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Today is Galaxy Nexus Day at Verizon

It’s almost hard to believe that the day has finally come, but today is indeed Galaxy Nexus day at Verizon! Many of our east coasts crew probably already has the device in hand, while those of us out west are waiting patiently for those first doors to crack in just over an hour. There isn’t much else to say other than, we would love to hear your first impressions down in the comments once your phone is up and activated. There will be a flood of coverage, tips, tricks and so forth later on, but we all know that your initial reaction is one of the most important.

A variety of sites have the device up for sale as you may already now. We have them listed below:

  • Verizon Wireless:  $299 on contract, $649 full retail. You may see it available for $249 if you are upgrading.
  • Amazon:  $149 if you are a new customer, $249 for upgrades.
  • Target:  Seeing $219 for new customers, $249 for upgrades.

Go get some Nexus!

  • I got the first one, had it in my hand at 8:30 this morning

  • xvortexx

    Went to Costo and and they said they didn’t have them in stock. Went to another one, and they said they were getting their shipment in this afternoon and to call later to check on progress. 

  • mewantnexus

    Amazon is now $149.99 for new customer. Cheaper than letstalk.

  • Tysoncrosby21

    I only have one tiny complaint.  Audio from the external speaker seems a bit soft.  Anybody else experience this?  The ringtones and notifications just seem really quiet, any tips?

    • VerizonHater

      Yeah I got that too.  I was wondering the same thing.

  • got mine this morning but haven’t had much time to do a whole lot with it, plus i have to wait til i get home to unlock the bootloader. but from what i’ve seen so far i do love it! i’ll miss the OG but this will do nicely.
    Question: i plugged up my 3.5mm aux cable in the car to try listening to spotify on it but the sound continued to come from the phone instead of running through my car stereo. not sure why that would be but again, i didn’t have much time to mess with it. thoughts?

  • Curt248

    The discount 3G to 4g $100 off is real. I just talked to the Verizon upgrade dept by calling 611 then 0 and saying upgrade. They found the promotion in around two minutes. It may only be for the Chicago area though. Another place mentioned that it may be for the entire Midwest. The link below is to the post.


    • Anonymous

      I called and they said it’s only available online. I am in michigan. did you use yours in the store?

  • Michael Dunigan

    So… did anyone get an e-mail from VZW about the phone released?  I know we all submitted our e-mail address to the VZW notification page.  Nothing here in my inbox.  I wonder what VZW is going to do with all the addresses they harvested?

    • DidntLikeNexus-WaitingForD4

      Yep, 1:08am

    • Yes, I got an email about it being available at 1:03am EST…

  • Anonymous

    Hope battery life gets better charged to 100% down 16% in 18 minutes.

  • Chris Kershaw

    If you live in the Midwest (i.e. I live in Lincoln, NE) and have a NE2 discount/upgrade available and currently have a 3G phone, I would call Customer Service up and ask about the $100 promo off an upgrade to a 4G phone.  I know Kellex already mentioned this a few days ago, but I wanted to let you know it worked for me.  Verizon store knew nothing about it, I had to call Customer Service and on two separate calls both reps finally found the promotion after 5 minutes or so of looking through them all.  I got my Galaxy Nexus for $180 including tax and the Customer Service rep even over-nighted the phone to me for free.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Called Verizon last night, met with my guy at 10:00, left there around 10:30 with phone in hand and FREAKING LOVE IT!!! This phone is simply, WOW! Light. Smooth. Fast. Clean. Crisp. Looks good. Feels good. Nexus!!! Now my head won’t feel like it’s about to explode and my wife will finally have peace as well 🙂 I’m taking two weeks off from work after tomorrow, and am going to spend much of that time enjoying my new Nexus, watching football in peace while being catered to me having stuff bought for me by mother-in-law who loves me for while I set up camp in here amazing downstairs quarters that are all mine. And I’ll bd doing this all in a gorgeous winter wonderland in Michigan! Thank You Jesus, Thank you mother-in-law for a hot daughter and a sweet pad, and thank you Google! 

    On a semi-sad note, on my way there I played Coldplay’s “Up In Flames” in honor of my DX. He has served me well, as did my OG. Hope that you enjoy your new home old friend. 

  • Claire

    Got mine. Loving how it feels compared to the Razr or Rezound. Now to get all those apps back that I had to pull to keep my OG functioning

    Congratulations to all who are able to get the phone of their choice. Have fun with them.

  • Sanchezl99

    I just got the Galaxy Nexus. Im happy with it except for one thing – USB File Transfer
    speeds are TERRIBLE. Anyone else notice this? Im talking 6 minutes to transfer 200megs.

  • Minterbomb

    It’s a sad day for DL, they just lost thousands of daily readers because this phone is finally out.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this turns out to be the second coming like most people on this site were expecting. I played with it in the store but think I am keeping my RAZR.

    • DidntLikeNexus-WaitingForD4

      -Samsung UI sucks
      -Phone cover on in-store model kept falling apart – so flimsy
      -No FLASH player
      -Will wait for D4

  • Goldy

    got mine on the verizon wireless website this morning for $250. an hour later it was back up to $299. no idea why this was, but i have my receipt and it’s coming tomorrow

  • Got mine at 9AM (in Downers Grove, IL…6 people in line ahead of me). Got it for $150 with $50 NE2 credit and the $100 3g to 4g promotion.

  • Anonymous

    went to get mine, and they were out of micro sims. So pissed, I have to drive 35 minutes to get another 1

  • Iluvrice2

    Sold at at Canal St. and Wall St. Verizon Stores.  Got one of last one’s at Canal.

  • Vaglvr

    now if only adobe can push out their final flash app for this.

  • Anonymous

    The store I was at had to order the car dock for me because they were not shipped any…..  

  • Remember your $25 for $50 Livingsocial vouchers! Worked, ordered.

  • I scored the first Nexus in the Memphis area at 8:00am central this morning.  Upgraded from OG Droid.  I’m blown away so far, but at this point I think I’d take anything that I didn’t have to pull the battery and reboot 3 times per day. 

  • brandon coulter

    Awesome, ordered for just 175.00

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m literally sitting next to mine inactivated because it is a Christmas present from my parents to me (but my friend works at Verizon and I wanted him to get his comish). However, it’s really not near as painful as waiting for the release day.


  • I’m holdilng it in my hands, and it is glorious!!!!!!

  • Anybody encountering any resistance from Verizon on the Livingsocial $50 off coupon? The coupon clearly says it can be used towards any device or accessory but when I called to double check, 2 out of 3 places said they’d only honor it for accessories and not towards a device. The other store just didn’t know and couldn’t give me an answer, though they couldn’t apply the coupon towards the purchase of an iPhone 4s, which may or may not be Apple’s fault but surely raises some concerns as to how Verizon is standing by their word. Please tell me people are redeeming this thing properly!

    • Anonymous

      Ok I had to help the person at the store.  They have to use the top bar code as a coupon and the bottom barcode as a gift card.  I hope that helps.  You can use it with any other discount.

      • dragon19104

        Thanks, hfoster52!  I ran into trouble last week when attempting to use the coupon to upgrade my wife’s phone to the Rezound.  The corporate store stated it could not be used to upgrade her device as it could not be combined with an NE2 discount.  They also would not apply full credit to accessories as I receive an employer-related discount.  In the end, they credited me only the $25 I spent to receive the coupon.  Based upon your instructions, I will be heading back to the store tonight to have this corrected.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry I mistyped you can not use it with any other discount.  I bought an exteneded battery they had to take my corporate discount off and then ring it full price and then take off 50.  Still free (Technically $25) for the extended  battery for GN.

          • dragon19104

            Thanks for clarifying. Taking the same approach should get us a decent partial refund for the accessories we purchased.  Much appreciated.

  • Gary Pasler

    Only 6 people in the corporate store here buying these in the 50 minutes I was there.  (4 at door at opening).   ZERO for the white Razr!

    • Anonymous

      One of the Verizon Reps walked up and jokingly said, “How many people are hear for the white Razr?”

      Everyone laughed

      • Anonymous

        I laughed when I was there and a guy was returning his razr for a nexus and was pissed about charging a restocking fee.

  • Fox

    Just so everyone out there with an awesome corporate discount knows… $249 for an upgrade at VZW store

  • VerizonHater

    Got mine at 9 am w/ the extended battery… best phone ever. I’ve played with the bionic and the razr… this phone beats them all

  • set an alarm for 12:45 last night and ordered online through verizon. got the shipment notification this morning, and i’ll have it tomorrow.  anyone want to buy a droid x?

  • Got GNex Bro?

  • Ben

    Got mine LOVE IT!  Screen is saaweeet! it is thin and light! Totally worth the wait

  • John

    beware. stores have a limited number of SIM cards. so they can’t activate all their phones, obviously.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Have mine in hand! Finally!!!

  • Interpol818

    Hey quick question . any best buy workers? Just wondering when best buy will sell the nexus. I have gift cards and reward pints.

    • Anonymous

      From what I understand certain stores have them, but not all. 

  • Urugami

    Got mine at 9:00 in New Orleans area… now for the exploration phase.  Just checked My Verizon online, still have unlimited data, with ~$5 off for some reason.  Strange thing is, where they used to have a picture of an OG Droid in My Device, there’s a generic phone silhouette, and no text.  There was me (and my wife) and at least 10 other geeks waiting for the store to open.  I had an appointment, and the girl was waiting for me with our phones already on the counter, so we didn’t have to sign in. 😀  Happy Galaxy Nexus Day, y’all!

  • is it just me, or is unlimited text messaging removed entirely from all these websites? i just went to do an upgrade, and it allows me to keep the unlimited data plan i have, plus my 450min/mo, but unlimited text is entirely gone, and the only option is pay-per-text or 1000 for 10$.

    • Texting counts as data anyways. You don’t need unlimited texting. 

  • Rich

    Who used which store to buy and is there options to extend ?

  • nexus on the brain

    dos Nexus’s por favor

    this is really awesome, hard to believe its here, am charging now as i am trying to prolong this moment.  i know it will be a while before i have another like this!  reminds me of getting pinch to zoom update on my OG

    Thank God, and don’t forget to ROOT!

  • Rob Wallace

    Most satisfying android moment in a while: holding my Verizon Nexus and going into the Android Market and being able to uninstall all the Verizon VCast and Navigation Apps that came along for the Nexus ride from my Bionic.

    • Rich

      you can’t uninstall bloat ware… ICS only give you an OPTION to hide it out of sight and mind… Nonetheless its still there and taking up space…

  • Dominick DeVito

    Coming from a rented razr, this phone really isnt any faster if at all……..Checked it out this morning, ,build quality just doesnt feel up to par with motorola, camera was good but not better then iphone.  The screen is pentile and for some reason the rezound screen looked a little better. Good phone but if it didnt have ICS it would be under a few phones out right now. Ill wait a little longer.

    • Cool story!

    • Sinofue

      Argh… PenTile. Why do they do this?

      • Anonymous

        I would say that i am very sensitive to pentile screens (Noticed it immediately on my gf Nexus S when she got it) but on the G-nex all I noticed was an amazing screen. With a you tube video taking up the entire screen everything looked amazing to me.

    • Anonymous

      There will be those that have no interest in this phone… that’s for sure. 

      Those that have no interest in customization with an unlocked bootloader may or may not go for this phone. There are plenty of phones to choose from and each person may have a different opinion as to which is the superior phone.

      Those that want an unlocked phone that became accustomed to it on the OG will probably get this phone. Because if this is what you want, the list is very short. 

    • Dan Letsch

      I am sure that everybody on here is very surprised you did not like the phone with all of your comments over the past few weeks.

    • Rjmjr72

      i looked at it for a while today too..camera didnt impress, auto brightness was way too dim, speakerphone was tinney sounding, back cover was FLIMSY like peeling a toenail off..build quality was cheap feeling screen was very nice..the phone is just way to big for my day to day use. It was just myself and another customer looking at the unit..we both left inimpressed..

  • Got mine already!

  • Chris G

    I got mine.

    However they said I don’t get an upgrade credit because i am not the primary line.  Anyone else ever heard of that before?

    • Fox

      standard practice Chris for several years. New every 2 doesn’t even exist for primary lines anymore

  • I myself am torn between the D4, SGN, and DRazr in white. I dont like the fact the white Razr has a black line down the side.IF IT’S WHITE WHY IS THERE A BLACK LINE? I’ve never had a keyboard like the Droid 4 does so that would be new. And the SGN…… Come on everyone is talking about so it must be good… Right?

    • i am buying the nexus for my wife as a x-mas present, she currently has the OG Droid. She loves the physical keyboard and if the D4 drops before X-mas i might actually return the nexus for the D4. i guess i have to wait and see if it drops within the retun period or not.

  • Ben

    4 people waiting at my local store for them to open up at 9am.  My rental return went smoothly, the gnex activated in ~1/5 the time it takes a razr to activate, and I am loving the phone.

    I just wish I had the day off and a faster WIFI to restore apps over… hate spending the first few hours waiting for downloads.

    • when i logged in with my gmail account, all my apps downloaded quickly,  paid and unpaid. i guess you didn’t have the same experience?  i was surprised, b/c when i did the same thing with my rent-a-razr, all that dl’d were the paid apps.  hmmmm.

      • QtDL

        Same here. When I set up my Gmail account all of the apps that were on my OG droid started downloading automatically.

  • Anonymous

    Mines activated and waiting at the store for me to pickup at 2pm. gotta love family at a indirect store

  • Anonymous

    I have mine in my hand and have been using it for over 2 hours now. Fantastic device. Screen is perfect, clear as day and wonderfully bright. The sound quality is spot on and the signal strength is good. Just ran a couple of speed tests to compare between the Razr i just brought back and the Nexus I now have and I can tell you that all around my house in Buffalo the Nexus won hands down. The software is beautiful, its everything we’ve all been asking for. Nice launcher, wonderful dock, a widget for wireless/bluetooth etc. The only complaint I have so far is that in the contacts section, there is no button to “only show contacts” with phone numbers, which is a little annoying but will hopefully be fixed soon, for the meantime I just edited all of my contacts into a new group no problem. Other than that it works perfect. Just a bit of a tip, if it seems your phone is hanging on the “activating this may take a few minutes” screen, (mine did for 30 minutes) simply power it off and back on again. It will instantly activate and log you right into the phone. A+++++ for the Nexus!

  • YoMomma

    Second in line of 4 people this morning at my mall lol Verizon reps tried to give me a hard time for my rented Rezound

    • VerizonHater

      I was first in line at my mall. I stayed with my OG Droid jnsread of renting. I was also the guys first Nexus sale of the day

  • Xbjackel

    Got it love it