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Day 8 of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps: FlightTrack, HD Widgets, and More

We are getting pretty close to the end of Google’s fantastic 10 cent apps promotion.  Only 2 days left after today. Here’s the day 8 list for all you app fiends.

There is definitely some repeats, but that’s good for people who missed them the first time around.

  • 秀年 许


    The exhibit is  called "Picasso to Koons: Artist as
    Jeweler." You probably will 
    recognize the names of
    many of the more than one hundred artists  represented at the barbour
    show. Names like
    Georges Braque, Max Ernst,  Alexander
    Calder and Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenberg and Louise Nevelson and barbour

      One hundred thirty of the rings, necklaces,
    brooches are from the collection of art expert Diane Venet. She helped
    to set  up the exhibit.

      Ms. Venet 
    met French sculptor Bernar Venet about twenty-six years ago. A short
    time  later, he gave her a piece of quilted
    designed as a ring. The ring celebrated the fact that they would soon be  married. Ms. Venet said it was the first
    piece of barbour
    quilted jackets
    artist’s jewelry she had ever had.

      As time 
    passed, Bernar Venet exchanged pieces with mens barbour
    artist friends
    who sometimes created jewelry.  Ms.
    Venet’s personal collection grew and grew, and she decided to exhibit it  with works of barbour
    the other artists.

    Hotchner is the director of the Museum   of Arts and Design. She  says the ladies barbour
    considers jewelry as one of the most important forms of art today. She
    notes  that a piece of jewelry
    kid’s barbour
    is not  just a small version of a sculpture.



  • RUscarletknight

    HD widgets only offers a weather and clock widget (in 1×1, 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, & 4×4), looks very nice, and you can customize it to the _th degree, but if all it is is weatherbug weather, WiFi toggle switching, and a clock which I have in my notification bar, whats the appeal? only .10 but an unnecessary purchase for me. 

    • RUscarletKnight

      I would love to see a Calendar widget or a Twitter widget or even a Facebook widget.. 

  • Bionic

    II bought both “beautiful widgets” and ” HD widgets ” and I have to say. Even though HD only has 50k downloads versus the 1 million downloads that beautiful boasts. HD has a better UI and more options. I will keep both but im not currently using any of the beautiful widgets. All HD for me.

  • Are any of these worth it? Yes I know, only 10 cents. But for me to buy an app, its has to be something decent/useful.

  • Anonymous

    So I just blew through a buck twenty…who needs an efficiently running phone anyway? Thanks to Google for this promo.

    To those complaining, you’d complain if it were free… Some people can’t be happy.

  • Justin Kos

    damn google did something nice and people STILL complain!

  • Anonymous

    So this ends on the day that the Nexus is supposed to come out. Hmm that sucks .

  • Al Chandler

    For the last 3 days 30-50% of the apps are repeats. I know it helps people who miss it but how can you miss it. You have 24 hours to check the market and it is something you can do from your phone. I am not happy with this because it seems like the only apps that are new are the kids story books.

  • David Verba

    I never considered an Iphone until this promotion.  I find it sad that not even the creators of the OS are able to find a collection of 100 high quality, unique apps.  (several apps have been repeated in during this promotion)  Not being a troll, and will certainly be first in line for the nexus, but making an observation of where the Iphone does have a clear advantage.  Hopefully, the nexus will help tip the scales – and if not the nexus – then the Google/Moto phone that will come out after the acquisition….

    • Raven

      It is not merely a collection of 100 high quality, unique apps, but a collection of 100 high quality, unique apps whose authors are willing to sell them for only $.10 that they needed to find all while keeping the promotion quiet enough for it to be a surprise when it started.

      • David Verba

        I was under the impression that Google was subsidizing the cost of these apps, since they are not, yes I understand it would be harder to find developers to sell the best apps for $.10 – that being said, the iOS market does have better developers/apps as that’s where the money is right now – again I hope these near future phones help change that.

      • Matthew Neilson

        Repeated apps every day = less than 100 apps.

    • Tim242

      They did not set out to find the top 100 highest quality apps. It’s just a promotion of a few apps. Nowhere will you ser any claim of being the most popular, or highest quality. Even though I’m sure they are making up the difference, the devs probably still had to agree to it. There are plenty of high quality apps. You just have to find them. That’s no different than ios. On either platform, the best and most used apps, are the apps that come stock ie browser, gmail, camera, maps. The rest are just fillers.

    • I think you completely missing the point of this promotional action. It’s mot like Google is selling cream of the crop of Android market for 10 cents each.  They just partnering with select developers who are willing to promote theirs apps this way, that’s it.
      And it works – during this promotion I spent more money on apps then I spent for last two years. I think it’s a win-win situation for everybody. 

      • David Verba

        lol, you completely missed my point champ.

        • Anonymous

          I think he got your point but it was just a dumb point, chief.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Instant HR, HD Widgets, FlightTrack.. well spent .30

  • Anonymous

    I highly recommend the Christmas HD Live Wallpaper. Easily one of the best lw’s I’ve ever downloaded, and at $.10, you absolutely cannot go wrong!!


    even though we have repeats again.. i still appreciate the gesture.. Thanks google

  • Can anyone comment on HD Widgets?  I’ve been running Beautiful Widgets for over 1 year and a half and have absolutely loved it!  I recently purchased a Tablet and wasn’t sure which one would be more suitable to use on the device.

    • Anonymous

      I would also like to know this….

      • TROLOLOL

        thrice with me…

    • It’s 10 cents…

    • FortitudineVincimus

      uh guys… it is 10 cents, just buy the f****** thing and try it. own both!!!

    • Mctypething

      HD Widgets is by far better than Beautiful Widgets, IMO.

      • Mctypething

        especially for a tablet

  • Rich

    yay look at that, yet again same apps from yesterday and the days before…

    Damn now even Google is starting to suck ball sacks…


      coming from a guy whose nickname is “Dick”… Heeeyyoooooo

  • Flick Golf! is up there on the most addicting games ever list.  I bought it the first time around and I can’t stop mindlessly playing it.  Watching TV – how about some flick golf? Lunch break at the office – I think I can play a few holes. Gotta beat my old high score you know….and so on and so on.

  • As of 6:25PST (9:25 EST) they have been having billing issues. I found this on the support site after all my purchases aren’t going through. Might be best to wait. The ones i did get to go through, won’t go to my phone, and don’t appear as purchased. So i cannot download them… 

    They have a popup here about it https://support.google.com/androidmarket/

    To the person with the draw app, use the website. It’s betterer and doesn’t care.


    Day 46 since Google’s Galaxy Nexus Announcement in Hong Kong: Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting.

    “Calling All First-to-Knowers?” Sure, but we all feel like “We Are The Last-To-Get’Ems”

  • Anonymous

    If any of you have small children, you need get those little critter books. There has been one a day on sale and my 2 year old daughter loves them.

  • Anonymous


    Be warned.  I got email receipts for the one’s i bought today for the expected total of .10.  However, checking my statement, I was charged the full $1.00. 

    I have support emails in for each on on the Android Market.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, that is just a temporary $1 hold. Same thing happened to me. You should see a generic $1 hold from Google and then another $0.10 charge from the actual developer (i.e. GOOGLE*Gameloft). The $1 charge will drop after a day or two.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for sharing.

    • Your local gas station does the same thing when you pay at the pump, it really doesn’t show up as a charge on your bill though. It might show as a purchase but it’s backed out soon after.

    • Anonymous

      You might want to Google, “How the F do credit cards work?”


  • Ravnos CC

    WTF is up with the Android Market saying Color and Draw for Kids isn’t compatible with my goddamn OG?   Seriously, can’t I decide I want to purchase this app for use in the future?  Or is that something that google doesn’t see people doing, “upgrading their android device at some point” ?

    • Kris Brandt

      You’re going to end up getting a new device in the future anyways.  Just buy the app for .10.  You don’t have to go through with the download.  That’s what I’ve been doing for all of these really good games.  I know my OG Droid can’t run them, but seeing as how I’m going to get a Galaxy Nexus anyways, I’ll get the apps now.

      • TROLOLOL

        Nope. If your device is incompatible with your phone, you cannot purchase the app. This is what Ravnos CC and everyone else is bitching about. A lot of folks were criticizing Amazon’s App Store, but at least you can still purchase the app and use it later.

        • Ravnos CC

          I remember when Plants vs. Zombies was free on Amazon, and I couldn’t get it from Amazon either… sooo has Amazon changed that policy?  It certainly would make it more attractive to use over the Android Market in this particular situation…

          • TROLOLOL

            You can just add it from your desktop internet browser. Just sign into your account and grab the app. 🙂

  • richard melcher

    The Heart Rate app is awesome. Put your finger over your phones camera and it calculates. I was a little drunk when I bought it so hopefully I actually end up using the damn thing lol.

  • repeat apps why?

    • Anonymous

      I’m kind of glad. I missed out on a couple days so I was able to get the repeat apps.

      • Drizzle from MTS?

        • TROLOLOL

          TheDrizzle FoShizzle

        • Anonymous

          What is MTS? Its from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

          • Anonymous

            The blast will be enormous.

  • Anonymous

    Most if not all of these apps were already 10 cent apps. Disappointed 

    • David Hayden

      Very disappointing.

    • Oh, come on. You getting stuff nearly for free and you disappointed.

      • Anonymous


        Google is using this promotion to get people on their app market who would otherwise either never have gone or never have paid for apps. It behooves them to play to a wide audience, and to assume that the majority of people out there don’t read Droid Life (more’s the pity) and probably will accidentally stumble on this promo during its 10 day stint. Only us droid nerds eagerly await the new list of daily apps.

  • Anonymous


    • Yessss, wheres my water is here. Now I just need sprinkle and it will be complete!