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New Verizon MAP Shows XOOM 2 On-Contract Pricing, Galaxy Nexus Release Date Mention (Updated)

In the latest MAP (minimum advertised price) list from Verizon, we get a first look at official on-contract pricing for the new XOOM 2 models that could be in stores during the second week of December. Both the 8″ and 10″ models ranging from 16GB to 64GB are featured at prices starting at $429. The biggest of them all is the 64GB XOOM 2 10″ that will drop in at a whoppin’ $729. Pricing matches up to the current scheme for the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1, in case you were wondering how we came to the conclusion that these weren’t off-contract.

You will notice that the tablet is being referred to as the “Motorola Tablet” which is a pretty good sign that some last minute changes to the name have occurred and they won’t be going with XOOM 2 here in the states. We are now officially worried that DROID XYBOARD has made the final cut.

And below is the mention we just received concerning the release of the Galaxy Nexus. It looks like 11/28 was indeed one of the original targets, but regions are no longer expecting it to land that day. Over the last few days we have seen evidence that December 8 is the new target, so are we assuming that the 28th is completely out of the picture too?  

Update:  Business Insider is claiming to have heard directly from Samsung that the Galaxy Nexus will launch in December. No other details were given, but that certainly matches up to the most recent dates that we have seen.

Cheers ___ and Josh!

  • Adrian Robinson

    This price is laughable. 

    I say all tech sites stop running any Verizon related stories, until we get a firm release date on the Galaxy Nexus.  At this time we only care about one Verizon product, so lets show Verizon the power of consumers.  

  • Anonymous

    Xoom about to hit $200 Thursday, nice! Might save me from trying to pickup the Transformer on black Friday for $250.

  • vincent scala

    And lets not forget the lte model is different than the one out now. the lte model passed fcc not long ago 
    yes it sucks having to wait but vzw is covering themself if anything is wrong after they announce they delay anyway but since they said nothing there is no delay and most of the public don’t know about the phone if i have to wait for a better device with fewer bugs fine cuz if they jump the gun and something like whats going on in the uk happens i’d be turned off to the G-Nex 

  • vincent scala

    maybe instead of release on the 28th maybe preorder i’d like that 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is insane with those prices for the Xoom 2 errr Xyboard on contract.  Why would I spend $400+ on an 8″ or 10″ tablet and then commit to a minimum of $720 of data charges ($30/month * 24 months)?  I’d rather spend $400-$500 for a tablet with WiFi and avoid the data charges. 

    • Michelin97

      You can. It’s called a Transformer

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I know but I’d rather have the new Transformer Prime with the Tegra 3 quad core processor.  It’s $540 for preorder at GameStop.  I’d pay a little more for a quad core over a dual core.

    • Anonymous


  • …but the Illusion didn’t launch on 11/17

  • I don’t understand how they can screw up in such a manor… I really want this phone but starting to lose faith it will ever come out..Yes I know it’s coming out but track records aren’t great right now for the Red Team. VZW is screwing people left and right.. Google could have sold this thing online and it would have been sold out in hours.. The way it’s going now before the the Nexus drops something else will get leaked and this will only be passed over.. which will look like a fail cause consumers didn’t buy it.. Really 4.0 is the MAIN selling factor i don’t care who you are.. Source code is out.. more phones are popping up with it everyday…slowly losing it’s selling point.. 

    • Anonymous

      *Slowly loosing its selling point to the Android enthusiast minority but has no impact on the non-root/rom majority.

  • JCS

    I’m betting that Business Insider got the info from the Panda or P3…

  • Jason Miner

    Does Verizon/Motorola REALLY think they are going to sell those things at that money?  They are trying to sell to Android fans like us, and convert Ipad fans all the while approaching all of Apples price points.  They are flat outta their f-ing minds.  Hello Mr. Asus Prime here I come.

  • Bob

    maybe there fixing the jinky volume rockewr/hardware issue

    • Anonymous

      Since the volume issue has some connection with the cell signal, there may be no problem on the Verizon version. Plus, “Verizon” and “fixing” do not go together.

    • vincent scala

      its not hardware its software and would affect vzw cuz they don’t use that band 

  • Manuel Olague


  • Brent Stewart

    429.99 ON CONTRACT for an 8″ 16g Xoom2?! NO THANK YOU! Call me when I can get a an 8″ 16g for $299 or less OFF contract and we can talk.

  • NexusMad

    wtf  Verizon & this Nexus crap already.. Why do I have to sit around waiting to give you my hard-earned money?¿?  Released the fcking  phone already, its not z secret spy mission… 

  • Anonymous

    I say we occupy the street right outside verizon headquarters. What do we want? Galaxy nexus! When do we want it? Now!

    • berkeley height, nj…right near my hometown.

      (although all they ever deal with is speeding, parking, and DUIs…so you’d probably get tasered)

  • Steveo

    Heck let’s just wait for the S3…

  • Hamster12696

    I am tired all of this fake release date I for sure going with the rezound sikes! I want my nexus right now or before hell break loose

  • Stephen

    I hate Verizon.

  • Maisonpulaski

    I know it doesn’t matter what some random Verizon rep told me. He said they would not start selling the Nexus until they moved a bunch of stock they already had. I partially believe him. To me – that has been my experience with Verizon. Who is going to by the Charge after the Nexus comes out. They probably need to dump a bunch of inventory & then suddenly the Nexus will be ready for release. Sounds like how they would do business.

    • Anonymous

      Hello BOGO! Or just start dumping them for free…

    • DroidNex

      I also heard from a Verizon rep (costco) that the charge has to be sold out for that store to stock the G-Nex

    • Anonymous

      Then everyone who is waiting for a Nexus should go out and buy a Razr or Rezound.

      Then return them all!

      • Anonymous

        That might actually work… if you could get enough people to participate that it would actually make a difference. The extended return window should help.

  • Mike McCrary

    I don’t think the second screen shot is from Verizon themselves. “Verizon has launch…” Why would they send around an internal document referring to themselves in the third person? Who do they think they are, The Rock?

    If this is legit I’d assume it was from one of those authorized resellers. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing you’ve never worked for a corporate entity.  They love referring to themselves in the 3rd person.

    • Josh Wagle

      Do you smell what Verizon’s cookin’?

      • Anonymous

        Verizon said know your role… And shut your mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Rezound is sounding better everyday……. literally.

  • Emaiwz

    this sht is getting old, its like the bionic all over again. By the time it came out, it wasn’t even that great anymore.. how fail.

    • Sdny8

      Amen! I’m sorry fanboys but this is a major FAIL. I think the initial optimism is gone. Announce product – release product. 2 weeks. Its been a month and a half. It will be 2 months to release. Way to drop the ball after apples ho-hum release. And I do almost entirely blame Vz btw.

  • Anonymous

    You have to be a straight moron to buy a tablet at $729 or $400 on contract. Wise up.

    • Anonymous

      Especially when you can buy the Asus Transformer Prime for 499 and its twice as nice…

      • Anonymous

        Only twice as nice?  Tegra3, awesome IPS screen, possibly ICS, Asus’ awesome track record for updating the OG Transformer, plus expandable storage?  Sounds like a lot more reasons to go with a TPrime over any Xoom. 

  • Rashad Gattis

    $5 says that the phone comes out December 29, 2011.

  • Anonymous


  • Mikehen08

    I almost don’t want the phone anymore. Probably be better off with a Rezound with an ICS ROM at this point…

    • Mark

      I’m starting to think the same thing.

      • Mikehen08

        I sold my Bolt two weeks ago because I thought it would be available yesterday. Now I am stuck with an old BlackBerry until God knows when. Might just say screw it and get the Rezound. Its a better phone, the only difference is ICS but ROMs will be out soon enough

  • Dave

    I like how the Razr supply is “very good”. No shortage on them blades, eh?

    Won’t be surprised if the Nexus doesn’t drop till the week before Christmas. 

  • KRSwon

    Droid RAZR 2: 4/28/12
    HD, NFC, 3.1mm thin…

  • seriously this is ridiculous. put the damn phone out already

  • Verizon OMM/internal marketing still shows 12/8 as a tentative launch date. It sounded like PydePiper/P3Droid thought the launch date could slip further yet again based on something they heard last night, but they didn’t give details.

  • Anonymous

    “It looks like 11/28 was indeed one of the original targets, but regions are no longer expecting it to land that day” Everyday since late october was an original target according to sites like these and the “sources” that leaked info.

    • If you know Verizon at all, you know they change dates faster than a newborn changes Huggies.

      • yumppp…hella poo.

      • Anonymous

        You are all over the analogies today like a mother on black friday sales.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, newborns can change their own diapers now?  Man, when I become a father, this might be easier than I thought…

  • OMG it doesn’t say Nexus Prime. These must be fake! Best Buy said it’s going to be called the Nexus Prime!


  • Anonymous

    $729 on contract? Moto must not have saw the flop the original xoom was off contract at that price.

  • Anonymous

    I’m losing hope. Impatience is taking over my body lol. I’m leaning towards buying something else 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Ha another one of these? How many have been wrong before? lol

  • Anonymous

    “”so we’ll assume the 28th is completely out of the picture. “”

    how about we stop assuming all together

  • Spoken Word™

    Lol. I’m sick of all these supposed release date leaks. Not 1 has any validity and most contradict each other. Yet sites still feel the need to repeat them. I’ve come to realize the truth…. “click bait”.

    • We can’t help it that Verizon continues to set targets and then can’t hit them.

    • EmoMorales

      Keep taking the bait…

  • Dominick DeVito

    No more mentions of a web only launch?

    • The web-only launch from that “w/o Nov 21st” poster/image droid-life posted was debunked. “w/o” refers to week of, not web only.

  • Finire

    I still don’t see the purpose of a Xoom2 while they still have the same old hardware in it.

    • Me neither. Moto must be smoking

    • I agree. To make any real waves, they needed to launch it with a Tegra 3 processor, 1.5-2GB RAM, 16/32/64 GB storage options, black and white color options, Ice Cream Sandwich on board, NO stupid “XYBOARD” name (which will only scare off customers anyway), and (let me make this very clear) ***it needs to be as thin as or thinner than, and hopefully also as light as or lighter than, the Galaxy Tab 10.1.***

      Basically, Moto needed to make the Transformer Prime. But, they didn’t, so they suck.

      • Finire

        I love my original Xoom, but I am really thinking of the Transformer Prime for my next tablet. They have actually done a really nice job this time around. I just hope it doesn’t feel as awkward as the first one.

  • Anonymous


  • Haven Greene

    um, it says the nexus was supposed to get the green light on 11-10-11.  what the heck?

    • That was one of the original dates heh. We are far past that now.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Don’t be surprised if this is 11/10/12.

  • Calmm1

    Why don’t they just come out and tell us already!

    • Because the phone isn’t ready and they don’t know.

      • Anonymous

        Do you think it’s partially to do with the volume issues?

      • Mike

        Except the phone is ready and it’s being hung up on internal politics

      • Calmm1

        I have a hard time believing that the all mighty Verizon doesn’t know what’s going on.  I’d bet that there are ulterior motives behind this.

        • There very well could be. All we have to go on is target dates, and those seem to be changing each week.

          We could start the conspiracy theory that they aren’t selling enough RAZRs and Rezounds and are pushing the G-Nex back to help those phones, but then again, that wouldn’t really be a conspiracy theory. Pretty sure they aren’t selling many.

          In fact, not sure if I have shared this yet, but I needed a new micro SIM for my RAZR so I went into a local VZW corporate shop. The gentleman that helped me didn’t know where the SIM slot was on it. He admitted to me that he had yet to sell one…this was last Thursday…the phone had been out for an entire week already.

          • This is not a surprise, lol. Sorry for your experience. However, I know there are many reps who’ve never sold a single Xoom or Galaxy Tab who have been with the company for years. It’s so sad, lol.

            Further, I spoke with a few reps I know from a local store (friends/partner’s coworkers) and some of them haven’t sold any RAZRs, either. Not one! I heard the Rezound is doing okay in their store, however. People seem to like the headphones, they say.

          • the store i work at i use the idea that you get the power of the razr in the rezound for $200 and ther is a $100 pair of headphones that come with it. LOL 

          • Anonymous

            My local VZW corporate store has only a single Rezound on display (near the back of the store).  However, they have about 3 or4 RAZRs on display in very prominent spots toward the front.   They seem to really be pushing the RAZR hard these days, along with the iPhones (of course) and somewhat surprisingly, the LG Revolution and Inc2 at “blowout” prices.

          • Guest

            i love moto stuff!!  but a non removable battery KILLS IT!!!  especially with the 4g lite radios they have now.  that move was a MAJOR FAIL!!! on moto. if it weren’t for that i would own one now.

          • If it makes you feel better, the store that i work at has only sold 1 and that was on release day because we were out of Bionics. lol gave him the 249.99 price so he didnt complain.

          • Anonymous

            Another reason these phones may not be selling well is that they are ridiculously overpriced

          • Anonymous

            You should do a poll article and see what people have. Bionic, Rezound, Razr, or other. See what readers have bought.

  • Anonymous

    May I point out that the name listed on all this internal Verizon documentation is Galaxy Nexus, not Nexus Prime?  Hopefully that will settle the uproar over retailers like Best Buy and Amazon labeling it as the Nexus Prime on outdated placeholders and promotional materials.

    • I thought we squashed this last night? It’s called the Galaxy Nexus. Best Buy is wrong. Amazon’s page was a placeholder that has been there for almost 2 months.


      • Anonymous

        Um, yeah, thanks for repeating what I just said.  Just thought I’d point it out, due to the recent uproar about it.  I know it was pretty much “squashed” but I’m willing to bet there are still a few people out there hoping that Verizon would actually use the older name.

        • David Faber

          Jesus christ, dude. /facepalm

          • Anonymous

            Okay, I’m sick and tired of getting cussed at for speaking my mind on these threads.  What am I guilty of this time?  For mentioning the naming confusion that occurred just a day ago?  For getting a little ticked at Kellex for basically repeating everything I just got done stating in my first post, as if he just skimmed what I read and misinterpreted it?  Seriously, why can’t I speak my mind like anyone else here?  If you think I’m an idiot for whatever reason, fine, think that, but replying just to swear at me?  Yeah, real mature.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they make a date official after black Friday. That gives them enough time to sell their precious Rezound and Razr

  • Anonymous

    I’ve decided to hold off on the GNex and instead took a plunge with the Transformer Prime.

  • Motorla Bionic – SUPPLY OVERFLOWING


  • Hey how about no one believes any dates until Verizon announces the phone? These leaked Verizon MAPs are not always accurate as we’ve seen many times before.

    • nathanp8



    Excuses, Verizon are reading these blogs and laughing at us

  • Dislike the $299 price tag, but daaaaaang I can’t wait to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime).