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Update on the Galaxy Nexus Situation? Not Much has Changed

A weekend passed and according to our Twitter timeline and inbox, many of you noticed that we had nothing to post on the status of the Galaxy Nexus that is headed to Verizon. There is a reason for that – nothing has changed as of last Friday. But since so many were looking for an update on the situation today, we thought we would just toss out a quick post.

The current date we are all looking forward to remains December 15. There are no guarantees that it will launch that day, but the majority of stores have been told to target that date for now. Just remember that December 9 was essentially a lock and something happened, so again, we’ll just wait for that day to arrive and see what happens. We told you that the rumors of a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday launch were just that, massive unsubstantiated rumors. Sure enough, two of those days have passed without even a beep from Big Red, Google or Samsung. 

As far as reasons why the device has been pushed back, let’s just say that we will likely never know the true reason and to tell you the truth, that’s the way it should be. Verizon told us that it would be out by the end of the year because they obviously understood that the device needed to pass through testing and did not want to make anything official until they knew everything was 100% ready. I know that we all want this device now, but try to give them at least a little bit of a break. I would rather this phone pass all of their tests and hit shelves with zero bugs than watch the world bitch about them releasing a buggy, beta product too early.

We have seen sites blame the Google Wallet situation over the delay, but have not heard from any of our sources that that has even been in the discussion. Remember that the Nexus S on T-Mobile still to this day does not have Wallet and likely never will, so I doubt this would be the reason for this hold up.

If you really need a reason to ease your brain pain, just consider the fact that Verizon’s LTE network went down in a major way last week, that not all stores have inventory yet, and that LTE chips have been a pain in every phone manufacturer’s rear all year. Pretty tough to launch the phone of the year if you don’t have enough to sell and you also have a shaky network on your hands, wouldn’t you say?

And on a related note, let’s talk about comments on Nexus posts and DL in general. Keep it classy, folks. We had a troll battle over the weekend that has since been taken care of, but we would appreciate it if you would all try to breathe for a second and think about what you are about to type before posting. Is it going to offend or insult someone? Probably shouldn’t post it. The DL community has been one of the friendliest places on the internet for 2 years now, let’s not allow one phone and a couple of trolls to change that.


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  • James Lucas II

    The testing rumors are crap the blackberry storm and storm 2 was always trash it passed with flying colors lol

    • Joe Fischer

      if you couldn’t tell, times have changed from when the storm and storm 2 came out

  • I was in a corporate store here in Madison,WI last night and the guy told me he would call me, but I inquired about the 15th, but he told me that it’s unlikely and that his system showed “Launch Date TBD”..Sad..Verizon has really botched this..and I also read that Australia has released the Galaxy Nexus as well.

  • Anonymous

    doubt it’s going to be this week since VZ has not made an official announcement yet.  If i recall they usually announce a phone release a week in advance…no announcement = no release on the 15.

  • NexusFansAreIdiots

    Epic trololololo by Verizon.  It’s driven the fanboys into a frenzy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • the abba dalla

    Verizon had the phone in stock for overweek, almost two. The demo phones have numbers, but they aren’t allowed to sell even with full stock of the phone and the accessories

  • C.J. Novotny

    I was told by my two friends that work at different verizon stores that they had gotten emails saying that they reason for the delay was google wallet and the device will be released the 15th WITH google wallet support. I have been trying to get one of them to send me a screenshot of the email but they haven’t budged yet….can’t say I blame them for not wanting to get fired lol.

  • Anonymous

    [quote]As far as reasons why the device has been pushed back, let’s just say
    that we will likely never know the true reason and to tell you the
    truth, that’s the way it should be. Verizon told us that it would be out
    by the end of the year because they obviously understood that the
    device needed to pass through testing and did not want to make anything
    official until they knew everything was 100% ready.[/quote]
    NO NO NO. Verizon DOES NOT get a pass. Your telling me that the illusion and the stratosphere and other devices that are skinned and OEM bloated need less testing than a pure nexus device? Thats INSANE. INSANE. Its stall tactics and this fact was backed by Verizon insiders who reported that the testing happens right up to even the hour they release the phone in a lot of cases, therefore making any ‘testing’ they do just that, testing with an asterisk.

    Forget their lies

  • Anonymous

    Check your Verizon stores as mine does have the display model out to play with!

  • Anonymous

    Hey kellex! What is the led flash like. Is it bright?

  • I can’t wait to check out this phone! (although I am already more than happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note). My company is even giving one away to some lucky person who tries out our app this December. Check it out: goba.co/win-a-phone

  • bigrob60

    +One million regarding the last paragraph on comments and Trolls. It’s good to see the hammer start to fall on the more out of control people. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and discussing it and blatantly launching personal attacks for other opinions.  

  • Yan-Fa Li

    Waiting for CM9 on Samsung Galaxy S2.  Seems to be the best option.

  • Jamaicawind

    Does anyone else find it pretty sad that this phone is out in japan Europe Australia (Tomorrow) and now even south Africa is about to get it before we have it?

    • Bryan Williams

      Don’t forget Canada.

  • Bio Shnev

    I work at Costco and I just looked at our computer and it has a do not sell till date of 12-14-2011 so I’m going to keep an eye out for any updates.

  • I had a Galaxy Nexus activated on my plan at radio shack, all was well till he tried to charge me for it and it wasn’t in their system. 🙁 He talked to his Co-worker and told me I could pick it up Thursday.

    • Guest

      Had the same issue when tried to pay for it… They had to deactivate the GN and reactivate my crap phone… Can’t wait to get my hands on again! 

  • Graham Wilson

    My story today was went to my local best buy mobile in the mall and asked the lady and she said they had them in stock but they cant sell them! she then said i can take your name and number and put one on hold for me and as soon as they are able to sell it she would call me to come pick it up! so i definitely have one waiting for me as soon as Verizon gives the ok!

  • Anonymous

    This just in! Japan has just released the Galaxy Nexus II with Android 5.0 Gum Drop OS! They are all laughing and pointing at us silly Americans because we don;t even have the Original Galaxy Nexus with 4.0/4.1 ICS !

    • Anonymous

      Jelly Bean 😉

  • Yeah cut them some slack, they’re definitely testing this thing to the full extent! Like the T-Bolt and the Bionic.. and the DX GB upgrade… 

    The past weighs heavily against their ability to release a bug free, and problem free launch. The sooner people realize this, the happier they can be not knowing what the end result will be, because you already know it.

    • college grad

      bullshit..phandroid found out a few days ago from several sources, that the delay is solely due to the google wallet problem. Look it up their article is only 2-3 days old. They deserve no slack, they deserve to be gang raped by samsung and google. Fuking assholes.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone else is saying software issues. AndroidCentral has a verified VZW employee poster who cannot even maintain a 3G signal on his Nexus.

        Also, Phandroid’s sources are wrong as hell. You think the Google Wallet thing would pop up NOW? Not in the last six months of planning this device? Also they’ve shipped devices to many stores already; you think they are going to back track and take all those devices back this late into the game because of Google Wallet?

    • Jamaicawind

      Ok so your telling me they are just now deciding to test a product that has already been shipped and sitting in the back of multiple best buys radio shacks and verizon stores across the country? Ya that does not sound right im pretty sure IF this is true its a huge fail on Verizons part for not testing something before shipping it off. 

      • I’m telling you that.. You are completely correct in your anger. We all know from previous phones that were “held back for testing”that their testing is… non existent. It definitely feels like your typical “we have no answer so here’s something to placate”sort of response from Verizon.

        Only time will tell if they will stay true to any sort of release schedule.

  • Anonymous

    Actually got to play with a Galaxy Nexus at my local VZW retailer today.  Couldn’t believe they had one just lying around.  Played with it for about 30 mins before I let someone else drive.  I was really expecting it to be thicker than it is, but it was actually pretty thin, especially compared to my Droid X (even more so at the hump on top).  Weight seemed comparable to DX, but I really, really liked how the G-nex felt in my hand.  So smooth, like it was made for it.  I was doing a comparison with the RAZR and I just can’t get on board with the squareness of the RAZR…just doesn’t feel right to me. In any event, I can def say it is not the Lochness Monster anymore…it does exist!  Took a pic of the “About Phone” screen.  This Gnex was on 4.01.  The guy working there still did not have a release date or price, but I expected nothing less. They want to keep their job, I would imagine.  For sure getting it (no SD card was my only “issue”) now that I had some 1-on-1 time with it.

  • Tysoncrosby21

    No edit button……sad panda… I also had another thought, we keep blaming Verizon for delaying the Nexus thinking they want to sell more Razr’s and Rezounds.  What’s wrong with that, in terms of business it’s a sound strategy.  Keep moving the phones that have Verizon software (bloat) to the masses that don’t know/care about a “pure google experience.”  I don’t hate Verizon for doing this, sure it sucks for those of us that want the phone but it’s just a business and marketing strategy, pretty simple.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon makes like no money on the devices. They make their money from contracts, overage fees, etc. They are a service provider, not a retailer. Best Buy/Amazon mobile similarly make little from the devices themselves, instead earning a commission based off contracts sold.

      They don’t care which device you have, so long as its something that would entice you to pay your exorbitant monthly charges to them instead of a competitor.

      • Tysoncrosby21

        You don’t think they receive a pretty penny from HTC or Motorola for selling a certain number of their devices.  

        • Anonymous

          If they did do you think Verizon would let retailers sell Verizon devices? Their goal is to lock you into a contract; only the OEMs get much money from the devices (and often not even that much from high end devices compared to overpriced low end ones).

        • J. Adam Morris

          I don’t know this for fact, but what I took from Sprint’s recent deal with Apple is that basically, they say “we can sell N devices. N is a lot, so we want a deal,” and they negotiate X million units for say 300$ each, down from $600/each, but that price is contingent on them selling X million units. If they end up only selling V million, they might be paying more like 375$ each and so on. So, as I understand it, they don’t literally get a check every quarter from the OEMs or anything, but they do end up paying less for the handsets that they do sell if they sell more of them, which does basically equate to the same thing.

  • Tysoncrosby21

    I am leaning more toward this being a realistic release date.  When the 9th was floating around as a potential date I called around to Verizon stores in my area.  None of them had the phone in stock and none were even hinting at a release date on the 9th.  Today however, I have called almost every store in my area, each one confirmed stock in the store and also said they expect the phone to be released Thursday or Friday based on the information they are receiving.

  • Erkleehoo

    My version: have been checking here in Tennessee every day…. different story from everyone. Stopped by Verizon today and was told Thursday should be the day, they had plenty n stock, and that only a few people had been asking about them. Asked if I could put my name on one, he assured they had plenty. Let me see a dummy model, felt really good in hand.

  • Kylebrodeur

    Just need to release it.  If there is a way to turn off the LTE radio, I would probably do that.  For me, LTE network issues are no reason (in my area) to delay the launch. [I would maybe accept this excuse for other markets]

  • Hfd1113

    Ok, all you Nexus lovers, on this droid site. You will not see the phone released until it is ready. There could be some problems with the ICS OS. Whenever new software comes to a new system, it needs to have a burnin period. some of you older folks remember when we use to order a computer and had to wait a few day after the build for the burn in test before shipping.

    They will release the Nexus prime soon. In the meantime. I will continue enjoying my Droid Razr.

    • I would understand  that logic if the nexus wasn’t released anywhere but Its out in Europe and now in Canada. Clearly Google has had time to work on ics. Clearly Verizon does not want to release the phone for some odd reason.  

  • Nicky1867

    The nexus needed to be here yesterday, all I have to say is my boyfriend decided his no shave November was going to become “I’m not shaving until I have a nexus in my hands”.  After all of this time with it keep being delayed, I’ve come to the conclusion that he looks pretty sexy with facial hair 🙂  And to think I used to think this amazing new device was topnotch.  

  • thedonxr

    im posting this from a Verizon Galaxy Nexus in a Verizon store this dude was awesome to let me mess with it in the store! Holy crap this phone is awesome!

  • davetheAndroid

    So I guess when they said that they get everyone together to make the Google Nexus in one room, apparently Verizon didn’t get the memo? 

  • Hightop

    I heard a rumor that the first commercial and announcement will come during the MNF game tonight. Might be the only thing that could make Seahawks v Rams worth watching lol

  • went in in my uniform(dont know if that has anything to do with it) but he said it’s not out yet, looked at my name embroidery on my shirt and saw it said police and said, “the 15th.” i’m thinking thats it

  • Marccastle

    Well at least the guy with the Gnex made of cardboard HAS his. That couldn’t work any worse than my BlunderDolt, that I rushed out to buy on day one, did all summer. Thank you, VZW. I’d leave you in a second if there was anyone else to go with. 🙁

  • xxdesmus

    yeah, screw you Verizon. You’re about to lose a customer if you keep this BS up.

    • John Davids

      Yes! How dare they not release a phone that has never had an official release date! Shame upon their houses!

  • Bmay4048

    Went into my local Verizon store Friday and gave them my number to have them tell me when they knew anything. They called today and said the 15th is the day!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really feel bad verizon is holding this breast captive

    • Vaglvr

      does it have a vag too?

  • hawgpapa

    Pretty cool…Just got back from my local Verizon store and after taking care of some company business that I went there for ;-), then started talking about the Nexus and told him that I wanted to upgrade as soon as it was available. He asked if I wanted to look at one and “play” with it. I thought for a nanosecond and said sure…He brought it out and I actually worked out with it for a few minutes. We had to go into a corner as to not bring attention to the phone. I was impressed-smooth a silk, the camera is awesome, and ICS is cool!. As soon as it becomes available to the public, I will get a text to come in and upgrade (He thought the 15th is when it might happen, but actually they don’t know). I was just glad to see that it was actually a real phone! I haven’t been too excited about the Nexus arrival because my Thunderbolt is working better than ever on Eternity r172 or SoaB 1.04 and a Rezound battery. May have to wait until I get back from the Christmas trip to Oregon on Friday, but it will be worth the wait.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like this whole fiasco shows just how little respect Verizon has for its customers. The fact I went to a store and asked to see a demo and was flatly told “I can’t let you see it” is ridiculous. However what really pissed me off is when I explained that other stores were allowing customers to preview the unit and was told they had no obligation to show a demo unit. Someone needs to remind Verizon without their customers they are nothing…. sadly, I will be there day one with money in hand to get my fi-, er, Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you blaming Verizon instead of all the blogs that have posted all these fictitious dates? I haven’t seen a single announcement from Verizon that gave us a date on when this phone was going to be released. Your anger is misdirected. 

      • Hate to keep hammering this point home, but Verizon told every single one of their employees that December 9 was the day. Not only that, but they informed 3rd party retailers and indirect agents as well. Not sure how fictitious that can be.

        • John Davids

          Internal release dates =/= public release dates. Period.

          • Tyler

            Personally i would have went with:
            internalReleaseDate != publicReleaseDate
            but thats just me 🙂

      • Anonymous

        While they never officially announced a release date (which is annoying by itself), 12/9 showed up in Verizon’s systems and a lot, if not most, stores had them in stock. They aren’t fictitious dates. They’re all from sources inside Verizon.

    • LionStone

      Maybe if you built up some kind of relationship with a local rep or something, where they know you because he/she sold you your last two phones, you might get some love.

  • Darthseph23

    Note: a coworker of mine dating a VZW rep noted that their discussions (VZW’s) are about holding the phone off until the XYboard promo ends (You know… the buy a Razr, get a XYboard discounted).

    Not sure if it is 100% true, but it makes sense from a business standpoint of trying to grow the tablet market.

    • Why not buy a Galaxy Nexus and get a Galaxy tab discounted?

  • Anonymous

    ” And on a related note, let’s talk about comments on Nexus posts and DL in general. Keep it classy, folks. We had a troll battle over the weekend that has since been taken care of, but we would appreciate it if you would all try to breathe for a second and think about what you are about to type before posting. Is it going to offend or insult someone? Probably shouldn’t post it. The DL community has been one of the friendliest places on the internet for 2 years now, let’s not allow one phone and a couple of trolls to change that.”

    Well put my friend, well put +1

  • joejoe5709

    I’m enjoying my Rezound, don’t get me wrong. But I seriously can’t wait for this thing to come out!!!

  • Adam

    I’m currently running an Ice Cream Sandwich port on my droid incredible. While it feels slow and laggy right now, I can’t see myself going back to gingerbread… Time to be patient. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for this phone with a burner phone since september. I was going to reconsider buying because of the no SD card support. But then I realized I can use google music as long as I find someone willing to sell me their unlimited data plan line so I could stream all 200gb of my songs. 

    Now the phone keeps on getting delayed I might as well stick with the burner until something else comes along.

  • Wraith0903

    I agree with the current delay being caused by the network.  The testing angle I will never buy again from Verizon. Gingerbread for the T-Bolt took for ever because of “testing”. Then, after months, they proceeded to push it,  only to pull it a few days later because of multiple problems that took weeks to fix. They constantly use the testing angle to cover their tracks, weather it’s moving instock devices or whatever.

  • joejoe5709

    Thanks Kellex. 🙂 The silence was killing me. You’re the best.

  • Probably the 9 billionth one of these posts, but what the heck… I went to my local Radio Shack after work today and asked about the phone.  They admitted they had one (local VZW stores and Best Buy flat said they didn’t have any) and I said I would buy it and re-up my contract.  They kept reading their computer and said they couldn’t sell it because it hadn’t launched yet.  They were nice people, and let me hold it for a minute.  They took my name and number and said they’d call me when it launched.  So yeah, take it for what it’s worth, but it is a very nice looking phone physically, can’t wait to get one!  C’mon Thursday!

  • Anonymous

    There had better be absolutely zero issues once this releases! What if there are all these delays, and yet it still ends up a “buggy, beta product”, like many other Verizon releases? Can we still complain then? I realize Verizon is covering their butts by not saying anything official, but daaayum!

  • I need to join android anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve called the two Verizon corporate stores, four authorized retailers, Best Buy and Radio Shack in my area with the hope of coming across the magical store that will sell the phone to me. Take this with a grain of salt, but everyone of them told me that they do not yet have the phone in stock and the six Verizon stores all told me the 15th is the date it will be available. I hope they’re right, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Anonymous

      I did the same thing and every single store told me there is no release date and they have none in stock. One even told me the date was the 15th, but changed again because they have none in stock. The problem is I called this same store the other day and an employee assured me they do have them in stock. Since when did lying become acceptable customer service? Deplorable.

  • Jacoblmueller

    It’s also hard to release the phone of the year if you wait until next year to release it.

  • I think Kellex should make a joke post saying that the GNex has been delayed till next year, and see how many people have heart attacks.

    • Mark Wilk

      Disqus’ data center would be a smoldering crater from comment overload.

  • Anonymous

    Too late.

  • Tee

    Kellex, everytime I see an “Update on the Galaxy Nexus” headline or something similar, my heart drops.  Like seriously drops, because it always seems like it’s going to be bad news =(

  • EC8CH

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if asking for a “Nexus Prime” was the password that would actually allow the sales associates to sell you a G-Nex.

    I’m looking for a Galaxy Nexus.
    I’m sorry sir I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    How about a Nexus Prime then?
    Wait right here… I’ll be right back 😉

    • Anonymous

      Maybe at Best Buy, since they used the Nexus Prime name in that advertisement a while back.

  • Anonymous

    way to choose vzw over your readers

    • shdowman

      He’s just telling it like it is.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the next Nexus now. I’m sure it’ll be coming out when they release this one.

    • Anonymous

      I’m almost expecting the Nexus 6 to come out before the Galaxy Nexus. And I’m talking about the Nexus 6 in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, not the phone.

  • Djsammysoda

    Im hearing the 22nd is the release date

    • Jared Kirk

      From whom exactly?

      • JCS

        Probably from the voices in his head…

  • Theandyplan

    My OG was force closing on anything I opened so I had to wipe data and cache and reflashed project elite. Now its running a lot better but it’s a quick fix at best. Will love to get my hands on a gnex Thursday /Friday. (Hopefully)

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried Peter Alfonso’s GPA ROMs? I’ve been using his builds for months now. The only problem I’ve had is that Gmail isn’t syncing as of last Friday, which I think is an issue with the something other than the ROM.

      • Anonymous

        If it helps, I ran into the same problem with my OG last week (also running GPA), but I think it was just because I got too low on space. Once I deleted enough to make the warning go away my Gmail started syncing again. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah. I’ve been low on space. I deleted a few things and now Gmail is back. Thanks!

  • J Dub

    The newness has worn off. This will be my next phone, but I don’t think I am too worried about its release any more.

    • shdowman

      I have been inundated with so much info on this, that the excitement has waned into a “do I really want this now” attitude. Of course I do, but the “meh” has taken over a bit.

      • Anonymous

        I played with one at the store and the excitement returned.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex when it gets released I want your post to be titled ” It’s here! It’s really here! Santa came early this year!”.

    • Anonymous

      You are assuming it will be released before Christmas!

      • Hah exactly.

      • Anonymous

        If not I’m going with the sexy white razr

  • No news is good news I guess.  I give it about a 2% chance it actually launches this week.

    • Aventador779

      Quit being so negative

      • RufusX

        …or is he being 2% positive?

  • Anonymous

    Some sources over at androidforums.com, who have been very credible in the past, seem to think (know) that it is coming out on Thursday now.

    • So exactly what we have been saying since Thursday. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        AND I just realized that the 15th is Thursday, not Friday.

  • guess how i feel about this stuff ive been waiting since june no joke couldve upgraded to any phone on verizon thought it was coming out in october ive read just about every article about this phone and still nada i am extremely pissed bcuz ive been using my moms old pink blackberry bcuz i had a feature phone and wanted unlimited data plans this company just pisses me off so much and since it didnt come out on the ninth almost every post ive looked at ive almost cried my dad also has been waiting for this for 6 months

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the same boat, except i’m still using my old flip phone (kill me now). I was waiting to get the GSII, but then Verizon opted not to carry that (dumb), so then I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

  • Duong Vu

    In my best Liam Neeson voice: “RELEASE THE NEXUS!!”

  • Anonymous

    went to the SHACK and the manager said “we don’t have any of the PRIMEs in stock but we’re waiting on the email to tell us about selling it.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey at least Verizon is actually right on schedule with the release.  They said by the end of the year and never announced another date.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t really buy the whole “the network was down so they delayed it” argument, since they still announced the Xyboards (still hate that name) last week and launched it on time. Must be some other reason why the Nexus isn’t here. I don’t know what it is and I honestly don’t care. I’d have rather had it last week and dealt with one bug (that would’ve been fixed shortly OTA) than have to sit and wait empty-handed.

    • EC8CH

      they probably know that no one is going to buy those over priced stupidly named tablets anyway.

    • I don’t think many people believe the “network is down” was the excuse.  I personally believe the “we have too many damn RAZR’s on hand and need more time to sell these things” excuse.  If not that, then they’re perhaps prepping more software fixes for the launch day.

  • Anonymous

    i went to my local store praying for a miracle. i had hope after that broncos game. i asked the manager if any new information came in and if it would be possible to pre order. he said that he didn’t know when it would be released to start pre orders, but i asked if anything was said about the 15th. he went silent, then gave me a look of understanding, and said he didn’t know. im having a good feeling about thursday.

  • Han Solo

    Zero bugs?  Impossible.  Besides, their testing can’t be that great if they released the Thunderturd and Bubonic.

    Something else is up.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt that there will be zero bugs, but, while I don’t trust Verizon’s testing, I do trust Google’s.

  • Anonymous

    Keep refreshing this page. Another retarded release date will soon appear. The Galaxy Nexus, dust in the wind.

  • I keep coming back to this site to see if there has been an official announcement of this phones release date. Every time I’m disappointed. I thought last weeks story of it not coming out on the 9th was some kind of a sick joke. At this point the only story I want to see on this site about the G-Nexus is an Official release date.

  • mchlkrieger

    I heart you, DL!

  • Pardes33

    i meant Wednesday the 14th…

  • Scott Willenborg

    I’ve had mine for three days now.  I made it out of cardboard on the 9th.  I just couldn’t deal with this alternate timeline any longer and this is my minds coping mechanism.

    I hope I don’t find out I posted this…

    • stevil

      Does the cardboard improve LTE reception? Say, as opposed to a deck of cards wrapped in tin foil?

      • Anonymous

        I think it does. I heard that the screen on the cardboard models is really terrible. No way they are 720p.

  • Pardes33

    Costco will have phone on sale on Tuesday …..

    • Joshua

      You here this from who? What part of the country also?

    • Assuming the Tuesday is changed to Wednesday (per your later post), I still call BS.  I just called the Costco near me and he said they only have demo units in, not ones for sale.  I asked if Thursday was a possible sale date and he said “possible” but he’s had no word on it.

      • Michael Potter

        They are required to say that… all the Verizon Stores around me said that last Friday when they told me on the phone was already in on Wednesday when the Equipment manager told them it was to be released…

  • Anonymous

    lol @ ” I would rather this phone pass all of their tests and hit shelves with zero bugs”

  • Remember that one time Matias said it would be out in November!

    • Anonymous

      to be fair, he said something like “almost everywhere by the end November”. It was something along those lines, but vague enough that it couldve meant everywhere EXCEPT the US

  • Kris

    any body who gets this phone is like that wife who tries to justify why her husband batters her. the phone is gonna flop. Google has zero interest in their flagship device or in streamlining android. They are obviously more interested in numbers rather than quality.

    I switched to the iphone after being loyal to android for 3 years and am amazed at how everything is far FAR superior to android.

    thank god this device got delayed.. and I was forced to look at other options.

    • Keith Sumner

      Flagged as spam.

      • Kris

        wow… the Fandroid tag suits you!. Couldn’t tolerate a single comment against your beloved android uh?

    • Anonymous

      Google is the one pushing out all these Android phones. Google releases one or two each year.

  • STiK

    No it hasn’t changed. You won’t be seeing it untill atleast mid Jan.

  • DrPartyPanties

    Got tired of waiting for this phone, so I picked up the iPhone 4s to try for 30 days.  I’m not trolling here at all; I’ve been a loyal Android user for over two years, but this lack of direction between Google and the carriers is out of control.  If the Google Nexus comes out in the next 30 days, I’ll check it out and reconsider, but otherwise, I guess I’m now your sworn enemy.  errr…iEnemy.  Besides, in 30 days, there will be a new phone that will be better than this one anyway.  

    • Keith Sumner

      Flagged as spam.

    • Vaglvr

      You may return or exchange wireless devices and accessories purchased from Verizon Wireless within 14 days of purchase. A restocking fee of $35 ($70 for netbooks and tablets) applies to any return or exchange of a wireless device (excluding Hawaii).
      This return and exchange policy does not apply to customers who have purchased a Prepaid Plan.
      Purchases made between November 15 and December 28, 2011 may be returned or exchanged through January 15, 2012. All other provisions of Verizon Wireless’ Return & Exchange Policy continue to apply, including Restock Fee.

      • Kris

        I’m sure he got it from an apple store… which has the 30 day return policy. I did the same… never going back to android.

    • Vaglvr

      lol, you better read the return policy again. 

      • Kris

        nope.. he is right. Apple store has a 30 day return policy with no penalties.

    • Mike

      Thats like saying you asked one of the pretty girls out, and while you were waiting for her to get ready up stairs you went on a date with the neighbor Kyle across the street.

      • DrPartyPanties

        You’re right – I don’t wait for anyone; I follow my own schedule.  I guess it shows what kind of guy you are sitting around waiting for girls. Besides, Kyle was buying that night.  😉

  • Ray

    I really want this phone but something tells me the 15th is going to come and go and still no Nexus. Loving my RAZR so thats helping with the wait but come on. And I cant believe Kellex even said let Verizon test the phone so we can have it bug free mmmmm from what I know Verizon testing is a failure when it comes to finding bugs just try any of the 4G phones on the network. But is just a phone and we all need to just relax I wish we had the power to boycott this phone but who am I kidding I will be the first one in line with my debit card lol…

    • Hey if the 15th is a miss, maybe the 16th will strike GN lightning???

  • Coriolis

    Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it. Definitely much love to the g-nex. At this point both due to the bionic and the nexus waits, I would say we’ve all learned patience. I’ve honestly gotten to the state of mind that it will be out when its ready. I know alot of folks have their OG on life support, but were in the final stretch! You’ll have the beautiful nexus soon 🙂

  • I agree, it does suck that we have been waiting so long for the phone but its true the wait should be well worth it if all the bugs and kinks are removed before release.

    Whats the point of being so excited about a phone that will just crap out until bugs are fixed… *cough – Bionic – *Cough…. aahhhheeeerrrrmmmm..  PHLEGM!
    Thats why i returned it and am patiently waiting for my GNEX.

    The only thing that bothers me is that since I am in between android phones I can’t take advantage of the 10cent apps….  :- (( …..

    • pjb2822

      You can still take advantage of the 10 cent apps. Apps are associated with your Google Account, not your phone. So just logon to the Android Market website and buy them there!

      • jcdc

        Then why can’t I buy apps that are incompatible with my OG Droid?

      • really i didnt know that, thought I still had to have a current android to be able to download. Ok i will thanks

    • You should be! I’ve been buying most the ones I think I would use because they are so cheap and then just stopping the download due to my OG not having enough space to fit anything… The nexus will be getting them once I have one due to apps not being locked to the original phone they were purchased from.

  • Anonymous

    My OG Droid no longer gets email through the Gmail app. I have to use the web browser.
    The Galaxy Nexus better be released on Thursday.

    • Dropped mine in a damn puddle today, brought up the bootloader screen when i tried to turn it on…

      troubleshot for a little bit and got it back on…thought id be going to buy a phone and pay 35 to get me my nexus when it came out….cant go 3 days without my phone! haha

  • George_B1981

    The way this is going AT&T is going to release their LTE version of the phone before Verizon does (if ever). Google wants Google Wallet on it, Verizon doesn’t so they’ll do their damn best to make sure the phone isn’t released with GW. It’s all about the $$$ and not the “bugs”

    • Anonymous

      Not going to happen. Google has a US exclusivity deal with Verizon. Until VZW releases it, no one else can.

      • George_B1981

        Oh but it has, 3 of them have been sold already as has been shown on multiple Android related website, including this one….

        • Anonymous

          Verizon hasn’t officially released it yet. Some stores sold some early because they didn’t know that it has been delayed.

  • Too bad this phone has been delayed, but eh. As for me, picked up a Droid Razr yesterday and love it so far. Maybe in a few months I will get a GN. At this point though, may just wait for quad core for my next phone. Good luck to all this week though. Cheers.

  • Alex

    look at the picture closely.  try to decipher how many phones there are or if there are any stacked.

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought we were going to make it through a day without a mention of this phone.  🙂 Glad we got one!

    • Haha, even without a direct article, there’s comment wars going on in other posts about it…holy crap…

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, ordered my case last night, so this thing should launch Thursday. Well, maybe not so much, I cursed it.

    • Joshua

      I had my case ordered back in the beginning of Nov. That way i’d have it when it was released on Nov 10 (or so I thought). Now that case is just another tease sitting on my counter at home.  

  • kniceguy

    Haha YES! Kellen you’re the best, I was about to take a nap and then I thought, “I’ll go check for an update on the Galaxy Nexus…”

  • Anonymous

    Kellen, a little Off Topic Here, but how is the GPS on the phone? The Razr is pin point accurate and radio has been exceptionally amazing. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Tell you the truth, I haven’t really used it yet heh. Let me do that in the next couple of days.

    • Anonymous

      I actually checked out the GPS from Google Maps today with the G-Nex and it was amazing the accuracy of it in terms of knowing exactly where I was and then even having the blue arrow turn as I would turn.  That may not sound all that impressive, but the cool thing was that I was in a very big/tall building and the store is essentially in the middle of the building.

  • Anonymous

    So you’re saying the 15th is now official???

    I kid. Thanks for the update on no update Kellex, and for keeping us informed through this mess!

  • Interstellarmind

    this just sucks all around. it’s just hard to swallow this rational (not that i dont’ believe it – i think that IS the most logical reason for delay that i would be privy to) with the WORLD having their (granted different versions) of the GNex. Sigh.

    kellex – thanks for addressing the comments situation. this is my favorite site, and this is one of the friendliest sites out there. please, everyone, IGNORE trolls (they are attention seekers – nothing more) and let’s continue to help each other ENJOY android as our hobbies. we all ahve differing opinions, and it’s fun to discuss. but no one’s an idiot for disliking or liking a certain device. 

    • screw off you wanker…

      haha just kidding, totally agree with everything you’ve said.  People come on here and spew some garbage about how mine’s better than yours when, really who cares????  If you like your device, sweet! You made a good choice…doesn’t mean if I have something else that its rubbish, right?  Maybe just something I like better…

      my 2 cents

      • Blootzm3

        thank you …. now ban angelface77 forever for trolling ….

        • Akalasin

          what exactly is a troll/ing??

          • ramifications

            “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic
            messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum,
            chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an
            emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”


  • Mkelleygcsi

    Just keep telling yourself that it is not coming out till next year, that will make it that much better when it comes out on *cough* thursday *cough*. 

  • Jerry Lange

    moto paid vzw to push it back a week to release the xyboard

  • you?

    It was an insane troll battle withh woz Hillarious comments.

  • Thanks for the update. A bunch of people over in the mega-thread @ AndroidForums have been pitching in with their reps’ confirmations of the 15th as well. I sure hope we’re not disappointed again 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Every time I read something about the nexus all I can do is picture Verizon screaming, “HOOOOOLD!” like William Wallace.


    • Anonymous

      So is the Galaxy Nexus then the polearm to the iPhone’s horse?

      • Anonymous

        More like we’re the hordes of British, Persians, Aliens and everything else in that video about to clash.  As long as Verizon doesn’t shoot lightning bolts out their arse we should be good.

  • Bob Campbell

    Does anyone else want to replace the battery cover with the Verizon label with a Google version as seen in the picture?  There must be a place to order them 1 at a time.

    • Not going to lie, this is the first thing that I am going to do. Swap the GSM back with the LTE back. I’ll let you guys know if it works. 🙂

      • Bob Campbell

        Do let me know, my hope is that all the magic is in the battery itself.  I just think the Verizon label will always make me remember these last weeks and my blood pressure pills can only do so much…

        • Keith Sumner

          The phones are different sizes guys, I can’t see the covers being interchangeable, LTE version is thicker.

          • Anonymous

            Korea has a replacement larger battery and battery cover, maybe that size would. Interestingly, the color is different between the two.

            work http://phandroid.com/2011/11/29/galaxy-nexus-comes-with-extra-2000mah-extended-battery-and-cover-in-south-korea/

          • EC8CH

            The lighter colored one has a plastic film over it making it appear lighter.  It appears it is cut out around the names Google and Samsung where you an see a darker border that is the same color as the other cover.

          • agree, that looks dumb

          • EC8CH

            just checking…

            you do know that is just a protective film and it’s meant to be removed?

          • Anonymous

            You are not aloud to post because you won the Asus Slider and I’m mad bro!

        • Anonymous

          If it doesn’t fit, I’m just going to scrape the Verizon logo off the back, they get no advertising from me. 

          • Guest

            i might just spray paint over it

          • Anonymous

            Do they sell Google stickers?

          • Blootzm3

            +1 screw Verizon and their “let’s hold back the nexus another 2 months, just for the hell of it” oh and they don’t like unlocked phones.

          • Anonymous

            Yep, if there was another good service in my area I’d bail on them in a damn second.  Pure business BS.

      • Aren’t they different shades of gray though? I want to do the same but I don’t want it to look out of place ya know! 

        • Bob Campbell

          This morning when I first thought of this I found a site that sold the cover along with the rest of the back (not just door).  Site only sells to repair shops though

      • Will that work? I thought the LTE hump had a different slope than the GSM hump? My understanding is that this difference in slope is the main difference in how thick the phone is.

      • tjmonkey15

        I thought the GSM and LTE Nexuses were different colors.  Thus making the GSM back look just silly on the LTE version. 

        • EC8CH

          That was speculated based on a render, but I guess we’ll see on Thursday………………… hopefully 🙂

        • Anonymous

          they are different colors, the LTE version is darker but I think it’s just the sides and not the back battery door or face.

          • Anonymous

            Isn’t true, saw the LTE version beside the GSM version in a corporate store.  The LTE version is actually slightly lighter grey. 

          • Anonymous

            interesting, all the reviews I read said it was darker.. ? O_o

          • Anonymous

            Not reviews, a couple blogs posted it was darker when the LTE render showed up on the Nexus site.  My brother’s in from Europe for the Holidays and has the GSM version, he went with me to Best buy yesterday and I was surprised myself, the LTE version was lighter.

          • Anonymous

            kinda makes me sad, I wanted it darker. 😛 Thanks for correcting me on that 🙂

      • EC8CH

        if it works and you do a blog post on it I forecast a 1000% sales increase in GSM battery covers 😛

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t really work unfortunately, the curve of the bottom hump is different. It’s been tried. The rest you can fudge, but not the bottom.

        • EC8CH

          ahhhhh man 🙁

          • Anonymous

            I still intend to try anyway, I don’t believe them 🙂

          • Anonymous

            The batteries are also entirety different. 1750 is longer and thinner, 1850 in LTE is shorter and fatter. They’re more different than just the radio

      • Anonymous

        this is my plan to 🙂

      • Blootzm3

        if you make it I will buy ;D “no Verizon logo”

    • Anonymous

      I saw some on eBay. You could also try buying a replacement cover from a Canadian carrier that carries it.

    • Anonymous

      Hadn’t thought about that, but am definitely considering it now!

  • christophurious

    Im ready for some GNEX love

  • Anonymous

    My friends are somalian pirates, they say they have stolen all the 4gLTE Galaxy Nexus’

    • Anonymous

      all your Nexus are belong to us

  • Avery Ma

    I’ve got an OG Droid that needs derezzing. Chop chop VZW.

    • EC8CH


  • “Verizon told us it would be out by the end of the year”

    I thought it was Google that told us that? At the end of the October event?

    • No, VZW’s press release said by the end of the year.

  • And the frustration continues. 

  • nexus on the brain

    Thanks Kellen, we appreciate it

  • Jmildern

    You updating us bro?

  • allan m

    Too bad I can’t sock Verizon’s CEO in the face without any legal ramifications. 

    A pity.   

  • I blame Rick Perry.

    • I don’t get it…

      • No real reason. Just someone to blame. Blaming Verizon gets old eventually.

        • Oh, I thought maybe you thought the GNex was Gay, and we all know how Rick Perry feels about gay things… 😉

        • I got it and chuckled. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there. It was funny. 

  • JD

    Just hopping for a $199 launch price point. It would help with the pain of waiting. You know like sitting in a dark room when you have a migraine. The pain isn’t gone, but you feel a little better.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to bring in a printout of that Black Friday ad when I go to buy one on the off chance that they’ll give me that price. Either way, I’ve got a $50 New Every Two discount left.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard.  You want them to price match an ad that was never officially released (IIRC) for a phone that wasn’t available when the ad would have run?  Why on earth would they do that?  The NE2 is at least a real thing, I hope they take that and give you the $50 break…  I wish I had that.

        • Stewie

          VZ store minions are not that bright ….

          “Hey, he has a coupon (add a bar code to to it ….)

          Ring it on thru …

          • ted

            About as bright as your trolling for a vzw phone 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I know, it’s a real longshot, but there’s always a slight chance that they might take it.

  • Exclusive rumor: GNex was delayed because NFL Mobile and MyVerizon didn’t work on it and they needed to work out the bugs in their software before releasing a QA-passing Nexus! 😉

    Seriously, some of it is broken: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/11626-nfl-mobile-not-working-on-stock-phone/

    • Hah don’t say that. 😛

    • JoeInMo

      MyVerizon works fine.  I haven’t tried NFL.

  • Well if it doesn’t come out, I see the 15th as another way to “convince” these 3rd party retailers that it really is the date. Same situation with BB and yesterday.

  • Unexpected62

    What’s a worst case scenario? I’m selling my current phone for this, don’t wanna be Android-less for too long.

    • Anonymous

      Worst case is next week or the week after. After all, they were days away from selling the device last week and even shipped tens of thousands of devices. They won’t let the phone rot away in the storage cabinets of all these stores; they may suck it up and release a buggy version next week if they absolutely must.

  • whatsinaname

    Looking forward to this phone, whenever it gets here.  Unfortunately I don’t even live in a 4g area.  Montana will probably be last to get it.  (right around the time 5 or 6 g comes out) LOL

    • Anonymous

      We still aren’t listed on the 3G ‘list’ but are covered in red on the 3G map, even though 3G has been around for some time in our neck of the woods.  Only time I lose 3G is when I go on roaming just South of Laurel until I hit Bridger.

      • Where in the heck do you poor people live?? And how’d you get internet??

        • Anonymous

          Haha, I have 50Mb/s FTTH.  Thanks.

  • Come on Big Red you can do it this week!

  • Aaron


  • Onthelow

    I’m worried it won’t be out on the 15th either.

  • http://hasverizonreleasedthegalaxynex.us/
    The best place for the up to date Galaxy Nexus release status.

    • Anonymous

      I think this web site says everything, lol. Verizon really wants this to be “The gPhone.” They don’t seem to be messing around at all.

    • Fantastic.

      • Fixer

        Hey Kellex could you PLEASE!!!!! BAN angelface77 also???  He is already starting crap in other threads again with his name calling and his dumb post!!  He is FAR WORSE that Mc_Clane and that Guest person!!!

        • like x 100000000. Please

        • Bill Mitchell


        • You’reADouche

          Somebody call the whaaaaambulance, the fairies feelings are hurt!

          • Fixer

            you mad mc_clane? HA!

          • Anonymous

            Oww fixer still crying and suffering because of somebody’s opinion lol. The fixer is the same guest person posting all those nasty picture on droidlife. Shame on you fixer.

      • Anonymous

        Went to a Verizon store by my job at lunch today, spoke with a rep and asked him all kinds of questions including the back stock ogf Nexus’s, at first he denied then he smiled after we got to talking. Management is telling  him to deny that they have their stock.

        Gave him my buusiness card to call me as soon as he hears anything of a launch. Said he will and asked for a cell number as well. Will see what happens this week :).

      • NexusFansAreIdiots

        Verizon trolled you dumb nerds good.

        • Fixer

          you mad bro??

    • http://isitchristmas.com/ should forward you to this site. cause my Christmas is when the GNexus is released.

    • Roshan John

      Awesome. I hope this delay is a battle between Google and Verizon over releasing Google Wallet on the G-Nex. Its about the only thing that will make all this torture worth the wait. 

    • Anonymous
    • Ian Wilson

      It’s pretty entertaining watching the same trends constantly repeat themselves on this site. People build an extreme amount of hype around a phone with a release date that has never been officially confirmed, then become anxious when it doesn’t come out on the suspected date or has minor bugs. Then the next greatest thing leaks, the last obsession is null and void, fanboys reinvest their hope, and the circle of life starts all over again.

      • That’s a very poignant observation. That really is the tech life in general, no matter what type you are talking about. 

        Do you remember the hype surrounding the release of the Atari Jaguar? The Neo Geo? Both amazing hardware, but no ecosystem.Nexus phone with unlocked bootloader? Will have amazing hardware AND an ecosystem. Win.

        • BMKDroid

          Neo Geo!  I remember loving my Neo Geo Pocket Color back in the day haha!

      • Anonymous

        It drives good traffic for sites 🙂

      • Anonymous

        They did the same thing with the bionic. They hyped that device like crazy and when it did not come out when they wanted to come out, they started crying.

    • Steve Blais

      Just went there from rec on twitter . Dumb simple.. us androidians are tired of reading tons of posts only to find out that no one truly knows the release date of the galaxy nexus.. I think we should start an OCCUPY verizon in honor of the Galaxy nexus!! 

    • Blootzm3

      is this like how Verizon delayed the bionic for the same reason “testing” ?? it still is a buggy phone. Verizon tests phones and still no success. Verizon needs to get their heads out their buts. And this counts for any Verizon phone delayed for testing, I could count many.

    • NoNexus4U

      Verizon won’t release the nexus because they support ISIS which competes with Google wallet and want to block it from phone. ISIS won’t even be tested for another year with the NFC chip.

      The only security issue is Verizon’s financial security.  Let us decide how we spend our money and how we do it.

      WE should all Not Buy The Nexus For A Month After Its Released. Show Verizon Who’s Boss. Us The Consumers. Postpone Buying The Nexus for Their BS!


    I Blame Canada