This Week In The Life Of DROID: 4/13/2012

We have been patiently waiting to get a look at the Incredible 4G, and it finally happened this week. Some folks may be disappointed as it is no replacement for the Galaxy Nexus, but will still be a formidable addition to the Android lineup on Verizon. Along with that, our beloved Instagram has been bought by Facebook, for who knows what purpose. Don’t mess with my Instagram, Zuck! If you missed any of the week’s important stories, we have highlighted them down below:

On a fun note, our buddy Kovdev made these awesome Andy wallpapers which we have been enjoying and we wanted to make sure you all had a chance to enjoy them too!

Contest: Win One of Six Christmas Themes From Tha Phlash and Koveleski for the Holidays (Updated: Winners Picked!)

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by decking the Android halls.  If you have been looking for some good decorations to throw onto your mobile device, then look no further.  Today we have been granted the power by Koveleski and Tha Phlash to give away 6 premium theme licenses to readers who give us a little look into what they would do if they were the Grinch.  Sound fun?  (more…)

Contest: Time To Get Into The Halloween Spirit, Win A Pro Theme From Koveleski


It’s almost time for the kids to go out and get pounds upon pounds of candy for just dressing up in a silly/cute costume and walking from door to door. No apples please, grandma! Koveleski  and Tha Phlash looks to be in the spirit already and has just released two themes that go perfectly for the month of October. Tha Jack-o and Tha Pumpkin work great with ADW EX and even LauncherPro Plus, so we’ve decided to spread the Halloween cheer through a little giveaway.

Update: We got our 5 winners! Congrats you guys, and thanks to everyone for entering! (more…)

Android Hackers Rejoice – N3xGen Theme Manager Is Everything You Need All In One App

We are always searching the Market for the newest themes for ADW, LPP, T-Mobile Theme Chooser, and all the other great applications we love to skin. Well I guess some guys by the names of Bentotbox, Billygalbreath, and Koveleski got tired of searching too and decided to make an app that is dedicated to putting them all in one place. The N3xGen Theme Manager brings the best of all the themes one can install from the Market into an easy to use app. Hooray. You can sort by developer, color, and a bunch of other categories. Definitely a must have for theme lovers.  (more…)

Contest: Kovdev Releases Tha Plus Theme Based On Google+, And We Have Three Copies To Give Away


Kovdev has been pumping out work like crazy lately, and he and Tha Plash’s latest creation is entitled Tha Plus. It looks like they were highly influnced by the newest social networking crazy, Google+. The coolest part though, is Droid Life is getting a big kick down from these boys, and they’re lowering the Market price from $2.99 for the Pro version, to just $1.99 for 48 hours.  (more…)

Download: New Droid Life Wallpaper Packs By Koveleski

Today we sneaked in some of the newest creations by Koveleski in our “Show Us Your Screenies” post. We got lots of comments wondering where we got our wallpapers, well now, here they are. We teamed up with the “Da Kover“, and he pumped out these amazing wallpapers for everyone who enjoys spending time with us on the daily.

There are three versions available – one for your phone, tablet, and even your desktop. All you need to do is download the app, then apply how you would any other wallpaper. We want to thank Dave so much for hooking these up, and everyone else for enjoying Android as much as we do. If you want to support Dave, feel free to donate for all of his awesome work, or even follow him on Twitter.   (more…)

Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, DROIDX2, and Xperia Play Wallpapers All Bundled Into Individual Apps

Dave Kover – a continuous giver to the Android community. Creator and maintainer of some of Android’s most popular themes, has now put up on the Market individual applications for all of the aforementioned devices’ wallpapers; putting them in easy to use, slick user interfaces. All users must do is download the application, hit Wallpapers from a home screen, then select from the different folders. All the images have been taken from the individual system dumps and packaged nicely for us. Simply hit the links below and be taken to the Market for download. All free.

DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt | DROIDX2 | Xperia Play

See all of Dave’s great apps and theme add-ons by clicking here.

Download: Gingerbread Theme For OG DROID

I officially declare myself a theme wh*re and am currently seeking attention. I didn’t think I would jump on the bandwagon for getting my phone to look like Gingerbread as quickly as I did. But, what can I say? The UI is sexy! I asked my good buddy Koveleski of DarkEdge, if he could whip something up for me. He obliged and did a great job. Thanks Dave! I owe you.

He asked which ROM it should be for. Well here’s another shout out to CVPCS and Sniffle on the Sapphire Team. Thanks for making a great DROID ROM! I chose Sapphire 1.1 because of the sheer smoothness that comes along with this ROM. But don’t worry everybody! You will see this shortly on every other ROM for the DROID. I got your backs.

After the jump, I’ll have some instructions and download links for you if you wanna join me down the Gingerbread road. (more…)