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Sad Rumor of the Day: Galaxy Nexus Release Pushed to December, Still Undergoing Testing? (Updated)

I can tell that many of you follow our buddy @P3droid on Twitter and noticed his remarks this morning about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon being bumped from November 21 to some time in December. While I can’t confirm from any of our normal sources that this is indeed the truth, I will say that a number of folks on Twitter also chimed in around the time of his tip to say something very similar. And to add to the possibility of this being true, let’s just say that I’ve seen that Verizon’s current in-store marketing calendars do not mention anything about the G-Nex for the rest of this month. That could mean a variety things, so I’ll withhold judgement.

Word on the street suggests that Big Red is in the middle of testing it and has found a couple of bugs that they need to see fixed before they can press “Go.” So let’s not rush out and buy pitchforks just yet, the testing of a device does take time. You would rather the phone be bug-free wouldn’t you?

But remember, this is all rumor, folks. We could still see it on the 21st, but from what we are hearing, December 1 isn’t out of the question. 

Update:  Just heard from one of our regulars, and they have been told that the device has been pushed back. They are expecting the next round of testing to be completed by November 19. Not sure exactly what that means for November 21 release date.

Update 2:  The Android Site found this listing for the Galaxy S II Nexus Prime 4G Android Phone. Clearly just a placeholder, but we might as well report on it all at this point.

Update 3: A reddit user is claiming that the phone will be out this Friday, November 18. I would highly doubt that knowing what our source told us up above about the 19th being the next testing deadline, but hey, another rumor that you should probably know about. I would love for it to happen – no way to tell until we get to Friday though.

Update 4:  Our buddy @muffnman was on set at the taping of The Verge’s new show which had Matias Duarte on as a guest. According to Matias – during the show – the G-Nex is launching this month (November). He was pressed for a specific date, but would only go as far as saying “November.” I think we would all hope that this man knows what he is talking about as one of the architects of ICS and the experience on this phone.

*Note – Again, we flagged this as one massive rumor for a reason. We have no idea if the phone has been pushed to December or not, but we wanted to pass along some info that was tossed out by 3 or 4 people at or around the same exact time. If we call something a rumor, that means you should look at it as a rumor, not fact. You guys know that we just like to give you as much information as possible.

Cheers @mmolda, @mplacido9, Dominick, Tom, and James!

  • Anonymous


    KEEP UP THE OG LIFE SUPPORT.IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.The contest ends the 21st. hopefully we can get all the info then!

  • Anonymous

    The Panda King
    I’m tired of these “technical issue” rumors about the nexus delay.. Should just bring back the google.Com/phone address back

    Think your sources don’t know S**t

  • Anonymous

    Oh oh lol

  • Nomorechances

    At this rate, rumor or not I might become a turncoat and see what flavor of kool-aid Apple has to offer. I waited entirely too long for my bionic. Two words: Never Again. Besides I kinda want a personal assistant to do anything I want her to do, and it doesn’t sound like a bad deal with a great camera. Lack of 4G and NFC will bug me, but I might get over it. If its not released in Nov. hello Apple, my ultimatum has been given.

    • Anonymous

      Get a hold of yourself! 

      I almost threw my OG out the window cause it froze and rebooted while i was trying to use it to navigate somewhere today. Missed my exit delayed me 30 minutes. Talk about livid……. I could have chewed through my steering wheel. 
      Just wait on the nexus or (rent) a rezound or razr. if you dont mind the restocking fee. I may do it. Think i will try to not be like an impatient douche and force myself to wait.

      • Nomorechances

        Jeez that is quite the frustration. I applaud how well you handled it. I
        My birthday is coming up this month, if I don’t have any more solid information
        I may just (rent) the rezound or razr. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me
        at all. It should give me just enough push should the actual nexus release date
        be in December. Thanks man! 😀

  • SoOver It

    Let’s just call it like it is…NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING! There has not been one bit of consistent information period, and 99% of the rumors have continud to be wrong. It’ll be out when Verizon puts it on their website with a release date. Anything else is just one giant speculation. Everybody “knows” somebody at Verizon or Samsung or is somebody’s cousins-nephews-roommates-brother-in-law with “inside” information…and it’s NEVER correct! Why Verizon persists on not saying a single f’ing word is beyond me. Worst…marketing…ever!

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! people need to realize it has not been delayed cause there has not been an official release date!!!!!!!!! Does that mean i wanna wait any longer. HELL NO! half the people out there are using these rumors as click bait its crazy. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN NOT BUY A IP4S, RAZR, REZOUND, THEY JUST NEED TO BREATH AND SAY ITS A NEXUS ITS WORTH IT.


  • tickle

    i went to a verizon store today, and they said it was supposed to be released next week.

    • Anonymous

      You tick’lin me?

  • Anonymous

    come on Verizon

  • Anonymous

    slashgear.com has At&t version of the Galaxy Nexus,  from the video it looks to have a sim card.. link below

  • Anonymous

    ok is it me or does Verizon technicians get the phone one week before release days to test them out, you figure Verizon would have started tests in September or October.. not in November?? 

  • Owenc881

    Nice anyone know anything about the HTC vigro

  • Anonymous

    At the risk of sounding like an arrogant American isn’t Google based out of California why are we getting it last there’s too much money involved for this not to be a smoother release i’m just saying people have been fired for less

    • Anonymous

      cause android has more customers in the UK i believe………. I just wish we had it at the same time.

  • Pennywise

    Feeling awesome about this here Bionic 😀


    Sounds like BS to me.  These phones are already made sitting in warehouses, even if it is a December release.

  • Duck Dodgers

    YES!!! I love this!! Keep pushing it back!!! Right up until January 2nd if you don’t mind 😉

  • ShootAngelsFace77x

    I broke my OG with such very little time left.  I’m stuck with a BB Curve as a loaner.  I need HELP!

    • theraskell

      Ouch dude

  • Justin Kos

    good news is with all this testing im expecting a near perfect device, the bad news… NEED NEXUS NAO

  • phandroid.com is saying that it’ll be this Friday the 18th. I

    ‘m waiting for the Nexus, but I still may go with the Razr or Bionic or wait a couple more weeks for the D4.

  • mg8199

    Need….new….phone…   OG can’t hold out…..much…..longer…..

  • You do know cyber monday is after black friday right?

    • Cam

      Ah, crap. I thought it was the preceding Monday.  

  • Interstellarmind

    Always appreciate d-life’s openness and clarity about what is fact and what is rumor. Very much appeciated.

  • Cam

    At this point, with the multiple dates and the initial reports of the ‘online only’ ordering, I am starting to think that Cyber Monday it will actually be online for ordering, then Black Friday for in-store sales/pickup.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that dude is about the biggest ass in the android community.

  • praying for friday. or the 21st. or just not december. i need this damn phone. 

  • At this point I’m pretty sure Verizon is just messing with us.

  • Dude, my OG just facepalmed.

  • Honestly never believed the 21st date anyway. Doesn’t releasing it on Black Friday make more sense? That is, with all the hype there is around Black Friday.

  • Fizzail

    What Kellex, no “If you think about it, a December release makes sense” ??

  • WalkingDead

    if we can all organize here on DL and complain about VZW keeping us in the dark then I suggest everyone do what I did and take it to their facebook page:
    http://www.facebook.com/verizon?sk=wall  and their twitter page 
    https://twitter.com/#!/VERIZON and just hound and pound them with complaints, I’m going to post something everyday, what upsets me is they haven’t even announced a release date they could at least do that so I had a date to look forward to because I think not knowing is what’s the worst part about of this even if it was Dec. then at least I would know. So again if your not happy then do as I did and voice your displeasure whether it works or not I don’t care but if enough of us post maybe they will take notice.

  • hfoster52

    I said this before Nexus = Unicorn….

    • MSRFX

      Exactly! Thats the way I am feeling right now about this damn device. 

  • As long as google handles the updates and not sammy…i’m fine with waiting…

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t this be past the testing stage by now?

  • Nico

    I need to get rid of this damned Eris.  RELEASE THE PHONE.

    • Same here – I might have to grab a Rezound and return for the GNex at this rate…