tha candy cane.

  • Desamation

    I would release a million little Android Dudes into the Apple headquarters like locusts in a corn field.

    Tha Christmas Balls is balling

  • If I were the Grinch I’d take a cue from Jack Skellington and swap all the good presents for rotted, dead, and shrunken head gifts. And when they all gather ’round to sing and dance, I would drop the good presents in the middle and burn them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    P.S. I like the Candy Cane. They can be used as knives and other stabbing weapons. 

  • If I were the Grinch, lets just say ….. What Christmas? No such thing. Tha Candy Canes please

  • Anthony Armando

    1. If I were the Grinch in the classic Dr. Seuss tale I would go house to house and spray-paint everyone’s tree, from top to bottom, black.
    2. They both look pretty sharp, and so it comes to a coin toss. Winner: Candy Cane.

  • Anonymous

    If I were going to go all the way with ruining Christmas I’d probably have to do something truly awful. Send several trucks filled with toys to orphans and then blow them up, burn down the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center or raze Bethlehem in its entirety. Maybe do all 3 to leave no stone unturned. Tha Christmas Balls would be lovely.

  • 10yck

    If I were the Grinch, I would give every iphone user a Fruit Cake.  Christmas Balls

  • If I were the Grinch I would make sure the courts side with apple in all those silly lawsuits. Now give me my Xmas balls please.

  • 1. If I were the Grinch trying to ruin Christmas, I would replace everyone’s gifts with RIM and WinMo  devices.

    2. I would like Tha Christmas Balls

  • Foamposite0o1

    If were the Grinch, I’d steal all the Androids in the village and replace them with IPhones!
    My choice: Christmas balls!

  • Since the theme here is Dr. Seuss, I feel like I must rhyme this so…I would rape and pillage the entire village! Too much? Now give me some Christmas Balls!

  • If i were the Grinch I would strap a bomb on my back and parachute into apple HQ and save the world!!! and of course the Xmas Balls!

  • Anonymous

    I would somehow make a Santa contest, for the best Santa’s. Seeing how I’m the Grinch, I would sabotage the contest, so I would be the top Santa in the world! THEN, and only then, I’ll have control over all the gifts…you know what happens next…..*evil Grinch laugh*

  • Anonymous

    i would’ve delayed the nexus even longer.  candy canes looks sharp!

  • Anonymous

    If I were the Grinch, the easiest way to ruin Christmas would be to allow Jim Carrey to play the role of “The Grinch” in a mediocre at best, live action movie that attempted to trump an animated holiday classic.     I like Tha Candy Cane better.

  • hide all the gifts … xmas balls

  • Txbeaner

    If I were the crunch I would be bad Verizon & recall all Galaxy Nexus’s!! Muahahahaha!!

    • Txbeaner

      Grinch..ugh auto correct! Lol

      • Anonymous

        I hate you already. I think it’s working, friend.

        • Txbeaner

          Goooood…let the hate flow! Lol candy cane please 😉

  • I work as a technical support specialist at an elementary school, and today I asked if I could take home some spare equipment boxes, including a bunch of iPad and Macbooks. I also have the box from my galaxy nexus and Xoom. My grinch plan is to weigh them down with bags of sand and give them out at a few of the Yankee Swaps I’m going to this year. Muhahaha 

  • If I were the Grinch, I would turn everyone’s presents into radioactive waste. What a way to ruin the Earth and Christmas at the same time! Tha Christmas Balls!

  • I would spoil Christmas by stuffing every stocking with an iPhone!  Candy Cane 

  • Anonymous

    To spoil christmas, i would buy you a droid eris, and then make you watch me play with my galaxy nexus.
    Candy cane please!

  • Andy Stetson

    Nothing says un-Merry Christmas like well placed bags of coal.  They would be everywhere.  And would like the balls!

  • Peer Linder

    I really love Tha Icon Packs! So I would really much like to win the Candy theme as I already own the other one 😀

  • To spoil christmas, I would take away Christmas music!! Especially since they start playing it so early now!! It started here after halloween!!

    (I like tha candy cane)