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Contest: Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra #3 – Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Updated: Winner Picked!)

Day 3 of DL and NVIDIA’s Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra is here! We knocked out two of our ten tablets on Monday and Tuesday, but this is only the beginning. Counting today, you have another 7 chances to walk away as a new Tegra 2 powered tablet owner. What do you say we give away a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to celebrate?

As one of our favorite Android tablets to date, there aren’t many this thin or with a display as beautiful. If there was one tablet to get your Tegra Zone gaming fix on, this would most definitely be it. And speaking of Tegra, you may want to consider Zen Pinball THD as your first Tegra-built game. Who doesn’t love pinball?

So who wants it?  

Update:  After spoiling every underage DL reader’s dreams with your 2,700+ Santa stories our contest has come to a close. A winner has been picked!

Mwalker267 found out that Santa wasn’t real because he caught him in bed with his mom…not even santa is that giving.

Congrats!  Be sure to check back in the morning for tablet 4.


1 (one) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us how and when you found out that Santa wasn’t real. (Wait, he isn’t?)
2.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
3.  Tweet the following message:

Need a last minute X-Mas present? Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/Ul9eX #android

4.  U.S. residents only.


At 5PM Pacific, we will randomly chose a winner from the comments. This post will be updated, comments closed, and the winner notified. Prizes will be shipped at the end of the week.

  • As our mother backed the car out to take my sister (5 yrs old) and me (6 yrs old) to see Santa, she says “Now you know of course, that Santa isn’t real don’t you?  It’s just a man in a suit pretending.”

    Sitting on a stranger’s lap trying not to let on that you know he’s playing dress up and embarass him is one of the more awkward things I’ve ever done.

  • Anonymous

    Hold on…. if there’s no Santa, who the hell is that fat, kid-loving, hairy, old guy in the mall?!?! Damn, PedoBear in disguise! 0_o

  • Awoke early to see the mom caring gifts to the tree and the father eating the cookies… ;(

  • Black Friday when my mom took me shopping. When we were in line she said, “Just so you know Santa Claus isn’t real. BROKE MY HEART!!

  • pseudoelf

    Parents said so from the beginning.

  • Freshmuffin101

    Momma said “Son your Jewish, Santa ante real. Now go pray.”

  • when i woke up early and caught my mom eating his cookies and placing my gifts she told me there after 🙁

  • xaerosum

    Never bought into Santa, but I would be a bit less skeptical it a galaxy tab came my way!

  • I think I over heard my brothers talking about it when I was around 10 or 11. I cried about it as a matter of fact.

  • Just sitting using my computer getting ready to enter a great contest, and then reading the question and seeing it say that santa’s not real!!!!!

  • Krobin 350

    found out santa wasnt real when the horrible xmas nexus release started this morning! Evil Santa!

  • Shavers80

    the first time i found out that santa didn’t exist was when i found my presents stashed in my moms closet. Of course i looked through them, but then i realized that santa wouldn’t have stashed the stuff there.

  • Anonymous

    The way I found out there was no Santa was I found all the boxes that were supposed to be the “Santa” gifts out in the trash.  I then told my twin brother there was no Santa.  HAHA. 

  • I first found out that Santa wasn’t real when I caught my parents playing with the Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots before they wrapped it. Shame shame… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    When I realized that the fact that Santa and my mom used the same wrapping paper, what not a coincidence.

  • 5th grade. But I had my suspicions before then

  • it was 1987. i was 7 years old. came to the living room and there stood mom with santas cookies in her mouth filling my stocking……. it still hurts to this day

  • Draco Bunbury

    Santa (my wife)is real he send me the galaxy nexus tomorrow 🙂

  • I was probably around 7 or so I learned about St Nicholas growing up on the dutch island of St. Maarten.  It was at a christmas event for the kids similar to what they do now in malls where kids can gather around and take a picture with santa.  Later on I asked my dad about it and he told me all about it.  It was cool though, I think all I cared about at that time was gifts.

  • Pennywise

    … I was 28 years old and I overheard Randy Beeman’s mom talking on the phone… I was devastated. Can we not talk about this?

    (my dummyhead brother told me at like 10 yrs old)

  • Colin Blumenthal

    Came downstairs when my parents were wrapping presents one night.  Also was raised half Jewish so that didn’t help things.

  • My older brother was a turd and told me when I was like 4 years old.

  • Thomas Elkhart

    Found the box to one of my presents in the basement at age 7. SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED.

  • found out he wasn’t real when i found the same gifts my parent’s bought in a box labeled from santa

  • i found my uncle all dress up without the bear kissing his wife !!!…

  • im jewish 😉 i was never told about santa by my parents just other kids and i never believed it.

  • Joe Fischer

    Figured it out on my own at about age 10. Got a little fishy when my dad left midnight mass early every year on Christmas eve.

  • Anonymous

    I found out at like 10 when I found all my stuff under a table with a big table cloth, but I kept my mouth shut so the gifts would keep coming!

  • I was 10 and i was getting ice cream when my phone showed Santa eating my cookies. 🙁

  • flniner

    I snuck out of bed when I was 6 dressed in all black. I used my carefully honed ninja skills to sneak into the living room & caught my mom red handed

    PS: can’t seem to log in on my phone so posting as a guest, hope that doesn’t affect my chances.

  • i was living in Vietnam and we have no santa in there  so, he isnt real for me

  • Brandon Sobotta

    I found out on a school bus on the way to the zoo, i had to pretend I didn’t think he was real so people wouldnt laugh at me. I was in 5th grade :O

  • When I realized that I didn’t have a chimney because i lived in an apartment complex. And when i left cookies out but they were still there the next morning 

  • Anonymous

    I was 6. Saw momma wrapping brand new N64 😀

  • When I was about 7, I recognized the “Santa” at the community party as a neighbor of ours.

  • Jamie Thomas

    I believed in Santa until i was 17 years old when i seen a closet full of toys in my moms room that day will always be in my mind:(

  • I don’t remember when I found out, I do remember waiting until my folks (as Santa) put our presents in our stockings.  As soon as they went to bed, I’d go down and see what I got!

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I told my dad that I saw him in a Santa suit kissing mommy underneath the mistletoe last night 🙂

  • Roady672

    I knew about Santa after I found all the presents in my parents closet the day before Christmas. 

  • I was about 8 years old and i found all my presents in the garage.

  • when we moved to a new house without a chimney and were still getting gifts from “santa”

  • my cousin told me he wasn’t real when i was 9. lol

  • Mr. Android Connoisseur

    My older cousin told me after he found his father hiding the presents.

  • Dapinkslip

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when he never left me anything. Mom never gave him credit…..smh.

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I used to pick the lock to our guest bedroom with a straight nail (Yes, even as a young kid) and found Christmas presents that eventually were passed off as gifts from Santa.  Talk about a BIG surprise on Christmas morning!!

  • Went down stairs to…tinkle… saw my skinny as$ dad putting presents under the tree…and I know santa is a fatty. Hopes and dreams were shattered. 

  • Nymul

    I figured it out when we never got presents on Christmas because our family was poor.

  • I found out Santa wasnt real, because when I was younger, my two oldest brothers ( i have 5 siblings) would stay home while the rest of us would go to church on Christmas eve. When we got back, the presents would always be under the tree, and my parents would tell us that Santa came early just for us because we were special. Low and behold, one year one of my tags said Mot on it, which was my nickname when I was younger, and it was in my brothers handwriting, so i just fit the pieces together pretty much.

  • Giper54

    I was watching tv and a miracle whip commercial ruined it for me. The actor’s kids were making Santa a sandwich on the commercial. The dad kept telling his kids to put plenty of miracle whip on the sandwich. After the kids went to sleep, the dad in the commercial was seen eating the sandwich. I figured that if Santa was real, there was no way the dad would be eating Sqntas sandwich and I realized that Santa was not real.

  • Seanthomasfritz

    Santa isn’t real??

  • Drunken mall Santa told me there is no god. My mom told me there is no Santa.

  • I never really believed in Santa. Then when I was like 8 I set up a video camera in my living room and caught my parents on tape lol

  • Anonymous

    When I gained a little bit of common sense. 

  • My parents didn’t do the whole Santa thing.

  •  it was my big brother that burst the santa bubble for me…  He just wanted to see the disappointment on my face, what a nice guy.. 🙂

  • When I was about 8 but my parents didn’t admit to it until I was 12 and then they let me help them bring out the presents after the others were asleep.

  • I found out when i got my older sister in trouble.  Soon as my mom walked away, my sister dropped the bomb on me about Santa, the easter bunny and that wrestling was fake.

  • 8 years old, gotta love the neighbor kids who get their christmas ruined and MUST ruin yours too

  • I was about 4 or 5. My sister was 7 years older so the secret was out for me at an early age.

  • going to a k-8 span school, those darn teenagers spoiled it for me when i was in 3rd grade.  I cried home, to which my parents said to shut up, I was getting presents no matter who it came from.

  • Anonymous

    Sorta just figured it out 1 year, but Santa will always be real to me!!!!!!

  • You just crushed my whole world I didn’t know WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • Obi5683

    Found my parents wrapping presents one year. I was eight, I think.

  • Anonymous

    When I was 4, my slightly older cousin told me he was fake.  

  • Anonymous

    I have no clue?

  • Anonymous

    age 8,  I pretty much knew before, but I was planning on setting a trap to catch my parents, but my brother stopped me.

  • BloodiedWraith

    I was 5 and I was playing hide and seek and hid in my parents’ closet.  Lo and behold I stumbled upon all of the Christmas presents.  And to just verify it, I didn’t tell anyone and made sure they weren’t disturbed and then a month later when Christmas came and I opened my presents and saw they were the same I knew.  Apparently I was a better person back then because I did at least wait until after the whole Christmas thing before I told my parents and brother.

  • Santa IS real. I saw him buying lottery tickets at 7-11 just the other day.

  • Skittleoid

    I’m athiest haha and yes I do celebrate Christmas. Brings the fam. together and gets me some sweet tech! Anyway I was first suspicious of Santa being real because I always saw that whenever I said I wanted something from Santa my mom would give my dad looks. One day I went on a little hunt and found a stash of gifts in her closet. I  then directly went to my parents and asked and they confirmed my assumption. I was about 6. 

  • i am santa, ho ho ho

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real in 3rd grade – from one of my teachers – he told the whole class! Needless to say, he did not win teacher of the year…

  • ryry17354

    I think I found out some time in Elementary School. But, I don’t know. I mean, he could be real!?!?!?!?!

  • Villasin31

    “santa” appeared in our home when i was in 1st grade. i wasn’t stupid. i can tell what my uncle looks like even in costume. smh.

  • I found out from my older friends that wanted to rain on my santa parade

  • When I realized that my house did not in fact have a Chimney, and a rather large, overweight philanthropist in a big red suit was not about to pull a B and E with a bag full of goodies in downtown Van Nuys.

  • Anonymous

    You mean to tell me that Santa ISN’T real??? Does that mean he won’t be bringing me some ICS for Christmas?? 🙁 🙁 Okay I’ll take a Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead!

  • Fantazma9

    I figured it out when i found our christmas gifts hidden in the closet!

  • Michael Vallez

    We were actually in the car on the way to visit some extended family members, and my mother just let it slip.

  • I just found 5 seconds ago out from all of these comments 🙁

  • Tyler

    My parents told me when I was like 10ish so that i didn’t find out at school. (Lame)

  • When i didnt in the Tegra contest on androidandme for 15 days !!! 

  • Anonymous

    My parents always told me there was Santa. It was my friends who explained to me Santa was actually your parents.

  • i dont know why that didn’t post as a reply to my own comment.

  • Justin2380

    i realized that the from “santa” was dads handwritting

  • Stud Muffler

    I never did…

  • Richard Abramas

    I found out he wasn’t real when I came across some gifts labeled “From: Santa” in my grandparent’s closet while playing hide-and-seek.

  • …that sounded sadder than i thought now that i’m reading it back hahah

  • Jd1579

    I found out at 6 but I also found out where they hid the presents I got in trouble but that optimus prime was worth it!

  • Justin

    My parents broke it to me gently when I was about 8. They told me Santa was more the spirit of Christmas than a person, and given that plus the suspicions I already had, I figured out what they were trying to say pretty quickly. Still, I think that’s the best way to find out. We still celebrate Christmas, and I still enjoy it; I just don’t have to worry about some old snoop checking on whether I’ve been good or not anymore. 😀

  • Forrest Tracey

    I was around 10 or 11 and I woke up to find my grandparents putting stuff under the tree!! I don’t think I minded too much as long as I got presents

  • i think i’ve always known santa wasn’t real…. or i just cant remember a time when i thought he was.

  • I slowly started to accept what all my friends told me in the 4th grade

  • Triplec76

    I honestly don’t remember. Someone probably had to tell me….

  • MITBeta

    Found out about Santa when I was about 8 or 9.  Recognized his shoes.  They were my dad’s…

  • I think I started to figure out myself honestly. I may have over heard other kids talking at school, but I also remember being suspicious of things that were so magical. To be really honest I think the fact that every single christmas/santa movie is different is enough evidence to a growing child that santa is just a fairy tail. When I win the galaxy tab I will begin believing in Santa again though 🙂

  • Droid3guy

    Saw my dad putting presents marked “Santa” under the tree in 4th grade.

  • I guess I figured out that Santa wasn’t real when I was 10. Not really sure what gave it away, but this was confirmed when I asked my parents and they both sighed and said “I guess we don’t need to pretend any more, you are getting harder and harder to fool each year!”. Then they explained that “Santa” wasn’t a real person, but a concept that lives in our hearts; and “he” grows stronger each time we give and enjoy it.

  • Pmr5019

    Snuck downstairs one Christmas morning and found daddy kissing Santa underneath the mistletoe. Yes I said daddy. Long story short, Santa said he would call my dad, he never did and I haven’t seen Santa since.

  • Pish Posh

    6 years old when my older sister ruined it for me by telling me it was actually grandpa dressed as Santa 

  • Ryan L

    I asked my dad and he said “what do you think”!

  • Herson

    I kinda always thought it was impossible for someone as fat as Santa to go down a chimney lol, I guess I found out when I was smart enough to figure that one out

  • Joy

    Don’t remember an age but I started finding my presents in my parent’s bedroom closet and figured it all out. I was too scared to actually ask my parents about it. My mom still writes From Santa on my presents… I’m 38! LOL!

  • Brandon W.

    I was at school and noticed our resident Santa had black eyebrows. Tipped me off :/

  • LaurenPete

    I found my new bicycle in the shed in the back yard… I was so scared my mom and dad would find out that I knew Santa wasn’t real and that I wouldn’t get any presents that I had to fake believing in Santa for a few years 🙂

  • He wasn’t real when I specifically asked my Grandpa for Donkey Kong Country for SNES and got it from “Santa.”

  • My parents were straight up with me from birth… or at least when I started to hear about “Santa” they were like “we’re Santa Claus” -_- just crushed my little fantasy world lol 

  • Kalil Stoudmire

    When I was 5 I ask for a super Nintendo one day mom took me shopping wit her we when to funoland m bought it n I remember drawing on the box n that Xmas I notice it was the same snes I draw on n mom told me the truth

  • Ejaywest

    My older sister told me to stay up the night of Christmas eve and I will see mom and dad putting presents under the tree.  Older sisters suck. 🙂

  • I don’t remember ever really believing in Santa Claus.

  • Anonymous

    I found some receipts for christmas presents from santa one year when I was 11, however I still believe that the spirit of santa… everybody being happy and generous around Christmas, is very real!!!!

  • When I read the instructions for this contest.. It’s ok though cause Verizon just informed me there is a god!

  • Robert LaPierre

    I think I was about seven and I found the presents from Santa Claus in the garage closet.

  • Jefftphillips

    Realized he looked just like my Grandfather.

  • mysterypup

    Well….I don’t recall the age..must have been too tramatic. I still get my Santa presents. I would like to think that there is a Santa in everyone. I know…sappy.

  • alok


  • Anonymous

    I was either 7 or 8.  It was July.  My dad thought I was getting too old to believe in Santa, and since I’d managed to not find out on my own, he figured it’d be better coming from him than to get teased by some kid at school.  And he picked July because when his dad told him, it was just before Christmas, and it kind of ruined it for him.

    We were going to have a cookout, and Dad asked if I wanted to help him.  My dad worked second shift, and I didn’t get to see a lot of him during the week, so I was eager to spend time with him.  He arranged the charcoal and doused it with lighter fluid, then lit it with a match.

    “You’re getting older, son, so I think you should know,” he said casually, without taking his eyes of the grill, “Santa isn’t real.”

    “Nuh-uh.  If Santa isn’t real, where do all my presents come from?”  At the time, my logic seemed infallible.  I was certain my dad was just kidding around.

    But Dad calmly explained that he buys all our presents, and that’s why he works so much overtime around Christmas.  He told me about how his dad told him there was no Santa.

    I started crying.  I still didn’t believe him, and this seemed like an exceptionally cruel way to kid a child.  I went in the house to get my mom, believing that she would make Dad stop.  So I told her Dad was picking on me.  I told her Dad said there’s no Santa.

    She turned to me, and her expression said it more clearly than her words.  “Honey, your dad’s telling you the truth.”

    I stopped crying.  I’d crossed a threshold that day.  Crying was something little boys did, and I was little boy no longer.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I found out Santsung WAS real today!  (Plus, it’s my birthday.  This would make my day!)  🙂

  • Timothy Wegman

    My friends and I figured it out together. Not that exciting!

  • I found out he was not real once I found the presents my parents were hiding in a closet that said it was from Santa. I was 8.

  • Justin Hollender

    I’ve never celebrated Christmas, or believed in Santa Claus. It is a commercial holiday promoted by most churches with it’s origins from many different pagan cultures. Nothing about the celebration follows the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth. Plus, if a big white man carrying a bag full of toys tried to come into my neighborhood, he wouldn’t make it past the first house without getting jacked.

  • Anonymous

    When I found his bottle of booze hidden by our back door…

  • Alex

    Found out santa wasn’t real at 9 years old when my drunk dad said at a christmas party, “son, santa is bulls*it and not real.”

    Thanks dad.

  • Steven Benner

    It was the usual “seeing my dad in a Santa outfit” thing. 🙁

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    I just had this conversation with my mother-in-law. My grandparents always had a neighbor put presents under the tree while we were at church on Christmas Eve. Well after the neighbor moved they had to make us wait in the car till they got the presents out. Seemed suspicious to me but maybe they just had to discuss payment with Santa, Idk. lol.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember believing in Santa, damn older siblings took away all the fun…

  • I found out by finally realizing that my moms handwriting was identical to the one that santa left, and the name on the tags of the presents. When I asked my mom is santa real, she told my sister to go upstairs and said verbatim, “If you EVER tell your sister that there is no santa…I will F&@!ing kill you!” I was 7 btw…lol…I wasn’t even that upset that there was no Santa, I was more upset that I’ve been duped by my parents for so long…

  • Jksigmon

    I pretty much pressured my parents into telling me in the car one day on a long trip during Christmas

  • I’m actually jewish but I didn’t find out until I was around five.  I used to watch my neighbor’s chimney on Christmas eve to see if Santa would come to their house.  Slowly I kind of realized he was not real.

  • Jared Howard

    Just saw santa in front of Kmart

  • Anonymous

    I hope I win! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember; my brain tells me that I just realized it one day… common & boring… sryz

  • Ace87

    I was at school and overheard some kids talking about it on the playground

  • Pontiaced25

    I was around 7, my sister told me, lol.

  • richard peterson

    My dad woke me up early in the morning and had a newspaper article talking about how Santa Claus was fake….only thing I can remember is I asked him if the Easter bunny was fake too. He probably felt he needed the newspaper article so he could prove it to me if I didn’t believe him.  

  • Anonymous

    9 years old…twas a sad day

  • Hon

    I think I figured it out when I saw Santa passed out by the side of the mall

  • Jonathan Boileau

    I remember just not receiving a gift from santa one yeah and asking why he didnt show up? Only to be told ” you dont seriously still believe that do you?”

  • Tony H

    I was 11ish. Had a cousin who is a year older and in typical cousin fashion told me just to ruin it for me. I’ve never been the same lol.

  • I had to go to the bathroom, and walked out to find my mother filling my Christmas stocking!

  • john galt

    I had to give my bed up for my grandparents so I slept in my parents room.  While they were moving presents under the tree my stepfather dropped a present on me and woke me up.

  • sadler_a

    I found out in the school cafeteria when I was in the first grade. My parents wouldn’t admit it for a couple of Christmas after.

  • Simply caught my parents putting the gifts under the tree.

  • Brandon Schlack

    I was snooping through my parents room and found a wrapped box with a receipt on top of it that said it was an original Xbox. Come Christmas morning, the same box was under the tree saying from Santa, and sure enough it was an Xbox. Now I’m looking to get a tablet for my parents and they would absolutely love this. Love your work Kellex. From a fellow Portland-er

  • Anonymous

    I woke up hearing a noise and found my parents placing the gifts, didn’t even try to dress like santa.  Made up a story about him being in a hurry.

  • hmmmmm…
     Im 35 now  
    and when I found my presents hiding in their closet days before xmas a few xmas’s ago
     i was shocked.. after all this time I finally put the pieces together ,,damn good job hiding it from me all this time..in therapy now trying to rebuild my life

  • The day verizon finally announce the galaxy nexus.

  • Rme25

    When my brother found my we’ll village in my parents closet & that all a wanted for Christmas

  • Akeem McAllister

    I was in school with other children.
    I was going on and on about what Santa was going to bring me 
    until they broke the news.

  • Sammy Guyana

    when I was asked to BE santa in the neighborhood christmas parade.  Also the kids all pulling my beard, saying “santa isn’t brown” didn’t help either.

  • Ashley Horne

    Im not really sure  but I was younger than most id guess. It was because I was mad that I wasnt going to be home to put out the cookies and milk so my mom thought it was a good time as any to break the bad news lol.

  • When i found the wrapping paper in my parents closet that Santa wrapped all the presents “he” gave us. 

  • Audiobahnguy

    I was about 9 or 10. I came home crying because some kid at school was teasing me that I still believed in Santa… Then my mom gave me the “talk.” I cried some more, OK a lot, but after many therapy sessions I’m starting to show signs of a normal 26 year old…. OK, OK… Just kidding about therapy!

  • DreamScar

    Found out at around 10 when I found all my presents wrapped up in my parents’ closet with “From Santa” on the tag. I was a very snoopy child.

  • Jake W

    It all happened when i was 8 years old… left cookies and milk out for Santa on X-mas eve. I herd noises down stairs and went to investigate, and there i found my father eating and drinking the cookies that were intended for Santa while wrapping gifts that were on my list. At that point I knew that Santa really didn’t exist.

  • Anonymous

    My mom broke the news as she was dropping me off for some school event.

  • Cant remember the exact date but I was told pretty early on that he wasn’t real because we were always low on cash around the holidays. I remember getting necessities rather than toys or anything “fun”. Underwear were a staple as well as under shirts and socks lol. Oddly enough I have fond memories of those days.

  • Anonymous

    My babysitter told me, I think I was around 7.  We then proceeded to find my parent’s stash of hidden presents.

  • I was a teenager (I know embarrassing) when I found out. Just figured it out slowly. 

  • Benavidez19

    By the age of 8, realized I wasn’t getting what was on my letter to Santa for the 4 passed years.

  • Dr. Anyam Trebor

    Caught my mom hiding presents under the stairs with a From: Santa tag on them 🙁  Childhood ruined….

  • i found out the big bearded one was not real when i actually got cool presents one xmas even though i was really naughty that year.

  • Lee Vang

    Never had a gift “from Santa” under the tree–except once (age 9), but oh, how strange!!  The handwriting looked awefully familiar!

  • Dustinmoretz

    I think I just found this out, as VZW releasing the Nexus tomorrow, we didnt have to wait for Santa to finish building them and deliver them to us the 25th.  Oh what now, the tooth fairy isnt real either?!  LOL

  • R8er4Lyf3

    I found out when I was 6 or 7 in a grocery store… my mom told me that he wasn’t real… and i cried for a moment, then I realized she must be telling me the biggest lie, so I went on thinking he was real until the next Christmas. 

  • Anonymous

    I was planning on using the Galaxy 10.1 to find out if this whole “Santa is fake ” business is for real! I hope this is a sick joke! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    When I saw my stupid grandpa outside talking to me on the phone saying he was santa.  BROKE MY HEART

  • dominick drumsta

    When I was about 12 I started to realize that “Santas” handwriting and my mothers handwriting was VERY similar. I seemed to put the puzzle pieces together.

    My mom tried telling me that the elfs handwriting was similar to hers…I was slightly disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    A friend told me while we were in elementary school

  • When I was 8, i came down the stairs really late at night to find my dad and mom eating the cookies i painstakingly made for santa, and were placing presents under the tree

  • Anonymous

    Santa isn’t for real? I’m gonna go cry on my wife’s lap :'(

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 8yrs old. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and bumped into my dad in a Santa Suit…I said “Dad I have to go to the bathroom.” He replied “I’m not your Dad I’m Santa….Now go back to bed boy” I said “Give me a piece of the cookie and I’ll go back to bed.” Best Cookie Ever

  • Santa still gives presents at our house, but I think I was 10 when it stopped being hidden and started being an open secret.

  • I don’t know if I ever believed in Santa. As far back as I can remember I was always able to sniff out and find the gifts my parents were going to give me. 

  • michelleariel

    My older cousins told me and I tried to act like i already knew and didnt care then went home and cried.lol.

  • Anonymous

    I was 9 years old. I heard some rustling downstairs so me and my bro went to go check it out, hoping we might catch a glimpse of the jolly man in red (No not Kool-Aid). Only we saw my parents stuffing the stockings and putting gifts under the tree.  They didn’t see us, but needless to say the damage was done. I asked my mother later on Christmas day, who continued to deny it. But finally when I kept persisting, came clean. Knowing the truth never ruined Christmas for me or my family, and I continue to believe that there is magic within the holiday season.

  • Typo

    I found out when I was about 4 or 5, when I caught my parents putting the gifts under the tree early Christmas morning…

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 5 and spending xmas night at my cousins, who thought it would be fun to wait up all night until Santa came, we caught our parents putting the presents out.  Surpisingly, we weren’t really that upset, since we just wanted the presents.

  • Jews always spoil the fun… guess some of us are just born that way

  • I remember coming home from the store with my mom when i was 7, and halfway home she told me that Santa Clause isn’t real and that I shouldn’t tell my little 4 year old brother. I was so disappointed that my whole life has been a lie, so I started crying lol. After about 5 minutes of crying, I became infuriated. So much in fact, that I got home, and then told my brother everything. But as it turned out, he didn’t give a damn, so now i looked like an ass in front of everyone.
    Worst day ever.

  • I never really believed 🙁 Sad 

  • JR

    It was late Christmas Eve, I was around 10 years old, I was convinced I would stay awake so I could discover the true identity of Santa.  Unlike previous Christmas’s I actually managed to stay awake.  I found out the true identity of Santa when I peaked around the corner.  

  • I still have to believe in Santa so my kid does too….

  • Stephen Peek

    in 3rd grade i remember my friends at school telling but i didn’t believe them until i went home and found my presents in our back basement

  • Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus

  • Sminor1980

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was five. I caught my Dad putting together a bike for me Christmas Eve in the dark

  • Nimbus_79

    Figured it out at age 6 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I can honestly say I don’t remember when I realized so I don’t think I ever believed in him. I was too cool when I was a kid…I did however believe in the tooth fairy, now that’s a believable character!

  • I think I found out when I was helping my mom wrap presents and she told me to put from Santa on the label 🙁

  • Mastabrozif

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I tried to stay up late to see him and saw my parents putting the presents out

  • Stevenpokemontes

    I remember being so upset until my parents told me to shut up, I was still getting gifts…

  • 10 years old.. I was placing milk and cookies on the counter, and my dad walked in and said “Not Oatmeal Rasin Again…..” 

    D: My childhood.

  • I found out last year when my wife told our twelve year old son.  We were both devastated!

  • Alexmadain

    I found out that Santa wasn’t real when i woke up in the middle of the night and saw Santa
    placing presents under the tree. Santa didn’t see me watching him and
    when he was done he went to the coffee table to eat the cookies i laid
    out for him and right before he was about to eat them he took down his
    beard and it was my dad. And that is how i found out that Santa wasn’t
    real at all. I forgot to post when i found it it was in 2000 when i was 10.

  • Sad thing is that my parents never really let me believe in Santa past two or three. I don’t think they wanted to share the credit with anyone else…selfish but true. I can’t remember a specific moment but I remember being really little and trying to convince my cousins that he wasn’t real.

  • My parents never did the whole game of “Santa brought you presents because you were good, Micah!” So I guess I never thought santa was real, rough childhood right? I still got the spirit of christmas though!

  • 9th grade when I saw the santa at the mall hitting on my mother… shitiest year of my life

  • Paul Jedlicka

    I was 10 and caught my mom and dad setting up presents under the tree 🙁

  • I just Found out now Thanks Droid-Life. Now I bet i wont get the Galaxy Nexus like i asked for. I knew it was too good to be True. Ignorance was Bliss

  • Alexmadain

    I found out that Santa wasn’t real when i woke up in the middle of the night and saw Santa placing presents under the tree. Santa didn’t see me watching him and when he was done he went to the coffee table to eat the cookies i laid out for him and right before he was about to eat them he took down his beard and it was my dad. And that is how i found out that Santa wasn’t real at all.

  • Edias

    I saw my mom wrapping presents. On Christmas day I saw the same presents labeled from santa. 🙁

  • BYoungerNOW

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was talking about him and some brat kid told me he wasn’t real. I remember I started crying and told my teacher that he was a liar and should be punished.

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I was bout 6 or 7. I was watching pro-wrestling with my brother and my dad decided to tell us. He said “this is fake, just like Santa”. That was probably the most depressing day of my life.

  • I was in second grade. Just before Winter Break our teacher gave us all some small little gift. Unfortunately she left the wrapping paper in the trash can at the front of the room.

  • Dave

    Because my dad told me because he is an alcoholic

  • Found the presents in my parents closet while playing hide and seek with my brother

  • Found out when I was pretty young. My siblings didn’t keep very good secrets.

  • Actually, you guys just ruined christmas for me 🙁

    now you have to fix it by letting me win a tablet

  • Found the presents hidden in my parents closet while playing hide and seek with my brother

  • Tavist7870

    At the age of 10 my brother and I discovered a buttload of toys and such in the trunk of my parents car.  We were really excited about all of the gifts we were going to get from our folks for Xmas.  Come Xmas morning all the gifts were there addressed to us from Santa.  WTF?  Either my dad was Santa or he was not real.  No worries though.  I still like getting stuff from people who call themselves Santa.  I’ll call Droid-life santa if they give me a tablet.  hint hint

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I “deduced” that the tooth fairy wasn’t real, and therefore my parents were likely lying about Santa Claus as well. I believe I was 8. lol.

  • Santa is real!  He made the Nexus available @ VZW tomorrow just like I asked….OK, maybe a little later than I asked, but still, he delivered!

  • i’m too old to remember how i found out santa wasn’t real……sad day

  • Id like to have something for my kids to play with and learn on as other schools in this stupid state offer ip*ds to kids starting right after pre-k. No child left behind? Bull, it just depends on what schools you go to…

  • I found a bunch of gifts that I later got on Christmas day in my parent’s closet.

  • I kinda figured it out on my own. My parents were never real careful in keeping the secret, so when I asked one time, they just admitted it.

  • Zlichmachine

    He never replied to my dear santa mails.:(

  • For my nephew and kids sake, he will always be real. 🙂

  • Fooly_cooly_kid

    He is real!

  • I found out in the third grade when I was told by another classmate at school and asked my parents about it later that night. :’-( 
    That kid <<<<<

  • Rob Heckart

    When we found all of our hidden presents, it was all over for Santa.

  • While searching for my Father’s hidden Playboys in his bedroom closet I stumbled across my presents that were later labeled “From Santa.” I deduced these presents couldn’t be from Santa as they were not brought on Christmas Eve night down our chimney.

  • Anonymous

    I found out he wasn’t real when he confused my request for a Voltron action figure with an Easy Bake Oven Deluxe edition..

  • When my parents accidentally signed a card “mom” instead of “Santa”

  • I was 8 years old, and while roaming the house while home alone I came across a huge box covered with a blanket. When I moved the blanket I saw that the box was full of G.I. Joe and Transformers. I quickly covered it back up and pretended that I didn’t see anything. A couple weeks later I saw the same box in a different spot, so I looked again and saw a bunch of wrapped presents all saying “from Santa”. That sealed it for me.

    I still let my parents think I believed for a couple years, until my little sister figured it out too. 

  • Newcomb2

    My parents finally told when I was about 10 years old..

  • When I was 7 I walked in my parents closet and seen gifts that I asked for in plastic bags. That’s what I get for being nosey.

  • did i post yet uhh santa is real i know cause the GNex is releasing tomorrow HO HO HO  

  • Anonymous

    When my parents house burned down when I was12.  My parents were under a lot of stress and money was tight, so they explained to me that Santa wasn’t real and that they couldn’t afford presents that year.

  • Smr561

    They told me he wasn’t real in Hebrew school.  lol

  • Anonymous

    7 years old, I was searching for what my Parents were getting me for Christmas and I found all the receipts for all of my presents that year… it was confirmed when 20 minutes later I found the presents hidden in an old suitcase in the basement… 😀 Oh and then Samsung confirmed it on Twitter. 😀 PLEASE I WANT THIS TAB SO BAD!

  • I found out about Santa in the car with my parents. Such a devastating revelation all I could do was go along for the ride both metaphorically and physically lol.

  • I was 8 and asked my mom house Santa came down the chimmy we didn’t have. She told me that he had key to the house. I was so scared of “Santa” coming in my house I stayed up all night, only to see my mom place the gifts under the tree

  • Anonymous

    I found out when i was around 5 years old when my dad came in my room and told me to listen carefully for reindeer bells? Later that night I heard them and went running into my parents room only to find my dad ringing them over the AC vent so the sound would travel to my room. FAIL!

  • I have an older brother, he always ruined everything! Probably found out around the same time he told me i was adopted (I’m not)!

  • Chad Stauffer

    My sister is 6 years older than me so when I was 10 and she decided she wanted to show off in front of her friends and tell me that Santa wasn’t real.  I was disappointed so on Christmas Eve I stayed up late, pretending I was in bed.  As soon as I heard some noise downstairs I spied on my parents putting presents under the tree, taking a bite out of cookie, and taking a drink of milk from a glass.

  • Souledout81

    When I was 9. I walked into the kitchen one day and some of my gifts in a bag. My mom had to admit finally the the Jolly Man isn’t real.

  • Ryan C

    I found this out when my parents waited till i fell asleep then they fell asleep themselves.. and the presents weren’t under the tree in the morning.. haha

  • Not that interesting but at the age of 9 my brother told me. Yes, it was kind of late, but I was in blissfully ignorant till then! Now I spend hundreds of dollars per year on presents for people, if only there was another santa!

  • Anonymous

    Walked in on the parents wrapping the gifts that we opened on Christmas when I was about 5.

  • Sclist2010

    i’m too damned old to remember.  maybe a shiny tablet will enlighten me!

  • DBK

    When I was 8. Caught my brother-in-law (dressed as santa) putting gifts under the tree. Surprisingly it didn’t faze me.

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    I’ll be honest, I don’t really recall when. But, if we all believe in him enough, he could be real, couldn’t he? 😉

    http://twitter.com/#!/mjh215/status/147093496224952320 [email protected]

  • Adam F.

    I found out when I was 17. Sure enough, I was devastated!

  • I was out at the mall hanging with some friends (with their parents of course) and there go my parents walking by with a bunch of stuff that I had asked for.  I tailed them for a bit and then walked up to them curiously asking why they had all this stuff.  That’s when they had to lay it on me that Santa wasn’t real.  Best part about it is I remember vividly the look of “uh -oh” on my friends parents faces and then my own parents hahaha.

  • I didn’t get the privilege to believe in old St. Nick for too long. My parents bought me a bicycle for Christmas when I was 6, and I was elated. Then they told me they were happy I liked it because it cost them a pretty penny.

  • my parents bought a vending company (pepsi machines & candy). I was in the garage looking for candy, and then i found an n64, with gold edition of zelda. 

  • When I was 9.

  • I was 6 years old and I just thought about our closed chimney and the general logistics of the evenings alleged activities and I asked my mom.  She wondered why I was asking her and I told her that I needed to know in case I had kids and didn’t buy them anything because I thought they were covered.  She laughed and told me.  My 1 year younger sister still didn’t know, so when I screamed “Thanks Mom!” after emptying my stocking, my mother roars “FOR WHAT!?!?”  Well… uh… for letting the dog out!

  • When my mother tried convincing me Santa was a Vampire… and later said vampires weren’t real. 

  • When I was 8 I saw my Mom wrapping presents from “Santa” late night on Christmas eve

  • Anonymous

    When I saw my mom stuffing the stockings Christmas Eve night. 

  • I still believe!

  • Calculatorwatch

    I overheard my dad complaining about how he had to stay up ’till 3 setting up my Hot Wheels Super Garage or whatever. Not that it made me enjoy the toy any less.

  • Mlarson6

    I always Santa was not real and used to annoy a lot of other parents as I told other kids that fun fact.  Haha good times.

    • Mlarson6

      always knew*

  • At age 10 heard my parents bringing down gifts from attic

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was around 6 or 7.  I said to my Mom, “There is no way he can deliver to every kid in the world in one night.”  I was a man of science very early on, even though I love science fiction and fantasy.

  • Andrew Do

    When Santa didnt bring dad anything

  • Santa Clause

    Just now 🙁

    • guest

      its okay he is real

  • RabRabRab

    i was definitely one of the late bloomers of my class to find out this information. It was 4th grade and everyone told me he wasn’t real, but long story short i ended up going home and asking my parents and they finally told me.

  • Colin Mackenzie

    I was about 9 or 10 and I woke up at about one in the morning to find my mom putting my presents from Santa around the tree

  • when I was six, but I pretended to believe for a few more years to keep getting more presents.

  • I had chicken pox during Christmas time, so I couldn’t go to any Christmas parties. Santa came to visit me at home but I could tell it was my Uncle Mike.

  • Ben

    First grade. Friend made fun of me for being happy about Santa.. tears ensued.

  • Anonymous

    My Santa spells his name as Droid-Life… found out Santa wasn’t real when I found a Wicket Ewok doll with the Toys r Us price tag still on it, makes his toys with elves my ass!

  • When I literally saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.

  • figured it out myself when I was five

  • My sister spilled the beans when I was 10.

  • Carlos

    Siri told me Santa is not real………….. she lied!

  • lol the tv shows kinda gave it away.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for ruining Christmas for me!! ;P

  • Santa is real!

  • miketrol

    I was in the third grade and was told the real Santa died after falling out of his sleigh, years prior.  Your parents act as replacement Santa’s.

  • jdutchy

    I was ten and I snuck out of my room and caught my parents putting all the presents under the tree. Right then and there I knew I was lied to my whole childhood.

  • Heide264

    Tomorrow. My galaxy nexus told me.

  • J D

    I guess I found out when the presents from “Santa” had the same handwriting as the presents from “Mom and Dad”

  • Toastedpet

    If santa’s not real then who’s been putting that coal in my stocking for the last twenty years?

  • I finally realized that Santa wasn’t real when I came downstairs and my dad was putting together a fake farm setting, for me and my brother when we were 5 and 7.

  • Kasse

    When I didn’t win the competition on Monday or Tuesday

  • I found out he wasnt real last week. Thanks for bursting my bubble again!

  • Anonymous

    I do not recall when I stopped believing. Had to have been around 10….

  • When “Santa” was getting me almost everything i would tell my parents I wanted. Put two and two together.

  • Haha, when I was a kid I used to sit on the stairs and watch my mom wrap all the gifts and label them, “From Santa!”

  • Pfigurella

    When I was 8, my parents told me, it was November and my brother was still 6 and told me not to tell him. 

  • I found out santa isn’t real when I was somewhere between 4-6 years old or so when I woke up in the middle of the night on christmas eve when I found my parents putting presents under the christmas tree XD

  • Jrsmith419

    When I was maybe 6, I caught my mom putting presents under the tree, snuck a peek at them and they said front Santa. Real slick on my mom’s part lol.

  • I had my doubts but when I heard kids talking around elementary school I finally came to the realization.

  • found out Santa wasn’t real when i found all my x-mas presents in my parents closet one year…then they were all addressed from Santa on Christmas day O.o

  • TheAndroid1

    I plagued my parents for hours on end every year for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

    One day when I was 7, after a long period of questions and answers, my mom finally broke down and told me he didn’t exist.

    The information happened to spread fast to my sister.

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I was like 7 because my mom told me he wasn’t and people were saying it during school. haha

  • Splicer78

    I heard my parents talking about how they were going to afford presents since my dad was out if work fthe winter, I was 7 that year.

  • Anonymous

    When I found out Santa wasn’t real I was about 6 or 7 and I had some real mean friends. The quote I will always remember. “Santa isn’t real you stupid kid.”


  • Christmas: When you exchange hellos with strangers and good buys with friends. Many of whom happened to be Santas in NYC growing up.

  • Murph

    3rd Grade.  My older brother told me….on Christmas Eve!

  • kimcheequeen

    When I was 11 and I realize the inconsistencies in the santa story. We don’t have a chimney!!

  • Anonymous

    I remember the exact moment! I was walking down some stairs with my friend when he told me out of no where santa wasn’t real! I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked!

  • I found presents in my pantry, and then found them under the tree on Christmas day labeled ‘From: Santa’

  • Fromo68

    I found out when I was about 8 after acidentally seeing my present in my parents room and then receiving that present from Santa.

  • Kyle Kaestner

    I’m not sure on the year, probably 10 or 11. I snooped around for presents, and when Christmas Day came around, I opened a present from “Santa” that I had already found in the house.

  • Jodie

    i dont even remember lol

  • Joseph Lopez

    I fond out when I was nine just by kinda figuring it out

  • Anonymous

    Santa is REAL!!! Nexus tomorrow!!!

  • donchanau

    I was three. Noticed that Santa was in multiple places at the same time, and each one didn’t look the same.

  • Shopbuy11

    When my xoom didn’t come with working sd slot…

  • I found out he wasnt real when I was about 6 and found all my christmas presets in the closet. Broke me heart. My toy story tent that came from christmas that year….ya, I had seen it weeks earlier.

  • jweav

    Well i dont remember how old i was but i hid in the garage when my mom and grandma got home from xmas shopping. Needless to say on christmas morning a hockey game “from Santa” was one i saw them unload from the car

  • GoofyInsanity

    My dad was getting mauled by our dog in the middle of the night dressed at Santa……….depressing day for me

  • I saw my parents putting out the presents one night.  Worst Christmas EVER!

  • santa’s not real?

  • bigillz

    Found out in 3rd grade when i asked my mom if i needed to circle the stuff in the christmas catalog i wanted from santa, or just the stuff from them. i had to circle both. bastards. @jefebear on twitter

  • Dirkwan23

    I discovered the false existence of “the fat man” when I was 10. Every year, “the fat man” would visit my home a week before Christmas and give out candy canes to me & my siblings. At the age of 10, after a friendly visit with “the fat man”, I watched him walk out of my home and get into the exact same car my grandfather drove. That sadly is when I realized I had been lied to my whole childhood.

  • UNCstudent

    I’m Jewish. Didn’t even know Santa existed till I was three and asked my mom who the “fat man in the red suit” was.

  • Michael Strohschein

    When I was in 3rd grade my parents told me and I was so excited to tell everyone at school the 1st day back I told the entire class the big guy wasn’t real, hysteria ensued and my teacher ran me out of the room as quick as she could. 

  • Splitinfinity91

    when my mom was drunk on she threw me a package  containing my gameboy color and said no big fat creep watches you when you sleep and he most cerntainly  didnt use out sourced labor to make that

  • Fox

    Every Christmas my mother would be yelling at my father as i opened my gifts. She didn’t approve of such things as a SNES or Sony stereo. Kind of made it obvious Santa had nothing to do with it. Soo maybe like 6

  • I grew up watching Nova every week and so I never believed in magic, superstition, or religion at all.  As long as I can remember, I’ve never believed in things like Santa.  Now gimme Galaxy Tab.

  • I was 4 and my  parents had a little too much vino, on Christmas Eve, slept in and didnt get the presents out in time.  I woke up and it was a shocker…lol

  • I was young but who cares.

  • ShopDroid

    Tweeter is over capacity?   Wow, this contest is for real!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel like I ever believed in Santa!

  • Patrick Fowler

    I learned Santa was not real when I was about eight. I found all the Christmas toys stock piled in my parents closet about two weeks early.

  • I was raised both Jewish and Christian, so I knew at a very early age Santa wasn’t real. There was no point in hiding it from the children.

  • aditya koneru

    When I found the store receipt with my mother’s name on it in the chritmas gift

  • Charles

    I was 7 and it was the night before Christmas.

  • The handwriting on the presents definitely gave it away.

  • Davros

    got in a fist fight with my best friend in 1st grade because he said santa wasnt real. then my parents told me because of the fight

  • ShopDroid

    I am Chinese – never thought Santa was real.   He was just a silly American thing.

  • Popcornguitar

    Found the presents signed from santa in my parents room.

  • I was 3, and I started grilling my Mom about how Santa was able to hit every house in the world on one night… Finally, I called her a liar, and she fessed up that Santa wasn’t real. BTW, Twitter is down at the moment, I will try and post the ad if and when I can.

  • My grandmother told me when I was probably 4 years old.

  • ZeliardM

    Found the Christmas gifts in the barn out back of my parents house, place was huge but we were playing and found them by mistake…opened them and re-wrapped them and played along with everything on Christmas day…later told my parents I knew…they just laughed!…I was about 8…but that’s kool, cause now I have a son to play Santa for!

  • Anonymous

    I saw santa come through the front door, not the chimney 🙁 

  • When I was 10 some kid at school wrecked it for me. My parents didn’t actually ever tell me.

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I tried to record him, but then caught my parents with the camera.

  • I honestly think from commercials, everything just got kind of superficial and they overplayed the santa idea and it steadily creeped up on me until one day it hit me.

  • Brad Cleveland

    My older brother…mean…nuff said.

  • andystolemywallet

    My sisters ruined it for me when I was about 8, during How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the good, cartoon version). They were like “you know Santa’s not real, right?”. Gee, thanks. At least let me hang onto this delusion until after the show is done. Their hearts stayed three sizes too small.

  • bobby harris

    My sister spilled the beans when I was 10.

  • Christian Bennett

    From parents who are honest.

  • Warren Figueroa

    We were going to stay for Christimas eve at the family’s and I saw my father putting 2 glad bags on the trunk of the car. I got close and the bags were open and I saw the present. Clever thing my dad did.

  • Larry

    Five years ago when one of my Fourth Grade students quietly said to me, ” Mr. S, you know Santa’s not really real don’t you?”

  • I stopped believing in Santa when I was like 9 or 10 because I never receive what I wished for…

  • when i was 10, i walked in on my parents puttin the presents under the tree, and put it all together.

    • twitter has been done for me for over a half hour otherwise i would have tweeted the message.

  • When I figured out the hand writing was the same as my mom’s

  • Anonymous

    I found out in 4th grade when the McGruff dog came to school during the “just say no to drugs” campaign. He told a class full of 9 year olds that Santa isn’t real but drugs are. Needless to say there were a lot of upset children including me that day. Hope no children see these postings I don’t want to be another McGruff. Happy Holidays to all

  • my mommy told me he was not real

  • Gareth Johnson

    when i was 12, and i realized that something santa gave me was from kb toys

  • KRDM

    I found out when I was 7 because I caught my dad putting out the presents that were supposed to be from Santa. He was pissed.

  • Jason Cheng

    Well, I begged my mom for hours on christmas eve to tell me, and finally she got extremely angry and yelled, “FINE!!! SANTA IS NOT REAL. NOW YOU ARENT GETTING ANY PRESENTS THIS YEAR.” Sure enough I went to my room and the next day there were presents under the fireplace! I got Pokemon Blue version!

  • Found out when I was 8, I found the “santa” presents in the closet!

  • Anonymous

    My parents told me when I was 10.

  • my sister told me after she didn’t get what she wanted for xmas and I did. I was 5.

  • Calvin Williams

    Twitter is broken! I’ll try my luck here 🙂

    my parents were strict christian @ssholes, so they never told me about santa.

  • Found all of my presents under my parents bed when I was 10

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I caught him on top of mom and looked just like dad.

  • Anonymous

    I must have been around 8 years old, I told Santa at the mall what I wanted but wasn’t going to tell my mom. This was my plan to find out for sure, but she kept asking, “what did you tell him?” etc. which kind of gave it away so I gave in because I really wanted what I asked for that year, haha.

  • Michael Frost

    Busted my dad wrapping a “The Mutator” RC Car and the tag said “From Santa” I called shenanigans 

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    my parents always told me santa wasn’t real.  i guess they wanted credit for the presents.  but you wouldn’t believe what would happen when i would tell other kids at school…

  • Houch80

    When I was in daycare ages ago I kid once said that and came home to my mother who also said the same thing 🙁

  • Kyle Hammer

    i found out when i found all of the presents that our parents bought for us and then some were labeled as from “santa” the next morning.  such a sad realization.

  • I was told this by cousin when I was 10 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Life has been down hill ever since!

  • Mcfizzled

    When I was in 1st grade, this bully of a kid told me Santa wasn’t real. We had the typical childish “nuh uhhh” “yesss huhh” battle. This eventually angered me enough to punch him in the face. Got in plenty of trouble from my teacher and my parents. This is when my parents sat me down and told me the awful truth. Santa was a lie from the beginning. Sad day.

  • Adryan220

    When i was 9 or 10 and saw the same wrapping paper in mu my moms closet as yhe one sanat suposedly used

  • rrosotho

    When i was 9 i had to say in front of my older cousins ” i cant wait till Santa brings my Super Nintendo” that was a mistake all i heard was laughing and he aint real!!! you a big boy now and big boys DONT believe in Santa.

  • Caddy197

    I wanna win for a change!!!

  • I was 8 and upset a little saw my parents put out the bike (my fault for trying to see santa).  The great thing though my parents to this day still label every present from Santa.  I do the same with my family now.  Kind of a tradition I guess.

  • Anonymous

    My dad broke the news to me…but much like “the birds and the bees” I knew long before.

  • I dont know when I found out about Santa but I learned the truth about Hanukah Harry when I was 3 or 4..

  • Shell Jonathan

    I think I was 7. My older sister said well you know Santa isn’t real right? It was Christmas eve.

  • Always knew that he is not real. My parents worked hard to get me a present.

  • Krzemoto

    The day I found out was the day I start buying gifts.

  • wait Santa might be real if I win this sweet thing 😀
    wait are you Santa ?

  • Noah Flowers

    i cant tweet…… you broke it!

  • Anonymous

    I never believed in Santa…that’s not too sad, is it?

  • You want fries with that…?

    Today!!! Looks like Verizon is the “new” Santa Claus! Looks like Christmas came early… Hello G-Nex

  • David Blakesley

    I really wanted the original “Command and Conquer” game for Christmas so I wrote a whole long drawn out paragraph to Santa on all the ways I had been good and had avoided being naughty that year. The next day when we were at Best Buy, I saw my dad buying it for me while my mom was trying to keep me occupied in the VHS section. 

    On Christmas morning, Command and Conquer showed up in my stocking with the tag “From Santa!”…and that was that.  I knew Santa was a fraud and the rest of the day was spent feeling disillusioned while blowing up NOD soldiers with my Mammoth Tanks and Orca Hellicopters.

  • Beelow0319

    10 years old publicly, 24 officially (after reading this post that says hes fake)

  • My dad decided to dress as Santa one year, and I guess that’s the year my sister couldn’t take my ignorance anymore, so she took me aside and told me the deal. Or maybe she was just mean, I can’t be sure about that.

  • Timothy Montgomery

    When I realized that I got the stuff i asked for from my parents but not from the big guy.  That’s right I ran counter-intelligence on santa.

  • Well my mother once told me that, santa brings iphones and ipads to those naughty girls and boys in the world. she told me if i was a good little boy id get a shiny new android phone and tablet for christmas. still to this day ive yet to receive a iphone / ipad… problem solve!

  • Mavericks1f

    my parents told me at about five after i saw Santa at mall

  • Anonymous

    When I saw him coming out of the mall bathroom adjusting his beard.

  • Es40

    Think I was around 8 and my step brother told me. 

  • Twitter is down for me! I found out Santa wasn’t real just now! OMG it can’t be.


    I was seven years old, and I came downstairs and I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus…and then some!! And let me tell you, besides being scarred for life, I found out Santa Claus was actually a dude named Bob my Mom worked with. Definitely NOT Santa Claus…

  • Phoenix3265

    When Droid-Life made a contest to Win a Tab, and they said that Santa wasn’t real…

  • Anonymous

    When I matched his handwriting to my dad’s.

  • Anonymous

    do only the twitter people get entered… or do us poor saps on the internet side get any consideration…

  • Brian Walls

    Santa is real… the tooth fairy and easter bunny fully confirmed this information, but there wasn’t a PR release. 

  • Anonymous

    Sitting/Laying on the couch with the wife watching Christmas Movies.

  • Anonymous

    I was never told he was real but my parents would always say santa would come if i was good even though they knew i knew he wasnt real.

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I found a receipt for a present that ‘Santa’ gave me.

  • My parents never really put much effort into that charade. I knew by the time I was six.

  • Anonymous

    When I realized Santa had the exact same handwriting as my Dad lol

  • I think I was about 10 or so. If I recall correctly, I already had my reservations about Santa’s possibly regrettable realness attribute, and my parents point blank confirmed my doubts. ‘Twas all but a sham. In the end, I wasn’t too broken hearted, though. After all, the presents kept flowing like fine wine at a fancy dinner party, at least until I got older. So meh.

  • In elementary school there was this jerky kid in our class and he ruined it for everyone in our class

  • My older sister was evil. She’s 7 years older than I am so one christmas when I was 6 or 7, she told me it was my dad and at first I didn’t believe it but the night before christmas of that year, I went out to use the bathroom late at night and saw my dad wrapping gifts as santa. needless to say I was scarred! :O but then I saw him again in the movie elf so i know he’s real 🙂

  • Anonymous

    An older kid on the bus to school told me when I was pretty young…

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I went into where my dad works and walked into a storage room about a week before christmas.  I didn’t think much about all of the wrapped presents until a week later on Christmas when all of the presents that were in the room matched the ones I got….crushed my dreams at 8 years old!

  • I found out on my own actually. Over time, things just become more and more obvious, and by being a sneaky child also…i just so happened to “figure it out” 😉

  • IntlGrizzly

    It was about 30 seconds ago when you told me he wasn’t. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Sadly 3rd grade

  • Saw “Santa” aka dad, naked at 4 in the morning carrying presents… just awful

  • Steve Hunt

    I remember when I was sitting in bed after a day at school where we learned about air planes and space. Our lesson got me thinking and I suspiciously asked my dad how Santa go around the world that quickly, after carefully breaking it down in estimates of time (10 minutes per house, 14 houses on my street, 500 kids at my school). He looked at me and said “good point, he isn’t real…good night”

    • Steve Hunt

      Twitter isn’t working and I can’t tweet that post, does that mean i’m disqualified?

  • My brother told me on Christmas Eve night as I was waiting up to see Santa.

  • Despite my parents’ best efforts, i.e. having the guy who cleaned our chimney plant bits of red fabric, I knew by about 6 years old.

  • Opticsguy1

    I was never told he was.

  • AJ Brown

    I realized on Christmas morning that the way ‘Santa’ wrote my name on my gifts was very similar to the way my mom wrote everything else. 

    My mom writes in Chinese. 

  • I found out Santa wasnt real at an elderly people’s party where little did i know my own dad was playing as Santa and when i sat on his lap to make my holiday wishes i pulled his beard and saw it was my father … i then ran away in tears .. I did get my Xbox that year too =] yay 

  • Anonymous

    I found out probably when I was about 9 or 10, just by deduction (parents saying later in the year that they bought me things I got for christmas, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    My bedroom had a balcony that overlooked into the living room!  I thought I heard Santa.  So my sister and I went for a sneaky peak by slowing crawling on the balcony, where we saw my mom wrapping presents and putting them under the tree. 🙁 Sad night

  • 5, brother

  • Bmedi1999

    I was 6th grade and wondered out loud in class what Santa would bring me that year.  The entire class erupted in laughter and that was pretty much a wrap……no more magical Christmas….until I had children of my own to lie to.  Isnt the circle of life great!

  • I think I was 6 when I realized Santa always had the same wrapping paper as Mom and Dad.

  • I believed up until a few minutes ago when Twitter stopped working.

  • Sittin’ in the car one day may dad said we needed to have a chat – It was all over. Sad day.

  • trumpet444

    I actually never believed in Santa Claus. My parents chose to not lie to me. While my girlfriend thinks I missed out on a part of childhood, I am grateful that I was never fooled into that

  • Anonymous

    I found out when he kissed my mom

  • 1.  I *never* believed in Santa.  Sad, but true.  I was quite the pragmatic li’l kid.  I did sit on a Santa’s lap at the mall once as a kid; they filmed me on local TV.  🙂

  • I’m a Muslim

  • Xray49er

    II found out Santa was not real when my mom would put the gifts under the tree early and always put from santa

  • I found Christmas presents early in the basement one day and it just went downhill after that 🙁

  • Professandobey

    I don’t think I ever believed Santa was real. From a very young age, my dad taught me about how Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. are just fun traditions. I still had tons of fun without a big letdown latter in life.

  • Andrew

    I really don’t remember how it came about that I found out that Santa isn’t real, but I don’t think it was any single moment.

  • Scott

    In the supermarket line when I heard some other kid and their mom talking.  Mom confirmed it and then I spoiled it for my sister enough to make her cry all the way home.  

  • Lojohnson127

    I found out that santa was not real around 10 years old. Some kid on the playground told me and I was devistated

  • Anonymous

    When my parents took me to do all the shopping… Which santa also magically got me..

  • Abalsor

    I never found out.. I make sure my kids still believe…

  • Figured it out pretty much when I had to explain to my folks exactly what kind of science set I really wanted for Christmas.

  • Found out Santa wasn’t real when older siblings spilled the beans that it was actually Grandpa getting the gifts out while we were all at church, not Santa himself.  Older siblings ruin everything.

  • I was walking up the long driveway (not that long now that i look at it) of my school and another kid was telling me like it was no big deal. I was probably in 2-3rd grade. 

  • Ryan Coy

    8 or 9 years old.  Laying on the couch when mom broke the news.  I broke her nose from my reaction.  Oops!  Sorry mom!

  • Noah Flowers

     i found out when i realized it wasn’t logically possible.lol

  • Scott Mallette

    Wow, that was so long ago that I can’t remember.
    Of course, now that I have kids, I am Santa Claus.

  • Chrishall26

    Seriously twitter, why?

  • Tom J

    Don’t recall the exact moment I didn’t believe in Santa, I think I just came to a gradual conclusion when I was 29 🙂

  • Efram

    santa is real because me and my brother slept on a couch all night and we woke up then went to sleep then 30min later the presents  all appeared somehow! =)

  • Anonymous

    when i stopped getting presents after moving out.

    just kidding.

    I was in elementary school and the kids said so. I asked mom and dad and they spilled the beans.

  • Thesquid2d

    N/A Judaism

  • Alex

    I was never really told. I guess I just grew up and knew.

  • Anonymous

    When I was 2 and my dad told me

  • Nhlpreds98

    im too old to rember, plus i have a horrible case of CRS… Cant Remember Stuff

  • Abel Sanchez

    Santa is real. I saw him last Friday at the mall while I was trying to get the galaxy nexus from different stores.

  • i think i was 6 or 7..my parents left a price tag on something from “santa”… kinda figured it out…. sniff sniff.. ;(

  • XCellFoneSalesRep

    Dont remember when, but when i was younger i would search my parents room and find gifts, then come x-mas day those same gifts were under the tree from “Santa”…

  • I caught my parents putting gifts under the tree the night before. I was supposed to be in bed but I got up to see Santa. Boy was I disappointed. 

  • Despite still believing in the Easter Bunny, I was convinced that Santa wasn’t real by a friend of mine at school…

  • A friend told me that he saw his parents putting presents under the tree… last week… no… when I was 7.

  • I don’t remember, it’s a repressed memory.

  • Shuetteman

    Wait, what? Santa isn’t real? WTF. I don’t believe you guys….

  • Gary M Robb

    If I can’t catch him this year, I will pretty sure he isn’t real.

  • Richard Garrison

    I found out that he wasn’t real when “santa” threw up all over me at the mall while i was getting my picture taken with him.

  • Bill Card

    Somebody told me when I was around 8, but I thought I got double presents as long as I pretended to believe.  My parents told me I would get just as much stuff several years later.

  • When your parents decide to mess with your Christmas present (a video camera), and they forget to stop recording and you watch the video on it with your parents voice’s as there setting up the presents under the tree.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I saw my mom wrapping up Gameboy Colors for my younger brother and I on Christmas Eve. I told my brother about it before I went to bed and he lost it the next morning when we had opened all our gifts and there were no Gameboys. My mom had apparently heard me and held them back as the very last present for us to “teach me a lesson.”

  • Hedney3

    Hmmm the day i found out santa was not real……o yeah….my friend came in crying to an afterschool day care thing 4th grade and just screamed it as loud as he could like the world was ending. never will forget that 🙂

  • When I saw the first Xmas movie with fake Santa in it!!!

  • I feel like I always knew it, but went along with it because it’s a good thing, that Santa.  Kinda like how my kids do now.

  • Fresh

    I have no idea (can’t remember back that far)… but I would love to win a galaxy tab!

  • Dustin Gerlach

    My sister told me when I was around 8. It was a sad sad day.

  • Atk97fb

    Our school newspaper had a poll asking this same question. I was in 3rd grade when I read it and I remember going home and being so mad at my mom

  • Vjg2000

    I found out when I was three.  I walked into the living room and saw my mom and aunt wrapping presents.

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real in 5th grade when I found the SegaCD I was getting for Christmas 3 weeks before Christmas. When I got up on Christmas morning and saw it, that’s when I knew. I was stoked to get a SegaCD, though, so it didn’t even matter.

  • marcus walton

    Santa was never really talked about. My family always let us know they worked hard to provide for us. It made me appreciate them more.

  • I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus/Dad

  • angermeans

    I don’t fully remember finding out that Santa wasn’t real, but I do remember telling my younger siblings he wasn’t real (yes, I know now how messed up that is)

  • Mr ilheis

    It was early elementary school and we were having lunch in the cafeteria and someone mentioned it and I remember some were sad and other’s already knew. I was already skeptical so it wasn’t a huge blow to my life but others were crushed.

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when he sounded like my Dad and vaguely smelled of Bud Light. I wish I was joking.

  • Angel Roldan

    when my sister told me-_-

  • Anonymous

    I figured out there was no Santa because every year I stood with my mom in line to put stuff on layaway at kmart.

  • Anonymous

    twitter is broken right now 🙁 Will tweet when it’s back up. As for the HoHo-NoNo:

    I was 10 doing my usual pre-Christmas snooping when I came across the mac-daddy of all gifts. My very own Golden Eagle compound bow. AMAZING! I kept it to myself and waited for the big morning. When I came down to set my little monkey paws upon it, the tag said “Love Santa”. Damn! The jig was up!!

  • Jeremyc1331

    I was eight years old when I learned Santa was not real. It was a heartbreaking moment! I was told on the playground during recess 🙁

  • Wgillen0649

    I just knew

  • The Easter Bunny told me….

  • Jdies54

    Older brother told me when we were fighting… Punk.

  • I watched my parents by gifts, when I opened the same gifts, they said from santa on them. I turned to my parents and called them out on it. They were caught flat footed and decided honesty would be best. I was only a child…

  • NoTwitterAccount

    1.  In the comments, tell us how and when you found out that Santa wasn’t real. (Wait, he isn’t?)2. [email protected][email protected] Twitter.3.  Tweet the following message:
    Need a last minute X-Mas present? Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/Ul9eX #android

  • When I was 10 and I recognized my mom’s signature on the presents “From Santa.” 

  • Vettezx

    I was probably around 7, same age as my daughter is now. I will say, winning a Galaxy Tab would make me believe again.

  • 1SadFather

    My son is now crying due to this contest… he said the only way he’ll stop is to get the galaxy tab 10.1

  • Anonymous

    I snuck into my parents closet when I was 10 to look at my presents early, and they were already wrapped with tags that said “From: Santa” It was a sad day…haha

  • Shockerfred

    When santa gave me presents that I saw mommy and daddy buy…

  • Keith Olsen

    When my mom was mad at my brother for saying ” i don’t care santa will bring me gifts anyway,” Then she broke the crippling news.

  • Anonymous

    I saw dad putting presents under the tree

  • whaaaat? Santas not real?

  • I probably found out some time in the middle of Elementary School.  I am pretty sure it was the same year I stayed awake to see one of my parents put money under my pillow for a tooth.  Once I found that out all bets were off and I spent Christmas night faking sleep again to watch my parents drag all of our presents out of their bedroom closet.

  • Binh Dao

    im buddhist. so i knew for a long time he wasnt real. but we still celebrate the gift giving. haha

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I slept behind the Christmas tree one year, I guess my parents didn’t see me, but I definitely saw them 🙁

  • Triplej84

    I was eight and I found all the same candy from our stocking in my parents room.

  • Mmkisiel

    I was 6 and saw my parents walking into the garage with bags from toys r us…

  • Erdnase00

    Woke up too early one Christmas. Saw the parents stashing gifts under the tree.

  • Francis Scardino

    walked in on Mom wrapping presents. Not very horrific until I figured out that she had the ability to add names to the naughty list. That was pretty much the end of Christmas for me 🙁

  • Dmitry Kit

    My older sister told me when I was 6 or 7 🙁 

  • Anonymous

    When I was about seven, and realized we didn’t have a chimney on our roof, after that I was a non-believer. 

  • Anonymous

    I found a remote control car in a closet around Christmastime when I was little.  Eventually put the pieces together.  Twitter seems to be down at the moment.  Do we still need to tweet for this to count?

  • Anonymous

    My dad used to pretend he was Santa (and I believed it), until he took off the beard and hat and told me He played Santa. I took it to think that my Dad was actually Santa for 2 years, until my mom explained the whole thing to me. Devastating. 

  • raoul duke

    we were poor and my mom couldnt afford to be santa all the time so she told me one year. kinda sucks but i love my mom for as much as she did for us to get by.

  • Kirk Hayes

    Wait Santa isn’t real!?  I guess my answer is 12-14-2011 at 5:01 PM EST… 🙁  I think I deserve the Galaxy Tab now! 🙂

  • Mattyb1085

    I found out through my own common sense when I was 5 that the story of santa was BS.

  • Anonymous

    I caught Mom and Dad putting “santa” gifts under the tree. I was SHOCKED! I was strictly told not to tell my sister! I think I was about 10 or 11.

  • Hollis

    I was 12 and walked in on my dad listening to a CD on MY first CD player that I was getting that Christmas…My dad said “You didn’t think he was real right?”. First CD I ever got was Lynard Skynard’s greatest hits…. :[

  • Mom told me. She did not want some white man getting credit for the gifts she worked so hard to give me.

  • mx371

    When I was 8 or so my mom just told me in a conversation about Christmas one day.  Learned about the nonexistence of every other holiday character as a result lol.

  • Topweasel

    Went to take the trash out (wrapping paper) and saw a cookie that I didn’t know at the time was inedible in the dumpster we had. It was a cookie that I made and left out for “Santa”. In retrospect I made that cookie with the crappy sprinkles and rather then be inventive and artful, I decided to make it look like a tree would look. Every nook and cranny of that cookie had a green “sprinkle” on it. In fact it was more “Sprinkle” then it was cookie.

  • Mattyfrazier

    I found out on the school bus. I was 9 and I was pretty pissed about it at the time.

  • He isn’t? Actually, it became most clear when I became Santa (and had to buy gifts to my kids)!

  • Anonymous

    My mom told me that Santa wasn’t a real person and just way to get people in the spirit of giving.

  • Anonymous

    I was never told.  I was way to smart to believe in imaginary crap like Santa.  Or the tooth fairy.

  • Kindergarten, Stacy Bush told the whole class… it was all out pandemonium 

  • Blueethernov13

    My mother and father beat me repeatedly when I gave credit to a fat guy for all their hard work. It hurt me deeply.

  • Michael Obrian Price

    When I was 8 my mom was Xmas shopping and put items in the trunk. Those items she put in the the trunk said from Santa Xmas day. That’s when I knew he wasn’t really.

  • Zachary Stone

    I actually don’t remember when I found out Santa Claus was not real. I probably found out from my older friends and had to hide my disappointment, but life went on and I still received great gifts from my family 

  • Bump47

    I realized when I was 10 and we had Christmas at my Grandma’s house and for some reason there were presents in the trunk of the car…the same ones Santa gave me on Christmas…Oops

  • Andy

    My older sister couldn’t wait to break the wonderful news to me

  • Caveman419

    I caught my parents putting out the unwrapped gifts fro Santa in theiddle of the night on a bathroom break

  • Irrationalgeorge

    If I have to wait until Christmas to get my galaxy nexus and find out if Santa is real or not I’m going to be upset.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that Santa lives in everyones heart.

  • Cliff Hoffman

    I remember my brother blowing the whole Santa deal for me when I was still pretty young.  It’s always an older sibling that seems to ruin the Christmas magic.  

  • Tequilamasfina

    I couldn’t say, I just know my dreams were crushed early on.

  • teapotdome

    i set up a stake out to catch santa. dad didnt take it well. outwitted by a 5 yr old

  • Anonymous

    I still believe in Santa!

  • Kiraalasmar

    First grade…. I didn’t get a single thing on my list. Hope shattered!

  • when i was in foster care my older foster sister wrap present that said from santa. try to tell me it was from her friend named san ta

  • Jjohns0003

    I think I figured it out when I woke up to pre early in the morning and saw my mom wrapping gifts in the living room

  • Anonymous

    Santa is real in my household. Everyone who says they don’t believe in Santa doesn’t get any presents from him. 😛

  • Anthony Sanford

    When I was 8 I Pulled the beard off of a mall Santa, then yelled out “liar liar pants on fire! “

  • I guess I’ll take one

  • Zechvan

    I woke up to the dog mauling my dad dressed as Santa

  • Johnnycsx

    My older brother decided to enlighten me with receipts for Toys ‘R Us. I still got my bright green Pixter that year, though. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Never bought into the idea of Santa, but I’d consider the possibility if I was gifted a new Galaxy Tab!

  • Sean Marcisin

    santa is real and i asked him to bring me a galaxy tab!!!

  • I found out Santa Wasn’t real because my brother’s got mad at me for tattling on them and they told me on Christmas eve to ruin all the excitement for me 🙁

  • No but forreal, Santa isn’t real? WTH? Who’s been eating those cookies mom puts out! JK Haha  I found out Santa wasn’t real when I asked him for an ATV for Christmas, and I saw my dad driving the one Santa was suppose to get me around our back yard.  I was 13 LOL

  • When I was 6 or 7 and found where my parents stashed the presents! In the laundry room, every Xmas after I keep a keen eye on that room.

  • B

    I caught my Dad bringing in gifts one night when I was supposed to be sleeping and got up to use the bathroom….Walked out and there he was, at the bottom of the steps, bags in his hands staring at me with tears in my eyes, mouth open looking back at him with the expression of “WTF”

  • When I was 7, my dad went with the whole historical Santa story. He opened with “Santa is dead.” Then he tried to explain about Saint Nicholas (a real 4th century bishop in Asia Minor on whom Santa is based). Needless to say, I didn’t get it and spent that Christmas Eve crying like a little wuss.

  • Anonymous

    Kindergarden. Some jerk ruined it for me.

  • Yancey

    I found out when I was 12 years old. I had heard some kids talking about it at school but I refused to believe. Well that year I waited up to see Santa. I snuck up on my dad putting presents under the tree. He said not to tell my sister or I wouldn’t get any presents next year. Needless to say, I am yet to mention it!

  • Anonymous

    when i was 8 my older brother woke me while my parents were putting gifts out and he made watch

  • Lesleycheung

    April 1, 1990

  • Erin Hoffman

    Honestly, I never really believed in Santa.  I had two older brothers who were not interested in telling me anything but the truth.  

  • Anonymous

    around the age of 9

  • I found out in the 3rd grade when my teacher told me he was not real.

  • Anonymous

    I was jokingly telling my little brother that he wasn’t real, and my dad heard me and pulled me aside and told me the truth and told me not to spoil it for my brother.

  • Johnwlam

    Today, December 14, 2011..

  • what makes you think he’s not real?

  • Mlee112

    I was 9 and being chased by my sister and I hid in my parents closet. That’s where I seen my Christmas list presents. My awesome Thundercats tank! That’s when I knew. Though I still send Santa a letter every year with my kids 🙂

  • I found out that santa wasn’t real when I was 5, my older sisters informed me!

  • Bill

    I found out at the tender age of 7. I told my mom that Santa was going to bring me a dirt bike. She said “Oh no he isn’t”. This discussion went on until I asked “Oh yeah, how do you know?” and she replied “Because your looking at Santa right now!”

  • C C

    I always knew he wasn’t real…

    I was taught to not trust anyone in bright costumes.

  • I found all of “santa’s” presents in my parents closet before Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    When I realized Santa and my parents had the same handwriting… D=

  • Anonymous

    It was right after Christmas when I was in 1st grade (so it would have been December of 1983 or January of 1984) . I overheard my mom talking with my uncle about money and my uncle said to my mom, “sure would be nice if Santa was real.” I freaked out and my mom and dad pulled me aside (so my younger siblings didn’t hear) and told me the truth. I wasn’t disappointed as much as I was shocked my parents would spend that much money. Afterall, I got a bike and an Atari 2600 that year.

  • 8 and I went to go get food with my dad and straight up asked him. Is Santa real, don’t lie. He told me and wen home super sad. Mom was SUPER pissed!

  • Anonymous

    In 3rd grade, I was at my friend Jeff’s melting crayons on top of a glass pop bottle for an art project a few weeks before Christmas. His older sister Nicole burst in and told us that Santa wasn’t real, and since we were “playing with fire” we were old enough to know. Bitch

  • DroidLifeWinner10

    I picked out my christmas gifts with my parents…I got just what I wanted!

  • fenixshaw

    I was 7 or 8 and woke up to find my mom building the bike Santa brought me. 🙁

  • Mason Lammers

    I found out from a kid at school in the third grade… My parents never told me one way or another so I figured if I could ride that gravy train for more gifts, I would!

  • When I asked for a Nintendo 64 and my parents decided to tell me it was there hard earned money not Santa…all my presents are still signed “From: $$$anta”

  • i am jewish so santa skips my house

  • i found out Santa wasn’t real when I saw a present (was some kind of electric kit) in my mom’s car trunk, then on Christmas morning, I saw it in the “santa’s” presents section next to the fireplace.

  • HuskerDroid10

    I found the gifts in the closet before christmas 🙁

  • Never got the damn GI JOES I wanted so I just figured he wasn’t real, cause Santa wouldn’t disappoint kids like that. Damn adults. Now my kids are gonna be devastated when they find out. The world is a horrible place, man.

  • Charlie Kelly

    My older brother was kind of a jerk. Once it was ruined for him, he made sure to tell me how stupid I was for believing in Santa.

  • jm

    SANTA IS REAL. The anti-Santa movement is a liberal conspiracy meant to destroy the reason for the season: OLD SAINT NICK.

  • I tried thinking about this for a while to come up with something original or clever and nothing came to mind.  The honest truth is that it was such a long time ago that I don’t remember losing my innocence about the whole Santa thing 🙁

  • holl0log

    Unfortunately, I never believed in Santa. I grew up knowing he was imaginary. I will believe if I win this contest though.

  • Mckellermeier

    Santa isn’t real???? Since when? I saw that guy when I was 10 and have never forgotten about it!

  • Dangerous

    I was seven and my parents decided to put gifts under the tree early that year. I questioned them and that’s all I have to say about that.

  • axelaTDK

    my parents straight up told me he was fake from the beginning. so it’s all good haha

  • Bjhedges

    When my mother took me shopping for my x-mas presents.

  • Treybarnes66

    When all the kids in the neighborhood got nice new stuff and I just got old hand me downs.:'(

  • Anonymous

    I forget exactly how old I was, but I found out when I found my parents stash of presents in their closet and wondered why some said they were from “Santa”…@mgoblue21

  • I found out when I was 8. i walked in on my parents putting all the presents under the tree. i was devistated when they ate santa’s cookies.

  • Anonymous

    Older brother ruined it for me when I was 5, just to see me get upset.

  • Anthony White

    When I was about 3 and I saw my mom wrapping a present and then when my sister unwrapped it and it said it was from Santa. That crushed me.

  • Ummm… Let’s just say my parents don’t delete their computer history. I found the Nintendo DS they bought me on eBay.
    Blew my mind actually.

  • I found all the presents that Santa brought me in their closet 2 weeks before Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    When I attacked the mall santa 😛

  • Crazy

    Just found out when I saw this

  • (T)he christmas
     (E)xitement made me thirsy so i went downstairs to
      (G)et a drink, where i found my parents
     w(R)apping all my presents. Way to put things off till the
        l(A)st minute, thanks mom and dad.

  • BbyDol

    I was probably 8 or 9 and my older brother kept telling me Santa didn’t exist.  Finally Christmas Eve night he video taped my parents putting out the presents.  What a bummer!  Every Christmas Eve now I get my kids on NoradSanta.org and they get to see Santa’s sleigh traveling the world.  My son once asked why Santa looks like a cartoon and I told him it’s because the pictures aren’t the greatest from that high up so they have to color in the images.  So far it’s worked!

  • Mwalker267

    because i caught him in bed with my mom…not even santa is that giving

  • Mike mellis

    My parents got tired of getting up at 4am, so they told me

  • Brennan Hall

    I snuck downstairs and hid in a hollow bench and watched with horror as I discovered my father placing presents under the tree. That was okay because my parents gave me presents from them, but when he started to eat the cookies I started crying. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think my parents ever really expected us to believe it so I they didn’t try very hard, meaning I figured it out when I was like 8.

  • Ajw3778

    Walked into my moms closet and found a huge bag of presents 

  • Therealfoamman

    Hanukkah Harry still comes by 8 days a December in my house.

  • Loclyn123

    I was about ten and I pestered my dad until he admitted he was Santa.

  • Crusteez

    20 yrs ago my big brother and I rigged a piece of Dog turd at the tree where Santa would step in it. Well needless to say, dad (aka) Santa stepped in the Turd and no happy Christmas that year. Good times

  • William Marinos

    I was 8 when I found out Santa wasn’t real.  It was Christmas Eve at my grandparents (yearly tradition) and Santa showed up with a bag of presents.  Now Santa didn’t just knock on the door, how he shows up on a fire truck with loud Christmas Music playing and everything.  So my brother, sister, cousins and I all got in line to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what we were hoping he brought us.  Every year Santa always got it right too which was because he was Santa of course.  Everyone is happy and excited so I get my turn and I jump up onto Santa’s lap and while I was sitting there I grabbed Santa’s beard which just so happened to have a very rough backing, and even at 8 I was able to realize it was a piece of carpet with pillow stuffing glued to it.

    So naturally I went asking all the grownups why that was and got the typical “no that’s really Santa” answer.  Then I realized that Grandpa wasn’t anywhere around and that was the missing piece.  I put it all together after that, my grandfather at the time worked part time at the firehouse which is how he was able to show up on the Firetruck and then my parents would just tell them what we were all hoping for which is why “Santa” always had the correct presents with him.

    When I finally figured it all out which alone was upsetting I went to tell some of the grownups and they yelled at me to keep it to myself so I don’t ruin it for all the other kids.  Needless to say it ruined my Christmas that year and for remainder of the Christmas Eve party I stayed in one of the spare bedrooms until it was time to leave.

  • Macrocj

    when I did not win the price for this week…And I knows the Santa was not real when I was a child. 

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when a mall santa said, “Shut up you little twerp!” when I was on his lap, and my parents just decided to tell me there was no Santa instead of coming up with a good cover-up story.

  • When my parents told me they don’t work for nothing…

  • Wait…Santa is not real?  Who in the hell is eating the cookies??

  • Anonymous

    When I was 8 I caught Santa red handed bringing presents through my front door and heard my dads voice through the big white beard 🙁

  • I remember sneaking out to the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve and seeing my parents put the presents under the tree as “Santa”

  • Matthew Marshall

    When I did the math and realized the impossibilities of it all.

  • John Dixon

    What Santa isn’t real!!!! Well i guess today i found out, thanks Droid Life!

  • I was 6. The cookies didn’t get eaten, and the milk was there, and my parents didn’t put “From: Santa” on any of the presents because they forgot. I was kind of ok with it, and spent the next 6 years pretending he was real.

  • My parents told me at young age. Since we’re Jewish, it was not big deal, of course. But when I found out the Macabees weren’t fighting for religious freedom, and in fact were hard-right religious zealots (the Taliban of their day), that was a big deal.

  • I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real when I was 5 and my sunday school teacher told
    us that believing in Santa was a sin and we would got to hell if we
    believed in him.  I pouted for a day and my parents had to tell me the
    truth to get me to get back in the holiday spirit … and then my dad
    had to tell off the teacher ;).

  • I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real when I was 5 and my sunday school teacher told us that believing in Santa was a sin and we would got to hell if we believed in him.  I pouted for a day and my parents had to tell me the truth to get me to get back in the holiday spirit … and then my dad had to tell off the teacher ;).

  • Daniel

    I was five. Damn older siblings r the devil. Haha

  • Anonymous

    Santa is real, and it seems to be the biggest joke in the world. Whenever I tell others, they all start laughing!??!

  • Dave Diamond

    I had to be told, I was probably about 10. I’m sure my mother thought she was doing the right thing. I’m scarred for life. there, happy?

  • mrz1125

    Santa is real just doesn’t come to houses and put presents under a tree.

  • Sheldonguy88

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when my brother made me stay up late and watch my mom put the gifts out herself….. I was crushed.

  • Maizeandbluejames

    My mom always says “believers are receivers” and to this day Santa brings me presents. I got a droid x from Santa last year. 😉

  • jojo4747

    Well I read droid life and it said that santa claus isnt real so now im sitting here crying, lol
    But really, I taped my finger to an envelope,over night to see if the tooth fairy wasn’t real, and I woke up to a tug on my finger, the next day my mother harshly told me that santa wasn’t real

  • I was 8 years old and I found out by waking up in the middle of night and going down stair s to find my mom and dad with presents and the cookies gone! Needless to say I was very upset that christmas

  • School: like most other people than eventually you tell your parents you have known for years

  • I asked my mom when I was around 7. She just told me :/

  • Anonymous

    I was woken up by my parents as they were putting out gifts

  • SeanRinVA

    I’m 42 now. I don’t remember when I found out he wasn’t real.

  • I can’t remember the exact year I found out. But I remember waking up in the middle of the night and hearing a lot of movement in the house. I heard my parents talking and saw them moving boxes from their room to under the tree.

  • Leslie Sutton

    When I was in elementary school I woke up when ‘Santa’ was delivering the gifts.

  • When I watched “Xmas Vacation” at a friends house. Chevy Chase though sincere just gave it all away with that hilarious movie.

  • RJ

    Back many moons ago, Santa was putting presents under the tree as my sister and I were taking a peek when we noticed Santa step on and tripped over my little sisters wooden rocking chair Santa was down and hurt, mom hurried us back to bed and ironically Christmas day our Dad and Santa hard the same hurt leg…

  • Levy7853

    I don’t recall ever believing he was real so I was either told at a young age or my parents never let me believe in him. 

  • Franzie3

    I found out Santa wasnt real when the house we lived in had no chiminey….called parents liars at age 9

  • I never really “found out”.  I just grew out of it really late, b/c my parents made a video, back in the 90s when I was starting to doubt, of Santa.  I wish my Dad still had the suit.

  • Athensjohn

    I still believe in Santa.

  • caught my mom at night. i asked wheres santa and she told me the truth. i asked if i.still got presents and she said yes so i went back to sleep

  • Achilles

    was by accident, walked into the kitchen late night after hearing some commotion. poked my head in and there was my mom and dad wrapping my nerf gun i wanted so badly and was explained right there and then about santa. I still have that nerf gun till this day and always remember  the story of that night…

  • Violator

    When I was 6… I didn’t get the Ninja Turtles I wanted

  • Bluephoenix61

    I found out when I was about 9. I never got what I asked for so I knew something wasn’t right.

  • Anonymous

    See I just asked my dad straight up one day ,
    16 yr old Me: “Hey Pops!”
    Pops: “Yeah”
    16 yr old Me: “Tell me the truth is Santa Clause real?”
    Pops:  “hahahahaha….Hell Na Boy that was alll me”
    16 yr old Me: “sniffel sniffel K”

  • Not funny guys….Santa’s totally real.

  • Dales Droid88

    What do you mean he isn’t real???? One of my school mates in the 3rd grade told me and I was devastated!!

  • When I was 10 and living in an apartment that had a fireplace that was bricked up. I was hoping that Santa would come and give me what I want anyway and then in the morning, I did not get what I wanted.

  • Gary Pasler

    Guess I knew it all along.

  • David Klose

    My Dumb brother blew it for me…

  • Levy7853

    This is my favorite tablet of the current ones out. Of course the Transformer Prime is looking pretty good! Thanks Droid-Life! I love coming to this site, keep up the great work.

  • Never though he was lol bummer 

  • I was like 10 and was starting to get curious. I woke up at like 2 a.m. and mom and dad’s door was closed and locked but the lights were on and i actually broke the door down. There was all mine and my brother’s presents. I was so heart broken I can remember crying my eyes out and them begging me not to tell my brother. Probably the worst Christmas present ever!!!! But this tab would make for a pretty good one.

    P.S. Had to sell my Acer a500 so we could buy my little girl her presents this year.

  • Thunderboltz

    In 1st grade my parents told me that they had gotten it for me instead of telling me santa got them 🙁

  • Thomas Redmond

    i found presents that were later given to me from santa

  • Anonymous

    Stayed up one Christmas to wait for Santa, he did not show up… I was about 10 when I found out…

  • S2

    When i snuck out of my room and hid in the living room and saw my dad bring in presents and ate santas cookies.  was a sad day to be a 9 yr old.  lol

  • When I was about 10 and my brother ruined it for me.  I still play for all my nieces and nephews though!

  • xformulax

    My earliest memories of christmas are of me knowing that santa wasn’t real, and that it was always my uncle rick in a suit… We cherished the idea of christmas, not some fictional fat man.

  • miracleman630

    My mom gave me a book to read where the kids “solved the mystery of Santa” so she wouldn’t have to tell me directly..

  • When I was 5 I got out of bed around midnight and saw my parents furiously wrapping presents and put two and two together.

  • Anonymous

    When my parents told me…:[

  • Anonymous

    When I was about 10 years old and my Dad walked by my open bedroom door with the presents that were being placed under the tree and I happened to wake up, I knew for a fact that Santa wasn’t real. I may have had my suspicians before, but this was concrete proof.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when my punk older brother told me Santa died trying to give me presents so I wouldn’t get any..  I cried all night, so my parents spilled the beans..  I was 5!

  • I just found out Santa isn’t real… awkward…

  • I got a thing of Gak in my stocking, but it was completely dried out. I went into my parents’ bedroom first thing that morning, and told them my Gak was ruined. My dad, half asleep, promptly responded, “Maybe it froze in the car. *OOF* I mean, sleigh.” The *oof* was my mom giving him a sharp elbow to the ribs.

  • Magnus MacGregor

    When I was about 7 or 8, my Dad left a handwritten note from Santa which was obviously in his unique handwriting style.  I did not let on that I knew for a couple of more years, though.

  • Anonymous

    My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so there was never any secret about Santa Claus.  Though I have seen many people around that look like him (that aren’t in costume)…

  • I found out in second grade when I awoke to see my parents stuffing gifts under the tree, instead of the red suited, fat, trespassing bearded guy that always ate my cookies.

  • Jamie Kieffer

    When I was little, I used to put out cookies and milk for santa, and mini carrots for his reindeer. At the age of 8, I woke up on Christmas night to find my mom putting my gifts under the tree, while my father sat on the couch in his underwear, mid-bite into a carrot. Surprise!

  • Sfeld02

    During a hot summer day a cousin of mine, randomly out of the blue, says “you know santa isn’t real right”?

  • freerogers

    I don’t remember exactly.  I just remember I asked my mom about it when I was young, and it was quite upsetting.

  • Lou

    I don’t ever remember believing that Santa was real.  I do remember not trusting the guy though 🙂

  • I found out Santa Claus

  • adroidman

    When I was 15 I stayed up waiting for Santa only to surprise my parents when I was still up.

  • DeeMann

    I was a young kid about 6 years old and santas beard fell off when I pulled it!

  • I snuck out of bed and saw my parents doing everything in the living room.

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real when I was about 10 years old. The grandfather of a friend of mine was actually the Santa Claus at the mall….we put 2 and 2 together.

    Also got reassurance when I decided to take a peak into my parents closet a couple weeks before Christmas, low and behold….JACKPOT!!! All signed Santa Claus. =/

  • kill4kandy

    i found out santa wasnt real when i woke up early one morning and saw my grandparents putting presents under the tree with santas name on them.

  • Outlawbishop

    I was upset but I had my suspicions. After all there are plenty of other people around the world that don’t honor the xmas holiday in favor of their own beliefs right? So then I freaked, because I didn’t want my little sister to find out what I knew. Christmas did then and still does mean a lot to her. Now we’re both parents ourselves, and of course the Santa tradition carries on.

  • I forced it out of my parents when I was 6, but they convinced me to let all the other kids keep believing.

  • when i was 7 my mom asked me what i wanted for christmas to which i responded doesn’t santa do that?  she then said, damn it sorry i could have sworn we told you last year he wasn’t real. 

  • Joey Miranda

    Hate to say it but i was in 5th grade where i grew up in long island, and my parents broke the news to me at the kitchen table 🙁 very sad sad day in my young life, if santa was real than id like a galaxy tab 10.1, a galaxy nexus, and a transformer prime elves make all that before verizon releases them???

  • Billy D

    you know, i never really “found out” he wasn’t real. Come to think of it, I don’t actually know for sure that he isn’t real.

  • I learned that Santa was not real the same time I learned Slash was not real either!

  • When I was 8 and I learned Pig Latin on my own and didn’t tell my mom and grandma until I was 10. 

  • I was deprived…never knew about the Santa, checking lists and coming down chimneys until i hit kindergarten…I was confused when they talked about him :-

  • Wizard

    I was six years old. We were having a Christmas party at my house. My mother had told me that I should go to the bathroom before we start with the presents. I opened the door and saw my uncle on the toilet with santa apparel on. I freaked out, ran to my room, and sat in a corner in disbelief. I didn’t say anything till he was out and giving presents out..I ripped his santa beard off and punched him in the gut. I also got no presents that Christmas day.

  • I snuck downstairs and saw my mom late at night wrapping presents. The next day they were all addressed from “SANTA”

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    It was just two summers ago. I was a young lad, and he was an older, world weary man who liked to tell charming stories to make you feel like you were safe at home in your mother’s arms…

  • Anonymous

    Prove he doesn’t exist

  • Hpickus

    Im a Jew as well but thought Santa was real.

  • When I was getting decorations down from my Grandmother’s attic, she had forgotten my parents had stored my gifts from Santa up there.

  • Mana_V

    It was a hazy time in my childhood….i think i’ve tried to block that realization from my memory 🙂

  • Bjcroteau

    My parents just straight up just told me..kinda sad..no easy way it was just oh by the way Santa isn’t real. lol haha oh well.

  • Funny asked my wife this same question yesterday…when I found a present under the tree from Santa weeks before Christmas

  • I “found out” that Santa was not real when I was like 12 or 13,.. puberty kinda changed my way of thinking and over a period of months I started to realize that santa was not real.

  • Henryx619

    When I was 10 years old I found out the hard way when my dad dressed up as Santa one Xmas and tried to go down the chimney and got stuck -_- fire truck and the whole 911 crew came to visit for Xmas still remember screaming whats wrong with Santa lol

  • Ddecicco3939

    when i was a young boy i thought i saw santas slay in the sky then realized it was a shooting star 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I spotted some Christmas presents in one of my parent’s cars. I’m 28 years old now, so that makes it about 20 minutes ago when that happened.

  • Anonymous

    My older brother crushed my Santa fantasy…….

  • James Necessary

    There wasn’t a “time” or “moment” over a couple years as a kid I noticed when snooping in presents in the closet that they were the same ones I got that “were from Santa.”  Still faked it for a long time for the kid brother and sister.

    Now gimme a tablet, please 🙂

  • I found out santa was not real when i was 10, i was so mad i told my 7 year old sister he was not real and she cried…at 34 i still believe in Santa aka Droidlife…

  • dcurf

    8 years old – bus driver was mad at us for throwing things on the bus on the last day of school before winter break – it was the last thing he said as we were getting off the bus

  • Daniel Whitfield

    When I was 7-8, I found a sticker on my gift Christmas Day that read “Service Merchandise,” needless to say my parents never saw the sticker until it was too late.

  • Mike

    I noticed my dads hand writing was an awful lot like santas

  • Eric Shelley

    Santa is real, though maybe not in the way we thought of him when we were young.  The spirit of Santa is still there, and it is very real.

  • Superyoungg

    when i saw my presents in my parents closet 🙁

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was around 10-years-old only because I could then finally realize that all the signatures from “Santa” were just like my mother’s handwriting!

  • Eman23624

    I found out when I was 13 when my dad was eating the cookies 🙁

  • One of my buddies told me when I was like 7.  I confronted my parents and they tried to BS me.  Finally I made them feel bad until they told me.

  • i was sick one christmas (back when i was like 12) and ended up falling asleep in the living room and my parents didn’t bother to move me into my room. i slightly woke up and saw them placing present under the tree which i later saw they were from “santa” 

  • Mike M

    Found Santa presents under the tree on the 20th.  My mother was over ambitious.

  • Sincere1121

    It was a painful memory at first. I was 8 years old sleeping over my aunts house. She told me to go to bed which was 9PM. I couldnt sleep so i kept my eyes open under the blankets and watched my uncle and aunt wrap presents and place my BMX bike and Simmon says game under the tree. Yes I was confused about the lie but was two distracted by all the awesome gifts. After i opened my gifts they explained the fairy tale. Thanks Santa 🙂 i know your still real..

  • I figured out that Santa wasn’t real when I found the presents my mom had bought sitting in the closet unwrapped several weeks before christmas. She tried to pass it off by saying that Santa delivers them early and that parents are responsible for wrapping them but I didn’t buy it!

  • Daniel Tifft

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was around 10-years-old only because I could then finally realize that all the signatures from “Santa” were just like my mother’s handwriting!

  • I found out when my mom was typing a letter in that fake cursive font on Microsoft Word…then she said it was for her students. Found it on the table Christmas morning :/

  • AdrianR1189

    I was about 7 when my cousin told me.

  • Allie0718

    Entering this contest was my first tweet!

  • chdir

    One year when I caught my mom eating the cookies that were laid out for Santa while she filled the stockings.

  • Never… Santa is real.

  • Anonymous

    the engineering logic just sort of figured it out when I was about 4 or 5

  • Anonymous

    i found out santa wasnt real when i started finding the things i put on my christmas list in my parents closet … “/

  • Jaime

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I didn’t receive the blue power wheels I really wanted one Christmas morning…I wet my bed that morning too. Very disappointing morning for sure.=(

  • Paul Martha

    I looked at my chimney and realized I couldn’t fit in there – no way a fat man could.

    Never mind the flying deer.

  • Raven

    I was a rather precocious kid and a born skeptic.  I honestly don’t think I ever believed in Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy and just figured it was always my parents.  I just kept quiet about it as long as “they” kept bringing me things to make my parents happy.

  • Sparktweek

    My older sister ruined “Santa” for me at a very early age. Presents still arrived on Christmas morning…so I didnt care!

  • It was rather sad. A classmate told me it was my parents, and I cried and told my parents and we had a very short talk. I just recall them being trying to reason with me and explain it all. I stopped crying and was like “oh”. I was 22. (kidding, I was like 11)

  • Caught my parents assembling things and wrapping presents one Christmas Eve.  Still believe in Santa Claus though. 🙂

  • My Mom never painted that fantasy in my brain. I always knew!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t recall exactly when, but no one told me, i just kind of figured out on my own.

  • Sadly, I never believed in Santa 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I had my suspicions, due to be the youngest of 4, so I asked my mom to write “Santa” out in cursive. I then compared my mom’s hand writing to that of  Santa’s on my Christmas presents. Case closed.

  • Installed a (very expensive at the time) camcorder in a wrapping paper box with a whole cut in it to “record” Santa coming down the chimney. Was so proud I told my Dad…oddly the battery “died” at around 11:30 pm despite being plugged into the wall, and the footage was lost. Many maintain that elf magic turned it off, but skeptics will tell you Santa doesn’t exist and honey, isn’t our mortgage payment due soon?

  • When I was 4 and I woke up to get a drink and saw my dad putting the presents under the tree.

  • ToddSTS

    We used to travel to relatives now and then for Christmas, on one such car trip I started thinking and basically asked my parents if he was real or if they just mailed all the presents to our relatives.  They fessed up, but I had to keep pretending for my younger sister who was asleep in car when this conversation happened.

  • I wish I had a sweet sappy memory for the moment I found out Santa wasn’t real but it was more like a slow realization than an “Oh Snap why is mom dressed like Santa”

  • Travis Penick

    I guess I was about 6 years old when I found the stash of gifts my parents had purchased. After looking at all of them and opening some, it clicked.

  • when my parents asked me what i wanted for christmas and I saw them buy it at the mall and have well before the 25 -_-

  • Bwayneharper

    When I was 7 and I slept by the Christmas tree. Mom and dad just thought I was asleep but Christmas morning I let them have it. I just couldn’t help feeling like I had been lied to, but mom and dad wouldn’t do that would they?

  • blkghost

    i found out he wasnt real when i was about 5 years old… i caught my dad getting in the santa suit  in the middle of the night when i needed to go to the restroom. Till this day it is still shocking to me that a little boy’s (me) dream has been shattered.

  • Bolo0106

    found my dad passed out on the couch with a empty bottle of booze. that’ll put you in xmas spirit.!!

  • Seannyboy39

    Found out Santa wasn’t real when I woke up one night and saw my mom putting presents under our tree. It was in the late 80s.

  • km723

    When I got a new next door neighbor. He was the mall santa my parents always took me to see every year. 

  • Court Jeffrey

    I found out when my mom left the receipt for Santa’s gift on the couch at Christmas

  • Imagalvez

    I was 5 and it was at school i was like really thats sad but i was greatful with my parents and gave them the credit they desrved

  • Colby Sweet

    I found out from my brother when I was about 8 years old. ;_;

  • Anonymous

    I have a brother that is 6 years older than me….need I say more! 

  • deano

    thats funny my mom told us that santa  wasnt real when someone stole all of the gifts under the tree so we had no xmas. what a bummer

  • jhamilton12000

    When the note that “Santa” left for me looked suspiciously like my mom’s handwriting…

  • Brian Dudek

    I knew Santa wasn’t real when I found presents from him in my parents closet. Christmas Eve I heard them walking down the hall and I knew something was up

  • My old brother just up and told me one day! Walking down to the bus stop one morning and he’s like “Hey you do know Santa’s not real right?”.

  • I still believe in Santa, there is always hope!

  • Cn

    When my classmate from 1st grade spilled the beans….

  • Ethan Anderson

    Age 8, caught parents messing with the stockings by the fireplace. 

  • I was six and my older brother thought it woyld be funny to tell me the truth

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real from my big sister. We’re still not talking.

  • Caleb Martin

    I found out that Santa wasn’t real as soon as I learned about Santa — my parents didn’t want to lie to me and told me straight up that the presents came from them.

  • I was like 12, saw my mom putting my OG HE-MAN figures and Castle of Grey Skull under the tree….

  • My older brother’s fake Santa beard came off and I realized the real Santa was NOT in my house

  • I realized Santa and my mom had the same handwriting.

  • WarEagleVII

    Wait a minute! Santa isn’t real? What the hell! You’re FOS!

  • Mario Mendez

    I first knew Santa wasn’t real when I was told to put a cup of coffee out for “Santa”. It ended up being my dad.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I came downstairs to find my mom and dad going out to the garage to get the gifts to put under the tree.

  • 4 score and 7 years ago, after santa got done handing out presents he was handed a beer and played a few rounds of cards at the table.

  • Davidsomers23

    I was taught from a young age that Santa was not real and I also heard Santa referred to by my cousins as the yucky foolish man. Love that one!

  • Doug

    My older sister who was jealous I still believed in Mr. Claus

  • I was 9 years old and we had just got home from my Grandparents house on Christmas eve. My parents said we needed to go to bed so Santa would come visit. Instead of quietly going up into the attic to get our gifts, my dad ended up falling down the attic stairs trying to get my shiny new Chrome Redline bike down. The crash of the fall and the screams were so loud that I woke up and ran out to see my dad laying there in pain and my “new” bike all F’ed up. My mom came down in shock of what happened, tended to my dad and the three of us had a “sit down” to discuss the non-existence of Santa. I was so upset but knew I had to put on the act for my little sister. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. 

  • Pasta

    When a punk from elementary school told me the little secret. I bet his mommy told him the truth when he was bad one year.

  • atcjeff

    I’m not sure of the how, but I think my big brother spoiled it for me. I was around 8. Stupid brother!

  • Adam Schuster

    I came downstairs and saw my mom and my cousin putting the gifts under the tree.

  • Anonymous

    My older brother told me Santa wasn’t real when I was about 5 years old. I still cry about it. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was taught about Santa. 🙂

  • I found out santa wasnt real because I lived on the Islands and had no chimney; because my parents always told me what i was getting before christmas. 

  • Anonymous

    When I realized we don’t have a chimney and the tooth fairy was a hoax, I started putting together the pieces. It was very National Treasure-esque.

  • Samvic5

    It was not until the 5th grade.. i felt like such a fool, my mom put from Mom and Dad on all the presents, up until then i thought he was real, my parents used to chew carrots and put them in the front lawn when we were young, drink half of the egg nog, eat half the cookies, and make hoof prints out in front of our house… i was so certian he was real… all until the year 1997… terrible year

  • Drfromnc

    What??? he isn’t real…..

  • Jkbane

    Standing in the lunch line at my elementary school. By buddy told me and I acted like I already knew Santa was not real.

  • RW-1

    Ditto with Joshua.

    We always felt we had something over the Gentiles out there. first off we had 8 nights of gifts, which was perfect for grandparents and parents to give us half our clothing allowance for the next 6 months, then a few toys thrown in.

    And we invented Physicology, to assist those in need of counseling when they learned Santa wasn’t real.  🙂

  • Gmontano74

    When I was 9yrs old….my dad showed up with our presents in garbage bags and said that he was deliverying them to us as a favor for Santa…mom had to tell explain that Santa wasn’t cheap..it was  because he didn’t exist….

  • Realized that it was my uncle who was dressed up in Santa suit handing out presents

  • My Dad tells me that when I was 3, we were making Christmas Cookies, I looked up and said “Santa is not real, but these cookies are”.

  • I was brought up believing in the spirit of St. Nick who was generous to the needy.

  • Michael

    Santa’s not real???

  • I learned that Santa wasn’t real when I wanted my Nexus last week! =)

  • DerickMc

    5th grade. English teacher made us write a short essay on the reason Santa was made up. This was news to me. I cried for days.. at least we still have the Easter Bunny though, Right?

  • I can’t remember how I found out Santa wasn’t real though my daughter doesn’t tell me what she told Santa when I take her.  She only tells you will see.

  • Anonymous

    My older brothers told me out of cruelty when I was 6.

  • Lilward575

    When I was 5 my parent’s just sat me down and was straight forward and told me that santa wasn’t real and that all the presents and everything came from them.

  • Christmas was like new years for me. On Christmas Eve my family would stay up until midnight then eat and open our gifts. I love this tradition and that is how I knew Santa wasn’t real.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I found my hole list I wrote to Santa in my parents closet.

  • Andrew Davis

    Hell, I wasn’t allowed to believe he was real at any time. 

  • I realized he wasn’t real when I almost never got what I asked for.

  • Cool Comment. Gimme Gimme. 

  • Ybdri

    When I saw my mom eating all the cookies I left for him.

  • Tim L

    I knew he wasn’t real when I was 7.  But I kept my mouth shut for years to ensure the gravy train didn’t end.

  • Nicholas Hinkle

    When I was about 8 years old and found all my gifts a couple weeks before Christmas while rifiling through my parents closet. Even got to play with most of them for a good week before they were even wrapped. Gosh I miss that Mattel Electronic Football!

  • In 4th grade, when I raised my hand and asked “So Mrs. Smith, kinda like Santa – you’re hair isn’t really brown is it?” and she agreed that yes, its fake and dyed. Lotta kids dreams were ruined that day!

  • ksat

    Who said Santa isn’t real??  Two Words – PROVE IT!  My son tells me he’s real…along with the Elf on the Shelf who has been caught TP-ing the Christmas Tree, playing Wii, and riding a new LEGO car!  Try and tell me they aren’t real!

  • When I could start to listen and understand.  I have 3 older brothers.  Enough said.

  • i found out there wasn’t a santa when i found my presents under my moms bed when I was looking for the remote….. >_<

  • MattBags

    Saw Santa with his beard off in the mall bathroom right after I took a picture with him.=(

  • I still believe in Santa, LOL

  • Full Of Hart

    I don’t remember when but I firured out that santa couldn’t go around the world in one day.

  • Anonymous

    My older sister.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also Jewish, but my parents failed to mention that Santa wasn’t real… some kids at my Hebrew school told me the truth one day when I was about 8. 🙁 I may or may not have cried…

  • Anonymous

    At the age of like 6 my brother showed me where our parents hid the presents in their closet and they were already marked from Santa. Didn’t care that he wasn’t real though cause my brother also showed me how to lift the tape to see what we were getting.

  • What?!? You’re telling me Santa isn’t real! Geez whiz.

  • David H Townsend

    Driving around with the kiddos checking out the Xmas lights!

  • I just kinda figured it out….mostly because i was really into science and just thought how absurd the whole Santa thing was.

  • Simply stayed awake and ruined it for myself.

  • I found out in 5th grade from some of my friends in school.  I ended up ruining it for my brother (who would love this tablet…it’ll be his Christmas gift if I win!)

  • Anonymous

    Wait… SANTA ISN’T REAL??!!!!

    @zbaltrip on twitter

  • Dont remember when, I think i heard it from kids at school.

  • I think i was in 1st grade when 5th graders on the bus told me that santa wasn’t real

  • in hebrew school 😉

  • Oh he’s real, he’s just kinda a dick about the whole “naughy/nice” thing.

  • I had my real dad Santa. By 7 or 8 I knew there was not a real Santa 

  • JMan1234

    In the 2nd grade, the school bully stood up on the last day of school before our break and yelled Santa isn’t real! Everyone started crying and the teacher yelled. My parents were certainly not happy but life went on.

  • When i first realized Santa wasnt real (at least in his modern form) i was pretty young, maybe 8ish.   but when it finally happened, my younger sister was standing there and just said “Duhhh”


    Happy Holidays! 

  • Mustang5Oh

    I couldn’t sleep so decided to go downstairs to see if Santa came only to see my parents putting gifts under the tree. I believe I was 7 or 8.

  • when i was 8 i heard screams downstairs to find my mother and santa having a little to much fun with each other

  • cousin spoiled it bc his parents never had santa bring him anything

  • Bwosotowsky

    I found out by searching the house for presents year after year and my parents running out of excuses on why Santa stored my gifts under their bed.

  • I found my dad talking in his sleep on the sofa next to the Christmas tree with presents from Santa all around him, he had fallen asleep while putting them under the tree, that pretty much did it.

  • Unfortunately, I was never raised to believe Santa was real 🙁 I was able to keep it a secret from all my friends though!

  • I think it happened when I was about 10 and saw my mom wrapping presents for my siblings. She told me not to tell them what she got them. I figured it was no big deal. Then on Xmas morning, those same presents were labeled as being “from Santa”. Mind. Blown.
    Of course from then on it became my mission to find out the hiding locations of future gifts. A well-placed Galaxy Tab used as a spy camera would have certainly come in handy back then! So please, Droid Life, let me get my hands on one to spy on Santa this year.

  • Jared Pannell

    I saw momma kissing Santa Claus… and it was my dad

  • Gary DiFilippo

    When I realized our chimney had been blocked up for years.

  • Anonymous

    I found out when my sister caught my parents putting presents under the tree >.<

  • ahaha oh man, I remember I put things together in my head when I was searching my house for my “Jingle All The Way: Turbo Man Doll” (I wish I was making that up). I started wondering why my parents always shopped around Xmas if Santa brought all the gifts. I found the doll in a basement closet and the illusion of Santa was forever ruined for me.

  • Anonymous

    A friend in school told me and it made sense because I found presents meant for me and my sister under my parents’ bed. That Christmas was bitter sweet.

  • Geran Smith

    I found out in Middle School from some jerk.

  • When I made my mom admit it to me. Then I slapped her and took her beer. 8 was a tough age for me…

  • Anonymous

    I was never told he was real but my parents would always say santa would come if i was good even though they knew i knew he wasnt real.

  • Adam

    I’m Jewish, thus I always knew haha.

  • I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness so there never was a Santa Clause

  • I knew he wasn’t real at a real young age. I can’t even remember how i found out.

  • Utahcon

    My friends were discussing the facts at school, I wasn’t crushed, but I still can’t get over that strange gentleman standing in my living room all those years kissing my mother… 

  • Anonymous

    I was 8 and it was completely anticlimactic. I had reasoned in my mind that no one could do that in a day and that magic was BS. My parents confirmed my thoughts.

    I still thought I could become a mutant like the X-men though. Ah, childhood…

  •  i be zero

  • Scott Bowman

    I don’t remember. It must have been too traumatic…

  • DrScrubs

    Sadly, my family never went with the story of Santa. I still believe in the spirit of Christmas!

  • im muslim . . . but i still love to sit on Santas lap

  • nwd1911

    Kids at school told me.

  • Cory

    Santa isn’t real? WTF! Next you are going to tell me that elves don’t make all the toys!

  • When i saw my xmass presents that where from santa in my parents room.

  • Im jewish so it was fairly easy for my rents to convince me that santa wasn’t real.  I got to tell the other little kids that he wasn’t real. +1 for the jews

  • Anonymous

    The magic was destroyed when I found my presents in an upstairs closet.  Wow, that’s nearly as an exciting story as I thought it might be.

  • When i ran down stairs and saw santa, proceeded to tackle him and punch him in the face, and then my dad grounded me :/

  • Anonymous

    That old episode of I Love Lucy where they all dress up like Santa

  • Nathan Kosakowski

    Usually presents appeared under the tree when we returned home from family dinner.  Until the year my parents asked for my help bringing them out…wha?! that closet!? they are?! oh man…  but i sucked it up and carried on the tradition for the younger siblings. 

  • Alan T.
  • Anonymous

    I knew Santa wasn’t real because I never got any of the loot I asked for…. really, who wants clothes for Christmas?  

  • When I was little my dad was a police officer.  He put on a Santa suit and ran around our backyard while holding a road flare.  When he came inside, my childhood was crushed.

  • Around the first grade. After figuring out the Easter bunny was a sham I would shout “I don’t believe in Santa Claus” every time I was alone assuming that if he really could always see you, he’d know and not bring me presents… still got presents but I kept up the act for years to come as the presents were great!

  • Wburttram

    When my dad suggested that Santa preferred beer instead of milk.

  • I foud out that Santa was not real when I was 10… I found a door to a crawl space in my mother’s closet.. it was loaded with unwrapped toys. Christmas Day I unwrapped the same toys.. didn’t take much to put two and two together.

  • When he made a surprise visit to my house and then left on a Harley, something seemed strange.

  • Anonymous

    I was around ten and I got really good at guessing what santa was bringing me, finally my parents asked me how I knew there wasnt a santa and it was them all along… so basically they outted themselves.

  • David Smith

    I’m half Jewish and half Christian, I’ve believed sometimes out of convenience
    for gifts 😉 However, when I was young, I did notice my parents shuffling around and running to stack presents. They were super fast!

  • santa is real .. dressed with pink trim. rebadged as droid life and giving out tablets like candy.. you just have to believe.. but for the other guy i was 7

  • Jteek2000

    When I was 8 my sister and I found the stash of presents a few days before Xmas and the jig was up !

  • I found out there was no Santa when I was 5 years old.
    I woke up in the middle of the night and was scared because I left my favorite purple stuffed bean bunny at school. I remember crying over it!
    My parents were putting the gifts out in the living and I could smell the fire place burning.
    I can’t remember if they let me have one present or not before going back to bed; of course with clean sheets.
    I do think I woke up my sister too from crying; she slept on the top bunk and of course I was on the bottom.
    But thats when I knew there was no santa.

  • I never had a chimney as as kid…

  • Tragically, my family never let me in on the Santa illusion to begin with.

  • When I had a little brother, and my mom forced me to help wrap presents. 

  • Michelle R.

    I found out when I went to kindergarten.  A boy in my class spilled the beans.  I probably helped spread the bad news like wildfire after since I was so shocked.

    Here’s my tweet! 🙂

  • QtDL

    I was 4. I realized it when I noticed the writing on the To/From gift tags looked like my parent’s writing.

  • Anonymous

    when I woke up to my parents filling my stocking 🙂

  • Tucker Cady

    Never got a chance to believe in the magic of Santa. Was told from the very beginning that my parents worked hard to provide what they could.

  • Anonymous

    Age 9. I didn’t tell Santa what I wanted, and found the hiding place.

  • I still believe that Santa is real. He is one of the joys of winter and the holiday season that is in all of us. He is anywhere and every where.

  • My Sister told me when I was 4 because she was mad that I stole her Oreos.

  • When I was 8 Santa came to see me all dressed in his red suit, but he wore the same tennis shoes as my grandpa…and if that wasn’t a give away, my grandma dropped him off!?!

  • Shayna

    I’m Jewish…  we have the Hanu-mouse or Hanukkah Harry…  But mostly we just have crazy mothers who gave us presents as kids. (And let us know it!)   🙂

  • MikeM

    When i askesd my parents. They didn’t let me believe in anything. =[

  • Santa was never real. The elfs on the other hand… very real

  • I was 6 years old and staying with my dad for the holidays and woke up to him putting gifts under the tree.  He did have a Santa’s hat on though.  The thing is, I was sleeping in the living room on his hide-a-bed couch.  He was being a little loud.

  • rende90

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 12; my parents decided to have a party with a few friends, woke me up at 12am and said, “its your turn to wrap presents this year”

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was really naughty one year and I got toss instead of coal in my stocking.

  • when i realized santa and my mom had the same wrapping paper and the same handwriting i put it all together

  • Anonymous

    My parents simply refused to let me believe that Santa was real, so I was deprived a childhood

  • Amberite

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when they circumcised me. Now give me my Galaxy Tab! 😉

  • The internets can be a cruel, cruel place…

  • Anonymous

    When I noticed Santa sounded and looked and acted different depending on which mall I saw him at.

  • Angel Roldan

    When my sister told me one day after i made her mad-_-

  • Stephen D

    I was 7. I was pretty smart and mature for my age. I was beginning to doubt Santa, and one day I was in the car with my parents. I simply told them I had my doubts and asked if he were real, and they told me no. I had a lot of fun believing in Santa, so I never told my younger sister. One time, we had to go to our grandfather’s for something. He lives across the street, and my parents hid the presents at his house. He wasn’t home, but earlier, he had moved the presents out into the open and my parents didn’t know. I can’t remember why he did that, but my sister saw some of our gifts. I convinced her that he was an elf who helped Santa out xD Good times. 

  • stacey

    when my brother told me 

  • i found out santa wasn’t real when i found all my presents early.

  • The Race To Die

    caught my mom making boot prints from ash on a towel placed in front of the chimney.


    I found all my presents in the trunk of my moms car….

  • Jim Sheeran

    When I set booby traps and caught my parents.

  • I caught my dad eating the cookies I put out for santa. He then explained to me the truth. He is santa. 

  • JBStPete

    Once my older brother and sister knew.

  • James Friedman

    Word spread like wildfire amongst friends…sadly kris kringle was no more!

  • SomeGuy

    Back when I was 8, i woke up to go to the bathroom and I saw my parents were putting the presents under the tree. So they sat me down and told me. My mom also said that she swallows. I told her that you do have to swallow food…I didn’t get it until I was about 10 and I’m still scarred for life…

  • Anonymous

    I was crushed until i realized i still got presents!

  • I had the flu one week and I went downstairs to the only bathroom in the house and saw my mom placing presents with my sisters under the tree. I remember hearing my sister say “oh crap, we’re busted, guess we better tell him!” So during my night of puking my brains out I found out Santa wasn’t real.

  • I think when I saw my NES system hiding in the garage that I asked for from Santa.

  • Santa currently lives with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa in South America. I thought this was common knowledge…

  • Dan C

    When I slept under the tree at age 6 to find the sneaky man in red! When my parents woke me, I thought it meant that Santa had skipped us. I freaked out and they had to explain it to settle me down.

    Fun times.

  • Drive2fast

    What? Santa isn’t real? Thanks for ruining it for me! Hope my lateness on that front doesn’t disqualify my though.

  • Sean Maloney

    My parents never said he was real, so I saw him as just another holiday mascot like the Easter Bunny and the Lucky Charms leprechaun.  🙂

  • Found my mom putting the presents out under the tree after my brother and I fell asleep in front of the tree. I always had a feeling something wasn’t right. If I don’t win, Santa is punishing me for peeking…

  • Bs_thinker

    Santa used the same wrapping paper as mom and dad did.  

  • I found out when I woke up early to get a sneak peak at my presents and santa wasnt putting them under the tree 

  • Carlos Baldera

    At age 9, i got hit with the double wammy. No santa and no easter bunny! That was a sad year 🙁

  • Nicole Watkins

    I found out at 7 from my mom when she was “mailing my letter to Santa.” I just looked at her and said, “You’re Santa, aren’t you.” I wasn’t particularly broken up about it 🙂

  • Daniel Budzenski

    When I sat down at the computer and my parents had a receipt for what I had asked for sitting next to it. 

  • Anonymous

    I found out st nick the man in red wasn’t real when I was six mainly because I thought it was strange he was Vietnamese like myself when all the pictures and movies he was Caucasian instead of Asian. Hopefully I can win this and be a new school Viet Santa to my fiancée who wants a tab.

  • 6 years old, woke up one morning, ran to the Christmas tree, saw no presents, started ballling, woke up hungover parents, dad in boxers goes to his hiding spot and pulls out unwrapped presents…. disappointed but still glad I got something…. my brother 3 years younger took it much harder. 

  • Rymanh24

    I was 10, I saw Santa’s disco stick and knew he wasn’t real.

  • Anonymous

    It was my 11th birthday.  I set my alarm to try and catch santa delivering the presents.  Caught my dad standing next to the tree with a beer in hand instead….

  • My parents told me from day 1 there was no Santa! What a bummer. I let my kids enjoy Santa as long as they could.  My kids just turned 10 and they just found out there is no Santa. 

  • Anonymous

    When the Santa at the mall got arrested for being intoxicated in public. 

  • I just asked my mom one year and she asked me what I believed then told me I was right

  • Mark Wilk

    Around 8 when I started doing deductive reasoning on the existence of Santa and how he was able to come down the chimney (which led to a furnace in the basement) unscathed and unnoticed. The presents he delivered didn’t have char marks or burns from passing through a furnace which they most certainly would in any other situation. That’s when I realized I was and would always be a nerd.

  • s2k_848

    I was around 8 years old when I pretended to be sound a sleep.  Found my parents in the lower level wrapping up all my gifts.  That was a crusher…but was still too excited about all the presents I was getting.  Next year, I just told them what I wanted and that I know Santa wasn’t real.

  • Anonymous

    I was 7 and found out from some jerk at school. But enjoying his return for my own children.

  • branshaw09

    If you don’t believe, you won’t receive is what my parents always told me.

  • J Dub

    Who knows? When I got smart enough to think critically for myself…which was 4.

  • Anonymous

    I have 3 boys ranging from 4-11.  Santa is still real!

  • Grendelsbacon

    I literally saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, and then I told my Dad…

  • Matthew Fura

    December 24th, 1988.  It was a snowy, dark, cold night.  I knew Santa would be coming soon and I wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to miss my house in the storm.  I went to bed, pretending to sleep, and waited for my parents to go to bed.  When they did, I got dressed as warm as I could and crawled out the attic window to get the roof and wait for Santa.  I had a flashlight and the milk and cookies I had left out.  The night passed and Santa never came.  That next Christmas day, while in the ER, recovering from the hypothermia that had set in from the night spent on the roof, my parents told me that there was no Santa and that they were the ones who had been putting the presents under the tree each year.  I was devastated.  All those hours on my roof, waiting in the cold and snow, and the bastard never came.   

  • Rthompson2

    When “Santa’s” handwriting matched the handwriting of my mother…

  • Irrational Man

    Can it be Tablet tiem plx?

  • a kid in 3rd grade told me he found all his x-mas presets every year, and that Santa didn’t exist… pretty sure I punched him. 😛

  • When I was 6.  I have two older sisters who liked to ruin my life as much as possible.  I was surprised they waited until I was 6 to tell me.

  • It was when I had to start sneaking gifts under the tree as Santa. It was a fun changing of the guard for me.

  • Suzmoss63

    What do you mean Santa isn’t real? 🙂

  • df2rools

    im jewish, santa was never real to me

  • Anonymous

    I was 8 when my neighbor told me, he was asking if I knew what to get his 6 year old son. I never talked yo my parents about it, still get one present a year wrapped from Santa.

  • Derek Ross

    I found out from the tooth fairy.

  • T

    When i was 7 years old, friend of mines family left town for business and so he spent xmas with us. we stayed up all night on xmas eve waiting for him to stop by, we caught my parents filling the stockings and putting presents under the tree. Then watched my dad eat the cookies and drink the milk we left for santa claus

  • Bobby A

    I found out by waking up in the middle of the night and finding my parents putting presents under the tree. Sad day

  • Philip Van Luke

    Are these the kind of moments people are supposed to remember? I got a BMX for christmas when i was like 7 and I knew it was from my dad. so i must have been at least 6 but i do not remember the details whatsoever.

  • David Hayden

    Of course Santa is real, what are you guys talking about?

  • Nick Hare

    My mom and dad just told me one day. lol  no big event where I caught them.  I think it was because my older siblings were going to tell me anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d go find all the gifts that were hidden and realized that they were marked as from Santa on Christmas.

  • Found out on the street corner.

  • Taylor Levesque

    I was 8 when I finally realized that it was my parents who bought me presents. Especially when they started to ask for my list directly.

  • Shannon Curtis

    I was eight and found our Xmas presents in my parents closet and when I unwrapped them on Xmas day the tags said from Santa. 

  • Jameyny692

    I had an older brother who gleefully ruined it for me when I was 6 or 7

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real on the same day that I realized my mom didn’t mind shattering childhood dreams if she had a rough day at work.

  • Mitch Sears

    I was eight, and my sunday school teacher was pretty stressed with the holiday season and went on a 10 minute tirade about how Santa ruined the true meaning of christmas, etc. etc. It ultimately ended with an entire class of young kids getting told by an angry yelling woman Santa wasn’t real.

  • My mother told me then asked my relatives they told me the same thing I still didn’t believe them either. Long live Santa

  • Anonymous

    My mom told me one year. Don’t remember how old I was buy I cried for a week

  • Mark Christian

    I dont remember when/where explicitly, but I was pretty young when I found out as I recall.

  • Kevin Alt01

    At about 10 years old I realized that the chimney we had went into the basement. No fireplace and no door. Asked my parents how santa clause got in, and they said the front door. Anyways caught my parents taking presents out of their bedroom closet that year!

  • MJ Lindamood

    I found out when I was 7 by finding my presents in my parents closet. Xmas morming I got those same presents and put the puzzle together.

  • Rcl5113

    Day i decided to stay awake and meet him, parents got so tired they said he was not real, grabbed the gifts out of there room, put them under the tree and went to bed.  

  • it was some jerk kid at school.  Party pooper 🙂

  • Rmoon

    Can’t even remember probably kids at school

  • My parents dragged me in to their bedroom where my 3 older brothers were waiting, they told me about how they were really Santa, I started crying..my 3 older brothers started laughing. Good times.

  • ki113r_Z3r0

    When I found the Christmas present in the attic and confronted my brother about it who later open all the present and he snitch me out lol. Mom try to covered it up by saying up he delivered early but dad straight out say there no santa stop lying to the boy. I got to keep all the present 7 day early. Lol Next year was a Easter hunt to find the present

  • Xanthian

    …the internet.

  • Silentmajority

    I’m Jewish, so Santa was never real to me.  However I was crushed to learn Hannukah Harry was not real and that it was actually my mom who was giving me socks as a gift.   Sorry for cursing your name Harry!!

  • Anonymous

    i found out santa wasn’t real from the (fake) santa at the mall. i was being a bit of a cocky i guess and he leaned in a whispered in my ear ” you know santa is just make believe for little kids right?” I dont remember much else but a lot of crying. That was the last year you ever caught me anywhere near a wierdo in a santa costume. 

  • Anonymous

    Gradually figured it out

  • Anonymous

    When my wife told me I had to be Santa and get up in the middle of the night, move presents from out of hiding, and get them under the tree without waking everyone up! (And while trying to keep the dog from giving it away).

  • Gastripod

    Probably around 1977, my dad had me work a Christmas party his local union was hosting for the community. Tons of toys and games were donated by various groups and being handed out to the neighborhood kids. That day I learned that Santa was a fat steelworker with a receding hairline and a drinking problem.

  • Koreanboijr

    when i was 4 years old, i remember asking santa what i want for christmas and i accidentally pulled on the beard and it came right off.

  • Brandito

    One year I wanted to leave peanut butter cookies for Santa.  My mom said Santa doesn’t like peanut better cookies.  I asked why and she said “Because I’m Santa and I don’t like them.  Now shhh, don’t tell your sister.”

  • I was never taught to believe in Santa.

  • i found out he wasnt real when i stayed up on christmas eve waiting for him  when i was 7

  • Deslotnick

    This was never an issue. We found out early on that we were Jewish!

  • Tommyboy585

    When I was 8 I found my parents putting presents under the tree after they thought I was asleep.

  • Santa is real as along as I believe him to be..and as long as he continues to exploit my pocketbook each holiday season 

  • Frankyvalentino

    I’m an engineering student, I kinda puzzled it out when I was a ‘wee-lad’

  • Eli173d

    every year we have a family pot luck for xmas. my dad had a little too much to drink one family pot luck and spilled the beans to all my cousins, siblings and everyone got quiet and just listened as my uncle tried stopping my dad.. but he kept going on an on.. lol

  • Anonymous

    I found out shortly after my older sister found out. She loved to point out how much more she knew with her big brain.

  • When I didn’t get what i wanted for Christmas one year when I was younger lol.

  • Bigslam

    I found out when my brother and I found all the gifts in the trunk of our parents car. Very sad.

  • Anonymous

    I found out just two weeks ago, on the CNN replay of the Chicago news anchor who blurted it out for the whole world to hear.  🙂    🙂   🙂

  • Andrew Jay

    I honestly don’t remember when this happened for me.  Must not have been that big a deal for me.

  • Anonymous

    I never believed in Santa, so I avoided that disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    Well I think I was like 8 or 9.  On Christmas morning My mom kept saying to my older sisters… “glad you like that.. i thought you would like that so i got you… .. oops .. I mean.. I bet Santa really thought you would like that”… After one mess up.. ok.. I was still believing… but after 10 or 20 mess ups.. I caught on. However… i played along for years after, because Santa’s presents were always the best!

  • Eric_r_jennings

    I think I was 8 when my friend confirmed my suspicions of Santa being fake. That’s why I’m dressing up as Santa next week for a kids daycare. Keepin’ the dream alive.

  • Jacobneves

    I think I found out Santa wasent real when I Google it…

  • lilschil

    when i was 6 and my 13 year old brother and i had to convince my 12 year brother Santa wasn’t real.

  • Anonymous

    my brother, mother, and myself were at the mall when i was probably around 9? i know my brother had asked Santa for Skate or Die! for the c64.  on the way home from the mall, however, i saw him in the front seat reading the back of the box.  prior to this event the seeds of doubt had already been planted into my mind by some mean people.  this was all of the fertilization those seeds needed to ruin the magic for me.  i miss you Santa.

  • my parent’s never let me believe that Santa was real

  • Anonymous

    I woke up one christmas eve and started yelling “MOM!” forgetting it was christmas and all my relatives started rushing up the stairs with wrapping paper behind their backs…

  • Confused2much

    When my mom told me I was too old to still believe 🙁

  • Radgatt

    I found out santa wasn’t real when I was 8. I got a call from santa because he found out I was being bad. He threatened to skip my house on his deliveries. I looked around the corner and saw my dad talking on the phone. I then realized that santa wasn’t real. It made me sad that he wasn’t really it still haunts me to this day…

  • Anonymous

    Found out when I was 8. I was awake waiting for Santa and saw
    him come up the stairs and into my parents room saying “ Honey I’m home”.

    So very confusing for an 8 year old. 

  • Anonymous

    I was 10 years old and driving with my mom. I knew but had to confirm. I just asked and she gave in. I was/am so bummed

  • Anonymous

    Went to go sneak and see how many presents were under the tree in the middle of the night when I was 6, and I saw my dad eating the cookies and placing the presents under the tree. I was then given THE TALK….    : (

  • I was sick sleeping on my moms bed home from school and had to throw up and i rolled over to the side of the bed by wall and threw up on all the presents that said from santa on them that my mom had wrapped and left there.

  • Next door neighbor’s older brother ratted Santa out.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw my sister’s doll house in the back of my parent’s car.  Maybe 10?

  • I actually stayed up all night when I was younger and he didn’t come…I had asked him for something easy; an army Legos set. So when I got a ridiculously awesome GI-Joe set instead from my parents, I realized that even if he was real, my parents had the ability to get me way better gifts! I made a conscious decision that I would nag them from now on!

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I finally decided to do some snooping. I set an alarm quiet enough to not notify my parents, but loud enough to wake me up. I walked to the ledge of my stairs and saw my parents putting the presents around the tree.

  • Not real? Noooooooooo!!!

    I don’t remember a specific moment when I found out. I think it just happened over the years.

  • Bygalvez

    I would like to think he is real and that he is bringing me a Galaxy Nexus (or a Galaxy Tab)

  • 4th grade spanish teacher. the whole class was crying. it was epic.

  • Michael Clark

    I was probably about 8-9 years old when I found out….my Dad was setting up a bike for me on the night of the 24th and he tripped over a tool and fell right into the tree, waking everyone up.  Sad to find out about Santa, but happy with the bike!

  • Good Luck to all

  • A.C.

    I found out when I set up a trap for him to get to my stocking…poor grandma =/.

  • I was about 10, and as I always did, I got up early to check out the gifts Santa left. Unfortunately, there was nothing under the tree, and as I was walking back to bed, I hear my mom opening the front door with bags full of gifts that she had gotten out of the car. My poker face was strong.

  • When the mall Santa smelled more like my grandpa’s bar than gingerbread and winter.

  • Zach

    Over time as they would slip up and say things like “you like it? I wasn’t sure if you wanted that one or the other…….uh…er….I mean…..never mind, open up another gift.” Then you have to pretend you believe otherwise your scared christmas may end. Oh to be a kid again.

  • Growing up I found the stash where my parents kept all the presents and year after year I never got anything that wasn’t all ready there.

  • Anonymous

    Santa is real. No one has been able to disprove it. Santa will visit me 31 years straight, keeping the record flawless. I can sense it.

  • 10yck

    Really?  Don’t be goofing on me like that.

  • Terry Kent Jarrard, Jr

    Saw my parents take stuff into the living room late one Christmas night that was from Santa that morning.  Never told them though.  Didn’t want to ruin a good thing. 🙂

  • Never believed in Santa to begin with. 

  • When i was a little kid and never got any gifts from Santa.

  • Anonymous

    When I was about 7.  I don’t think my parents could live the lie any more and came clean…

  • Anonymous

    Got caught snooping around looking for presents when my mom told me that he is real. And neither is the Easter Bunny nor Tooth Fairy…

  • Infamouscipher

    I wanted come on I never win anything ever 🙁 and it’s Christmas and I do believe in Santa 😀 you guys are or at least have the potential to be my Santa 😀 oh and I haz no tweeter 🙁

    • Infamouscipher

      I meant to say “want it” see I can’t even spell I need this because it probably has zeh spell checks

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I couldn’t get everything I circled out of the Toys R Us book. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • just as i got my brand spanking new Ninja Turtles toy.. my mom and dad decided to sit me down (on XMAS) and explain to me santa wasnt real. Needless to say, I was crushed.. and still am.

  • SweetDreams023

    On Christmas, my brother and I found the stash of gifts in the closet under the stairs. When Christmas morning came and all the gifts were laid out under the tree from Santa, my brother and I recognized some of the gifts that we had found earlier. We pretended we hadn’t seen them before and played along for years, believing in Santa, so our parents would still buy us more gifts! LOL 🙂

  • When I was 7 and found presents already wrapped in the closet.

  • Anonymous

    A kid told at school told me Santa isn’t real.  When I went home and told my parents this they replied “well he isn’t”  I felt this was a little harsh for an 8 year old

  • Since I was born, I knew Santa wasn’t real. My family isn’t Jewish, but we celebrate the biblical holidays, so that would be Hanukkah. My parents have always told me that he wasn’t real, and that the real “reason for the season,” is about Jesus (Yeshua) being born.

  • I still believe Santa is real, duh. Whats next, you’re going to tell me that the Galaxy Nexus isnt coming out tomorrow?

  • Deverex1317

    My brother showed me the present closet…

  • Anonymous

    My dad handed me and my sister a trash bag with presents in it while he was still in his military uniform. Then he said sorry santa isnt real but here are your christmas presents.

  • Anonymous

    When he didn’t show up to light the menorah

  • Peter Mark

    I found my parents were putting the presents out one year.

  • Lawr Michael

    When my sister and I stayed up to wait for Santa, but Santa didn’t have a beard or red coat. He was a bald guy in his underwear with a striking resemblance dad.

  • I was about 8 and heard my mom and dad arguing late at night on X-mas Eve and distinctly remember my dad saying (actually yelling) “Santa Clause is not real anyways, so why does it matter!!”.  I wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince my mom of this fact or some other nefarious reason.

  • Anonymous

    My parents told me when I was young…

  • Jeradclark

    I was joking about it with my friends “haha what if Santa wasn’t real”, and some older neighbor girl told me to be quiet about it, that her little brother didn’t know yet. I rode away on my bike devastated and confused 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I kinda just figured out on my own that he wasn’t real when I was around 9 or 10 years old.

  • Anonymous

    I found out he wasn’t real when I discovered the gifts hiding the behind my parents’ bed. There went the dream.

  • They told me that it was one of Santa’s reindeer that ran over Grandma that Christmas Eve… It wasn’t till last Christmas when I looked at Grandpa’s license plate and saw DASHER that I put two and two together.

  • When I was old enough to realize that the handwriting was the same as my mom’s and dad’s.   

  • Anonymous

    My dad had injured his right hand and had a bunch of stitches, while he was recovering he wrote out a grocery list and I noticed that it was the same writing on all the “santa” gifts

  • I found out he wasn’t real one night when I was spending the night at my grandparents house with my brother and we heard the music to Quantum Leap in the family room.  We bust out to go watch it and see Grandpa with presents in his hand saying To Us:(bro and I) From: Santa…

    All because of Scott Bakula and his amazing acting skills.

  • kretz7

    My friends told me at a very young age. I still “believe” in him though, who else brings me gifts…

  • Anonymous

    Kind of a funny story. On Christmas morning, when I was still pretty young I said “mommy howcome Santa’s writing looks exactly like yours, he kinda writes like a girl.” She tried to tell me it was because he had Mrs clause write on all the gifts, and I would have believed her had my stepfather not been laughing his ass off hysterically….. good times 🙂

  • Peter Palumbo

    I found out that Santa wasn’t real when my entire 3rd grade class laughed at me 🙁

  • Jorge

    There was no Santa in Mexico, our at least the poor place I was born

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think i ever thought santa was real because nobody tried to tell me he was

  • I think i was like 10 when i heard my parents carrying the presents downstairs one night.

  • Just now…

  • TrojanFan

    Found out Mr. Claus wasn’t real like most kids do — From my big brother, who in a fit of rage after a nasty drag-out fight, dropped the bomb on me when his physical pummeling wasn’t enough.  Don’t worry, we’re now great friends and laugh about it.  

  • Ben

    Santa wasn’t a major fixture in my home growing up.  Sure, he brought presents every year, but I don’t think I ever had a picture taken on his lap as a child.  Besides, “Mom and Dad” always bought the best presents!

  • Ufcjeff

    i was 11 while in bed thought i heard santa but when i went down stairs to catch santa saw my mom and dad putting gifts under the tree

  • I never really believed in santa. I lived in a house trailer so there was no chimney for ‘santa’ to come down. Never had to endure that tragedy. 

  • Nate Davidson

    I refuse to believe Santa isn’t real. Even since I moved out, presents addressing me from Santa appear under my stocking each year. Ergo. He’s real.

  • My best friends older sister told me he wasnt real when we were about 8.  I told her I was asking santa for her to kiss me….  Whaaa whaaa whaaaaaa.  Never got the Kiss. 

  • He didn’t eat the cookies…

  • Mycousins told me santa passed when I was 5 just to make me cry :'(

  • One year after christmas, I heard my mom on the phone saying how she picked out the perfect gift for me.  On the present it said from Santa.  I was about 9.

  • 12/14/12 at 12:44pm by reading and entering this contest.  to make up for it, you have to pick me to win the prize!

  • Worm

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 8 when my cousin, who was a year older, spilled the beans. However, I pretended I still believed until I was 15. 7 extra years of double presents and it kept my Mother happy. Win win

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    One year my old man had dressed as santa and my brother and I caught him putting presents out. He tried to play it off but robbed us of our belief in santa hence forth…. lol

  • when playing hide and seek with my sisters, my top secret hiding spot was already being used…by “santa”. I pulled out my toys that i was supposed to be getting on christmas and started playing with them…boy was “santa” mad when she got home.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll kindly accept your free gifts and will gladly be a shill on Twitter for it. I say good day.

  • Matt

    When I saw the Lego pirate ship in my dads car, didn’t say anything and then got it from Santa. 🙂

  • Dan Schnell

    I was about 10.  I decided to put a walkie-talkie talking under the christmas tree skirt and heard my parents put the gifts underneath.  No more christmas gifts from santa after that..


  • when playing hide and seek with my sisters, my top secret hiding spot was already being used…by “santa”. I pulled out my toys that i was supposed to be getting on christmas and started playing with them…boy was “santa” mad when she got home.

  • Socalokie

    The  mean kids at school smashed my santa dreams…

  • Tnuts22

    I found out when I was playing hide and seek with my brother ….. found my presents stacked in the back of my parents closet …. not a good xmas for a 5 year old 🙂

  • Jmonteiro829

    I found out when I was about 10 that he was not real.  My Uncle would dress up as him every year and when I was 10 I noticed the sneakers as soon as he walked in the door…. I stopped and yelled…. “THAT’s NOT SANTA …. IT’s UNCLE STEVEN!”

  • When I saw presents marked as being from Santa before Christmas.

  • Eli

    I can’t remember the exact age, but I caught my parents putting my presents under the tree and were eating the cookies and milk I left.

  • I found out Santa when my mother started lableling presents “From JESUS” WTF!! LOL

  • def a jew =(

  • Chris Brinkley

    when santa and mom’s handwriting became noticeably similar to me.  my discovery was quickly swept under the rug and never spoken of again.

  • No Christmas for me. lol 🙂

  • Cwflemister

    I caught my friends father dressing up as Santa one year, never could believe after that!

  • Kent Burton

    I seen momma kissing santa

  • Anonymous

    I kinda suspected it from when I was 5, but actually was sure when I read it in one of the pendragon books I think in 6th grade, maybe 5th.

  • Those assholes in the 6th grade told the (at the time) 8 year old me that santa wasn’t real. Hard times in the elementary school..

  • i found out santa wasnt real when i was about 8 years old. my dad woke up late and forgot to put the presents under the tree. i woke up and realized my brother and i didnt get any presents and asked my dad what happened. he said to look in his closet. christmas ruined forever!

  • Anonymous

    When I saw a present that was previously in my parent’s closet (tucked away) show up Christmas morning as from “Santa.” Still, it was nice the following year helping play Santa for my younger brother.

  • I realized santa wasnt real over a number of years and it still hurt when i finally said it to myself.

  • Found out when i read this thread, but always had my suspicions…. never get what i want for Christmas, thought i was always naughty

  • I was 7 or 8 and I heard noise downstairs, i came down to see if it was santa and it was my grandparents wrapping the gifts.

  • Anonymous

    Santa is real. And I’m sticking to that story.

  • Nicholas McDonnell

    I found out Santa wasn’t real early in life. When I saw my mom staying up late sipping wine while she wrapped presents. B-b-busted.

  • Jareth Kelly

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I got a helmet mark, from Santa, at the age of 5.

  • No clue.  freakin’ pick me.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was told Santa wasn’t real by my brother when I was about 4. It was a crushing experience. Lol

  • Ardiac

    I guess I’m just smart – or a really good sneak – I knew it was my parents all along! (Santa’s handwriting was the same as my mom’s as long as I can remember)

  • I was in 3rd grade.  I came home from school and told my mom that there were kids in class that still believed in Santa.  Mom didn’t say much but for some reason Santa missed my house that year!

  • Jerrymen88

    When I was 8 I caught my dad dressing up as santa and on the side of the bed was a bag full of our presents

  • Patshannon06

    When I found an N64 in my parents closet and it was labeled “from Santa” the next morning.

  • When my family decided to open presents on Christmas Eve.

  • I pieced it together finding things hidden around the house and later getting them from Santa. Plus Santa’s handwriting looked familiar.

  • Eric Payne

    Horrible kindergarten teacher told the whole class he wasn’t real cause we where pissing her off, sure did shut us up though.

  • Phekno

    I stopped believing in his message of being good when he bombed my house.

  • Brien Gerber

    I found out when I was 8. I was the kid who could never fall asleep. I went downstairs and saw both my parents wrapping and placing presents under the tree. I wasn’t as shocked as I thought i’d be because I remember it being entertaining to have to keep a secret from my younger siblings. 

  • I have known since they day I asked which was when i was 6?    Parents didn’t lie to me.

  • I don’t remember when I figured it out, but now that I have kids, he’s real again

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real the time I was asked to help deliver presents to my grandmother’s house for my cousins. I was 10 or 11 at the time I think. All I know is we were leaving and she said, “Here, eat the cookies so it looks like Santa brought the presents!” I couldn’t complain… I got cookies!

  • I found some presents that my mom was wrapping.  Then they were under the tree from Santa on Christmas.  Put 2 and 2 together and the rest is history!

  • Anonymous

    I was six years old when I caught my parents.

  • J1d10t

    Found out when I was about 9.  Kept my son believing in Santa until he was almost 12, though.  Wasn’t easy.

  • When dad came home drunk and started eating the cookies and we asked him why.  He said i am santa duh!

  • Jlong2075

    When I was about 7 and went to the to see if Santa had come in the middle of the night only to find my mother wrapping the gifts next to the tree.

  • Ericgc7

    when i was about 10/11 my brother told me santa was fake and ipushed him to the ground and told him he was real! meanie!

  • Ben Young

    I was fairly young and went to a friend’s church with them, and they were saying that Santa was the devil because if you rearrange the letters it spells Satan and that he was “always watching you and keeping tabs on whether you have been bad” which freaked me out. upon voicing my distress to my parents, they decided it was a good idea to tell me that Santa was not real.

    Way to almost ruin christmas for a kid, eh? “Tell Satan what you want for Christmas!” LOL

  • Cxandroid

    I had no sudden realization, I just came to know he wasn’t, it wasn’t logical, blame it on the geek in me.

  • Robert Walters

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when the Nexus continued to get delayed!

  • Moneyandcarfreak

    I found out when I was smart enough to figure it out.

  • Anonymous

    Lies, all lies!

  • Berto

    When i saw my mom eating the cookies with the present/s in hand at age 9

  • woozzy101

    “Accidently” went into my parents closet and found a a bunch of gifts on my Santa Wish List 🙁

  • Jbeise

    I was 5 and my best friend told me Santa wasn’t real and, I cried and my mother upset with my friend
    I’m hoping Santa will give me a galaxy tab!

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when the letter I had written to him was sitting on my parents’ kitchen table. They tried to hide it quickly so I wouldn’t see them reading it.

  • spiffy30

    I was 3. I set a trap for santa and my dad tripped over the cable I had set up and fell onto my drumset. Steven-1 Santa-0

  • Anonymous

    I was in first grade and my parents didn’t want me to get made fun of so they broke the news to me. Kinda sucked when I was that age, but I see why they did.

  • Anonymous

    I asked my parents about Santa at the age of 6. They said that he doesn’t exist and the world is just cruel that way. They were right!

  • About 7 years old when I was able to stay up past mid night.

  • Anonymous

    I had kind of figured it out that he wasn’t real and asked my mom about it in the car.  She admitted it after some prying. I proceeded to scream at her for lying about the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny as well.

  • Tabe

    Gotta be honest… I don’t remember when I found out Santa isn’t real. My memory isn’t that good. 

  • found out when i saw my mom put the gifts under the christmas tree around when i was 7 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I was eased into it. I wasn’t explicitly told. Common sense just kicked in.

  • Remarkably, my parents never taught me about Santa, in my culture we have the three kings that bring us the gifts as long as we leave straw out for the camels 😉

  • Funkyjohnhuie

    Honestly, I just grew knowing he wasn’t real. My parents, both from China, didn’t grow up with a culture of Santa Claus. So we celebrated Christmas, and my patents would go with us to buy the gifts. It was really fun, actually, getting to choose the gifts. I remember asking my parents ” really? Are you sure we can afford that? It’s $20! ” he he. That year I got my aerial bots. Awesome.

  • Hunter S

    Found out around 9 years old because we were taking a trip over xmas and so “santa had to come early” except my parents didnt bother fabricating a decent story as to why he was coming early, instead opting to just tell me he wasn’t real.

  • I was about 10 and my mom finally sat my siblings and I down and just told us it was all a farse.

  • Anonymous

    When I was 9, my parents told me without literally telling me

  • Doulos4god1

    I honestly don’t remember when I found out he wasn’t real . But I can tell you it was a long time ago. When I was younger I told myself that I wanted to dress like Santa for my children and next year my first child will be born.

  • I was 7 years old. I hid behind my mom’s desk and climbed out to surprise Santa. For some reason, at that age, I just wanted a hug from him. All I found was my hippie looking dad in his blue jeans and a flannel shirt holding all the wrapped presents. They tried to make up a story of Santa dropping them off on the front porch, but couldnt explain why they had the rest hidden in the back closet’s hidden area. The worst part of the whole thing is that they grounded me when I told my sisters what was up.

  • Zachthejones

    Pretty much figured it out on my own by the time a neighborhood kid decided to shatter my younger sister’s long cherished beliefs, confirming my suspicions.

  • My cousin told me that he wasn’t real on our family’s Christmas Party =/

  • Nicholb

    Never remember thinking he was real

  • I found out the same way I thought everyone else did. Public School

  • Believe Me

    Im 58 years old and I still believe in Santa.  I was always taught that if you stopped believing the presents would stop coming so, here I am, still believing.  Its easier to believe in Santa than it is Verizon and the Nexus.

  • Wyngo Masala

    When I watched the sky based on the NORAD tracking site and there was nothing there. Just kidding, I’m jewish.

  • Sainttaz

    Parents told me when I was about 10; got to help put out my younger siblings presents that year.

  • Xkingofgodzx

    Santa is real because he is an idea and we keep that idea alive.

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I was 7 and snuck down the stairs and saw my mom wrapping presents.

  • Cody Robinett

    I was a cynical kid to begin with, so I learned that Santa wasn’t real when I was able to understand how time works.  Probably about 7 or 8 years old.

  • Samm Carbo

    I was 8 years old and leaving my friends house because I had to go to bed early so Santa would come, and he struck me down with the “There is no Santa” I ran home crying.

  • Shapella

    Thanks for doing the giveaways!

    I found out about Santa rather late – around 12 years old. Some kids as school were making fun of me and I asked my parents what was up. They broke the news to me. I then proceeded to act like an idiot and tools my 8 year old brother the next year. I was a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    I was about 9 and I found the presents before Christmas that then showed up under the tree from ” Santa”

  • Anonymous

    My aunt went on the roof with bells. I thought for sure it was santa untill my parents had to help her get down.

  • Lee

    I was 6 or 7 and had a stomach flu. Got up in the middle of the night to throw up and there was my dad putting the presents under the tree.

  • I was 8 years old. Went into the kitchen while my mom was making dinner and just asked…knocked out the tooth fairy at that time as well…Sad day. 

  • Estevan Rodriguez

    found out he wasnt real when the nexus kept getting delayed 🙁

  • Woke up late in the night cuz I had to pee.  Saw lights on downstairs so i snuck down to see what was going on.  Caught my Mom filling all our stockings.  

  • SantasFake?!

    I came downstairs and saw my dad making boot prints in the ash by the fireplace. Devastating.

  • Arlind Emini

    age 6 when what I asked for wasn’t under the tree 😛

  • Pillowpino

    Found out he was not real when I was 10 and saw my father placing the gifts under the tree instead of the so called magical entity known as Santa. The pain from that discovery subsided after realizing that I would still get what I wanted every year =D

  • Asalva307

    Santa’s not real, how sad.  I don’t remember when i found out…many years ago.

  • Found out when I was 7… my two older sisters were making noise late in the evening on Christmas Eve with the express purpose of trying to continue to convince me that he *was* real.  I caught them in the act and immediately I knew.

  • Larry

    Santa is real, and so is Buddy the elf.

  • In the 4th grade when I found all the toys that I asked Santa for in my parents closet.  It was a let down, but at least I was able to sneak in and play with them early!

  • My wife had to tell me last week because she didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of being married to the 30 yr old trying to get on Santa’s lap to tell him what gifts to bring like last year.

  • Anonymous

    It was whid our gifts before Christmas. I haven’t been the same since. I was 23

  • Nikhil Ramesh

    I found out that Santa isn’t real when I was 7. I woke up in the middle of the night, walked downstairs and caught my parents setting out my new PS2 in front of our fireplace…. They had a lot of explaining to do that morning. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    One Christmas eve me and my Brother decided to stay up late to catch Santa in the act and found my Mom sneaking out gifts I was 5.

  • Mrcastillo68

    When I was 7 never got anything so my mom told me the truth

  • Unforunately, Santa was real, but my gun nut of an uncle (also an ex-con) had a bit too much eggnog a few Christmas’ ago and passed out on the couch near the chimney. Sadly, instead of being awoken by jingle bells and cheer, I was awoken by a gunshot, a loud *thud*, and then an “OH SHI**”.

    Sorry, everyone.

  • Jeff Stump

    Caught mommy kissing him………

  • Firelight

    I heard from a classmate in 1st Grade. From that point on even though I *wanted* to believe the logic of there NOT being a Santa kept winning.  Of course I let me parents believe I believed in Santa until I was 12. 

    I then helped sell Santa to my baby brother for my parents – and got me extra loot to boot for few more years!

  • Anonymous

    found out santa wasn’t real when I caught my folks in the middle of the night getting out the presents from the storage room labeled “from santa”

  • Mom told me on Christmas eve when i was a kid. I cried.

  • xilez

    i was 10 and i found out when my older cousins told me he wasn’t real. ruined my christmas!

  • Found out santa was some drunk on the side of the road.

  • aaron epstein

    My parents told me when i was 5. got extra presents that year!

  • Anonymous

    Never believed in Santa. Does that count?

  • Johnny Hernandez

    I got up to get a glass of water and i saw my parents bringing in all the gifts from “Santa”.  And in order to make it up to me they got me some more gifts. lol.

    I was around 10.

  • Biboybp

    I found out from parents when they told me as the oldest we can’t afford a good Christmas for you kids this year but we need your help to try to keep it special for the younger kids. So I said ok and did as asked

  • Tim Cook told me in an email sent from his iPad.

  • exiOS

    This would totally make me forget about what they are doing to us with the GNex.
    My OG Droid is on life support and needs a much needed savior.

  • Tferrell7368

    I’m sure I found out at school. There’s always somebody that has to ruin it for everyone….. Lol

  • mrmex

    Mom and dad didn’t believe so they told us the truth

  • Stauff07

    I was around 18 years old (just kidding, I was around 8 years old) and some older neighbor kids were making fun of me because I still believed in Santa.  They told me he wasn’t real and then I ran home to confront my parents. 

  • Craig

    I can’t remember but I believe it was a neighbor that started me questioning Santa’s existence. Yet when I see the magic in a child’s eyes I know that he still exists 🙂

  • unsayablejazer

    I puzzled it out around 8 when my parents took me to a mall Santa and tried to pass him off as the real deal.

  • Anonymous

     many, many years ago when I noticed Santa’s handwriting was identical to mom and dad’s

  • Drootz

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I saw my parents putting gifts under the tree and the next day the some of the same gifts were marked from Santa.

  • My older sister told me in early grade school that Santa was really our parents. She ruined my childhood.

  • My sister got her mouth washed out for calling me a “butt hole” and to retaliate she told me Santa wasn’t real 🙁

  • WAldenIV

    I was five or six when I told my parents he couldn’t be real because he would burn up due to friction from moving as fast as he needed to on Christmas Eve.

  • Keeseckb

    I figured out Santa wasn’t real when I smelled whiskey on his breath and realized Santa was also uncle Bob…

  • Nico

    I didn’t realize he wasn’t real until today.  Thanks, Droid Life!  🙁

    (sorry if this reposted, Disqus seemed to blow up last time)

  • My mom still writes From Santa on my presents

    • Adam F.

      My mom does too, it’s cute.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too. I’m 32.

  • Joe

    I found my mom filling the stockings out of a garbage bag eating the chocolate chip cookies we left out for “Santa”.

  • Anonymous

    When I was a kid, my parents asked me what i wanted for Christmas and then proceeded to take me with them to buy everything…I kinda figured it out after that.

  • He’s still real!

  • George Stratton

    I “was” a bit stubborn, so I found out after my parents officially told me when I was 12, when they wanted some help laying the Santa gifts out for my younger siblings.
    Somewhat related, I also believe that VZW will release the GNex Tomorrow…

  • We figured out Santa was not real when my brother and I talking my dad into giving us or presents two weeks early 😉 

  • Maddog94d

    When my mom started having me pick out my presents at the store

  • still have no idea what you mean by Santa isn’t real?

  • Heard noises in the hallway so i cracked my door to see my parents hauling presents from their room downstairs. 

  • Brett Koger

    What do you mean Santa isn’t real????

  • Trbasil

    With an older brother that has three years on me i was young, not sure how old i was though.

  • woadster

    Santas not real?
    No caught my parents bringing out the presents trying to get a glimpse of da man

  • Joseph Brookshire

    I found out when I was 8 or 9 yrs old. I decided to stay up and see santa that year. The plan was hide in my room till I heard something then sneak out and see. What I heard instead was my parents laughing and trying to keep quiet. I snuck down the hall and saw them putting out presents. That’s when I realized there was no Santa.

  • Many years ago, my then 6-year old son and I saw Santa Claus while he was vacationing in Hawaii. At least – to this day – we swear we did.

  • I think i was about 10 years old in elementary school and some of the 8th graders broke the news to me then made fun of me for not knowing.

  • He’s real.  I have him in my trunk…

  • My mom told me one night before Christmas when I was telling her the kids at school said he wasn’t real.  I still remember crying for what seemed like hours and I couldn’t look her in the eye – only stare down at my lime green pajama bottoms with the feet in them (man, I hated those!)  I think I was about 9.  I got Santa for a long time because I was the oldest kid.

  • Anonymous

    I knew Santa was fictitious when I was very young, but I can’t remember exactly.  I would always find my presents in my parents’ bedroom closet.  🙂

  • KM

    Wait – Santa isn’t real?  WTH?!?!?  I just DID!

  • Grady Michael

    my older cousins told me santa was not real when I was 7

  • When I saw them at EVERY mall taking pictures with every kid and ringing the damn bell for the Salvation Army.

  • When I was five, and Dad got laid off and we didn’t have much of a Christmas that year.  Sad, but what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

  • I found stocking stuffers in my parents room a few days before christmas

  • One day I woke up early and notice there was no christmas presents under the tree. My parents told me to go to bed so santa could come. at 9 am

  • when i noticed my dad’s handwriting was the same as santa’s

  • Justin Conner

    When I saw my parents eating the cookies I made for Santa…. They were laughing the whole time!

  • Santa’s NOT Real??!!  WTF, I thought this was a contest to win a tablet, not a place to destroy our hopes and dreams!  Thanks Kellex, Thanks alot!

  • Cmonnats23

    I found out sanat wasnt real when i was 15! (i know, late, right!!)

  • Matt Amidon

    Friend ruined it for me in first grade…I always pretended tho bc i still wanted the presents!

  • Dan

    It didn’t happen overnight. It was gradual and not an earth shattering experience. It was just kind of a transition.

  • Anonymous

    I got a letter back from “Santa” and they spelled Claus wrong. 0.o 

  • 8 years old, found my parents wrapping and putting presents under the tree when they thought I was asleep

  • ham hollett

    … when i moved out of the house and stopped getting presents =(

  • Joymcarthy

    The bell still rings for me. I still believe and always will. When I see the magic in my children’s eyes Christmas morning I believe. When my son asks to put money in the toy/pajama drive can I believe. When my son had a massive seizure Christmas morning and I asked for him to just see more Christmases, and he did I believe. When I see people reaching out to the less fortunate with holiday cheer I believe. Santa is in your heart if you choose to believe 🙂

  • David522

    Found the presents in the closet, figured they were for family. Til they were the same ones on Xmas. I was 9. 

  • Frosty the Droidman

    When I didn’t get Stretch Armstrong one year…the ONLY thing I wanted. When he wasn’t under the tree I knew Santa wasn’t real because he is the only one I told about wanting it. I got Stretch the following year, but it was too late. My mom and dad couldn’t change my beliefs haha.

  • If Santa wasn’t real I wouldn’t be getting a Tegra 2 Galaxy

  • Just now : ( Thanks Droid-Life

  • When I moved out and got my own tree…no present showed up that year.

  • Cameraman7

    I was like 9 years old in the grocery store parking lot and asked my mom if Santa was real. She said “Do you really wanna know?” and I said yes and she said “He isn’t. Neither is the easter bunny or the tooth fairy,” and I haven’t gotten Christmas presents since. 

  • Robbie78

    I never believed in Santa, I was told he was fake from the beginning

  • well, i still believed in santa until i read this article. thanks…..

  • when I stayed up all night for my Gameboy Color (back in the day) and Santa never came to bring it. I asked my brother if Santa had just missed the house cause it was snowing; he laughed and said Santa wasn’t real…needless to say, parents lied to me hardcore

  • I don’t remember ever thinking of Santa as real…  I just remember that me and my siblings knew that it was my mom’s handwriting that said “From Santa”.

  • I think at the back of a school bus on the way home from school.  One of many things I learned at the back of the bus 😉

  • Trooper

    My aunt dropped the bomb on me when I was around 8 or 9 I guess. She was all like, yeah me and your cousin got you these things for Christmas do you like them? I say, you mean Santa right? They were like ummm no we did. No such thing as Santa honey. *Throw dumbfounded look at them and walk away puzzled.*  So yeah, that was pretty much it for me.

  • Pat M.

    Heard my Mom talking to her sister about buying presents through the wall. I was only 6!

  • I started to suspect something when he didn’t buy me a tamagotchi


    My mom’s old boyfriend rudely told me and I cried a lot.

  • I couldn’t wait until morning, so I stayed up to try and spy on santa.  5 minutes after I “went to bed” I snuck out to see my parents putting stuff under the tree.  They still don’t know I saw them…

  • Santa is real!

  • Santa

    I am Santa, and I am real!

  • Sean Cahill

    Santa still comes to visit… He’s real, and I won’t be swayed by such tom-foolery!

  • whatsinaname

    When I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause,  I knew he wasn’t real cuz mommy wouldn’t cheat on daddy!

  • Jeff

    First found out when I randomly found one of my presents hidden in the basement.

  • Phillip Purcell

    My daughter informed me he wasn’t real when she didn’t get anything from Santa

  • I just found out, and wow,  NO SPOILER ALERT at all in that post… I think you guys owe me the Samsung Galaxy tablet as an apology!

  • Jeff Ketchum

    It was the same time I found a bag of presents in the closet and they tried to tell me that they were helping Santa that year.. Was about 6

  • Sidra

    I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, so I’ve always known Santa isn’t real!

  • I think he is real….have you seen Chevy’s commercials this year?  Santa had to get a job.  Apparently the North Pole has been affected by the economy.

  • Wait. He’s not real?


  • Ineedanewelectronicbox

    It was a slow realization, and eventually I knew my ma and pa were the ones scurrying about in the middle of the night setting up presents. I heard their voices. Then, I grew up.

  • John Davids

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was about 9. Was determined to stay up to catch him. Even though I fell asleep, mom tripped on my blanket and woke me up. She tried to hardest to explain her way out of it, but that was the seed that eventually grew into the realization that he wasn’t real.

  • Anonymous

    The kids at school told me Santa wasn’t real. Liars!

  • Flavy

    I found out at 8 years old when I found all the gifts hidden in the attic.

  • I heard from my friend Connor in third grade that his mom told him Santa wasnt real… His mom was a teacher at the school so I knew he wasnt BS-ing. #devestated

  • Keithdroid

    When Darth Vadar cut off Luke’s hand, I KNEW Santa was not real!

  • Ken

    …. wait a second… .Santa isn’t real?

  • Matt Moore

    When I was about 7 or 8 I found where my parents kept the presents (In a closet under the stairs in the basement.)  Those same things showed up under the tree a few days later and I knew.

  • Found some of our presents in their bedroom closet that were addressed as From: Santa.  Busted!

  • Not sure how I found out. Just something I slowly realized at a young age.

  • Chad Bennett

    I busted my parents out when I was like 7, I realized there was a Santa in every mall, and I wasn’t falling for that crap anymore. I’ve still asked santa for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 every year since though.

  • Joe

    No one ever told me.  I just sorta figured it out.

  • Anonymous

    When i was 6 and i found santa’s name written with Clause and Claus.. in 2 different styles of writing.  . smoooooth parents.. 

    they confessed when i questioned them. needless to say no more presents for me from santa afterwards. 🙁

  • Jim

    on the schoolbus

  • Windham Justin

    I found out when I was about 8 by snooping through my parents closet. The next year they through me for a loop though by getting me the same thing as Santa.

  • Thomas Peltier

    My mom told me flat out that he wasn’t real when I was 11. Ruined my Christmas.

  • 7 yrs old.

  • Thomas Kiley

    Santa always had a very feminine signature.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite thing to do on Christmas is sit around the tv and watch movies with my wife from our childhood

  • when i discovered my parents hiding place for the gifts and took inventory … then on christmas morning, gifts that i inventoried were labeled “from santa” … the gig was up …. 

  • We lived in a home with no chimney/fireplace, so Santa wasn’t really a thing in our household. I did however ruin it for a few other kids in 3rd grade when I told them how Santa can’t be real.

  • Ken

    I was in 3rd grade and had just

  • I just found out that santa isn’t real… THANKS Droid Life! *running and crying away*

  • I googled it

  • C4LL Me Joker

    I’m still confused by this whole Santa isn’t real thing. I just seen him yesterday at the mall….

  • If I win this tablet, Santa is still very much real!!

  • I don’t remember how or when I found out he wasn’t real… but it was some time when I was a kid… it might’ve been because my childhood home didn’t have a fireplace/chimney, so that part of the mythos didn’t fit.

  • Nick Abdelsayed

    from that kid in the 3rd grade whose parents didn’t love him

  • Helmut Gertjegerdes

    I’ve always known he wasn’t real, religious reasons.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real at the same time as the Easter Bunny. My older brother was mad at me and told Santa wasn’t real. 5th grade at the latest.

  • Yu Lee

    Christmas wasn’t a tradition when I grew up; therefore, I never had the notion that Santa was real or not.

  • Found out that Santa wasn’t real when I saw my dad eating his cookies!!!!!

  • Cr8zyeddie

    My brother blurted out Santa was fake while we’re were riding in my parents light green Datsun B210 – I was crushed!

  • I really don’t remember.  Like my own kids now, it didn’t take long to figure out that this whole setup just didn’t make sense!

  • Jk43235

    When I saw my mom wrapping gifts and I asked “what are you doing?” She said, “these are not your gifts… it’s okay.” Hahaha!!

  • i found out at a real young age and never told my parents.  i knew their hiding spot.  the year the original xbox and halo came out i found them in their hiding spot, unwrapped them and played it all the way till xmas eve.  i didnt get caught but needless to say santa has been a prick from there on out!

  • Tmccu006

    Parents pulled every trick in the book to keep the spirit of Santa going for a long time with me so I believed for awhile until I got older and my own intelligence made me realize that it was impossible he existed. Sad day 

  • Jerome Rhodes

    i’m a smart cookie… also i had a straight shot to the tree from my room as a kid

  • Rob D.

    When I seen my parents putting out all the gifts.

  • Anonymous

    When I found the wrapped gifts in parent’s closest

  • Gcskater

    I think i was told by one of my sisters slipping it out when i was young, it wasnt a heartbreaking moment.

  • mrmex

    my parents told me 

  • I had my doubts about Santa when I first noticed that he and my mom have the same handwriting. LOL

  • Anonymous

    My dad was so dedicated to the role that he got onto the roof to convince us. He fell off and had to go to the hospital. Needless to say, he was not admitted as “Santa”

  • when buddy exposed him for the true fraud that he was in Elf.

  • My parents told me from the get go, I never had a chance for santa to be real. 🙁

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 9 because one of my classmates told me. 

  • Brian Getchel

    I was 7 and I found out because I heard my parent’s say what they were going to buy me.

  • Jakers678

    My older siblings wanted me to believe in santa as long as possible, but one year when i got my present from “santa” the tag had the same writing on it as the tag that was from my parents. Suffice it to say santa was no longer able to come down the chimney! 

  • Anonymous

    I was in kindergarten and my older brother told me he heard a noise in the living room thought it was a robber and shot Santa with my father’s hunting gun.  

  • IJustTwooted

    When I went downstairs and saw my mom filling the stockings…the beard may have been there, but alas no red suit.

  • Kerri Sheehan

    By the time my folks told me Santa wasn’t real, I’d already gotten the scoop from friends.


    Consider it done

  • When ‘Santa’ brought us gifts, they were always out of the box and in front of the other gifts. One year I found the boxes hidden out back, that solidified what I already thought.

  • recognized the man in the big red suit

  • My mom just kind of phased the idea out of our heads by saying every year that she was also going to be getting us presents for Christmas along with Santa. Then I guess Santa just stopped showing up and my mom took over his half lawl..

  • Matt Biagi

    I found out that Santa is not real via this contest.

  • Anonymous

    Woke up when I was 5 and saw my parents wrapping the gifts they bought for us…not magical at all when I found out, and was pissed. They tried to convince me otherwise so I wouldn’t ruin it for my brother….but I did.

  • Jbrooks12

    When my mom told me, I remember being devastated. But still, 11 years old is a bit old to still believe…

  • Anonymous

    Not sure when, it must have been an early age. I do remember getting up shortly after I went to bed and finding the stockings already filled… that probably clued me in.

  • Interpol818

    When I found santa passed out in the couch drunk.

  • Of course an older sibling ruined it, but I wasn’t shocked since the whole santa idea wasn’t played as strongly being the 3rd child & the older ones already worked over it.

  • C.J. Novotny

    I would say around 7 or 8, I’ve been playing “santa” for my little sisters ever since I started taking care of them when I was 9, and I love doing it! The older one (11) already knows but won’t tell anyone she does lol.

  • Redflea

    Found presents in closet outside parents bedroom before Christmas…. When they showed up “from Santa” on Christmas, the jig was up. 🙂

  • I found out when my wife had me wrap the kids gifts and put Santa on the From line!

  • I honestly don’t remember.

  • Chewey246

    I was 8 years old and found the presents in hiding spot and lost my hopes of a real Santa :-(.  Learned a life lesson!  Never snoop as you may find out something you don’t want to…..

  • Anonymous

    I woke up to my parents hiding Easter eggs in my room for Easter at age 5. I got wise to the big bunny and then at Christmas realized my parents hid all of the to-be Santa presents in their closet. As a parent now, I try and push the spirit of giving and we emphasize presents to each other and stockings from Santa.

  • Tuna

    I think I was 10 when I found out

  • Anonymous

    Elementary school.  Handwriting on gift tags.

  • When I tried to sneak out to see Santa, I saw my father eating the cookie half way and he and my mother putting out the presents. Then when I asked them they couldn’t think of a good lie and the tears began to flow….

  • Archie Verdiglione

    10 years old. My friend and I got into a fight with his sisters who played the “Santa isn’t real.” card. Might has well have been a royal flush. Game/fight over.

  • I think I figured it out at a very young age, my parents used to hide the presents in the closet and I always found them, then when I opened them up on Christmas day, i realized they were all the same presents I found in the closet…………not from Santa!!

  • when i closed the chimney flue one year and the presents were still there with all of the cookies and milk gone!

  • age 12

  • I realized Santa was not real after reading this article 🙁

  • Never know about Santa until I emigrated to the US in 1995. By that time, I was already 13, my parent just told me straight out that Santa is a Christmas icon, not a real person. 

  • My brother told me when I was 7.  Wasn’t so much upset about him not being real, but more so that my parents were hatching an evil scheme behind my back:)

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 8 years old. It was Christmas Eve and my sister, who was 5, and I were sitting in the kitchen of our apartment in Newark when we heard this rattling and banging sound coming down the exhaust vent to the kitchen. Back then, we were convinced it was a chimney. Well, my sister and I got really excited since we thought it might actually be Santa coming to visit. Just then, my sister peeked her head in to see if she could catch a glimpse of him. The banging got closer and closer so we were trembling in nervous anticipation. My mom had to tell us that Santa wasn’t real cause she knew something bad was coming, but as kids, we just thought she was pulling our legs. 

    Then, WHAM!!! My sister got blasted in the face with a dead rat that a pigeon was clutching in its claws. The bird was trying to fly away with it, but couldn’t get out of the pipe, and refused to let go of the rat. As if  the rat slamming her in the face wasn’t bad enough, then she had a bird flapping around in her face and then all over our little apartment. My mom grabbed the first thing she could find, which was my stocking hanging on the counter, and beat the crap out of the bird with my stocking and all the candy that was in it.

    In the end, my mom just sat there, frazzled looking and covered in feathers, and said “You should’ve listened when I said that couldn’t be Santa”. It was then I knew that he wasn’t real!

  • As a child, my hippie father didn’t want to perpetuate the lie, but allowed my mother to tell us all of the Christmas “stories”. Somehow my brother found out when I was 5, so insisted on me staying up until 2 in the morning. As we peered through the door we saw not Santa, but my parents placing the presents under the tree. My world was turned upside down, but the bounty of gifts the next morning alleviated my pain.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember when I learned that Santa wasn’t real.  I’m sure my brother had something to do with it, though.

  • Omar Amer

    less of “he isnt real” more of, we dont celebrate christmas. I’m muslim, but parents celebrated when we were young. After awhile, they stopped and actually clued us in.

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    December 13th, 1984…6:33PM…I walked in on my mom wrapping the Christmas gifts!

  • WazzuCougar02

     Had an older brother and sister that were really bad at keeping secrets.

  • Djflan

    I caught my dad in the living room eating cookies….it was awkward…

  • Joshua Harris

    8 years old on the way home from family Christmas gathering.

  • P4mc

    I found out the so call Santa wasnt real after I stopped getting presents for Xmas…a long long time ago lol

  • I found out Santa was not real when my stupid older brother called me retarted for thinking Santa was real 😛

  • Found out Santa wasn’t real when grandpa started drinking.

  • One Christmas eve when I was 9, I was super excited and couldn’t sleep. I heard some noises and laughing and went out to see if it was Santa. I saw my dad and mom drinking the milk and eating the cookies. They tried to cover it up and say he had been there already, but I knew it wasn’t true.

  • I was about 8 or 9 when I stayed up late christmas eve waiting to for santa.  When I heard some noises I snuck out of my room and saw my mom and dad.  I didn’t tell them until the next year when I wanted a Super Nintendo and they said I couldn’t have one. I got my Super Nintendo in exchange for not telling my brothers.

  • Jwilder517

    My older cousin told me all about it in an effort to prove how much cooler she was than me.

  • Mikehen08

    When I was like 10, my cousin (a year older) told me he wasn’t real. I didn’t believe him. So he told me to ask my mom where she bought one of my toys at, a gift that was supposedly from Santa. I asked her and right after she told me, she stopped talking and immediately realized that she had given herself up. I couldn’t believe it. My Christmas was destroyed 

  • Anonymous

    In 1st Grade during recess in the school courtyard, when one of my my little friends told myself and another of our friends that his mother had told him. That afternoon, I asked my older brother and he confirmed!

  • Vincent Cardinale

    One year my parents just stopped trying to hide that they were putting the presents under the tree.  Not a big deal lol

  • Bill Georgen

    I was told by the mean older kid at school…

  • I was quite young and I caught my parents putting presents under the tree.  My dad tried to convince me he was Santa’s inside man……..

  • Anonymous

    I was a little late to the party since both my parents and grandparents conspired for professional level trickery.  It was in the mid 80s, during fourth grade in Mrs. Canterna’s class, this kid Eric spilled the beans when we were doing a Christmas project.  I went home in disbelief and my mom owned up.  That bastard ruined the magic.  Not too long after, I saw the Seven Dwarves behind the scenes at Disney World with their heads off on a smoke break.  My world was falling apart.

  • James “Dr.Jeckyl” Thorp

    When I was 7 or 8 I woke up to find my parents laying out the gifts and they had to tell me right then. I have younger siblings that didn’t find out for a few more years. Could have ruined their childhood but didn’t.

  • Found out that he wasn’t real when I didn’t get a Nintendo…now he can make it up to me by forcing the other Big Red to release the beast GN

  • I can’t remember how old I was when I found  out Santa wasn’t real, but I do remember I was at a Taco Bell with my mom of all places. Pretty sure she got me some extra cinnamon twists for taking it like a man. Mmmmm

  • Pmagent2013

    When I picked out a video game I wanted, saw my mom buy it, and somehow Santa gave it to me. Merry Christmas little me.

  • I heard a rattling of bags in the living room and went to investigate and I ended up seeing my mom instead of santa… That was it for me.

  • I think I was about 8. I had a feeling that Santa couldn’t be in so many places at once! And my parents confirmed.

  • GUN5L1N6ER

    I was 15 when I was probably told to my face by my mom that she was Santa. Things were never the same after that.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I found out Santa wasn’t real whenever I found out about Santa. My parents never told me he was real. I think that’s probably a good thing. I didn’t mind, and we still had fun with other Christmas traditions.

  • When I snucked around my parents’ closet and found the gifts that would later say “from santa”

  • Rp780

    My parents let it slip after being up all night putting toys together.

  • Mischief316

    I guess we will all find out he isn’t real if the gnex is not in our stockings this xmas 🙁

    seriously, maybe when i was 10 hahah mom told me straight out!!!

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    I’m not a Christian, Santa was never real.

  • Nick

    I realized Santa wasn’t real when I didn’t get the Nintendo Entertainment System I asked for in all the letters I wrote and the visit to the mall to see him.  I got it like 2 months later after my mom realized how utterly disappointed and dejected I was, which was confirmation enough for me to stop believing.

  • I found the receipts to the presents “Santa” brought me.

  • Thisguy89

    I put it together after I found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real. 🙁

  • Marc Saegesser

    If the !@#$ Galaxy Nexus shows up tomorrow then I WILL BELIEVE Santa Claus.

  • Twtice1

    Found out when I was 5, when my older sister told me that she knew where our parents hide our gifts.

  • chad puska

    I remember this day like it was yesterday, I was in 2nd grade, woke up to go the bathroom. Walked in on my mom and getting drunk eating the whole tray off cookies i put out and wrapping my presents and putting them under the tree. Yeah i cried pretty good, was devastating

  • Anonymous

    When I didn’t get that pony :[


  • A friend let me in on the secret when I was eight.  Not sure how he found out.

  • Jgplainc

    My parents told us the truth from the beginning. Same for the tooth fairy and easter bunny. Yeah we were those kids in school. They thought it was a bad precedent to start out lying to your kids.

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when I was 6, when my dad told me, flat out.

  • ExiledGenius

    Can’t remember the age but my sister told me

  • I found out when my dad made the fire in the fireplace so hot that he would roast Santa as a joke then he told me.

  • I found out when I found N64 in the bathroom closet. My parent’s weren’t very good at hiding things.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember ever thinking he was real.

  • Anonymous

    I found out when I was in 5th grade. I overheard my mom talking to my grandma about it. I was disappointed, but my sister was only 7 so I knew I would continue to get the extra presents for a few more years!

  • Donguason

    Funny story, I popped the trunk on the car Xmas eve when I was seven, guess what was in there? Exactly  for a 7 year old, I had some pretty messed up thoughts about revenge. Glad i got over it.

  • NKTizzle

    Huh? Who’s this Santa fella?

  • Anonymous

    I decided to be sneaky and prove to my friends that santa was real, so i took my handy cam and set it up strategically in the tree that year.  Unfortunately i then caught my mom signing cards as santa and eating the cookies i SPECIFICALLY left for santa. of and the dog got caught peeing ont he couch. heh.

  • Anonymous

    As one of the few Jews in my elementary school, I sure lost friends fast when I assumed everyone knew Santa was fake.

  • Patrick Dackins

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when i saw him smoking outside the mall. I was 10 years old and you know that Santa wouldn’t smoke. 

  • I just kind of realized it wasn’t true. No one ever straight up pointed it out to me.

  • Caught my dad eating Santa’s cookies one early morning ^_^

  • I found out today on Droid-Life that Santa wasn’t real…way to ruin my life!

  • michelleariel

    I don’t remember how or when i stopped believing in Santa. My mom says I never asked her about Santa. Maybe one of the mean little kids in 1st grade told me he wasn’t real. Kids are so cruel 8(

  • Matthew Angell

    Another kid in my elementary school class told. Devastated me. Devastated

  • found out when I found the present stash at the top of the closet

  • 11knives

    When I was 8 my sisters showed me a big pile of wrapped gifts addressed from Santa hidden in my parents closet a week before Christmas. I was excited and bummed out at the same time. Now here I am 28 years later doing the same damn thing… sorry kid! lol

  • Claytonhoppe

    When I pulled on his beard and snapped it back at him.

  • I was never actually told, just got older and realized that he wasn’t.  Sad.

  • Aimesome

    I was never told santa was real.  My family is very religious.

  • Dhuff44

    I found out when I was like 5 when the older neighbor kid told me about it and then my parents told me the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Believing in a random fat man giving gifts doesn’t make any sense to me. The parents who actually give the gifts should get the recognition. This is one lame tradition.

  • i was about eight when i figured it out.  that’s when i found the hidding place my parents used and saw all the presents wrapped and tagged santa about a week before Christmas.  thats also when i noticed that the handwriting matched my dad’s.  those were the days

  • i found out when i was 8 when i caught my parents putting presents under the tree.

  • Sgiacomo84

    I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but mine was when I woke up one night and saw my parents “quietly” putting presents under the tree – all future parents need to realize you’re kids CAN be smarter than you!

    Let’s just hope DL works for Santa and decides I need a new tablet this year 😉

    • Sgiacomo84

      you’re = your     — good old phone

  • Barry Coleman

    I was around 7-8 when the gifts stop saying “From Santa”

  • Scott Willenborg

    I was 8 when my mom asked me if I knew what my brother wanted from “Santa”.  She said it with air quotes as well and spilled her martini all over the snowman cookies I was aplying frosting to.  When I complained she told me that “dad, I mean Santa” (wink) didn’t eat them anyway and to just give the damn cookies to the dog since they gave “Santa” gas.  My dad yelled out from the living room that the dog had had enough to drink already based on how hard he was humping the plastic Santa next to the TV.

    I think my brother got Lego that year and I got a hude dose of reality.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    When I was about 6 we were in Indiana at my Grandparents house. I heard the ringing of what I thought was Santa Claus and when we were told to hide in the bedroom I came out and saw my Uncle in a Santa suit. Never believed in him after that. My 8 year old still believes in him.

  • Santa fell off my roof and was taken to the ER, come to find out it was my uncle and he missed Christmas dinner that year.

  • I found out Santa wasn’t real the same time I found out about all the other mythological characters like the Easter bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and God.

  • JT

    My older brother. I was 7 and I told him he was full of sh*t. He showed me where our parents the pesents and I decided to rethink things.

  • Jackelbait

    I found out there was no Santa when the Xmas gifts were under the tree several weeks early.this was around age 7

  • Anonymous

    Santa is Real! I buy gifts from him all the time and write his name on them.

    I really dont remember when I found out he wasnt real.

  • my mom told me santa was real but it was a long time ago and now he is dead so parents do his work in remembrance of him…. i was 4

  • Ed6arL

    I found out about when I was 8 , found mi parents putting the presents under the tree n no Santa in sight , so the little talk happened the same day , not pretty I must say …

  • Anonymous

    So I got a pair of knock off Oakleys when I was younger… All excited I was showing them off to my Aunt. Who said I can’t believe your parents bought you fake oakleys. I said NO… they were from Santa! She said Santa doesn’t give out fake presents. Your parents are Santa and they were to cheap to get you the real Oakleys. 

  • Tat2junior

    When I was about 8 I realized my mom had the same hand writing as santa.

  • Joshua Wehmeyer

    I was never allowed to believe in Santa. I was told very young it was a myth and not to believe it.  That’s why in my adult life I go wild for Christmas!

  • Jhickman78

    I still believe in Santa he just hasnt stop by my house yet guess I need to be a bit nicer! lol
    Also the spirit of Santa is very much alive with my friends and family lots of love to share Merry Christmas Tiny Timmehhhhhh

  • DrDammen

    The same way I learned the Easter bunny was no longer in existance…  We saw him on the road after being hit by a car.  Parents said “Well he won’t be coming around anymore”  🙁

  • Older kids at school told.

  • I was 10 years old and a letter I left for Santa was still inside a stocking and sealed inside a red envelope. All it said was how well I was doing in school and behaving good… All I really wanted was a Super Nintendo.

  • Bkampomah390

    when i was 7. just came to my senses and realized its impossible for one man to travel the whole world in a night and deliver presents. 

  • Teng247

    i knew he was never real.  Parents were immigrants from another country and didnt know what these holidays were.  Suffice to say we never got anything…

  • Anonymous

    My parents told me when I was little. It sucked.

  • Heather W

    I caught my dad bringing in the presents from outside. It was a fast and simple get the F over it and go back to bed.

  • Stock Xer

    Santa spoiler: Waking up in the middle of the night to see a Fisher Price 3-in-1 Tournament Table being transferred from my Pap’s house to my parent’s house.

  • Anonymous

    I was probably about 8 and found the stash of presents in my parents closet from “Santa”. I was then sworn to secrecy and expected to uphold the story of Santa. I decided to make some sleigh tracks in the yard, which apparently looked awful. Because my younger brother could see my footprints, and busted me, so he too discovered the truth. FAIL

  • when i saw the neighbor dressed as santa and he was drunk..lol

  • I think i was about ten and i said i wanted a hand held Linx game system and i got a sega game gear instead. Its when my dad said they didn’t have anymore of that and he couldn’t find it that i realized he was getting me all those gift.  poor sap, from then on i went straight to him. hehe. as it turned out the game gear was a way better system. except the crappy battery life.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty embarrassing…I didn’t find out until 3rd grade. I found out when my friends started laughing at me.

  • no real story just kinda ended up coming to the sad sad realization 

  • David Parrella

    I’m Jewish and Buddhist, but I still celebrated Christmas as a kid, and kinda figured it out around 4th or 5th Grade, but still played along for the younger kids 😉

  • I found out when I was 5. I saw my dad putting a K’Nex set under the Christmas tree that had “from Santa” on it.  Didn’t even care, I was way to excited about the K’Nex =)

  • The year my dad lost his job due to colon cancer, and my parents couldn’t afford to heat the house AND buy presents.

  • Saw my parents signing the cards.. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    when my mom just told me “i buy the presents! im not gonna sit here and let some make believe guy take all the credit!” as she walked outta the room

  • My older brother decided to tell me when I was six that Santa and all other such characters are not real. The earlier you find out the better so that you stop asking the creepy old man at the mall to bring you presents and start begging your parents.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I heard my parents talking to each other about my presents during the middle of the night as they were putting them under the tree. That and the cookies I left for Santa always mysteriously ended up back with all of the other cookies.

  • Tomgillotti

    I really don’t care what anyone says, Santa is real!

  • Anonymous

    It was Christmas Eve. I was 9 years old. Me and Mom were decorating the tree, waiting for Dad to come home from work. A couple hours went by. Dad wasn’t home. So Mom called the office. No answer. Christmas Day came and went, and still nothing. So the police began a search. Four or five days went by. Neither one of us could eat or sleep. Everything was falling apart. It was snowing outside. The house was freezing, so I went to try to light up the fire. That’s when I noticed the smell. The firemen came and broke through the chimney top. And me and Mom were expecting them to pull out a dead cat or a bird. And instead they pulled out my father. He was dressed in a Santa Claus suit. He’d been climbing down the chimney… his arms loaded with presents. He was gonna surprise us. He slipped and broke his neck. He died instantly. And that’s how I found out there was no Santa Claus. 

    Later in life I was attacked by Gremlins, but that is another story all together…..

  • No one really told me… to this day I still wonder … is he real or fake??

  • John Suh

    Tell you the truth, I dont think Ive ever believed in Santa.

    Twitter is jsuh0! DL is the GREATEST WEBSITE!

  • JustAnotherGuest

    I really don’t remember… But it was fun while I did!

  • Andy Stetson

    My first year in the military and i didn’t get any gifts from Santa 🙁

  • Quintin Williams

    i was six years old and found my parents hiding spot for all our toys…the attic 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I found out Santa wasn’t real when i was 9, i caught my dad eating the cookies i made and the carrots i left for the reindeer. Now the challenge is to keep that a secret from my 4y.o. step-sister

  • When I caught my parents eating the cookies I put out!

  • Ryan57ford

    I found out when I was about 6 years old when I heard my parents alarm go off at 3am I heard them go out to the ggarage and the next day I had a bike under the tree… I figured it out from there…

  • When I found my original NES in my parents’ closet two weeks before Christmas and the tag read “From: Santa.”

  • Kafelatte86

    Right now. Thanks kellex for ruining Christmas. if he’s not real then who’s been eating the cookies and drinking the milk this whole time? : (

  • jmayn81

    I found out santa is fake when I killed a white bearded, red suited man trying to climb through my bedroom window and steal my presents when I was 12.

  • I was 8 Years old and seen my dad putting my bike together.  The same bike “Santa” was bringing me.

  • Bluedevils0000

    When i saw mommy kissing santa clause. I was like 10, scarred me for life.

  • Brandon

    I was in tthe 1st grade, and used my newfound detective skills to conclude that Santa had the same penmanship as my mom. Needless to say, I was crushed

  • David Gonzales

    I was 8 or 9 and noticed that Santa’s handwriting was eerily similar to my mom’s

  • I believe I was 9 or 10 when my cousin told me there was no Santa.

  • I really hope I win this!

  • i heard my older cousins talking about santa not being real when i was 9

  • Anonymous

    Snuck out in the middle of the night and saw my siblings eating the cookies I left out for him!

  • superfreak

    When i started realizing, the biggest present i told my mom i wanted always came from santa

  • My parents had this fancy idea of recording the tree all night and when Santa would arrive there would be a flash of light. After the flash the presents would be there. One year, 1985, that flashed happened, but they never turned off the video recorder. So as we watched the video the next day, the real Santa was revealed! Life has never been the same!

  • Sherman J. Buster

    Actually I was raised with the fact that Santa wasn’t real, but that Santa was the “spirit of giving” personified.

  • Octotron

    My dad told me when I was 6 🙁  I had my doubts when I found all the presents under their bed!!

  • I just sort of figured it out. No real awkward conversations happened between me and my parents.

  • Guess I found out before I could remember cause we never discussed so I never believed in Santa…oops

  • Anonymous

    Again…another twitter needed contest….sigh. 

  • When I was 3!!! Dad’s Friend!

  • Mark Strutton

    I told everyone else

  • ahhhfinals

    When I was 7 I heard a noise in the living room ranout thinking it was Santa and my dad was there and had dropped one of the gifts

  • sister told me

  • Audioslinger

    I found out when my told me she was too tired to get the presents out of the attic and wanted my help. That was the worst shock any 18 year old could have received…

  • I always knew he was a fraud. No man has a beard that epic and is still good with kids.

  • ben

    I found out when this chick in 2nd grade told everyone that santa wasnt real and that we were all stupid for believing in him.  Emotionally traumatizing…  kindof like that final that I #verizoned today.   

  • I was a natural skeptic, and certain things just didn’t add up, no chimney, etc. lol

  • StanTheMan

    Ummmmmmm…. he is real.

  • Anonymous

    I think i was like 12 or so (i know kind of old right?..) anyway my older sister blurted it out and i just happened to be walking in the room.  So i was a little shocked at first, but i got over it… if santa was real he’d have less than a second to be in and out of each house, just a little .02 i had:)

  • Himal Limbu

    i believe in Santa…and…my christmas gift i want it to be samsung galaxy tab 10.1…so when and how depends on the result of this contest…whatever the result is u will know the answer.

  • Anonymous

    I overheard my parents talking about what they were going to buy for us. Shattered!

  • Mike from NC

    My older brother ruined the fun for me.

  • My parents never went in for the “Santa” schtick. I never had such a revelation, because I never was told that Santa was real. I was told at a young age that many other kids believe in Santa, and was asked not to smarten them up.

  • I found out that Santa wasn’t real about 7 years old

  • nickrich

    Wait…..you’re telling me he’s not real…this is the worst Christmas ever

  • Jas’

    I found out santa wasn’t real when I wrote my letter to santa and gave it to my mom to mail off and I later found it in her room after Christmas and still managed to get most of the things on my list  

  • Cchandler66

    wait, I am santa. I am for sure real 

  • Anonymous

    I tragically found out that Santa was not real when my grandfather passed away. That Christmas I received an Atari 2600 from Santa. When I opened it my mom broke down crying and told me that grandpa bought it for me but he wanted me to think it was a Santa gift. I was 10. To this day every Christmas my mom and I remember grandpa by playing miss pacman on the old 2600.

  • I was at a family party, and one of the family friends was commenting about how silly it is that these younger kids keep asking santa for presents when our parents were the ones that actually got them for us…I was devastated. 

  • MBP

    When an i*hone showed up in my stocking instead of a Droid.

  • I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.

  • Anonymous

    My brother told me when I was 6 I was mad at him

  • Jer85008

    I don’t remember, so it must not have been much of a suprise or that traumatic. As long as the boxes are under the tree, I’m good.

  • nitwit88

    Never believed in Santa. I neither lived in a country that celebrated Christmas, nor was I Christian.

  • kevin22

    i found out santa wasnt real when year after year i asked for an apple product and never got any! i became very mad at apple, thinking it was their fault for making products so complicated that santas elves could not duplicate them. this was one of the reasons i turned to droid!

  • Monoxide

    My cousin and I were 8 years old. We decided we were going to snap a picture of Santa one Christmas eve so we stayed up till 3:00am and heard something in the living room. We tip-toed towards the living room with the camera in hand only to have a huge “wtf?!” moment.

  • Bradleyz83

    Umm, just NOW!!! What the heck man, thanks for ruining it for everyone! Actually when I was 9 and stumbled upon the holy grail of Christmas in the attic. Mom made dad tell me.

  • Anonymous

    Cookie crumbs in my dad’s beard…

  • Anonymous

    Using my epic Sherlock skills I deduced he was not real.

  • Anthony Armando

    i dont think i was told, i think i just kind of figured it out over time since the whole thing seemed totally illogical.

  • I was 8 when my dad fell asleep putting together my bike and I woke up to find him asleep on the floor.

  • Joe

    I truly don’t remember when I found out about the big guy.  I know tablets where not even a thought back then!

  • I have two older brothers that used to enjoy being jerks… I’m not sure I ever believed in Santa!

  • I found out one night fake sleeping to see if I would actually see santa. Then I saw that my parents were putting presents under the tree. 

  • Mitch

    Honestly i was old enough to know but didnt know for a fact until my 6th grade teacher said something about him not being real 🙁 so sad

  • Luke Olson

    My borther told me when i was 3, becuause he wanted to prove that he was smarter than me

  • I realized Santa wasn’t real when I saw my grandma wrapping presents that ended up saying “From: Santa” on them. heh.

  • My older siblings ruined it for me 🙁

  • Venks84

    I think I am realizing that Santa isn’t real over the past couple of days. I have been the nicest person I can be all year and I enter to win a tablet and nothing for two days. I guess at the end of 10 days I will be a complete non-believer!

  • Bigrednemo

    my sister ruined it for me at 7 just to be obnoxious…

  • I just found out that Santa isn’t real right now, when I read that post. I’m still reeling from the shock.

  • Jessica Canonizado

    I found out when i recognized my mom’s handwriting on all “his” gifts.

  • My uncle dressed up as santa and “died”. Then after months of mourning over santa’s death they told me he was never real..
    #TrueStory ): 

  • @engineergeek

    I was told Santa wasn’t real in a Sunday School class at age 6. That was the last time I went to Sunday School… Jerks

  • found out when i was in 3rd grade from some girl at school.  didn’t tell parents for years.

  • I just found out when I read the contest details.  Drowning my sorrows in a carton of egg nog.

  • Pd240

    My older sister broke the news to me.

  • When I was 9, I found them wrapped up in the basement with from Santa on the tags. Then my mom let me open and play with some of them, then wrap them back up before my dad got home from work.

  • Bdickerson74

    i was 9 at a friend’s Christmas party and one of the older kids had just found out and told all of us younger kids. jackass. that being said… next year i promptly told my younger brother when i was angry at him

  • Mack

    Found out when I first went looking for presents hidden in the house just before Christmas. On Christmas morning I realized there was nothing in addition to what I had already found but apparently some of the were “from Santa”. I think I was ten that year. That same year in order to make sure I was being good my father had one of his buddies dress up as Santa one night and make an appearance on the back deck. I saw him and believed he was real for another day or so until Christmas morning came.   

  • Liquid Lunch

    I was probably around 5 or 6.  Older friends felt the need to ruin Christmas for anyone that year.  They went around telling every kid in the neighborhood that Santa wasn’t real.

  • Tyrian

    i was a young snooper and found “santa’s” present stash

  • I was 6 and at the store with my mom.  She was buying some toys, one was a truck I really wanted.  Christmas morning I opened a present from Santa, and it was the truck. hated christmas ever since.

  • I used to believe in Santa, then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Murphy

    When I witnessed 80 ‘Santas’ running down the street wearing only speedos. Scarred for life.

  • I’ve always known that Santa wasn’t real.

    But let me tell you about the time the I told someone else!

    I used to lead children’s church. There was one boy who kept asking me a question during my lesson. His question was totally unrelated—”I