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White DROID RAZR Poses for its First Photo Shoot

white razr2

The white DROID RAZR is the other phone hitting store shelves tomorrow and we have the first set of pictures of it for your viewing pleasure. We have all seen the official press renders a number of times now, but these multi-angle shots give you a great view of the added white edges in a real life setting. I’ll have to admit that this phone is incredibly sexy. While the Galaxy Nexus is the phone of choice for the majority of you, it’s impossible to deny the beauty of the RAZR design. Say what you will about Motorola and their stance on carriers and bootloaders, but they still build some of the best phones on the planet.  


Cheers adreday!

  • Anonymous


  • Yosh

    There’s already one of these on display at my verizon store… saw it when i went to buy my nexus 😉

  • Tyvallely


  • Anonymous

    Is that the new Stormtrooper model?  Does it have cool sound effects like the R2-D2? 🙂

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Even though its not “white” it still looks more sexy then its black version….nah its just sexy.

  • Alexander Garcia

    What ever happned to the good ol’ days of Android versus iPhone!? Now it seems to be Nexus versus RAZR or Nexus versus Bionic or Nexus ZOMG IT’S THE BEST F’KING PHONE EVER WHEN IS IT COMING OUT ALREADY I AM SOOO NEXUALLY FRUSTRATED GIVE IT TO ME NOW GAWDDAMNIT!!!

  • Anonymous

    With the nexus having the boot loader unlocked, what’s the chance Verizon and Motorola will make available a boat loader unlocked in the Razr? Kind of makes sense to provide one now for it.

  • Drinksprite


  • The white chassis looks cute, specially designed for the ladies.

  • Kbrinsmaid1

    I like the white and black myself. Don’t care about the haters that say that this or the all black razr is ugly. I think that they both look great and there is absolutely no argueing that at the very least it is an original design, in a sea of phones that all look the same as their predecessors. If the GN build quality doesn’t feel substantially better than the nexus s, then I’ll be walking out of the store with one of these tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    This phone is hideous if you ask me..they ruined it by leaving the black kevlar…Maybe not the most popular choice here but the white iPhone is still the sexiest of the white phones…followed by the white Nexus S IMO

    • weapon x

      No, no one did ask you….

    •  my R2D2 is white and its pretty sexy, even if the art on the back is horribly rendered.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it ironic that this thing looks like an Ice Cream Sandwich now?

  • guest

    Why can’t moto get with the program and put the headphone jack on the bottom where it needs to be??

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is


  • Davidukfl

    I like it. It has nice contrast. It’s actually refreshing to see a phone that isn’t just all one color. All black and all white is too boring. This looks kinda cool, almost stormtrooper’ish

  • Anonymous


  • It looks like it has an otterbox tattooed onto it, blegh

  • QtDL

    Can we put it back in the box please? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That’s a bitchass move releasing it on the same day as the GN

  • Theandyplan

    honestly i like the look. i’m still getting a nexus, but if i were to get a razr then i would probably get the white & black one.

  • Anonymous


  • SGN429

    That’s a bitchass move releasing it the same day as the SGN

  • meh, I think it looks pretty good, though id still much rather have, and will get, the nexus.

  • PowerofPicture

    Looks like an ice cream sandwich.

    • Brad

      nice one. 

  • Anonymous

    Well there’s the Good (G-Nex), the Bad (Bionic) and we now have the ugly.

  • Adam Metzner

    who cares

  • Anonymous

    This phone will be #16 on this list.


  • Christopher Riner

    daaaaaaaaamn that thing is sexy (again, looks around to make sure angelface can’t see me).  I have to say, this thing looks better in person than it did in my mind.  This has to be the sickest moto ever.

  • still huge

  • Hoopstarrr

    I actually like this better than the original.  Will compare next to the Nexus tomorrow.

  • Riley Munks

    why the hell cant carriers understand that if they make a white phone, make it white (i give credit to apple and htc) Especially the front!!

  • Egads thats UGLY. Throw up a lil in my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Stop trolling

    • Anonymous

      so you’re now a hypocrite and an idiot?

      • Anonymous

        You are a loser and a turd.

        • Guest

          you are such a dickk suckking faggott loser!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the RAZR is awesome.  I love mine.

    • Anonymous

      It is a great phone

  • Anonymous

    I simply can’t find a valid response to this outside of uncontrollable laughter. This? Is a “white” phone? Come on MotocrapOla, you’re embarrassing yourselves.