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Galaxy Nexus No Longer Launching on December 9? (Updated: More Details)

Not necessarily the post I wanted to start the day with, but in the span of 15 minutes, multiple sources reached out because they were informed that the Galaxy Nexus is no longer launching on December 9 (this Friday). I’m still in shock that this could happen after the entire U.S. Verizon staff was informed that the 9th was the day, but then again, I’m not sure anything should surprise us when it comes to this phone anymore.

Is Big Red just trolling us? Could we still see it Friday or are we onto Monday now? Stay tuned as we dig for confirmation. Keep as rumor for now, and try not to completely freak out. New updates added after the break.  

Update:  Equipment Guide now says “launch date is coming soon.” The same sheet yesterday had an all channel launch happening on 12/9.

Update 2:  A couple of folks have suggested that this move could have to do with the 4G LTE issues that started popping up on phones yesterday afternoon. If that is the case, you can’t fault Verizon for waiting another couple of days to make sure their network is stable enough for this phone.

Update 3:  Hate to keep at this, but the reports of the delay are hitting our inbox from across the country. No reasons given, but again, this could easily be because of the LTE issues that are still ongoing. Or who knows, maybe Verizon is trying to throw us all off and will announce this puppy Friday morning. Great way to throw us all off, right?


  • Chrisriner84

    I am entering this post from a demo lte galaxy nexus at a verizon store in abingdon viinia. rhis thing is sweeeet!!!! Also got a chance to play with the extended battery. You can barely tell a difference in the thickness. The phone is not big by any means. Waaaay smaller than i thought it would be in person

  • Why can’t you just go and buy an unlocked galaxy nexus ?

  • The 15th is the new one I hear

  • Pthony
  • Justin

    I cant wait for the DROID BIONIC UPDATE to roll out!

    Thats right I can bastardize your nexus threads with bionic talk………

  • Anonymous


  • Freddy

    you can get it at the San Diego Best Buy stores today.

  • alorotom

    I heard a rumor that Motorola is set to release the ICS update for the RAZR on 12/13/11!

    • MotoMan

      dream on dude! Their time line is:

      4 week upmerge and stabelization (including complete re-do of graphics dependent apps)
      5 week full test cycle
      4 week VZW test cycle
      1 week OTA testing

      and this is if all goes well.

  • Joshua

    Below is a petition that has been started to get a release date from Verizion. 

  • Gregory Dean

    Launch is the meal I eat between breakfast and dinner 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • college grad

    !!!!!!!!!!PHANDROID GALAXY NEXUS NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!

     VZW won’t release the nexus until google takes away their competing google wallet to VZ’s ISIS..


    read it here:

  • Yan-Fa Li

    Walked into VZW store tonight and was told been postponed indefinitely due to testing failures.  New possible launch date the 31st of December.

    • Anonymous

      That was most likely to get you out of the store.

  • weaponx

    I was in Verizon store today, they confirmed next Thursday. Get ready guys ….its coming. The Rep was gonna show me one till some B convinced him not to. Then she had the gall to tell me they didn’t have one, when they obviously did.

  • Anonymous

    I called everywhere after finding out that someone bought one from a non Verizon store. Found someone dumb enough to sell it to me but he had non in stock. He said he would call me back, he called and talked with his rep. The rep told him that this thing will be in his store tomorrow but NOT to sell it to anyone until next Thursday. I was so damn close, if he had it in stock it would have been MINE! hahah. 

  • Anonymous


  • This release reminds me of Sony products.  Announced way too early, then after a few delays, the product isn’t any special when it finally makes it to your hands.  I got the Galaxy SII Skyrocket.  They just turned on LTE everywhere it seems.  And it is fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t Verizon rather have the publicity of hundreds of folks lined up at their stores rather than “throw us off” so that people just slowly trickle in as they discover that it’s been released?

  • Blanca Perez

    Someone cynical might think Verizon hasn’t met their Droid Razr sales goals.

  • Ipirate

    Anyone see anything in the news about a guy driving a car into a elementary school?

  • Gasaraki

    OMG, this phone will never come out.

  • Yourname

    So what stop Indirect stores who have inventory from selling it on the 9th? All indirect stores iv’ve called claim it is launching on the 9th

    • Guest

      Something called IMEI numbers that VZW has the ability to block the EROES system from activating.

      • Mikewoods94

        mine was activated and sold by radio shack. I called verizon and they said oh well there is nothing anyone can do now it’s yours

  • Ulnek75

    i could easily see this being the lte issue because they know that lots of activation will happen at launch and if the network is not stable, that might make people return the phones or complain.  so unless they get the network under control by friday, they probably shouldn’t release it.

  • Anonymous

    i may go into the Verizon store across the street on Friday anyway and ask about it. maybe someone will sell me one early.

  • Undertothenight

    I heard from a Verizon rep in my local store there could be two more Weeks before the release. After asking my friend in best buy mobile when the release was he just said it is delayed up to 14 days.

    • Ipirate

      I could never ask anyone in person, I might get violent 

  • Steve Blais

    Al Pacino has something to say about all this Nexus stuff

  • Anonymous

    Well say what you will about the Droid RAZR, but at least Motorola actually released the phone in the U.S. they announced on October 18th lol.  

  • xxdesmus

    eff  Verizon. This is just ridiculous now.

  • Kristofer Fitze

    Just got about 20 min of hand time with the Nexus in Verizon(demo unit)……Wow!!!

  • Robb

    called 7 verizon stores around my area. 5 of them werent sure, 1 said NO, and 1 said YES. -_-

  • 1000TH!!!!!

  • YUPPPPPP its delayed…. store rep said they dont know why its delayed and they have the phones there but are asked not to sell it yet!!!!!! this is worse then blue balls!

  • Matthew Elder

    Make sure you write out all possible situations, so that if one of them actually happens, you can say “Like we said!” Disregarding the fact that 99% of your predictions were wrong.

    Come on, Droidlife. I came here because I was sick of other sites and all the drama. You’re turning in to one of those. Especially with the “Like we said on Friday” in another article. Who cares? You’ve reported on every single tiniest of rumors. It’s not impressive when you’ve “confirmed” 3 days every week for the past 4 weeks. 

    • Driodlife was actually correct with the release date. i saw this yesterday and called my local store and they confirmed it.  I even have an appointment with them this friday.  I called them a couple minutes ago asking if i should still come to my appointment they said no…. i asked them what the deal was and he didnt know.. they have the phones there and where just told not to sell them yet…….

    • Wmsco51

      Fuzz off

  • Safetyguy14

    Duke Nukem: the phone

  • WOW! i even have an appointment with verizon at 10 am friday to pick the phone up. WTF!!!!!! i am going to call the store in a bit to find out more details.

    • Steve Stauder

      I had the same thing but for 9:45AM…Couple hours later got a call to cancel lol

    • Ipirate

      How do you guys setup appointments? Is this reserving a phone? 

  • I will only believe a release date is official when I see it on Verizon’s own website. My heart can’t handle this back and forth crap!

  • Anonymous

    I hate US Carriers.

  • Anonymous

    If Google wants to be “open” and let the manufacturers and carriers have control over devices that have their OS in it cool. They just need to drop that philosophy with the Nexus line of phones

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