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Amazon: Kindle Fire Orders Shipping a Day Early

Amazon dropped a quick press release this morning to announce that they were shipping Kindle Fire orders a day early (meaning today), so that customers could have them on launch day (which is tomorrow). We ordered one with overnight Prime shipping and still have not received notification that it has shipped. There is still a lot of time left in the day, but would most definitely welcome in an earlier than expected arrival.

Those that pre-ordered, has yours shipped?

  • I didn’t order until last week. I’m Prime, but didn’t pay for overnight. But I got a shopping notice this evening: FedEx, arriving Wednesday. Highly satisfactory.

  • Justin

    Hope this is as good as expected, its my wifes xmas present!

  • I ordered two at two different times.  The first one I ordered shipped, the second one which I ordered later has not shipped yet.  FYI, I ordered the first one right when ordering became available.  I think I had my order complete 12 minutes after you could actually place an order.

  • I have a 10.1 Galaxy tab, but I pre-ordered one of these Kindle Fires for my dad’s Christmas present.  As of now it says it hasn’t yet shipped.

  • Anonymous

    Now to wait to see if it gets rooted.
    *sips a cocktail*

  • Ryan1001

    Mine has shipped, but also have 2 day shipping so it will be here Wednesday.

  • Turbine Tech

    Mine will be here on the 17th! Unfortunately it’s gonna get wrapped and put under the tree, so I don’t get to play with it till X-mas… 🙁

  • El El Kool J

    No access to Android market is kind of a spoiler for me..I wanted to get this for my daughter for xmas..

    • Anonymous

      although there is no android market access, the amazon appstore is the next best thing. it’s the largest alternate market out there, and most if not all popular apps are available.

  • Anonymous

    This site is fun today lol. I think we need to all be a little more respectful of peoples decisions in the gadgets that they buy and not impose on others opinions because we have a different mindset than them. My family member is getting the Kindle Fire, cant wait try it!

  • bigrob60

    Great news for anyone who ordered one. I was interested until I learned it had half a Gig of RAM. Granted it’s mostly for reading but I think multimedia tablet’s should have 1Gig at least. The standard Nook’s excluded of course. But that’s just me. 

  • 1TallTXn

    “Shipping soon!” here. Ordered ~12hrs after announcement.

  • Mine is shipping from Delaware, I am a MD resident and UPS lists delivery as tomorow.’  

    Shipment Date:
    November 14, 2011


    Estimated Arrival:
    November 15, 2011

  • Anonymous

    Mine hasn’t shipped yet. The case shipped on Saturday though.

  • chandog

    Mine has left to head towards Hokie Country!

  • Anonymous

    i complained (nicely) last week to amazon customer service (which is the best) when I read the press release that retails stores like best buy will receive it on the 15 and my order status said delivery on the 17th. I told the cs person what is up with that as I’m a prime subscriber for years now. She couldn’t give me more info but she said that she was sorry and bumped my shipping to 1 day for free… which until today said delivery on the 16th. I got the confirmation with tracking number this am and looks like I’m getting it tomorrow !!! ps. i already have a galaxy 10.1 with Verizon off contract… but dropped 200bills for this puppy just bc it’s amazon… 

  • MFG

    Ordered one for my girlfriend, I think she’ll like it’s simplicity. I’d be an evil man to give her any Honeycomb tablet (coming from a Tab 10.1 owner).

  • I received an email saying mine has shipped.  I unfortunately didn’t do one day shipping so I’ll get mine on Wednesday.  I can’t wait!

  • … can’t wait to get mine!


      Can’t wait to get mine too… Galaxy Nexus, that is.

  • Mine has not shipped yet. 🙁


    Not Galaxy Nexus news. Next!!!

    • Comment not related to article. GTFO.

    • Bryan Williams

      I have to wonder how big of a hit this site (and other android news sites) will take in traffic once the G-nex is actually released.  LOL!

    • NexusFansAreDouches

      Go “F” yourself you sheepish iphone like Nexus fan. Suck it hard.

      • MFG


      • Anonymous

        Automatic +1

  • Anonymous

    Must be nice to play with every new device, Kellex.


      I wonder if it ever comes to a point where you get so many devices it’s a chore to review every one of them. Kinda like when you were a kid and had only 1 or 2 video games per year and played the shit out of them because you were poor. Now that you’re an adult and making money you are backlogged with unopened games and are uninterested in playing since there are so many.