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Otterbox Lovers, Here is Your Galaxy Nexus Defender Series Case

Otterbox cases are some of the more famous of all smartphone accessories. For those that are hard on their phones, drop them constantly or have kids, these are essentially “must haves.” Little was known about there being one for the Galaxy Nexus though, well until now. One of our readers cruised into a Verizon shop this afternoon and found himself a Defender Series Otterbox case for none other than the G-Nex. Funny thing here, is that Otterbox doesn’t even have pictures of it on their own site, but VZW has them available to purchase.

Feeling safer already?

Cheers Jason Kline in Indianapolis!

  • ilmine

    I love my galaxy nexus! Works great.v

  • Anonymous

    For all you that say, “Why buy at slim, hot looking phone and then bulk it up with the case?”

    I was right there with you. But I have big hands. The phone was constantly slipping away from me and almost dropping. Still I resisted the urge to cover up this beautiful machine. I thought, I take care of my phones. I’ll be careful….whoops….CRACKED SCREEN.

    Thank the Nexus gods I had Asurion and my brand new Nexus came to my doorstep one shipping day later. $99 instead of $700+.

    Yes, Otterbox Defender is on the way!

  • This Is A good One

  • Anonymous


  • I want to see how big this is with the phone in it. Anyone want to leak a pic of that? 😀

    • Anonymous

      go on the otterbox website

  • Anonymous


  • NexusFansAreIdiots

    You’re all going to need one of these to protect that frail junk Samsung shell.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • It would be much appreciated if Samsung build a sturdy chassis in the first place.

  • Earleepa

    First the phone then the case. Until the phone is released the case is just a waste of money.

  • Hep

    For what?

  • Gary Graf

    would rather have the white barely there case.

  • I dont understand why people buy such ugly covers for their phones…  I know their mentality is that they want to keep the phone looking good… but what good is it if you cant even see what the phone looks like??

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing they may take it out of the case at night for a good fondeling of the pristine corners and then put it right back.

    • Tim

      Personally, the mentality is to keep my phone working properly and to protect the screen from breaking if it gets dropped

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I like Otterboxes……except for the fact that they are freaking dirt ugly, bulky and stupid. 

  • Anonymous

    if you want your phone to last a full 2 year contract, you need a good case like otterbox. i will proudly use this case.

    • CJ

      False. I’ve carried three different cellular phones through a complete two year contract, including an iPhone and an OG Droid. Never had a case, never damaged a phone. Then again, I don’t treat my phones like a gorilla trying to open up a cantaloupe. But hey, anyone who wants these ugly, bulky things…to each his own.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      *If you are clumsy or otherwise prone to drops you need one

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t imagine using this huge ugly thing on the Nexus.  Destroys the look and feel.  Now a screen protector is a must.  

    • Anonymous

      Does a cracked display destroy look and feel to you?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t drop my phones, but I’ll probably get insurance on the Nexus. 

    • CJ

      Screen protectors are a scam on par with global warming and those antenna stickers that boost cell reception.

      • Anonymous

        Screen protectors are far from a scam (neither is global warming, do you have a college education?) 

        If you’ve ever had a tiny bit of sand in your pocket, it can scratch any type of glass, doesn’t matter how reinforced it is.  Screen protectors prevent those accidental scratches and allow you to remove and replace.

        • CJ

          I do have a college education, but I don’t see what that has to do with the global warming debate. There are plenty of educated fools out there, as you have just proven. Also, I always carry my sand in the back pocket of my jeans so as to not scratch my screen. Thanks for the tip though!

  • Cpep

    So when will Otterbox start making cases for Verizon phones different colors like they do for the iphones??? Then again maybe they make the different colors for iphones simply because the design of the iphone hasn’t changed since it came out…..hmmmm

    • nice

    • Amtorres92

      Or maybe because iPhone is one o the best selling smartphone?

  • KevinC

    hopefully they fit the 4g lte galaxy nexus and not the gsm version

    • why would verizon sell one that only fits the GSM???

      makes no sense

  • I’m not a fan of cases but this case looks rather spiffy if I do say so myself. Perhaps I’ll pick this up and see if I end up using it…

  • Anonymous

    guesses if it’ll fit with the extended battery? I’ve have to assume so, but who knows.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently the extended battery doesn’t add barely anything to the size.  Had one guy say he could fit the stock back on with the extended battery.  

    • Anonymous

      if it extends the back of the phone. the answer is obvious.

      • Anonymous

        not necessarily. DroidX extended battery extended the back of the phone slightly and it still fit in the original cases.

  • Anonymous

    You can always look elsewhere. VZ was selling otterbox cases for the RAZR $36. Got 1 on Ebay for $22. Free shipping.

    • Dude

      I got the otterbox for my Bionic for $16 on Amazon. Amazon always has lower prices than stores.

  • Anonymous

    Yay a case for a phone your not even selling, and showing no signs of selling anytime soon…

  • Steve

    Will Verizon sell their usual silicone case for the GNex too?  Nice and thin, I always think those are a good middle ground between being naked and putting the poor thing in a cocoon (otter box).

    • Anonymous

      Try Seidio cases if they come out with one, they are thin but have that great soft touch to them and don’t look cheap like the Verizon ones.  Used one on my OG since day one and it just finally broke the other day when one of the inside clips just snapped off when I was removing it to do a battery swap. 

  • JMac726

    How much thicker/bulkier does an otterbox case make a phone? I always thought they were big, but this picture doesn’t look bad

    • xformulax

      depends on the phone… my boss has an iphone 4 in one, and it’s about twice as thick… another guy at work has the S2 in one, and it’s just a tad thicker, but very managable (great size really)

      i hope the nexus with otterbox feels something like the s2, even though i’m guessing the s2 is a bit thinner.

      • the nexus is already wider and longer than the S2 by itself.

  • plus+1

    kinda off topic but yeah i almost got a galaxy nexus yesterday, i called a couple best buys like 3 in my area and one of them said they had 9 stock first come first service i went, and they wanted to sell me the phone they even activated it and verizon approved it, up intill i tried to pay for it, the system wasnt letting them sell it and i saw the screen, even after the manager of the store tried he couldnt override the error that was popping up well they caught on after like 5 different people tried to ring me up and being there for 30 minutes of crazy build up they said they couldnt 🙁 i was so close i had the galaxy nexus in hand ready to go, If i was you guys try what i did, maybe you’ll get lucky, i tried this in san diego ca, maybe if your in a different area they are able to ring you up, but just pretend like you dont know that its not offically announced but hey i came super close, manager said come back on the 15, but another best buy said the 27 or 29th, and they seemed to know more higher up people than the manager did.I took pics of the phone because i was going to send them to droid life thinking i was going to be able to get the phone, anyways i whined up getting the razr because my eris is unresponsive and im soooo sick of waiting, best buy doesnt have restocking fees, and they said i got 30 days for a exchange so im going to get that dam nexus it just better come out with in the next 30 days. plus 10 bucks protection so incase i break it im covered and there’s no deductible which is good because i feel like the razr would easily break. -_- so if your scared of paying the restocking fee at verizon do best buy. hope this helps get someone lucky!

    • Dude

      Ha, you feel the Razr will break easy… wait til you feel the Nexus…

      • plus+1

        I was one step away with walking out with a nexus I got to play with it while they did the paper work the nexus has a little more weight and the curve lets the phone touch your palm, the razr is so thin that when you grab it your palm doesn’t grip it more your fingers do it feels weird i cause im gripping on to the edges of the phone instead of the edges and the back of the phone. 

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, the Razr is so awkward to hold because you have to hold the edges and the back doesn’t actually touch your palm. 

          • Akalasin

            I have the DX and the DX2, and neither one touch my palm—is the razr kinda like the droidX?

          • Dude

            Yeah but probably a little bit wider.

          • Anonymous

            The DX feels more “natural” in my hand than a RAZR.  That being said the Nexus feels even more comfortable.  It truly seems smaller in the hand despite the larger screen.

          • William

            I liked the feeling of the Droid X2 much better. The Razr is thin, but way to wide to the point of feeling kinda awkward. The Rezound feels better for me, though I don’t use it much. The Razr is my daily, but I’m still waiting for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • nexus on the brain

    And the first item up for bid here at the “Cover up your Verizon logo” show….

  • I went to 2 different Verizon stores and a Best Buy today to get a case for my GNex. All three stores said they have them in stock but can’t sell them. They wouldn’t even let me look at them. Kinda messed up that Verizon doesn’t even let them sell the accessories.

    • Anonymous

      I had a rep grab some cases from the back. He didnt say he couldnt sell them and I tried the two piece incase one but didnt care for it. 

    • BiGMERF

      thats BS i got mines on the 26th at a verizon store

  • Anonymous

    With this my Nexus should be able to take many arrows in the knee.

    • Nex

      LOL XDA


    If I am able to find it at my local Verizon tomorrow and end up buying it. I will take better pics

    • GNexLIFE

      Its an 8MP photo BIGMERF.
      I assume you just mean more photos, out of the box. I could have taken more photos out of the box, (my Rep offered to take it out of the box) but figured most people already know what the O.B. Defender cases look like.
      That and I really didn’t want to look and hold an empty G Nex case ;P
      – Your forum buddy “Android_LIFE” over on Androidforums.com

      • BiGMERF

        thats what i meant..lol pics with the phone in the case..lol

        ooo ok..lol. as you can tell i keep the same name everywhere.. 


    share discount, please.lol


    i agree 50 is pushing it


    i just payed 30 2 weeks ago at verizon for a holster was made for the LTE Galaxy Nexus. My GSM Galaxy Nexus fits perfect… Going to stop in tomorrow to check out the otterbox

  • waveGuide3e8

    I’m possibly interested in a case, but only if the phone still fits into the landscape desk dock and the car mount dock while still in the case.

    • That’ll never happen. Just pop it on and off as needed.

    • I very seriously doubt that will be the…case.

      • I see what you did there….

      • Weege


    • Mebaker Mb

      I can definitely say it will not fit into any kind of dock with a defender case.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see for once the clip is on top of the phone rather than the side

  • Big Red

    Nice!!! looking forward to getting rid of my bionic and its hefty defender case… although this may be hefty too… :0 Don’t care though because ICS here I come!!!! lol

  • even with the glass tests, the non gorilla glass / lack of metal body does worry me. i might pick up the case “just in case”

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…maybe I’ll buy this case and just pretend a Galaxy Nexus is in it….it might help with the wait for the mightiest phone of them all that much easier to bear.

    • Anonymous

      Just tape your current phone inside.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah, good idea!!


        • Anonymous

          You desperate?

          (I am not gonna say it)

      • NexusFanboysAreIdiots

        That is absolutely pathetic.

        • hey br0 don’t get mad. we all know you have a taped picture of da nexus on the face of your ifail4s. it’s okay though i would understand why you’d want to ditch that thing for a real device. it’ll be okay i promise.

          • NexusFansAreDumberThanDirt

            I don’t have an iAnything, nice try brah but you’re not smart.  I do have a taped picture of “da nexus” I use for target practice though, along with a picture of Kleenex.

  • Davidengel

    pics… no but an option to purchase them… yes!!!

  • Anonymous

    If this doesnt have that terrible screen protector attached to it, I might consider but I like the case I have on my GNex(Gsm) right now. Its pretty awesome that most cases will fit both phones.

  • Why do they make a case for a phone that will never be sold by VZW?

    I am rapidly getting fed up with the whole wait and I am becoming quite resolved to soldier on with the OG Droid until next spring when other ICS phones are being released.

    • Anonymous

      Because they will be selling it in the future?  Kind of a dumb question.  

  •  I love Otterbox Cases!! I have used them for both my OG and  DX with some massive drops and no damage. Thanks for the post as I was wondering when they were being released.

  • g_what

    Nice. I want this with my future GNex.

  • Anonymous

    i like my phones like i like my women, naked.

    naked nexus FTW

    • I’m just the opposite I beat up my phones alot and would rather my women not beat up

      • Anonymous

        chris brown would disagree. 

        which is why he has a g’zone.

        • James Friedman

          LOL Awesome!

    • Anonymous

      And if you drop it without any protective case, I will laugh, sorry to say, but I will definitely laugh. Well…that is if you told everyone here at droid-life you dropped and broke it because you had no protective case.

      • Anonymous

        i treat my phones like i treat my woman– with care.

        • Anonymous


      • lostsync

        always sign a prenup.

    • No

      Perhaps this is why your nexusless…

    • Omar Ibrahim

      i like my velcro on the back of it…so it can stay in place on the back of my laptop.

    • Kornfag11

      So this is why we don’t have the galaxy nexus out yet. Otterbox is suing them for releasing there product before they do. Now I get it. Lol

      • NoNexus4U

        Verizon won’t release the nexus because they support ISIS which competes with Google wallet and want to block it from phone. ISIS won’t even be tested for another year with the NFC chip.

        The only security issue is Verizon’s financial security.  Let us decide how we spend our money and how we do it.

        WE should all Not Buy The Nexus For A Month After Its Released. Show Verizon Who’s Boss. Us The Consumers. Postpone Buying The Nexus for Their BS!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah!  Down with the man!  Delaying your Nexus purchase for a month will really send a message to Big Red!

          Also, you should stop buying milk for a month to protest those ridiculous “sell by” dates.  Who is the Department of Agriculture to say how old my milk can be?

          And while you’re at it, you should stop breathing for a week.  That will really show people who believe in climate change!  You don’t need any stinking oxygen…

        • LMAO I love how people who have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about make up “reasons” of delays. It makes me laugh, if I told you the real reason why it was delayed you’d be lost.

    • AJ

      That’s probably why you don’t have either one of them.

  • Zackdasher

    how much is it kellex?

    • Anonymous

      prob $50 like other otterbox.

    • Anonymous

      $49.99 according to the Otterbox site, and $39.99 for the Communter case

    • GNexLIFE

      I’m the guy who snapped the above photo.
      Defender case is $49.99.
      If you buy 3 accessories when you purchase the G Nex, you receive 25% off the $49.99
      (@ a Corporate VzW)

      • Vaglvr

        yikes, that’s a little too much for a case.

        • GNexLIFE

          You get what you pay for, especially with Otterbox.
          Keep in mind after the discount, price drops.

  • Dan

    I think im gonna need this, shattered my droid incredible screen 3x. Learned my lesson

    • You didn’t learn after the first time, or at least the second?



    who’s with me?

    • Anonymous

      I so hope that’s the date, but I pretty much 100% doubt it.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, UNTIL Verizon officially announces the release date, ALL rumored release dates are bogus and don’t mean a grain of anything.

      The 9th was bogus. I’m pretty sure the 15th is bogus. I’m now thinking Thursday, the 22nd, but even that date might be bogus.

      I just wish Verizon would hurry the hell up and give us something….”The Galaxy Nexus will be released by the end of the year…” is not what we want. We want a definite release date, and nothing else.

      • Anonymous

        How about “The Galaxy Nexus will be released by December 31st”? 


        • JMac726

          How about “The Galaxy Nexus will be released by December 31st 2012”?

          Hmm, world might end before the Nexus

          • Anonymous


        • guest

          It will be the 29th. That’s the last Thursday of 2011. Verizon will get their Thursday release and still make it “before the end of the year”.

          • Anonymous

            That would be awesome! But I’d still like to see the phone by the 15th, but honestly, who knows anymore. I’m still getting the Nexus no matter what, but it would be nice to know when the phone will be released.

          • farres

            thursday releases are for droids…

      • no the 9th was not “bogus” at all. it was meant to come out that day but some thigns came up. i don’t care what you believe or not it’s the truth. i know this for a fact and i’ve known every date they’ve marked as a target date. every date besides the 9th was no more than a target date. the 9th was the ONLY date they had pushed past the target date phase. the 15th is without a doubt another target date but that’s all that is being said as of right now. i have serious doubts it will come out this week and to be completely realistic we’re most likely looking at another week or two. 

        • Anonymous

          Okay, that’s all fine and dandy…yet Verizon never officially made an announcement on when exactly the Galaxy Nexus would be released.

          That is unless I missed that post. So…