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Confirmed: DROID Charge Gingerbread Update Rolls Out November 29

Verizon just pinged us to confirm that the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the DROID Charge will become available on November 29. Full change log can be found here.

Cheers ___!

  • Atrain

    Has anyone uploaded the update.zip?

  • Dmzman

    11/30 10:16pm ET…. Still playing The Syncopated Clock by Percy Faith (the old Late Late Show theme) on the music player in continuous replay mode as I STILL wait for the OTA notification as the Droid Charge stays plugged into the charger AS USUALLY HAS TO.  The 1st phone I’ve ever had that requires being plugged in more often than not.

  • Dmzman

    11/30, 9:50am ET …. Just spoke to Verizon.  Was told the update IS rolling out.  It started on the 29th, but is only happening in groups of an unspecified # of devices at a time.  The tech support gal said she didn’t know whether it’s by purchase date, IMEI #, or phone # and all Droid Charges out there should be hit with the OTA within the next few days.  I’ll STILL believe it when I see it !!!

  • MDagg77

    Anyone get it yet, I have YET to hear about it being released??

  • guest

    wtf checking all day and still no update

  • Anonymous

    Just spoke on the phone with tier 3 tech support and 2 floor managers from Verizon. Not a single one mentioned any update release nor that they believed it would come anytime soon. “It may be tomorrow or 6 months from now sir. Samsung has to release the update and we are waiting on them”
    That was echoed over and over again with each person I spoke to. Scripted? Possibly. But it none the less offers me no hope of seeing an update come to this phone any time soon.
    I can only wish that they were just ill informed employees and that this update is still taking place today.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JTEDXBNS2KQ4MTVZLT2SB56DBA Anonymous

      hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order.
      Thank you for your patience.

      are now chatting with ‘Charles’

      Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order

      Hello Charles, I have a question that I am sure Verizon has been getting a lot
      today, Samsung says Verizon is holding out on the droid charge getting the
      gingerbread update. I would like to get the charge but I want to make sure that
      it is up to date with gingerbread before I buy it. I am reading on forums that
      people are turning off there data on the phone and it is still saying that the
      system is up to date. My ultimate questions would be: Is the update for
      gingerbread out there and verizon just can’t seem to get it to their customers?
      and when will it be available?

      Would you mind holding for a moment while I check that information?

      yes that is fine

      Thank you

      From the information I have accessed the Gingerbread update became available
      today, so within the next couple of days Verizon customers should receive the

      ahh thank you so much!! When that update is released then I will buy the
      charge. Thanks again for your help

      The update was released today 11/29

      thank you. so it is just a matter of a couple of days before the customers
      actually get the update?

      That is correct and they will receive a message or if they cut their phone off
      and turn it back on the phone will automatically update.

      any idea why the phone is still saying that the system is up to date even
      though the data is turned off and there is no access to the internet?

      That may be because the release has not hit that particular system but I have
      seen with my own eyes that the update is out now

      nice. Thanks again!


  • Dmzman

    It’s now 11:57am ET.  I STILL have my Droid Charge charging AS USUAL and have the music player playing The Syncopatic Clock by Percy Faith in constant replay mode as well all wait with baited breath.

  • 05ponikar

    Still no OTA update as of 10:00 AM EST 11/29/11…..although I have found the supposed “OFFICIAL” Update.zip on another forum and from all the comments so far it looks very very promising. already on the SD card of my charge…just waiting to pull the trigger!

    • 05ponikar

      So…I pulled the trigger and all is well….still full of bloatware, Really though I see no “Great” improvements over froyo….feels like the same phone except for a few marked differences…Now I just need to get rooted!!!

  • Anthony Vella

    So its the 29th and its 8:04 AM EST and I have yet to receive this OTA update. Watch verizon release a statement calling a delay on the update. At that point, I am going to throw my Droid Charge at the wall and say it charged at the wall.

  • Fremmie

    Does anyone find the Charge slow?

  • Anonymous


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  • Parkertimothy2

    This is the reason I’m waiting on the nexus. It took them 12 months to get the charge 2.3.
    It will be another 2 yrs before they get ice. Lol


    All I can say is IT’S ABOUT F’**KN TIME !!!!!!! 

  • Ccav913

    i honestly gave up all hope for any sort of support for this phone, this is great news

  • http://twitter.com/binglut9 Brian

    Wait the charge doesn’t have gingerbread? I thought it was released with it?

  • Anonymous

    The reason its taking so long is Samsung fired all their bakers for ice cream makers..

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/rjsec4ever Robert Salender

    Now if the Fascinate got it the same time…

  • Sara Thomas

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    • Spc Hicks09

      Seriously? This idiot liked their own post lol.

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  • Dominick DeVito

    Owned this phone for a week, then gave it to the wife.

    “Honey, you’re getting Gingerbread Tuesday”

    “I didn’t have it already?”

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/Scotty_Braun Scotty Braun

    Wow Ill get to experience gingerbread for a whole week until the nexus comes out…  all these months of torture with this slow phone…

  • Anonymous

    YES! YES! 


  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised this title didn’t read “Confirmed: DROID Charge Gingerbread Update Rolls Out November 29……Oh and something, something, Galaxy Nexus. U MAD?”

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Yeah boi!!!anyone wanna buy a charge?it’ll have gingerbread starting the 29th of this month

  • Sara Thomas

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    • Anonymous

      I hope you step on a Lego barefoot.

      • Anonymous

        So much brutality in a such a kid friendly package.

        • Anonymous

          It’s almost as bad as burning yourself on the metal molds you’d make your Creepy Crawlers with. Those little rubber spiders and worms were worth that searing pain. 

          • bigrob60

            WOW! That is giving me all kinds of flashbacks. And I’m not even on anything. Yes, those burns were well worth it. :]

        • Anonymous

          Why was that flagged for review?  First guy spam links, second says he hopes he steps on a lego barefoot. 

          I don’t understand how that crosses the line!!!

          • Anonymous

            My Creepy Crawler comment was flagged as well. So confused.

          • Anonymous

            Probably flag revenge from Sara?

  • Anonymous

    And the crowd goes wild

  • Wolfgang

    I am done waiting for the Nexus. I just bought a Charge off eBay to hold me over until a decent phone comes out next year. I love the camera on the charge and replacing the file system makes the phone fast enough to keep me rolling.

    • Anonymous

      The Charge isn’t that bad of a phone hardware wise and it’s not too hard to put a custom rom (even a lightly customized stock rom isn’t terrible).

      I’m actually really contemplating on picking up a Charge for cheap on ebay as a 2nd phone.

    • John Pisano

      Actually this new update will have an EXT4 file system standard :-) Been running a stock build of EP4 for a few weeks now, and it scores 1400-1500 in quadrant which is what a voodoo lag fixed phone does, and this is stock :-) (used to only pull a 900 before update)

  • tjmonkey15

    Welcome to early 2011 Samsung.

  • Jason Purp

    I remember when I had the Charge. It was a nice device but it would have been better with capacitive buttons and TouchWiz 4.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Went back to stock for nothing lol. Thought this was rolling out now haha.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Forte/542650247 Michael Forte

      Why would you go back to stock anyway? I see your upgrade path as either two ways: official firmware from Verizon and Samsung (which I don’t know why you’d use) or custom ROMs. You can be sure that devs will implement anything from the official update into their ROMs so no need to worry there. Once you root and start ROMing I don’t think there’s any way you can go back to stock, at least I couldn’t. Then again, as soon as I get a new phone, I root it right away.

      • Spc Hicks09

        Just like checking out the OTAs that get put out. There are also features in this OTA that have never came out with any leak we’ve ever got.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marshall-Taylor/100001783101324 Marshall Taylor

          Like what?

          • Spc Hicks09

            All of the stuff listed. There’s also going to be a new “color scheme?” Never got anything like that.

  • Troll

    One day after its Samsung replacement device drops…

    • Spc Hicks09

      What phone is that?

  • bigrob60

    This is starting to become quite the busy evening here. Are you trying to get everything posted before tomorrow?

  • cantcurecancer

    Good job Samsung, only took 12 months after GB was released!

    • Spc Hicks09