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Sad Rumor of the Day: Galaxy Nexus Release Pushed to December, Still Undergoing Testing? (Updated)

I can tell that many of you follow our buddy @P3droid on Twitter and noticed his remarks this morning about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon being bumped from November 21 to some time in December. While I can’t confirm from any of our normal sources that this is indeed the truth, I will say that a number of folks on Twitter also chimed in around the time of his tip to say something very similar. And to add to the possibility of this being true, let’s just say that I’ve seen that Verizon’s current in-store marketing calendars do not mention anything about the G-Nex for the rest of this month. That could mean a variety things, so I’ll withhold judgement.

Word on the street suggests that Big Red is in the middle of testing it and has found a couple of bugs that they need to see fixed before they can press “Go.” So let’s not rush out and buy pitchforks just yet, the testing of a device does take time. You would rather the phone be bug-free wouldn’t you?

But remember, this is all rumor, folks. We could still see it on the 21st, but from what we are hearing, December 1 isn’t out of the question. 

Update:  Just heard from one of our regulars, and they have been told that the device has been pushed back. They are expecting the next round of testing to be completed by November 19. Not sure exactly what that means for November 21 release date.

Update 2:  The Android Site found this listing for the Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone. Clearly just a placeholder, but we might as well report on it all at this point.

Update 3: A reddit user is claiming that the phone will be out this Friday, November 18. I would highly doubt that knowing what our source told us up above about the 19th being the next testing deadline, but hey, another rumor that you should probably know about. I would love for it to happen – no way to tell until we get to Friday though.

Update 4:  Our buddy @muffnman was on set at the taping of The Verge’s new show which had Matias Duarte on as a guest. According to Matias – during the show – the G-Nex is launching this month (November). He was pressed for a specific date, but would only go as far as saying “November.” I think we would all hope that this man knows what he is talking about as one of the architects of ICS and the experience on this phone.

*Note – Again, we flagged this as one massive rumor for a reason. We have no idea if the phone has been pushed to December or not, but we wanted to pass along some info that was tossed out by 3 or 4 people at or around the same exact time. If we call something a rumor, that means you should look at it as a rumor, not fact. You guys know that we just like to give you as much information as possible.

Cheers @mmolda, @mplacido9, Dominick, Tom, and James!

  • Anonymous

    Samsung thunderbolt is it’s real name. By the time this drops I can pass and get the droid 4.

  • FYI – I was at the taping of On The Verge tonight – Joshua Topolsky interviewed Mattias Duarte, and he confirmed himself that their “US carrier partner (read: Verizon) is launching the Galaxy Nexus this month, November”.

    • Notsurprised

      yep i was there too and while he didn’t want to give a specific date he did say we would be able to get it in november

  • Charles Blackmon

    phandroid is reporting a release date of this friday    www.phandroid.com

  • Anonymous

    I just got the razr..its a sexy beast! I have 2 upgrades still available on my plan, so if I want something later its no big deal. I don’t understand procrastinating .. if ya want something learn how to play the game..if all else fails cash is king!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised, in all the hands on I’ve seen for the phone there have been mentions of instability or bugs. This may not even be on Verizon the Galaxy Nexus/ICS may just not be ready.

    Doesn’t matter to me though, the more it is delayed the more time I have to save up money to buy this phone off contract.

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to believe this and will proceed in expecting release next week. kthanxbai

  • droseum20

    wtf i just saw that is only HSPA+ and GSM. right from Google’s binary source I found while looking at the ICS source code. What does this mean?

  • Bionic

    LOL LOL LOL.  And people bitched about motorla and Bionic.  What say you now motorola haters?  Other companies have release problems too!  

    • Anonymous

      We’ll talk in 6 months.

      • Zen55

        Hahaha, that’s right!

  • Anonymous

    FWIW I was just at VZW store during my lunch today. Manager told me he was in a meeting yesterday, said they were told no Nexus release till December. He said they weren’t given any other details about it.

    • Charlie

      I had a similar experience where I was told that he “hoped it was out before Christmas.”

  • Nathan Hosford

    I bet this delay is for the lock screen issue where you just need to take a picture of the person who owns the phone and unlock the face lock.Well i guess i will be skipping this and going with quad core.

    • Anonymous

      Hate to break it to you but you can just put a pattern or a numeric lock instead of face lock. And, anyone that might have a picture of you might also just take a quick look while you are typing your password.. 

  • I noticed on AndroidHeadlines.com, that “”The Galaxy Nexus isn’t scheduled for a launch until later this week””?

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the biggest let downs in the history of smartphones! Get the phone out already!

  • Mdh7

    The bug is that Verizon can’t get their bloatware on it. The will keep postponing until Google and Samsung give it to the addition of Verizon’s Bloatware.

  • Guest

    this is from Negri Electronics:

    UPDATE: 11/14/2011 –
    We have received word from our supplier that we will NOT receive stock
    this week. Stock is expected to ship to “early next week”. These were
    the exact words from our supplier who is direct with Samsung. If you
    have checked elsewhere for the stock, you will also see (if they are
    honest with their customers) that they will not be getting their stock
    as expected. This is not such a “delay” as it is a later arrival on the
    stock that expected. We do know that Canada/USA and Hong Kong launch was
    officially delayed until December 8th, 2011. The stock we have secured
    is not part of that delay. This is the best information that we have,
    and the most current. If you have any questions at all you can email [email protected]

    Thank you for your time. We will update this blog regularly so that you have the most up to date information.

  • jbonics

    Waiting a extra month for quad core…. priceless

  • Ianmccully


    looks like samsung is saying this is not true and it will be released but we will wait and see when or if it does  come out thanks for reading my comment

  • Mimeo Ink

    Given that I’m seeing an equivalent rumor for the UK market which T3 confirmed as wrong? I will try to have faith.

    That shiny extended return window might help matters if my OG can’t take the pressure, though. I’ll take a couple weeks with a Rezound if I have to.

    But only if I have to.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone say Droid Bionic lol

    • Nathan Hosford

      No Hell no! i almostgot the rezound but no HDMI and the Razr has no HD screen and over heats so im waiting for the first ICS Tegra 3 

    • Nathan Hosford

      No Hell no! i almostgot the rezound but no HDMI and the Razr has no HD screen and over heats so im waiting for the first ICS Tegra 3 

  • I’ve given up. Between things like this, and all the problems I’ve had with my two Android phones, I am done. Next phone = iphone. Sorry. No phone or system is perfect, but I’ve just had it. 

    • Nathan Hosford

      I have had it too but there is no way in hell im giving apple more of my money for the same phone i got years ago when it was cool.What i may do coming from a Droid 1 is buy a charge out right on e bay then get a tegra 3 phone when it comes out.

    • Bionic

      Your an idiot.  but have fun with your gayyy ass iphone which is set up like a child’s toy

      • APk

        Nice. And the gay slur is especially classy.

      • if *you’re* going to insult someone, at least use proper grammar.

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Bye.  Have fun with your iphone!

  • IzzyD

    I’ve never seen so many whining babies about a device in my life. Fact is there are issues with it still and VZW will NOT approve it as is plain and simple. And for all you haters towards P3 get a life and grow up. He knows exactly what he is talking about. Every comment I’ve ever seen him make is right on track with info I get myself as well, I just choose not post it becasue I refuse to listen to you whiners complain and start your BS. Bottom line is jst because one thing is said one day DOES NOT mean it will not change the next. You folks have NO IDEA what a nightmare it is to get a device threw VZW for approval. And in this case (Nexus) they want it PERFECT or its not releasing. I myself have personal first hand knowledge of what is wrong and P3 stated things exactly right. Fact is  it is nothing major but its not approved so there is noway it can release or go on pre-order this wk or next like everyone was hoping for.

    And so some of you wihners understand everytime VZW denies it they need to fix it obviosuly and then it goes to testing to start again. However each test run require a MINIMUM of 1 wk testing across the country. And as a prime example we can go back to the original Droid. It was scheduled for release in Aug and when did we get it Nov, why becasue VZW kept denying approval. It just takes a long time to get done is the bottom line. so if you want to bitch and complain go complain to VZW.

    • Nathan Hosford

      I think VZW/Samsung is great for fixing this phones problems before it releases it. The phone will be ready when it finally launches.The bad thing is quadcore is just around the corner and really worth waiting for now after waiting this long.

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Why, when we can read you having an apoplexy about peoples’ comments and calling them names.  I am sure though that you are so much better than everyone and people kneel as you walk down the street and everyone likes you and respects your opinions.

    • Notsurprised

      ok so what’s wrong with the phone?  give us some insight!


    someone keep me strong…this is hard not to give in and get the HTC….i am really thinking of pulling the trigger and getting it!!!


    • SKAV3NG3R

      you know what. i think i will give it until friday and then “DUN…DUN DUUUNNN”(in a low yet booming ominous  voice…then i will knkow screw waiting im sure as long as you get the HTC you will be able to get rom’d up,yes?

      • I’m with you on this.  I’m pulling the trigger on Friday unless I have a release date. After all of this crap, I’m going off contract and with the “return it if it isn’t perfect” attitude.

    • Nathan Hosford

      The only reason why im not getting is is the screen is to small and it has no HDMI out.

  • Bblackinc

    Screw it I’ll just get Skyrim and the kindle fire till it finally comes out

    • Nathan Hosford

      If you have the choice get skyrim for PS3 not Xbox the Xbox has graphics problems.

  • Anonymous

    FU VZW. Why do you have to be so b*tchy?

    • Bionic

      this isnt verizon’s fault, idiot.  its a manufacturing problem

      • Anonymous

        If it is a manufacturing problem, then why would the European GN doesn’t get delay?

  • Anonymous

    damn it!! this is taking forever i am getting to leave town and it would be nice to have my New GN phone in my hand and money in there pocket…  

  • Is anybody really surprised? I mean it still hasn’t gone through the FCC.

  • It lines up because pandas last poem said online purchase only starting around the 21st of november and probably in stores in early December….droid life android central already banned p3 I wouldnt take his word for anything he seems to stir shit up for some reason….there’s no testing of thus device its ready Verizon just needs time for the rezound and rzor to sell then they will drop this dime…I’m hating how Verizon handles release….so 2 months after the phone is announced and showed Verizon will get it? Come on release the damn thing….I think as consumers it is our responsibility to start to put pressure through social media and twitter, facebook etc and try and force Verizon’s hand a little bit…

  • xacto0

    ok now that it posted it took the fancy color away from the chat i took it from but i assure u that is real from a informed rep

  • xacto0

    this rumor needs come down ASAP i spoke with a very informed rep from samsung and they said the u.s version of the galaxy nexus has NOT been delayed! They also confirmed that the phone would be out by the end of november BOOM!! Take that nasty rumor and shove it!!!
    bill: i understand, and i know you cannot provide the exact release date, but a time frame? verizon reps have been quoted saying that it should be available by the end of the week or by nextPaige: Yes, the phone might be released by the end of November.  bill: but you can confirm that it has not been delayed in the u.s right?Paige: Yes, I can confirm. The phone is not delayed.bill: but u believe it will be out in november?Paige: Yes.Paige: By the end of November

  • Youngthinka1421

    I have an idea why doesn’t verizion release the phone now then release software update in December 

  • Youngthinka1421

    why do i always fall for reading these things

  • besides.. this *might* have to do with their return policy. They don’t want a boatload of people buying RAZR’s and then turning them back in to get the obviously better phone. 30 days, “no questions asked”

  • TeflonBilly

    Let be honest.  Let slap a beta sticker on and release the product.  It work for gmail and I think it can work here.  I don’t mind “beta test” a product.

  • Noooo! And my poor OG just took its first leap out of my pocket onto the pavement and is scratched up pretty bad…  C’mon already.

  • SjB

    every phone has bugs when it’s released. doesn’t seem to stop anybody.

  • frankly, no, I would take a buggy device. If it is true, they better leave the OS bugs to google and worry about their network. Let us test the OS and report bugs like we always have on AOSP builds.

  • Joelseph
  • Anonymous

    If the GSIII comes out anywhere in the world within 2 months of VZW fisting themselves I will buy a basic phone (so I can still get phone calls, no texts) and get a tablet to do everything else with someone who doesn’t hate customers. probably Sprint.

    Get this phone out now

  • Anonymous

    no.  i want it now.  xda will take care of the bugs in 10% of the amount of time a samsung dev team could squash bugs.  

  • Daniel Archibald33

     ICS will be out for Droid Razor before g-nex is even released

    • joejoe509

      Except for some custom ROM’s, not likely.

  • icedrop

    I feel for all you OG Droid owners…Long time to wait for sure. But for all us initial Dinc users, our NE2 is in December, thanks to Verizon my upgrade window keeps looking better and better. Dinc is also still running strong and fast with latest version of CM7.

  • Has anyone considered the possibility that this just a ploy to start a rumor that could potentially pressure VZW into giving us a real release date?  I’m not buying this just yet.  A bug discovered at this stage in the release would be covered in an OTA update (most likely).

  • Marvin de Pano

    Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that this ain’t another Bionic. ;-(

  • Anonymous

    i just threw up in my mouth a little.

    this is getting REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!    come on!!!!!

  • joejoe509

    This doesn’t make sense. If it’s good enough for Europe, it should be damn close to good enough for us too.

  • Nick

    Going tomorrow to purchase the Droid Razr and return it once the Nexus is released!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, here are my concerns about the phone being released.

    1. Send/Receive Calls
    2. Access to data
    3. ICS works

    I would say that these things already work properly so just give us a release date this month. Any bug fixes would be direct push from Google, correct?? What could be the hold up???

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Hmmmm I hope this rumor is true. Im enjoying my brand new Droid Razor and its blinding speeds while all the poor saps wait for a plastic samsung toy…LMAO

  • did you expect ant thing different from Big Red … after all any phone that is anxiously awaited from Big Red is always pushed back … how many times was the Bionic pushed (we heard about the Bionic over a year before they released it)

  • Anonymous

    Lovin the Razr, thanks for asking!

  • Anonymous

    OMG I’m going to go out right now and buy a….

    Who am I kidding? I will stay on my OG Droid until the G-Nex comes along (or until I can get ICS and wireless tether on some other device)