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Android 4.0.2 Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus Units

Last week, we found out that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would be receiving an update within hours of activation. That update, will apparently be Android 4.0.2 according to the demo unit we have pictured above. A number of sources reached out this morning to let us know that their devices were receiving a bump, and here is your proof. Build number is ICL53F and is newer than the 4.0.1 (ITL41F) that the GSM version has. There may not be a ton of cosmetic changes over 4.0 or 4.0.1, but according to our source, the radio/baseband has changed from EK01 to EK05 which usually means better network connectivity and call quality. Here is a look at the 4.0.1 About screen.

Cheers Jason Kline in Indianapolis!

  • kettle

    So angry, updated my galaxy nexus prime after waiting an hour to just get a new account activated and guess what… it broke!!!

    New 4.0.2 crashed my phone and now i can’t even use Verizon’s network.

  • Loller

    I have a Galaxy Nexus (Denmark). USB-on-the-go does NOT work with mouse/keyboard etc. When will this be fixed?

  • Anonymous


  • STiK

    Hell yeah… The lock this baby up tighter than a nuns cunt update ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Owwww, they needed to update to 4.0.2 in order for this plastic thing to work lol. I was right ICS 4.0 was a failure come on Google.

    • Anonymous

      meanwhile the idiot software team at motorola can’t even update a single phone without breaking something and adding even more bugs. a phone that is updated directly from google does not have bugs, even if they did they would be fixed immediately, not months later like motorola. i bet you when the razr updates to android 4.0 it will be loaded with bugs, just like the rest of them.

      • Anonymous

        The software team from Motorola have come a long way. We can say that right now we dethroned sense and touch wiz when it comes to skin. You do not want to admit it that Google did not get it right with ICS 4.0 lol. Have fun with your plastic device full of bugs.

        • Why do you say “we”?¬†

          And you know that the Razr will get ICS too, will you still hate ICS then?

          • Anonymous

            Moto will get it right like they did with GB 2.3.5 on the razr.

          • My Razr was plagued with odd behavior, which is to be somewhat expected with a new device.

            Software has a fluid life-cycle that needs to be always moving forward. You should be happy that google is progressing with their code, regardless of what phone manufacturer you buy.

            There is no “getting it right” as you suggest, only improving.

        • Stewie

          What a stupid prick you are. Stay with your Razr, we’ll be in 5.0 by the time they dunb down 4 to work with Blur. I was a moto fan since the V550 but you are not in reality anymore.

          Go troll somewhere else and let people who have been waiting for this phone enjoy it.

        • Anonymous

          Google got everything right with android 4.0. do you not understand this device does not have bugs. you obviously did not read this article, the update is actually an improvement to radio and call quality, no where in this post is anything about ‘bug fixes’¬†mentioned. so you can scratch radio/call quality of off your list of minor nexus faults to whine about too.¬†

          and what is wrong with releasing a software update before the device is even released? because unlike motorola, google actually knows how to release a device fully-functioning and without bugs. i have never used a motorola device that did not have noticeable bugs.

  • troy studnicka

    Gees guys settle down…lol… I have an appintment to go get my nexus tomorow at my local vzw store. I actually called and asked them about if they were going to have the white razor and the rep came back on and says yes the razer and the nexus aill be in stock tomorrow!!
    I have an appointment to pick mine up at 9 am sharp tomorrow..WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • Wondering?!?!

      Lucky…I have to wait until Christmas. The next 1 1/2 weeks are going to go by so slow. I can’t wait until i get the Galaxy Nexus!!!

  • Adiehl12

    Funny how they can update a phone before it is even released, but can’t update any of the Motorola phones that were ruined with GB.

    • Stewie

      Why sure they can, the update is tested in house, and the update servers will push it out to any in the “Wild”, so when you turn it on, wait an hour or so and …

  • I’m sure you guys have read enough of these posts but I figured I’d just post my experience. So I called 2 Verizon stores. The first said they haven’t gotten any units and they weren’t sure when it was coming out. The smaller non-corporate store said that it is coming out Friday, took my name and number and told me they’d call me to remind me. So take what you will from my post, just felt like I should share.

  • Anonymous

    So, this is confirmation that the ICS update servers are up and running…..¬† That’s good news for a release……. at some point….

    • That’s the same email sign up page they’ve had for a while.

  • Anonymous

    yadda yadda yadda

  • Anonymous

    How’s this for confusing. There are two corporate stores in my area. Called one (Eau Claire, WI) and sales guy (I forget his name) said “as far as I know it will be released tomorrow or the next day.” Not exactly a confirmation, but not a no either. I then called the other corporate store (Chippewa Falls, WI) and spoke with Steve. He informed that the phone will not be released tomorrow. He said that they usually will receive word 24-48 hours ahead of time regarding the phone’s release. I asked if the lack of this notice from Verizon is what led him to believe that the phone would not be released tomorrow. He said no, it’s not because of that. The reason he¬†saying the phone won’t be released tomorrow is because of the email his superiors sent to the store informing them of this. He said that it is 100% confirmed – the Galaxy Nexus will not be released tomorrow. If for some reason you do not believe what I am saying, you can call the store (715-723-2614) and ask for Steve.

  • Verizon should announce Google’s next phone this year and maybe they will hit the launch date of “end of next year”.

    Google’s next phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy Prime Master Nexus Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with 2 quad-core processors, 24GB of memory, 128GB of storage, 4MP HD FF, 12MP HD back camera and will support all LTE bands around the world. Definitely deserves the name¬†Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  • droidman

    It WILL launch tomorrow! Watch and see!

  • RaptorOO7

    So where is 4.1.0 that was supposed send out to testers weeks ago and “improved signal strength”, I certainly hope we won’t be waiting months and months for the next update.

  • My name is on a Galaxy waiting for me tomorrow morning. I love Radio Shack.

    • Mikehen08

      I just called my Radio Shack and they haven’t heard anything yet. She has a conference call at 5:30 est and will call me back if she gets any info

  • Anonymous

    I called my local Verizon store and asked if they will be selling it tomorrow. Without hesitation the¬†representative¬†said yes… So probably tomorrow, I hope. I’ll be there at 9 I know that.

  • Anonymous

    I called 3 vzw stores in PA and not one of them even had them in stock… No hesitation from either of the 3 reps I spoke with!¬† I doubt they were told to deny stock on hand on top of keeping hush about tomorrow… WTF

  • BillyT

    I just went to the local Verizon store to bitch them out about my Bionic STILL dropping data after the OTA. ¬†They confirmed they do have the Nexus in stock but said “we have not received any permission to sell for tomorrow.”

  • JCE

    Just spoke to local store in College Station, TX. They said they are opening at 9 tomorrow and WILL be selling the Nexus “first come first serve”

    • Anonymous

      Are you the guy that was in there looking at the phone when I was there? lol 

      My friend works their and said there shouldn’t be any problem with stock

  • Anonymous

    I just call the verizon store and the rep said that the launch for the white Razr is tomorrow and then when I asked about the Gnex he said that he is now allowed to confirm that tomorrow we can buy it….then I heard a voice in the background bark at him saying that they are not allowed to tell people that yet….fingers crossed!

  • Just got off the phone with a verizon store in Livermore, CA. ¬†They’re convinced the phone is NOT launching tomorrow. ¬†They haven’t received any communication from corporate and several verizon stores I have called within the bay area do NOT have the phone in stock yet (or at least that’s what they’re telling me, who knows if their corporate office is advising them to say that).

    Guess we’ll have to wait another week at least.

  • I just got a call from my friend who works at verizon. they just had a meeting and he said it IS releasing tomorrow.
    not rumors, or anything like that.
    he said for me to be at verizon in the morning at open and he’d make sure i got the first one.


    • i hope ur telling the truth

      • i just hope he is!
        they started getting it in last week and he let me play with one for an hour.
        Such an amazing phone. totally worth the wait.

        he told me I would be the first person he told once he knew a definite date.
        don’t see any reason he’d lie or pull a fast one on me.

        all i know is i’ll be outside vzw at 9am tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        I have a friend that works there too and he was never told of the Dec 9th release date but he was told it will be released tomorrow.