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Price Check By Amazon, Now Available For Android Devices


Amazon has just launched Price Check on Android, an application that is sure to help the holiday shoppers getting prepared for next weekend.  Users can scan barcodes, take pictures, speak to the app – excellent ways to find the best deals on the web for items you need/want.  Once the app locates your items, it then compares prices all over so you know you’re getting the best deals.  After you find the right price, you can purchase the items right inside the app.  Thanks Amazon, for making spending my money even easier.  Here’s the full list of features from the Market:

Scan a barcode: Amazon’s barcode scanner will match your item and provide Amazon and merchant product pricing in seconds.
Snap a picture: This app uses Amazon’s photo matching algorithm to instantly match your picture to books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and more.
Say the product name: Speak your search queries and use voice search to return accurate product matches and Amazon’s pricing.
Type your search: Type the product name to retrieve instant matches.
Buy directly from the app: Buy with confidence and complete a secure purchase directly from the app.

Market Link

  • Yes you can already do this with Amazon app.  Not sure why they released this…

  • Anonymous

    This is a horrible thing to do to brick and mortar retail stores.

    Simply horrible.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like the greedy, moeny-hungry Wal-Marts and Best Buys of the world?  It’s not like you’re using this to compare items hand-crafted and made by your local ma & pop stores.

      • Jeffrey Wickwire

        I think you forget what you’re paying for when you buy at a brick and mortar store. You think all those employees work for free? Or the real estate that the store sits on? If anything Amazon is greedy for telling you to demo what you want at the store and then buy it from them. 

        By all means though do that while you can. 5 years from now when people like you run the electronic stores out of business because you didn’t want to pay a few extra dollars for something you will have to hope you like what you’re buying without seeing it.

  • caseyisajim

    Isn’t this already included in the regular amazon app?


    Now I don’t have to snap photos/take notes then order on Amazon.com at home after trying out devices at my local Best Buy.

    • If you had amazon’s main app, you wouldn’t have had to anyway!

      • TROLOLOL

        Dammit. Why do you have to be right? 😛

  • Is there a benefit over google shopper or amazon’s other app?

  • Thanks Amazon, for releasing an application that adds absolutely no value, as all of these options were already available on your amazon.com app.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Amazon for not forcing me to download your Amazon app just so I can use the price check feature.

  • Edwin M

    Amazon is on FIRE. See what I did there.

  • John

    can already do this with Amazon Mobile