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Asus EeePad Transformer Prime Goes On Sale In Germany Through Amazon, Order Early For A Mere $810

Looking to get your hands on the new Transformer Prime from Asus?  Look no further than German Amazon.  For €600  (about $810), you can order the newest second generation quad-core tablet with the keyboard dock.  Will it arrive on your doorstep in 5-7 business days?  Probably not.  It looks to be “out of stock” and people most likely won’t see it come back into stock until it is finally released. Besides, it will be cheaper when it comes to the US. Might as well wait instead of shelling out that much cash for something you won’t receive in who knows how long.


Cheers Dennis!

  • If it didn’t have a quad dore processor, I might have trolled that price.  It is one powerful machine! 

  • Anonymous

    I am just thinking $800 bucks for a tablet, really cool, but how long till these tablets really take over from a work/home laptop. Less than a year I would say. 

    I just  don’t want to spend money on a tablet, until the one that will really transcends the work laptop comes out.  Anyone understands where I am coming from lol

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I want this thing bad, but F*** that. You can see this happen on eBay at times as well, somehow someone gets it early and sells it for a big mark up OR the trick is they sell it BUT put in the fine print that it is an actual pre-order and then your a schmuck and I get it cheaper than you as both of ours ship on the same day as they don’t actually have it any more than I do.

  • Mps623

    Is this a Galaxy Nexus?

  • Fate

    So has anyone noticed that google.com/nexus has been changed/updated? 

  • For $100 more, I just got a new laptop with i7 processor, 8gb ram, 2gb radeon graphics, 1080p screen, etc.. Hp touchpad for $150.  I just don’t see the point at those kind of prices for a tablet, its not justifiable . 

    • Anonymous

      You realize of course that they aren’t actually selling it for $810, right?  I have yet to see a tech company yet actually use direct currency conversion to get prices.  The tablet with the keyboard dock will probably be $650. 

      • Anonymous

         Exactly.  Doing currency conversion is only useful for people who want to import it from Europe.  Other than that, it’s useless.

        • Anthony Etter

          It was confirmed that it will start at 400 (32gb tablet only) and 500 for the 64gb one. The dock is going to be 150. So 550 and 650 will be the combo prices.

          • Chris Hardewig

            I thought it was 500 for the 32gb and 600 for the 64gb

          • Tanmanknex

            I thought this as well…

      • still for that price you’ll get a better performing notebook

        • Anonymous

          Better performing? Almost certainly so.  Better battery life?  Almost certainly not.  It really just depends on where your priorities are. 

  • Anonymous

    No ICS on it yet – it better launch in the US with ICS after this wait… sold my 1st gen transformer on the 7th expecting to get this beauty on the 9th! grr

  • Tesseract 3

    What does this article have to do with the nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Please stop using currency conversions to speculate on prices. Thanks.

    • Lmrojas

      They are not. They are just stating that if you want to order one from germany to get out early it will run you 800. We already know the price in the usa 499/599 for 32/64 gb

  • Lionel Y.

    it’s OUT OF STOCK

  • EC8CH

    Wonder what it will cost around my Birthday in May???

    • FortitudineVincimus

      you wont want it then, it will be way old news by that time

      • EC8CH

        I don’t know… my attention span for tablets is longer than what it is for phones 😛

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I may brave the BF madness at BB and get a Transformer 1 for $250 (keyboard will be $100) and wait on spending big bucks on a tablet until I really need one.

  • Ice456789

    Wait, what does this have to do with the Nexus?

    • Tesseract 3

      Damnit youbeat me to it. Well played sir.

    • It has the words Prime in it which is what we called the nexus for forever

    • Wait, what does your comment have to do with this article? Oh yeah, it doesn’t.

      • Ice456789

        U mad?

        • Anonymous


    • EC8CH

      G-NEX = Currently most anticipated android phone
      Prime = Currently most anticipated android tablet

    • Anonymous


  • Hopefully they will release it with the dock here too.

  • How did they get this initial stock?