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[Deal] Galaxy Nexus Available from LetsTalk for as Low as $155 for New Customers, $175 for Upgrades

Tonight at midnight, LetsTalk.com is opening up their store to future Galaxy Nexus deals with quite the deal. Using their $75 off VZW coupon, you can score one as a new customer for $154.99 and $174.99 through an upgrade. That’s essentially half of what Verizon stores will charge you.

Head to this link at 12:01 PST and plug in the code $75VZN.

Update:  Some of you noticed that their system appears to try to switch you over to a tiered data plan. I have reached out to LetsTalk to get some clarification on this. Hoping to hear back shortly.

Update 2: LetsTalk has confirmed that they have a ‘keep unlimited’ option when you add the Galaxy Nexus to your cart. That should take care of any worries out there for unlimited data Verizon customers.

The coupon code comes from their Facebook page.

  • My order now says backordered – in stock on 12/19/11

    • Yeahyeahyeah

      Really?  How early did you get your order in?

  • Nobletaratino

    I have canceled my upgrade order, I placed my order 6:40am est on Thursday with a in-stock status with waiting on carrier approval. check today my status is changed to backordered in stock unknown with carrier approval still waiting it shouldnt take freakin long for a carrier approval if amazon and verizon do it insantly on checkout and wtf with the changing my status if an order is placed as in stock you suppose to secure the phone already.

  • Cafalldavies

    Has anyone had any success pushing the Carrier Approval through? Did you call Let’s Talk or Verizon to expedite the process? I’m an upgrading customer and I’ve been stuck on Carriar Approval for 24 hours now 🙁

  • Tech Guru

    Bah..order was cancelled.  They don’t do “early” upgrades (before full 2 year contract is up).  This is a blessing in disguise though – I think everyone is just buying the phone on impulse…although at $150 you REALLY can’t go wrong, and congrats to anyone who got it for around that price.  That said, I would NOT pay anything more for the phone, and here’s why:

    Yes, the G-Nex is likely the nicest phone out right now, but we’re *very* close to the availability of quad-core smartphones, with just as nice of an HD screen (possibly even better and non-pentile), and likely far better cameras.

    Yeah it seems like there’s always newer tech right around the corner, but with new tech it’s now a matter of timing. You have to jump in right at the emergence of the new tech, and that’s where we are right now – only a few months away… dual-core phones will then be old news, while quad-cores will likely persist for at least a year or longer.

    • We’re not going to see quadcore phones until Q2 of 2012 at minimum. Too long of a wait for me, and the specs on this phone do everything perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Just talked to them after getting the “credit check” email and they had to correct a mistake with the plan I picked, but all is well now.
    They said hopefully I will be covered with the next shipment because they placed a BIG order with samsung that should be shipping in the beginning of next week.
    Oh and I put my original order in yesterday around 10am EST

  • JamesR

    So I got the “Credit Check” message and called them to try and verify my account.  I asked them how the back-order queue works and they said that they wait until your order is “verified” with Verizon wireless to put you on the list.  It sounds like I wouldn’t see the phone until next year even though I ordered before 8AM EST on Thursday!  They couldn’t give me any sort of timeline what so ever so I told them to just cancel it.

  • Freddyx_

    I’m getting…
    Coupon is expired.Coupon is not valid.Remove Coupon

    • gilrain

      If you’re using Chrome, switch to another browser for this. For some reason, I got those same messages in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

      • Freddyx_

        I was using chrome..

        • Doublecore

          I tried all my browsers and still getting coupon is not valid. Is it expired?

          • J Dub

            Yes. It says so on their Facebook page I think. Just read it. Was only good for one day.

          • Yeahyeahyeah

            “You can use coupon XXXXXX any time in the next year to order these
            accessories. This code is unique to you, but if you lose it our reps
            will be able to look up the code with your original orderID.”

  • Lets Talk just emailed me saying Verizon is requiring a credit check????/ they want my SSN and all kinds of other info. This is freakin sketchy anyone else get this??

    • Evan

      are you a new customer?

      • No I’m eligible for an upgrade. Been with Verizon for years.

    • Jordan Kessler

      Same crap… think i’m going to cancel my order with them…

    • Drolls54

      i wish i got an email staing that then just wondering i have been on carrier approval for 24 hrs

  • jerry turner

    Really not happy my phone is back ordered. I ordered at like 3:27am EST but I am an upgrade. I probably would have orded faster if the site was easier to navigate.

    And FYI, I talked to Lets Talk eariler because I accidently picked an individual plan instead of a family plan and I was able to get my 700 minute family plan and $10 added text (which is what I had before) instead of having to go to one of the unlimited text plans. This actually made the phone 164.99.

  • admin strator


  • Anonymous

    Whew, big relief!  The phone is at the DFW airport, and will be delivered tomorrow.  FYI, I placed the order at 3:20am EST, new VZW customer, paid $155 total.  Was back ordered earlier today, but it cleared up on its own.

  • let’s talk about wasted time

    I placed my order online at 4:30 AM, EST, after a great deal of fiddling around in an effort to get a deal on the phone without getting screwed on the contract (the large discount advertised up front was tied to a plan that would have added almost $500 to my costs over the life of the contract – not what I regard as a great deal). After shuffling things around several times, I was able to keep the plan I wanted and use the coupon to knock the price of the phone down to $225 – not as good as advertised, but better than $300.

    My status changed to “backordered” late this afternoon, at which point I cancelled the order and ordered through Amazon Wireless, who are offering the Galaxy Nexus for $199, WITHOUT any constraints on which plan you choose (I believe it’s $150 for new customers, but I’m a renewal).

    In short: if you’re not interested in paying for unlimited texting (an additional $480 over two years), Amazon Wireless is not only cheaper, but easier as well. That “carrier approval” that everyone here seems to be waiting on? AW checks it DURING the checkout process, in under a minute, and lets you know that you’re approved before you wrap up the order.

    Shipping dates are anyone’s guess, regardless of where you order. Amazon’s estimating a 12/30 ship date, which is fine with me – I’m not in any hurry. LetsTalk doesn’t have any firm dates, but at least they’re doing their best for all of you who can be bothered to stick with them.

    • I currently don’t have an Unlimited Text plan either, but with Letstalk that changed to Unlimited. I did a chat with VZW and they said I can change back at any time.

      • Mike Calhoun

        If you change it back before 6 months have passed, LetsTalk will charge you $250.  You can’t downgrade your plan for the first 6 months without going through LetsTalk first.

        • how do you know that? link anywhere?

          • yep

            Gotta watch out for that fine print. If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for the phone to ship, you could see if Amazon Wireless is still offering it for $199. They were last night when I ordered, and they should let you keep your current plan. They’ll also do the carrier authorization for you during the checkout process, so you won’t have to wait in line for that like you apparently do at Let’s Talk.

            On the plus side, LT just sent me a $25 coupon AFTER I cancelled my order, so I’ll probably pick up some accessories from them at some point. I think they’ve caught on to the fact that a lot of people are less than thrilled with their handling of this promotion, so it’s nice that they’re taking steps to get people taken care of.

          • Thx for the heads up. Ordered the GN from Verizon (billed to my phone bill, didn’t feel like paying $250 up front). And, I got that same email from LT. $25 coupon, its the least they could do for all my troubles.

          • cool

            Glad it worked out.

    • Tech Guru

      It was very easy to select a $10/1000 texting plan… I didn’t have to choose unlimited. With that $10 texting plan and the 700 family talk (all of which I already have – I’m an upgrade), the phone ended up being only $169.

      • fair enough

        I’ve seen a number of people on here who were able to stick with the plan you described, but it didn’t show up as the cheapest option for me (I don’t remember if it showed up at all) – perhaps because I’m not on a family plan? The cheapest plan that it would let me pair with the discount was the $59.99 talk/text (plus a data package). I’m currently on a $39.99 plan that I don’t come anywhere close to topping out on, so I didn’t feel the need to add $20/month to my payment.

        Going through Amazon Wireless and paying a few bucks more for the phone (still only $200) to keep my current plan and save almost $500 over two years was the right decision for me. Other people’s mileage will vary based on their existing plans and usage.

    • a pleasant surprise

      An update to my earlier post:

      Amazon Wireless’ projected ship date appears to have been fairly conservative. I just received notice that the phone shipped, so I’ll have it well before the 12/30 date that I was anticipating.

      I don’t know if that means that third-party vendors in general are getting prompt new shipments of these phones, but if so, hopefully those of you who stuck with LetsTalk will be coming out of the back-order queue pretty soon if you haven’t already.

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! My husband waited on the phone for 1.5 hours to try to talk to someone… no go. : ( Not sure what we’re going to do! The price is great, but… COME ON! 2 more weeks? And, that’s not even a guarantee!!! 

    • J Dub

      Everywhere basically sold out yesterday. Amazon showed backordered. Call a couple local stores and they were also all sold out.

  • Drolls54

    Dear Customer,
    At this time, we are checking the eligibility of your number. We are working with your carrier to see if the number you provided is eligible for an upgrade. Due to the amount of request we are working thru; it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to validate depending on the volume your carrier is working thru.
    Side note: I did notice you order the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. At this time this product is on BackOrder. It may take up to 2 weeks to fulfill your order.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Thank you for your time,
    Customer Service my response to an email at the help desk 

  • Jaime

    just called 877-947-3460, the number someone else had provided. I was told the GN was backordered for about 1-2 weeks (at least for my order, I’m an upgrade customer, ymmv). Given that it was going to be a xmas gift, I cancelled the order. 10 seconds later I had a confirmation email. All-in-all, the ordering and cancelllng process was much smoother than with wirefly, which I have used in the past. Too bad I have to find a different source for my next phone.


    Hope everyone gets to enjoy their phones soon,


  • RichE.

    I ordered three Nexus phones, two add a lines and one upgrade.  I placed my order at about 11am EST.  I received an email a short while later saying all three were back ordered.  Now I just got email with a tracking number, saying both add a line phones have shipped.

    • Kenneth Obyrne

      That sucks for me then I was up till 3:30 for the deal, just got my e-mail that says I am backordered indefinitely. Might be some truth to the upgrade vs new lines thinking, or you got one of the last ones accounted for and now the e-mails are being sent. I can’t be that mad at them though, even amazon has been listed as backordered all day. 

  • ok, I’m still on BACK ORDER. For those who were on BACK ORDER, and now are getting it shipped, are you guys NEW VZW accounts? Cuz i’m an Upgrade order. What’s the deal?

    • I upgraded and “added line”. The phone left Texas a little under two hours ago. What time did you place your order?

      • around 2am last nite. I’m in no rush, just didnt expect a Back Order so fast. Great deal though, can’t complain that much. Hope it ships soon.

  • So, I placed my order at about 10am CST this morning. At around 11am, they emailed me to say that the phone was on back order with the estimated date of “unknown.” Not wanting to wait, I attempted to cancel my order by contacting them via email.

    …as of 3pm CST, I have a shipping confirmation email with a UPS tracking number and no email response to my request to cancel.

    Can’t decide if I’m upset or not but….I guess I’ll take it?

    • gilrain

      I ordered at nearly the same time, and also cancelled once it seemed likely that all but the lucky few would be waiting at least a week. I wouldn’t be at all upset to have the same happen to me!

    • gilrain

      Incidentally, were you signing up as a new Verizon account, or as an upgrade? They mentioned that new accounts would have priority, so that could explain it.

      I’m an upgrade.

      • Yeah, I’m a new account.

        Still no update on UPS but my order page on LetsTalk shows it as shipped today and gives me the tracking number.

  • Anonymous

    I was waaay too unsure and uneasy about LetsTalk.com’s disclaimer on “keeping your current data plan … but only if Verizon still offers it” stipulations. Kellex was saying there would specifically be a “Keep Unlimited” option, but there wasn’t, and everyone else was saying to go through the order process in good faith, basically.

    Then I had worries about losing my unlimited data by upgrading to a 3G phone to a 4G phone, so I called Verizon and got 2 different answers.

    By the time I made my decision this morning, the phone was on back order at letstalk.com, LOL, when just 30 minutes prior it was still in stock.

    I ended up hitting a vzw retailer down the street on my work break and picked up the damn phone.

    At least I can say I have the G-Nex in my hands RIGHT NOW 😀

  • keep cancelling your orders people!  move me up in the line…

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how long this coupon will be good for?

    • Anonymous

      The coupon ends today (12/15), but will apply even if your phone doesn’t ship for a while.  This is per the LetsTalk posts on its Facebook page.

  • Tech Guru

    Jesus I’m starting to worry here with my status STILL on carrier approval…

  • Gabriel Kohen

    Latest comment on my order from LetsTalK:
    Note: Please rest assured, any backorders placed will get filled as soon as we get inventory. We’re currently working vigorously with the carrier to secure more phones. It may take one to two weeks. You can request to cancel your order any time by emailing us your name and order number to [email protected] and a representative will process your cancellation within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your order has been cancelled.

  • Just moved from Backordered all the way to Ready to Ship with a shipping date of Today and Delivery Tomorrow

  • Evan

    If i’m on a family plan and im not the primary line, do i do the added line or family plan when im selecting my options (before in the cart)? I have an available upgrade on my line.

    existing verizon customer -> upgrading phone w/ contract -> upgrading added lines OR upgrading family plan?

    I am not the primary number, i am a second line so i would be upgrading an added line yes? and the 9.99 in my cart wont be charged its just for verification with verizon, yes?


    • Evan

      help please!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, status on my order on letstalk.com just went from “Carrier Approval” to “Backordered” (with an email notice even) to “Picking” just now with an ETA of Mon 12/19 for delivery.  Huh?  Whatever, i’ll take what i can get i suppose.

    • Hguer1

      At what time did you place your order?

      • Anonymous

        12:22am PST

        • Hguer1

          I place my order @ 12:44am PST… hopefully, I will be in the same boat as you.  Congratz.

          • Anonymous

            Ehh, i’m not that lucky.  This particular order is my wife’s, not mine.  I placed my order 6 minutes after my wife’s and my orders status is still stuck on “Carrier Approval”.  🙁  Variance between order numbers between my wife’s and my order…491 (assuming they go 1 by 1).  Crazy, ~500 orders placed in 6 minutes if so!

          • Anonymous

            Got my tracking number for order #1.  Order #2 is officially in “backordered” status and has been now for about an hour.  🙁

            Note, the “rest assured” message is still being displayed even on my order that already has a tracking number. Clearly they’re overwhelmed.

          • Anonymous

            Order #2 just went from “Backordered” to “Picking”…ETD of Mon 12/19 on #2 for now, we’ll see if it shifts into Fri/Sat after it ships later.  Assuming it ships today anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Update, my first order showing “Ready to Ship” now, ETD changed to Fri 12/16. Woohoo.

    • Anonymous

      The question now is whether the “picking” process means they have a phone, and if so, whether it makes the FedEx shipment.  I’m told the last shipment is 7pm Central time (warehouse is in TX).

  • Anonymous

    Well, here’s some progress.  My order just got moved to “picking,” and taken off backorder.  Estimated shipping Fri, estimated delivery Monday, but I’m hoping they get it out today.

    This should make the earlybirds feel better.  Some people who ordered at 9-10am weren’t on backorder, while those of us who ordered in the middle of the night were.  I ordered at 3:20am EST and my carrier approval wasn’t till about noon, and I’m now off backorder.  That’s at least a good sign.  Good luck to everyone else, too!

    • Drolls54

      we need screen shot to prove it 

      • Anonymous

        Really?  Are you serious?

        • Anonymous

          Don’t know why everyone is so damn suspicious…

    • Anonymous

      Exact same thing just happened to the first order i placed at 12:22am PST.

    • Anonymous

      More progress.  Now “picking” has changed to “activation.”  This is torture. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Awesome!  I just moved out of activation and to “ready to ship.”  ETA is tomorrow.  I guess there is hope.  Too bad there is such anxiety about this, but with the investment so many have made in this device, it’s understandable.

  • Drolls54

    Note: Please rest assured, any backorders placed will get filled as soon as we get inventory. We’re currently working vigorously with the carrier to secure more phones. It may take one to two weeks. You can request to cancel your order any time by emailing us your name and order number to [email protected] and a representative will process your cancellation within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your order has been cancelled.

    • Randy Levine

      24 to 48 hours? but i wanna go to verizon and get my nexus NOWWWWWW…..!

      was that whiny enough?

  • Joc726

    YEAH!!!!  I got my tracking#.  I guess this means I will definately get it my tomorrow. 

    • Anonymous

      When did you order yours in EST?

      • Joc726

        see ^^^^^^^^

    • Hguer1

      @ what time did you order your phone

      • Joc726

        3:30am EST.  I called at 9am EST and my order was pushed past pending approval.  I called to make sure all was done correctly and all my current voice/data/discounts would remain the same with verizon.  All was a YES!

        • Hguer1

          Congratz!!! and Enjoy

    • Drolls54

      this guy sure you did

      • Joc726

        Is this sarcastic reply meant for me?

      • brandon coulter


  • Anonymous

    “Backordered-In Stock on unknown” Is what I’m getting… FFS I ordered this only 10 minutes after it was available. What happened to first come first serve?

  • The magic cancellation number is 877-947-3460.

    • Randy Levine

      what number is this? when you call it just says “customer service” and not the business name. where did this number come from?

      • It was posted on the Facebook page by another user.  Yes, it does say “Customer Service,” but they will ask you for your account information (order number, address) and will tell you what you ordered (and at that point will start referring to themselves as LetsTalk).  You can then cancel the order and they’ll send you an e-mail.  Not sure what sort of back door access this is, but it worked, and I received the order cancellation e-mail in under a minute from when the rep cancelled the order.

  • Anonymous

    So if I haven’t received an e-mail saying it is backordered and won’t ship … but it does say backordered on my receipt when I look at my order page.

    I was notified that there was an error with the information I provided on the web site.  When I spoke to the customer rep to correct it (approx 130 EST), I asked if it would still ship today and she said it should.  No mention of a backorder or anything. Interested to see how this plays out.

  • P4mc

    Damn it! I just got off the phone with a LetsTalk Rep and he said that they wont allow early upgrade. That SUCKS!!!!

    • P4mc

      Looks like i’m going to have to cancel my order after all. Also if Verizon doesnt approve of the deal (mine is still have the Carrier Approval status), LetsTalk will notify you and cancel the order. My fear was they would charge me the full price anyway.

  • Randy Levine

    and now their customer service line is just a prerecorded message from the COO. is there no way to cancel an order?

    • P4mc

      call this number 1866-825-5460 and follow the command prompt (whatever you call it). You should get an option to cancel an order

  •  Check out their Facebook post from 10 minutes ago: http://www.facebook.com/LetsTalk/posts/342320262451959

    Is the D-L Army ready to wage war?

  • Randy Levine

    i noticed it was backordered so i got in the queue for online chat. after dwindling from 172 ahead of me down to 66, they kicked me off chat and sent me to a “contact us” form. now the “chat” button isn’t even on their site anymore. shenanigans.

  • Jay Lefkowicz

    phone is on backorder already.  I placed my order about 9am eastern.

  • I asked her to process my carrier approval, she said they had 1700 verizon orders in the system waiting for approval so it might take a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    I’m kinda pissed that I got up at 3am to put in the order.  I couldn’t have been that far back, I literally completed the order within 10 minutes of it being posted.  The phone showed “in stock” all the way through this morning.  This is feeling a bit sleezy.

    • Anonymous

      To reply to my own post, I spoke with Lets Talk, and they are clearly underwater.  They should have planned for this better, that was their problem.  Anyway, it sounds like they have some (but not enough) phones that will ship today, more they expect to receive tomorrow, then incoming shipments next week.  Who knows is that’s all true, but I did get the sense that this is incompetence rather than deceipt.  They’re just trying to handle the call volume now.  So even though I’m “backordered,” I was told that I could end up with a phone shipping as soon as today.  I think they put everyone to “backorder” because they can’t assess how many of the orders the warehouse will be able to fulfill.

  • Just got off the phone with LetsTalk customer service. I was told that they have another shipment already on the way and that placed orders should go out the beginning of next week. 

    • Tech Guru

      +1 the rep told me the same exact thing.  For a company that has all these negative reviews on ripoffreport and such, they sure do answer the phone fast in a crisis situation, for what it’s worth.

      I’ve called 4 times and only the first time it rang with no response.  The other 3 times the phone was answered within 5 minutes, and each rep was very polite and knowledgeable.

      • Yup same. First time no response but the two times after that i got ahold of someone quickly. I just hope they get enough phones in to cover all these back orders shipped on Monday

        • Tech Guru

          Yeah, my guess is anyone that ordered within an hour or so after going live should be ok for the first “backordered” shipment next week.  Hell, for virtually half price, I can wait!

  • Thor777

    My order just updated to “backordered” >:( Spoke to their CS and said next shipment is Monday and my order may or may not ship on Monday…….

    • My order is still in “carrier approval” and the rep I talked to said some phones would go out by 7pm tonight.  Hoping mine is one of those.

      • Nevermind, just saw a “Backordered” status on receipt, but I still haven’t received the email some have gotten that said it was backordered, so I am still hoping.  Anyone see a status other than “Backordered – In Stock on unknown”?

  • Jaded99

    Just upgraded both lines of family share through let’s talk with this deal. The $75 only came off one phone so I basically paid $211 for each one, no add’l tax. It says I keep my unlimited data. In “Carrier Approval” status now. She did tell me on the phone that it’s backordered, may not ship until late next week, but in my state taxes are so high that between saving tax and the lower price, I saved $250. Not bad. No one said anything about activation fees though. I am expecting them to be billed to me in the first month, maybe? Anyone know how that works?

  • deeznutz

    top phones for 2011
    1.Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket AT&T
    2.SGS2 T-Mobile
    3. Droid Razr Verizon
    4. HTC Sensation T-Mobile
    5. Galaxy Nexus Verizon

    if you waited like I did for the over-hyped phone that is the galaxy nexus…hold off another few months for 13mp, quad core, NFC, micro hdmi, HD phones to come out with removable battery and memory… $300 is a lot of money for a device that will likely lose much of its allure in less than a month when the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off on January 10th(bgr Zach Epstein ) couldnt agree more!!! …

    • Anonymous

      It may lose it’s allure, but those new sparkling phones still won’t be out until July…no way I’m waiting another 7 months…

      • Anonymous

        that’s what I’ve been saying. Sure they’ll be announced in Jan, but when will they be available? In the States, not till at least July i bet.

    • Tech Guru

      Try $165.  😉   Yeah I was gonna hold out for a quad core phone in Q1/Q2 next year, but jesus for $165 I wasn’t gonna pass this up.  I can get rid of my Droid X for ~$100, making this phone a total of $60. lol

  • deeznutz


  • Al Heasley

    i have been on hold with them for 45min!!!! i just want to cancel my order and go to the store and pick one up……..who knows how long this will be delayed with them.

  • I’m truly disappointed, first the whole release date fiasco now this…what a rollercoaster ride….a wooden rollercoaster.

    • Tech Guru

      Reminds me of EXACTLY what I went through to get my HP Touchpad…

  • Djjsin

    i just got an email telling me the items are out of stock 🙁

  • [email protected]

    us this link and get 25$ http://www.letstalk.com/raf/174

  • HappyPants

    I just ordered a nexus from a Verizon CSR for 142.99!!!!  I asked about a 3g to 4g promo, and after about 15 minutes of searching the lady approved it.  Then she applied my $30.00 new every 2 on top of that, and then I got my 18% state employee on top of that.  Whoo Hoo!!!

    • Tech Guru

      Wow.  Do you have a promo code or anything for that???  It doesn’t look like we’re getting one from letstalk anytime soon. =

      • HappyPants

        Just keep asking about the $100 3g to 4g promo.  She had to search for it but found it.  I am in southern wisconsin, so I dont know how regional it is.  She put me on hold as well so I dont know if she talked to a manager as well.

        • Anonymous

          Where in WI? I just got this from attempt #4… closest they even acknowledged it existed…
          “Unfortunately, there’s no $100 promotion for 4g upgrades in the Madison area. That’s a region promotion, and does not apply to us.”

          • HappyPants

            Im in zip code 53575, which is Fitchburg.

          • Tech Guru

            Well, you lucked out – I just got off the phone with a very nice rep that spent about 20 minutes looking for a promo code.  The only one she could find was that exact promo, although it’s ONLY for the mid-west region.  =`(

  • Order receipt received at 3:22 AM EST (22 minutes after midnight PST).  The actual order page wasn’t live until around 3:11 AM EST, and I’m currently listed as “Carrier Approval” and “Backordered – In stock on unknown”

    So… sold out in the first 10 minutes?  On hold with them right now… grrrrrr….