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DROID Bionic Soak Test for Massive Bug Fixer Begins Today

If you are signed up as a member of the Motorola Feedback Network with your DROID Bionic, you may receive notification to update your phone today. The massive bug fixer that was unveiled yesterday is ready to rock and will start to hit the test group within the next few hours. This should be final software, so assuming that all goes well and a major flaw is not discovered during the next few days, you should all be seeing this very soon.

Here is word out of Moto’s camp:

Starting tomorrow (today) at around noon ET, you will get the update pushed to your phone. You will likely see comments on the public forums from owners who receive the update but are not providing feedback here, where we want your input. We will block your ability to post in the public community, but you will get it back in a day or so. And please remember that this project is confidential.

I want to make a few things clear so we don’t have misunderstandings later:
We’re testing final software. A group of some thousands of Droid Bionic owners will receive the software upgrade. Then, we wait for a short period — generally two days but since we’re going into the weekend we’ll get extra time — to see what happens. But only a portion of that group is made up of owners like you, from the Motorola Feedback Network. It’s your feedback that we rely on in evaluting if our software is ready.

Unless there is some extremely serious issue, we will very likely release this software. We have several goals in this effort. First, to make sure something big doesn’t show up with thousands of testers that didn’t show up with dozens and scores. Second, we get a sense of what you like, don’t like, need help with, etc., so we’re prepared for when all the owners are upgraded. And we also capture issues that we may need to address in the future. Certainly if there is anything big, we go back and fix it before we launch. It’s rare, but it’s happened before.

Yep, your Bionic is about to get an overhaul.

Cheers D, M, T and 0!

  • Sparker12

    What a Joke. Software did nothing to fix the 3G 4G and Wifi. I just upgraded on Dec 1 from the droid 2 which just started a few weeks ago to have the same problems. Doesn’t seem they care about fixing the old crap that was working just fine. I had Gingerbread for a month working fine the all the sudden it all turned to crap. Is it the phone or the network. 

  • Chris

    I am enjoying the new update. Since installed my bionic has been running smoother and doesnt freeze when i am running on my lapdock or multi-media apps. The switch between 3g and 4g isn’t draining my battery and is less frequent nowextrodin. I have also noticed a boost in my connection speed. Thanks droid team for a great update. Hope to see more great progress in the future.

  • Jason Eddings

    Fixed my headphone whine…Yeah!

  • Ran the update.  Still having the phone reboot on me.  Camera seems alittle better, but I have not used the stock camera app in a while, so I don’t remember how it really was.  Still not totally happy with the phone.  I guess I will have to see how the Nexus compares.

  • 5.7.893 is better.

  • Snv170

    Hi I love my bionic and can’t wait for the new update, I was told also that the bionic was getting the ice cream sandwich it’s there any truth to that?

  • Justin

    Looking forward to the roll out

  • Anonymous


  • cbrrider98

    I really like my bionic, the only 2 things that was really annoying was the BSOD (haven’t had that issue in over a month) and streaming radio stopping every 10 minutes (I think this is a Verizon issue, intentional maybe???). Battery life on 3g is pretty good, 4g not great. Good call quality, no dropped calls. Very fast on 4g. Very pleased with my phone, can’t really say that with my past 3 phones. This update should make and great phone even better.

  • Whew. I am updated. Interesting that I copied the .zip to my phone via PC. Opened File Manager by Rhythm Software. It detected the update file and copied it to the SD and installed it for me. I did not need to boot into recovery. 

  • Anonymous


  • Larry Carson

    OTA update went smooth, lost root (didn’t forever root, so that was expected). Glad to report headphone hiss is resolved along with other issues.

  • Sackdaddy

    updating now…  *grin*

  • Anonymous

    My phone keeps saying that “Check for Update is not available at this time.” Does this mean that I will be getting the OTA update???

  • Ricktheprick

    I am an Android addict, and Bionic owner. Hopefully when Google owns Moto, they will police things a little better before new phones are released. The Bionic is a classic example of a sloppy pre-release effort. The camera is a nightmare. 3G/4G connectivity is flawed. How could they possibly miss these in pre-release?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know the difference between the pending 5.5.893 OTA Update and the 5.8.894 which was leaked?

    • Anonymous

      It seems like the 5.5.893 is the most stable and bug free version.  5.8.894 is probably a beta build, maybe for a future update.

  • Anonymous

    mine is downloading now….

  • Silver91354

    Coming to Droid Life, I come for the latest going-ons and updates pertaining anything to Android as most of you do. What I don’t understand is why do some come here bashing any post that pertains to the Bionic? If you don’t have or plan on getting a Bionic, what does a Bionic post have to do with you? I have and love the Bionic and am happy to read posts here whether it be a review or updates to the phone. By the way, if you scroll down on the right side of this page, the Bionic review sums it up well…a great phone. Trollers go away.

    • Alexander Garcia

      ***APPLAUSE***  Well said my friend! Well said indeed! All you TROLLS in here need to GTFO!!!

    • Illinipoke98

      Agree, the ONLY issue I have had is the data drops.  Not a fan of the stock camera but the mui one fixed that issue for me.

      Love this phone.

    • Evltwn

      Haters gonna hate no matter what. Very juvenile I know. It wasn’t always like this on this site. In the early days of DL it was very pleasant to read and post comments on here. Now the trolls bombard almost every posting.

    • Anonymous

      I bought one of these for my wife after she had some problems with her iPhone 4S.  I didn’t go in expecting a lot but I must say that, after using it for a few days, I’m extremely impressed.  Absolutely no lag at all, and the screen isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.  VERY nice phone that will be even better after the update.

  • Illinipoke98

    1.  I’m rooted but not forever rooted yet…. will the OTA pop up and let me install?

    2.  If it does pop up, and I install will I lose root?  Can I get it back?

    3.  If I forever root before the OTA will I get the OTA or will I have to side load it?


    • Anonymous

      i think the answers to these are unknown.  maybe some more technical people know.  i would at least apply forever root if you’re waiting for an OTA.  as long as it’s the 5.5.893 that’s leaked, you should probably keep root.  they haven’t patched forever root yet in this version.

    • Keith Sumner

      This has already been confirmed on XDA.

      1. It SHOULD.
      2. no, if you used FOREVER ROOT, you will retain root!
      3. not entirely sure, but the 5.893 update has been leaked for a while now and can already install it, check XDA forums

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why everyone is hating on this phone. I have the Bionic and I have had my fair share of problems, 4g/3g connectivity, slow camera, etc. So hopefully this update fixes those issues. But so far the Bionic has been a good phone aside from the few problems. It is very fast, video looks great, 4g speeds are awesome, I happen to like the screen (just took a little getting used too). Battery life on 4g sucks, but since I am around wifi most of the day, I have found that leaving wifi and 4g on at the same time actually saves battery life (assuming you are actually connected to wifi), a good amount of battery life. I can get through an entire day of medium usage easily. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me. I don’t really see a problem keeping this phone for 2 years once this update is applied and after we get ICS.

  • Anonymous

    anyone needing to get back to stock and rooted and forever rooted can use this:
    it’s awesome and easy.  then just grab the update file, drop onto sd card, boot into stock recovery, and update.

    • Anonymous

      So if stock unrooted we just A) Forever Root B) Boot into stock recovery C) Flash the correct update file…then we have the latest official kernel/radio, and we can update in the future via cheescake or a ICS Rom?

      • Anonymous

        A) root using pete’s root method, B)  apply forever root C)  stock recovery D)  apply the update.zip from sd card.

        as to the future, i don’t know.  don’t want to give you wrong info, so this is just how to get to the leaked 5.5.893 and stay rooted.

        • Anonymous

          Ok. Thanks for the info.

          • Anonymous

            fyi you can actually just apply the update in stock recovery without rooting too.  but then no root on 893 unless you backtrack to 886 stock and start over.

          • Anonymous

            Ok. Sounds good. I will probably root first. It would suck to be stuck without root for a while.

  • Faust’s Lament

    Sorry for this — I just rooted and then forever rooted last night so as (I hope) to avoid the ability to root once I install this update.  However, I’m not sure if I should unroot before installing it (I’m not in the soak test, so I presumably have some time to work this out).  Any advice?  Can I stay rooted (and forever rooted) and install the update? 


    • Anonymous

      yes, in fact you need to be rooted + forever rooted in order to have root on 893.  just drop it on your sd card, boot stock recovery, and update.

      • Faust’s Lament

        and if i don’t have any new ROM loaded — in other words, am running stock, but am still rooted — I just need to accept and install the update, yes?  Or, now that I’m rooted, does the installation process change from the typical OTA method?  Sorry, and thanks again!

        • Anonymous

          i’m guessing, but i think if you’re stock unrooted, you should probably apply the forever root and then take the OTA (if you’re waiting for it to be pushed out).  again, only speculating that you may be able to keep root since OTA’s haven’t happened yet.  Otherwise, be rooted + forever rooted and then apply the leaked update.zip yourself and you’ll keep root for sure.  just did mine again this morning.

          • Faust’s Lament

            thanks so much for this help!!

  • Q

    Everyone hates on Moto, but they’re actually kind of a cool company IMO.

    • Anonymous

      Haters gonna hate.

  • dquicknc

    Can’t help but to laugh at all the Gnex comments. Only a few months back all the comments were about when the Bionic was getting released. Then it finally dropped and all the negative haters came out. I love my Bionic and I hope the Nexus drops soon so the haters can flood all the posts about what they dislike about it and they can’t wait for the next big thing. The vicious cycle continues.

  • Keith Sumner

    kellex, can’t you guys just post a link to the update file and instructions on how anyone rooted and not rooted can flash it? Just like the good old OG Droid days!

  • Anonymous

    “Massive Bug Fixer”? I don’t believe my Bionic has “Massive Bugs”. It will be nice to not have the connection drop out every once in a while though.

  • Pacomcg

    Nexus trolls, please STFU.  I, for one, am very happy this update is near.  

  • Gwspaulding

    I love my Bionic and don’t understand the hate.  Once developers get working on this, we’ll all have it before the official release.

  • BillyT

    Any way to get this before the official release?

  • Anonymous

    The machine to rule all machines, what a load of crap.  

  • Anonymous

    All the Nexus comments, tisk tisk. I’m sure Bionic owners care about this update, just because you people don’t doesn’t mean jack.

  • BionicLOLS

    Give it up Galaxy Nexus trollers. Bionic was a failed Verizon launch. Galaxy Nexus is a failed Verizon launch. However, this Droid Life post has NOTHING to do with the Nexus debacle so suck it up.

  • Guest

    Those who don’t care don’t need to post on here. Just because you want another phone doesn’t mean you have to post on EVERY SINGLE POST to say so. Sheesh. 

  • bigrob60

    About to go to work and needed myself some D-L fix. 

  • Gmayne

    Sad that idc anymore…GS real soon!!!

    • OG Droid

      Right there with you. Can’t wait to ride rid of this phone


    any nexus news today?

    • Mctypething

      u a piece of sh*t bro?

      • T Hall

        No joke, getting sick of these Nexus comments.  It is becoming less and less fun to read the comments.

      • Guest

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  • Galaxy Nexus ?

    • Anonymous

      kill yourself?

      • Mctypething


        • Guest

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  • Onetimeee

    No ONE cares about this.. All we want to know is about the Nexus Kellex, DUH 

    • Keith Sumner

      Many people care about this actually, it’s just that the people who DO care about it, aren’t trolls like you annoying bastards!!!!

    • Mctypething

      Don’t worry, your plastic phone with sh*tty radios, enormous screen size, and horrible battery life will be here soon. By the way, you’re an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        lol, the last part was a nice touch

      • Guest

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    • Anonymous

      Jokes on you homey. You will see once you have your GNex in hand.

    • Its a  phone, the site is called Droid Life.. Droids are preferred than googles Nexus. so stfu