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Beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Now Available For The DROID Incredible 2

Any brave souls wishing to have Ice Cream Sandwich on their DROID Incredible 2 are now able to make it so. ProTekk over at RootzWiki has released a beta version of Google’s newest OS and claims that it is most definitely worth the flash.  It is by no means 100%, but he is continually working on bugs.  With 3G data and calls, WiFi, SMS, and overall phone itself working, then go ahead and have some fun with it.  Just make sure to create a backup. 

Here is the list straight from the forum of working and non-working features.  Feel like giving it a go on your DInc2?  Then follow the via link down below.

What works:

Capacitive keys

What doesn’t work:

Headsets (logcat claims that the kernel doesn’t support it)
Live Wallpapers

This is a video from RootzWiki user TouchPro that has made his own mods to the ROM and has created a video of it performing down below.


Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Matt!

  • Anonymous

    That video is from alpha, not beta.

  • jbonics

    Ics on the D2 would definitely hold me over until quad core and companion core love.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Ginock

    does anyone know for sure if there are any plans to bring this to the Samsung p1000? I am nervous of putting the rom on incase I brick my device.

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  • Anonymous

    I keep forgetting how close we all are to getting our delicious new treat ICS. My Dinc and tab 10.1 will be so happy soon.

  • Dylans765

    I used the beta all day yesterday and today. Its awesome and not even as laggy as the video. Got a long way to go but at the pace its gone… maybe a couple more weeks until its daily driveable. I wont be buying a gnex now that my faithful Inc 2 will have ICS, first haha. This phone and this community are amazing

  • I wish I had the time to learn how to compile ROMs myself. Thanks to all the people who work hard on things like CyanogenMod and the ICS ports. I look forward to running it on my OG Droid while I save up for the real thing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping for a Droid3 ICS ROM here any day. Please. 

  • J Dub

    It looks laggy as a mofo.

  • Jeff

    i can’t get the calendar to work. other than that and the known issues, it’s pretty damn good for being done so fast.

  • I’m still in awe over how incredible the developer community is for Android. This is seriously the best platform around. 😀

  • Anonymous

    SDCard support on ICS, FTW!

  • Fingers crossed for an OG Droid ROM.

  • Im getting sick of not hearing anything from Verizon. Bag O Dicks!

  • Who needs HTC when we have a great Dev’s 

  • Jeff

    it’s pretty good for such an early build. anyone know if this is from source or the sdk?

    • Source.  It’s borrowing heavily from CM9 (and why wouldn’t it?).

      • Jeff

        niiiice. thanks for the reply!

  • The beta actually works much better than what you see in the video.  It’s certainly not a daily driver, but after installing SetCPU and overclocking, it gives you a GREAT feel for how Ice Cream Sandwich will change our Android lives, and without waiting for the G-Nex. 🙂  

  • Anonymous

    r2doesinc has a fairly functional Rom for the original Incredible as well. Link below:

    • PC_Tool

      That guy is amazing. 

  • one of these devices will have ICS running before the nexus is released in the US

    • PC_Tool

      Samsung Fascinate.  Almost completely working.  Some minor audio issues (phone conversations start out LOUD, but can be worked around by volup+voldown before bringing it to your ear) and camcorder functionality (Camera works) are about the only outstanding issues.

      It’s a beautiful thing…

    • Anonymous

      The Bionic has a ICS port working as well. It’s still an early alpha, ALOT of stuff needs to be ironed out.

  • Anonymous

    camera and gps are my two main functions other than actual phone calls otherwise i would already be running this…

  • Peter

    Original Droid Incredible has a ROM as well

    • Anonymous

      Just what I was hoping to hear. My wife has an OG DInc.

      • Ditto.  Running CM7.1 currently on my DINC and loving it.  Very tough to go back to a Sence ROM just to get Tv out back working….  Arrrg.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see your post but I just posted this as well. r2doesinc’s rom is definitely coming along quickly.

  • ProTekk needs more props. Guy works hard

  • OreoMan

    The dev community is off the chain!

  • Anonymous

    Simply Amazing