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Amazon Appstore Looks To Be Price Matching Google’s 10 Cent Apps

From the looks of it, the Amazon Appstore is price matching certain apps that Google has listed for 10 cents during their 10 billion download special.  So while these two giants have it out for your ten pennies, we as buyers can take advantage of the deals.  A few of the day 2 apps can be found for 10 cents as well, but no day 1 apps were at the sale price.

If for some reason you were not able to scoop up these apps for 10 cents in the Android Market, you can grab them in the Amazon Appstore for the same price.  Have at it.

Cheers Scott!

  • Fatmi Tab1

    For the nations whose currency has less value 10 cent is still to much.



  • Bobson

    Even though your name states who you are, I have to agree.thanks

    mobile applications

    software developer

  • Droidrules

    This is actually a consequence of point 5 (i) of the developer agreement with Amazon. The list price on Amazon must NEVER be higher than the price in any other app store. So, once Google lowers the price for some apps to $.10 Amazon has to do the same (or the developers have to do it, I don’t know how the logistics work).

  • I see all these people saying they are rebuying the discounted apps from amazon’s FAOTD on the market so that they have them on Google’s market. And that amazons app store sucks in general. Then i have to question, why even bother with amazon at all? i know i know free apps whoo weee! but here is the thing. Either you download the FAOTD and hate it and never use it ( maybe even uninstalling the app) or you love the app and use it often. ( i am sure there is a bit of middle ground but over all these the options). Ok so you love the app, then why not support the developer anyways and actually pay for the app at full price on the market ( or at discount if lucky). especially considering the developers of the apps on the FAOTD are getting nothing for your download.

    So for everyone bitching about amazon app store, just ditch it and buy your apps on the one and true (lol that made me laugh … hmm that was redundant. ) market. I have never and will never download amazons shity app store.

    There are very few apps i am not willing to buy ( as long as they are good that is) and for those that i wont buy ( very expensive apps that are like $10+ ) there are usually free or cheaper alternatives anyways.

    Just my 2cents. Fell free to disagree if you want. Just seems if you enjoy the app and hate amazons app store you should just buy the app on the market, discount or not.

  • Anonymous

    So I noticed these discounts on Amazon’s App store yesterday and it got me thinking.

    IIRC, Amazon has that policy that you have to list the price the same on their market or cheaper than you have EVER listed it on other markets( Like the Google Android Market). Amazon reserves the right to lower the price of the app to match any price you have ever listed.(There was a story about a Kindle book author who was giving away the first few chapters of his book for free on another service and Amazon mistakenly marked his book as Free due to the TOS.)

    I am assuming Google actively reached out to these developers and either offered to cover the difference between the normal price and the $0.10 promo cost to get good apps, or they had to atleast get the devs to agree for some other reason, such as feature app placement in market promos or the STEAM philosophy of getting it back in volume.

    Whatever the case maybe, I am pretty sure the Amazon App store can(but may not) treat any developer’s who has an app in both markets and is part of the promo as being “regularly” priced at $0.10 moving forward. So now that is the “base” price that Amazon and the developer can now split.

    I am just curious if anyone has put that all together or knows if that will be the case? 

    Maybe I got my facts wrong. Or the terms of use have changed. If so, please correct me.

  • KokanoBuotswaliki

    Apps from Amazon blow.  If you remove the Amazon appstore app from your device you lose all access to your apps, just like movie downloads.  I think Amazon mp3s are the only media that does not have its hooks into some Amazon app.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather much buy from the Market because updates are faster. I’ll look at free apps in the Amazon app store and then go to the Market and download it haha

  • Updates from Amazon are too slow, I’ll stick with the Market.

  • MFG

    Why would ANYONE do this lol

    Other than Kindle Fire owners, of course.

    • The sales from the last 2 days from the Market are over. If you missed them, you can still get the deal in the Amazon store. That’s the only reason to do this.

      • Anonymous

        There’s like 2 apps from yesterday, that’s it, the rest are full price.

  • dima

    I’m actually using this opportunity to re-buy the free apps of the day that I can in the google market.  Want to have as little dependence on amazon market as possible.  Would never spend actual money there.

    • Anonymous

      Came in to say almost the same thing. Definitely would rather have them in the real Android Market. I’m very close to uninstalling the Amazon market all together. It’s just annoying.

    • Hw

      I have did they same for SwiftKey X.

      • I’m a Troll

        Apparently, SwiftKey isn’t very good.

        • Anonymous

          Even though your name states who you are, I have to agree.

  • Dominick DeVito

    And yet people are wondering why devs aren’t making Android apps first – why would they if all these app stores are nickeling and diming them?

    • Anonymous

      Devs are willingly and actively engage in the free app/10c app offerings.  Apps aren’t just given away freely at the whimsy of the market operator. 

      • Dominick DeVito

        You have it backwards – yes, the devs that are participating willingly agree – but other devs are choosing iOS first because of this.

        • Anonymous

          That doesn’t really make any sense. They are free to deny the 10 cent promotion and continue selling at full retail.

          • Dominick DeVito

            sure – but that puts you the developer in a bad spot, your app is now undercut (if it’s a similar app to the one that’s willing to go on sale).

          • Anonymous

            It’s only for one day though and you can still price your application as close to .99 as you want. What’s the difference between a one day .10 deal and reducing your price overall?

            The ones on sale in the Android Market are the most popular applications already. They are chosen because they are higher quality to begin with. If a developer makes a lower quality application or game and price it higher, they don’t really have a valid complaint as to why it doesn’t sell.

          • Anonymous

            Also, if someone makes a game called “blocktris”(don’t know if that’s been done or not, just making it up.) and is surprised that it doesn’t sell as well as Tetris at the same price, they have no valid complaint.

          • Dominick DeVito

            the difference is that people who know about such deals will wait until they drop in price.

          • Anonymous

            I’d say the number of people who knew about the .10 deal was minimal to none outside the developer and Google employees.

            A lot of people still don’t know about it.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I can see that as a valid point, but I doubt it has much influence on whether or not someone chooses to develop for Android simply because the situation already exists WITHOUT the free/cheap app promotions.. Android apps are not screened, so there are multiple variations on the same app already (unlike iOS), many of which will be free.  So your app can be undercut anyway.   

          • Dominick DeVito

            Absolutely – but I wonder (I don’t know stats) how many of these .10 apps have iOS equivalents? In which case, if I’m the dev I don’t care. I want sheer volume of downloads for my app for if my app is $1 and now it’s .10 then I’m hoping for volumes of downloads to increase by more than ten fold to make money.

        • Anonymous

          Free app/cheap app promotions are just that – promotions.  They get your app high up on the download list, your name gets out there as more people use your app, etc, etc. 

          Devs aren’t shying from Android becuase there are free/cheap app promotions.  They are shying away because Android users as a whole do not purchase as many apps an iOS users.  It’s a reflection of the users and the ecosystem.  Many Android users weren’t willing to shell out $200 for a phone, and they also aren’t willing to spend money on apps.  iOS users do not have the same adversion to spending money, obviously, as their devices cost more than the average Android device.  Also, pirating is more prevalent in the Android ecosystem simply for the fact that it is open, and off market apps are free to install without modification. 

          • Dominick DeVito

            I agree with everything you said – more reasons for devs to make an app on iOS first.

        • Anonymous

          I’d like to see you back that up with something other than conjecture or anecdote. We’ll all be waiting with baited breath.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Okay – this isn’t hard to figure out. If you’re a mobile developer and trying figure out which platform to choose first (at this point it’s easy to assume Android and iOS are the top two and shouldn’t be ignored). Fine…

            iOS App Store is popular, has the most apps, devs make the most money, your app runs on one device (phone or tablet), has a better IDE.

            Android is more complicated. Which phone(s) do you target? Screen size? Chipset specific (game)? Which OS do you target (2.3,2.3,4.0) – do you make a tablet equivalent (if so, which one – then the process starts all over again). Then when you’re done now you have to decide which market – Google, amazon, etc. Google’s $25, Amazon $100/yr.

            The two distinct advantages Android has is that you don’t need Google to approve it, so perhaps developers also choose iOS first because they know Apple has to approve it, that gives them time to code the Android version.

            It’s not easy – don’t simplify it by assuming it’s easy to code the app for both iOS and Android. It’s not so cut and dry.

    • Jise

      That’s assuming Google and Amazon isn’t  reimbursing them.

      • Dominick DeVito

        For the free app of the day, Amazon makes you agree to it but doesn’t tell you when they will do it – or if they will at all.

        • dima

          Each vendor knowingly agrees to do an app of the day promotion at Amazon, and the terms under which they do it can be individually negotiated with Amazon.  If they don’t like the terms they agreed to, I don’t see how you can blame anyone but the developer.  That said, Amazon also tries their hardest to manipulate you into agreeing to do a promotion with them, and tries to convince you that doing so with no reimbursement will benefit you in the long run. (I think this is rarely if ever true)

  • Murphy

    Why would you buy them from Amazon, their apps are often outdated.

    • It is also kind of a hassle to update apps through Amazon.

  • Anonymous

    If Amazon offered them for 5 cents . . . I’d still buy them from Google.

    • Anonymous

      Except when Google Wallet fails and you get cancelled orders the next day.

      “Comments: We could not complete your order in a timely fashion. Your order has been automatically canceled. Please retry your purchase.”

      Thanks for nothing Google.  Literally.

      • Anonymous

        Haven’t had that issue. Have you changed CC numbers since you put it in? Or have you replaced a debit card if that’s what you use?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve had the same issue, but they still downloaded.

      • Anonymous

        Even then I’d still probably rather go with Google’s Market over Amazon’s Appstore.

        • Anonymous

          “Even then”?  Meaning you’d be happy NOT being able to purchase any apps?  I had pretty much 10 out of 10 apps fail yesterday and weren’t credited to my account that I owned them.  Tried to repurchase and only got a few to work.  I love Android Market over Amazon Appstore, I just think both have some issues to iron out.

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you contact market support? If it’s a common problem I’m sure they’ll do something for you.

          • Anonymous

            Already have.  Have not heard back.  Not sure if it’s a feature or a bug.

          • JimboGonzello

            I love it when people blame operator error on Google.

          • Anonymous

            How is it operator error?  I signed in, I bought the app, checked out, clicked ok after confirmation.  12-24 hours later my purchases were cancelled by Google.

      • I think its a bug in the refund system. So you have 15 minutes to refund an app once it is installed. If you never install the app then that 15 minute window never starts, and they’re still holding the transaction as pending with the credit card companies. At some point (24 hours I believe) they either have to confirm the transaction or release it back to your credit card.

        • Anonymous

          Bug indeed.  I shouldn’t have to download to confirm a purchase.

          • Under what circumstances would you not want to download right after buying. Other than wanting to be on WiFi I see none, and then just wait to buy it.

          • Anonymous

            1) Upgrading device in next couple days
            2) Getting a tablet in the next couple days
            3) Buy at a discounted rate now vs. full-price later
            4) Not physically near your phone

            There’s lots of reason, that’s 4 right there that I have.

          • Well you answered my question very well, I stand corrected. I just am the kind of person that would not do any of those.

            1) Good point
            2) Good point
            3) I would still think you would add it unless one of the previous two applied or it is incompatible
            4) I thought from the webstore when you buy it starts right up the download, if not then good point

            Oh and I thought of another good one, does not work with current phone but will with one you will get.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, that’s part of #1 for me… I have an OG Droid and Asphalt 6 won’t play on it, but would do great on GNex & TPrime… looking forward to upgrading.

          • Yeah the moment I posted that it dawn on me that might be why.