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Verizon Preps DroidDoes.com for Arrival of the DROID 4

Even without official word on the DROID 4 from Motorola or Verizon, we all know it should be here before the end of the month. Current word has this dual-core slider with 4G LTE coming somewhere around December 22. It’s essentially what the DROID 3 should have been, but what can you do about it?

Thanks to one of our readers though, we can see that Big Red has begun prep work for the droiddoes.com landing page for the device. If you cruise onto the D3’s page, you’ll find a D4 logo down bottom. Also, after a bit of extra digging, we were able to uncover this image of the device matched up with specs and other features. Everything that we reported a few weeks ago is on here, like the Smart Actions app, edge-lit keys in the keyboard, and a front facing HD camera. 

And to top that off, we received this MP3 that covers everything you would want to know about the D4. We are assuming it will go on its droiddoes.com page at some point after Verizon announces it.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If there is anything else you need to know about this phone, we have it for you here.

Cheers Keith!

  • mobile droid does site shows droid 3 as 4g lte. 
    more movements to droid 4 4g-lte. ? 

  • Duel core, 4G LTE, full edge lit keyboard…  God I’m drooling my arse off!   I’m even glad it has a qHD screen instead of a OLED so I can see it in the light better.  I actually do wish it had a slighty bigger screen, but this will be a nice replacement for my Droid 2 Global.  Nothing like PDA Net tethering at 4G!  


    dude wtf guys look at that pic better. it says droid 3 RIGHT ON THERE. and i was just a droiddoes and its not on there. get better information please.

  • Anon

    4G LTE for $199.99 hmmmm…..unless something changed don’t think so

    • Www Blah

      Anyone know of the date when this might possibly come out?  Is it coming out this year or next year?

  • Joel Freedman

    Why do you post a fake picture of a Droid 4?? (the first Pic) That’s a Droid 3…says
    so near the top of the ad.  The 5th row isn’t new…No way it’ll be
    $199.  The Droid 4 will also have symbols on the top row.  Take that
    fake propaganda down please.

    • Sam

      The photo is a screenshot of the DroidDoes page; only the part where the arrow is pointing has anything to do with the Droid 4; the rest of the page (including the image and price) are for the Droid 3.

  • Rodge

    Why do you post a fake picture of a Droid 4??  That’s a Droid 3…says so near the top of the ad.  The 5th row isn’t new…No way it’ll be $199.  The Droid 4 will also have symbols on the top row.  Take that fake propaganda down please.

    • Sam

      The photo is a screenshot of the DroidDoes page; only the part where the
      arrow is pointing has anything to do with the Droid 4; the rest of the
      page (including the image and price) are for the Droid 3.

  • Www Blah

    Is there any chance the Droid 4 will be out before December 22nd?  Does it really exist all I keep hearing about is the G-Nex and not too much on the Droid 4?

    • Sam

      I don’t think it will be out on 12/15 since it’s still in the testing phase as of yesterday…but it’s possible. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

  • love the looks of this phone. but i dont think ill be world traveling so i am going NEX but this in my mind is the successor to the OG. 2 and 3 were lame imo. 

  • Johnny Fitton

    Nexus doesnt…

  • they fixed it.

  • EC8CH

    Thought the D4 lost the bottom chin?

    It is clearly shown in these pics.

    now that I look more closely it’s also missing the angled corners and side lit keys. That image is obviously a placeholder, looks more like the D3 than the D4

  • Mike

    So this is 199 but the nexus is 299?

  • Trfking

    Droid 3 looks way better than Droid 4. So not feeling the Razr edges.

  • SuperFly

    There is no such thing as a Droid 4….just say’n

    • Www Blah

      I’m startin to believe you as much as VZW is being on everything

  • Anonymous

    Well with this thing coming the 22nd if we don’t see the nexus this week I guess we aren’t going to see it till after the first of the year.

  • Manuel Olague

    If it turns out that the Galaxy nexus is too big for me, this might be my next device in February.

  • Anonymous


  • Nathan Corachea

    i would love this phone! but has moto unlocked their bootloader or whatever on their phones? cuz i just dont like the blur interface, its not bad or anything i just like having the option to mess around with my phone.

  • Anonymous

    just played with one today, feels smaller than my dx.  also hen google releases 1 or 2 major releases like J. I’ll have on my GN, not likely on a Moto phone.  If you plan on keeping your phone more than a year think past ICS.

  • Scott

    Wow it look like a ………reason for a Galaxy  Nexus Delay!

  • Stephen D

    I still like the Droid 3 design better. The 4 looks ugly. The 3 would be my perfect phone if it had LTE. 

    • Sam

      That’s surprising. The D4 finally doesn’t have the recessed lip at the bottom of the screen like the first 3. For the first time it’s actually somewhat symmetrical. I like the D4 design much better.

    • Tyler

      I agree, D3 has a nice look to it. Reminiscent of the D1 but still a new look. I didn’t care for the look of the D2.

  • Anonymous


  • @wade_county

    If it has a removable battery and its thinner than the Bionic then I may actually buy this over the G-Nex. Galaxy Nexus is still too tall and the hardware is still, meh. People need to understand that the rage over the Galaxy Nexus is not the device itself, its the software. If Motorola launched the RAZR with ICS it would’ve been almost perfect.

    • Anonymous

      It has a keyboard so it’s going to be thicker than the Bionic, similar to the D3 in size.

    • noisyKricket

      exactly!  Don’t buy a phone for the software.  You can always root it and make it how you want.  Buy one that’s got good hardware and fits your style.  

      • Well unless your phone is the RAZR and you don’t feel like waiting nearly 6 months since there have been no leaks of the fastboot files

  • My Foot

    Verizon should prepare their butts for my foot if they don’t release the Nexus soon.

  • Anonymous


  • Katie Lauffenburger is a hot girl with an even hotter name.

  • phenom

    Kellex! SWAPPED ‘Caps Lock’ for ‘->’ (tab I’m assuming?)?? The prototype unit I held a few weeks ago def had a big ass caps lock key on it.. hmm hmm hmm That’s BIG! 🙂 Cheers!

    • Joe

      That’s the Droid 3 in the top pic.

      • Evltwn

        Look at the RED arrow and read the 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph.

        • Joe

          Read  phenom’s comment then read my comment. Now look at the top pic (not the second one at the bottom).

  • RW-1

    One, I’d love to get this if:

    Screen was to match size of Gnex.

    Unlocked, and we could get ICS on it with our own bootloader/recovery.

    No blur.

    And no hardware softkeys because of ICS.

    At this time there is really no reason that moto couldn’t have had an ICS ready device to release in competition to the Gnex.

    • richard melcher

      yes there is. Moto cant figure out how to install blur on top of ICS.

    • Jay

      Everything post Atrix I, is fully capable of running and utilizing ICS, you can keep your on screen buttons (if I get a 4.65in display it better be 4.65 in. all the damn time, not just when I’m watchin a movie).

    • Anonymous

      If Samsung had released a version of the Galaxy Nexus with a slider keyboard, I probably would be getting it.  But they missed that opportunity, so Droid 4 it is…

    • Anonymous

      Hey genius, the Nexus hasn’t even released on Verizon yet and ICS was just finished about a month ago.  How do you expect Moto or anyone else to throw it on their phones that have been in development for the last eight months or longer?  You have no idea what it takes to design and manufacture a smartphone.

  • Marlan

    Can’t wait for this global GSM capable LTE slider.

    • K. Peters

      Those are very important features to me. I’ll be upgrading to this from my D2G.

    • Niklas

      Global GSM and a physical keyboard are the only reasons I’m getting the D4 over any other phone.

  • Dsfssdfssd

    I want droid 3 look with droid 4 spec~~ D4 looks crap!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that’s why the price is $199. This’ll probably be outdated in 5 months with the DROID 5 haha

    • Ulnek75

      2-3 months

    • richard melcher

      If Motorola keep its current pace It will be outdated by the end of the month. In 5 months we will have the Droid 8. And if they let Verizon control the launch the Droid 5 will be released before the Droid 4.

      • Anonymous

        Hah no kidding. I really like my OG DROID, but I’m thinking the Nexus is my next upgrade, I don’t want to be sad when I bought the DROID 4 and next month I hear about the DROID 5 with Tegra 3.

    • Anonymous

      Every phone is outdated in 5 months…

    • thatOneGuyFrank

      That’s the Droid 3. No price set for an unannounced phone.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, so most likely $299 then. Grr… damn 4g phones, I don’t even get 4g where I live! Ha, luckily I move next year for college to a 4g town 🙂

  • Jason Purp

    Katie Lauffenburger wants to have dinner with you tonight. I wonder what she’s gonna order.

    Probably chicken parm.

  • STiK

    Finally… News about a real device… Sick of the GNex news already!!!

    • i0BAY

      well cause you do not know about good phones.

      • STiK

        But I do know about crappy Samsung hardware 🙂

        • ur lost

          • STiK

            My Gain 🙂

        • Calvin Williams


          • Anonymous

            You most certainly are.

        • Anonymous

          I lol’d

    • richard melcher

      GNex news is the only thing keeping me alive!! I bet you Kellex has seen site traffic triple since the GNexus was announced. 

      • Tyler

        and he will probably see it cut in half once the Gnex is released. Ill be keeping tabs on the site, just not at an hourly basis once I get the phone in my hands.

  • Tim242

    WoW Droids 2,3,&4 in a one year span. Ridiculous!

    • Ulnek75

      get ready for 5 through 8 in 2012. one every quarter.

    • Anonymous

      The D2 came out a year and a half ago.

      • Tim242

        August/September 2010 is not a year and a half. The point is, they are releasing them too close to eachother. They should wait longer, and get it right.

        • Anonymous

          It’s been a year and five months since the D2. I don’t think anything they do will satisfy you people short of stock android and an unlocked bootloader. Don’t like it, get something else and stop whining.

          • That would be great! So when will it happen?

          • Anonymous

            Never, get a Galaxy Nexus.

          • Dominick DeVito

            good advice

  • Tim242

    Hey Verizon…release the phone that’s collecting dust in the back of your stores, before releasing another phone. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      I went to a Verizon today and asked to see one, they said they didn’t have any… F’in lies…. 

      • Tim242

        They told me they have them, but can’t discuss it. They have a demo unit, but can’t bring it out due to confidentialality reasons haha.

  • for people dont know whats a nexus i guess yes droid will sell better then gnex…..any ways any one want to buy a droid bionic for 230 lol

  • Mike

    this phone will sell better then the gnex, more people like/need keyboards then you think
    the only benefit the gnex has is ICS, but im sure the droid 4 will be rooted with ics within a month or 2.  Plus 4in screen is the sweet spot, 4.7 is entirely too big.

    • Going to have to politely disagree with you. 😛

      • STiK

        I’ll have to politely disagree with your disagreement.

        • Sam

          I’ll have to politely agree with your disagreement of his disagreement

          • My…head….hurts so bad.

          • Anonymous

            I will have to politely agree with your agreement to his disagreement of his disagreement.

          • scoccercoach


          • Alex_dh9

            So everyone is in agreeance

          • Yes.  Squirrels like nuts.  Wait, what?

          • And Ill have to politely argree to disagree to agrement disagreeing disagreement agr…wait what were we just talking about

          • I agree with your disagreement of his disagreement.

      • Anonymous

        Well in the long run it’s very possible it will outsell the GN. However I will impolitely add everything else he said is crap.

        • Lgreg64

          I do agree that 4″ is the right size.

          • Anonymous

            Your girlfriend is lying to you =(

          • Anonymous

            that’s not what she said…

          • thatOneGuyFrank

            That’s what she said?

      • Well, I’ve just returned the Galaxy Nexus I had in my possession for the past three weeks and am anxiously waiting for the EU version of the DROID4.

        Nexus is just kind of… not quite handy with its extremely large screen (and overall dimensions), and the lack of hardware keyboard makes it a pain to use it as an SSH terminal.

        I also didn’t like how the entire thing felt in my hands. Maybe I’m just being a fangirl but I don’t think I really want something from Samsung and lacks a hardware keyboard.

        The DROID4 will get ICS, and everyone knows it; it’s just a matter of time. The European version DROID4, if it gets actually released, will probably get it even earlier as CM9.

        • jony

          Do you have any indication that motorola will release an international unlocked version of the droid4 (maybe named milestone4)?

          • Who knows? I certainly want to see it released in Europe. And since it’s Europe, it’ll probably be unlockable like the RAZR.

            DROID and DROID2 had their EU releases. DROID3 I didn’t research, but there’s the Canadian XT860 4G so I wonder…

      • Yeah, I wish the D4 was getting a larger screen.

    • Tucker Nebel


    • Guest


    • Anonymous

      They have second init running for these phones I assume then?  Without it they it can’t run a ICS rom without Moto putting out an ICS kernel first.

    • Anonymous

      People need to hold the phone before judging the size.  I just held one yesterday and it actually felt smaller than my DX.  I’m not arguing which is better, just saying size is not going to be an issue for most.

      • Anonymous

        On that note, size won’t be an issue for the Nexus, even though it is a couple of millimeters smaller in width than the Razr, yet the Razr is getting so much flack because size is an issue?  Plus the Nexus is longer as well.

        • Anonymous

          The shape of the RAZR feels wider and less comfortable to me

    • Loki

      I’ve owned Moto phones, when an update comes out, it takes 3-6 months for moto to mess it up enough and then release it between 3-6 months. Its released in stages to devices, not every device gets the update at the same time I found out.

      • I’m really hoping google is going to burn a fire under their arses since they pretty much own Moto now…  I’ve learned my lesson regardless; buy a phone by what it has NOW, not what may or may not come to it later.  There’s just no guarantees.  I’m sure it will get ICS.  When is anyone’s guess.  I’m pretty happy with GB.  Obviously I’d like ICS better, but 4G LTE and a keyboard out of the box along with a dual core processor sells me on this. 

    • I actually wish the D4’s screen was larger.  At least as big as the RARZ and preferably as big as the Gnex.

  • im not waiting for the nexus lol

  • i hate moto another phone ……..

  • humm

    lol this or gnex, i think verizon knows that everyone waiting for gnex, 4 is waste of time and marketing 

    • Ulnek75

      not if they delay gnex until 2012

      • OreoMan

        You wash your mouth out with soap right now!!!

        • Evltwn

          Wouldn’t be surprised if the GNex is delayed until Jan 16th. That way all those who were planning in returning their “rented” RAZR or Rezound phones will have to keep them. Haha

          • That would be some sweet justice.

            Because seriously, people. Decide on something already. And bear responsibility for your actions.

          • OreoMan

            That’s a very good point.

    • Jay

      I’d love to see what kind of thorough market research you did to come to that conclusion…

      • Anonymous

        Ha!  Exactly what I was thinking