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DROID Bionic Update Finally on the Way, Here is Your Massive Bug Fixer

Here it is DROID Bionic owners. The massive bug fixer that we have been expecting is finally ready for prime time. In it, you will find improved stability to avoid power cycles, a faster auto focus in the camera, and better 4G/3G connectivity to name a few. The phone can somehow magically support 8 devices while on hotspot now, something we were previously told was limited to 5 due to hardware limitations. If you power the phone off, it won’t power back on by itself and SIM cards should activate much quicker. The list is extensive and goes much deeper, so be sure to click both images that we have attached to get the full list.

No word on a release, but when support documents are made available, we usually see something within 1-2 weeks. The update is 54.5MB and will leave your phone at Blur build 5.5.893.

*Note – Received word that this update could start rolling out as early as tomorrow. As you all know, that doesn’t mean everyone will get it tomorrow, but it should hit a small test group.

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Cheers Matt!

  • Dennisdvader

    I have never received the update any one else received it

  • Glennrz1

    Anyone know when a root be out for this new update? I will be lost without my root !

  • Tigermanrick

    Update keeps failing. Anyone have any ideas. I am rooted do I need to remove root?

  • Serena

    What is the blue light in the right hand corner that blinks

  • Fire_first

    I got the update sometime during the night. Installed it at 630 am this morning on 12/10. Camera seems to capture much faster though the objects / subjects must be still, but still a huge improvement. I haven’t lost 3g yet either. That’s 3 1/2 hours without loss of connection where as I would have airplane modes it 10 times by now. That’s all I’ve noticed so far.

  • Adogboy

    Just got it.  Downloading now!

  • Todd Johnston

    If you installed the 894 update will I be able to get the offical update whatever it may be? What few issues I have encountered seem to be rectified with the 894 leaked update via cheesecake.

  • Great!!  Now when will the same be done for the RAZR?

  • Anonymous