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Did the DROID 4 with 4G LTE Pass Through the FCC?

Is there a chance that the DROID 4 made its way through the FCC today? Some sort of Motorola phone with a 4G LTE radio capable of running on Verizon’s LTE Band 13 did. And since there are no other Moto “cellular phones” on the way to Big Red that we can think of this month, I’d say this is it.

Just in time, right? With a potential December 22 launch date, this is one of those final steps that needs to happen to any tech device. If you want to learn all there is to know about the D4, be sure to check out more official pictures, a look at its accessory lineup, how it compares to the RAZR, and official specs.

The FCC filing is below in case you wanted to look for yourself.  

Via:  FCC

  • Anonymous


  • hurrhurr

    Is it possible to get a 4g phone in 3g?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nom nom nom nom

  • Sunlance

    This leads me to believe the battery is, in fact, removable: In Exhibit 1 (“FCC ID Label and Location”) there is a section that reads:

    “at the time of purchase, batteries are shipped in a separate section or compartment of the radio packaging, and are not attached to the radio. In some instances they may be shipped in separate boxes. So, the end user needs to physically install the battery by removing the battery cover, if any, or attach the battery before using the radio.”

    If this is true and the global roaming is legit, then I’m sold…just hope the screen isn’t crap. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    When’s the D4HD coming out? January? 

  • Anonymous


  • blakjakdavy

    Is that one of those newfangled combined LTE and CDMA radios which is meant to reduce battery consumption?

  • Rob Morris

    Fugly, whoever at motorola think this design looks good should be shot, bring back the industrial looking droid design, not this pussy kevlar stuff

  • My bride to be. {{^_^}}

    • Clone her so I can get one too!  : D

  • Anonymous

    You’d think it would have less bezel than the OG Droid…

    • Tim

      I would have expected new phones would have smaller bezels but it seems to be the opposite. They’re getting bigger. The D4, Nexus, Razr and Rezound all have very large bezels.

  • Damn, I was hoping it was to come out on the 8th as originally rumored! Is it absolutely confirmed that the battery is non-removable?  : (

  • Brad_mlln

    Knowing Motorola, they will probably include a preview of the Droid 5 inside of the box for this phone. 

    • Stating El Obvious

      Naw, just the Droid4HD.

    • Anonymous

      …which will also be out before the Galaxy Nexus

  • I’ll be happy as long as this is out before Dec. 31st so i can get my $50 off.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Before. Nexus.

  • faber

    If moto made profit off the number people can’t stand them, phey’d be at the top….hope google can fix things before they totally wipe out.
    They really do suck.

    • Anonymous

      If they made money on people that just posted hate in the comments they’d be rich. But apparently selling the phones DOES work out better for them, who knew. 

  • Sterns

    Can’t wait for the D4. Global GSM/HSPA, Verizon LTE and a keyboard.

    • Admalek

      Says that the GSM radio is locked by firmware…

      • Sterns

        It’s always locked from other US carriers. I’ve used global phones on Verizon for years since I travel to Europe and Asia often for business.

        • Skinja99

          My dinc2 works fine on att and tmob now that I have the sim unlocked.

          • Skinja99

            Only 2g though

      • Anonymous

        As Sterns said, it’s just locked out for U.S. GSM carriers.  Verizon almost always does this on their phones, especially when the phone is a Verizon exclusive in the U.S. It will work outside of the U.S. on all other GSM carriers with the Verizon-provided SIM, and it should be easily unlockable via a quick call to Verizon Global Support to use international SIM cards.

    • Asoos

      Nice, it supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11n bands.

  • Vaporware

    Whats this have to do with the Nexus……..?………………………..Oh, that’s right, this is DROID Life.

  • Maybe it is the Bionic 2.  

    • Oh wait, If it were the Bionic 2 coming out, it would have been announced 6 months ago.  My  bad.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate that stupid fake glare shimmer thing that moto always puts on their screens, just looking at that and the ugly blue notification bar make me want to puke, I hate motoblur.

    • Anonymous

      Ugly blue notification bar…sure you’re not looking at ICS? 

      I just think you’re jealous, thats ok. 

      • Anonymous

        ICS notification bar is black dumbass

        • Anonymous

          Good…and what color is the RAZR’s?

          • Anonymous

            UGLY – figure it out yourself

          • Anonymous

            Well I’d be rude if I didn’t point out the blue is the same color on both. Are you also pissed HTC came out with that green rezound maybe?

      • you fail trololololol

    • i agree, if it wasnt for how ugly moto blur is id probly like motorolas phones. hopefully they dont wreck ICS

    • Alliance Mark Int

      Then don’t buy the phone! Don’t you got anything else to do other than make stupid comments!

    • EC8CH

      don’t call it motoblur… they hate that 😛

  • If this beats the G-Nex to release… Grraaah!

  • Anonymous

    Now hopefully that AT&T G-Nex that we saw going through the FCC the other day will pop up soon.

    • Afelm

      Rumor has it that is going to Canada…Not sure if I saw it on Engadget or somewhere else. My guess is you will be waiting a couple of months before you see a non LTE Nexus in the States…

      • Anonymous

        I saw that too, but I sort of find it hard to believe.  If you look at Canadian companies all of their phones are quad band or centiband and they don’t really have a reason to make them dual band.  Dual band in the states makes sense because then it can not be used on T-Mobile or be a used a world phone. Maybe I just have that logic because I’m praying for this phone, but to me it sounds solid.

        • Afelm

          Yea that makes a lot of sense. Im personally waiting on the LTE version but I don’t care about the whole exclusive to VZW thing. I want us all to be able to enjoy the Nexus as soon as possible, lol.

          • Anonymous

            Only flaw in my logic is Telcel in Mexico only uses 850 & 1900, so it could easily be for them. Boy that would piss me off.

      • Afelm
    • i think that its stupid for Google to do this Exclusive crap. it should be on all 4 major carriers. 

      • Anonymous

        Especially after Verizon bailed on the Nexus One and never carried the Nexus S.  Not sure how this deal ended went through.

        • STiK

          Google gave in and let them brand it.