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Sad Rumor of the Day: Galaxy Nexus Release Pushed to December, Still Undergoing Testing? (Updated)

I can tell that many of you follow our buddy @P3droid on Twitter and noticed his remarks this morning about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon being bumped from November 21 to some time in December. While I can’t confirm from any of our normal sources that this is indeed the truth, I will say that a number of folks on Twitter also chimed in around the time of his tip to say something very similar. And to add to the possibility of this being true, let’s just say that I’ve seen that Verizon’s current in-store marketing calendars do not mention anything about the G-Nex for the rest of this month. That could mean a variety things, so I’ll withhold judgement.

Word on the street suggests that Big Red is in the middle of testing it and has found a couple of bugs that they need to see fixed before they can press “Go.” So let’s not rush out and buy pitchforks just yet, the testing of a device does take time. You would rather the phone be bug-free wouldn’t you?

But remember, this is all rumor, folks. We could still see it on the 21st, but from what we are hearing, December 1 isn’t out of the question. 

Update:  Just heard from one of our regulars, and they have been told that the device has been pushed back. They are expecting the next round of testing to be completed by November 19. Not sure exactly what that means for November 21 release date.

Update 2:  The Android Site found this listing for the Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone. Clearly just a placeholder, but we might as well report on it all at this point.

Update 3: A reddit user is claiming that the phone will be out this Friday, November 18. I would highly doubt that knowing what our source told us up above about the 19th being the next testing deadline, but hey, another rumor that you should probably know about. I would love for it to happen – no way to tell until we get to Friday though.

Update 4:  Our buddy @muffnman was on set at the taping of The Verge’s new show which had Matias Duarte on as a guest. According to Matias – during the show – the G-Nex is launching this month (November). He was pressed for a specific date, but would only go as far as saying “November.” I think we would all hope that this man knows what he is talking about as one of the architects of ICS and the experience on this phone.

*Note – Again, we flagged this as one massive rumor for a reason. We have no idea if the phone has been pushed to December or not, but we wanted to pass along some info that was tossed out by 3 or 4 people at or around the same exact time. If we call something a rumor, that means you should look at it as a rumor, not fact. You guys know that we just like to give you as much information as possible.

Cheers @mmolda, @mplacido9, Dominick, Tom, and James!

  • Kellex you need to step up RIGHT NOW and officially UNRUMOR this rumor NOW

  • yeah testing, testing how many people will give up and buy their moto and htc(their pals) phones. 
    are these people now saying december the ones that said the 3rd,the 7th, the 21st, black friday, the 17th.  why would this rumor be anything held to any crediability anymore.  rememebr there was a rumor a while back of jan 2012 so dec is early i guess.  my inside source just told me today he knows for sure that the nexus wont be out before the 14th of november.  so im trusting him he seems to be the only one that has gotten it right yet 🙂

    • Thanks I could of told you that

  • David Hayden

    Too late, I already have my pitchfork.

  • EC8CH


  • Anonymous

    If this is true Verizon is going to undo all the good will releasing this phone would have brought from the hardcore Android crowd.  I really depise companies like Verizon who are so image conscious that they refuse to level with customers about what is really going on.

  • Anonymous

    Occupy Verizon, Samsung, and Google!

  • Anonymous

    great, all the other carriers will get it before big red does!  guess big red’s bloatware doesn’t run to well on ICS!

    • joejoe509

      It doesn’t run well on Nexus devices and iPhones. lol

  • Djstar2k2

    the other positive in this that vrz runs bogo around xmas so this could be a big win or others such as myself who have mulitiple lines just waiting on an upgrade.

  • Meh

    What gets me is that by the time this phone drops, there will be a similarly spec’d if not better phone around the corner. The time lines big red uses are simply retarded. If the concern is not pushing enough units of a particular device, maybe they shouldn’t be releasing them 3 at a time?

  • Jay

    Ugh whatever Verizon, I got my money for one toy this season.. Its either this Galaxy Nexus or the Transformer Prime, whichever comes out first wins

  • Haproot

    They can’t figure out how to get their bloatware on it. 

  • jimbob

    It begins.

  • Dick tease. She needs to tell me when she’s gonna come…

  • Booboolala2000

    I think that they need to test the sales of the Razr and the Rezound first. Oh well. The wait continues. If fire some reason it goes to another carrier first, and if verizon passes and screws this up. The Droid zip charge was my last purchase on verizon. I will dump them like a dead hooker.

  • Naergoth

    verizon screws it up again.

  • Anonymous

    This really bummed me out, but then I remembered that I don’t have a Verizon re-up until January. I took the noose off and stepped down from the stool, but I’m leaving the rope up just in case.

  • My OG Droid is about to crap out on me.  Camera is blurry, touch screen is fidgety, locks up and freezes all the time.  I’m considering just getting the Rezound.  Someone talk me out of it.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think you can go wrong with either device. I am sure all the gnex fanboys will say nexus or die but in all honesty both are very future proof phones and will last the 2 year contract.

    • Anonymous

      Stay strong; you’re like a dude looking at a fat chick in the bar at 1:15AM. Hold out for another 45 minutes!

      • Chase Kadrmas

        Nothing good ever happens after 2 A.M.

    • Boris Badenov

      I’m rigt there with you…

      g-nex is about 2 weeks away for about 2 mont now :/

    • Andy Chu

      Don’t do it!

      I’m in the same boat too. I’ve been coaxing my OG Droid with some GPA and overclocking courtesy of Peter Alfonso to just keep it running a little bit longer until the Galaxy Nexus comes out. Still, sometimes I want to throw it at the nearest wall. This better be worth it…

      • Anonymous

        Try downgrading to Froyo is you absolutely have to to last another month. I knew this phone wouldn’t release in November and I still have no reason to believe we’ll see it before Dec 1 or 8.

    • Djstar2k2

      i feel that my og is falling apart the keys are falling off but im gonna stick it out for the gal nex.  and lets be honest here no matter what hardware spec emerges in the next month only one phone is gonna rock ics for at least 2 to 3 months and ics is just all awsome period.

    • Mark

      I’ll do my best:
      It has the weakest dual core of any phone, and the gpu is very crappy as well. Battery life on HTC phones are the worst specially when you add in LTE.  The phone will be running Gingerbread when released and you don’t know when you’ll get ICS.  Gingerbread lacks a Hardware accelerated UI, plus Sense is a big memory hog. The phone is thicker than the rest and still has a smaller battery.  Their antennas are not as good as Motorola’s and their UI can feel over saturated at times. You’ll be giving up a HD Super Amoled Screen, for their HD LCD. The software wont’ be updated as fast as Google will be updating the Galaxy Nexus. If you’re into developing, the Galalxy Nexus will have the most roms as it’s a Google phone, and this phone doesn’t seem to be gettng much love.  
      The list goes on  and one…. hope it helps.

      • Anonymous

         I challenge you to back up your claims with some real facts/links.  Reason being…1) Kellex posted on his google+ that the Rezound is beating the Razr in battery, so your “HTC phones are the worst specialy when you add in LTE” is unfounded.  GPU is crappy?  MSM8660 has the Adeno 220, which based on previous results beat on the SGX 540.  So saying its crappy is again unfounded.  See here -> http://www.anandtech.com/show/4243/dual-core-snapdragon-gpu-performance-1-5-ghz-msm8660-adreno-220-benchmarks/2 .  Also there is a great review of the Rezound here -> http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/14/2557172/htc-rezound-review  .   So please, provide us when some facts to back up what you are saying.  I’m not saying you are wrong, but I can’t believe you until you show me facts.

        • Mark

          Why are you guys debating me??? He was asking to be talked out of it.  I’m sure it’s a great phone, I was just trying to discourage the guy.  And yes unfortunately the GPU is crappy. I wouldn’t buy a phone w/ a Qualcomm chip anytime soon. They’re A8 based and that comparison from anandtech has the SGX 540 running at 200MHz, while the nexus will have it running at 384MHz (that’s almost double the speed). What’s more my Droid Charge handles emulators slightly better than my Sensation (both stock) which has the Adreno 220. There’s a reason why people didn’t want that chip on the Tmobile GSII, it’s just slower. Every reviewer will tell you that the phone is not as fast and the graphics performance is also slower compared to the Exinos.  As for links, I’m sorry but I don’t have time to go looking for them. As for battery, it’s not really an issue w/ me either as I always have a charger close to me. I also had the Thunderbolt, and the battery wasn’t a big problem, but the GPU on that phone WAS, and even though the Adreno 220 is superior, it’s still not up to par w/ the competition. Sorry, but Qualcomm’s asynchronous dual core chips are not as good as the competitions when it comes to performance.

      • That HD LCD screen tho is very good and might even be better than the nexus this is the only thing the rezound has to offer

      • Anonymous

        I agree with going with the Galaxy Nexus over the Rezound, however the Rezound is not nearly as bad as you make it sound. Actually the display is one of the nicest out and the phone has plenty of power that will easily last 2 years. The battery is fine and while it may or may not be as long lasting as some others it is certainly not a deal breaker. My Thunderbolt battery last very well and not nearly as poor as you would think from what everyone writes. The Rezound will also be getting ICS and and ICS rom will be available VERY soon. Actually the ICS rom for the Thunderbolt is already close to being ready. It is in Alpha stage and now that the source has been released it won’t be too much longer. HTC phones are also developer friendly, but certainly the Nexus will be even better.

        For those that don’t want the Nexus the Rezound will be a fine option.  And a set of Beats earbuds don’t hurt a bit!

    • Droid
      • 7.6 don’t seem that good to me but MB I just have high staneards

      • Steve Blais

        been following Thisismynext now the Verge.. great group of guys.. super on top of android and honest, not biased. their new site is probably one of the best non-android sites.cough cough (love DL) super big images.. slick gui just good

    • Anonymous

      Hold in there! I’m still hanging on to my iPhone 3GSlow and will have to apparently for another few weeks. If I can do it you can too!!

    • Anonymous

      You know I am thinking the same thing. But I would return it when the nexus comes out.

      Yes it will cost a restock fee but I don’t care about their inconvenience since they are inconveniencing me. I may wait until at least Friday however.

    • joejoe509

      If you can’t wait, the Rezound isn’t a bad way to go.

    • That’s exactly what Verizon wants and is planning on.  Verizon didn’t get the GS2, so if they don’t get the Galaxy Nexus, I’m definitely jumping ship.  I’ve been patient for a while and Verizon may have “the network” but all the other carriers get the better phones. Getting old. 

      My point, stay vigilant, stay the course, don’t give in.
      never give up, never surrender, lolz galaxy quest lolz

  • Chad

    Would be interesting if by the time the G-Nex was released the RAZR had Ice Cream Sandwich. Rumor is ICS source code is going to drop on the 17th, right? 6 weeks out from that and were looking towards the end of December.

    • Djstar2k2

      i doubt that code drops b4 the gal nex.  if you look back at nex s gingerbread came way later

  • Flibbertigibbet

    I wonder if Google and Verizon could also be fighting on pricing, given that it is confirmed the Galaxy Nexus will be FREE on 2 year contract in the UK.

  • Richard Yoo

    Droid RAZR 2 will come out before this thing does. Why am I not surprised…

  • 6895533

    the phone is going to be out on december i was speaking with the verizon manager he is my friend and told me that its gonna be out on december and i got to play with the rezound and the razr and i didnt like them so come on galaxy nexus 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Man, it’s showing 152 comments on this post and all I see is ahbout 16 comments there must be a bug on this post.

  • STiK

    Droid 4 will be out before the GNeX

  • Christophernapier

    If this is true, Verizon finds a couple of bugs and halts the release, they are taking away the thunder once again. But lets flash back to the quick release of the iPh*ne 4S and to current time with iOS 5.0.1. Are you telling me Verizon didn’t catch any of those bugs? 

  • Anonymous

    Screw it then, I will buy a RAZR or a rezound just to give them the finger for making us wait.

    • Squashbuckler

      Your giving Verizon money either way…not really giving them the finger.

  • JCS

    This should have been expected, they want this beyond the free return period of the Razr and Rezound.

  • theraskell

    The rezound just might get my money if they delay this much more

    • Anonymous

      I am leaning towards that too. Seems to be getting great reviews and bootloader has already been unlocked.

  • shdowman

    A couple more weeks past a nonexistent release date?

    I can live with it.

  • Mctypething

    U all mad, bros?

    • Guest

      you a dick bro??

  • Lumpysherman


  • Jboku

    My only hope is this is just a rumor that VZW wants to get out in the hopes they will sell more Razers/Rezounds.  I expect them to release the GNEX with minimal advertising.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they just showed up in the store one day lol.

  • Anonymous

    Smfh. I’m over this. 

  • I am thinking this is a good thing. Since apple took 16 months to release iphone 4.1, google has a very real opportunity to go for apples jugular. Especially given apples battery and other problems. Better to get it as right as possible the first time.

  • Anonymous

    Why announce a device that hasn’t been thoroughly tested?  Seems fishy to me…just sayin’

  • JCS

    Delays my ass, the Bionic needed a short delay also.

  • RedOne1

    This is good new!!!! Its gonna give the Droid RAZR and Rezound more sales! 😀

  • You can take it this way, either the phone will be really great and bug free, or there is bug load…of bugs…. 

  • Buckgrad

    Sounds like it will not be a pure Google device if Verizon wants changes. Not good.

    • Roshan John

      yeah… phuck.. taht sucks. i really wanted a bloatfree device

  • Anonymous

    Screw it then, I will buy a RAZR or a rezound just to give them the finger for making us wait.

    • Jeff Tycz

      lol give them the finger? you are still buying from them so they are the ones truly giving the finger

  • Still Testing?!

    The testing of a device takes time…weeks and weeks that they’ve already been given! Gah, oh well…they said by “year’s end,” not by November. As long as they get it right when it’s released!


  • Anonymous

    Need some advice guys: 

    Got a potential buyer this week for my Tbolt – should I sell now and take my chances (would have to revert to D1 until GNex) or should I squash this deal and hold on to Tbolt? 

    • Roshan John

      id sell the tbolt asap! lol. its only gonna depreciate after the g-nex come out

    • Greg Williams

      If they’re paying enough….SELL! But…make sure that you don’t somehow get downgraded from your unlimited plan (if you have it)

      • Anonymous

        I do have unlimited plan – I called Verizon and they said my data would be unaffected. 

    • Horizon

      Sell the Tbolt. I’m still rocking my D1 and it still works. Sure, it’s not as fast as the tbolt, but it functions. Go real conservative and minimalistic. Get LauncherPro and only use 1 Homescreen. Limit the amount of apps you download and kill apps running the background whenever you can. My D1 still runs real smooth.

  • Anonymous

    Care to cheer us up with a tablet give-a-way? 😀

  • Greg Williams

    Yay for Christmas time! Go buy another phone and return it once the Nexus comes out since…

    “Purchases (excluding tablets and accessories) made between November 15 and December 28, 2011 may be returned or exchanged through January 9, 2012, subject to a $35 restock fee for wireless devices. All other provisions of Verizon Wireless’ Return & Exchange Policy continue to apply.”
    That’s quite a bit longer than 14 days isn’t it???

    • Nick

      I wonder if we buy a new phone and return it we still still get the nexus for the contract price

      • Greg Williams

        I’m pretty sure it’s the same system where you can get a phone for two weeks, and then if you don’t like it in that time take it back and get a different one. So you should still be able to use it as your upgrade and get the contract price

  • Horizon

    I’m not surprised at all. It’s November 14th and we still haven’t heard anything from Verizon at all. This was to be expected.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Okay, perhaps we weren’t specific to Kellex.

    We wanted GOOD rumors of the G-Nex.   🙁

  • STiK

    Google gets pissed and pulls Nexus from Vzw!!!!!!!


  • Ryan Clayton

    I’m wondering if this will also delay the source for ICS being released.  Wasn’t the rumor for that the 17th?

  • Dioskouroi