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New Google Music Screenshots Give Us a Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich for Tablets

You could probably replicate what Ice Cream Sandwich would look like on a tablet through the emulator, but we wanted to show you these new screenshots that showed up in the market listing for the new Google Music app anyway. We know that Android 4.0 was built to run on both tablets and phones, and this is one of the first looks at that happening. As you can tell, the music app looks beautiful on a bigger screen with that new ICS color scheme. There is no telling what this tablet is, but you can clearly see the new ICS Back/Home/Recent Apps icons in the bottom left corner and the new setup in the notification area.

Nothing crazy, just wanted to share.

On a related note though, would love to hear your predictions on what the first Android 4.0 tablet will be? Are we all expecting it to be the Asus Transformer Prime shortly after launch or could something else sneak in and crash that party?  

Via:  Android Market

Cheers Brum08!

  • Well they have already said that the Xoom will get it and because i own one i hoping for that to be first with ICS. I can see a new device coming out shortly getting it before my Xoom though, it would be a waste of a good marketing opportuity to not have it come out on a new device. Besides the updates for my Xoom have been slow to arrive to say the least.

  • Ark1229

    All Shall Perish. YES.

  • Billy Jenkins

    now that google music is out of beta does anyone know if Google music is available in the android market on google tv?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wish ASUS didn’t redo those beautiful buttons… 🙁

    • Joseph Moreno

      Asus still makes them look nice though

      • Anonymous

        Not As nice…

  • Anonymous

    My guess would be either the Xoom (wifi version most likely) or the Transformer Prime to be first with ICS, then the original Transformer.

  • Droid X Fm

    I updated yesterday on my Transformer and it looks just like the screen shots.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I find it odd how Google doesn’t seem to push manufacturers for tablets like they do with smartphones. With that said, back in the summer Google announced their love for OMAP and how that was the platform for devs to go by for ICS, so I’m not sure how Tegra 3 fits in the scheme of things.

    I would expect an TI OMAP (4470?) based tablet to be the first ICS tablet.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the Acer A500! at least I’m hoping!

  • paul

    FYI.. it looks like this on my kindle. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    There is no way to get support for this app.

    The feedback form on the web is gone. The Contact Us form they do have requires that to use it, you must have placed a paid order of some type like buying a song. The “feedback” email of dev function in the market is not available. The app itself has no way to submit help or feedback. The browser access point has no way to submit for help or feedback.

    Seems once they took it out of beta, they shut help and feedback down.

  • Transformer Prime: The next toy I’m yearning for. 

  • if not first, one of the Asus tablets is gonna be a close second (and the other Asus tablet a close second or third)

  • Anonymous

    Xoom needs to be first….but we know how Motorola does its customers.

    • Anonymous

      It is a “google experience” device so motorola only has to push the update. Also verizon will probably be the killjoy

  • Also on http://www.android.com they have a picture on the first screen. Might want to take a screen shot of that and upload it Kellen.

  • Anonymous

    +1 for All Shall Perish.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      +2 for Bassnectar

  • All Shall Perish m/