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NVIDIA and Droid Life Present Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra, 10 Tablets Up for Grabs

November’s Gobbler Gaming Giveaway was a heck of a 4-week contest and nothing short of a huge success. Any chance we can top it this month? That is exactly what we are about to attempt to do as we have teamed up with NVIDIA, Zen Pinball THD and the Tegra Zone once again to hand out Tegra 2 powered tablets to the beautiful community here at Droid Life. How many tablets? How does 10 (ten) sound? Starting today and finishing up next Friday, we will hand out a brand new Tegra 2 powered tablet each day (excluding the weekend) to a lucky DL reader. 


As you have heard us mention time and time again, NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone are doing wonders for Android gaming. The Tegra 2 chip was built with mobile gaming in mind, especially on big screens, which is why tablets powered by their processor are so amazing. With the Tegra Zone, you get all of their Tegra-optimized games in one place. One of those is Zen Pinball THD who just so happens to be one of the sponsors of this post. They offer one of the more realistic, yet beautifully designed pinball games you will find anywhere. Did we mention that it’s free?


There are 10 Tegra 2 powered tablets to be given away over the next two weeks. Each day will be different, but the list looks like this:  Toshiba Thrive, Motorola XOOM, Sony Tablet S, Lenovo ThinkPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Acer Iconia Tab, Lenovo Tablet K1, Asus Eee Pad Slider, and an Asus Transformer bundled with a laptop dock. Prizes will be shipped at the end of each week to winners.

How to enter:

A new contest will be posted each day with specific instructions on how you can enter. By the end of that day, a winner will be chosen and announced.

Everyone ready?  The first contest will go up within the next hour.

Happy holidays!

  • Themeltdown

    I think it would be awesome to win one of these cool device’s!!!!

  • Gelo

    well fingers crosed right

  • [email protected]

    I have never won anything’im a loser,Bree

  • [email protected]

    I want to win one,[email protected]

  • Danman5032

    My name is Daniel Cronon. I hope this is how you enter to win a tablet especially the Asus transformer prime. I’m not picky I be happy as can be with in one. I will do anything to help advertise and get the word out I have purchased a lot of games and apps I even purchased sin pinball t h d. I didn’t see it for free. Please email me instructions on how to enter unless I already did at [email protected] Ph 209-684-4316 home # 209-462-2239. Thanks Daniel Cronon PS I have a gmail account. Email or call and I’ll give it if needed.

  • Tonyfonty

    bellissima idea,complimenti

  • oh god i feel like an idiot. the contest is over 🙁

  • I hope i win!! 🙂

  • Robert

    Me Me I Have 10 Teens I Want To Feed Tegra 2 =/

  • Erik

    Sounds awesome!!

  • Shaquanaalleyne

    So how exactly do I enter???

  • Keilflex35

    hmm how we enter this here thang?

  • Djspxlr8

    Awesome.. I would love to win.. Been a Droidlife follower since the beginning!

  • Jcarbonell16


    My dream vacation would be, to do to Dominican Repbulic. Staying at Casa De Campo.
    Just enjoying the awesome weather and the amazing beaches. Also would like to swin with dolphins and they have a great night life.

  • TheBigLaskowski

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer…. on her way to bring me my new tablet 🙁

  • Greg

    jingle bells

  • Anonymous

    very cool

  • Kensicks17

    I’d tell to buy android simply cause its not apple.

  • Lonegunner Nl

    M M must say,Zen pin ball looks and play great on my asuseee transformer.
    where stands the contest?.

  • I wanna win

  • Emailages

    m ready to…

  • Anonymous


  • AJ80

    Count me in

  • bob

    Santa Tegra, it has been a rough year for my family and me. A new tablet would really make for a Merry Christmaz. Thanks.

  • Gregoryclouse

    I WoN!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I think I can see it!

  • Anonymous

    it’s getting closer1

  • phlame

    it’s getting closer!

  • Phlame

    sounds like fun

  • I am going to spend more time having fun!

  • Anonymous

    ok….where are the winners?

  • Ronald McCloskey

    great no

  • Phlame

    Asus Transformer Prime and keyboard dock!

  • Jim Hall2

    This is sweet, 10 chances to win one of the best.

  • Lil

    I enjoy doing this contest, let see how lucky I am

  • =/ so sad it’s U.S. exclusive =(

  • wow … nice 🙂
    All the best to everyone ..
    Happy Holidays  🙂

  • I would love to get one. Thank you .. oh and Please too.

  • [email protected]

    I want one……..

  • cool!

  • Sweet..just one tablet. That would be awesome. My daughter would love a tablet to help her with school. Thanks for the chance.

  • just waiting to enter…way cool of droid-life

  • Fanfreakingtastic! love this contest!!

  • Techrat

    I’d love the Asus Transformer

  • 53Panhead

    I like pie.

  • Anonymous

    I really do like fruitcake

  • Northpte

    I want one!!!!

  • Chriz

    Awesome! Droid is the best! As is NVIDIA.

  • Davros

    Congrats EC8CH on winning the first tablet.

  • Samar

    Loving it.

  • Anonymous

    This is great, I hope I win one.

  • Richard Boren

    This would be great for my wife and kids!

  • Anonymous

    This is great.. Thank you to both of you, for the opportunity

  • Jimkaragounis

    so how do you win of these bad boys…

  • One of my traditions is the trimming of the tree. A new tradition has been sitting around after trimming the tree and playing games on my Android phone with the kids. We take turns trying to beat each other’s scores. I would love me a tablet! Been wanting one for awhile!!! Family time on a bigger screen would be so Awesome!!!

  • I wish everyone the best of luck for this next 10 days. 

  • Michelle R.

    You peoples are funny!  I am dying to win my dad a tablet!!  I would love one too…but my dad deserves it more than me.  Good luck to everyone!  Thanks DL!!

  • Rishabh Bhatia

    I hope i win one 😀

  • Hey, you know what they say, if you never enter, you can never win. Here’s to 10 more chances.

  • Anonymous

    I will root one and make you all proud!

    m/ (>.<) m/

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to sit around the tree and watch movies with my wife and family 🙂  A tablet would make for a great addition to our family tradition 🙂

    Thanks Droid-Life and everyone 🙂

  • Edgardocamposmota

    Got my hopes up.

  • Irrational Man

    Can I has tablet plx

  • Awesome…….

  • Don’t hate the player or the game… h8thepain of not having one!

  • What do I have to do to get my tablet!

  • Alex Harman

    I’LL TAKE A GALAXY…tab 🙁

  • O.O SO PRETTY…. 

  • Seadoo

    need tablet!

  • Anonymous

    Nickel says one of the contests will have something to do with the gnex. Submit a picture of yourself fondling a nexus?

  • tis the season

  • Mason Lammers

    I am a seeing, and I am a liking!  Bring on some Holiday Cheer!

  • jam120992


  • FortitudineVincimus

    I bet anything the entry method will be – drumroll please – tweet or FB some stupid saying.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t require facebook to be part of this contest.

  • Pedro

    Just in case winners are picked up from commentators…. here I am!

  • Even the XOOM is outdated now, I’de love one!

  • Yea Come on and see if i win…. 😀

  • IM READY!!!!

  • Caveman419

    I could use a tablet for Christmas (or one for my son)

  • Win or Lose this is RAD. I’m in.

  • zomgwtfbbq i want one

  • Davros
  • Am I missing something? I count 11 boxes.

    Edit: I see now, one is the keyboard dock.

  • Lmrojas

    I want oneeeeee

  • Woo! STOKED

  • Anonymous

    My wife really wants an Android Tab for Christmas… cant afford anything other than the Kindle Fire…

  • I kind of want to win the Sony Tablet S. Maybe not the best out of all the tablets, but I love the design.

    Good luck everyone! 

  • Sweet….

  • James Lawson-Smith

    Is it worth people outside of america entering this?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Just don’t make me create a facebook account to like your site. Cause I already do…without facebook.

    • Sp4rxx

      or tweet how much you like it – im not about to create an account there either

    • John Davids

      amen to this

  • Anonymous

    This is why I LOVE Droid Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bionicman

    nice! cant wait 🙂

  • sweet, hope i win something

  • Scott Wexler

    awesome contest… maybe win another tablet?? one could hope 🙂

  • Scott Wexler

    awesome contest… maybe win another tab? one can wish

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, maybe I will come close to winning something this time.

  • I hope i win

  • DodgerDroid

    Sweet! Can’t wait

  • zUFC

    thanks Kellex, you’re the best !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This rocks

  • Anonymous

    come droid life! work is so slow so i need this!

  • gregwilliams

    no twitter

    • John

      more chance for me to win then 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any chance you guys have a Transformer Prime?  You can’t even buy that one right now, sucks!  Wish Asus would get it together, my bro would like one for Xmas and I got 5 bills burning a hole in my wallet.

  • DBK

    m/ (>.<) m/

  • seems like Christmas wish will come true if Santa wants…

  • Sweet now I can lose 10 times!

    • EC8CH


      • Unfortunately only when it comes to DL contests… I see you got a couple numbers off there though 😉

        • EC8CH

          while I was dialing the number the suspense was killing me 😛

      • Mctypething

        stay classy bro

        • EC8CH

          lighten up bro

      • u won bro

        • EC8CH

          Yeah… pretty sweet.

          Droid-Life is the greatest

    • thefullritz

      You are a 10 time loser….

      • Thanks for your insightful comment! (that was the joke 😉

    • Anonymous

      lmao you’re not the only one, feeling a little left out 🙂

  • On the 10th day of Christmas, Droid-life gave to me…

    Herpes.  🙁

  • Exciting news here folks!

  • Chewy246

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for another fun contest Kellex, DL, and Nvidia

  • Ivan92116


  • I really need one. After that touchpad fiasco lastnight

    • I didnt have a spare 150 so i didnt get one, but it loaded up and was not hard at all to do a checkout on a 32gb at ~430 PST. was there really that big of a problem for some people?

      • Roderick Cross

        I watched the price drop and sales go up but never was able to get one even though I got all the way to the point whrere you confirm payment, but epic fail. Sat around all day waiting for nothing.

  • Insect Overlord

    Back in October I entered the the “Sign up on the Galaxy Nexus web page and buy a new Galaxy Nexus in November” contest and so far I’m losing.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Thank you.

  • Squevie

    Can’t wait!

  • Dominick DeVito

    On the 12 days of Christmas Droid-Life (will hopefully) give to me…

    One really bad ass tablet Asus Eee!

    • Anonymous

      I liked it better when you wrote in iambic pentameter.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, this I like!

  • EC8CH

    Wow… DL giving away even more tablets.

    • Tablets are great as no plan is required 

  • Man, I really don’t want to win that Xoom…

    • Anonymous

      Beggars can’t be choosers. 

    • Ravnos CC

      Xoom might be the first 1st gen tab to get ICS, or the first tab in general to get ICS, through official channels, mind you.

      • Anonymous

        I guarantee that Asus will beat them to the punch on the Transformer, and Prime!

    • Starr167

      if its free it’s for me

  • John

    Dear Diary,

      F*#& yeah!

  • Anonymous

    It’s filled with tablets!!

  • Keith Sumner

    I hope I can win one, my wife just stepped on her laptop and broke it 🙁

  • WANT!

  • lets do this

  • Kdkinc

    choose me !!

  • Jacob

    I am ready

  • Sebastian Encina

    First. Where’s my tablet?