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Google Maps Receives Update to Version 6.0.0: Indoor Maps in More Places, Quick Features Menu Added


Google Maps received an update to version 6.0.0 this morning, bringing with it indoor maps for select airports, malls, and more. You can also easily switch between common features now using a quick menu up at the top of the app and find Places easier when searching. The star though, is clearly the indoor maps. I cruised over to the Portland airport and found a 3-level map of the place. Traveling and shopping just became a whole lot more fun.

Oh, and yours will look slightly different since that is the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Maps. 😛  

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    amazing video and gelexy nexus is really too good and awesome GPS  navigation i really like it a lot

  • Anonymous

    Does the program take traffic into account when deciding on a route?

  • No more having to ask a sales associate where the bathroom is. I wonder if Siri knows how to find a toilet in JCPenny.

  • Jon

    Every app just looks sexier in ICS. I’ve had ICS on my Samsung Fascinate for a few days now, and I’m still picking up on lots of suddle changes and improvements that really make a big difference. 


    In gmail, when you delete or archive an item, a box pops up at the bottom allowing you to undo! So simple, yet  so helpful. I’ve already used it when I accidentally archived the wrong message. 

    In every communication related app, like gmail, sms, contacts, google talk….the photo of your contact shows next to their message. 

    In the camera app, when you tap on the small preview thumbnail of the last pic you took, it pops up the pic and all of your sharing options. That much easier to send a pic to someone or post to facebook. 

    Text to Speech has improved a lot. I was using it while listening to the radio in the background, and it got what I said and then also got what was being said on the radio! Blew my mind. It wasn’t even on that loud, and has never done that before ICS. 

    I’m tellin ya, ICS kicks ass. And I really feel like it’s under reported. There are so many cool and suddle things about it that really make it a great experience. Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future from Mathias Duarte. 

  • tjmonkey15

    Just rub it in why don’t ya.

  • Drummer62

    look at you Mr. Fancy pants Kellen taking all these screen shots with your Galaxy Nexus, you go boy !!!  lol

  • Billy Jenkins

    this is what I call laziness to the extreme. Why go to the mall when you can just use google maps?

  • Stoked on the quick menu

  • PhilW

    I’m so glad you’re now able to turn off dimming in navigation.  I always thought that should’ve been a settings option.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh, and yours will look slightly different since that is the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Maps. ”


    • Anonymous

      I already do. Everyday F5 F5 F5

  • Guest

    Seriously, who cares? This app becomes more useless with every update. How about traffic avoidance feature, or at lease stop modifying stuff that used to work perfectly before, like traffic colors. I stopped updating after 5.10 version.

    • Mctypething

      Are you seriously calling Google Maps useless? Wow. It might be the best app ever invented. You’re a dumbass.

      • Gunther

        He’s probably a poor old iPhan who doesn’t get all these nifty features so comes here to vent pretending to be an Android user. Such are the lows that iPhans have been reduced to.

        • Guest

          I am far from an iphan, but I do not get excited about small things like colorful notification lights on the phone or indoor maps. These are trivial things. The fact that you get excited about it only shows that there is nothing in your life except a phone and apps on it. When I use the navigation, I expect it to be smart enough and ease my driving. I expect the navigation features to dominate in the navigation app. All other stuff should be secondary.

          • Anonymous

            Navigate – Alternate Routes – Enjoy the one of your choosing.

            Also, if you exit from a major highway (or do a major change of direction) typically Google re-routes away from that road as best as possible, unlike other devices that just tell you to turn around for 10 minutes.

            Maybe it’s so good you just didn’t realize it was there.

          • Guest

            Recently I was driving on a freway. Ahead of me the navigation displayed about 10 miles of traffic (all red). I exited at the first exit and continued on the parallel road to the freway. There were basically no traffic (all green with little yellow). So what did navigation was telling me to do? It was telling me to get back on freeway, instead of continuing on the road with no traffic. On the up side, the apparently now has indoor maps.

          • OGDroiDGO

            Are you foreign bro?

      • AJ

        Maps itself are not, everything else around it like Latitude, Check in, etc. is. They have not release any truly good map navigation related feature since it was released.

  • babadush

    anybody know how to actually view an indoor map? I tried Dulles, and JFK airports. Didn’t see the option on them nor Mall of America. I thought for sure one of those would give me an option. Unless it’s hidden somewhere I don’t see it.

    edit. Nevermind hahaha. you just zoom in real far

    • Anonymous

      Just figured out it has to be in the map layer with the satellite layer turned off. 

    • Anonymous

      JFK indoor map not available though. Although there are some POI in there.

  • awesome for Six Flags 😀

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    So you had to put in the fact that it’s the ICS version? lol Jerk

  • wnrdx2

    Hmm interesting

  • Jason

    I like that last part “yours will look different” oooohhhhhh someone has ICS hahaha In our faces!

  • Tyrian

    Is it bad to think about how these kind of maps could benefit terrorism?

    • babadush

      Sure but it’s not like cells don’t have scouts that are already mapping it out by hand

    • Larry Mao

      It is a scary thought, but don’t say it anywhere near the GOP field or they will go all Henny Penny on us, and begin demanding some draconian fix to make sure only Real ‘Murricans TM can use these features.

    • I can see the headline now….Terrorist Able to Find Nearest Orange Julius.

      • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

        That’d make a good Onion News story!

  • Anonymous

    I installed it but can’t figure out how to get the indoor maps to show up.

  • Indoor maps sounds like a great feature. I’ve always thought there should be an app for mall/amusement park layouts, etc. 

    • mtbhk44

      Points Inside does this.  Look for it in the market.  This will be my second shopping season using it.  Very cool

    • PJ

      There was, it’s called Point Inside.  i’m gonna bet Google’s is more functional though…

  • Anonymous

    That indoor maps feature could easily make shopping more modern.  

  • Just updated on my OG D1 and it’s very snappy. Nice new menu layout

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    A comment in which I say nothing about the Galaxy Nexus. That’s right. Not even going to mention the Galaxy Nexus in this comment.  

  • Rodster

    “Oh, and yours will look slightly different since that is the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Maps.” Kellex – why don’t you just rub our faces in it?  Pour salt on our wounds, or kick us while we’re down?

  • Isn’t Gingerbread supposed to come out today for the Droid Charge?

    • Edwin M

      It’s funny that Gingerbread came out on incredible way before. I always thought HTC was late to the game with updates.

      • Ekram

        No it’s always been Samsung. HTC at first (1-2 years ago) was the best at updating but they’ve slowed down and yet the few updates they do push out are more buggy than they used to. Kind of backwards.

  • Nick

    Why would you do this to us! 

  • thanks for rubbing it in

  • PyroHoltz

    indoor maps, interesting.

  • Anonymous

    No, it looks the same on my Galaxy Nexus.

    Oh 🙁

  • You’re Trolling with that galaxy nexus

    • A bit. 😛

      • OG Droid

        Kellex, hows the GPS on the Nexus? Far as quickness and accurate location.

        • Guesty guesterson

          Yes, for your next video please do a review of the GPS please.

      • It’s cool cause I would too.